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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 18, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm GMT

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it has not sunk in yet. it has been a whirlwind 48 hours. to see how much it means to everyone. it is fantastic. we are lucky to get such tremendous support. it is a special weekend. it was a third grand slam for head coach warren gatland who praised his team for their resilience and said they won't rest on their laurels ahead of this year's world cup in japan. these guys will not go down in any match without a fight. you need a little bit of luck. hopefully they do not pick up too many injuries. we have got it a few months preparation. we will go being one of the fittest team is, if not the fittest tea m the fittest team is, if not the fittest team at the world cup. a group of players, and if you place
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you have not been available for this tournament, there is depth and competition in the squad. that makes it tough on us as coaches. there will be some quality players who will be some quality players who will potentially miss out on a 31 man world cup squad. that will be tough. but i assure you that we will go with confidence and belief that we can have a great world cup. this weekend sees the start of the euro qualifiers for 2020 which has meant good news for chelsea's callum hudson odoi — he's been called up to the squad for the first time. at 18 years old, he's yet to start a premier league game for chelsea this season — and hasn't featured in england's under 21s either. but he joins james ward prowse as late inclusions into gareth southgate‘s squad for the games against the czech republic and montenegro. he admitted he thought his manager wasjoking when he was told the news. scotland captain andy robertson
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is still aiming to be fit for their opening euro 2020 qualifier against kazakhstan on thursday — even though he missed their flight to undergo dental surgery. robertson apparently wanted to fly to astana today but the operation prevented him from doing that. although he was likely to be fit for san marino on sunday — he's now being more ambitious. assistant manager peter grant says the qualifiers provide scotland with a great opportunity to qualify for a major tournament. there is an opportunity to get to a championship. that would be fantastic for the country. it would be fantastic for these players. people talk about george best, the second thing they say about him, he isa second thing they say about him, he is a top player but he never played ata is a top player but he never played at a top tournament. for these players it is unbelievable, especially their age, many of them are young, they have got opportunities. it is like everything else, as soon as you get a taste of something good like that you want more of it.
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britain's richest man sirjim ratcliffe is expected to step in to secure the future of team sky — which has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch nine years ago. ever since the broadcaster announced it would be withdrawing its backing from the british cycling team at the end of the season, they've been seeking a new principal partner. it's expected the team will be renamed team ineos after the company owned by ratcliffe. in the meantime, team sky are competing at the tirreno adriatico — one of the early season stage races in italy but it's a briton on a different team — adam yates — who continues to lead the way. the sixth stage was one for the sprinters with julian alaphillipe taking the spoils on the line. yates finished in the main bunch to preserve his 25 second lead over primoz roglic ahead of the final time trial tomorrow. now a quick look at the rest of the stories making the headlines today. chelsea say they expect uefa to thoroughly investigate alleged racist abuse directed at callum hudson—odoi
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during their champions league win in dynamo kiev. the player reported it at the time to the referee and club staff reported it to uefa officials too. tributes will be paid to the victims of the christchurch shootings before england's euro 2020 qualifier with czech republic at wembley on friday. the premier league, english football league and football association were accused of double standards for not marking the attack over the weekend, which killed 50 people. the fa said in a statement they will remember everyone affected by the events. dame kelly holmes, paula radcliffe and sharron davies say they are going to write to the international olympic committee asking for more research on the residual benefits of being a transgender athlete. davies says the private letter had gained support from loads of elite athletes and asked for more to back her. england's women claimed the one—day series in sri lanka by winning the second match of the three—game contest by six wickets to take an unassailable 2—0 lead.
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henry moeran is there for us. this was another dominant victory for england, sealing the series win at the earliest opportunity. 187—9 is what they restricted the hosts to, and 188 chased down with relative ease. 54 for amyjones, as well as runs for tammy beaumont and lauren winfield. this was a dominant display once again, and england can head to colombo for the final odi knowing the series is done and all that is at stake is more icc championship points. you can't underestimate anyone in world women's cricket at the moment, the standard is getting better and better, and sri lanka have some brilliant players, so we haven't underestimated them. we came in as favourites and it is brilliant we have won in such good fashion. england would have expected to win this series with ease. they have done just that.
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perhaps disappointing for the hosts, they haven't managed to make things a little closer in the first couple of one—day internationals, sri lanka very much one of the emerging sides in the women's game. next up is the final odi, and the hosts will hope that perhaps a few more spectators will be able to make it in, and perhaps they can perform just a little bit better against the dominant england side. england's men will be aiming to emulate the women by winning the world cup on home soil later this summer. australian great shane warne believes they're one of the favourites. he's been speaking to rob bonnett about who will be in the mix for the trophy and about the return of steve smith and david warner from their bans for their part in the ball tampering scandal. i think england and india go in as favourites. i love the style of play that england are playing at the moment. i love the style of eoin morgan.
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i think he is instilling confidence into the team, where theyjust go out and play. and they are super aggressive, which i love. their bowling has got variety, they have two spinners, they have got pace, and so i think they are going in as favourites, steve smith is not a bad guy. he just made a horrible mistake, and we all make mistakes. so i think smith and warner will come back very strong, i think they will be hungry and determined. i think they will be very, very... they will be out there to say, this is how good i am, i want to show how much i have missed this game, so i think so i think they will come back pretty well. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing as tomorrow. welcome. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. jaunt bercow rejection of a further vote without significant changes to the brexit motion features. the financial times says that many people think that bercow who voted remain is trying to sabotage the brexit process. the speaker is featured on the front page of the telegraph. he has also been accused of failing to respect mps. the metro writes that bercow has been accused of causing a
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constitutional crisis through exciting a 400—year—old rule in order to block a third vote. brexit destroyer, the express is more brazen in its language about the speaker, it writes that ministers are furious at him. many mps are fed up and calling on theresa may to go. reports that up to 30 mps have told the prime minister she needs to step down. an impassioned bercow was featured on the front page of the guardian, theresa may will have to go to brussels on thursday to ask for an extension. a rather smug looking bercow features on the front of the daily mail. the sun pulls no punches in its language about the speaker. the sun that characterises him as smart. fair to say thatjohn bercow
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has not got many friends, certainly in the papers. start with the telegraph, headline, major constitutional crisis, a quote from the solicitor general. is it? in some ways it is. in many ways it is a constitutional crisis because theresa may has repeatedly tried to bring back the same law. there was an amendment last week that mps voted on which looked at the ruling that you could not keep bringing back the same legislation. it was seen previously there was a slight difference. butjohn bercow set himself in the chamber that numerous mps have come to him concerned about this, saying it was a misuse of parliamentary procedure. he appears to have agreed with them. to reset mate will now have to go back to brussels, dry to get article 50 extended, and if you want mps to vote on a deal, it will have to be a different deal rather than co nsta ntly different deal rather than constantly trying to


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