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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  March 21, 2019 5:45am-6:01am GMT

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good morning. strategist at rabobank. welcome to breakfast with louise minchin and charlie stayt. 0ur headlines for you: theresa may blames mps of next week let's start by talking about brexit. this german take on for brexit deadlock. you want this stage of the brexit thing provides a measured approach process to be over and done with, i to evidence happening today agree. iam process to be over and done with, i agree. i am on process to be over and done with, i agree. i am on your process to be over and done with, i discussing the latest in the saga which means that theresa may is now agree. i am on your side. as she heads to europe to ask heading to brussels. and they are for an extension to the process, there's an angry response saying that the eu turns the table at westminster to her approach. on theresa may. and what they mean she has failed and i think that is that they can have a delayed there are no big question marks as departure if they get a deal through to whether she should be allowed to parliament next week so this puts carry on and see whether she can the pressure back on theresa may to make that decision. and if, the continue with a deal because there area continue with a deal because there are a growing number of people who think time to move implication, if this doesn't all is not passed next week then it could bea no not passed next week then it could be a no deal brexit. theresa last night was blaming mps for everything and talking about the fact that she is with the public on this. do you
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think that did anything to assuage worries that you may have had? no. and if you go to the next story i think you see a reaction to that because while i think she is correct in picking up the mood of many people, many are exhausted and blaming mps and the prime minister for the mess that we have in terms of brexit. but for her to say it is not my fault, this is the fault of mps...i not my fault, this is the fault of mps... ithink not my fault, this is the fault of mps... i think that may have backfired because many people think that she should admit some responsibility. much of the blame surely needs to be laid at her feet. everything is complicated by the european parliamentary elections coming up in may 23. and the role of the uk is worrying brussels. quite rightly detect these elections happen in may many people will be wondering why they should take part, many people in the uk that is. and if there is an extension and if the
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uk does not have membership in the parliament, it could be a breach of the rights of uk citizens to the same time, some europeans say that if they do part —— participate then will the uk install various anti— the eu meps in that parliament? there are many different reasons why this has become quite a topic. let's have a look at some of the other front pages. the daily telegraph, the headline is theresa may on bended knee to the eu. not happy about the fact that she has to ask foran about the fact that she has to ask for an extension. theresa may — don't blame me for the crisis, blame mps. again that takes the lead from the statement last night that we heard from her in downing street. also we have the daily mail. we are on knife edge. was really a dramatic tv please? whole thing is a
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dramatic. i was expecting something dramatic. i was expecting something dramatic from the statement when downing street announced one. but the fact is that the law announced, the fact is that the law announced, the law is that we will leave without a deal on march 29. moving on. let's talk about the story in quartz. i was discussing this earlier. the interesting thing is the juxtaposition between the view that italy has of chinese investment and involvement compared to what much of the world is thinking right now. a huge difference. of course, as your report says italy will be the first g7 to sign up. there are increased are sensitivities, and ongoing trade pressures between the us and china but actually europe has taken a defensive position as well. last week the eu declared that china was now a systematic rival. the eu
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is becoming a little bit wary of the influence of china and things like security. that applies to ports and two telecoms. and italy are signing up, potentially, to belton road italy says that it wants to boost its economy. they are falling into a technical recession, they want to boost trade with china and its growth. but washington fought washington fought back and told italy that they could be damaging the international relation —— reputation. it is a mixup of economic and politics because china wishes to extend its economic clout abroad but also its political clout. america wants to stamp its authority on what is going on as well. and the thing is that there is a lot of criticism to say that europe has been slow to push back on china. what europe wants is a pertinent
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word, reciprocal.... they're happy to allow china to invest as long as europe can invest in china. let's talk about hawaii now. environmental issues are in focus right now and hawaii could be the first state according to this article to ban most plastics in restaurants. what exactly a re most plastics in restaurants. what exactly are they thinking of doing? it comes down to styrofoam cops and other products made from plastic. hawaii have the opportunity to pass this law and ban styrofoam and items such as plastic stores from restau ra nts. such as plastic stores from restaurants. but it is not plain sailing. they tried before and failed because restaurants, understandably, take the view that this will add to their cost. they worry about losing customers as a consequence. how worry about losing customers as a consequence. how will it add to cost? because the replacements are
