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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 23, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm GMT

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their white hot wreckage drew gasps this is bbc world news, the headlines... us—backed forces in syria have announced a final territorial win from onlookers in fiji. over so—called islamic state, raising their yellow flag over baghouz. this is bbc world news today. our top stories... the kurdish—led syrian democratic forces called for their administration president trump hails in the region to be recognised. the defeat of the so called "islamic state caliphate" this is bbc world news today. but warns the us us special counsel robert mueller will remain vigilant. the latest headlines... has completed his investigation president trump hails into alleged links between russia there have been parades and cavalcades in towns and the trump campaign. and cities up down this region the defeat of the so called at the news but it has or can ajustice department official said ‘islamic state it did not recommend any at a huge cost to people here. caliphate' but warns the us further indictments. will remain vigilant. the democrats have demanded hundreds of thousands that the full report is made public. of demonstrators rally in london, hundreds of thousands hundreds of thousands demanding another brexit referendum. of anti—brexit campaigners of demonstrators rally in london, a russian man has been are marching through central london, demanding another brexit referendum. arrested in bali, accused of trying to smuggle a young orangutan out of indonesia. demanding a second referendum. the two—year—old ape was allegedly and calls in the us found drugged inside a basket, prime minister theresa may says for the full publication along with two live geckos she wouldn‘t seek a third vote of the mueller report, on her brexit deal next week, as the special counsel and five lizards in other bags. completes his investigation unless she thought it could pass. into alleged links between russia tiffany wertheimer has the story. and the trump campaign. safe in the arms of a safari park vet, this two—year—old male orangutan has had quite an ordeal. caught in a storm. a thousand people on a luxury on friday night, to cruise ship in norway face the surprise of security a hazardous rescue operation. at bali‘s airport, he showed up
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on the x—ray machine as they checked passengers‘ luggage. translation: last night, when we found him still sleeping, we didn‘t know if he‘d been anaesthetised or given sleeping pills but finally we found some sleeping pills. security officials stopped hello and welcome and detained 27—year—old to world news today. president trump and other world leaders russian national andre zhestkov, have welcomed the defeat who was flying home to russia. of the so—called "islamic state he told officials the caliphate" in syria. animal was a gift from a friend who‘d brought him at a java after weeks of brutal fighting, kurdish—led forces claimed market for $3,000 and convinced him victory over the hardline group. it was ok to take the ape home to russia and keep as a pet. the final isis fighters had been but orangutans are a protected holed up in the town of baghouz. species and mr zhestkov syrian democratic forces had could now face up to five years in prison and a $7,000 besieged the town for weeks whilst planes conducted airstrikes. fine if he is convicted, although the exact thousands of people were forced to flee. aleem maqbool sent this report charges he is facing are still unclear. from northeastern syria. two live geckos and five lizards it is the syrian democratic forces were also found in his luggage. who raise their flag over baghuz today. illegal wildlife trade is rampant in indonesia, despite efforts to crack down on smugglers. the final slither of territory recaptured for now, this young from the islamic state group.
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orangutan is safe. translation: we will continue his undoubtedly a moment of triumph treatment here at the safari park until he finishes for the local forces, who have sacrificed so much in the fight. at a quarantine facility. "we are gathered here, sons of this great country," says this man from the sdf, whether he is ever released into the wild will be up to indonesia‘s "to confirm our total victory conservation agency. over the islamic state now the sport. group and their fall." but, throughout, while marking the significance of the achievement, have been the voices of caution. it‘s been a tense qualifying campaign but the defending we still have much work to do to achieve an enduring defeat of isis. champions cameroon are through to we have been clear that the finals of the africa cup of nations after beating comoros the campaign is not over. in their last qualifier. cameroon was stripped of its right to host this year‘s tournament for not being ready in time — isis or daesh remains a significant threat in the region, and replaced by egypt. the united states, and our so cameroon have had partners and allies. to qualify the hard way. but the land has been won back, after a major offensive earlier this they had just. 3—0 to then. they week, with syrian forces advancing on the ground, backed by air strikes from the us—led coalition. in the end, this is what the knew that defeat would put them out.
