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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  March 24, 2019 7:00am-8:00am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast, with ben thompson we are kicking off this week and rachel burden. here in dubai, a place thatjust good morning. here's a summary of today's main over a0 years ago was a sleepy trading town, stories from bbc news: but now is one of the most popular theresa may is facing calls to step tourist destinations in the world — down as prime minister up there with london, paris and bangkok. from senior conservatives. home to the world's tallest skyscrapers, biggest shopping malls several newspapers say that mps have and insane hotel suites, told mrs may she's more likely it has built its image on luxury, to get her brexit deal through the commons if she promises to resign. excess and world records. good morning, welcome to breakfast, with ben thomson and rachel burden. downing street has dismissed reports our headlines today: that mrs may could be persuaded but i'm here to find out pressure mounts on theresa may. to stand aside. if the new trend in town senior conservatives say they've could surprisingly told the prime minister her brexit deal is more be sustainability. likely to get support if she promises to step down. protesters marched across central a dangerous rescue mission is underway as more than 1,000 passengers and crew are airlifted this is sustainable city. from a cruise ship off london calling for another eu it is only 20 minutes away the western coast of norway. referendum. 0rganisers say more than from the heart of dubai where you'll a million peoplejoined the march find all those massive skyscrapers, "raring to go" — gareth bale puts his real madrid before gathering in front of woes behind him, parliament. speakers at the rally and over 500 families live here. as wales kick off their included the mayor as well as labour euro 2020 qualifying campaign. and it's fast becoming a tourist and conservative mps. attraction in its own right. hello, hadeel! we're in poland to remember rescue helicopters have hello, welcome to the city. the great escape — winched around 200 people from a cruise ship which ran into thank you, how are you? 75 years on from the daring wartime trouble off the norwegian coast. prison breakout that inspired more than 1,000 people are still the hollywood film. on board the the viking sky, which lost power and was drifting i'm good. are you ready for a tour?
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in heavy seas and high winds, yes please. but managed to drop anchor. it's believed a number of people are injured. leading transplant surgeons yalla, let's go. say the uk's current system i like that. woo! good morning. a springlike sunny for handling organ donations the whole city was built is at breaking point. to cover all environmental, doctors have told bbc economic and social sustainability. sunday for much of england and so it's designed to use wales. cool and blustery showers five live investigates clean energy from solar panels, and recycle 100% of water there are fears the nhs may not be able to cope with demand and waste, to encourage the use of electric buggies when england moves to an opt—out and electric shuttles. further north and west. the details system for donations in april 2020, coming up shortly. i was going to say, i don't see which may result in more operations. many cars or buses here. it's sunday the 24th of march. our top story: yes. theresa may is facing calls to step down as prime minister the department of health says the new system of consent from senior conservative mps. will save hundreds so the residential cluster was of lives every year. designed to encourage walkability. it's being reported this morning it is a no car zone, that her brexit deal is more likely to be approved the uk will fly out twenty tonnes it is designed with narrow streets if she promises to resign. of aid to help those affected to encourage people to walk and use their bikes 0ur political correspondent by cyclone idai inside the community. in south east africa. nearly two million people and they have the electric buggies are thought to have been affected nick eardleyjoins us now. by the flooding in mozambique, which you see on the side. malawi and zimbabwe. the number of people declared dead rose sharply yesterday look at this place! what do we know it is in all the after authorities confirmed more deaths. this is a three bedroom villa. it now stands at around 700, this is something papers, particularly the sunday i am intrigued about. times, describing it as a coup. and is expected to rise further. you have got a flatscreen tv, barbra streisand has apologised you have lights, i can see power for comments she made points everywhere, even, there is huge pressure on the prime about allegations that michael is that air—conditioning? jackson sexually abused boys. yes, of course. minister and real concerned with the singer told a newspaper that she believed the allegations how does it all run? against the late superstar anything conservative party and in but said his actions so like any other household you find "didn't kill" the accusers.
