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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  March 22, 2019 5:00pm-5:46pm GMT

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this is bbc news. the headlines: a brexit breathing space: eu leaders formally agree to delay the uk‘s withdrawal beyond next friday. today at five. the fate of brexit is in the hands a brexit breathing space: eu leaders formally agree to delay the uk's withdrawal beyond next friday of our british friends. we are, the the departure date is now may the 22nd — eu, prepared for the worst, but hope but that's only if parliament backs for the best. theresa may‘s now back in london theresa may's brexit deal. from that eu summit, it‘s understood the government is holding talks on allowing mp5 to vote on alternative the fate of brexit is still there plans for brexit if her deal is again rejected. and that of our british friends. we are, as the eu, we are prepared for the worst, but hope for the best. the government would provide parliament with the means to come to a view on the options available. the prime minister is now back in a convicted ira bomber names london. in court four men he says carried it's understood the government out the birmingham is holding talks on allowing mps pub bombings in 1974. to vote on alternative plans for brexit — if her deal is again rejected. the government would provide parliament with a means to come to a view, on the options available.
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a two—minutes silence is observed in new zealand to remember we'll have the latest developments the 50 people shot dead one week ago today. from brussels and from westminster. and at five forty five i‘ll be talking to mark kermode about the white crow — the other main stories on bbc news at 5... a convicted ira bomber names a film about the russian ballet — in court four men he says carried out the birmingham pub bombings in 197a. sta rt a two minutes‘ silence — start rudolf nureyev. observed in new zealand to remember the fifty people shot dead one week ago today. police say they're treating the death of university student libby squire now, the sports news. as an ‘unlawful killing'. england begin their euro and ralph fiennes directs 2020 campaign tonight and stars in the white crow, against the czech republic. our sports correspondent a look at the life of russian ballet natalie pirks is at wembley. dancer rudolf nureyev. the finals and semifinals will be we ll hear what mark kermode thought here at wembley. england have a fantastic record in qualifying, and of that in the film review. since the semifinal in the world cup, they have swept aside spain and croatia to reach the nation‘s league semifinal which will be held in
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june. garrets out late —— mike gareth southgate said it shows that england are a force to be reckoned with. you might we have hit a consistent level, the only team to back upa consistent level, the only team to back up a semifinal last summer with a semifinal in the nations league, it's five o ‘clock — our top story. and there were big teams that did the eu has given theresa may that, and we were in a group that more time to come up with a brexit solution. was as tough or tougher than any, after talks late into the night, eu leaders agreed really. that has got to be our that march the 29th — a week today — is no longer motivation right through. we are the uk's departure date. still a young group. there are still loads of opportunities to improve, and we have to be hungry for that. instead — if the prime minister so everything i‘ve seen from all of can get her brexit deal them this week has shown me that through parliament next week — the date we leave to they are ready to do that, ready to the european union will be pushed back to may 22nd — embrace that challenge. to allow time for the necessary legislation. natalie, a lot of focus will be on if mrs may can't get her deal through the commons, then the uk will have until the 12th declan rice and what sort of of april to set out a new brexit reception he might receive after the plan, or leave without a deal. news of that tweet sent in 20 14 so — that's the new brexit timetable. the european council president donald tusk says ‘the fate of brexit supporting the ira. players usually is in the hands of our british wait until they have played their
