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tv   BBC Newsroom Live  BBC News  March 20, 2019 11:00am-1:02pm GMT

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hello, this is bbc newsroom live. you‘re watching bbc newsroom live. theresa may formally asks the the headlines: these are today s main stories... m‘s/k ' x a x ling? ' x a x cloudy. maximum temperature is eu for a three month delay to getting up to about 14—16dc. number ten says number ten says theresa may will not theresa may will not be asking brexit. still the european union for a long delay she said any extension beyond june on the warm be asking the european union when she formally requests that 30th would only mean side. for a long brexit is the commons continuning to contemplate its own navel on leaving delay when she postponed. formally requests that brexit the prime minister i know the eu. would like to do it as quickly is postponed. the outcome of a long extension as possible, the delay would be this house spending the prime minister i know, would after the 29th of march should be as short as possible, yet more endless hours like to do it as quickly as and that is something i share. contemplating its navel on europe possible. a delay after the 29th of european commission president march should be as short as possible jean—claude juncker says he‘s hoping and failing to address the issues for clarity, but that agreement and that is something i that matter to our constituents — on any extension to article 50 schools and hospitals share. european commission president might not be reached you re watching bbc newsroom live. jean—claude juncker says he‘s hoping and security and jobs. for ‘clarity‘ but that agreement this week. this house has indulged itself it's11am and these are the main on an extension to article 50 stories this morning... and theresa may will might not be reached this week. facing jeremy corbyn on europe for too long. number ten says theresa may will not as the first funerals take in prime minister‘s place for the victims be asking the european union of the christchurch mosque questions for a long delay when shootings, new zealand‘s prime in the house of commons minister calls for she formally shortly. we re requests that brexit is as the first funerals take were now in the a global fight place for the victims postponed. of the christchurch mosque midst of a the prime minister i know against racist far shootings, new zealand‘s prime full—scale national crisis. would like to do it as quickly minister calls for a global fight incompetence, failure and as possible, the delay right ideology. intransigence from the prime after the 29th of march should be against racist far right ideology. ministerand her we absolutely have to learn intransigence from the prime minister and her government have brought us to this as short as possible, we absolutely have to learn and that is something i share. the lessons from both what gave rise the lessons from both what gave rise point. we‘ll be live at westminster european commission president and in brussels. jean—claude juncker says he's hoping to the ugly ideology of to the ugly ideology of also this lunchtime: for clarity, but that agreement a race against time to rescue this individual this survivors of the cyclone that‘s on an extension to article 50 individual and what and what environment allowed that killed hundreds in environments might not be to grow and to potentially spread. allow that to grow southern africa. translation: all our food stocks
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reached this week. and mozambique begins three days to potentially spread. were damaged and children died as the first funerals take of national mourning and we don‘t have a place to stay. place for the victims for the victims of cyclone idai, rescue workers in mozambique of the christchurch mosque as efforts to help hundreds we are suffering. shootings, new zealand's prime step up efforts to help minister calls for a global of thousands of the survivors of cyclone idai the first funerals take place survivors continue. as the country begins three days in new zealand for victims fight against racist far right of national of the gun attacks google has been fined 1.19 billion euro by on two mosques. ideology. we absolutely have to learn the european commission for mourning. increases in the price of food the lessons from both what gave rise blocking rival online search and alcohol helped to push inflation cheering to the ugly ideology advertisers. increases in the price of food higher in february and a landmark moment for women‘s of this football in england, individual and what and alcohol helped to push — with a multi million pound inflation higher the first rise since sponsorship deal by barclays. environments allow that to grow and in february, last august. google is fined and coming up on bbc news: to potentially spread. wales‘ grand slam winning fly—half the first rise 1.a9 billion euros by the european commission gareth anscombe says more players mozambique begins three days since last august. may quit welsh clubs of national mourning for the english premiership, unless for the victims of cyclone idai for blocking domestic uncertainty is sorted as efforts to help hundreds rival online of thousands of out. the sport now. search advertisers. survivors continue. good morning. increases in the price of food and alcohol helped to push inflation let‘s start with a big investment for women‘s football in england. higher in february — barclays is to become the first the first rise since last sponsor of the women‘s super league. the bank‘s signed a multi—million august. new research suggests smoking potent pound deal with the fa, in what‘s being described good morning. skunk—like cannabis can as the biggest ever increase the risk of welcome to bbc newsroom live. investment by a brand i‘m into women‘s sport in the uk. serious mental illness. the competition will be joanna and in sport — raheem sterling's renamed the barclays fa women‘s super league, england team mates say he was right gosling. to criticise the and will include prize—money of £500,000. way black players that‘s the first time we‘re waiting for prime ministers questions let‘s cross
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official prize money to our assistant political editor, are portrayed in has been norman smith who is in the houses of parliament. the media. offered. let‘s bring in the former england the penultimate pmqs before goalkeeper rachel brown—finnis. brexit how significant daily. allegedly! how can brexit not is this dominate? it is extraordinary the good morning. deal? extent to which brexit has swept welcome to bbc newsroom live. i'm joanna gosling. it's it‘s a huge deal. it‘s all other politics to one side. i can‘t theresa may will write a landmark recall the last time out to pmqs we to the president of achievement. there have been so many the european council, got a major donald tusk, today, to formally ask historical moments in women‘s for brexit to be football over the last non—brexit story. today, ten or 15 postponed. britain is due to leave shirleyjeremy corbyn will want to yea rs, football over the last ten or 15 years, certainly, with regards to the eu in nine days‘ time tackle it mrs may over but it's understood that she'll request a short extension the professionalising of women‘s football, but this has been the latest twist in this ongoing saga after until the end ofjune, to give mps more time to find the final piece of the jigsaw. we had theresa may announced overnight in a way forward. the media coverage and players have fa ct number 10 has theresa may announced overnight in fact that she is not going to been allowed to become professional said this morning that: press for a longer brexit delay, even "the prime minister won't be asking players and that continues to grow for a long extension. though only last week her and move in the right direction, "there is a case for giving deputy was parliament a bit more time to agree but telling mps it would be downright to the commercialisation of it, the "a way forward, but the people sponsorship of the league, that has reckless not to do never been done before us. of this country have been waiting so. interesting to see the mood on her "nearly three years now." so to see that signed and sealed and confirm own backbenchers, particularly they are fed up with parliament's failure to take to start next season is probably the "a decision and the pm amongst most exciting piece on that remainers who have shares their frustration." continuing journey. been expected by any delay beyond the 29th march — the wsl and women‘s football seems the date the uk is scheduled to be on an upwards trajectory her announcement. thank
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to leave — will need the approval in terms of popularity and exposure, you, mr how should the money be spent now speaker. mr speaker, iam of the leaders of all 27 remaining eu states. to keep it her announcement. thank you, mr speaker. mr speaker, i am sure the whole house will want to join me speaker. mr speaker, i am sure the they'll meet the prime minister growing consistently? whole house will want tojoin me in tomorrow at a summit in brussels. condemning the appalling attack in i think what‘s been done so this morning, the european commission president christchurch on friday. there can be jean—claude juncker said far has it was unlikely any decision not only grown at the game as far as absolutely no place in our society would be reached tomorrow, adding the number of girls and women that another gathering in brussels for the violent ideology that playing the sport, but it has may be necessary next drives hatred and spreads fair. i also allowed the product week. our assistant political editor, spoke to prime ministerjacinda ardern on at the league friday and told her norman smith, is at the palace of westminster level and the professionals at we stand with the women‘s super league has never new zealand and will provide this morning. been whatever assistance is needed. i better. what people are actually would like to thank the we get ever closer to seeing is the best version of opportunity to thank the emergency dd. a short women‘s football that there ever has delay but it's still not clear been. the investment services for their help with the that's going to be from barclays incident in granted. no, it's sta nwell. i will continue to progress the entirely up to the eu. the british product and what we see on our would their help with the incident in stanwell. i would like to send my government can ask for what they televisions. i know that deepest sympathies to the families like but at the end of those killed and injured in of the day it is they‘ve utrecht on monday. also said that a lot of that money a request and the glass being put has to go to grass roots football we are in and what that will do is not only regular on theresa may because my decision not contact with the dutch local to ask for a long delay is continue to grow the number of girls authorities and are standing by to that she playing, but get those young girls ta kes to ask for a long delay is that she takes the view the british public provide assistance. i am sure to be watching the women members will want to join me are fed up and tired of the and see in expressing my deep shock at the loss endless saga of brexit and want it them as they are role models. we and devastation caused by wa nt to them as they are role models. we resolved and so does she. it's decision time want to those young girls to come