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government about whether or not she can continue anything top job. there all these appliances, but the rooftop is covered ms streisand said she was area number of in solar, which produces 60% can continue anything top job. there are a number of reasons and a number profoundly sorry for any pain of the energy requirement for of different people unhappy for she'd caused with words the villa, and we use led lighting. different reasons but at the crux of which did not reflect her true feelings. so is that less power? it is less power, using less it all is the inability in the last a former top civil servant at the treasury has said few days to persuade more people to the new high speed rail line, get onboard with her brexit deal. hs2, should be scrapped. power than what you lord macpherson's comments come at a time of mounting concern about the cost of the project, usually would consume there is a suggestion that if she in another villa. went in the next few days, it might which is expected to come in the appliances in the kitchen in at £56 billion. are all environmentally friendly. we try to reduce the need help get the deal over the line. for hs2 says it will return double for energy and when you do use energy it is clean energy coming the investment the simple reason that some think if and create hundreds ofjobs. directly from the solar panels on the rooftop. someone the simple reason that some think if someone else the simple reason that some think if someone else was the simple reason that some think if someone else was in charge for the the vibe here is all about smart design and building next round of negotiations and the a sustainable community. a mexican volcano has unleashed a powerful explosion, future relationship, that might be sending a column of ash enough for brexiteers to be on 4,000 feet into the air. there are classrooms on site to cut the volcano, called popocatepetl, down on the daily school run, is a0 miles south of the capital, and there is a pet—friendly board. it is far from clear that is atmosphere. mexico city, and at nearly 18,000 the case. there are still although the houses feet is the country's aren't cheap, the owners second highest summit. make savings on things negotiations for that deal to get like electricity and water. try that... that was eally cool! laughs. its name, popocatepetl, is the aztec over the line. we can say that the pressure on the prime minister is when i was told i was coming increasing. there are real concerns word for "smoky mountain". to dubai, the last thing i expected
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right to the top of government about over the past few weeks, to be doing is pushing around her future and cabinet ministers the volcano has become more active, a sustainable greenhouse full of home grown veg. right to the top of government about prompting the authorities to put herfuture and cabinet ministers now a seven mile exclusion zone talking about whether she will last. in place. it feels like i'm in a jungle here — it smells lovely! nick will stay across the story and that really isn't that far from back in 2006, we will see how the newspapers the world wildlife fund mexico city itself. a seven mile covered that. lots of scenarios that said that people living could play out this week. exclusion zone gives you a sense of rescue helicopters have how powerful it is. brilliant in the united arab emirates had winched around 200 people the biggest ecological from a cruise ship which ran into footprint in the world. trouble off the norwegian coast. but with more and more of us thinking about the environment more than 1,000 people are still on board the the viking sky, performance and spot by england on when we choose our which lost power and was drifting friday. it was. they really hit holiday destinations, in heavy seas and high winds, dubai has set a target of getting but managed to drop anchor. their stride. england play on 75% of its energy from clean it's believed a number and renewable sources by 2050. of people are injured. simon clemison reports. monday. sorry, this afternoon, wales and i'm off to visit a hotel that claims that sustainability makes a rescue effort above good business sense too. a stricken ship is one thing get the euro campaign under way. for now all the best hotels but the rolling seas below in the world really pride make this quite another. themselves on their breakfast. no sooner has the furniture slipped that man, a chance to put a smile on so let's see what this his face. he is happy to be back place has got to offer. one way, it comes back again. i tell you what, i am starving. people are left holding amongst friends. you can see the on where they can. looking forward to some proper breakfast, posh nosh. some injuries have been reported difference. he was booed by real one of the things but they are not said to be people like about big