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friends — hope dies last.‘ debut until they have to apologise here's our europe correspondent for something, but not with declan rice. he had to apologise after old damian grammaticas. tweets emerged appearing to show support for the ira when he was about 16 years old. gareth southgate this morning, smiling, angela merkel, visibly relieved. said that most people who have children at that age will understand and emmanuel macron, with a satisfied air. that you are still maturing at that one eu leader said he slept well age. callum hudson adderley was last night for the first time parachuted in from the under 21s. he since the brexit saga began. hasn‘t even played a game for them the reason: they have given yet and has not made a premier the uk a little more time, but set a definite deadline. league start for chelsea, but that he was the subject of a bayern decisions must be made before munich bid for him that was batted away by chelsea. he and the likes of european elections happen in may. translation: if a country jayden sancho, who might even start wants to leave the eu, then it would be beyond strange tonight, are really exciting for it to still participate in the european elections. players. gareth southgate said he this is the prevailing view wouldn‘t hesitate to throw either of amongst my fellow leaders. those three into even start the what eu leaders have done is give match. england fans are very much the uk three weeks to come up excited to see how they fare, with a clear decision, either the uk must be out of the eu especially when we have these two by the time european
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elections happen in may, games ahead of england starting the or commit to taking part in those elections if it nations league semifinals injune. wants to stay in longer. full coverage across the evening on for eu leaders, this is about insulating themselves bbc news. and their elections from the fallout of brexit. championship side birmingham city have been deducted nine points mrs may texted eu leaders this by the english football league morning to say she was skipping for breaching profitability and sustainability rules. the rest of this summit, our sports correspondent andy swiss heading back to westminster as a matter of urgency. told us earlier why the midlands club has been punished. this is the first time a club has during my breakfast, i got an sms from her that she won't be been docked points for breaching there because she is already these new financial regulations which they brought in a couple of in london, trying to convince the members of parliament yea rs which they brought in a couple of years ago stating that clubs aren‘t allowed losses of more than £13 to support the deal. million a year over a three—year we heard that some european period. birmingham spent a lot of leaders last night were not reassured by what she said, money on new players in the summer that she could get this through, of 2017 foot up it seems their that she had a plan they had confidence in. recent losses have gone beyond this she knows she is dependent on the mp5. limit. they had already been put she lives in a democratic system where the mps are free under a transfer embargo. the to vote how they want. so she can't say here nine—point penalty is obviously very that she has a guarantee that it goes through in london. significant, in fact, the biggest points deduction for a league club since leeds united were docked 15 but it seems after hearing the prime minister speak last night, points back in 2007, and it leaves some, like emmanuel macron, became even more sceptical that she can get her deal through. birmingham ina points back in 2007, and it leaves birmingham in a slightly precarious
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position because it pushes them down to 18th in the table, just five so eu leaders decided points above the relegation zone. to seize the initiative, that said, some fans will perhaps their advisers huddled, feel this could have been worse drafting the new deadlines giving the uk one last chance because the maximum penalty for this to make up its mind what it wants from brexit. isa21 because the maximum penalty for this is a 21 point deduction. as long as i hope we can all agree, we are now they can stay up this season, they at the moment of decision. should be able to start next season and i will make every effort to ensure that we are able with a clean slate. to leave with a deal history has been made at the world figure skating championships in japan. and move our country forward. just 25 seconds into her four how to move forward, though, is still open. what the eu's leaders have done minute free skate routine, is give a little time, clearing the way for parliament to rethink, if it wants, kazakhstan‘s elizabet the uk's whole approach to brexit. tursynbayeva became the first woman to land a quadruple salchow. despite that she only moved up all options will remain open, and the cliff edge date will be delayed. from bronze to claim silver. gold was won by the uk government will still have the choice of a deal, her deal, russia‘s alina zagitova. a long extension or revoking you can watch that again on the article 50. website. it is a good one. that is all from me. we‘ll have more for you that would mean deciding to stay in this club. but a no deal exit is also in sportsday at 6.30.
