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tv   Asia Business Report  BBCNEWS  March 19, 2019 1:30am-1:46am GMT

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our top story: the british prime minister's brexit withdrawal plan has hit yet another obstacle after a ruling by the speaker of the house of commons. john bercow said theresa may's deal can't be put to a vote by mps again, unless there's a substantial change. ministers have warned of a constitutional crisis. britain is due to leave the eu in just ten days‘ time. the new zealand government has agreed changes to gun laws "in principle". police say the killer used military—style assault weapons which had been modified to make them more deadly, which is not currently illegal. and these pictures of school children in christchurch are trending on pupils across new zealand performed the haka in tribute to the 50 people killed in the attacks on two mosques in the city. stay with bbc world news. and the top story in the uk: britain's security minister has warned that a far—right attack like that seen in new zealand
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could happen in the uk. ben wallace said far—right extremists posed a "growing threat". now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. boeing crash similarities, french investigators draw parallels between the two 737 disasters. big apple, the two 737 disasters. big apple, the congestion is, how new york is trying to tackle its traffic problems. good morning and welcome to this tuesday edition of asia business report live from singapore. let's begin with boeing because the playmaker chief executive has released a new statement saying the company continues to work with a crash investigators and plans to release a 737 makes software update
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soon. “— release a 737 makes software update soon. —— makes. officials have been examining the black box and they have found clear similarities between the lie in air crash five months ago. —— lying in air. between the lie in air crash five months ago. -- lying in air. as we understand the next step to be taken, we are taking action to ensure airlines and passengers of the safe the the 737 max. we regret the safe the the 737 max. we regret the challenges cause to our customers and flying public. the investigation is going forward with work under way to understand information from carpet voice and flying data. we are on—site to share technical expertise. the market value of boeing has fallen by almost $40 billion as of the 737 max remains grounded. we have to have a
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look at the loss in value at boeing. boeing, as you mention has lost $40 billion and is that enough to compensate, number one, for the softwa re compensate, number one, for the software updates on its machines, for compensating airlines that have bought the boeing 737 max and to compensate companies that may cancel the orders and will it be enough to compensate the growth for boeing shares. we had the boss of cathay pacific and he said he is still confident in their safety record but as this crisis continues, will there bea as this crisis continues, will there be a wider impact on boeing's reputation and brand management?m ta kes yea rs reputation and brand management?m takes years to build a reputation and only one second to damage it.
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what boeing has cleverly done is to restrict the damage to the 737 max, rather than implicating the whole of boeing what they have done is the problem is isolated to the 737. companies who have ordered it, about 4500 orders outstanding at the moment, will those companies cancel the orders? if so, it will be restricted just to the 737 max rather than the entire fleet. what will be the impact on asian carriers? independent on the passengers because ultimately it is the customers that decide. —— altima —— finally, it is the passengers at. they may use another carrier or
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another plane. let's bring you date with other business news. brexit plans have been thrown into further confusion after an intervention by the speaker of the comments. in a surprise ruling john bercow said he would not allow a third so—called meaningful vote unless mps are given a different motion from the one rejected next week. with 11 days to go before the uk is due to leave the eu ministers are warning of a constitutional crisis. a council meeting planned by oriel makers. saudi arabia's energy minister said the decision was delayed because opec expects the market to remain ever supplied for the first up of this year. the chief executive of warner brothers leaves. after
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allegations. the parent company said it was in the best interest of the firm that he step down. the firm is conducting an investigation into the allegation. payment processing firm that used to be owned by the royal bank of scotland has been sold in a deal worth $43 billion. will pay was sold and its value has risen sharply and matches of the stock market value of its former owner. a survey by economist so singapore and hong kong are the most expensive cities in the world for business travellers and expats. the cheapest cities are also found in this region. of this
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survey looks at goods available in cities all around the world so it has to be an international basket of goods, not available injust has to be an international basket of goods, not available in just one city. the cost of living in relative terms in singapore has been coming down and not only has a hong kong come up to be equal but also paris has had a high increase in its cost of living. singapore has come down a little bit because of the weaker singapore dollar. also with the introduction of competition in the utilities market, things like electricity are trending downwards. in hong kong the prices for cars, fuel, eck at and cigarettes have gone up by more than in singapore. when a look at this survey, it looks like currency plays a big role, in
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places like japan, australia and others. cities in australia and new zealand have gotten cheaper because of the currency. it does not affect the price of internationally traded goods because that even the hour. in china or malaysia, where the currency has gone down, the cost of living is not necessarily follow. a trend was emerging cities in south east asia, outside singapore, where kuala lumpur raised ten places despite the weakening of its currency. anyone living in a big city knows how bad congestion can get. from mumbai to new york city, traffic jams are get. from mumbai to new york city, trafficjams are part of everyday life. now lawmakers are trying to ease congestion in the big apple. but it is not without controversy.