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the cyclone in mozambique, malawi and for the british parliament and a across and, not only to be watching zimbabwe. we have long delay is now off the game, but not only made £6 million the cards it young girls, but theirfamilies seems. however, one big caveat, the game, but not only young girls, but their families and footballers and football fans in general, to of uk aid available to help meet the we come across and watch the immediate needs of people who have haven't seen the letter from product. thank you very the lost everything and have deployed a prime minister to the european council and that matters in much forjoining us. uk team of experts to terms of raheem sterling has the backing coordinate our whether she firmly slams the door of his england team—mates response. i had meetings with shut to a long delay after criticising the media for the way they portray ministerial colleagues this morning or she just black players. in addition to my duties, i will sterling said newspapers helped leaves a little bit of wriggle have a further such "fuel racism" after he was allegedly room. people in downing street this racially abused by a meetings later morning i saying she will not today. can i fan whle playing at chelsea in associate myself with ask for a long delay. there are other everything the prime minister has things you can do to keep the december. said. we will never allow heat to the manchester city forward door slightly ajar should is currently with the national succeed and we stand in solidarity team preparing for upcoming euro that 2020 qualifiers with the victims of eventuality be necessary. the on friday and monday. education secretary was asked this cyclone idai. and england team—mate morning, what was a short danny rose says sterling‘s the prime minister‘s deal lies in criticism was "spot delay? tatters. her cabinet is an open yeah, well, it's the opposite on". it‘s a really big day revolt. she presides over the of long, clearly. for bolton wanderers. i know that! biggest constitutional crisis this it means as soon as the championship side face a winding nation has experienced. where up order at the high court leadership is required over an unpaid tax bill. possible. when we had the vote she is once in parliament the other day, they were in talks there was an acknowledgement again cravenly caved into her hard about the existence of the european over a take—over, elections, which creates brexit years and will now only seek a particular kind of watershed but that all moment, and i think probably does a short extension to article help to define what counts fell apart yesterday. 50, as a short period and what's and wales grand slam winning contrary to the expressed will
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a longer period. but the prime minister i know fly—half gareth anscombe says more of this house. when will she would like to do it players may quit welsh clubs for the premiership, unless domestic develop a as quickly as possible. uncertainty is resolved. backbone and stand up to those who the delay after the 29th of march should be as short as possible, the build up to wales‘ six nations would take this nation to and that win was overshadowed by on—off disaster? as one of her ministers is something mergers and uncertainty over said this i share. contracts. morning, referencing another feeble anscombe‘s national dual contract prime minister, what has added to the confusion expires at the end of this season, weak, weak, is that only yesterday the smoke and he‘s thought to be a target for a couple of clubs weak. signals from number ten where perhaps it would be helpful in in the english response to that question as i that after cabinet mrs may would press premiership. for a short delay but keep open the he says the domestic row update the house on the forthcoming option for a much longer has made all the players think european council and the issue delay and only last week david of leaving. of article 50 extension. on thursday at that‘s all the sport for now. the house voted in favour of a short liddington, her i‘ll have number two, was scathing about the extension if the house had supported idea of ruling out a longer delay. more for a meaningful vote before this this was him you in the week‘s european council. the emotion made in the comments. it clear a meaningful vote before next hour. this week‘s european council. the —— the emotion made it clear it longest s house of commons. extension would oblige us to hold in the absence of a deal, let‘s go back to brexit and elections in the european seeking such a short and critically parliament. i do not believe such one—off extension would be down the news right reckless and completely that theresa may will ask elections would be in anyone‘s at odds with the position this house if brexit interest. the idea adopted only last night, can be postponed for up making a no deal scenario far more that three years to three rather than less likely. months. not only that, mr speaker, after voting to leave the eu the but from everything we've heard the request will be discussed from the eu, both in public by the 27 remaining eu states people of this country should be at a summit in brussels and in private, it is a proposal asked to elect a new they tomorrow. the education secretary — set of meps as
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damian hinds says it‘s right would to seek i believe are unacceptable. it will bea not i believe are unacceptable. it will be a failure to deliver on the accept. a short referendum decision that this house what are we to make of said it extension. would honour. it all? i'm joined by the former universities order, order. ministers who resigned in protest at the brexit saga. what do what the prime minister is you make of saying this move? totally confusing. the must be had. the prime minister.|j prime minister wants her deal have therefore this morning written we need to make to the president of to go through but if she allows for a sure that the only the european short extension at the end of council in affirming him that the uk referendum and leave the european seeks an extension to the article which union and do it there is a sharper cliff edge 50 period until the 30th ofjune, for no in an organised deal, then there is no incentive for copies of the latter are being exit. normal people just want us to placed on the libraries of the those who she wants to back her deal get on house. the government who prefer no deal as an option to move to back her deal. with it. intends to bring forward proposals for a they think let's go they can sit tight and get what they 30 meaningful vote. if that vote is want. the bigger point back to passed, the extension will give the here though that comment of the house time to consider the is within the national interest we withdrawal agreement to build. if still do not have any idea week. one of not the house will have where we your ministers who were sitting to decide are going and there is around the table with you yesterday how to proceed. no guarantee has described this decision but as prime that in the next three months we as weak, minister, iam... will have resolved the issues we weak, weak. as opposed to what? have not been able to resolve, how to proceed. but as prime minister, i am... arda! i am not it is the 29th of march next week. prepared to delay brexit any further and therefore be able to come to an we
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need to get a deal. we need to make than the agreement on how we leave the sure that we are leaving the 30th ofjune. eu and european union with a good what future we want. how worried will be are you that in three months‘ time no negotiated exit. and, at this point, prime evenif negotiated exit. and, at this point, even if that were passed right now minister welcome oil and deal is very much back in parliament, there is a number of gas uk on the table? supported a predicting 200 billion i‘m extremely concerned that if we technical and legislative things of new investment in go for a short extension that have to happen before the date the sector? we increase of exit. you‘ve got to supported by this government‘s the chances of no ordeal think about fiscal policy and direct contrast by about what is physically possible stop 60%. and for the government to do to we‘ve got to get that deal itself the snp failure to stimulate the scottish economy. can i this, when the government to pass my own position is that no deal is through. i think that mines are now say to my being focused and colleagues right not something it wants to pursue, honourable friend that the across parliament are increasingly chancellor‘s spring statement last i think it‘s downright reckless. coming to the conclusion week showed this is indeed a something it wants to pursue, i think it's downright reckless. isn't that, for government delivering for scotland. the calculation that mrs may was their constituents, it is the right facing a possibly huge revolt thing to do, to make sure he mentions the issue of fiscal by brexiteer is aghast at the idea of a that we policy and oil and get on and do this. put party gas, we‘ve also long delay and have simply decided politics aside and come together and to avoid a fight with them by taking get a put £260 million towards the borderlands growth a long delay of the deal that deal, 79 table? she might is good million have avoided a fight for the for a new national for britain. few hours but the government has got to supercomputer at let‘s return to the devastation caused edinburgh university. and while the lead, the country is crying out for across mozambique, zimbabwe and malawi by cyclone idae. snp is obsessed with independence, leadership and direction on this it‘s feared that millions of people issue rather than cave into one are affected by the widespread it is this conservative government faction here and there depending flooding and devastation. thatis it is this conservative government on emma batey, the that is focused on growing scotland which day of the week that it bath economy. mozambique is. the prime minister said there was co—ordinator of congress thank you,
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going to be a choice, of south african trade mr speaker. a long delay oi’ going to be a choice, a long delay or her deal. now she‘s got a short unions is in beira in mozambique i want to start by sending my delay or her deal, which means that there she wants to condolences to all the families and and joins friends and victims of the terror persuade have no us now. attack in new zealand last week. the incentive to be persuaded and tell us what your perspective is on terrible events in christchurch that is wrong. what about people on remind us all there is no place what you are the other end of the argument, form a facing. just to for hate. i tribute to the way runny nose, do they not have a correct in which strong incentive to back the pm you iron actually prime ministerjacinda ardern has because if they don‘t, onjune responded with such dignity and the emergency the 30th, they face a nightmare scenario response coordinator of such compassion to this crisis. i absolutely agree with the comments of no deal? —— oxfam and i of the prime minister concerning the remain errors. it am responsible with the events at sta nwell comes back to the old threat of mrs of the prime minister concerning the events at stanwell and utrecht. i am world food may balls deal or no deal. programme to coordinate sure the whole house and that the willjoin me in might be enough. humanitarian response, sending our deepest sympathies to all those who lost their loved ones there are . and homes in the terrible artificial choices the prime programme to coordinate the humanitarian response,. apologies for that. tell us about the work minister has tried to present cyclones that have caused devastation in parliament with in order to get her you are focusing on. we are hearing mozambique, malawi and zimbabwe. i deal through, my deal or that this may be the biggest climate support the government in sending £6 no deal, my —related disaster in the southern million of aid and i hope if more deal through, my deal or no deal, my deal on a long extension, all of these are now being seen as hemisphere in history. at this stage aid is required we will respond artificial choices. nobody trusts it is very difficult to gauge urgently and generously to any demand for help from people that are what the government says from the how big it is. at the moment we so desperately suffering at the dispatch box. we need to take a step are present time. mr speaker, focusing on search and rescue and back and we need to think yesterday we were able we are now — how do to get many in the midst of a full—scale we get to a sensible place given national crisis.
