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stop the movement behind this threat hello, this is breakfast with naga munchetty this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley. is very much alive and kicking. as and charlie stayt. the headlines at 10am. coming up before ten we'll get the weather with louise. long as there are places of poor american—backed kurdish forces but first, a summary of this claim they have captured good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty governance where the remit of the islamic state's last remaining and charlie stayt. stronghold in eastern syria. our headlines today: government does not extend across morning's main news. the countdown to brexit. the countdown to brexit — the whole country as we now see in theresa may tells mps there won't be theresa may warns mps a third another vote on her deal if it looks iraq and certainly in syria, i think like it will be rejected meaningful vote may not take place theresa may has told mps next week if it doesn't get for a third time. this group could resurrect in yemen. there won't be a third vote sufficient support. on her brexit deal in the coming us special counsel robert signed, sealed and delivered — the report into alleged collusion already, there are reports that days, if it appears it mueller submits his will be rejected again. investigation into alleged russian between president trump's in a letter, collusion during the 2016 campaign team and russia al-qaeda has begun a competition the prime minister outlined us presidential election. during the 2016 election. the options available to parliament, with is. in the case of yemen, telling colleagues that they face a clear choice about brexit, a sterling performance a 17—year—old is stabbed to death as she continues to try to win following a fight outside from raheem at wembley, al-qaeda has territorial control, support for her plan. a block of flats in west london. he scored a hatrick, which has never had in the past. it's now thought likely as england continued that mps will get to their impressive run, the al noor mosque in with a 5—0 thrashing this is a transformation of a vote on their preferred christchurch reopens one week of the czech republic. threat, rather than an end to it. options next week. on from a mass shooting there, one of the government's key which killed 42 people. and i've been to meet very good to talk to you. you had the premier league players set plans to deal with the potential short notice to talk to us because impact of a no—deal brexit a sterling performance to potentially earn thousands, is being put in place this weekend. from raheem at wembley, from the beautiful game, he scores a hat—trick, not with their feet this has been developing, thank you the m20 motorway leading for your time. to dover was closed overnight, as england thrash the czech republic as contingency plans are made 5—0 in their opening but with their fingers. you're watching in case long queues of lorries build european championships qualifier. breakfast from bbc news, up as they try to cross the channel. good morning. the weekend looks time now for a look and, the travel show is in dubai likely to be mostly fine and dry here's our business at the newspapers. about how the gulf city is trying with hopefully the cloud breaking up phil hall, former newspaper correspondent rob young. editor and now pr advisor and a little bit more sunshine is here to tell us what's coming through. blustery showers in more than 10,000 lorries pass
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the far north—west, and feeling caught his eye. through dover on peak days, they are cooler for all. all the details the far north—west, and feeling coolerfor all. all the details in the next 15 minutes. transporting everything from a story about estep was, tying on perishable food to medicines and car it's saturday, 23rd march. our top story: about how we review things. it could parts. many businesses have warned theresa may has told mps about the potential for delays here there won't be a third vote be restaurants. this is estate on her brexit deal in the coming if there is a door deal brexit. the days, if it appears it agents. consumer sites are will be rejected again. fear is that any new customers check in a letter to mp5, prevalent. the story is from the the prime minister outlined on the eu side could lead to queues the options available to parliament, times, they are investigating of lorries in the south—east of as she continues to try to win support for her plan. england. we have seen long queues here before, the last time in 2015, the uk was supposed to leave the european union next friday, trustpilot, saying some unusual roads were brought to a standstill. on march 29th. things are going on on the website. but now, eu leaders have authorities had been planning to avoid a repeat of that. this weekend agreed to an extension. foxto ns things are going on on the website. foxtons have only had five reviews, under a new timetable, brexit will be delayed until may 22nd, highways england is putting the a very low star, but 90% approval but only if theresa may final preparations in place despite gets her withdrawal agreement the postponement of britain's exit passed by mps next week, rate the next month. the same with a from the eu. roadworks are due to something that still seems unlikely. if the deal fails again, ta ke from the eu. roadworks are due to take place on the 26 and m20. 0ne or the prime minster decides bank, and they are saying that if section of the m20 is due to be you are a subscriber or you pay against another vote, then the uk has until 12th trustpilot, you have a right to send closed overnight. from monday april to propose another way morning a new road layout will be in forward, or risk leaving out invitations to customers without a deal. inviting a review, and targeting place. the port of calais has said it does not expect there to be any let's get more from our political people who you know have been happy correspondent peter saull. delays from its end but if there is so, what happens next, peter? with you. i think the question is, any brexit related disruption lorries here will queue on the
