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tv   Ukraines Oligarch Election  BBC News  March 23, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm GMT

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maksim kolozmoy is mayor when she calms down, hello. not a bad start to the i'm lukwesa burak. to anybody out there in scotland, in the national parks specifically, of the village of yelisabetivna mr golosnoy talks to her about his the headlines at apm: presidential ambitions. weekend. a lot of dry weather for that wildlife crime is not in central ukraine. england and wales with some hundreds of thousands of people acceptable. golden eagle and raptor are taking part in a march persecution must be stamped out, it he's known both as a maverick sunshine, but it's been pretty and for his zero tolerance cloudy in the south. you can see it and rally in central london has no place in modern day scotland approach to corruption. here. this speckled cloud continuing demanding another brexit referendum. and this sent a strong message and hopefully a deterrent to anybody who meanwhile, theresa may warns mps to affect the north—west. we've seen a third meaningful vote may not thinks that raptor persecution can take place next week, a number of showers today, some for if it doesn't get continue. the scottish government sufficient support. andindeed continue. the scottish government and indeed scottish natural heritage northern ireland and scotland, particularly in the north—west, with have advice to government that we american—backed kurdish forces are have advice to government that we showers across southern and central declare victory over islamic state, a re clear have advice to government that we are clear that we want to stamp this scotla nd showers across southern and central scotland as well. but not all doom after capturing the group's last out and the technological but all is not well advancement are one of the tools that will help those efforts. thank with mr golosnoy‘s plans to get and gloom for between those showers, remaining stronghold in syria. on the ballot paper. you very much forjoining us. a 17—year—old is stabbed without the $92,000 registration some sunshine, and glorious to death in west london. conditions in the highlands, albeit the mayor of london says his fee, his application was rejected. the m5 is currently closed in both for the last three years, windy. we've had gusts 50 and 60 mph mr golosnoy has been refusing directions between j1 and j2. death is heartbreaking. to pay the gas bill. now, he's gone to the courts and submitted documents arguing that the central motorway police group it's meant him facing death in places across northern scotland, threats and the government says it believes an old unexploded buildings being cut off. bringing showers, which are being blown through by those strong winds. it's a 17—year—old boy. who's lost device has been found but mr golosnoy has underneath the motorway installed electric heaters his life because of a knife. and by a member of the public. and refused to buckle. pretty windy overnight, with the it's unconstitutional to exclude winds are backing more to south—westerly direction, continuing ukrainians who can't pay. to feed the downpours in. a bit of updates on that right here on bbc rainfora time to feed the downpours in. a bit of rain for a time in south—west news. england, but otherwise the skies a father—of—three has we re scaled penner—van — england, but otherwise the skies were clear, and it will be quite the highest peak in south wales — chilly. the colour draining from the for the 365th time in chart as it gets colder. by the the space of a year.
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this village is, like most des lally raised more than £50,000 morning, one or 2 degrees in towns of ukraine, poor and run down. so this is your last chance. and cities, and it could be cold for charities help for heroes you are doing well here enoughin and cities, and it could be cold enough in the countryside for some yes. frost in cold est and cancer research uk if you earn $250 a month. enough in the countryside for some frost in coldest spots. some day, with his climbing mission — every politician in this country not a bad start for much of the sometimes completing the peak says that they are different country, but showers with us from from the rotten leaders that the word go in scotland, and over multiple times in one day. have come before. time they push further south. he has often walked late at night why should i believe you, through the after nine, —— good that you are different? or early in the morning in darkness, and at one point had afternoon, cold in scotland, more to suspend his challenge for ten days after suffering back home, all mr golosnoy and his downpours across the central belt and southern scotland. across wife svetlana can do is wait. northern ireland and into northern from heat exhaustion. england and north wales, a higher chance of a shower or two. southern well done, batman. —— that man. england, less cloud, more sunshine and it should feel more pleasant. for the week ahead, high—pressure sat to close to the uk, keeping the a reasonable start for many of