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still possible as soon as just three weeks from now. damian grammaticas, more now on brexit, and following the latest developments, what could happen next? bbc news, brussels. earlier, our correspondent chris morris explained all the potential options that lie european council president donald tusk said this afternoon that all brexit options are on the table ahead over the next few weeks. until the new april 12 deadline and that the fate of brexit now lies in the hands of the eu's if theresa may‘s deal, the one she ‘british friends‘. has done with the eu for the withdrawal agreement from the political declaration gets passed on a third meaningful vote, may the 22nd is the date we would look for foran 22nd is the date we would look for iam happy for an extension. if the file is —— i am happy about this development. if the deal is rejected, the date would be the 12th of april. it isn‘t asi i am happy about this development. as i said yesterday, it means that until the 12th of april, anything much of an extension at all, so the eyes of the european union in could be possible. a deal, along brussels and other capitals will be on the house of commons next week. extension, they could rethink their strategy or revoking article 50, an awful lot will be happening there. legislation will be put which is a matterfor the uk forward to change in law the government. the fate of brexit is in withdrawal date. there will be a the hands of our british friends. we potential series of indicative votes on other forms of brexit, including
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are prepared for the worst, but hope potentially a softer brexit, a bit like the relationship no way has for the best. as you know, hope dies with the eu. and of course, that third meaningful vote in the house of commons. if you look at what last. that is donald tusk. happened here last night at the eu summit, you could in one sense see last night‘s summit at the moment as theresa may left the summit early and is now back in britain the eu sort of giving up on the trying to persuade mps chance of that third meaningful vote to support her the withdrawal deal. passing. that is why they have the commons is expected to vote pushed the ball back into the uk on it for a third time next week. but in a blow to mrs may's chances court. they are still really saying of getting her deal through — that there are two options. if that nigel dodds of the dup said deal doesn‘t pass, and i think it is the prime minister missed an opportunity at the eu council fairto deal doesn‘t pass, and i think it is fair to say the eu doesn‘t think it to put forward proposals will, there are really only two which could have improved the prospects of an acceptable options left: to leave the eu with withdrawal agreement and help unite the country. he went on to say: nothing has no deal, or to go for a much longer changed as far as the withdrawal agreement is concerned. extension, which would involve taking part in the eu elections. it nothing fundamentally turns on the formal is those two options that i think ratification of documents which the attorney general has the eu is saying to politicians already said do not change across westminster, that is the the risk of the uk. choice you have to make. chris being trapped in the backstop — a reminder the backstop morris in brussels. is the mechanism to prevent a hard border on the island of ireland one of the key players in future discussions
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under any circumstances. is the irish prime minister, leo varadkar, who has been giving his reaction to the decision made last night at the summit — to grant an extension to brexit. and it now seems the government may allow parliament i think it provides an opportunity a series of votes on what sort to the united kingdom and the house of brexit it wants to see. of commons to make a decision let's speak to our political correspondent nick eardley and gives them a little bit of some who's at westminster. breathing space to either decide to leave with no deal, adopt the withdrawal agreement or put forward an alternative plan which perhaps opens up first of all, let us talk about the the possibility of indicative prospects of getting the deal votes and things that through, at the third time of could leave to changes, asking. what are her chances? just not to the withdrawal agreement but to the future now, they do not look great. there relationship document, particularly around issues such as a customs union or a close relationship with the single market, has not been any significant which i think we would all movement towards supporting her from welcome but ultimately, it's a decision for them. mps. movement towards supporting her from mp5. you heard the dup this this morning we also had afternoon saying that she had failed a meeting with the leaders of the eea countries, norway, to get everything she could from the lichenstein and iceland, and i suppose i reflected on the fact that these are countries european union and instead is that have spent 25 years in the european economic area, settling for inferior options and part of the single market, they do not sound like they are on they do not sound like they are on the verge of getting on board. i'm sure there will be more talks, but enjoy all of the four freedoms, for now, they are not won over.
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and yet are not members of the european union, there are still many tory brexiteers so i think that was proof positive who say they will not back deal if anyone ever needed it because they do not think it that there are potential solutions delivers brexit properly, in fact, out there should the uk government and parliament wish to avail we have spoken to some tory mps who of those options of a close relationship with did not back in the first vote, dead the european union. in the second, might not back in the third vote because they are so angry so it appears that the government may be moving towards indicative at the way she has pursued things votes. over the last few days, that they do not trust her to deliver. the final group that she was trying to win let‘s get more on this over we re group that she was trying to win with dr alan wager, over were some labour mps who research associate at uk represent leave supporting areas but who have not got on board and again in a changing europe. there is no real sign that they are thanks for being with us. first, the moving over in significant numbers. it is hard to find anyone around prime minister‘s deal is likely to here just now he thinks that the be put to mp5 for a third time. does prime minister is going to get it she have any more chance of getting through. we have seen so many times that through? it doesn't look like much has changed in terms of that, in the process that anything can happen butjust and if anything, the fact that the in the process that anything can happen but just know in the process that anything can happen butjust know it does not look good. what is the timetable for cliff edge has been delayed by a next week? we will probably have a couple of weeks, it makes it less likely that mp5 will be incentivised vote on her deal, but it looks like to back the deal as a last resort.
