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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  March 23, 2019 7:00am-8:01am GMT

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good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty hello, this is breakfast with naga munchetty good morning welcome to breakfast and if you want to keep up and charlie stayt. and charlie stayt. with naga munchetty and our headlines today: charlie stayt. with the team throughout here's a summary of today's main 0ur headlines today: the weekend, stories from bbc news: the countdown to brexit. you can find us on facebook, the countdown to brexit. instagram and twitter @bbcclick. 00:00:07,398 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 we will be back next week. theresa may tells mps there won't be theresa may has told mps theresa may tells mps there won't be there won't be a third vote another vote on her deal if it looks on her brexit deal another vote on her deal if it looks in the coming days, like it will be rejected like it will be rejected if it appears it for a third time. for a third time. theresa may says she could scrap will be rejected again. theresa may says she could scrap a third vote on her brexit deal, in a letter, the prime minister outlined a third vote on her brexit deal, if there isn't enough the options available to parliament, if there isn't enough support support to pass it. to pass it. signed, sealed and delivered — telling colleagues that they face signed, sealed and delivered — the report into alleged collusion the report into alleged collusion between president trump's campaign a clear choice about brexit, team and russia during between president trump's campaign team and russia the 2016 election. as she continues to try to win during the 2016 election. a sterling performance support for her plan. a sterling performance from raheem at wembley. it's now thought likely that mps from raheem at wembley. will get to vote on he scored a hatrick, he scored a hatrick, as england continued their preferred options next week. their impressive run, as england continued with a 5—0 thrashing their impressive run, an investigation has finished into whether or not with a 5—0 thrashing president trump's campaign team of the czech republic. of the czech republic. colluded with russia during the 2016 election. and i've been to meet the premier league players set america's chief lawyer will now summarise the report, to potentially earn thousands, and i've been to meet and decide how much to share from the beautiful game, the premier league players set to potentially earn thousands, from the beautiful game, with politicians in congress. not with their feet but with their fingers. the president's opponents say the weekend looks likely to be they want to see the full findings mostly fine and dry with hopefully of the inquiry. western—backed forces in syria have declared a final be cloud waking up and more military victory over the so—called islamic state group. sunshine. a few blustery showers and the syrian democratic forces said they'd taken full the west and feeling cooler. all the control of the village of baghouz and declared the total elimination
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of islamic state. details in the next 15 minutes. it's saturday the 23rd march. our top story: theresa may has told mps bbc news has learned there won't be a third vote that the family of mark duggan, on her brexit deal in the coming who was shot dead by a metropolitan days, if it appears it police officer, is suing will be rejected again. the force for damages. in a letter to mp5, the prime minister outlined the shooting in north the options available to parliament, london in august 2011, led to riots across england. as she continues to try to win support for her plan. an inquest jury found the uk was supposed to leave the european union next friday — that he was lawfully killed. on march the 29th. but now, eu leaders have agreed to an extension. a teenage boy has been stabbed to death in west london. under a new timetable, the victim, who officers say brexit will be delayed until may they believe to be 17, the 22nd, but only if theresa may gets her withdrawal agreement passed was found after reports of a fight outside a block by mps next week, something that of flats in isleworth. still seems unlikely. the metropolitan police has launched a murder investigation — no arrests have been made so far. if the deal fails again, or the prime minster decides against another vote, one of the two mosques in christchurch new zealand then the uk has until the 12th where 50 people were killed in fatal of april to propose another way shootings, has reopened. forward, or risk leaving without a deal. heavily—armed police continue to guard the al noor mosque, but small numbers of worshippers are being allowed in. let's get more from our political thousands of people marched correspondent peter saull. through christchurch last night in support of those affected. soldiers are being deployed
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on the streets of paris today iam to protect public buildings i am trying to think back, there in case of demonstrations by the so—called yellow vest movement. protests last saturday descended have been many days we have into violence and shops and businesses were looted. presented to our audience is serious paris police have banned of the date and we have just done the protesters from a large area in the west of the city, another one. it seems to change almost by the day. what do we know categorically? let's just deal with including the champs—elysees. this letter, the prime minister sent to mps this morning. the most noticeable thing is the tacit a few weeks ago here on breakfast, we spoke with des lally, admission that they might not be any the brecon mortgage broker who was climbing the vote at all on theresa may's brexit highest peak in south wales 365 times in one year. well today, dealfor a third time after 12 months battling vote at all on theresa may's brexit deal for a third time this week and through blizzards and heat exhaustion he is set to ascend in that means we move towards the and descend pen y fan april 12 date where the uk needs to for the final time. he has raised more than 40,000 come up with a plan b or leave the pounds for help for heroes and cancer research uk. eu without a deal. theresa may also writes that it would be potentially damaging to leave with no deal. the third thing quite notable is that