us, with some dry weather, but the weather dry, keeping the atlantic weather dry, keeping the atlantic weather fronts well at bay, staying showers in the north will continue but there is one rather out to sea. for monday, not a bad big hurdle to getting overnight, especially in northern and western scotland. perhaps a bit on the presidential ballot paper. while mr golosnoy waits, of rainfora day with sunshine. fewer showers and western scotland. perhaps a bit of rain for a time in south—west it's a fee of 2.5 million the favourites campaign hard. england, but otherwise this guy is across northern areas, but a cooler hryvnia, $92,000, that wind blowing down the north sea, generally clearing through the night, and we can see it getting making it feel a little bit on the every candidate must pay. two—time loser yulia tymoshenko, colder by the hour is the brighter a former prime minister, cool side around north sea coasts, colours drain from the charts. by mr kolozmoy‘s salary is hoping to make it
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with temperatures struggling a bit. third time lucky. the end of the night, temperatures her efforts are, along nine in norwich isn't great for the down to one or 2 degrees in towns with the comedian, time of yearfor the as mayor is $680 a month. getting serious airtime nine in norwich isn't great for the and cities, but colder in the time of year for the we should see temperatures around 13 cardiff and on ihor kolomoyskyi's television channel. countryside with some patches of london. for the week ahead, a lot of frost. a chilly start on sunday, but how are you going to find the ideal scenario for kolomoyskyi dry weather with spells of sunshine. that sort of money? not bad with plenty of sunshine in would be to have both volodymyr zelensky, a comedian, a trend for things to get warmer, england and wales and northern ireland for a time. showers with us with temperatures up to 17 later and yulia tymoshenko, who he likes, from the word go in scotland with this week. to be in the second tour of the... blustery winds, coming from the north—west, and they will make it feel quite cool. they will drive in the second round. so you are going to try and stand to be the second round of plenty of showers, with more of without paying money? the presidential elections. those getting in central and it means that voters will choose southern scotland, northern ireland, and a few in england and wales by money is not a problem for our next who the president will be, the end of the day. in the south, presidential wannabe. feeling warmer. kolomoyskyi number one do you know we are or kolomoyskyi number two. almost the same age? i am about to be 41 as well. unfortunately, i'm not hello, this is bbc news. running for president. the headlines: who knows? the opinion polls suggest nobody knows when you are ready. it could be very tight as to who makes the second round. hundreds of thousands of people are marching through central london, demanding another brexit referendum. no one has lit up this contest quite and that's why i've stopped off meanwhile, theresa may warns mps like volodymyr zelensky. at this modest kiev apartment. a third meaningful vote may not take benny hill. nice to meet you. place next week if it doesn't get jonah from the bbc, hi. yeah, it's more understandable than monty python. "sufficient support". for me, monty python
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american—backed kurdish forces is better, i'm sorry. the front runner, mr zelensky, declare victory over islamic state yes, you heard him right. after capturing the group's last is a comedian with no political experience. yulia's not the only remaining stronghold in syria. tymoshenko in this race. i don't know if it's 0n the ballot paper, yurii volodymyrovych will be right a 17—year—old has been stabbed interesting for you, this. let's have a look. next to yulia volodymyrivna. to death following a fight outside we've dropped into his office a block of flats in west london. in kiev, as he works on new material with his team. yulia tymoshenko does us special counsel robert mueller submits his report not find it funny. she's accused president poroshenko into alleged russian collusion of funding yurii as part with president trump's campaign during the 2016 of a dirty tricks campaign. presidential election. lots of people are saying that mr zelensky has turned this you are what's known as a clone candidate, election on its head. and that some people will make a mistake and vote for you instead not very good result. no? of yulia tymoshenko. now on bbc news... the jokes weren't funny today? as ukraine gears up for its presidential election at the end of the month, but it's been done by shamelessly blurring the line jonah fisher meets some of the more between fiction and fact. colourful candidates and tracks down an oligarch who many claim is pulling the strings from afar. for the last three years, mr zelensky has been starring in a tv show called servant of the people. he plays an ordinary guy who unexpectedly yurii has declared an annual income wins ukraine's election. it's five years since hundreds of thousands of ukrainians took of less than $10,000 per year.