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can you trust trustpilot? foxtons, motorway. the plan is known as we have explained the ifs and buts, they are saying they have high so we have explained the ifs and buts, so how has this been received? yes, operation block, it was designed to there are so many as ever with trustpilot scores which are a cope with 11,000 lorries a day while backset, but this is basically reflection of the customers, and theresa may setting out how she sees other traffic should see little that there is no suggestion that the disruption. the government says it things as they are at the moment, scores are misleading. but strange wa nts disruption. the government says it wants the eu —— might want the uk to to have a sudden spike in one day. and she accepts that if the numbers leave with a deal. a petition calling for brexit aren't there, as looks to be the it is orchestrated, is what they are case at the moment are said to me, to be cancelled by revoking saying. you are looking at some article—50 has now passed then that vote on her deal might not four million signatures. the parliamentary website has troublesome university students. crashed a number of times over happen at all. she also says she the last three days, as the number of people signing up does not want to allow the country king's college london is to order an reached the highest rate on record. to leave without an agreement. she parliament considers all petitions also doesn't want to ask the eu for with more than 100—thousand independent requiring of its signatures for a debate. downing street says theresa may has also doesn't want to ask the eu for a long delay, and she offers a bit inisted many times that she will not stu d e nts independent requiring of its students after a group was singled consider revoking article—50. ofan a long delay, and she offers a bit of an olive branch to mps after that statement she gave live on out during a visit by the queen. ten television last wednesday, in which an investigation has she blamed them for the problems finished into whether or not president trump's campaign team colluded with russia with brexit, basically saying i stu d e nts out during a visit by the queen. ten students with left—wing views were during the 2016 election. didn't want to make yourjob is any banned from attending the event. a america's chief lawyer will now summarise the report, bit of me thinks, you don't want it and decide how much to share potential running in, head of to bea with politicians in congress. bit of me thinks, you don't want it to be a political rally of some the president's opponents say kind, and to have the queen in her they want to see the full another momentous week findings of the inquiry. 90s some kind of barrett by strong western—backed forces political these, i am in syria have declared a final
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90s some kind of barrett by strong political these, iam not 90s some kind of barrett by strong political these, i am not sure... military victory over the so—called but if you have done nothing wrong. islamic state group. the syrian democratic forces said they'd taken full control of the village of baghouz and declared it isa the "total elimination" but if you have done nothing wrong. it is a free country and universities should be promoting an investigation has freedom of speech. it is a tricky finished into whether or not president trump's campaign team one. maybe the answer is not to of islamic state. colluded with russia during the 2016 election. invite the queen for the sorts of america's chief lawyer will now situations. but the free speech bbc news has learned summarise the report, that the family of mark duggan, and decide how much to share then, here you allow into talk, is who was shot dead by a metropolitan with politicians in congress, police officer, is suing that the place where you should as our north america correspondent david willis explains. allow things to happen that might the force for damages. i have no idea about the shooting in north london in august 2011, not happen elsewhere? there were led to riots across england. the mueller report. some stories in the papers this an inquest jury found i'm going to florida... he'd reached there, in fact, morning about that, different issues that he was lawfully killed. by the time the most facing students. interest rates are highly anticipated report a teenage boy has been of his presidency was delivered. stabbed to death in west london. the enigmatic mr mueller, who was once head of the fbi, low, very little sign of rates going the victim, who officers has spent nearly two years looking say they believe to be 17, into allegations of collusion up, so low, very little sign of rates going up, so savers are was found after reports of a fight low, very little sign of rates going outside a block of between the trump campaign up, so savers are struggling. if you and the kremlin during flats in isleworth. the 2016 election. are lucky enough to be able to be the metropolitan police has launched a murder investigation — the usjustice department says no saving at the moment. for those who no arrests have been made so far. further indictments will be issued, are even more lucky, with a spare so is that because a sitting president cannot be indicted or is it because mr trump £100,000. per ticket, and this only one of the two mosques in christchurch new zealand where 50 was telling the truth all along? people were killed in fatal there was no collusion, lasts five years. it works out at shootings, has reopened. heavily—armed there was no obstruction, police continue to guard everybody knows it. the al noor mosque, but small £2000 a day. they say many people numbers of worshippers are being allowed in. it is all a big hoax, thousands of people marched who buy these then sell them within through christchurch last night in support of those affected. i call it the witch hunt.