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luxury hotels like this is that life—threatening. madrid fans recently but he will be in an auditorium, some of the 1300 you can pretty much order whatever passengers on board back to business with wales. you want, whenever you want. wait to be taken off as others so today the last of the home are helped to fit lifejackets. nations, wales, "mortadella foccacia." start their euro 2020 qualifying campaign. my italian is terrible. the viking sky set out a distress and gareth bale says he's raring to go, call after suffering engine failure, with international duty appearing to be a welcome distraction with rough conditions off from his difficulties at real madrid. laughs. the west coast of norway. they're having a bad season. but having so much choice some waves were said to be he's still scoring goals in spain, available inevitably can lead but hasn't played much to a lot of food waste. more than 30 feet high. and apparently doesn't get and that is something on with some of his team—mates. that this hotel is tackling. passengers have been flown to shore here at the buffet for example, in an operation which has been he's enjoying his time with the national side though, they display smaller taking place throughout the night. and had an admirer in his platters of food and only replace the ship was due to arrive pre—match press conference. them once they are eaten. in tilbury, in essex, on tuesday. translate... but it is back of house local media say lifeboats that the real serious were forced to turn back work is going on to cut because of the conditions. down on food waste. can you tell me how this system works? engines are now said to be running of course, let me show you. and the viking sky may attempt to reach shore this morning but it here we have trimmings, will all depend on the weather. laughter. trimmings are what is left over simon clemison, bbc news. from the chef when he is preparing the dishes. yeah, sure, no problem. they are still very much food waste and we want to identify leading transplant surgeons say it is a good last question. the uk's current system good last question. and categorise these in order to be for handling organ donations we do not usually do things able to plan better with our menus. like that, that's a first let's give it a try. is at breaking point. at our press conferences and it we will throw it into the bin. doctors have told bbc is not something we will five live investigates encourage the rest to ask. the system now is showing us there are fears the nhs may not be able to cope with demand that the weight has been added when england moves to an opt—out
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to the scales, we will categorise it system for donations next year, now, we say yes, and then which may result in more operations. it is going to come he looks very relaxed. up with trimmings... and i will identify trimmings, presenter adrian goldberg and it is as simple as that. mick mccarthy says he hated every minute as the republic of ireland and the weight is coming up there... narrowly beat gibraltar 1—0. yeah. is here with us now to explain more. jeff hendrick scored the only goal of the game early in the second half but it was far from vintage from the irish. what we're going to do is we're this is an interesting one. we have mccarthy described it as a horrible game. actually put the food that's been hearing about the opt out 0n the subject of horrible games, on the guest plates into the trough, scotland will be desparate to put their humiliating defeat it will wash down into the machine system but now your research itself, the composting machine, like that. suggests that could cause a problem to kazakhstan behind them today. there we go. this is now segregating in itself. transplantation is a real on paper, it should be simple to do it to allow us to — they play san marino, actually take out anything that is soluble, and then the food officially the worst will then go through to nhs success story. 5000 people have side in the world. the next stage which boss alex mcleish says it's the perfect opportunity is composting. to put things right. ah, that's better. we can hear each other now. their lives saved, their lives the only apology we can give transformed. the chair of the the fans is to go out as the machine takes and when the next game. away all the solubles, we are fans as well. chapter of surgeons says the system you know, i followed the team as a young man and always proud it will then go off is already running at more than full to wear the jersey and to the composting room, all the food that has been left over goes off to the composting room, the composting room then takes throttle, a breaking point. he says all of the final solubles some of his colleagues have to work these guys are as well. out of the food and dries it, and this is the end product, 36 hour shifts with operation this is what you end up with. sometimes having to be cancelled because there are not intensive care this is what it turns into. northern ireland meanwhile play it is so heavy, how much food is this?
