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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  March 21, 2019 1:45am-2:00am GMT

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. and 3—time winner victoria azarenka struggles past dominika cibulkova to reach my name is mike embley. our top stories: the second round of the miami open. theresa may blames parliament for the brexit delay and claims hello and welcome to she's on the side of the british the programme where we start people she says are "tired with the news that major league of the whole process." baseball got its new season underway rescue teams are still struggling on wednesday, in tokyo. to reach survivors, a week the seattle mariners faced up after cyclone idai hit to the oakland athletics south—east africa. and there was an old favourite hundreds are feared dead. taking to the pitching mound for the mariners, as 51 schoolchildren in italy have survived an ordeal when their bus was hijacked and set maz farookhi reports. alight by their driver. disturbing images of weight loss that glamorise eating disorders a hero's welcome for suzuki. you are being viewed and swapped by children on the social media place a preacher ‘s level of celebrity but it all began in 27 yea rs celebrity but it all began in 27 years ago, so celebrity but it all began in 27 years ago, so no surprises reception from 40,000 fans inside tokyo dome. at 45, he is the second oldest position player to start opening day but it was the as which struck first. a quick 1— you'll lead in the
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bottom of the first. this is a home game for 0akland that there was no doubt the opposition were overwhelming cloud —— crowd favourites. the first grand slam home and celebrated by those in the stands. chris davies, who led mlb with 40 home runs last season, smug deep to get back in the game. that prompted the boss of the mariners to make a change. widely expected to be the final season. it's a moment all on the field will remember fondly. it was a special moment, to see him come off the field. everybody screaming and cheering for him. a bit disappointed to see him come out of the game. but rice, like with several week, we just didn't embrace the wake years. the switch seemed to
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do the trick, the mariners put a rally together, before tim beckham followed up with a towering 2—1 blast to extend seattle's lead. 0akland had big deficits last season and they threatened to do the same here. mark chapman's first home run of 2019 helped them as well. the opening win went to the mariners. a great result for suzuki. the fans are supporting him as they should. a lot is going on. it circulates around him. his team—mates embraced it. giving him an applause as well. it meant a lot to the game. he says he wants to remember every moment. there were two international friendlies on wednesday with germany drawing 1—1 at home to serbia. the visitors had gone in front after only 12 minutes when
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luka jovic headed in but some poor play at the back saw the hosts equalise in wolfsburg just over 20 minutes before the end when leon goretska scored with their first euro qualifier against the netherlands on sunday. elsewhere wales saw a goal from liverpool midfielder ben woodburn in the second minute of stoppage time see them to victory in wrexham against trinidad and tobago. labour the first half performance i was pleased with, i was pleased with the build—up to the edge of the box and it's that final bit, the composure, that control, one decision and i said we need to work on that showed that in last minute, the last kick the game. woody is there. holders lyon will have to endure a nervous second leg in their women's champions league quarter—final against wolfsburg despite having secured a 2—1 win in the opener. in a repeat of last year's final a second half away goal to nilla fischer means the german
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side hold hope of still progressing, while elsewhere a toni duggan double helped barcelona to a 3—0 home win over lillestrom with slavia prague and bayern munich finishing 1—1 in the czech republic. english champions chelsea take on paris saint—germain in the opening leg of their quarter—final tie later. it comes just a day after barclays announced they'd become title sponsor for the next three years starting next season, injecting more than 13 million dollars into the english game. brass, doesn't mean we are twice tea m brass, doesn't mean we are twice team we are. our focus and emphasis is on getting the best part of the group that we've got to be the best tea m group that we've got to be the best team that we can. knowing that with good experience, we've got quality throughout the squad, we'd be hard pressed to see a better squad in europe than the group we have.
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on to tennis and three time winner victoria azarenka is through to the second round of the miami 0pen after a three set victory over dominika cibulkova. the belarussian had to regroup after dropping the second set but had enough to prevail in more than two and a half hours on court against the slovakian which moves her on to a match against french 19th seed caroline garcia. the top seeds in both the men's and women's all have a bye through to the second round at the hard rock stadium in miami. it's a new venue after the move from the key biscayne which hosted the event for 31 years. last week at indian wells there were shock final defeats for both angelique kerber against bianca andreescu and roger federer lost to dominic thiem, but the swiss isn't overly dismayed. i think that's what it was. i felt that dominic played good finals, we both had a good week and doesn't feel like i was looking back at any massively missed opportunities to something that didn't go well, supporters i felt truly good about.