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to the streets demanding change. so this cost you $92,000. after months of protests, are you crazy? culminating in deadly clashes mr zelensky‘s campaign pitch yurii tells me he borrowed the money with security forces, is basically, vote for me and get and will eventually pay it back. their progression president fled, fictional president holoborodko. and ukraine elected petro poroshenko, a confectionery billionaire dubbed for those who still don't get it, he's caught his political party servant of the people, the chocolate king. just like his tv show. their pro—russian president fled. 0k, and will you be inviting he missed the historical yulia tymoshenko as well? window of opportunity. with the election campaign entering its final days, the opinion polls show the president in big trouble. but there is one, rather very soon. important difference between the real candidate it's more understandable even if yurii getsjust i%, than monty python. and the fictional president. on tv, much is made of the president it could be curtains for yulia. leading the challenge, incredibly, is a comedian with no defying the powerful oligarchs that political experience. dominate ukrainian politics. but is the showman simply a front for ukraine's most controversial businessman? president poroshenko has denied any involvement in yurii's candidacy. jonah fisherfrom the bbc. the polls suggest the oligarch is in you don't want me messing with you. in reality, all volodymyr zelensky‘s a desperate battle for survival. shows are broadcast on a channel
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owned by the country's most the chocolate king has proved controversial billionaire, so this cost you $92,000. a steady hand in the conflict ihor kolomoyskyi. against russian—backed rebels will money be all that matters? in the east and turned the country are you crazy? decisively towards europe, but his record on fighting these days, you have to leave corruption is decidedly mixed. ukraine to find him. could this be the year jonah fisherfrom the bbc. that a candidate emerges to break the stranglehold you don't want us to after the previous revolution, be messing with you. everyone was ready to of ukraine's oligarchs? we've come to israel for a rare interview. wait for a better life. so you are a billionaire, but you drive yourself. and it's a skoda. everyone understands mr kolomoyskyi is not quite the system should be changed, on the run but, back in ukraine, and there's no other way. he's been accused of theft he did not change the system. that is the problem. on an extraordinary scale. he missed the historical window of opportunity. financial investigators allege that mr poroshenko's failings can be clearly seen in ukraine's mr kolomoyskyi and his business partners were responsible unreformed justice system. for a $5.5 billion black hole in the account in march 2017, to great fanfare, roman nasirov, the head of the bank that they owned. of ukraine's fiscal service, maksim kolozmoy has a dream. it's called privatbank. was arrested while receiving medical treatment. to be ukraine's next president. they actually realised that that bank would be... a good source of funding for... in bizarre scenes, he appeared in court lying in bed. for them personally and for their businesses. mr nasirov was accused of helping so, effectively, these and oligarch avoid paying tens
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oligarchs were treating privatbank, the deposits... of millions of dollars in tax. as their own. at the time, it was seen as ukraine as their own piggy bank. yes, exactly. at last getting serious about tackling high—level corruption. well, piggy bank... yeah, it's a big pig. it's a big pig. it's a huge bank. two years on, mr nasirov is healthy, with the bank on the brink out on bail, has been reinstated of collapse, ukraine's president and rival oligarch petro poroshenko in his job and has succeeded in turning court proceedings announced that it was being taken from mr kolomoyskyi into a complete farce. and nationalised. this is the prosecutor. mr kolomoyskyi denies it all. listen closely. fake news, he tells me. it doesn't make much sense, even if you understand ukrainian. at mr nasirov‘s request, instead of a short summary, the prosecutor is being forced to read the full 776 page indictment so is this election your of dense financial documents. chance to get revenge for what happened with privatbank? after a year of sporadically held hearings, they are still hundreds of pages away from actually
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starting the trial. every couple of weeks, this bizarre scene repeats itself. thejudges, lawyers, and that leads us the defendant come here and listen back to the comedian. to the indictment being speed read. it's a massive waste of everyone's time. hey, how's it going? yeah? 0k. mr nasirov insists he is innocent and the victim of a politically motivated prosecution. i am sure you've heard that people are saying that you are just the prosecutor says you could waive a puppet of ihor kolomoyskyi. the right for this to be read. so it's a new thing. you've been put forward so i can waive the right, as his candidate. so the obligation by ukrainian law take this opportunity to reassure people that, to announce the indictment, so they should be announcing the indictment, i shouldn't be waiving something, right? if you were president, if you won this election, well, they basically say that you are deliberately slowing this that you would continue efforts process down because you don't want to face justice. to get the billions of dollars i am not slowing the process down. that he allegedly stole back to ukraine, and that you would and your lawyers can... you can query everything. continue with all the investigations 0k, do you agree that the judges that are still ongoing into ihor kolomoyskyi? need to hear the indictment?
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well, if they've got it in paper, they could just read it. that saves a lot of this time here, if theyjust read it. you need to understand the judges are not reading it at home. mr nasirov is not lacking in money or confidence. incredibly, he's paid the $92,000 and is also running for president. the problem is that the justice system is rotten. in search of answers, i spoke to the man who judges in ukraine are easily bought first fired mr nasirov. and prone to political interference. it's often said that he is a close ally of president poroshenko. he served the political elites, i want to say. you know, the system cannot afford, cannot let people like nasirov be punished. maxim golosnoy is visiting one nasirov is being protected by the corrupt elite of his constituents. that surrounds him. absolutely. he was a symbol of the fight she is 79 years old. against corruption in 2017. now, he's a symbol half of the village are pensioners, that it doesn't work. scraping by on about $50 a month.
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it's crunch time for maxim golosnoy at the supreme court. he's been summoned to find out if his appeal has been successful. defeat here and his bid to run for the presidency without paying the fee will be over. it's defeat. there will be 39 names on ukraine's presidential ballot paper. maxim golosnoy will not be among them.
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do you think the power of big money, of the oligarchs in this country will ever be broken?
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