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people out as the at where we are? indicative votes on first wave. incompetence, however, the weather has once the brexit options, where failure and intransigence from the again prime minister and her government is that a forced us to shut have brought us to majority in parliament and for down our operations and, unfortunately, we this point. which option? a minority government cannot parliament has rejected her deal, are trying to be able to resume them it‘s rejected no deal. getan option? a minority government cannot get an issue as complicated as now. in terms of brexit through purely on the prime minister now has no plan. in an government access to and effort to break the deadlock, i have votes. until we identify what support to the incoming affected held meetings with members all the majority is, we can move forward. people, as well as all of those who across the house and i‘m having further meetings today to that will be a sensible and have been badly rational thing to do. people voted leave affected since the find a compromise that supports jobs and didn‘t know about the 29th cyclone hit, humanitarian activists living standards. tomorrow have now been given the of march go—ahead to i‘m meeting eu by ministers and because during the referendum we send food operations into all officials in brussels. less, hadn‘t trickled article 50, of the riskier areas and mr speaker, is a? that was subsequently triggered and that put triage centres as mr speaker, this that data effectively in law. but well as... to meet the needs we‘ve got to lead and is a of national crisis. will the prime leading means those who have not had assistance minister meet me today to discuss explaining that to the british since the cyclone hit our proposals as a way forward to people. thank you for your time. as well as get out of there is going to be a brexit debate those who are being rescued from the this crisis? can on monday, brace yourself. the signs floods that are now starting are that a number to i say, arrive. how important a factor it‘s a bit rate him standing up and of theresa may‘s is time in the work that inviting me to meet opponents may well table an has being him when, for amendment to that debate, pressing done? time is absolutely days and days, he refused to for these indicative votes, trying of the essence. due to the meet me and when four days and days he to force parliament to make up its
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blackouts that refused to meet me and he then mind about what on earth it we had for the first several refused to meet me and he then actually does want. before that today is days, refused to meet me and he then refused to allow the shadow brexit the advance a team that secretary to have a further a p there are signs there was set up meeting. i‘m always happy to meet members to respond, we were any black could be an emergency debate on a brexit. at his across this house to discuss the own. now telecommunications and issue of europe, therefore we were unaware of the hold on, it‘s all happening. it‘s but i do flooding that had happened around note that relentless, isn‘t it, norman? it us until at least a0 or so really is. opposition party leaders when they came out from the meeting with the hours after leader of the opposition made it it must have started. since our reality check clear that what they didn‘t then we have been incredibly hampered correspondent, chris morris, is with want was by having no recesses on the brexit. we should be delivering me. it's it‘s extraordinary. a week on friday brexit. we should be delivering brexit for the people of this we re it‘s extraordinary. a week on friday were due to be out but we still ground and mobilising search and rescue. we did country. i'm not sure there don‘t know if we‘re going to get was an this delay are not. explain what the not have helicopters, planes or a nswer to anything at our disposal on the country. i'm not sure there was an answer to my question there actually, mr options are over the next couple of ground. secondly, we do weeks. one thing is clearly speaker. iwanted not have access, because of telecoms problems no there are no easy options and that‘s deal taken off the table, the very to good satellite imaging here to house has taken no deal of the table, obvious. we have heard of some of direct our operations to know where it‘s that there with norman, there we should be sending those time the prime minister took no deal off the table. the are disadvantages and problems with in search and rescue too. we cbi said the short extensions and long extensions. we‘ve got a graphic to extension vote is a welcome dose of show you so we are watching extensions. we‘ve got a graphic to show you so we can extensions. we‘ve got a graphic to show you so we can remind you what pictures of people wading through common sense, but in floodwaters and having to you are talking about. the short a place a new extension we now believe the pie trudge process , through mud with bare feet, it common sense, but in a place a new process, drop the red lines, every minister will formally ask for it mp must show leadership to would take us to the end must feel absolutely brutal to those who compromise. while the prime ofjune, have lost everything to be then three months during which time she enduring this and not minister drop the red lines? is she prepared
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obviously hopes she can get some to compromise to get through this sort of meaningful vote knowing what lies ahead now in through crisis? the right honourable parliament and then turned the their lives. how gentleman talks about decisions that withdrawal agreement into are the people you are encountering have been taken by this house, legislation. that needs to be done coping with this? to enable us to leave by the i make sure it would have passed you end of the first victims by, mr speaker that june. one of the this house has difficulties, there that we received yesterday are european parliamentary elections voted on and rejected towards the end of may but that were rescued from the rooftops any one a second for an referendum, it has voted on extension to the end ofjune the new area we could reach desperately traumatised. i was and parliament doesn‘t meet to the rejected no deal, it has voted on beginning ofjuly, there is a feeling that an extension to the end receiving small and rejected labour‘s deal, babies who were being brought in ofjune would be ok. a it has either with their four babies who were being brought in either with theirfour or voted on and rejected a longer extension up until the end of five—year—old sister or with their customs december 2020, we thought that date grandmother because their mothers union and it has voted we re grandmother because their mothers in the airas were having to be left behind to on and december 2020, we thought that date in the air as an indicative date prioritise the most badly supported leaving with a deal. its because that‘s the end of the time parliament faced eu has affected. the situation is desperate met current budget period and there the is an agreement already for and the consequences. the last how that children are traumatised. the elderly that are coming in budget period would work. anything time the longer than that, the uk would as a prime minister tried her meaningful priority are equally traumatised. vote, she only managed 2a2 have how do you to get into new financial negotiation with the eu which would begin to deal votes, slightly up on the be very difficult. one of previous attempt with that? but nevertheless a decisive the problems, if you were to go we are focusing rejection. our planet for a longer extension, which are pie on the emergency received 296 minister appears to be ruling out, votes, rather considerably more than response and search and rescue and but the government and the eu are that. —— our getting people situated in a seeing the uk would have to take temporary situation. they way we are vote. votes, rather considerably more than that. —— ourvote. her government
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pa rt seeing the uk would have to take part in those european elections and trying to deal with the votes, rather considerably more than that. —— our vote. her government is in chaos, she‘s ignored the the cut—off date for that is impacts to actually quite soon, april at the people and their longer—term needs house, ignored trade unions, ignored businesses and ignored the concerns 11th is really a last day of the we are working in parallel with of communities all around the government can legislate for holding the government to establish areas that are dry and on high enough ground we country. she told the house elections in may. by of the april the 11th can establish mega centres to eu would only allow an extension of they haven‘t done that, the option be able to accommodate all of these article 50 if there was a clear ofa they haven‘t done that, the option of a long extension some people people any longer purpose. she is travelling to argue is completely off brussels tomorrow morning to term situation. we the table, meet evenif the eu summit leaders, what is argue is completely off the table, will be even if this prime minister or somebody else wanted to change their her clear purpose? i bringing in minds. it is in the hands of the think if the eu though what is granted and whether psychology right resources as soon as we honourable gentleman had listened to there are any conditions the answer i gave to the first are able to establish those areas. question posed in pmqs he would have attached as u nfortu nately, establish those areas. unfortunately, due to the limited well? absolutely. the eu does not resources that we have heard that. well, have to say yes and it could add in terms of it wasn't clear conditions of its own. let aircraft, we cannot divert the at aircraft, we cannot divert the aircraft that are trying to do all, mr speaker, other than me remind heard that. well, it wasn't clear at you what michel barnier the chief search and all, mr speaker, otherthan she‘s going to try again with what eu negotiator said yesterday. what rescue to we will would be the purpose and the outcome now turn and v3. surely the ofan identification of areas over such a after two would be the purpose and the outcome of an extension and hey can we ensure that at the end of a possible big rejections by the house vast distances and we are further she must extension we are not back in the hampered by the weather that is have noticed there isn‘t much same situation as today? the support for the deal again effecting is quite badly. danger is if you granted a three thank you so much for taking the she negotiated. time tojoin us so we learned this morning that she month extension from the eu‘s perspective thank you so is only going to ask and the prime minister still failed much for taking for a short to get a meaningful vote through the extension, which directly contradicts what the cabinet office time to join
11:13 am
parliament, you would be in exactly minister told the house, saying in the same position in three months‘ us today. the absence of a deal seeking time with a cliff edge such a one in ten cases of psychosis short extension would be downright of leaving potentially with no deal coming up could be linked to use of smoking reckless and completely at odds with and no obvious solution in hand. high—potency cannabis, the position there‘s house adopted according to a major study i from king‘s college london. only last night. who think one of the things that will be researchers from the university studied drug—users in europe is downright taken into and brazil and found that people reckless year, the prime think one of the things that will be ta ken into account think one of the things that will be taken into account id views of who smoke strong forms businesses, both here and in europe. of the drug are at a much minister a lot of businesses have spent a greater risk of suffering ploughing on with an unachievable, from serious unsupported deal or others in this lot of time preparing for the possibility of a sudden change, mental illnesses. house who want to achieve something leaving with no deal on our global health serious and sensible to prevent the the 29th of damage to the british economy, jobs correspondent, march, they have stockpiled certain richard galpin, has and living standards all of items, factories are being closed more. this down in early april to smooth the cannabis may be illegal here country? the right honourable in britain, but it is increasingly path. if there are suddenly told out in the open, this annual gentleman talks about trying festival in brighton billed sorry, that deadline is no longer to as being for consumers, achieve something sensible. it‘s the the end of march, it‘s the end of enthusiasts and those campaigning right honourable gentleman who last week seemed on the vote of a june, a lot of them are seeing that for the drug to be made legal, second almost worse. it‘s notjust as has already happened referendum despite the fact it is in other countries. labour party policy and had the about but the risks involved in smoking the politics, it‘s about what nerve to stand up and say he business and the economy can handle the strong forms of cannabis reiterated their support for a as well. chris, thank you. are of increasing concern, second referendum. he has no idea werejust particularly as those types what he wants in the future of hearing there‘s going to be an urgent question in the comments of the drug are becoming prevalent. this issue. he asks about later from the labour in london and amsterdam, it long extension, i‘m opposed to a party on a they dominate the market. long brexit no deal preparations. you the research published today extension, i‘m opposed to a long extension, i‘m opposed to a long we re brexit no deal preparations. you were saying they are about the in the medicaljournal lancet psychiatry says people extension, i don‘t want a long extension. setting aside the issue importance of how business is that a