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belarus in belfast tonight. this is a day's room service. beds and operating theatres it's a big game for them a whole day's worth of room service available. a new system comes into in qualifying with games against the netherlands waste is squeezed into a bag and germany to come. like this. place next year where in theory more as for england, they play montenegro it is amazing isn't it, this will go on to be used organs should be donated and he is as farming compost, asking where is the extra resources tomorrow and spirits back into the land. this goes back into the system are still high to help create food. to deal with that. the idea of from that 5—0 win over that's right, one big cycle. the czech republic on friday, sustainability in a bag, i like it. because the unicorns are back. remember these from the world cup so far through smart monitoring organs going to waste is appalling. in russia last year? good to see that they're very much still very much part of its menu and waste, it is not just organs going to waste is appalling. it is notjust the patient receiving of the england set—up. this hotel reckons it's preventing the equivalent of around the organ but the family around the 120,000 meals being simply donor. the fact that it happens at thrown away every year. whatever it takes, that is what i all, and now we have this system say. but it's notjust food that's tyson fury‘s getting back being looked at in more into the ring this summer to fight sustainable ways in dubai. german heavyweight tom schwarz. there were rumours of a re—match coming on stream, increasing the with deontay wilder, flow of organ and we have such a or a super—fight scene medic saying the system at the it's estimated that each year over moment cannot cope so let's ring in with anthonyjoshua. 150 million empty glass bottles but fury‘s gone with are discarded here, with a lot things that can allow the system to the 2a—year—old unbeaten german. of them coming from they'll fight in las vegas, hotels and restaurants. and it's the first of five bouts but now there is a move to do work and more lives to be saved. as part of a multi—million pound deal that fury signed something else with them. and you can hear more on this with an american broadcaster. investigation on 11:00 o'clock anjali srinivasan is there was a shock an award—winning glass blower. on radio 5 live and defeat for naomi 0saka at the miami 0pen tennis. and her studio here in dubai has the bbc sounds app. joined forces with a local waste
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0saka's won the last management company to put we are going to speak to a surgeon a two grand slam events lots of that unwanted glass and is the world number one, to good use. so you don't call this recycled glass little later at about 8:10 a.m.. but she was beaten in three sets anymore, you call it upcycled — why? the uk will fly out twenty tonnes by taiwan's hsieh su—wei. of aid to help those affected meanwhile serena williams has pulled by cyclone idai out of the tournament in south east africa. with a knee injury. nearly two million people we try to take the glass are thought to have been affected in the bottle in its originalform, by the flooding in mozambique, and try to make it something malawi and zimbabwe. having a lot more value, in the men's draw the number of people declared dead and that is what makes it rose sharply yesterday britain's dan evans is out. different from recycling. after authorities hence "upcycling." he lost in three sets confirmed more deaths. it now stands at around 700, to canada's denis shapovalov, losing the final point but it is all sustainable? on a double fault. and is expected to rise further. kyle edmund now the only brit left in the draw, it is absolutely, so what happens he plays milos raonic later today. barbra streisand has apologised for comments she made about allegations that michael roger federer is through is if we had not made a candle stand to the third round, jackson sexually abused boys. but he didn't have it all his own way against radu albot. out of this bottle it would have the singer told a newspaper probably ended up in the landfill, that she believed the allegations against the late superstar he had to come back from a set down and it takes a million years but said his actions for a glass bottle... "didn't kill" the accusers. to beat the world number a6, a million years? absolutely, for a glass bottle only breaking serve in to decompose in a natural the penultimate game. environment. ms streisand said she was profoundly sorry for any pain with the six nations one of the things i notice she'd caused with words done and dusted, which did not reflect all eyes on domestic here in dubai is everything her true feelings. rugby for the rest of the season. and defending premiership champions is bling, everything is flash, it is all about new. saracens earned a hard fought win and old and second—hand a former top civil servant over harlequins at at the treasury has said the london stadium. doesn't seem to the new high speed rail line, two tries from australian me to be something that people hs2, should be scrapped. will skelton helped them come