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there is an admission from the prime congratulations because that is minister that the worst thing she quite remarkable. i like how we say used in heavy dust at the tv address he was a mortgage broker like that on wednesday were not great. she is important. you imagine mortgage said to mps she knew they had a brokers to be more obsessed or concerned with numbers, a sedentary difficultjob. we move towards next lifestyle, perhaps. it is the mental week and mps will have a series of votes, we expect, on options. all challenge of that. you go past the the things we haven't talked about at length over the last couple of yea rs. at length over the last couple of years. it will be another tumultuous same lamp post on the way to work... but when the weather changes it fewdays the prime minister. a makes the walk different. a good reminder of how passionate this result? we have seen that this rapid issue is, i think central london would be fairly busy later on this improvement since getting into the morning as people march demanding for another referendum. semifinals in the world cup. the meanwhile, one of the government's key plans transformation from raheem sterling, to deal with the potential impact of a no—deal brexit is being put
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in place this weekend. the m20 motorway leading very skilful, but he was booed by to the port of dover was closed overnight, as contingency plans his fans but the fans now are made in case long queues appreciated and adored him. of lorries build up as they try raheem sterling, says to cross the channel. it was a dream come true a new road layout will be to score a hat trick at wembley, in place from monday. as england shined, an investigation has in their euro 2020 qualifier, finished into whether or not against the czech republic. president trump's campaign team natalie pirks reports. colluded with russia during the 2016 election. america's chief lawyer will now summarise the report, and decide how much to share with politicians in congress, as our north america correspondent david willis explains. i have no idea about the robert mueller report. by the time the most with all talks around the new talent, a time to remember the past. it was time for new memories are to be made. and after a slow start, highly anticipated report of his a teenager, jadon sancho, presidency was delivered. the found himself on the end of some quick thinking enigmatic mr mueller has spent from harry kane. raheem sterling had to stretch nearly two years looking into allegations of collusion between the but he wasn't missing from there. confidence is coursing through sterling. these defenders tried desperately trunk campaign and the kremlin to keep him in check. step forward, harry kane. as the czechs started the second half with more purpose, it was time to get clinical. during the 2016 election. the us raheem sterling again in the perfect place with the perfect touch
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and the perfect sentiment, justice department says no further paying tribute to a young footballer indictment will be issued, is that we lost this week to leukaemia. because a sitting president cannot because a sitting president cannot be indicted or is it because mr with his stocks skyhigh, the class act continued, albeit with a slice of luck. trump was telling the truth all time fora rest, raheem, and a hug. step forward callum hudson—0doi. along. there was no collusion, no capped for england before making obstruction, everybody knows that. a premier league start for chelsea. it was his determination it is all a bed hoax, i call it a but thomas kalas‘s comical own—goal. 5—0 england, and the kids were alright but the night was capped by one witch hunt. the question now is how sterling performance. natalie pirks, bbc news, wembley. much of the robert mueller report to make public. all of it, saying the democrats. the robert mueller he is in a really confident moment enquiry began atjust not only on the field democrats. the robert mueller enquiry began at just four democrats. the robert mueller enquiry began atjust four months but off the field, he is so mature into donald trump as my presidency and has cast a shadow over it ever and comfortable in himself. since but did unearth evidence of and i think i talked about that wrongdoing on the part of the already in the week, president himself? we may be about how i have seen that to find out. and so delighted for him to get the reaction he did from the crowd here, because we can't hide from the fact that he has had difficult moments with england and he a teenage boy has been stabbed and died in west london. there was a has turned that full circle. fight in eyes of both. no arrests have been made so far. there's been an outbreak england have not lost a qualifying
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of cholera in the mozambique city of beira, which was hit by cyclone idai last week. match since october 2009. being a hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced or made homeless, and aid agencies say close to one—million children need help. our deputy africa editor, anne soyjoins us now harbour of doom. we always get with the latest. excited about england. you say they have never lost a qualifying match. it is of the standard of the tell us where you are and what you performance. in the past, that was are learning? i am a seaport and the the sort of match that england would have to get the job done. so because this was so decisive. and also the sea ship behind me is being loaded with emergency supplies to be transported up north to the affected young players coming through, to 18 city of beira. it wasn't the third —year—olds. young players coming through, to 18 -year-olds. the stats are incredible. the statistics are all in your head. biggest city but it has been staying with football, and birmingham city have been deducted nine points, for spending too much money. com pletely biggest city but it has been completely destroyed. 95% of the the championship side lost, buildings have been destroyed, 10—million pounds, more bridges destroyed, rhodes washed than is allowed under away. it is going to be difficult to football league rules between 2015 and 2018 — the money was mainly even distribute emergency supplies spent, on player wages. generously donated by the local the points deduction means
