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tv   BBC News at One  BBC News  March 19, 2019 1:00pm-1:30pm GMT

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theresa may is under strong pressure from eu ministers for clarity ahead of a summit on thursday. please deliver, dearfriends in london, please deliver. the clock is ticking. with time running out, we'll be looking at the options now open to the government. also this lunchtime: the united nations says the storm that's ravaged parts of southern africa is possibly the worst weather—related disaster ever to hit the southern hemisphere. the situation here in mozambique is catastrophic. the losses are tremendous.
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a muslim prayer as new zealand's prime minister vows never to speak the name of the alleged gunman who killed 50 people. the unemployment rate has fallen below 4% for the first time since 1975. and a warning about future water shortages in england — because of climate change and population growth. coming up on bbc news... callum hudson—odoi says he's shocked by his call—up to the england senior squad, which comes before he's even made a premier league start for chelsea. good afternoon and welcome to the bbc news at one. the government has signalled
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it will press ahead with theresa may's brexit agreement, with the brexit secretary, stephen barclay, suggesting a vote could take place next week. that's despite the commons speaker ruling that the prime minister cannot bring the same deal back for a third vote without "substa ntial changes. " we've just heard that cabinet sources say the prime minister is writing a letter to the eu today asking for an extension to brexit, but there is frustration she will be asking for an end date ofjune the 30th with a delay potentially of up to two years. the government is expected to ask brussels for a delay to brexit — when theresa may meets eu leaders on thursday. all 27 need to agree to it. the european commission said today the prime minister had to inform them swiftly by thursday of her next steps. the uk is still due to leave the eu in ten days' time, on the 29th march, that's set in law. there are two ways the uk can leave — with, or without a deal.
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here's our political correspondent iain watson. he dropped a brexit bombshell yesterday but today the speaker seemed keen to change the subject. it isa seemed keen to change the subject. it is a very impressive bobble hat you are wearing. yesterday, john bercow ruled theresa may couldn't keep bringing the same brexit deal back to parliament, effectively killing off another attempt to push it through this week. he said in january they cannot rely on all presidents. he didn't respond to that but he did tell parliament they would have to be substantial changes if mps were asked to vote on
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