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weeks for a massive profit. last the question now for the attorney general is how much soldiers are being deployed of the mueller report on the streets of paris today to make public. time it was a £50,000, and it was to protect public buildings in case all of it, say the of demonstrations by the so—called democrats, and quickly. sold for £145,000. it is true with "yellow—vest movement". the president of the united states. protests last saturday descended into violence and shops the mueller enquiry began just four and businesses were looted. sporting events all over the world paris police have banned months into donald trump's now. i investigated attending the the protesters from a large area in the west of the city, presidency and it has cast a shadow masters this year, it was going to over it ever since, be £2000 a day. i've had no but did it unearth evidence including the champs—elysees. of wrongdoing on the part of the president himself? we may be about to find out. restrictions around passing them on? david willis, bbc news. you would think so, but no, not at you may remember back all. it says, owners are identified injanuary when here on breakfast we met three year old charlie, who needed life saving surgery for a rare brain tumour. by purple lanyards around their after his parents were told necks, but they are free to resale he would need palliative care, western—backed forces in syria have declared a final tickets anyone listed on ebay or on the team at alder hey children's victory over the so—called hospital in liverpool islamic state group. performed a risky operation the syrian democratic forces said tickets anyone listed on ebay or on ticket resale sites. i spoke to a they'd taken full control of the village of baghouz to try to remove his tumour. and declared the "total theatre impresario once, and he said elimination" of is. they were selling 130% now. i asked two months later, after receiving our correspondent lina sinjab joins us from beirut. proton beam therapy in germany followed by treatment him how, and he said that here in the uk, we can show you the moment he rang the ward bell effectively the black market meant they had to get on board, said they ta ke take us through these latest sell tickets at inflated prices to signal that he was cancer free. developments, and what has actually
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themselves because there is a market there. you either do it above board happened. or on the black market. it is basically, the kurdish forces, just ring this bell, three times well, it extraordinary. we talk a lot about is told to clearly say my treatment made this announcement, that this is told to clearly say my treatment how state schools are deprived of is done and i am on my way. bell funding. they have found a school final battle against the last rings. thatis funding. they have found a school that is spending £50,000 on luxury enclave of the so—called islamic state started early in march, but paint! why on earth does this school every time i see those moments you think it is such a great idea to the sdf had to slow down because in holland park, right mayweather have a moment, a bell that is wrong. has been several knife crime they discovered there were thousands incidents, where you think may be the energy he puts into ringing that hiring a youth worker to work in the of women and children hiding in bell. and the parents as well you school would be a good idea, but there. so, to minimise the damage can see the joy on their faces. it they had spent £15,000 on paint at and the casualties of women and puts sport into perspective. a great £62 a can to have this posh paint children, they had to slow down the operation. we have seen over the that smart houses used on the road past weeks, images in camps, and stories of women and children, is in notting hill. it is crazy. sport study for england fans. their u pwa rd sport study for england fans. their upward curve continues. andy wives and children, that were thrashed the czech republic thanks rescued by the democratic forces, to raheem sterling. it is a complete and now it was time for them to do you think maybe farrow and ball declare victory after taking control donated the paint?” of the whole area. it is a turnaround for raheem sterling. a do you think maybe farrow and ball donated the paint? i don't know, it couple of years ago he was being is still a school that is short of
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booed by his own fans. he has always significant moment, but how do you funds. they say they will be a assess what threat remains from is? had skills but is absolutely adored government enquiry into it. by all the fans down. interesting. raheem sterling, this is an important point for all always lovely talking to you. thank says it was a dream come true to score a hat trick at wembley, of us to keep thinking about. the you. as england shined, military defeat does not mean there this is breakfast. in their euro 2020 qualifier, against the czech republic. is an ideological defeat. there natalie pirks reports. we're on bbc one until 10am this morning, when matt takes over in the saturday kitchen. what's on the menu for us? with all the talk centred on new still many is fighters hiding in a talent there was first—time to good morning, how are you? tired and sleeping south, so whether the same applaud the past, as legends were remembered it was time for new group will emerge again, whether they will regroup under a new name, memory —— memory is to made. after a hungry. iam good morning, how are you? tired and hungry. i am looking forward to seeing what you have got, but it slow start teenagerjadon sancho this is still to be watched. a lwa ys seeing what you have got, but it always makes me more hungry! good. found himself at the end of some especially as the grievances of the quick thinking from harry kane, people are still there. raheem sterling had to stretch and bbc news has learned 0ur always makes me more hungry! good. our special guest is the fabulous was not missing from there. that the family of mark duggan, who was shot dead by a metropolitan sara cox. lovely to have you here. confidence is coursing through police officer, is suing the force for damages. stirling, these defenders try desperately to keep him in check. the shooting in north hello, matt. i london in august 2011, sara cox. lovely to have you here. led to riots across england. hello, matt. lam sara cox. lovely to have you here. hello, matt. i am good, sara cox. lovely to have you here. hello, matt. lam good, thank sara cox. lovely to have you here. an inquest jury found hello, matt. i am good, thank you. step forward harry kane. as the that he was lawfully killed. sara cox. lovely to have you here. hello, matt. lam good, thank you. i am hoping! hello, matt. lam good, thank you. i am hoping i get my food heaven, not authorities in paris have banned czechs started the second half with the so—called yellow—vest my food hell. they'd tavern is protestors from demonstrating today more purpose it was time to get on or near the champs—elysees ahead basically most food, but crab and of expected demonstrations. clinical, raheem sterling and the the army has also been deployed to perfect place with the perfect touch protect public buildings. squid, ilike and the perfect sentiment, paying the move is in response basically most food, but crab and squid, i like that. shellfish. thai to the violence a week ago, tribute to a young footballer we