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mps are going to have the chance to you hear conservative mp saying that the way things have gone in the last week or so, it makes their attitude vote on possible alternatives to the towards theresa may harder. if prime minister's deal. we don't know anything, the numbers could reverse from here. the alternative is this for sure when that vote will be. it is not even 100% sure it will series of indicative votes by mp5, in which the idea is that the happen. there has been a lot of commons expresses what sort of brexit it once. run us through what discussion in government about the options that might be on that. tuesday, wednesday as potential dates. before that, they have to put menu of options, everything is down a motion that mps can amend to give them a chance to try and force possible in terms of what could be their hand of the government. as you negotiated. there could be a further say, the one that is getting a lot of support from across the parties referendum, a potential norway option, staying in the single market is for so—called indicative votes and customs union, may bejust that allow parliament a day or an option, staying in the single market and customs union, may be just the customs union, which is the labour afternoon to discuss various position. and then there is a canada different options to the prime style brexit deal, slightly harder minister ‘s brexit plan. opposition than theresa may has offered, all leaders have been up the road me the way through to potentially no deal. mp5 would get to vote on all this afternoon for talks with the of these options and we would see what is most likely to command a prime minister ‘s de facto deputy majority in the house of commons, andi prime minister ‘s de facto deputy and i understand that idea has been because that is the key sticking at length and there's been a lot of point — nothing looks like it can talk about how it could happen and command that majority. possibly
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what would be on the table. nothing seven different options they might confirmed but it is clearly consider. do you think there isn‘t a something the government is thinking single one of those that could get a about. earlier this afternoon, we majority in the comments? the heard from the business secretary politics looks difficult. customs greg clark, he is against the prospect of no deal and here is what union, norway option, it might he said when he was asked what would attract labour mp5 on board. for happen if the prime minister ‘s every labour mp you gain, you are dealers down again. likely to lose a conservative. it if it doesn't get past, could be too soft or look too much if it doesn't enjoy the support of parliament, then the government will facilitate, as one like the labour position. it is of my colleagues, david liddington, put it, the ability for parliament difficult to see, given the conflicting demands that mp5 have, to express a majority of what it that anything will be able to would approve and so i think command a majority in these that is the right step. you think that is indicative votes. potentially, theresa may's plan? that she will give indicative votes? something could get close, which yes. could give an indication and mp5 one of the things, every minister might start gathering around an when they speak at the dispatch box, speaks on behalf of the government. option that looks closest to and so the commitment that he made breaking the impasse. how would they was that the government would provide parliament vote ? breaking the impasse. how would they vote? would it be a simple majority with the means to come to a view on each different option? some on the options available. advocates are suggesting you could have a secret ballot where mp5 could ta ke have a secret ballot where mp5 could take which options they think are the most acceptable. —— could give a
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a hint from greg clark that he thinks we could end up in the place of indicative votes. this is a tick. like first and second moving feast on the word i have preference? like the alternative heard so much this week is fluid, vote the uk rejected in 2011. the thatis heard so much this week is fluid, that is still the case at many things can change over the weekend. if there was indicative votes to problem is, mp5 using an unfamiliar system might be difficult for some happen, it is farfrom clear what of the public and some of the brexit will emerge as the plan. if you ears to take. they might say that thought this week was busy, wait the house of commons, the remain mp5 until next week. i can't wait. thank you very much indeed. we will have could be accused of rigging the system. you are saying the prime much more on the latest brexit minister probably won‘t get her deal through, and none of the alternative developments from westminster and brussels at 5.30. stay with us for options, seven we think in total, would probably get through the that. comments either? it is probably a former ira bomber has named four worth a go, probably the most likely men he says were responsible way we could think about breaking for the 1974 birmingham pub bombings, at the inquest the deadlock on this political into the deaths of the twenty declaration and get a new way one people killed. our correspondent phil mackie is following the inquests...a forward in terms of brexit. very significant development phil ? good of you to talk to us, alan wager. the leader of plaid cymru has said that his party will continue to reject the prime minister‘s deal