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it was always as important feeling i'd had to go into next week. i really feel like i'm happy to be here. it is crucial as well.|j really feel like i'm happy to be here. it is crucial as well. i mean, i had here. it is crucial as well. i mean, ihada here. it is crucial as well. i mean, i had a great run in indian wales, i played good tennis, good matches against top players as well. and yes, i have now a lot of confidence, starting here the tournament, but everything starts from zero, the tournament mixes it up again and i know that i have still to play my best tennis from the first round. less than three years ago an english student, sian kelly, stumbled on an advert looking for cricket coaches in argentina. she ended up swapping solihull in the uk, for south america and is now in charge of the country's women's team, bringing cricketing culture to a continent better known for its football. james law went to buenos aires to meet her. the languages spanish the skills of
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pure solihull. sian kelly went to argentina three years ago the language degree but ended up in charge of the women's team. when i just started at my local cricket clu b just started at my local cricket club at 16 years of doing a friday night here and there, i never imaginedi night here and there, i never imagined i would come out to buenos aires and the coaching and south america so it's been a big step up and i've learned a lot. sian kelly isa very and i've learned a lot. sian kelly is a very good coach. she is a win in so she can understand us better than men serve for us, that gift give usa than men serve for us, that gift give us a lot of advantages against other countries. —— she is a woman. we are lucky to have here. sian kelly is not just we are lucky to have here. sian kelly is notjust a big hit with the first team, she also works alongside a programme encouraging children from poorer areas of when azeris to get involved in the game as well is coaching the mini flamingos, the
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next generation of players. we like it when sian is the coach. she is good with us, funny. we can learn lots of things and it's very funny. this is where her love of cricket began, earlswood this is where her love of cricket began, ea rlswood cricket this is where her love of cricket began, earlswood cricket club, where she played since the age of seven with a twin sister marie, who is the caption of warwickshire. phil mcgovern coached both. it was a dream, especially the competitions at the end. there was small bribery like a bag of sweets or 50 p. they are very, very competitive. sian has gotten used to the more laid—back approach to life in buenos aires and loves the local culture but it wasn't always that way. going from solihull to the central buenos aires was a shock, i didn't leave my flat for a few days, i was scared but i think buenos aires is a great city
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and you get used to everything, you get used to the culture, some very good aspects i much prefer to english culture but obviously you do miss things about home as well. after a few weeks back the solihull, she will return to argentina. this adventure may have started as a way to improve the language skills but now she can't imagine anywhere else she would want to be. wonderful cricketing story. this give you a bit of nba news. whether it is wonderfulfor you is bit of nba news. whether it is wonderful for you is up to you. the boston celtics could have gone through to the play—offs in the eastern conference and they have lost in philadelphia. the 76ers are through to the play—offs. antonio looking for ten in a row but they are 17 points down at half time. they are struggling. until next time, goodbye.
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hello. it was the spring equinox yesterday and it felt like spring, particularly if you were in the sunshine. we had an abundance of sunshine across parts of east wales, the midlands and northern england so sheffield and harden, two of the areas to reach 19 degrees. the highest it's been since that warmth we had in february. these are the sort of weather watcher pictures we had sent in. the cloudier skies as well such as here and i think today on balance we will have rather more cloud than yesterday. but it still should be, for many of us, dry. however, there is always an exception to the rule. for scotland we have this weather front bring this persistent vein to the highlands and islands. quite a wet spell here for the next couple of days. that south—westerly wind maintains the mild weather through the night, just the holes in the cloud fill in with mist and fog. it could be quite murky first thing. that fog should lift except on the hills and coasts
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around the south and west of england and wales, scotland too where it remains quite dreary and damp. even though the rain makes its way further northwards, you can see it has drifted into central parts of scotland so a different complexion to the weather here. if we do see some brightness, potentially up in the north—east england, temperatures again 16, 17 degrees. for most of us, less sunshines, just a lot of cloud, still largely dry weather. through the evening that rain gets pushed away on a strengthening wind and we watch the next weather front hot on its heels through northern and western areas so through the night into friday, it turns very wet once again so parts of north—west scotland could have a considerable amount of rain in the next day or two. it does freshen up and dry up behind and sunshine returns but ahead of it on friday, for many, still be largely dry but rather cloudy and mild. it's a difference, really. we are changing our mild atlantic south—westerly winds for a lightly cooler north—westerlies. mild, but temperatures will dip back to where they should be for the time of year and we'll see
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the sunshine returning. it could be disappointingly cloudy across southern areas on saturday. a third or fourth day of cloudy weather here. eventually, that brighter weather will win through and temperatures you can see are down, significantly so. we are back into that chilly air and we have some wintry showers. friday, thursday night, friday, looks like the chillier spell, we will keep the brisk wind coming in through the weekend. that will accentuate the chill. as for next week, we keep the high—pressure close to the south. temperatures recovering a little, i should say, with some spring sunshine. 00:12:34,566 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 bye— bye.
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