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likely to be more expensive. the question comes back to consumers. are consumers, right now, willing to pay a higher price for takeaway coffee or takeaway items? is the concern about the damage it is doing to oceans bigger than the worry about cost? i think there has been a change over the last five or six yea rs change over the last five or six years in terms of how people view this issue and how they view the importance of doing their bit. and this is a litmus test to that attitude. this week a whale washed up attitude. this week a whale washed up in asia with an enormous amount of plastic bags in its stomach. interestingly,
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i was reading that away wanted to raise the legal age for purchasing cigarettes to 100. yes. an alternative to putting tax on things. and hawaii certainly wishes to bea things. and hawaii certainly wishes to be a trailblazer. talking about the story and the verge. let me explain this. basically, volvo said on wednesday that it will start using cameras installed inside its vehicles. and what it will do is that these cameras will monitor driver behaviour if the driver ends up driver behaviour if the driver ends up maybe not looking at the road for a long time or looks distracted or looks intoxicated. it monitors eye movement. if that happens, someone from volvo will call you up and say are you 0k we noticed that you were driving erratically. what do in terms of privacy and everything else. it does seem crazy. that is the question. volvo, in their
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defence, said there will be no video recorded at all but of course it does need to be explained in more detail because privacy becomes a concern. but it needs to be in perspective. volvo have a pledge that in 2020 nobody will be killed 01’ that in 2020 nobody will be killed or seriously injured in a volvo. and we need to put it into perspective regarding the technology out there already. and it is probably an expensive option. volvo has a lot of safety equipment. i read that if volvo believes that you are already driving erratically the satnav will guide you to the nearest rest area. this is one step beyond... what if you want to sit in your car and pick your nose? i don't want anybody to see that. does it affect sales? this is an issue. some people say they do wa nt to is an issue. some people say they do want to have a drink, they don't wa nt want to have a drink, they don't want their card telling them off.
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and now, the £71 million lotto winner who has not become more attractive overnight, even though his wallet has. that is according to the daily mail. with that amount the daily mail. with thatamount amount that of money changer? i suppose it would. how could it not? it isa suppose it would. how could it not? it is a huge amount of money and for many people... when you do when the lottery, please remember your friends here. thank you very much indeed. stay with us here on bbc news because they were so much more to come. 0ur news because they were so much more to come. our website has the latest on all the top stories. but for me and the team here in london, goodbye. hello. it was the spring equinox
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yesterday and it felt like spring, particularly if you are in the sunshine. there was an abundance across parts of east well in the midlands and northern england. so sheffield, harden two of the areas to reach 19 degrees. that's the highest it's been since that warmth we had in february. these are the sort of weather watcher pictures we had sent in. of course, we had the cloudier skies as well, such as here, and i think today, on balance, we will have rather more cloud than we had yesterday. but it still should be, for many of us, dry. however, there's always an exception to the rule. for scotland, we have got this weather front, it's been moving in through the night, bringing this persistent vein to the highlands and islands. quite a wet spell here for the next couple of days. that south—westerly wind maintains the mild weather through the night, just the holes in the cloud fill in with mist and fog. it could be quite murky first thing. that fog should lift except on the hills and the coasts around the south and west of england and wales, scotland too where it remains quite dreary and quite damp as well. even though the rain makes its way further northwards,
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it has, as you can see, drifted into central parts of scotland, so a different complexion to the weather here. if we do see some brightness, potentially up in the north—east england, we'll see temperatures again 16, 17 degrees. but for most of us, there's less sunshine, just a lot of cloud, but still largely dry weather. now, through the evening, that rain gets pushed away on a strengthening wind and we watch the next weather front hot on its heels coming back in to northern and western areas. so through the night into friday, it turns very wet once again. so, parts of north—west scotland could have a considerable amount of rain in the next day or two. it does freshen up and dry up behind and sunshine returns, but ahead of it on friday, for many, still be largely dry but rather cloudy and mild. it's a difference, really. we're changing our mild atlantic south—westerly winds for our slightly cooler, almost polar north—westerlies. yes, it's still relatively mild, but temperatures willjust dip back to where they should be for the time of year and we'll see the sunshine returning. although it could be disappointingly cloudy across southern areas on saturday. a third or fourth day of disappointing cloudy weather here. but eventually, that brighter weather will win
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through and temperatures as you can see are down, significantly so, because we're back into that chilly air and we have some wintry showers. thursday night, friday looks like the windier spell in the north, but we will keep the brisk wind coming in through the weekend. that will accentuate the chill considering what we have had this week. as for next week, we keep the high—pressure close to the south. temperatures recovering a little with some spring sunshine. bye— bye.
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