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so—called caliphate was reduced to, unused suicide vests, earlier burundi made it crumpled flags and the squalid through to their first africa cup remains of a pitiful camp. of national finals with a 1—1 draw at home to gabon. guinea—bissau and well, there have been parades and cavalcades in towns, in cities, namibia qualify too. up and down this region of the news mozambique have not qualified. there but it has all come at a huge are the results for you from the cost to people here. africa cup of nations. meanwhile switzerland have while they celebrate now, won their opening match they also recognise thatjust of their euro 2020 qualifying because the territory has been taken campaign, 2—0 in georgia. back from the islamic state group, sweden beat romania 2—0. that doesn't mean the fight is over. italy have kicked their campaign off aleem maqbool, bbc news, in northern syria. so what's been the international reaction to the elimination of so called islamic state in syria? spain beat norway 2—1 and italy are in a statement, president trump was typically strident about the development. two goals up against finland. he said isis‘s loss of territory is further evidence of its false narrative. netherland‘s captain virgil van dijk inisists his side aren‘t they are losers and the favourites going into their euro will always be losers. 2020 qualifier against germany we will remain vigilant in rotterdam on sunday.
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by aligning global efforts to fight isis until it is finally defeated. the dutch have been going great meanwhile, the british prime of late and have lostjust two minister theresa may said on twitter: of their past 11 games since ronald koeman took over as boss and won their opening qualifier against belarus in the week 4—0. van dijk scored in that match, making it 4 goals in his last 6 internationals. germany meanwhile have won just one of their past 7 competitive games. also taking to twitter, nato secretary generaljens stoltenberg i think we stick together at all said: times. we work hard for each other. it isa he said nato remains times. we work hard for each other. it is a very big thing to having a committed to our common fight against terrorism. team. we want to give everything for each other. we have a lot of quality joining me from kent in southern england is diana darke, throughout the team, fantastic syria specialist and author players. we can defend together and of ‘the last sanctuary in aleppo‘ attack together. at the end of the and ‘my house in damascus.‘ day it is all about results and we had a pretty good, you know, period bulky forjoining us. bulky for joining us. i bulky forjoining us. i spotted one where we play well and get results of your last tweets on this development. you wrote that was the
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easy pa rt and hopefully we can do that development. you wrote that was the easy part now the battle will be much tougher. what did he mean? we tomorrow as well. serena williams has pulled out of the miami 0pen. williams had made it through to the third round but says have been measuring everything by she‘s unable to continue statistics, how much land they have because of a left knee injury. lost, how many people had been williams has now withdrawn from two consecutive wta events, after her retirement from last killed. these are old statistics. week‘s tournament in indian wells in cycling, france‘sjulian alaphilippe justified his tag what disguises is what is left now. as race favourite as he timed his this is the critical thing that sprint to perfection to claim his first people need to understand. even in milan—san remo victory. these final months, thousands and the deceuninck quick—step rider thousands of isis sympathisers and finished ahead of a small group who had broken away near the end supporters had disappeared into the population anyway and so you only have to look at iraq and see that in of the 291km race in the sunshine july of 2017 the iraqi government through north—western italy claimed it had one and isis was for his seventh win of the season. defeated and now, look at what isis alaphilippe has been the in—form is doing back in iraq. 0n rider at the start of the season, defeated and now, look at what isis is doing back in iraq. on average there are four isis attacks every in the final we make mace harder and day in iraq now. it is not an easy business. unfortunately, the i had to do no mistakes. i really environment which enables isis to
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focused. there was 600 to go. when thrive is still there. instability, corruption, lots of societal he wanted to attack i said it was divisions, poverty. all of this now 01’ never. he wanted to attack i said it was now or never. i he wanted to attack i said it was now 01’ never. i saw my he wanted to attack i said it was now or never. i saw my team—mate deprivation and lawlessness is after the finish line. everyone was precisely the environment that isis crying. looking good after a long is perfect for. it is like a jan put ride. that‘s all the sport for now. into the perfect environment. the don‘t forget you can get in touch with me and some of my team on twitter. fear of the group we mingling is pertinent. you know the country very plenty more news and updates on all well. looking at the pictures in those stories we have brought you on that package, the area is devastated. how does it rebuild? how bbc world news today on our website. does it rebuild? there is no plan. you can check it out on the app will the west has never had a coherent... go to the website. —— or gado. and i think we are. carry on. we had a few gremlins with your line. there is no plan. it is very difficult to —— oryou —— 01’ you can —— or you can go to the website. see how things are going to rebuild. the west is not committing much