11:14 am
feeling about this and what using cannabis on a daily long extension... preparations are. we are hearing basis are three times more likely setting from the labour‘s website offers, to have an episode of psychosis aside the issue that a long you can see the tweets they‘re than those who never extension would mean we putting out. theresa may use it, would have to hold the european parliamentary will be and this increases to elections which i don‘t think asked about the five times it is no deal more like a for those in anybody‘s interest. the outcome using high—strength cannabis, preparations. for the commons to such as ofa in anybody‘s interest. the outcome of a long extension would be endless hours and be brought right up to date. that will skunk, every days of be coming after prime minister day. symptoms such as delusion, this house because my questions. lots of so having unusual beliefs, being concerned that the noises that carrying on... of politics still ahead. full coverage might come from the neighbour throughout the day here on bbc are notjust random noises, this house newsroom live. that night we say but they are actually targeting carrying on... of this house the individual, feeling carrying on, contemplating its navel goodbye to viewers on bbc two, that there is a plot of persecution, on europe and failing to address the goodbye, and to feel under threat constantly, see when there isn‘t any reason issues that matter to believe that there you to our is a danger out there. constituents. order, order, soon. and all this, the authors say, potentially hitting young order. the answer from the prime minister breaking news, we are hearing that google has been fined people at a vital time, must be heard a lot of just as they are making decisions and everybody else about money, 1.49 euros will be heard. the prime their billion. it is education minister. the outcome of a long extension it far illegal misuse of its dominant or would be this house spending position in the market for work. yet the more endless hours and brokering of online search ads. this in a moment we‘ll failing to fine has been that address the issues that have on google by the all the business matter to our constituents, schools and
11:15 am
news, eu's fine has been that on google by the but first the headlines hospitals and security and eu‘s anti—trust regulator on bbc news. jobs. and the eu number ten says theresa may this house has indulged itself on will not be asking europe the european union for a long delay competition commissioner has when she formally requests that far said that the commission brexit is postponed. as the first funerals take place for the victims too has fined google of the christchurch mosque shootings, new zealand‘s prime long. that the commission has fined google minister calls for a global fight that amount of money, 1.49 euros billion for illegal misuse of its against racist far right ideology. dominant position in the market for mozambique begins three days order, order. there the brokering of online of national mourning is a lot search ads. for the victims of cyclone idai of very that just through. as efforts to help hundreds noisy barracking. order, of thousands i order. the brokering of online search ads. thatjust through. i thought i had more information shipping but i will order! order! the of survivors keep you updated as we get more prime minister's detail that. an update continue. reply will be heard on our and colleagues headlines. number ten it says know that i am happy for theresa may will not be asking the i‘m vishala sri—pathma the exchanges to take place for as long with the business news. eu for a long delay when she as is necessary to food and alcohol price rises helped formally requests brexit to be push inflation higher in february, ensure that they postponed. the first funerals take the first rise since august 2018. are orderly. the more on this in a place for the victims of moment. prime minister. it the christchurch mask shootings, new the boss of struggling diy group, kingfisher, is time for this house zealand‘s prime minister calls for a which owns b80 and screwfix, is to step down. globalfight against to determine profits fell 13% over the last year, that it will deliver on brexit for zealand‘s prime minister calls for a global fight against racist far the british people. right ideology. mozambique begins three days of national mourning with the firm‘s french chain, that‘s what the is castorama, dragging for the victims of cyclone idai as british people deserve. they deserve down sales. a better than this house has given effo rts for the victims of cyclone idai as efforts to help hundreds of thousands of survivors continue. bmw shares are down this morning them so
11:16 am
after it warned that pre—tax profit far. to and in sport, the fa have signed a will fall by 10% this year. describe the deal with barclays to sponsor the women‘s in response it has parliamentary process as one of super league and one of the biggest ever brand investments in the announced a major indulgence doesn‘t show much cost cutting respect uk. a for democratic process that sent us multi—million pound deal kicks off programme. here in the next season and hello and welcome first place. the will run untiljuly to the business news 2022. england‘s danny rose house today. has twice rejected the prime some inflation data says a to start you off today — minister‘s deal, she is trying to raheem sterling because my criticism come back for another attempt on inflation — the measure of rising the media portrays black people is prices, ticked up to 1.9% form monday. further to your ruling last spot on. he 1.8 last month. monday. further to your ruling last says newspapers have that was partly due monday she‘s got to come up with something a bit different than she‘s helped to fuel racism after he was come up with so far. to rising racially abused by a food and alcohol what significant changes will there prices. fan in if you‘re a rose be december. championship either to the withdrawal agreement or the political declaration that it fan, you may have noticed that the club bolton will even allow the prime minister cost of a bottle of rose edged up by 8 to table on wanderers signs —— face pence because of a rise in duty monday? the right a unpaid tax bill fine. there were talks of a tax on certain types of alcohol honourable gentleman talks about announced in the autumn budget. respect for democracy. ta keover bill fine. there were talks of a the chancellor takeover but that fell apart respect for yesterday. i will have more on those democracy means this house should stories perhaps deliver the brexit that the british not a people voted rose fan. for. and shortly. the right honourable gentleman now joining us now is wants to
11:17 am
yael selfin, chief uk economist, disrespect democracy by holding a second referendum. it kpmg. is there anybody that this may be an is not this increase in next month and at the month after. one if government that is being disrespectful of the british people, funerals have been are taking it was expected place in christchurch, it is the right honourable gentleman for some of the 50 people killed in the sense that we would and his labour party. last friday when a gunman see this attacked two mosques. sales period and some of the prices the job of as the mourning continues, we re new zealand police say they hope sales period and some of the prices were expected to rise. there parliament is to hold government to account and the prime minister to have completed the formal is an identification of all fifty victims underlining tread here that is doesn‘t seem to understand that. by the end of wednesday, linked to the and would then be able to release when she was first defeated she the bodies to the families. labour market. we promised legally binding changes, i meanwhile the prime minister of new zealand, jacinda ardern has expect continuing inflation haven‘t seen those changes. all been speaking exclusively to my colleague clive myrie she‘s doing is running down the about the need for a global fight pressures on that site. we are clock after a to root out racist right wing expecting inflation to rise further in the coming months. second heavy defeat. ideology and for changes to her country‘s gun legislation. you mentioned i don‘t think wage growth there. wage growth is today, mr speaker, marks any leader anywhere doing quite well. what will this 1000 days since the referendum. this mean for government has led to the can really prepare themselves for those moments. but it‘s interest rates. country and themselves into crisis, chaos fair to say quail we and themselves into crisis, chaos and division. we are still i happen to be expect inflation to the prime minister of be at an legally due to leave the eu in a particularly peaceful nation, an nine days‘ average time. months of inclusive nation, a of around 2%. but if things continue as the way they are, we will running down the place where 200 expected to rise further than that clock and a concerted campaign and go above the 2% target of the ethnicities and 160 languages are of spoken. we pride ourselves bank of england. we blackmail, bullying and bribery has failed to convince the
11:18 am
think that the on being well—known a welcoming monetary policy committee should house either consider raising rates a little or the country that her deal place. in fa ct, well—known a welcoming place. in bit is anything but a damaging national more aggressively than what the fact, the terrorist who brought this markets are expecting at the moment. failure and should be rejected. they act to new zealand at the moment run out of time, chose us for this they are expecting they‘ve run out of terrorist act because we are all potentially another quarter percent ideas. people all over this of those things. rise this year probably around country are anxious and frustrated with this november. but maybe the bank of shock was england, we need to do government‘s utter inability to of course more. so find a way through the people with mortgages will be my interested to find out more about immediate reaction. how could this interested to find out more about crisis. if the happen here? to interest arises. the ons also prime minister cannot get changes to us? and to said that uk has her deal, will she give the this people a community? how concerned are you prizes rose by chance to reject the deal and change the government? can of a rising tide of white an annual 196 that uk has prizes rose by an annual 1% since june 2013. i say to nationalism in new zealand? how bad that uk has prizes rose by an annual 1% sincejune 2013. what is driving that? one is the is that right honourable gentleman, i think situation getting? my call would be you just made the point i was a global one. the uncertainty around making in my previous answer that he i‘m very clear brexit and what the outcome is going doesn‘t want to respect the vote here to to be under the implication for that took place in the make the distinction that yes, households. the other referendum in this is more 2016. we have a deal was an australian citizen, but that is not to say we do fundamental. we have a relatively that keeps millions of livelihoods safe and not have high valuation across many of the ideology in new zealand that would regions in the uk that secure. it protects the union for bea ideology in new zealand that would be a front to the majority of new make the the future and it means murderers increase less affordable zealanders, that would be utterly and rapists on the run can be