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people here. roughly 2000 tons of birmingham, are nowjust five points clear of the relegation zone with eight matches still to play. there were mixed fortunes for the british number ones food, water, clothing, all manner of at the miami 0pen. supplies they need and now a new kyle edmund is through emergency, it is going to be very to the third round, difficult for the people who have after a straight sets win over survived the cyclone, the ilya ivashka of belarus. he'll play former wimbledon finalist milos raonic next. devastating impact now having to but yohanna konta — at the top of your picture deal with an outbreak of disease. — is out. she got herself into a terrible rut, thank you for bringing us and lost 10 games in a row on her way to a straight up—to—date. sets defeat to, china's, two cyclones are hurtling wang chiang. towards the northern and western coasts of australia. cyclone trevor has made landfall in the northern territory, where thousands of homes northampton saints are up have been evacuated. to fifth, in rugby union's premiership. further west, cyclone veronica has strengthened to a category—three they beat leicester tigers 29—15, storm. in the midlands derby at welford road. tom collins, the star of the show. one of the two mosques in christchurch new zealand in the pro 1a edinburgh where 50 people were killed in fatal boosted their play off hopes, beating defending shootings, has reopened. champions leinster 28—11. ross ford scoring here, heavily—armed police continue while cardiff also closed to guard the al noor mosque, in on the play offs but small numbers of worshippers with a big win over scarlets. are being allowed in. thousands of people marched through christchurch last night st helens are still unbeaten in support of those affected.
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let's speak to our in the super league this season. correspondent phil mercer. good morning. tell us a bit more the leaders thrashed third placed castleford by 42 point to 12, scoring eight tries in the process. that's seven matches about the reopening of the mosque. unbeaten for saints. elsewhere huddersfield beat hull kr to move off the bottom of the table. it feels like a symbolic moment? a little bit of history was made at the world figure skating about the reopening of the mosque. it feels like a symbolic moment7m is. eight days ago the al noor championships in japan. mosque was the scene of mass murder. this is kazakhstan's, elizabet tursin, baeeva, landing what's called a quad—ruple salco. 42 of the victims died at the al it's the first time that particular move has ever been landed in the women's competiton, noor mosque and today police handed and it helped her, win a silver medal. it back to the muslim community. it will remain the epicentre for the community's grief but there is a sense of this is a symbolic step forward. across the road, at hadley ican i can remember when people used to park, 5000 people marched in what is think that it was unachievable. it known as the march for love, an event organised by free 16—year—old is extraordinary what they can do high school students. another now. lovely scenes powerful act of solidarity eight at heathrow airport yesterday, days after the attacks. in auckland, as great britain's team returned
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from the special olympics. the games are for competitors, with intellectual disabilities, further north, the prime minister and it's been a really successful trip for the british team — jacinda dern has brushed aside bringing back 169 medals, from the biggest ever games in abu dhabi. an experience to remember. global praise of her compassionate and decisive leadership saying she is simply being echoing the humanity of all new zealanders. —— jacinda ido i do not know how we did it but it was amazing and i love it. a adern. brilliant documentary on the golden eagles in scotland will be fitted with new tracking starting up of the special olympics. technology , after six of the birds it is really good. disappeared in suspicious we've seen many circumstances within a year. professional cricket players, take great one—handed catches, the tag, which is being trialled in the cairngorms national park, but we don't normally see it from the fans. sends a distress signal if an eagle starts behaving unusually. have a look at this stunning scottish natural heritage says it hopes the initiative catch from the stands will tackle wildlife crime. during south africa's twenty20, as well as better understanding win against sri lanka. where eagles are spending time, you can see it better on the replay. it will also perhaps shed a little bit more light about what happens to them if there is any ball in one hand, persecution incident. whilst golden eagles are doing really well in scotland, we know they are still persecuted
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and that is something we hope this beer in the other, technology will help stamp out. you may remember back and he didn't spill a drop. injanuary when here on breakfast we met 3—year—old charlie, who needed life saving surgery for a rare brain tumour. so call. others were backing away. after his parents were told he would need palliative care, the team at alder hey children's hospital in liverpool performed he did not even blink, like he does a risky operation to try to remove his tumour. it every day. two months later, after receiving he gave up a university proton beam therapy in germany degree to play football computer followed by further treatment games full time. here in the uk, we can show you the moment he rang the ward bell it might sound like the stuff of dreams — and for owen venn it's paid off handsomely. to signal he was clear from cancer. he's now a professional player and this week will play bring this spell three times well, for southampton in the very first premier league finals in london. all clubs will be represented, it's toll clearly say my treatment and i've been to see if this really is a sport. is over and i am on my way. cheering and applause. it might not look like it at first in this west london park, but i am having kicking around with some premier league the joy of footballers, who can tour the world thejoy of being the joy of being able to do potentially earning hundreds something like that.|j of thousands of pounds and who this the joy of being able to do something like that. i have seen week they will hoping to win that bell rung so many times and it the league title for their teams, not with their feet but taking is such a special moment and done centre stage, rather than centre