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from behind to win lord macpherson's comments come by 27 points to 20. it keeps sarries second. here in dubai are into. at a time of mounting concern about the cost of the project, there were also wins the reason you see a lot of things which is expected to for gloucester, worcester and relegation threatened newcastle. here which are new and bling come in at £56 billion. hs2 says it will return is because it's a young country, double the investment a lot of the things and structures and create hundreds ofjobs. that you see here have probably come up only in the past in the pro 1a, leaders glasgow made few years. but having said that, voting is under way in thailand's it five wins in a row first general election with a bonus point the uae and dubai have set since the military ousted victory over the cheetahs. themselves a target of 75% the civilian government scott cummings scored the fifth of recycling and waste five years ago. diversion by 2021. and final try at scotstoun. 0spreys, ulster wow, 75%. turnout is expected to be high, with seven million thais and munster also won. eligible to vote for the first time. where are they at at in the super league, the moment in terms nick beake is live in bangkok bottom side leeds rhinos' poor start of recycling, or upcycling? to the season has continued, after defeat to for us this morning. we are about 25—30%. the catalans dragons. we are talking about doubling? it is expected the military will they were beaten 26—22 in france. absolutely. hold onto power? there is fouad yaha scoring four of catalans' five tries, and initiatives like this are a step including this effort seven minutes from time, which secured victory. in the right direction. while there are some who say there were no medals for great britain at that the very idea of building anticipation and excitement in the gymnastics world cup a city in the desert is pretty bangkok this morning. this is one of in birmingham, with a costly mistake on the uneven bars costing unsustainable in itself, the many open air polling stations. dubai has never been a place that british champion ellie downie. has been short on ambition, they come to register and cast their trying a new element to her routine, and it has set some impressive ballot. the runners are making away downie missed the high bar completely and fell onto the mats. targets in terms of clean fortunately she was ok but the error energy and waste. oh, look at this. cost her any chance of a medal,
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around the lake in the 35 degrees finishing down in seventh ifeel a little bit nervous. heat. lots of people excited because and with more and more of us they are casting their votes for the looking for that eco—friendly element to our holidays, we will first time in eight years. these are some of the candidates. as you say, be keen to know if they manage to reach them. yeah, look at that! the military really in control and if they change the electoral set up it could have been worse! face laughs. i'm making glass cups! in the past two years though it is a lot more difficult for opposition planted on a mat is pretty bad. parties to take power. despite 80 parties to take power. despite 80 it could have been worse! face planted on a mat is pretty badm parties trying to win votes, it boils down to a simple question — do is not a good idea. it was so brave they want the status quo? do they and she was trying something new. she can defend her european title in april in poland. she is a brilliant well, that's it for this week. wa nt join us next week when we follow they want the status quo? do they want a junta to be running the show the ellis family from america gymnast and she will be back to her as they prepare to take their first ever flight with their two severely autistic twins, heading or opposition party? we know there best before we know it. it is just a for the world's first—ever theme park for special bit unfair because we focus on the needs kids in texas. are 7,000,001st—time voters. a new crying. oh, oh, i'm so sorry! things that go wrong because it i'm so sorry! but will they make it there? party has been created, a looks so awful. but how many times i'm so relieved that that part is over. now let's just get to the gate. in training would she do that. she charismatic ao—year—old billionaire make sure you join us leads that and we will see how many for that, if you can. has got so much to look forward to this year. thank you. but in the meantime, votes he gets. we expect to see some you can follow us in all the usual indication about how the parties it was the daring wartime prison ways on social media. breakout that inspired a hit but for now, from me, ade adepitan,
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have done this evening but do not hollywood film and today marks and all the travel show team, expect any concrete results. lots of it's goodbye from dubai. the 75th anniversary negotiations behind the scene is the great escape. potentially a coalition government is put together. the plan had been for around 200 the main findings of the inquiry prisoners of war to escape into alleged interference from the german camp through a network of tunnels but, in the 2016 us presidential election are expected in the end, only 73 reached freedom. to be published today. the special counsel, robert mueller, has not recommended any further indictments, robert hall is at the site but the attorney general, of the camp in zagan who was handed his report on friday, good morning, welcome to breakfast in western poland. with ben thomson and rachel burden. is yet to decide how much of it 0ur headlines today: we all know the film, inspired by pressure mounts on theresa may. will be made public. senior conservatives say they've a mexican volcano has unleashed told the prime minister her brexit a powerful explosion, these true events. explain what is sending a column of ash deal is more likely to get support there. good morning. if! had been 4,000 feet into the air. standing here in march 19aa, i would if she stands down. the volcano, called popocatepetl, is a0 miles south of the capital, have been standing inside heart 10a, mexico city, and at nearly 18,000 feet is the country's the spot from where the escape rescue teams are airlifting passengers including british second highest summit. passengers including british passengers from a stricken cruise began. it was one of three tunnels, its name, popocatepetl, is the aztec ship. ‘raring to go'... gareth bale puts his word for "smoky mountain". this is harry. the others were tom real madrid woes behind him, as wales kick off their euro and dick. they extended out under 2020 qualifying campaign. over the past few weeks, we'll be in poland the volcano has become more active, to remember the great escape — prompting the authorities to put a seven mile exclusion zone
