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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 20, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm GMT

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a big investment because barclays the importance of calling out will become the first ever tighter discrimination wherever it is heard". sponsor will become the first ever tighter sponsor and what they're calling jones though maintains her innocence biggest investment in women possible and says she's quitting football following the decision. our reporter tanya arnold explains support by a brand. what is it all mean. let's have a look because they how we got to this point. are on for three years and we do not know the exact figures, but we do know the exact figures, but we do will back on january, know it will be in excess of £10 will back onjanuary, the played a million. amongst one of the main championship match later that sponsors of the men possible as evening, she went on social media to premier league which received over say that she had received this from £100 million per yearfrom their commercial partners, but the money does mean that for the very first an opposition player, they time, there will be official prize investigated and she was charged money which is going to be £500,000 yesterday, there was an independent panel to hear the case, jones was found guilty and given a five month in last year, manchester city, they picked up nearly a0 million from winning at the premier league. but band, and they have literally there is no doubt that this is a terminated her contract because of significant day for the women's the incident, despite six games game, that's different and that the
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being remaining in her contract. manager of the raining wsf champions. this'll be the best lead, if is not already, i think today's announcement, demonstrates that we've got the pulling power to be the very best to our league, and more importantly, put the money in the right places and tell me a leak in the world that could attract a sponsor like that with the level of investment. absolutely brilliant. will the investment go beyond the top tier of the women's game because the sponsorship deal will also be directed towards the football school partnerships and this is a nationwide scheme which has developed the access to football at school with the aim to double participation and also doubled the fan base in the game. the one club in the world that pays and treats
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its men's and women equally and this is what charlie, had to say about this investment from barclays. the way the insured, and i'm sure they will, is by investing in the grassroots and discussing the clubs and where all these clubs are on board. in our division leak below, the next step is their 25 and then there are a6, and all of these clubs are vital in bringing in building the network. england's toni duggan scored twice for barcelona women in the champions league this evening. they were 3—nil winners at home in their quarterfinal first leg against norweigan side lsk. elsewhere, in a repeat of last year's final — title holders lyon have a slender advantage ahead of the second leg against wolfsburg, 2—1 that tie ended. and there was a record crowd for the quarterfinals at that game — over 17,000 there in lyon. and slavia prague and bayern munich ended 1—1. chelsea face psg tomorrow. liverpool's ben woodburn got the winning goal for wales tonight
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in their friendly match against trinidad and tobago at wrexham's racecourse ground. ryan giggs picked a young and experimental team, with gareth bale not even in the squad, and it took until stoppage time for woodburn to score the only goal of the game. wales begin their euro 2020 qualifying campaign against slovakia on sunday. let's take a quick look at some other stories today... liverpool's trent alexander—arnold has withdrawn from the england squad for the euro 2020 qualifiers against the czech republic and montenegro because of a back injury. so far, no player has been called up to replace him, leaving manager gareth southgate with a 22—man squad. celtic left—back kieran tierney will miss scotland's opening euro 2020 qualifier in kazakhstan tomorrow with a hip problem. he was expected to replace captain andrew robertson, who misses the game after having dental surgery. celtic midfielder callum mcgregor will now skipper
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alex mcleish‘s side. and wales rugby union players are considering moving to non—welsh clubs amid regional uncertainty according to fly—half gareth anscombe. moving away from wales, who've just secured the six nations grand slam, would see any player with less than 60 caps sacrifice their place in the international team. less than three years ago sian kelly stumbled on an advert that would change her life and take her to countries she'd never dreamed of visiting. sian, who's just 23, has now become the first female head coach of the argentina women's cricket side and has even revived chile's national team — all while introducing young girls to the game. james law went to buenos aires to find out how a spanish speaker from solihull is spreading the message of a sport she didn't previously know existed in the continent
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the language is spanish but the skills are pure solihull. she went to coach cricket in argentina almost three years ago as a part of the university language degree, but ended up in charge of the national women's team. i do have to pinch myself sometimes, i'm the head coach of the national team. when i just started at my local cricket club at 16 years old during a friday night, i never imagined that i would be coming out on a saturday and be coaching all over south america. so it's definitely been a big step up and i've learned a lot. she is a very good coach, she can understand us better than men. so for us, that gives us a lot of advantages against other countries, so we are very lucky to have her here. sian isn'tjust a big hit with the first team, she also works along a programme encouraging children from poorer areas of buenos aires to get involved in the game, as well as coaching the mini flamingos,
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the next generation of players. you like cricket when sian is the coach. she is going with us, funny. we can learn lots of things and play. and it is very funny. this is where her love of cricket began, where she played since the age of seven with her twin sister, marie. who is now the captain of warwickshire. phil mccubbin coached them both. as a coach, it'sjust an absolute dream, especially in the competitions at the end of every session when we have some catching competitions or some small thing like a bag of sweets or 50p or something. so they are very, very competitive. sian has got used to the more laid—back approach to life in buenos aires and loves the local culture, but it wasn't always that way. from solihull into the centre of buenos aires was a massive culture shock, i didn't leave my flat for the first couple of days or weeks, i was a bit scared to leave, but i think buenos aires is a great city and you get used to everything,
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you get used to the culture there, some very good aspects of this culture that i prefer compared to english culture. but obviously, you did miss things about home as well. after a few weeks back and solihull, she's about to return to argentina to take up a new role as women's cricket development officer. this adventure may have started as a way to improve her language skills, but now she can't imagine anywhere else she'd want to be. england's women play the final match of their one day series against sri lanka tomorrow — hoping to complete a three—nil victory. they've bounced back from being beaten in their last 50 over series in india, but not too many people have been there to see them do it. crowds in sri lanka have been lower than elsewhere on the subcontinent. it would be good in the future to see countries like sri lanka support us see countries like sri lanka support us to come down just to get the blood pumping a bit more in the atmosphere gets you going. so, yeah,
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thatis atmosphere gets you going. so, yeah, that is the next step for other countries. i know england does very well, but yeah, that is for the future i guess. and finally — take a look at this for a moment of brilliance in the special 0lympics, which if you don't know is the world's largest sports organization for children and adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. this is the usa's matt millett beating the buzzer in their game against canada which is absolutley outstanding. nothing but net. definitley woth watching the replay. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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