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money and anyway it is notjust a question of building some new buildings and putting in new not too bad today. many of us did see some sunshine. a relief after infrastructure. we have a broken society to recreate and this is grey days through the working week. another thing where people are so sunshine was hazy in places. further short—sighted with all of this talk about the isis children for example. north a few showers. tonight it‘s stays windy with further showers as just imagine it. all of these the area of low pressure pulses to children in their thousands who have the area of low pressure pulses to the north of the uk. no future. keeping them cooped up in internment camps in syria is a breeding ground for destabilisation. a touch of frost further north. the leader of isis was radicalised there will be quite a strong wind inside an american prison in across scotland through the night baghdad. these places are not with plenty of showers. some of them healthy. in my view, one of the are merging together. wintry on the first things we can do with the higher ground. values in cities children is bring them back to the falling to around two, four celsius. countries that their nationalities belong to and deradicalise them. we are starting our sunday off on quite a chilly note, but there will be plenty of sunshine 0therwise we're just ignoring, across england, wales sticking our heads in sand and and northern ireland. lots of showers, though, across scotland. these merging to producing longer spells of rain,
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pretending our problems do not certainly in the morning. into the afternoon they will exist. thank you for your insights. become more scattered. 0rganisers of a march in london today to demand another a few of them will be quite eu referendum claim more than a million people took part. heavy and there will be it comes after eu leaders some snow to the hills. going to touch gale force in brussels agreed to delay brexit, across northern scotland. and theresa may wrote to mps, some showers pushing hinting she may abandon her plan into northern ireland and northern england later on in the day. to put her brexit deal to a third vote in the house of commons. 0ur political correspondent but for much of england and wales it will be dry with more sunshine iain watson reports. around than what we had today. brexit is at a crossroads. top temperatures, 13 or 1a degrees. you can see high—pressure really toppling in across the uk, keeping these weather systems at bay no support yet for theresa may's throughout much of next week. deal but no agreed alternative. that really will settle things down quite nicely. the organisers claim that a million there‘s a chance of it people took to london's streets turning milder, too. to call for a new referendum. so, for next week, it really will be mainly dry, thanks to that area of high pressure with light winds, you should see some good spells of sunshine, too. now, the air is still quite chilly the people's vote campaign says this across northern areas. will bring the country together but their opponents believe it but as we head through next week, it does look like some of this mild will only deepen divisions. i think the government needs air will topple in across the uk to listen and give people a chance as high—pressure establishes itself. to vote now they know so, this is the picture for monday. what is actually happening. some people are worried it a fairly cool start again. but there will be lots of sunshine around. will be very divisive given winds coming down from the north or the north—west. that will feed in thicker cloud to the north and west of scotland, what, divide the country? may be into northern ireland. no, she is stuck, it has to be done.
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we want to have a referendum so but elsewhere, a lovely looking spring day. temperatures reaching highs of 12 people can voice their latest view. or 13 degrees in the south, closer to 7—9 for scotland. would you accept other options, a softer brexit, some people call it? through the week, though, i think anything is better it stays fine and dry. than the current option of either it turns milder, like i showed you. theresa's deal or no deal. we could see temperatures i bring with me today across southern and eastern areas reaching the high teens celsius. solidarity from scotland. but of course nights will continue to be chilly the snp and most opposition leaders with a bit of mist and fog. at westminster had publicly pledged support for a new referendum. jeremy corbyn isn't here but has said it is an option the labour leadership will vote for in parliament. and the party's deputy leader said he could back theresa may's deal but with a rather large and important caveat. i will help you get it over the line to prevent a disastrous no—deal brexit. booing but i can only vote for a deal if you let the people vote on it too. theresa may isn't yet confident enough to guarantee that she will bring her deal back
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to parliament for a further vote next week. campaigners here hope that will give them an opportunity to push their case for a new referendum. but that decision will not be taken by thousands of people on the streets. it will be taken by fewer than 650 mps and so far, they have resisted all calls for a public vote. mps are likely to discuss alternatives to theresa may's deal next week. some want a closer relationship with the european union similar to norway. 0thers back a more distant free trade agreement like canada's, and some say no deal could still be the best option. but these campaigners are being accused by long—standing leave supporters of trying to stop brexit altogether. this march pretends to be in favour of a second referendum but that is only a means to an end. this is a march to try and stop brexit, to reverse the decision the majority took in 2016.