11:19 am
rejected by the majority, the vast for brought back quickly to face potentially for future buyers. do majority of new zealanders. but we justice you see that growth continuing to in this country. no deal won‘t do still have a responsibility to read slow down then? yes, that, the deal is good for this it out where it exits and make sure country and delivers brexit and it absolutely this we never create an environment where is something we need to expect. should be it can flourish. i would thank supported. the make that a you. global call. what new zealand announcement this week other experienced here was violence but against us by someone business of the closure following on from studies who grew up today. a financial services company argos and and lived there ideology somewhere has been warned not body shop highlight else. if we want to the challenges make sure that to use an advert globally we are a safe and we currently face. to address to ta ke has been warned not to use an advert to take out a loan advising people this, we currently face. to address this, tolerant and inclusive world, we cannot think to take out a loan advising people to ta ke to take out a loan advising people to take out a loan advising people we are submitting an expression of to take out a loan advising people to take out a loan. in case they interest to be future high about this in terms need to stockpile street of boundaries. fund which i anticipate will that‘s the kind of leadership i food for brexit. think we need to see be heavily oversubscribed. i the advertising standards agency on this issue. upheld the complaint that the acknowledge the various initiatives the government have put forward, but how do you bring leg can the prime from a reader this community back minister surely a together? i would first that said the coordinated, sustained and properly acknowledge that actually this was advertising resourced approach, working with a community councils will be that actually this was a community was that was by and large already together. my job irresponsible. pursued to that was by and large already together. myjob is to ensure it is revitalise our town centres which not shattered apart. and advertising in business are so vital to local communities have fallen and economies? my are you convinced you can succeed in that? due to the the honourable friend absolutely, because that‘s ruling of a —— makes an important point about
11:20 am
what new due to the significance of town centres for zealand is. ok, prime minister, the ruling of a jury in local communities. thank you thank you. san francisco. the jury in also for highlighting the work we‘re our correspondent in san francisco doing and the help we are providing christchurch reeled that it contributed phil mercer sent us that fund. to doing and the help we are providing thatfund. high this update causing a form doing and the help we are providing that fund. high street are changing but we want to help them there will be 50 funerals of cancer. talks here in in that process and help them to adapt. christchurch. the first of which are that‘s why the future high street involved a father and his expected to continue next week fund is there, it between the us and china. they has a 675 million son, refugees from syria who arrived in this country last have imposed tariffs on one another‘s available. i would like to reassure goods over the last year. the families him that in doing this we year. they made way for talks and negotiations have will be of the 50 victims, some of promoting partnership across the them have at times public and private sector, including expressed frustration at the delay local businesses, in developing in handing over the been rocky. those plans for the future of bodies from the their high streets. can authorities. the police here see the inmarsat is among shares identification process is i associate myself on the move in london today, very, very up 15% after the satellite with the remarks of the prime complex and also needed for the operator revealed a takeover minister on the outer region that we criminal justice all feel for what happened system approach. that‘s all the complex and also needed for the criminaljustice system any court case, a murder case, the court must in christchurch in new zealand. we must business news. have a clear cause of work together to drive hate out it‘s wednesday which means death. the authorities are saying that‘s why it prime minister‘s questions as our societies across the globe. our has taken so long for will be thoughts are with the people this process to be worked through. we also heard starting soon. of mozambique, zimbabwe and there was today from the new zealand police our assistant political editor, norman smith from malawi. we must do all we can commissioner mike bush. he is in the to support those in those
11:21 am
houses of parliament. said that communities. all our constituents in the police‘s we arejust we are just hearing about another will be watching on at the crisis opinion, he was development that the attorney and chaos within and we need to about to commit a further atrocity general is going to be reflect the early week away from when he was arrested and seeking a what is the intensity debate on brexit? it was detained by officers at 821 minutes for leaving never rains, the eu. the responsibilities that we after the first emergency call all have as but it pours came through. we also heard in for mrs me. well. six days the second —— mrs may. ago, visit of the prime ministerjacinda chancellor of the duchy of lancaster i think he said in the absence of a deal ardern here in christchurch since seeking such a the shooting, she has visited a probably will. he high is short and critically school about last two pupils and a asking about the prime one—off extension would be former student. the prime minister‘s decision overnight to not ask for a downright minister reckless. downright reckless, prime saying on friday there will be two long delay. because minister. does she agree with her de minutes of silence across new zealand to remember only last week fa cto minister. does she agree with her de facto deputy that her actions this those who were parliament voted for a short morning are downright killed and injured in this delay, but asked to keep open the atrocity. reckless? as i at least 300 people have been possibility of a killed by cyclone idai, have set out clearly which has triggered a massive longer delay. stand disaster in southern africa. for the house the un says millions by for another brexit of people across mozambique, any number of answers i‘ve now given zimbabwe and milawi could be bust up later on this question, i believe affected by widespread this afternoon, when, if not the pm, that flooding and devastation. she might be busy this house has a responsibility to deliver on the brexit our reporter kathryn letter writing to people voted stanczyszyn reports. for. i recognise the right jean—claude juncker explained why this is the aftermath she only wants a short delay, but honourable gentleman and his of cyclone idai. maybe she won‘t answer the question, collea g u es honourable gentleman and his colleagues in the snp have always rescue agencies are working maybe she won‘t answer the question, maybe it will be the brexit taken the position they want to
11:22 am
round—the—clock in mozambique, zimbabwe and malawi, secretary or revoke article 50 and but many aid trucks her deputy. not have brexit. at least he are stuck on roads that have become impassible. intriguingly, he is has a firm the un says hundreds of thousands, if not millions, pointed out as position which is different from the of people have leader of the opposition who have been affected. having described ruling out continually moved its position on this issue. but i five days ago, cyclone idai hit a long delay as downright reckless. he will also believe that the continent‘s south—eastern coast, be on the spot as nearly three years on from the vote wreaking destruction having taken across a huge area. he has to answer nearly three years on from the vote having ta ken place nearly three years on from the vote having taken place deliver on brexit the question —— he may have to for the british people, it first made landfall near the mozambique city of beira, a nswer the question —— he may have to answer the question. all will kick it is time burying some as homes collapsed, off before that as i am for the british people, it is time for this house to face that leaving many in a sure that there will be tory mps wondering fact, to desperate situation. face the consequences of its what is going decisions and to my house is broken. on, particularly tory deliver on and in my house, i don‘t remain as brexit... decisions and to deliver on brexit. .. we don't have people have nothing to eat — nothing, shouting out in the middle of the —— tory nothing. from morning up to now, exchanges. i don't need any help from any member in dealing with we have nothing to eat. remainers. their powerful floodwaters swept these matters with which inland, taking with them fear is that mrs may i'm very houses, roads and has put no deal well familiar. people. 600,000 people affected, back on the table on a journey the prime possibly even going up to 1.7 the 30th. thank you very and more million people affected much. we will minister. by cyclone and flooding. be back cani well familiar. the prime minister. communication completely broken, can i say to the prime minister that with him we need to reflect that infrastructure severely damaged. around midday. her deal had we're bringing down helicopters the biggest defeat in parliamentary
11:23 am
history. she brought it back and we've started the food theresa may is going to be facing distribution for all the people affected in the flood more questions as we go into and it had the fourth biggest defeat in and the cyclone—affected areas. nine days parliamentary history. her deal in zimbabwe, whole villages were swept away, displacing tens of thousands. away has failed. this house has from voted against the united nations says the world no deal. once again at the prime brexit. has not yet realised the sheer minister is acting and her own self scale of now you might need ‘deep‘ pockets to eat there, interest, not in the interest but europe‘s first underwater this disaster, of the restaurant has opened in norway. whole of the uk. the prime minister and more help more than 7,000 customers are already booked in to dine has failed, this place is urgently needed. amongst the north sea‘s marine life in the new restaurant — has failed let‘s speak now via which is fittingly named under and scotland is watching. the only webcam to cate turton, and is situated on the southern the head of department tip of norway. way forward now is to put for international development a full 18—course meal, for mozambique. dominated unsuprsingly by seafood, the decision back to the people. can cost up to £325 well the prime minister gifted people at she is currently in the capital maputo helping to co—ordinate the uk per person including drinks. the prime minister gifted people at government‘s relief response to now it‘s time for the same in such a referendum? the people of scotland deserve a choice the cyclone. a look at the over their thank you forjoining us. tell us weather. future. if exactly what westminster you‘re doing. fails, scotland we have the will act. thank you forjoining us. tell us exactly what you're doing. we are helping to coordinate can i the international community is relief say efforts, we a re international community is relief efforts, we are trying to bring to the right about the clear assessment of and lots of sunshine. that is a scene from our weather watcher honourable gentleman needs, identify key priorities and bringing support as fast as we just that there is an enormous an hourago in scene from our weather watcher just an hour ago in nottinghamshire. temperatures in sheffield responsibility, it is a huge honour can. we
11:24 am