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in which businesses were smashed and looted. lost this week to leukaemia. with we're joined by paris flavours. what about hell? how is his stock sky—high the class act correspondent, hugh schofield. travel, the devils work. and continued, albeit with a slice of luck. time for a rest for raheem kidneys. -- travel. we have also got sterling and a hug. step forward callu m sterling and a hug. step forward good morning to you. it really does callum hudson doyle, capped for two great chefs. how are you? very england before making premier league seem as though it is very, very u nsettled seem as though it is very, very unsettled in certain parts of the start for chelsea, it was his good, thank you. today we are doing capital. it goes on and on, this determination that led to this own john dorey, and we have got goal. 5—0 england and the kids are yellow—vest protest movement. who all right. knows what will happen today. it is fricassee of letters and great food. relatively calm, but then suddenly years ina you have a day like last saturday, years in a really confident moment, not only on the field but off the which was a conflagration on the lam going field, he is so mature and i am going to have to take you for lunch stop we need to string it out champs—elysees, a real policing co mforta ble field, he is so mature and comfortable in himself. i think i disaster. four hours, the for about seven minutes. a bit of talked about that earlier in the revolutionary allies rampaged down pasta, peas, broad beans, and some week, how we have seen that, so this most famous of avenues, causing tens of billions of euros worth of delighted to have seen the reaction braised pork. that's it. drinks? i he got from the cloud. —— crowd. you damage. the reaction in the can't hide the fact that he has had government was to say right, that is it, enough is enough, from now on we difficult moments for england and he have got two wines from off the has turned that full circle. will get tough. well, we will see. staying with football, beaten track. star bargains. it and birmingham city have been
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today, they have got this new deducted nine points, for spending too much money. arrangement which will mean that might be a wine or a local beer. the championship side lost, £10 million, more protesters won't get anywhere near than is allowed under football league rules don't forget, what sara cox get is between 2015 and 2018 — the champs—elysees, but that could the money was mainly spent, simply mean that they protest down to you at home. see matt at on player wages. elsewhere and cause damage the points deduction means elsewhere. but then there is this 10am. thank you, have a good one. birmingham, are nowjust five points clear of the relegation zone the headlines are coming up. other new measure which means that with eight matches still to play. soldiers who are patrolling regularly anyway because of there were mixed fortunes anti—terrorism measures, they will for the british number ones at the miami 0pen. be put on duty outside public kyle edmund is through to the third round, buildings. that is in order to free after a straight sets win over up buildings. that is in order to free up other police in order to take ilya ivashka of belarus. he'll play former wimbledon pa rt up other police in order to take part ina up other police in order to take part in a cloud control. that has been a controversial measure because, of course, soldiers are not finalist milos raonic next. but yohanna konta, at the top of your picture, is out. she got herself into a terrible rut, trained for crowd control. we have and lost 10 games in a row on her way to a straight sets defeat been so focused on brexiteer, that when it comes to international to, china's, wang qiang. politics and how eu leaders are coping with their domestic northampton saints are up to fifth, in rugby situations, that has slipped off the union's premiership. they beat leicester tigers agenda. how has the french president 29—15, in the midlands derby at welford road. tom collins, the star of the show. and his strategy, how has this been received? some people think that he
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has not gone far enough. 0thers think he has been too harsh. the big cardiff blues boosted their play—off point is that there is a link in his hopes, in the pro 14 — after beating scarlets 41—17. all of their tries came in the same half. mind between the yellow—vest and in the pro 14 edinburgh boosted their play off hopes, brexit, they are both manifestations beating defending champions leinster 28—11. ross ford scoring here, of the new populism of people while cardiff also closed in on the play offs with a big wanting easy answers to complex win over scarlets. problems, and also, both for him it st helens are still unbeaten in the super league this season. is an expression of his fear of one the leaders thrashed third placed castleford by 42 point to 12, of the key demands of the scoring eight tries in the process. that's seven matches unbeaten for saints. yellow—vest, which is the more elsewhere huddersfield beat hull kr popular participation in decision—making. they want more to move off the bottom of the table. referendums, they want these people a little bit of history vote. he is pointing to brexit, was made at the world figure skating really, in all of this, and sent do championships in japan. you really want that? the political this is kazakhstan's elizabet tursin baeva, mayhem that we are seeing in britain landing what's called a quad—ruple will stop it said his argument in salco. the sense that he can say to the it's the first time that particular yellow—vest movement, this move has ever been landed simplistic idea that you can solve in the women's competiton, and it helped her, problems with black or white win a silver medal. questionsjust does problems with black or white questions just does not work. problems with black or white questionsjust does not work. thank you. interesting to see what is going on there.