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circle, it's the fifa game with great styles. players, hoping the fingers and mental agility will help them when theresa may gave find the back of the net, a statement in downing street this in the first even premier league week, she said she was final this week. sure of one thing — that the general public has had enough of brexit. and given the events of the past few days you'd be forgiven for being confused 0wen quit his bournemouth university about what exactly is happening, degree to become a professional in this stage of the process. and will paly for southhampton this week. my dad was really supportive. the hardest thing was telling my mum it isa it is a bit ofa that i had to move back in to live at home and try to pursue it is a bit of a shambles at the a career in fifa. moment. nobody knows what is going on. most of the people i know, we she was probably like, what? but the longer it has gone would just like the matter to be on, she has been fine resolved. especially in the later and been really supportive. months you just switch off from it. it is a common worry these days for parents that their children are spending too much time once the dust settles, after the on the xbox or playstation initial referendum, people started but the top fifa players also have to be physically fit to question the wisdom behind outside or in the gym brexit. how they have not got a deal and many have special diets. 01’ brexit. how they have not got a deal oran brexit. how they have not got a deal or an agreement is beyond me. the healthy body equals a healthy mind. it is very mentally straining, majority voted to leave so we just to be honest, a lot of focus. have to leave. theresa may has gone if you make a slight mistake it could really hinder how the game
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over to negotiate again.|j actually turns out. have to leave. theresa may has gone over to negotiate again. i voted to leave. i always felt that there and i think something was coming into it, for me, anyway, is my nutrition, my living. it definitely takes a lot of dedication. probably say it takes the same would be a bit of a patch and things dedication as as any sport. once the 20 clubs have picked their two players to compete would be a bit of a patch and things would come together and finish up with a deal. in the inaugural premier league tournament, the finals weekend will take place here, in this studio—come—cinema. it will beamed all over the world with expert presenters chewing each let's speak now to kanwal toor little move andplay. from the beaconsfield conservative association. that's the constituency of the tory mp dominic grieve, bricklayer chris still hopes to go who's been a thorn in theresa may's side in recent weeks. fulltime, despite not making we are hearing from a variety of the burnley team this year. people. give me a thought about how i grew up watching burnley play in the chmapionship. to the premeir league. it is a dream to play for the burnley fc. you feel about what has happened? i never could make it as a football in real life but to make it as a fifa player would be something special. the opportunities are growing. everyone is frustrated. everyone it is a big business wa nts to with small fortunes everyone is frustrated. everyone wants to get on with it. i am from with a small fortune up for grabs in some tournaments around the world and the crowds roaring beaconsfield. dominic grieve is a you on in the theatre or online and now it has premier league backing with the help of the former
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chief executive of manchester city as well. works for our constituency. a lot of who as a young man or a young lady would not want to play and represent us their team. works for our constituency. a lot of us remain as are also fed up and we as the audience continues to grow, just want to get on with getting out because we are in the middle of a digital megatrend, of the eu. steps, plans in place, this is an extension of all of that and that is is why i want to commend the premier league for taking this step. the skill and speed of the game left me behind. listen to the public and just get apologies to brighton fans, i warmed them up for next week's out. the way theresa may ready your final with a 5—0 thrashing to owen's southampton. despite the heroics of my keeper here. frustration, shared by many people, is she is on your side. go with my compared to the real premier league, it is more of a level playing field. money can't buy you success in this deal. support my deal. that was her game, your team is only as good message to the public. mps are is a person in control. game's over. taking a different position. what did you make of it? you have to back we shall see who is going to win and the deal. i think there are issues, of course, it is not 100% in the winners will get an hundred 50 point that will then propel them up agreement with that but this is the the fifa will ranking and then they first stage of negotiations. people have to understand that. we will can play in the top tournaments have to understand that. we will have a second stage where all the