brought in a planeload of shelter and privilege to sit in this supplies yesterday and will be have chamber, to be elected as already reached 17 degrees. this is shipping those up to beira tomorrow the satellite imagery to this an mp, to and morning. a clear slot of represent our constituents and we all have a responsibility. and the clear skies. more cloud to the south this parliament gave the decision to day and more cloud towards the north and the british people, it took place in a after. the west. sky is looking more like referendum in 2016 and the result of this that referendum was that we should we need to get at the moment in torbay. leave the european the water supply despite the cloud it is still going to be a union. the result functioning in a beira. apologies, if few sound issues there. in mainstay across the board. for the rest of this afternoon, of that referendum was that we should leave the eu terms of the assessment of the medes, give we will and i believe us of the assessment of the medes, give usa of the assessment of the medes, give us a sense of the scale that you continue with cloud across the think there is? north—west of scotland. increasingly for people to be able to wet here as a rain starts to have trust we are talking move its way in. still some in the politicians and faith in this about parliament, it is imperative that a huge crisis. to give you a sunny spells for eastern and central areas. this parliament delivers on the sense of that, we‘ve only accessed about brexit that temperatures of 17 or 18 celsius 10% of the area that is currently perhaps. cloud across the people voted affected to even get a sense of what southern and western areas. temperatures for. mr those needs are. beyond getting up to that we‘re speaker, in june looking at probably around plus 15 degrees. we brexit that people voted for. mr speaker, injune 2016 the country voted to leave people affected, and might the european union. getting up to 15 degrees. we might get a chance of those at to see the in february 2017, this house, voted least two to 300,000 directly bya affected and are at risk from super worm moon. persistent rain in the far in february 2017, this house, voted by a majority of 38a to trigger further flooding of the rains article 50. the prime north—west. it is going to minister in continue. and you said you need to this house has said 108 times be a mother night temperatures of seven make the assessment and bring in the
11:25 am
support to deal with that as to 11 degrees for top during we will be leaving the eu on the 29th thursday, that will continue in quickly of march. last week, as possible, as the support measuring up to what‘s needed the west of scotland. that will be two thirds of around in the afternoon. her mps voted against any extension so far? the support is elsewhere, more cloud than compared to today. to article coming in. the if you spells are trying to 15. prime major problem we have is logistics, be true, but the sunshine and a little bit minister, if getting food and water to those more limited. high pressure you continue to apply for an extension to article isolated communities, getting them is still to the city of beira which has been 15, you will from the intense of cut off for the last four days. the weather. we be betraying the british people. —— have as area of low pressure that is the major challenge we have is getting article 50. if you supplies from the bringing these weather fronts, don‘t, you will capital outwards skirting the north—west through friday. more rain to come in the be honouring to where the arm was needed. that‘s north—west of scotland. their instruction. what we‘ll be focusing on in the next few days ahead. do the rainfall prime minister, it is entirely down total is starting to mount up, there to you. history willjudge you fear there will be those who could be some localised you at this moment. order, survived the impact of the cyclone flooding. moving into northern order, i'm not who may die ireland and before assistance gets having the honourable wales. friday is mostly cloudy, to them? yes, gentleman but there will be some brighter and denied a chance and the we are extremely worried about that. sunnier spells. temperatures right to be you will have seen the of 16 heard. the honourable gentleman must pictures of and will be heard. communities and people stranded on degrees and in the north—west it is colour as cool air starts to move rooftops in isolated places, very mr peter bone. on. that air starts difficult to reach them. the other white prime minister, which is big challenge we have to move eastward it to is a big risk as we go through the weekend. high be? can i thank my pressure is still dominating, but it honourable friend
11:26 am
of health and disease outbreaks, who has been consistent in his getting clean water is absolutely will be noticeably cooler for many parts through the weekend. challenging me on the 29th of march critical to prevent those risks temperatures down to date in pmqs and in to people from those outbreaks. ten or celsius. statements and yes, i indeed in debates. i have always but that there will be some sunny wa nted think that‘s inevitable and we need indeed in debates. i have always wanted us to be able to leave on the to move as quickly as we spells. temperatures may start to 29th of march, but i believe as can. how come up spells. temperatures may start to come up a spells. temperatures may start to does this compare with previous come up a bit. as we go into next was said during the referendum challenges you faced? week where the settled weather will campaign by those who wanted to leave it continue. in mozambique, was better to leave with a people may remember the floods in negotiated the year 2000 where large deal with the eu. that‘s why i‘m parts of saying i think we central mozambique were should look again flooded. this crisis towards that crisis. at being able to leave with a negotiated deal, but in order to were talking about a city of do 500,000 that any time for this parliament to people that has been without power and waterforfour ratify any deal and we need people that has been without power an extension untiljune the 30th in and water for four days. order to do that. as this towards many, many crisis i have i have said, as certainly worked on and it‘s been prime minister i could not consider talked about as one of the largest a delay further beyond the 30th crisis the southern hemisphere of june. this is the point has ever faced. how long do you at which anticipate being there and dealing this house has the decision with that? we are on the to take as to what it once in the future ground here in mozambique all the time. i think to you are looking at a phase of at be. that is what is facing this house and that is a decision i least a month of what we believe we should take, honouring the result would call an emergency response, just getting
11:27 am
the basic things in to people of the that need it urgently. referendum. on friday i visited beyond that, we a school in then have a recovery phase and my beyond that people will need constituency for your distressing poverty means that teachers are not support for reconstruction going forward only providing food for the children into the future. thank you at breakfast and lunch, they are very much for joining sourcing clothes and buying shoes into the future. thank you very much forjoining us. thank for them in addition to raising money for books you very much. and equipment. that the uk‘s main inflation rate school, the only one in rose slightly last month, but stayed close to january‘s two the area, is year low, despite the threatened with closure. rather than uncertainties of brexit. consumer prices rose spending money trying to get people an average of 1.9% in february. to back her brexit deal, could i ask but core inflation, the prime minister please to use which strips out food it and energy prices, edged down. to address the acute social need in the office for national statistics said the main upward pressure this country that is bringing on prices came from games, hobbies and toys. families and communities to that was offset by the cost of clothing and footwear their knees? the honourable lady will which rose by less be than usual well aware we are putting more money after the january into our schools, we are ensuring we sales. let‘s return to that breaking have a welfare system that news that google has been encourages people into the workplace fined 1.19 billion euro and we have put more money into by the european commission various other elements of care for "illegal practices in search advertising brokering". for so what does people across our communities.
11:28 am
this mean? but the best solution for our technology correspondent people to rory cellanjones is here. ensure they are able to provide for themselves and their families is for explain what they have us to have a strong economy and been fined for people to be helped into work. for. this is all that‘s why it was so pleasing to about google+hugely dominant position in online see this week we see again employment advertising, it‘s got something like levels at a record high three quarters of the market in europe and it‘s about the search in this country. to overcome homelessness function on various websites, a we travel website on a blog, need more homes and in which is chelmsford actually powered by google and the will building 1000 new homes every artists applied to that company by year. but we also need google. what they are accused of the infrastructure. this week essex doing is telling those companies cou nty infrastructure. this week essex county council is putting in bids that use their search service and for housing infrastructure ads and the money from funding, including the second train station those ads that they can‘t use other search in chelmsford. does my right engines, they cannot use honourable friend agree that world —class honourable friend agree that world—class infrastructure is vital products from microsoft or yahoo. the for our future world—class infrastructure is vital for ourfuture and world—class infrastructure is vital for our future and will accusation as they are incredibly dominantand she support accusation as they are incredibly dominant and they are abusing our 25 year for our future and will she support our25 yearcampaignfor chelmsford‘s second their dominance to shut out the competition and make train station? online cani chelmsford‘s second train station? can i say to my honourable advertising less competitive. they‘ve been fined previously? friend, first of all, i welcome the action what‘s interesting about essex county council has taken in this is relation to new homes and i welcome
11:29 am
that the european competition their bid to the housing commissioner has really taken the infrastructure fund. it‘s battle to google. important she‘s probably the me that money available because we understand the importance of an most taxing government regulator restriction of a new housing around the world taking on the tech developments. we recognise the need for additional affordable housing in giants. she‘s fined them twice the south—east. the department previously, once over shopping service, once over for transport will look very carefully at the event which will come in the android mobile platform. each time the for the second railway station my honourable friend has referred to. accusation is the same — i‘m pleased to see were only able to you are very powerful, you‘ve got huge do this because this is a government that has put in at record levels dominance in that market, you are abusing that dominance and it‘s not of money into capital investment in good for consumers. she has taken our country. i know the one particular view, google says prime minister consumers aren‘t affected by this, campaigned to keep section they don‘t suffer from 28 which this. but the banned lg bt people interpretation in europe as being campaigned to keep section 28 which banned lgbt people are being talked more hardline for instance than in about positively in schools and lead to millions of young people like the us. i think the total for the myself growing up in a fair three fines is of being around 8.5 billion lgbt. i myself growing up in a fair of being lg bt. i thought myself growing up in a fair of being lgbt. i thought the prime minister had seen the error of her ways euros. a huge amount of money for google to keep being fined. but this morning the leader of the haze said on radio that parents should in terms decide when they are of anything changing, our practice is changing? there are always exposed to lgbt conditions attached to these rulings education. this is conservative and google does have to
11:30 am