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lovely scenes the weather and sport coming up a at heathrow airport yesterday, little later on. when theresa may gave a statement as great britain steam returned in downing street this from the special olympics. week, she said she was sure of one the games are for competitors, thing — that the general public has had enough of brexit. and, given the events with intellectual disabilities, of the past few days, you'd be forgiven for being confused about what exactly is happening, and it's been a really successful in this stage of the process. trip for the british team — it isa bringing back 169 medals, it is a shambles at the moment, nobody knows what is going on. like from the biggest ever games in abu dhabi. most other people i know, we were an experience to remember. just like the matter to be resolved once and for all. at the last two years, it has almost become, even in i don't how we did it but we just worked hard and focused and did it. it was amazing. i am so proud of my the later months, you just switch off from it. once the dust settled tea m it was amazing. i am so proud of my team and my coach and the gb team. after the initial referendum, people have started to question the wisdom you should go to the bbc iplayer to behind brexit. how they have not watch the full documentary on how struck a deal already, or got some the special olympics came into agreement, is beyond me. the being, the kennedy that change the world that was called after the founder. majority voted to leave, so just get we've seen many oi'i majority voted to leave, so just get on with it. the extension that professional cricket players, take great one—handed catches, but we don't normally see it from the fans. have a look at this stunning
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theresa may has gone to negotiate catch from the stands again, why do we need an extension during south africa's twenty20, after three years? i voted to leave. win against sri lanka. i have always felt that somehow or you can see it better other there will be a bit of a fudged right at the last minute. on the replay...ball in one hand, things will come together and we will end things will come together and we willend up things will come together and we will end up with a deal. let's get some more voices on this story. good beer in the other, and he didn,'t spill a drop. i think he will get a call up! there morning to both of you, thank you for your time. stephen, the leave will be a lot of youngsters and adults up this morning playing on means for your time. stephen, the leave m ea ns leave for your time. stephen, the leave means leave campaign, are you convinced when the prime minister their xbox or playstation. bit of has said many times, especially fifa, maybe. and somebody saying recently, that she is still fully committed to honouring the don't waste your time. how about referendum? i am not convinced, this. you go home from university actually. she has been saying over degree half way through and say, mum 180 times that we believe next friday, march 29, but she has gone and dad, i'm giving it up to play back on that. ever since the vote in fifa full—time. 2016, she claims that she was to it might sound like the stuff of dreams — deliver brexit, but in reality, if and for owen venn its paid off handsomely. she wanted to deliver she could have he 5 now a professional player and this week will play for southampton in the very first
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left or no deal. the mps have had premier league finals in london. enough of her deal, they think it is all clubs will be represented, and ive been to see a bad deal. it is her duty as the if this really is a sport. it might not look like it at first prime minister to go for no deal. but she is not going to do that, she in this west london park, but i am having kicking around with some premier league has bad for the eu to get a delay to footballers, who can tour the world potentially earning hundreds of thousands of pounds and who this brexit. it beggars belief that she week they will hoping to win can say things over 100 times in the league title for their teams, parliament and then go back on her not with their feet but taking word. the fact is, she does not centre stage, rather than centre really wa nt word. the fact is, she does not really want to deliver brexit, she circle, it's the fifa game is trying to delay, delay, delay. there is a saying that she has used players, hoping the fingers a lot at the moment, but we are and mental agility will help them find the back of the net, where we are, it is one of those in the first even premier league phrases that gets used a lot. now, final this week. you are a campaignerfor the people 0wen quit his bournemouth university state. for you, the position is degree to become a professional interesting. this week, if theresa and will paly for southhampton this week. my dad was really supportive. may does what she says she intends to and reaches out across the commons, something might occur that the hardest thing was telling my mum that i had to move back in to live could mean that this second at home and try to pursue referendum is unnecessary, maybe a career in fifa. she was probably like, what? but the longer it has gone they will come to an agreement in on, she has been fine
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they will come to an agreement in the commons. i think we need to take and been really supportive. it is a common worry these days what has actually happened and look for parents that their children at her behaviour in the past. it is are spending too much time on the xbox or playstation clear that theresa may is only but the top fifa players also have to be physically fit interested in her deal. she has outside or in the gym brought back and many have special diets. healthy body equals a healthy mind. it is very mentally straining, to be honest, a lot of focus. if you make a slight mistake it could really hinder how the game actually turns out. and i think something was coming into it, for me, anyway, is my nutrition, my living. it definitely takes a lot of dedication. probably say it takes the same dedication as as any sport. is the people state ever going to be once the 20 clubs have acceptable ? is the people state ever going to be picked their two players to compete acceptable? i call it the losers in the inaugural premier late. this is not how democracy league tournament, works. in 2016, i thought that when the finals weekend will take place here, in this studio—come—cinema. that number of people voted for it will beamed all over the world something, the largest mandate in political history, that the with expert presenters chewing each little move andplay. politicians would deliver on it. but bricklayer chris still hopes to go fulltime, despite not making they have not got over it. let's the burney team this year. i grew up watching burney play just leave, that is what the country in the chmapionship. to the premeir league.