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between the uk and eu. it is really significant. it was a adam price was addressing the party‘s spring conference com plete it is really significant. it was a complete surprise that we will get in bangor earlier this afternoon. to the stage during the inquest he also called for because before they could take a second referendum. place, the court of appeal had ruled if mrs may brings back her flawed that talking about the identity of the people responsible for those deal, she is in a state of bombs in 1974 was beyond the scope indecision, we will vote against it of the inquest. today we heard from for the third time. three tries. for aim man who was given an ability to every welshman and every welsh woman who deserves better, to protect peer by video link to talk about his welshjobs, farms role in an ira bombing campaign in who deserves better, to protect welsh jobs, farms and who deserves better, to protect welshjobs, farms and communities, to keep us inside the customs union and the single market, and by giving the 19705. he was part of an active the people a final say with a unit that was in prison on the night people‘s vote, giving us the chance of the birmingham pub bombing5 to remain inside the eu too. unit that was in prison on the night of the birmingham pub bombings in 1974. subsequently he spoke to people he knew who had been part of that unit and today he was asked friends, with the british state in a whether he was prepared to name them state of emergency, we are at a and he went on to say that there crossroads as a people. we face a we re and he went on to say that there were three people who subsequently died, seamu5 mclaughlin who was the historic choice between a new wales officer in charge, mick marie and and the old wales, between james gavin and he also named michael hayes who is still alive. he dependency‘s begging bowl and the was questioned a5 michael hayes who is still alive. he was questioned as to whether a fifth seeds of home—grown success. the man was part of the group, michael
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wa ils of patrick riley. he said he had not seeds of home—grown success. the wails of the dented shield or the heard of the name and he has denied soaring arrow wails of the dented shield or the soaring arrow over our own wails of the dented shield or the soaring arrow over our own ambition. the old wales is the wails we have being part of the attacks. this known most of our lives. the land of caught the press by surprise, it the great dream and the swift caught the press by surprise, it caught lawyer5 caught the press by surprise, it caught lawyers by surprise, but most of all it caught relatives of the victim5 of all it caught relatives of the victims who were in court by disaster of huge potential unmet. 5urpri5e victims who were in court by surprise as well. some of them were in tears as the result of something the headlines on bbc news: they campaign so long for was finally out in the public domain. a brexit breathing space: eu leaders formally agree to delay the uk‘s they have said to us that they hope withdrawal beyond next friday. this will lead to westminster police a convicted ira bomber names in court four men he says carried carrying on their investigations into who was responsible and we have out the birmingham had a statement from west midlands pub bombings in 1974. police in which they say the pub bombing investigation has never a two—minute silence is observed closed and our approach is where a in new zealand to remember new facts come to light, they are the 50 people shot dead one week ago today. scrutinised to see people can be an update on the market numbers brought toju5tice. for you — here‘s how london‘s scrutinised to see people can be brought to justice. it is not clear and frankfurt ended the day. if these are new facts in terms of the investigation, but the witness 5aid the investigation, but the witness said he had given seamu5 mclaughlin down, as you can see. and the same ‘5 name to the police after the story in the united states. attacks and mick marie was tried in
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1975 said that back alongside the others whose convictions were overturned. he refused to talk or now on bbc news, a look ahead participate but he was acquitted, so to sportsday at 6:30 tonight. his name must have been on the radar for west midlands police at the coming up, we will be live at time. the inquest are due to continue next week and we did here wembley ahead of england‘s first euro 2020 qualifying match, and with briefly from chris mullin, the author and former mp this afternoon, several injuries to contend with, he will have to come back to continue his evidence as well next gareth southgate says he will have week. we will expect verdict5 at some time in the next couple of no problem picking teenage sensations for tonight‘s fixture week5. some time in the next couple of weeks. thank you. against the czech republic. hudson adobe received the call up earlier the headlines on bbc news... this week despite having never started a game for his club chelsea. the tie gets under way at quarter to a brexit breathing space: eu leaders eight this evening. we will formally agree to delay the uk'5 withdrawal beyond next friday a convicted ira bomber names in court four men he says carried out the birmingham pub bombings in 1974 a two minutes' silence — observed in new zealand to remember
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the fifty people shot dead one week ago today england play their first euro 2020 qualifier tonight, they face the czech republic at wembley. there could be a first senior cap for callu m could be a first senior cap for callum hudson odoi. birmingham city have been deducted nine points for breaching the football league spending rules. they are now five points above the relegation zone. and peter beardsley has been charged by the fa with racially abusing youth players while working as a coach with newcastle united. the former england forward denies the allegations. i will have more on those stories after 5.30. see you then. the death of university student libby squire whose body was recovered from the humber estuary on wednesday, is being treated as an ‘unlawful killing‘. the 21—year—old went missing after a night out in hull last month. humberside police say a man arrested
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on suspicion of abduction remains under investigation. danny savage reports. it was on wednesday afternoon that libby squire‘s body was recovered from the humber estuary. a lifeboat brought her body ashore at grimsby after it was spotted in the water near spurn point. libby, who was 21 and studying philosophy at hull university, had been missing since the beginning of february. she vanished after a night out with fellow students in the city. a major police inquiry was launched with officers spending days searching a nearby park. it is bordered by the river hull, a tidal water course which flows into the humber estuary. it appears that libby somehow ended up in the water, somewhere around here, after she was last seen. the last confirmed sighting of her was on this bench close to a busyjunction.