party dog whistle politics. well the respond. the usual pattern is there are appeals prime minister condemned the leader of the house? will she condemn and long processes, it bigots that don‘t want lgbt people drags courts. to be heard in skills and will she but the pressure has been kept up support are said with good lgbt year after year by each new case coming through and trying to education in our schools? well she support of state with good lgbt education in our schools? trim google plus make sales. you see it‘s a lot of money, don‘tjust forget iam happy i am happy to write to him with the how incredibly wealthy google and its parent company alphabet r. detail of i don‘t think it so much the money the guidance as the pressure to change their given behaviour. did you just have to pay schools on lbgt teaching in school. my schools on lbgt teaching in school. my right honourable friend, the up behaviour. did you just have to pay up each time, do they challenge it? secretary of state for international development, has been at great pains they try and challenge it but to ensure working with the usually they have to pay it in the department for education that appropriate guidance is given to short term. thank schools, and i you very much. will write to now it‘s time for a him... i recognise the issue at look at the weather. the honourable gentleman has raised and i will write to him with the details of the guidance because it is very it is clear about now in what is the spring equinox. lots of sunshine appropriate. across eastern areas cornwall, in cornwall, we want to at the moment. be as environmentally friendly as possible and we want to we have that sunshine are mainly
11:31 am
be carbon across wales and the midlands free by 2030. for me, this means through to eastern areas of england. improving the quality of eastern parts are also getting a bit of sunshine. some sunny spells in our homes, improving the quality of our homes, improving and making use of all the north—east of scotland. forms of renewable energy and elsewhere we will keep a little bit ensuring sustainable food of cloud through the north. some production. well my friend the prime form outbreaks of rain in the far minister welcome the aspirations of north of scotland. communities like cornwall, and will when you get the government ensure that robust policies are in those prolonged spells of sunshine, place to meet 17 or 18 celsius. through tonight net zero emissions commitments more there will be if you clear spells, quickly? i thank my honourable but on the whole it is friend and i‘m delighted to hear of quite cloudy. the aspirations cornwall has more persistent rain moves its way into the far north west in being carbon free in the action of scotland. being carbon free in the action being taken and we are happy to temperatures are now lower than support what we have a good record a on climate change as a seven to 11 degrees. while that rain government and our annual support for in scotland will continue, for many of us it will be drier. renewa bles and our annual support for renewables will be over 10 billion by 2021 and the ambitious clean a lot more growth strategy sets out the plan cloud around compared to today, but for decarbonising the uk economy temperatures on the warm side. through to 2032, so we will be putting the policies in place that will enable areas like cornwall to be able to achieve their commitment in relation to climate
11:32 am
change. 4621 words in the chancellor‘s spring statement, but not a single member of tackling the burning injustices of tackling the burning injustices of the women who worked all their lives for their pensions and had it taken from them without their knowledge. does the prime minister really not think this is a burning injustice? can i say to the honourable gentleman that he knows full well in relation to the issue of these women that this is a government that put extra money in and we‘ve been very clear that nobody will see their pension age change by more than 18 months relative to the 1995 timetable and those with the most significant changes did receive at least seven yea rs changes did receive at least seven years notice. but we are looking, and we do want to see, the empowerment of women in the workplace and in our economy and thatis workplace and in our economy and that is why my right honourable friend the ministerfor that is why my right honourable friend the minister for women and equalities will bring forward a strategy on that very soon. the united kingdom average unemployment
11:33 am
is ata united kingdom average unemployment is at a remarkable a%, a very welcome low, and in my constituency it stands at 6.5%. can my right honourable friend give an assurance to my constituents that she will continue to work on building employment nationally with a particular focus on areas where unemployment is significantly higher than the uk average? can i say to my honourable friend that he has raised a particularly important point. if i may just pull a particularly important point. if i mayjust pull him up on one point. we have actually seen that the employment rate across the uk is 3.9%, unemployment rate, sorry, is 3.9%. employment in scotland has risen by 239,000 since the 2010 election and what we have seen in the spring statement was the economy growing every year, debt falling, but i absolutely recognise the concerns my honourable friend is recognised and that is what —— why we will work as a uk government to deliver morejobs, healthier finances and an economy fit for the future across the whole of the united kingdom. hate
11:34 am
crime is on the rise and our democracy is increasingly based on fear, in parliament and the country. home office figures show hate crimes doubled from 2011 to over 100,000 last year. the country looks to politicians to set a high standard, but last week the prime minister‘s allies were texting fellow honourable members saying i am going to chloroform you and drag you through the lobbies to vote for the prime minister‘s deal. does she find this behaviour acceptable or will she be removing the whip from the offending members? can i say to the honourable lady that she is absolutely right that politicians at all levels need to think very carefully about the terms in which we address others and the terms on which we put our arguments and there are many members across this house who have suffered significantly from verbal abuse, abuse online of various sorts and this is a matter
11:35 am
we should all be taking seriously, andi we should all be taking seriously, and i will be ensuring that across this house we work to ensure that people are not subject to the sort of abuse that sadly some members of this house have been subject to from outside this house. back in the world beyond brexit, she will be aware that my civil partnerships private members bill completed its stages this week. since then i have received hundreds of letters of thanks, including no fewer than six from prospective civil partners who proposed, after my bill went through, and many from anxious mothers wanting to know when they will be able to sign their son or daughter‘s marriage certificate, so will she guarantee that every effort will she guarantee that every effort will now be made to ensure that these measures come in well before these measures come in well before the end of the year, and that there will not be a prolonged period of implementation? can i thank my
11:36 am
honourable friend for the legislation and for working with the government on that legislation, and cani government on that legislation, and can i say to my honourable friend that we are working as quickly as quickly as possible to bring it in as quickly as possible to make sure that the measures in the legislation are available as soon as possible to people. since the prime minister has been on herfeet, the national crisis appears to have these —— in that the eu commission says that it is either an extension until the 23rd of may or the end of 2019. well the prime minister listened to the hundreds of thousands of young people who will march peacefully to parliament square to say that they would like to have a chance to have their say in this debate and put it back to the people, subject to the kyle and wilson amendment, which is basically a compromise in this house. can i say to the honourable lady that i‘ve answered many questions in recent weeks and months on the question of putting a vote
11:37 am
back to the people of this country. i continue to believe that it is for this house to recognise that having asked people their view, having heard the view from those people, that we should actually deliver on that we should actually deliver on that view. it is about delivering brexit. as the prime minister says, this house has voted clearly to reject leaving with no deal and it has voted clearly to seek an extension if her withdrawal agreement cannot get a majority, but this house has not yet have the opportunity to debate and vote on the range of options for longer—term arrangements, such as customs union, regulatory alignment and so on. so would she arrange next week for indicative votes to finally be held so we can see where the consensus and majority lies, because a short
11:38 am
extension of article 50 will be com pletely extension of article 50 will be completely useless if the government goes into it with no idea of what it‘s going to have the authority to negotiate in the long term. can i say to my right honourable and learning friend, i think he would have noticed that the house has had many opportunities, actually, to put forward motions on the issue. yes, the house has. the house has rejected alternatives to the government‘s deal. the house has voted against a customs union. the house has voted against having a second referendum. from a sedentary position, similarly on the opposition frontbencher says we will not let the house. the house has voted on these issues and rejected them. we have been clear about our intention to absolute fulfil the requirement that we have to bring forward an amendable motion
11:39 am
under section 13 four of the withdrawal act and we will indeed be doing that. my constituent who is seven, and a nine—year—old, have been stuck in warsana seeing and a nine—year—old, have been stuck in war sana seeing things that children should not ever see. they managed to get out and they have been asked to go to cartoon and wait until they can pass an english language lesson —— khartoum. i have briefed the prime minister about this, so will the prime minister let the family, all of the family go home to safety in my constituency? cani home to safety in my constituency? can i say to the honourable gentleman, i thank him for writing to me with details of the case and bringing it to my attention. when they receive home office applications we look at extension —— exceptional circumstances and i have asked the home office to respond to the honourable gentleman as soon
11:40 am
as possible. the prime minister knows that if she brings her deal again to the house i will again support it, but will she confirm today that the full length of the extension she is seeking from the eu will be available to the house, regardless of whether it supports a measure or seeks another way forward ? of whether it supports a measure or seeks another way forward? can i say to the honourable gentleman, as i think you will have heard me say in my answer to the very first question posed in pmqs today, the government intends to bring forward proposals that if the voters passed the extension will have time to consider the withdrawal agreement bill, but if not the will have to decide to —— how to proceed. over 50 years since the closure of the chemical factory in my constituency, the local area is still blighted by carcinogenic contamination. today there was a receipt of five millions of eu fund to regenerate land but tens of millions more will be required
11:41 am
for the work. will the prime minister give a commitment that post brexit the uk will make similarfunding in the uk will make similarfunding in the long term to complete that work? the honourable gentleman has raised a very specific case in relation to a very specific case in relation to a certain type of funding and i would be happy to ask the relevant minister to respond him on the specifics of the case in relation to his constituency. will my right honourable friend rule out introducing the withdrawal and implementation bill if her withdrawal agreement is voted down yet again by the house next week? and then let the united kingdom leave the european union on the 29th of march, as the peoples vote in 2016, as parliament has enacted, and as the law requires? may i say to my right honourable friend that what i have done to date in writing to donald tusk is to ask for the extension to article 50 until the end ofjune. i have been clear that
11:42 am
thatis, end ofjune. i have been clear that that is, as i said, that i don‘t believe —— billy brexit should be delayed beyond that point and it will give us the opportunity to ensure the house can consider again a deal and take forward the withdrawal agreement and implementation bill in the circumstances that a deal was passed and in the circumstances the deal was not passed, it would be necessary for the house to consider, asi necessary for the house to consider, as i have just necessary for the house to consider, as i havejust said to necessary for the house to consider, as i have just said to the necessary for the house to consider, as i havejust said to the member for west dorset, how we should proceed. i would also say to my honourable friend, as he will have heard, and the secretary in the debate on no deal last week, there are particular issues, particularly in relation to the government of northern ireland in relation to leaving the european union without a deal on the 29th of march. i continue to hope and continue to believe that the best way for this country to leave the european union is to do so on the basis of a negotiated deal and the extension to the 30th of june