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it is a dream to play wanted, that is how democracy works, for the burnley fc. let deliver on the result and get on i never could make it as a football with brexit. at its simplest, a lot in real life but to make it as a fifa player would be something special. the opportunities are growing. of people will understand what it is a big business with small fortunes stephen has outlined. i am wary of with a small fortune up for grabs trying to rehearse old arguments, in some tournaments around the world and the crowds roaring but people will think that.|j you on in the theatre or online and now it has premier league backing with the help of the former totally but people will think that.” chief executive of totally understand where stephen is coming from, but we need to look at manchester city as well. who as a young man or a young lady where we are right now. there are would not want to play and represent strong arguments on both sides of theirteam. this debate. there are multiple as the audience continues to grow, viewpoints. when we have an impasse because we are in the middle or we have met a road block in of a digital megatrend, parliament, and it won't take us this is an extension of all of that and that is is why i want forward , parliament, and it won't take us forward, we need to make a decision to commend the premier league in this country. the people who made for taking this step. the decision in the first place, we the skill and speed of the game left me behind. need to go back to them now. apologies to brighton fans, i warmed them up for next week's stephen, is it your position that final with a 5—0 thrashing leaving without a deal, is that still on, i know it is on the to 0wen's southampton. statute as we talk this morning, despite the heroics they intend to change that, of of my keeper here. compared to the real course, but do you think that is premier league, it is more of a level playing field. still a tenable position? money can't buy you success in this
9:15 am
definitely, it is the legal default. at the moment, we are going to leave game, your team is only as good is a person in control. on no deal next friday. technically, game's over. so on no deal next friday. technically, so it is definitely on the table. at the end of that game burnley — without that deal on the table, we could have no negotiation with the four, southampton— one, we will see eu because we would have to accept who will win the first premier any deal they gave us. with no deal, league fifa e competition next we could save £39 billion, we can saturday. the winner will get so many points i will take them higher up start to make our own trade deals, many points i will take them higher up the fifa rankings worldwide so and we can become a free and they can go into the top ranked independent nation immediately next players. you could earn up to fighter. that is what we voted for in 2016. that is what we have to £350,000 at one tournament. have. i work in health care, and the graphics on that are absolutely even before brexit has happened, we have medicine being stockpiled by amazing. out have medicine being stockpiled by our suppliers, doctors and here's louise with a look scientists have some i stopped applying forjobs scientists have some i stopped at this morning's weather. applying for jobs in scientists have some i stopped applying forjobs in the uk, and the fa ct applying forjobs in the uk, and the fact is that cooperation across good morning. it is nice, isn't it? scientific institute between british institutions and european institutions and european institutions is drying up. these are practical effects that are affecting us practical effects that are affecting us already. no deal would not be fill avery just shouted at good morning. it is nice, isn't it? good for this country. thank you fill averyjust shouted at me as i came into the studio, there is a both very much. we should say that picture here to show everybody what i would rather show you the the government for their part is sunshine. more sunshine generally
9:16 am
saying that they have made around today, but there is some preparations, that is disputed, cloud and it is mostly across southern england at the moment. a specifically in relation to medicines, but they present a week with the front producing the odd spot or two of drizzle but even different argument and save those that should start to sing and break as we go through the day. the best preparations are in place. we agree that we are having to stockpile. we of the sunshine so far today as you can see has been further north but received a letter from the government telling us that we needed there are showers in the northern isles and western isles has well and to put preparations in place. our gust of wind here in excess of 50 suppliers have stockpiled medications. this is a scary mph. for a time the winds will ease situation for the uk. thank you both as we go through the afternoon and generally we keep a lot of dry very much. we will find out more on weather across the country but that monday. that is one of the issues clouds down to the south going maybe thatis monday. that is one of the issues that is being addressed in more detail by the government officially on monday by way of those even some shows across coral preparations. lots of coverage coming up. overnight tonight. we have clear skies by day we have clear skies by night, tippett is likely to fall away and it will be quite chilly to if you are getting up to date, or start our day. we start to see some over the next few days, may be some good news for you in the uk. but we blue tones which denote temperatures just below freezing in sheltered have got trevor and veronica are causing problems in australia. rural areas, a chilly start to sunday and yes there is more showers yes, i will come onto the uk up sunday and yes there is more showers up into the north west. they will
9:17 am