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people living nearby today spoke of their sadness about what‘s happened. just, just shocking, to be quite honest. just shocking, not the sort of thing we‘re used to, it‘s such a close community round here. i really feel for her family. it's horrendous. police say specially trained officers are now supporting libby‘s family. her university says it is absolutely devastated by the loss and has thanked people for the kindness and care shown over the past few weeks. danny savage, bbc news. new zealanders have observed two minutes‘ silence in memory of the fifty victims of the mass shootings in christchurch one week ago today. thousands of people gathered in hagley park opposite the al noor mosque where the shootings began to show solidarity with the muslim community. the country‘s prime minister jacinda ardern told survivors and families of the victims, that the nation mourned with them. rupert wingfied—hayes was there.
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prayer call. exactly a week after the attacks here in christchurch, the muslim call to prayer rang out across hagley park, metres away from the al noor mosque. then the whole of new zealand stopped for two minutes to remember the 50 killed. when the imam of the al noor mosque, gamal fouda, spoke, it was not of the hateful crime, but of love. we are brokenhearted, but we are not broken. we are alive. we are together. we are determined to not let anyone divide us. an estimated 20,000 people filled
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hagley park, people of every religion and of none. many women wore headscarves out of respect for their muslim neighbours. it seems a really small thing to do to wear a headscarf to just show some form of respect, but also care and love and solidarity, i guess. it's great that people can see new zealand for the love that we can give. but their hearts are broken. it's very saddening. it feels like the whole city of christchurch has again turned out today for another extraordinary show of support and solidarity for the muslim community and for the families of the dead. but while the prayers go on here, on the other side of the city, they are preparing for an even more solemn ceremony. at the linwood cemetery this afternoon, 26 victims of last week‘s massacre were laid to rest, including the youngest, three—year—old mucaad ibrahim.
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in the days since the killings, new zealand has been unified in grief. but the killings have also raised profound questions for this country about the spread of a racist ideology that seduced the alleged killer. rupert wingfield—hayes, bbc news, in christchurch. let‘s take a look at some of today‘s other stories... the former england footballer adamjohnson has been released from prison after serving three years for child sex offences. the player, seen here in the red tie, was jailed in 2016 for engaging in sexual activity with a 15—year—old fan. his release means he may now have to undergo risk assessments from the local council to determine if he can be with his daughter without supervision. another person has been arrested in connection with the murder of teenager jodie chesney who was fatally stabbed in a park in harold hill earlier this month. police said a 17—year—old boy
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was arrested on suspicion of murder today. the conservative mp christopher davies has pleaded guilty to two charges of expenses fraud. appearing at westminster magistrates court this morning, mr davies admitted putting in claims in 2016 that he knew to be false and misleading. mr davies has represented brecon and radnorshire since 2015. rescue operations are continuing in south eastern africa to reach thousands of people cut off by floodwaters following the cyclone there. more than four—hundred people are known to have died, but because many affected areas have yet to be reached, there are fears the final death toll could be far igher. ann soy reports from maputo. one by one, survivors of cyclone idai are being winched to safety.