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around the world and the top players nitty—gritty eggs will be laid out. can win £50,000. it is about the the smaller things sorted out so we will have a say event as well but at balance. when the games first came out, someplace spent 12 hours a day but now there is more balance, they this point in time we have to make spend more time at the gym, going outside to keep them physically fit. sure we back vpm, back the agreement, so we sure we back vpm, back the agreement, so we can sure we back vpm, back the agreement, so we can have sure we back vpm, back the agreement, so we can have a sure we back vpm, back the agreement, so we can have a deal which makes sense and we can get out of the eu having to crash out or 3 here's louise with a look having to stay back. when my right at this morning's weather. she can give us a beautiful sunrise. i love this time of morning, people are starting to send in photographs. honourable friend the prime minister came to the despatch box today at a lovely sunrise this morning. we prime minister 's questions, i confessed i think it was the worst should see a little more sunshine than we have. particularly across moment i have experienced since i the southern parts of the country. came into the house of commons. i have never felt more ashamed to be a that said, sounds that the m4 corridor might start up a bit cloudy memberof the and dull. it's introducing cooler have never felt more ashamed to be a member of the conservative party or to be asked to lend her support. airfrom the north but and dull. it's introducing cooler air from the north but pressure air and it should break up and we will see the sunshine coming through for many. the story today is, a bit of a
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grey start in the cloud thicken up for the odd spot until drizzle but hopefully that will slowly sink its what damage is being done? he is way down to the south—west. elsewhere the cloud breaking up. we very passionate about what he sees will pick up some showers into the something really sickening to him. far north of the country and the wind is pretty strong first thing you know what, i respected dominic this morning. 9— 11 degrees into the for his views. he has a position and a stance, it's a democracy, everyone north. not as warm as it has been has a right to have a position. but hopefully the sunshine for most we've also got to remember that 52% of us will compensate just a touch. also voted to get out of the eu. we keep some cloud into the south—west, thicken up for some while i understand where dominic showers through the night. more comes from, we've got to listen to frequent showers developing into the the public. of course, there is a far north. sandwiched between the two, to be could fall away close to mix of opinions in beaconsfield as freezing in a few spots. a touch of well. we have the agm coming up next week. proposals there would be no light frost possible. looks as will see a spell of more persistent rain. confidence. that is another rumour at one time. dominic is a brilliant similar showers turning increasingly wintry so for the rest of the mp. he is help the constituents for
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country, a bit more straightforward. the last 20 years. everyone has got the sunshine coming through and a stance like he said. he definitely after a chilly start, not a bad afternoon for many of. we will see needs to continue to serve the nation and the constituents. we've that brain drifting its way into the far north of england by the end of got to regroup, stand together, the day. the high pressure stays behind the party, behind the prime with us centre next week. if you minister and just do the right thing have got outdoor plans, thinking which is to have a plan, get out. about golfing, maybe somebody i know let me ask you, you mentioned standing behind. what about standing of. high pressure certainly stays with us. a good deal of dry weather. behind the leader of the conservative party? a lot of people with the isobars, that means it will are saying, we know she is not going to stand for another general be light winds as well. we suspect election but a lot of people are the forecast for the next five days saying, it's literally days if not is fairly straightforward. dry, weeks. do you think she can stay in settled in sunny and warming up a bit further in the south by the end her role for the foreseeable future? of the week. she definitely should because we've already seen a lot of chaos and the first picture was great, the commotion. this is not the time to step down. she needs to help us in second one better. golfing maybe? may be, you know me well. getting out of this situation. she
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is the leader of the party. we have time now for newswatch. to follow what she's doing. that is hello, and welcome to newswatch, how things are. i personally feel with me, samira ahmed. should bbc news have been more she should not stand down. we've explicit in saying that last seen she should not stand down. we've seen the other side. we are part of friday's attack in christchurch was an act of terrorism? the eu. after that we can regroup and was it wise of newsnight to interview the leader of and rethink, all of us get back a far right group the same friday? together and have a plan for the first, a week of tumult and turmoil in westminster and brussels began future. just one last thought. on monday with the speaker of the house of commons, there's been a lot of talk about the john bercow, ruling out to the surprise of some, atmosphere around what's happening another vote on the prime and how is spreading in places where minister's brexit deal, if the motion was substantially the same. you live as well. how this argument the following morning mr bercow is being played out and sometimes very dangerously. are you aware of was questioned about his decision an atmosphere change around what's by a bbcjournalist as he crossed happening? well, you know what? it a busy road on his way to work. i know you attach great weight is vicious. it is bordering on to what you think but perhaps you'll be kind enough to allow me to proceed. reporter: how do you dangerous. even in beaconsfield. explain your decision? very goodof you to do so. personally for you? personal as very well done. lots of people are annoyed at this decision, well. i have been attacked in what would you reply to that? backing dominic. i can only imagine what dominic must be going through.