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the wire. 0n the top of this in place. commemorative slab marking the root of the names of the escape is. those pretty terrifying pictures. very in the blue are the ones that were recaptured. those in black 50 dramatic. it's been another rollercoaster week as far as brexit is concerned murdered by the gestapo. look at how and it's dominating the front pages of most of papers this morning. yes, and with that in mind we're far the tunnel stretches, right into doing a special brexit version of our paper review. the trees in the distance. the conditions are down here were senior politics lecturer kathryn simpson is here to give us her analysis of the headlines. terribly hard. it is a sandy soil we'll speak to kathryn in a minute. and it collapses. they topped it up with wood from their beds and what let's take a look at today's front pages: the sunday times talks of a "cabinet coup" to ditch they could find. it also leads to theresa may for an emergency prime minister, which it says could be david lidington. they could find. it also leads to the spot where the commemorations will be taking place later today. commemorations that began last night with an event which reminded us all of what happened in march 19aa. let's have a look at it. on the edge the sunday express says britain is marching towards election disaster and speaks of fears at nunber 10 that there could be of zagan forrest, british airmen
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a vote of no confidence in the prime minister. prepared to make a dash for freedom. a story that unfolded here on a the sunday telegraph also speaks of a plan to oust may snowy night went 200 prisoners of with cabinet ministers told war queued up for what they hoped by senior tories to "step up". would be the largest ever mass and finally the sunday mirror escape. a story brought to us by leads with what it says is an exclusive, saying jack shepherd has told friends some of hollywood's biggest stars. he is ready to return to the uk to face charges of killing charlotte brown on a trip working in the secret, teams of on his speedboat. prisoners spent months tunnelling through the sandy soil while others prepared civilian clothes and forged the common theme is brexit and identity papers. thanks to the earlier we heard from the journalist who wrote for the times. the effo rts identity papers. thanks to the efforts of local polish volunteers, interesting thing for me is quite it is still possible to get a taste of what the real—life escapism went staggering degree of anonymity seems through. this reconstruction may not to have broken out and this prime contain the hazards of the great escape tunnel but it does give me a minister, her names are numbered. real sense of the claustrophobia and the performance should put in last the effort needed to hole the man to
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the effort needed to hole the man to the tunnel exit. you will be put on week with a fairly disastrous or get onto a trolley and you will statement to the nation and change in policy to and from from one day to the next has undermined the trust be held up to the other. you also of her cabinet in her performance and a lot of seen her as someone who know there are people going out. has this personal brand of being fairly solid, a little bit dull but she has been to that brand by changing position in the space of according to what the goons are doing on the other side of the wire. two or three days and they no longer the tunnel, harry, hadn't reached trust her and they are looking for somebody else to ta ke take things up. the tree line. just 76 got out before the alarm was sounded. this is his story. you were sunrise the next day brought a listening to that interview. what massive surge. 73 men were did you make of what you heard and eventually captured. 0n hitler's what you read? this is an excellent orders, 50 were murdered by the article that really gets into the nitty—gritty of what we have seen in gestapo. and all these other a really dramatic week of brexit. it names. . . gestapo. and all these other names... these are the people who seems to me every week is a big we re names... these are the people who were taken away and murdered. they brexit week but this week has been unprecedented. what is interesting is because out to names, in particular david lidington, to take