forecast in a moment, but for those become more organised, a line of of you keeping abreast of this showers the witch will descend story, this is the latest satellite across scotland through the morning on sunday and they will turn picture. trevor made landfall a few increasingly when city to higher hours ago across the gulf of ground as well. they will eventually carpentaria up into the north of move through the borders into the north west of england are the afternoon but elsewhere, dry and australia. it is a cyclone, it is the equivalent of a category four settled in after that chilly start hurricane with gusts of up to 160 some sunshine to compensate a little bit. temperatures will struggle and by the afternoon we will see the high values of around 79 degrees on mph. this is veronica, this has not the far north of scotland, may be 13 yet made landfall, expected during or 14 the early hours of sunday morning uk the far north of scotland, may be 13 or14 in the the far north of scotland, may be 13 or 14 in the south—east. high pressure looks likely to stay with us pressure looks likely to stay with us into next week, if it is dry and time. we are concerned about this one because it is a slow—moving settled whether you want that is what you will get, no significant system. it is a rain bring out and rainfor what you will get, no significant rain for the garden but that does it will bring substantial rainfall, meana rain for the garden but that does mean a return to some sunshine by up it will bring substantial rainfall, up to 500 millimetres of rain, so we day and the potential for some frost will need to keep an eye on that. through the night. if you have plans how unusual is it to get to cycling this will be the outlook for it next is making landfall? it is not week, getting warmer still towards unheard of, the last time was in the end of next week, you could see highs in the south of 60 degrees. 2015. now, what can we expect thank you. through this weekend? a cooler feel in the past five years, £150 million worth of gold if you are out this weekend for jewellery has been stolen from asian many, particularly through the families, that's according
9:18 am
night. but hopefully we should see a to bbc research. families, that's according it s the first time that a comprehensive figure, little more in the way of sunshine. revealing the extent of the thefts, has been collated — the most frequent showers this and the actual figure weekend will be the further north could be even higher! sian lloyd has been and west you are. the reason for finding out more. this fresh feel is this weather gold jewellery has long been prized front that has dragged down from the by many asian families. typically 22 carat often bought north, it has introduced this to wear at weddings and festivals cooler, fresher air, more of a but it is being targeted by criminals. breeze into the far north of this retired couple were victims of a violent robbery scotla nd breeze into the far north of scotland today, gusting to gale in their own home. force first thing. the wind will ease through the day, and a frequent both were beaten and rash of showers into the far north their house ransacked. at night when i lock and west. a weather front lingers to all the doors and windows and go to bed, still the south of the m4 corridor, here i don't feel safe. enough for the odd spot of drizzle, these family snaps show mrs syed but sandwiched between the two is wearing some of the treasured where we will see the best of the items that were taken. sunshine today. not as warm as it has been in recent days, bangles, necklaces and rings. temperatures will peak between nine most of the jewellery are from my parents. and 13 celsius. 0vernight tonight, some are from my husband. so i had sentimental value fo rthat. where we see the clear skies by day, clear skies by night and temperatures will fall away. in the i used to have rings south—west, a weakening weather front still producing showers across
9:19 am
on my both ring fingers. and combo, and more showers up into but i don't have any the far north—west. with clearer ring to wear now. we asked police forces across the uk for skies, temperatures low enough for a details of thefts of asian gold touch of light frost. low single in their areas to reveal the scale figures first thing on sunday of the problem. morning. sunday will be predominantly dry with the exception of the far north where they will be not all responded but outbreaks of rain, turning the figures provided show some £150 million worth increasingly wintry. top was stolen over five years. sanjay kumar specialises in selling temperatures around 9—13dc. this type of jewellery. people have been taught by their grandparents and parents let's talk some more that you must buy gold, about the story we started it's an investment, it's lucky. reporting in the last hour — it's something that we as asians western—backed forces in syria say do, so you must do it. they have "totally eliminated" people follow the traditions so—called islamic state. it comes after syrian democratic forces took in the culture. the village of baghouz which had been the last stronghold of is. we met with the community groups, dr afzal ashraf certainly from the neighbourhoods is a terrorism expert affected, and listened at the university of nottingham. to their concerns. in cheshire, police set up a dedicated team after a series thank you forjoining us this of burglaries there. practical terms to mark as islamic it led to a number of convictions. state lost all of its territory?” but officers say they face challenges because gold
9:20 am
is easily disposed of. think we could safely accept that the second—hand outlets, thatis certainly around asian jewellery, think we could safely accept that that is going to be true, that the question should be asked, doesn't mean, of course, that there who is this person in front of me selling this gold and the irony is it's often harder, aren't hundreds, if not thousands, i think, in this country of fighters dispersed around syria, to sell scrap metal than second—hand jewellery. mr syed suffered a heart attack iraq and elsewhere. and it doesn't during the robbery in his home. necessarily mean that we won't get the couple hope by sharing their story, it will help others the odd demonstration of an attack, who are vulnerable. sian lloyd, bbc news. or other terrorist activity by them. but it is very true to say that they cannot any longer call themselves a state of any kind, and so i think talking about gareth southgate because of the 5— nil, a lot of this is a. and that would be my next people saying it is down to him and his commitment to football but also improving himself. white mackie has gone about looking at putting in a different way. its all part of an elite uk sport coaching course, which the england manager credits with helping him through last summers world cup. as david mcdaid has been finding out, the course puts its students in some unusual scenarios.