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are you trying to delay i think it's uncalled for. i respect brexit, postpone it? you said injanuary that parliament can't only rely on precedent? it's a very old prescedent, the man standing his gown. — is 17th century one — what made you choose it, mr bercow? ground. there is no room for threats the clip rang several times that day on the news channel and was posted of violence or aggression. everyone on twitter by the bbc. paul robinson had this response... can have the abuse. there is a graham page agreed... democratic way of dealing with things are not threats, physical or otherwise. thank you very much for your time this morning. a mac — a member of beaconsfield conservative association. somebody was inside on the ground. here's louise with a look at this morning's weather. i understand veronica and trevor are causing some problems. yes, this is across australia if you're not abreast of the story. there are two but some bbcjournalists voiced their approval of this incedent, with assistant political storms making landfall pretty much editor norman smith applauding at the same time, not unheard—of but a model lesson in persistence last that happened in australia was for all aspiring journalists. now, last friday we woke up
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to news of an atrocity in christchurch, in new zealand. in 2015. this is trevor on the latest satellite picture. made la ndfall latest satellite picture. made at least 29 people have been killed landfall just a few latest satellite picture. made landfalljust a few hours ago. the and dozens more injured after a gunman opened fire on two equivalent of a category 4 hurricane mosques in new zealand. strength. now it's downgraded, gusts men, women, and children in excess of 160 miles an hour. were at friday prayers in christchurch, when a man walked in and began firing, filming and broadcasting it that's going to bring some flooding rains with it. it is veronica which all live on social media. is the real potential issue in terms in the coverage that followed, of the fact that it's very slow what was notable by its absence moving. it is expected to make for many viewers, was the use of the terms "terrorism" la ndfall moving. it is expected to make landfall around the same time in or "terrorist" in relation to the attack. 24—hour ‘s time. during the early mary davenport recorded hours of our sunday morning. it this video for us. could be pretty slow—moving. it has the potential to bring over 500 i'm aware that there are bbc guidelines that attempt to refrain from using the term terrorism millimetres. i will of course give unless attributing it to someone however in this case when it so obviously an act of terror, you further updates this time it makes the bbc seem very out tomorrow. two significant cyclones. of touch and actually this was devastating you know, they are capable of being able to live streaming of 50 people being murdered, cope with these storms and it is to not refer to it as an act quite tricky at the moment. closer of terrorism is actually very to home, i'm pleased to say, a much disrespectful to the victims
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and i think the bbc should update more straightforward story. pretty this and show a bit more compassion. cool in comparison to late. more sunshine around. the showers are mostly to the far north and west. we had a weather front overnight and it's a very weak affair. bringing cloud around. that cloud is thick 0ther objections followed enough for some drizzle. we could in interviews on fridays newsnight by reporter richard watson, with benjamin jones, uk leader of the far right group see some hazy sunshine through the afternoon. the best of the brightest generation identity. quys afternoon. the best of the brightest guys further north. strong winds and as far as the typical a few scattered showers. it will be muslim is concerned, their way of life is completely incompatible to the lifestyle we have in this country. i see instances such as this as inevitable if we continue to put a few scattered showers. it will be a windy afternoon here. lighter wind further south. more on the way of different people with different perspectives, radically different points of views in terms of how sunshine to compensate but not as to conduct our lives warm as it has been of late. values as human beings, together and that of 9-13 warm as it has been of late. values of 9—13 across the country. that will come from extremists wea k of 9—13 across the country. that weak weather front producing the odd across the spectrum which is why it's so important we continue spot of showery rain. that will continue overnight but with clearing to advocate the advantages of a homogenous society. here too there were hundreds skies, temperatures could fall away. of objections with one reviewer a touch of frost and sheltered called casper tweeting... a third issue cropt up on tuesday
7:21 am
areas. more persistent rain pushing into the far north of scotland. blue after new zealand's prime minister tones to weather temperature will dipjust tones to weather temperature will dip just below freezing in places jacinda adern vowed never to utter the name of the gunman responsible those single figures across much of the country. exception is the far for the attack. south—west on the far north—west. more significant showery rain first thing on sunday morning. frequent rush of showers turning increasingly wintry over higher ground. a little but bbc news continued to do so even in reports about that decision by ms adern online, more cloud, staying largely dry. on television and on radio. nick gillibrand heard the story covered several times on wednesday's today programme should be a nice afternoon. lots of on radio 4 and rang us with his reaction. sunshine coming through. you will be each time you immediately tell able to get out in the garden us what the name was. the first time was annoying, potentially. highs of 8—14. that the second time irritating high pressure is going to stay with and they began to get worse us high pressure is going to stay with us into next week. if you've got and worse and i thought why on earth plans for next week. you will not be was the bbc doing this. disappointed. light winds as well. here is a sensible woman trying to deny a terrible man the oxygen frosts overnight. and you just
7:22 am