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we re were taken away and murdered. they were taken away and murdered. they were taken away and murdered. they were taken away in groups of three and in turn. as potential prime orfourand were taken away in groups of three orfour and were were taken away in groups of three or four and were executed by the minister but also talks about side of the road. after the war, michael gove and this is almost a members of the raf police whose direct answer to what has been seen su ccesses members of the raf police whose successes will join today's commemorations track down 38 of the killers. most of them were tried and in the other papers. in telegraphed, example, the names for potential to sentenced to death. the man in charge at the time, he went through prime minister, nicky morgan in particular. this is interesting the observation door inquiries. he chased down every lead, no matter because they talk of nicky morgan as how trivial and, i think that the unity candidate who could take doggett determination, was the driving factor. nature is slowly over negotiations. but michael gove and david lidington's names do not reclaiming what is left and the last feature in this paper. there is this escape has left us but their story is still being told, under the tall kind of call for the prime minister to potentially step down but a lack pines zagan. it is here in the of unity even within the cabinet about who it should be. nicky morgan forest the timer was supposed to has been a staunch remainer. i know her recent moves 3s emerge. the tunnel actually ended
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has been a staunch remainer. i know her recent moves as suggested she wa nts to her recent moves as suggested she wants to see a way through the exit here, in the open, a few yards from impasse but even still, it is hard the wire and not too far from the to see how the hardline brexiteers would want her or david lidington. nearest century post. that replica is pretty much on the spot. this is the exit and people who saw the film absolutely. 0ne would want her or david lidington. absolutely. one of the things morgan would remember, they set up a system of tugs on the rope to tell the has been supportive of is that prisoners it was safe to come out people want the government to get on when the guards were not close. so with it and isn't that what theresa may has been saying throughout her it was a tremendous pull on german negotiations? it is extremely complex and it will be an resources nevertheless. 76 men on the run. the whole of this area was interesting 38 hours. clearly, who mobilised and most of them were would want the job and why would recaptured. i think there was a they think they could do anything sense of disbelief. i remember dick churchill, who sadly died a month differently? that is a really valid ago, he was telling me that they point because of the prime minister thought the men who vanish would come back eventually. sadly that was feels she has done the most she can do. the eu 27 have been clear on not the case. you heard about the that recommendations, in particular after thursday's council meeting. we
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huge operation where few men would scour germany to find the man. from now have the 22nd of may or potentially april 12 depending on zagan back to you. what happens at home. what can any prime minister do to really change the perspective. the most extraordinary story. it ta kes you the most extraordinary story. it takes you back to the reality after being used to the fictionalised version. the difference between we have had people are unhappy with success and failure... we will be her leadership but she seems to have back with robert a little later. it carried on in her rather dogeared style. it is that doggedness now which is working against her. and looked like a glorious morning over in western poland. not quite as sunny for the uk. here's louise with a look at this morning's weather. the highlight of that was her speech on wednesday criticising mps. not too bad, though, and use a the highlight of that was her speech on wednesday criticising mp5. you see that in the son's article in double digits by the end of the week? yes and you have been a tough audience to crack on the sofa this particular comparing the brexit negotiations into injury time and morning so i thought i would go back to the sunshine and a much better start in devon in comparison to extra time, saying the eu has now yesterday. some rain around further
7:17 am
blown the whistle on brexit north and west. a beautiful rainbow negotiations which is quite an interesting analogy to compare brexit to and where we are at the moment. they need a gareth but plenty of showers. this weather front will be a nuisance today and southgate. in case you need it is bringing a strengthening wind and a rash of showers elsewhere, a something that is slightly un— brexit related, theresa may has a fondness for a certain coat. she has quieter theme. some are falling as won this all month in strasberg, snow. the rain will drift stealth —— westminster, brussels, it is by an italian fashion label and they are south and east. this is nine or ten really saying that one of the best in the morning and you can see the things about this code is you can show is moving across through scotland. eventually they will push change the sleeves, you can take them out, you can make itjust a down into the north of england but weakening all the time. pretty much wool coat and what they say, other words, theresa may can leave the what you have at the moment across coat behind while remaining in the england and wales is what you will keep for much of the day. decent basic structure just like her brexit sunshine coming through. a bit deal which i thought was a nice way of putting her coat. i only have one cooler in scotland. 7—10. the front warm winter coat. was yours 920
7:18 am