11:43 am
negotiated deal and the extension to the 30th ofjune will allow us to do that. further to the question from the father of the house, does the prime minister not realise that in her answer she is the roadblock to this house reaching a majority, not the facilitator of it? it is blindingly obvious, and i believe including members of the cabinet, that the house needs to have a series of indicative votes precisely so it can express it‘s will about what it is for, not simply what it is against. why doesn‘t the prime minister agreed to that and she will be doing to a service —— a service for the country if she did? obviously i have made clear that we will bring forward the motion that is required under the legislation under section 13 —— four, but could i say to the right honourable gentleman that it is not the case that it gentleman that it is not the case thatitis gentleman that it is not the case that it is not possible for the house to bring forward votes of the sort that the right honourable gentleman is talking about. it has been open to this house. in some cases the house has brought forward
11:44 am
such boats, and those have been rejected. -- such votes. my right honourable friend and this house gave its solemn word to the british people that we would leave the eu on the 29th of march, on friday week. if this extension happens, my right honourable friend, what guarantee can you give the british people that at the end ofjune, if we still do not have a deal, that we honour the referendum result and we leave? can i say to my honourable friend, that i made clear in the debate we had, one of the debate last week, or the previous week, that if it is the case that there is an extension this does not actually take no deal off the table, it leaves that as a point at the end of that extension. now
11:45 am
whether or not we have that extension is not a matter purely for the uk, it is a matterfor the european union council. they have, up european union council. they have, up until now, been very clear and i wait to see what they say tomorrow, but they have been very clear that any extension could only be if there was a clear purpose for that extension, and that we could not go beyond the date i have suggested without holding european parliamentary elections. i don‘t believe it is in anybody‘s interest to do that, and i believe it is time that we actually delivered on the vote of the british people in 2016 and that‘s why eyes i said earlier in response to the first question, as prime minister, as far as i‘m concerned, there will be no —— no delay in delivering brexit be on the 30th ofjune. as the prime minister has told us she is today seeking a short and one of extension to article 50, last thursday her deputy prime minister told this house at
11:46 am
that dispatch box that any such application would be downright reckless and is completely at odds with the position that this house adopted only last night. the question is, prime minister, what changed? i seem to see a certain similarity between her question and a couple of the questions from the official opposition on this issue. asi official opposition on this issue. as i said, as i said, to them, i think we should all remember the responsibility we have in this house to ensure that we deliver brexit. to ensure that we deliver brexit. and asi ensure that we deliver brexit. and as i have said i believe a short extension of the type that i have indicated, that i have written to donald tusk about today, is a sensible request to put forward. but i‘ve also been clear as i have in response to my honourable friend from the backbenches,
11:47 am
that i also believe the british people, the british people will not thank this house, will not thank this house if we do anything other than deliver brexit and in a reasonable timetable and that‘s by the end ofjune. i would like to thank my right honourable friend for allowing me to continue to represent the people of grantham and stamford from these conservative benches. on the 26th of february my right honourable friend said from the dispatch box and i quote, if the house votes for an extension the government will seek to agree that that extension approved by the house with the eu and bring forward the necessary legislation to change the exit date commensurate with that extension. when will she give this house the opportunity to approve her extension request, when will she bring forward
11:48 am
the necessary legislation to change the necessary legislation to change the exit date? the suggestion of the extension to the end ofjune was of course considered by this house last week. it is necessary before it is possible for that to be confirmed, and the request has gone into the european union council, before request can be confirmed it‘s necessary for the eu council to agree that extension. because the treaty is clear, that an extension can be applied for by the party, the country that is leaving the european union, but it has to be agreed by all 28 members of the european union and that will not be possible until the end of the week. the prime minister still has to ask you to agree to something and at the moment she is asking anybody to agree to is the same plan that she has put to this house twice and that has been roundly defeated twice. why will she not just roundly defeated twice. why will she notjust open up, just think
11:49 am
again, allow the votes others have put forward because what she is doing by sticking to this field plan is deeply dangerous for our country in the national interest, i begged this prime minister to think again. what is first and foremost in the national interest is for this country to leave the european union and to do so... and to do so in a way that does protect peoples livelihoods and protects the security and protects our union. that‘s the proposal be put forward. the right honourable lady has raised again the issue of indicative votes, i would say to her as i have others, first of all we stand by the requirements we have which we will do, we will bring that motion to the house. within the timetable set within the legislation. but i also say to the right honourable lady, it
11:50 am
is the case that there have been votes in this house on some of the other proposals that have been put forward and those have equally been rejected. there is one thing that this house has agree to and that is that it would leave with a deal, it was in relation to changes to the backstop and that‘s the one positive for the house is given. after much representation from the charity max appeal, the national screening committee is for the first time considering adding 22 q1 one syndrome to the new blood spot test, this second most common chromosomal disorder after down syndrome can lead to avoidable mental health issues unless diagnosed, well be right honourable member join issues unless diagnosed, well be right honourable memberjoin me in calling for this condition to be added to the newborn blood spot test. i commend my honourable friend for the work they are doing in this area. he has honestly raised
11:51 am
a very important issue. i will ask the department for health and social ca re department for health and social care to respond to him and possibly to meet him and talked about this issue. mr speaker, the prime minister has a very selective view of the decisions this country has made. she mentions the referendum but she never mentions the general election which denied her the authority for a hard brexit. she‘s mentioned the things that this house has voted against but failed to mention that her deal has been defeated by large amounts now twice. and she seems determined to plough on as if nothing has happened to her deal. and because a huge crisis. surely now mr speaker, the time is for the prime minister to recognise that she has to stop banging her head against a brick wall of her defeated deal and
11:52 am
reach out across this house in the interests of stability and our democracy, and come to a deal which actually has the support of a majority of this house rather than kowtowing to her own extreme brexit supporters. the point is that so far apart from saying that it would support leaving with a deal with changes to that deal in relation to the backstop the house has given no positive vote on what it wants to go forward and i would also remind the honourable lady, she talks about the 2017 general election, i was also reminding her that 80% of the votes cast in that general election, it‘s no good labour members going like this, 80% of the votes cast in that election were cast from parties that
11:53 am
stood on a manifesto of honouring the result of the 2016 referendum. order. theresa may coming underfire theresa may coming under fire from all sides of the house, she confirmed she has sent a letter, we haveit my my honourable member of brighton regarding lgbt education. and it relates to forthcoming business coming up today. mr speaker you will be aware that there is an important statutory instrument. now we have time to check—in with norman smith. and we have seen the letter that theresa may has sent to donald tusk
11:54 am
and had word from the european commission that they are minded to look at a binary choice between an extension to the 23rd of may or a longer one. so there is lots to chew over. what are your thoughts? significant as those are, everything is overshadowed by that extraordinary performance by mrs may in the commons. in effect, beginning the blame game, saying, don‘t blame me for the difficulties, the turmoil, the delays. saying, blame at this place, it is mps who have been indulging themselves by the endless arguments and debates over brexit and failing to recognise what people voted for three years ago. and by the way, there is no point in doing things for a long period, because they will just carry doing things for a long period, because they willjust carry on endless hours, herface, contemplating their labels. prime minister may at the front of
11:55 am
indignant public indignation at parliament. those who would say hang ona parliament. those who would say hang on a sec, you were in charge of the negotiations, it is your divided party, you have been running the show, you are the problem here. and you have to ask yourself, does it get mrs may any closer to getting her deal through? i suspect not. i suspect she may get some good headlines from this, but i suspect she is utterly infuriated —— has utterly infuriated many mps, making the possibility of getting her deal through even more remote. more analysis coming up on the news with ben brown. but first it‘s time for a look at the weather with ben rich. it is the spring equinox. some of us have cloud and some of us has sunshine. all of us are feeling effects from this mild error that is
11:56 am
wafting up from the south—west. high pressure is generally in charge of the weather will stop for some it has been pretty cloudy. the best brea ks has been pretty cloudy. the best breaks in the cloud across wales will stop yorkshire and lincolnshire. these are likely to see the nine‘s a share of the sunshine. you may have noticed that the days are getting longer and longer. these are the sunset times on the equinox. there was a clear spells are likely to close up with cloud again. all the while this band of rain will be plaguing the far west of scotland. quite busy here and now where will it be quite a chilly night. tomorrow, expect a flighty start ——
11:57 am
cloudy start with fog and mist. tomorrow will be a cloudy day with outbreaks of rain across western scotland. best chance of rain is the east midlands and wales. even when stuck with cloud it will be 13 degrees. pretty good for the time of year. and friday there will be patches of mist and low cloud around. many parts of england and wales there will be a dry day. for the far north it will be gusts of 50 to 60 mph and outbreaks of rain creeping in. the head of it very mild, it starts to turn colour. that sets us up for the weekend. there was not much rain on it every time it reaches the south—east, but behind it we do notice a change and the feel of weather. we will. it‘s not a dramatic change, it will not bring us back into the depths of winter, but it will feel a bit less springlike for the weekend.
11:58 am
dry but with some wintry showers are for north—west
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