immediately undermined it. congenital heart disease is one of the most common types of birth defect, affecting 8 in every 1,000 babies born in the uk. now scientists in london have well, to discuss all those issues i'm joined by the editorial director developed a new method to improve diagnosis, and have successfully of bbc news. used their new technique first, what is the bbc‘s policy on 85 pregnant women. on the use of the word terrorism? here's our health we have editorial guidelines about this issue, the first thing to consider is what helps audiences correspondent james gallagher. understand what has happened. and when we are thinking this is the view inside the womb and about that words like gunman, doctors are using images like this shooter, are much more important to inspect the feet or heart. violet to tell the audience what has happened. vienna developed life—threatening abnormalities in the blood vessels around her heart while she was still inside her mom doctor spotted them early and planned how to save her so the key thing is that 50 people life. she was put on medication as have been murdered by a gunman soon she was born and had heart in mosques in new zealand. that's the first thing we need to get across. surgery a soon she was born and had heart surgery a week later. she is doted the second thing is that terror and terrorism are complicated issues on bya surgery a week later. she is doted on by a very one. she isjust and there is no agreed definition. thriving and it's all thanks to we want to attribute these specialists and all this
7:23 am
technology. like i said, it's it to other people. honestly amazing what they do. it's so in this case we made it very lifesaving. this is how the clear in our coverage that the prime minister technology works. if the routine of new zealand described this as a terrorist attack pregnancy scan identifies a problem, then women are sent for a detailed mri scan and a series of pictures of that was a very prominent the heart are taken but then comes in our coverage on the six and ten o'clock news that the heart are taken but then comes the really clever bit. sophisticated night on the friday. stan: —— online. computer software pieces those on friday, newsnight ran that interview at the representative images together, corrects them for of generation identity who said the rapid heartbeat and then builds the attacks were inevitable an unprecedented 3d image of the heart. look at this. a model of the if immigration continued that the way of life of the typical people heart made from this muslim was completely incompatible with the lifestyle of the average technology. about 18 every thousand person in this country. and he advocated the advantages babies in the uk is born with a of a homogenous society. congenital heart defect and this was that appropriate? research is enabling doctors to look newsnight is a leading current affairs daily programme. at them in incredible detail. and that was one part of an item on the programme on the night importantly its improving care for of the attack which dealt in detail with many different aspects babies. it allows us to have of the attack. part of that is an absolutely right beautiful 3d images of the investigation of far right extremism abnormality so we can have complete certainty and plan ahead for what is and revealing what far right extremism means the operation to do. that really and what it is that they are saying.
7:24 am
helps the parents, to have the right support to know what is going to that is a service to our audiences. happen but also helps the babies because they get the right operation now, you are right, at the right time and have the best outcomes. violet vienna was one of the first to benefit from these 3d we did have a lot of the audience scans and the researchers hope the technology that helped her will soon become routine. james gallagher, bbc felt it was inappropriate, we put out a huge amount of output every day, some of that you have news. we are joined now by professor reza razavi who was involved in the development of this new technology. to think about tonally, we saw you in that report as well. lovely to have you with others. this i had long discussions at the newsnight team is very personal to you. your own since the programme and there are misteps that are made and the point of view that was given by the guest daughter had a heart condition. she from generation identity was tested is fine now. she did. in fact, when she was born, it was completely unexpected. she was quite poorly. we had a really tricky time. that's and contested by the report to richard watson in the right way, was it often enough? poppy. it takes me back. how old is that's an area we discussed and where we realised the tone she now? she is 1a. she is great and for some of the audience was not in the right place. tone and timing are everything
7:25 am
doing really well. this technology and what some viewers have contrasted as they see a coverage of the manchester arena bombing wasn't around them. know, and the when they set the focus is on the victims, not the ideology whole project was motivated in a of the attacker. we did a huge amount on victims way, i wrote the proposal was to do across the output of the day. this type of research, really newsnight was looking at a specific because it seems unfair that for some babies, we do pick up on the womb the problem and we can plan ahead and make sure they get the area, it made it very clear in the opening to the programme right treatment. for others, that's the horror of what had happened, the program then made it clear it a wider project we call i find and wanted specifically to look at one aspect which was the white extremism. perfectly legitimate, it is for ultrasounds in the womb. of course for many of the audience they are still as you suggest this piece wejust focussed on the victims and i said it is for ultrasounds in the womb. this piece we just published in the lancet, and it is funded by the all the things he can learn some lessons about how that issue welcome trust and thank you to them was covered about thinking and about how we think for theirfunding. it's about but we think about those things all the time. welcome trust and thank you to them for their funding. it's really, it's such a specific effort to try welcome trust and thank you to them fortheirfunding. it's really, even when you do pick up these conditions and untangle some of the reasons fail to sound, possibly behind what had when you do pick up these conditions failto sound, and when you do pick up these conditions fail to sound, and any mum who has had a baby would have had a 20— week scan, there are sometimes not really happened in new zealand.