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politicians haven't exactly been in harmony over brexit. amid deadlock, campaigners are still hoping the government might change its tune on a public vote. rescuers in norway are evacuating more than a thousand people from a cruise ship in stormy seas. the viking sky sent out a distress call after suffering an engine failure off the southwestern coast. an eyewitness said the ship was being battered by winds of 70 kilometres an hour and waves up to eight metres high. there have been pictures from inside the ship, the bbc has not been able to fully verify this footage. passengers are shown being thrown around — furniture sliding across the floor as the ship struggles in the storm. the first passengers have already
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been airlifted to safety. let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news. at least 110 people have been killed in central mali in an attack on the fulani ethnic group, one of the worst such assaults in recent years. local officials say armed men dressed as traditional donzo hunters surrounded the village of 0gossagou in mopti region before attacking people in their homes. women and children were among the dead. there have been at least two explosions in the somali capital mogadishu. eyewitnesses say gunmen entered a building housing two government ministries and exchanged fire with somali security forces. it is not yet clear how many people were killed but officials say policemen were amongst the victims. the jihadist group al shabab said it carried out the attack. in the united states, there are calls for the full publication of the report into alleged collusion between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. special counsel robert mueller
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submitted his long—awaited report on friday after a two—year inquiry. republicans claim it vindicates president trump. here's our north america correspondent chris buckler. for months, the special counsel robert mueller has been investigating the election of a president to the fury of donald trump. and with this final report now delivered, this man, the us attorney general, is deciding what should be made public. william barr left for the department ofjustice this morning. he is hoping to be able to release mr mueller‘s main findings this weekend. the key questions are whether the trump campaign colluded with russia during the 2016 election and whether the president tried to obstruct justice. donald trump didn't appear too worried today. he was golfing at one of his courses in florida and he has been consistent in his position. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, everybody knows it.
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during robert mueller‘s investigation, there have been prosecutions and convictions. traitor, traitor! among them, the president's former campaign chairman, paul manafort, and mr trump's one—time personal lawyer, michael cohen. but none of those cases have directly addressed what happened in 2016 and democrats already have their eyes on 2020. those out campaigning to become mr trump's opponent in next year's election have a new rallying call. that report needs to be made public. the american people have a right and a need to know. mr trump's own republican party are seizing on the one thing that is already known. that robert mueller has not recommended any further indictments. but while the special counsel's probe is at an end, other investigations are still taking place and democrats are determined to push their own inquiries here at congress.
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i'm nowjoined by lynn sweet. she's the washington bureau chief for the chicago sun times. thank you for your time. as we have been hearing there are to be no further indictments. what is your ta ke further indictments. what is your take on donald trump signalling that this is victory? to a degree it is for him personally, at the moment that we do not know. he is entitled to make a conclusion, except it might not be based on what the report says. you may not be in legal jeopardy but there is always a thought that a sitting president cannot be indicted. but i want to give you some of the latest of what just happened since your report. the speaker at the house, she called an emergency conference call with democratic members for around 35 minutes. 0ne democratic members for around 35 minutes. one thing she said is that she will reject it offered a classified briefing on the contents
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of the mueller report because it would prevent her in any member from making it public. that is how the battle is ripening. how convinced i that the public will get access to this report? it is a long shot that the entire report will ever be made public. the attorney general he was just discussed in the report preceding our conversation has only been on thejob preceding our conversation has only been on the job a few weeks. we know he pledged in his hearing to make public what he could. that means it might be an interpretation of the law. 0nce might be an interpretation of the law. once you had briefed members of congress it is a practical matter. you might as well tell everybody because the contents will leak out. if the attorney general decides to withhold some information from congress, how should lawmakers respond in your opinion? they are going to respond with possible legal
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challenges. they may try to force the attorney general in to testify. it is not just the attorney general in to testify. it is notjust for the report but the underlying documents in the report that were part of the package transmitted to the attorney general on friday. both sides will argue for the president not to disclose the whole thing. one thing we will have is how much information is forthcoming from the attorney general when, as he promised, brief congress on it but if it is a skinny report, as it might be called among congressional members, that will ratchet up the fight. but the fight will remain no matter because the democrats are demanding the entire report. there are some republicans who, for the sake of the record history and knowing what happened would like the full report. 0k.
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history and knowing what happened would like the full report. ok. we appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: a jouney from hell for this young orangutan — found drugged in tot at an airport in bali.
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