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traffic in the big apple. new yorkers have been battling gridlock by decades. it is definitely not new but without a doubt it is getting worse. navigating new york is becoming an barrabool. our regional population has grown, expecting to reach 21 million in 2020. —— becoming unbearable. lawmakers are finally addressing the issue. they wa nt to finally addressing the issue. they want to implement congestion prices, charging cars and trucks and feet the driving into the city. the money it makes will go directly into improving the ageing subway line. new york is late to the game. coquelin when london zoo back in 2003, there was a dramatic drop stop —— when london did it. with the
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popularity of car sharing companies, it has skyrocketed. new york has levied congestion on taxis and for higher cars at it is challenged in court. the new york subway system is in desperate need of update and the pricing could be a way to fund it but it costs more to live in the centre of new york so it is lower income people that will shoulder the burden. it will be aggressive if in fa ct burden. it will be aggressive if in fact it did not include a comprehensive point to address congestion and trace but the outside of manhattan because it is the outer borrow people who go into manhattan paying the price. whether they
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implement the pricing will be decided by the end of march but the sooner the city will see money from it will be january 6021. the speculative markets before we go. asian markets are flat. slightly lower for asian markets are flat. slightly lowerforjapan. asian markets are flat. slightly lower for japan. close attention asian markets are flat. slightly lower forjapan. close attention on the us central bank, which begins its monetary policy meeting later today. also a lot of uncertainty over brexit. thank you for watching. you are watching bbc news. the speaker of the house of commons says the british government cannot ask mps to vote for a third time on its current brexit deal. it's led to questions
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about the wider threat posed by the rise of the far right, notjust in new zealand, but here in the uk. our home affairs correspondent daniel sandford has been investigating. police in stanwell in surrey last night, after a non—fatal stabbing which detectives suspect was a terrorist incident inspired by the far right. it raised new concerns about the possibility of a new zealand—style attack in the uk. 21 months ago, there was an attack on worshippers near a mosque in finsbury park. everyone back! darren osborne drove into a group of muslims, killing makram ali. the home secretary warned today that the government's de—radicalisation programmes have detected a growing problem with the far right. of those that we have had most concern about, and that is something called the channel programme, last year almost half of those were far—right extremists. counterterrorist police and the security service, m15, have experienced a sudden surge in the threat from the extreme right wing. four attacks got through, three murders, and one that came very close. and of the 18 foiled suspected
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terrorist plots in the last two years, four came from the extreme right wing. very vicious language about muslims that has been circulating everywhere online... but at a regent's park mosque event today, sajid javid was also repeatedly warned about the language that had crept into everyday politics. our politicians, our leaders, who use language such as "sick asian paedophiles", such as "muslim women who wear the niqab are letterboxes", they need to be called to account. some recent uk attacks have been linked to neo—nazi groups like the now banned organisation national action, but others were simply driven by the unrestrained extremism that can be found in parts of the internet. a number of people are self—radicalising who are not members of organisations, who are not activists in far—right groups, but are listening to this propaganda, watching it on the internet, becoming inspired by it and, without any kind of political background at all,
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are then acting to carry it out. so, another far—right attack could easily happen in the uk but the strict gun laws here make a mass—casualty firearms attack unlikely. daniel sandford, bbc news. we will have more from the team in christchurch and those words from the prime ministerjacinda adern. mike embley is with you next. now on bbc news — sport today. hello, i'm chetan pathak and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: we're in ohio to meet fc cincinnati, major league soccer‘s newest franchise out to take the league by storm. hat—trick hero cristiano ronaldo is charged with improper conduct for his celebrations during juventus' win over atletico madrid.
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and a hero's welcome for wales, as fans gather in cardifff to celebrate their six nations grand slam success. welcome to the programme, thanks forjoining us. we start with the ever—expanding mls in america. major league soccer has welcomed its 24th franchise this season with fc cincinnati the newest name to join. they've now played their first ever home match. and our reporter alex gulrajani's been in ohio to find out how the soccer fans of cincinnati played their part in the creation of the side. this pocket of ohio is into football ina big this pocket of ohio is into football in a big way. not american football, soccer, that is. a revolution that
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