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these are pictures of the first rescue efforts ta ken on the head camera. it is a slow mission, hampered by bad weather and limited resources. others are arriving on dry ground by boat. the little ones, the injured and pregnant women are given first priority. tens of thousands are still stranded. rescuers are faced with the tough task of choosing who gets help first. translation: i have children, i have four children. and all they‘ve got to eat is bread. we need aid now. translation: because of the cyclone, our homes are destroyed. we have nowhere to go, and we have nothing to start building again.
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translation: the first day, we received help. but they didn't give it to everyone. they only gave it to those who got inside. those outside received nothing. it‘s been seven days since disaster struck. these people are lucky to have survived. but they lost everything. neighbours, homes, and all their possessions. the world food programme says they need more than £90 million to provide emergency supplies to 1.7 million affected people untiljune. here in mozambique‘s capital, volunteers are tirelessly receiving and repackaging donations for shipping to those in need. the response to the disaster has been growing by the day. and it‘s notjust here in maputo. the uk‘s disaster emergency committee launched an appeal on thursday night. the british government said that
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in march there was £2 million donated by the public, bringing its total contribution to £20 million. please, don‘t leave us. when you have given food and medicine. because the biggest challenge will come on how now we reconstitute the lives of these families. in the worst hit area, large swathes are still submerged. buildings have been destroyed and roads washed away. but the most critical thing now is to get to those who have been cut off to safety. anne soy, bbc news, maputo. let‘s cross to beira now where we can speak tojill lovell she‘s projects director at mission educate which is an australian christian aid organisation working in mozambique. thank you forjoining us. we will show some of the pictures that your organisation has ta ken
5:26 pm
show some of the pictures that your organisation has taken of the devastation. tell us how great is the level of need of what you have been able to say. great to talk to you. it has been a very challenging week. we had the cyclone last thursday night and following that, we have an urban emergency where we have a city of more than 500,000 people where there is no electricity, no running water, the hospital is almost totally destroyed and we have the rural situation where people are in those areas where people are in those areas where they are stranded on little islands and we are trying to get them help and get them out of their situation. it is quite a choice here. we have seen some of the dramatic pictures of the rescues. how many people do you think are still stranded in those flood water areas and in need of rescue? are we talking about hundreds or thousands?
5:27 pm
definitely thousands, tens of thousands of people. the number that the government is talking about is more than 350,000 people affected at the moment. this is such a disaster that has affected just mozambique, but some bubbly, malawi is well and at the moment the death toll is several hundred, but is it your view that it several hundred, but is it your view thatitis several hundred, but is it your view that it is likely to be much higher than that? we cannot say at this stage how many people have lost their lives, but it has been a devastating situation for many families. i know the aid agencies are appealing to the public for help, what sort of aid supplies are really needed from what you have seenin really needed from what you have seen in mozambique and the other countries affected ? seen in mozambique and the other countries affected? right now people need food, they need access to clean water, they need medical assistance to many of these people have been
5:28 pm
literally standing in water for the last five days and their fate have lots of problems, they have skin issues, they have got malaria and diarrhoea, some of the usual issues we face here, but it is compounded by the fact that they have no safe shelter, they have been in the same white glow since the disaster happened and we are appealing for clothes, they have lost everything as the waters came through. good to talk to you and good luck with all your work there. time for a look at the weather. it is looking clearer than we have seen it is looking clearer than we have seen of late, but it comes with a fairamount of seen of late, but it comes with a fair amount of sunshine and plenty of dry weather. there are a few showers the further north and west you are. here is a satellite picture from today. these shower cards starting to feed into the north and
5:29 pm
west, further south we have a cold front pushing its way south—east, bringing outbreaks of rain and as we move through tonight, it will bring more in the way of cloud to central and southern parts of england, behind it plenty on the web clear skies, a few blustery showers in the north—west, some of those falling as snow overnight. temperatures falling to an overnight low of between 0—3, holding upa to an overnight low of between 0—3, holding up a touch higherfurther south. tomorrow we will have cloud for southern coastal areas and away from that, a good deal of sunny spells, the sunshine hazy at times, further blustery showers moving to the north and west but the temperature is feeling fresher, a maximum of 13 degrees. we hold onto similar temperatures as we move into sunday with further showers and sunshine.
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