7:26 am
clear if the condition, what it is, is it one or another type? we have to hedge our bets when we are some say he was not challenged talking to the parents. the people, enough and was essentially given a platform by newsnight. i think it was testate a lot medics, it sounds like on the face as i say there was a long piece following richard watson's package rally we interviewed a representative from fairbanks of it, something someone would have who directly attacked what had been heard. thought of. why not have a better image? what would be a better image? sd. image? what would be a better image? 3d. you think obviously, that's going to be better. these are tiny. it's a tiny heart inside a baby who there was lots of testing within the package but also audiences it's absolutely legitimate is moving around and has got mummy‘s for audiences to hear what it is some people believe. as you say, correctly tummy to take the pictures. this is contested but to hear the actual size of a heart of a baby what some people believe. in the womb. exactly. it's been that was an important part of what newsnight was trying to achieve. tricky to do that. it gives us a on tuesday then nz prime minister said uttering the name glimpse of what is going on and gave him the notoriety he sought. gives the answer. what the research do you think she she had a point? i think she has a huge moral has enabled is, using mri, normally authority and what she said,
7:27 am
it's different from how we use ultrasound. you get lots of news organisation would cover an event, of course she's a politician and she's the country pictures and if you were to put them at an incredibly difficult time but for us that together to make a 3d model, it judgements are different. we need to ensure that the audience would be very fuzzy. using clever understands what has happened computer technology, we can fit all and of course we have to be the pictures together. one thing sensitive about this idea of the oxygen up that springs to mind immediately and a bay we have to be wise we often talk to people in medicine to what it is that the way these about wonderful new technology and events play out and how practices is cost. who will be able the perpetrators are trying to use the media and the mainstream media to do this? is it expensive? that's like us on social media and other platforms that tried to promulgate a second type of message and to be a great question. we use standard mr sensitive to that but we don't scanners which are present in any want to be in a position hospital. the cost of an mri scan is where we are banning the of peoples names walt —— although we recognise the moral £500. not a force of what the needs and implement if there was saying. hospital. the cost of an mri scan is £500. nota huge hospital. the cost of an mri scan is £500. not a huge amount, we are anything about using it. already, —— new zealand prime what we are worried, congenital minister was saying. the cyclone which has devastated parts of africa hit the headlines heart problems. how would you this initially have that concern? what signposts you towards that? i find the cyclone which has devastated parts of africa hit the headlines
7:28 am
that every mum have a 20— week scan this week but some p waves to have seen that happen earlier and those sonographers, if they see and with my prominence. to the untrained eye this and those sonographers, if they see a problem, lessen the baby onto the is a disaster of major proportions. specialist. how easy it it's — how however, that appointing and by the task invented disaster easyis specialist. how easy it it's — how easy is it to spot? that's the is nothing to that's getting to brexit and or if such a disaster thing, and why we had i find was to happen in america. i would suggest that whoever does project. major congenital heart this editorial content or makes a decision on who gets top billing, problems, in some places, you can it really has lost their moral pick it up in half the months. in and editorial compass. thank you for all your comments this some places, other bits of the country, it's only 20, 20%. we are developing technologies to make that week, we do want you to get in touch all much higher and better across the country. interesting talking to with your opinions on bbc news you. they are so tiny. barely and current affairs. maybe even appear on the programme. so do e—mail news watch at bbc code obviously. but so intricate. in a that uk or you can find us on twitter @ news watch bbc. you can call us here and watch pbs way, i'm getting a fuzzy picture, we interviews on our website bbc delco that uk is watch. get to those beautiful 3d models and that's all from us. here are the thoughts on bbc news that means the surgeon knows exactly coverage for the next three weeks where they are going to work on and i will be back after easter. operate. the parents know beforehand. the babies are well
7:29 am
looked after, they go in tip top form into the operating debt. we get great outcomes. professor, thank you so great outcomes. professor, thank you so much and good luck with the work as well. we have the headlines coming upfor as well. we have the headlines 00:29:15,629 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 coming up for you injust a moment.
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