9:21 am
hurricane hit ireland a rescue team works to free people from a collapsed building. mum! mum! at least that is the scenario being played out by some of britain's best sports coaches, including the england football manager. she fell! i want to see my mum! it is part of a course run by uk sport, the england boss attending alongside some of britain's best 0lympic england boss attending alongside some of britain's best olympic and paralympic coaches. in football you have the normal coaching qualifications so there is a standard route but when you get to the end of that, where do you go for further learning and development? you always have to be open to new ideas and new ways of working. so having really intelligent people to share ideas has been a massive help. some of the learning methods have been different to say the least. we
9:22 am
have dealt with hostage scenarios, we have worked with the police, at every course you have learned something about how you lead and manage a team. so even if it is sometimes from a bit left field that makes sense. you have been doing this for the past three years, through the world cup and the great run we had there. how much the discourse influence your style? the first year there has been a lot of getting to understand your own behaviours in your own responses to pressure, so that was definitely very helpful going into as pressured environment as you're going to face asa environment as you're going to face as a coach. but could this course helped push in the's footballers on to measure success? this course has helped me improve, and if the coach im proves helped me improve, and if the coach improves then in the end it should improves then in the end it should improve all of your players and athletes and that is how the system gets better. if gareth southgate thinks it's good enough then it must be! to discuss the effectiveness of leadership courses, we're joined in the studio
9:23 am
by 0rganisational psychologist, sarah clarke. good morning. why would a coach on a business leader choose to go on this course? if they are already kind of ina course? if they are already kind of in a decent position anyway.” course? if they are already kind of in a decent position anyway. i think what it is is, you need to understand the psychology so for all of us, people at home and here, it is all about how you react to a situation and there can be 3d actions, there can be your emotional response, i feel scared, actions, there can be your emotional response, ifeel scared, i actions, there can be your emotional response, i feel scared, i feel happy or whatever, it can also be your physical response so when you get nervous, the butterflies in your tummy sort of feeling. and then there can be a cognitive response and once you understand that that is what some of these courses are trying to do so in a safe environment they are trying to bring gareth southgate are leaders in a position and see what happens after that and caught them and get them to learn about that, so when the pressure is on whether you have a leader who needs to perform in an organisation, they can then have coping strategies and deal with
9:24 am
those responses, to then perform better. there's a of proven research on the work we do and it is all about that sort of proven research to ensure it delivers the performance. is there a danger that you are preaching to the converted? it necessarily open—minded bosses might want to go on one of these courses to be more open—minded at the very ones who need, frankly, a different perspective, probably wouldn't go. yes and that is one of the challenges that we have, many of the challenges that we have, many of the positive one is up, they say we have this money we want to invest, they are sometimes not the ones who need their help as such. but happens as we tend to work with an organisational level, we work on the tea m organisational level, we work on the team level and an individual level so it is about the whole package. and from that you can see the benefits. but it is all about reducing that fear and having the time to make the difference and see the benefit of it. i track what trends are you seeing? we see so many differences in changes in the workplace, be it through diversity,
9:25 am
equality, financial pressures could of course, what trends are you seeing when bosses or board level people come to you and say, i need this course because i feel challenged by this. the biggest challenge that happens is if you think about the past 20 yea rs is if you think about the past 20 years it was all very much about being in the field, lots of team—building, and what they would expect from this one courses is that everything would be better. he high performing team at their targets. the reason those teams historically have the benefit is that it got eve ryo ne have the benefit is that it got everyone from a hierarchy of the same level. now in organisations it is very difficult, it is all about agility and having people that are resilient and adaptable and the hierarchical structure is very much disappearing from a lot of organisations. there are other organisations. there are other organisations that are getting at the top 100 less because they have that sort of culture. and that is
9:26 am
where you can't, people phone up and say, can i have a leadership course, i know you can't. what we can do is you can do a package and you can do it in the rounds, so what gareth has been doing is quite a long journey andi been doing is quite a long journey and i know he has lots of psychologists working with him to ta ke psychologists working with him to take him on thisjourney but it psychologists working with him to take him on this journey but it is about the individual, it is not the same solution for everyone. the other team and organisation as a whole. some of these people come from a competitive... sport but also a competitive —— commercial environment where sales are the only things that count. do have people who want to know who's best at the end? they who want to know who's best at the end ? they have who want to know who's best at the end? they have done the thing it's meant to be very embracing and you're not in competition but at the end they sit down and say what i better than him? have i won? do you get that? we do get that at the biggest thing is that it is all about fear, so if you think when i put pressure on someone about fear, so if you think when i put pressure on someone and i see that you could lose yourjob if you don't perform or if you don't have that sales target, then you will not
9:27 am
get money or he will not get a monetary reward, that pressure can actually have quite a negative impact on performance. there is lots of research we have people in the room and a very complex task in the m essa g es room and a very complex task in the messages they have had before have had an impact. i do sort of take that out and it is the psychology behind it and the size of human behaviour, ultimately. white might how do you measure success after an improvement? they way we measure it is commercial, you have to show the commercial, you have to show the commercial benefit for an organisation, organisations will not come to us and invest money if we cannot then say, you have a return of the investment of this and an increase in performance. employee engagement is a big one, a lot of organisations i have worked for are of the top 100 list and investors in people and other things. but it is about the rest of the team and how people are enjoying theirjobs. my feeling is that most people within
9:28 am
fight gareth southgate. that's all from us. goodbye.
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