quid? no. she is getting her money will speak —— sink southward with a band of cloud. it will be a chilly ‘s worth. how many codes do you own? start of the working week. low —— own? ‘s worth. how many codes do you own? -- own? i have a couple. -- coates. figures. a touch of frost likely in sheltered spots. largely fine and i have a serious coat. maybe i need to get one of these. who knows what dry. high pressure will stay with us and a good deal of dry weather. more we will be talking about when sunshine coming through but that we next meet. here's louise with a look at this morning's weather. will continue with chilly nights. i good morning. iwant pressure will drift eastwards as we go through the week and a subtle good morning. i want a good morning. iwant a bit change in wind direction which could good morning. i want a bit of affect the feel of the weather. 0n appreciation next time when i hand monday, the wind is still coming back to you. i think it was like, from a north—westerly direction. clouding over in the north—west with yeah, 0k, back to you. i think it was like, a scattering of showers. highest yeah, ok, thanks for that. back to you. i think it was like, yeah, ok, thanks forthat. i back to you. i think it was like, yeah, ok, thanks for that. i have shown you to sunrise pictures and here is a beautiful photograph of a rainbow first thing this morning. values of 8—13. louise, yes, we are across the far north—west as you can see from this weather front and
7:19 am
a tough audience to crack. elsewhere, high pressure in the driving seat. a real rush to the now on breakfast, it's time for the travel show. coming up this week on the travel show: north—west at the moment. they will i'm in dubai to find out how they sweep south and east across are trying hard to make holidays more sustainable here. so that goes back into the land, scotland. elsewhere, it is a back into the system to help create food? correct, one big cycle. sustainability in a bag, i like it. beautiful start. some glorious weather watchers of early morning sunrise, particularly across the south coast where we haven't seen that much. most of the showers will ease in the far north of scotland as the weather front pushes out into the weather front pushes out into the north of england. after a chilly start, it will warm up gradually through the afternoon. in the sunshine, it will feel pleasant enough. as we go through the
7:20 am
overnight period, the weather front sinks. temperatures are falling away and it will be a chilly old start to our monday morning. low— single figures quite widely. early mist and fog lifting and it will be a pretty dry week ahead. just like last week, high pressure is in control but there will be more in the way of sunshine in comparison to last week. that will leave chilly nights. it d rifts east that will leave chilly nights. it drifts east as we go through the week and that will bring a slow, su btle week and that will bring a slow, subtle change in wind direction. we will keep the north—westerly so that means on exposed coasts, a bit cooler. lots of sunshine for many. further north and west, a weak weather front brings showery rain.
7:21 am
highest values of ten and 13 degrees. don't be caught out on the exposed coast. warming up for many. as we go through the week, you could see high—teens in some points. we do appreciate you, you know that, louise, even when you bring us the dodgy weather. you got out of bed the wrong side this morning, didn't you? you don't have to sit next to her! i literally didn't know what bed i was getting out of this morning. never mind which aside! i ended up in one of my kids beds. i just didn't know where i was. thanks for clarifying. it's the most popular race on the planet, but several charities have criticised the london marathon for allowing the same organisations to benefit every year. since it was first held almost a0 years ago, nearly a billion pounds has been raised for good causes, but there are complaints about the model used to allocate fundraising places.
7:22 am
dominic tinner is head of fundraising at seashell trust which has never managed to secure a charity place. and you are hoping that will change. people won't understand how these places are allocated. you have to go into a ballot. you apply for a place. we can now apply for one place. we can now apply for one place every few years but the truth is, the very big charities there at the outset have these golden bonds which they keep forever so it is almost impossible but impossible for smaller charities like us to get a foot on the rung of the ladder. so that allocation is predetermined. so they buy the places in return for
7:23 am
guarantees of certain levels of fundraising? yes, and then you try and maximise the funding from that but withjust one and maximise the funding from that but with just one place every few years and it's the first time we had a place in the 2018 marathon and we could apply for one for next year. i realise there are 160,000 charities across the uk and not all of them are fundraising but i think there must be a more equitable way of dolling up the part. why is the london marathon so important? why is that so important to get a place? london marathon so important? why is that so important to get a place7m you ask people that a rental running, the one marathon they want to do on the —— bucket list is the london marathon and we get approached by supporters of owls who are keen runners asking if they can get a place and we just can't offer it. what they will do is go to another charity to see if they can use one of their places to run for a different charity but we want them to run for us. because it is the
7:24 am
simplest way to get in to the london marathon, to assign yourself to a certain charity. and also if people have a place, would you consider running for seashell trust? and that is very difficult. i was reading that the current charity ballot that you refer to means that a charity is likely to gain a place every other year. well that hasn't been our experience, i have to say. we did get one in 2018. we have now been told we could apply for 2020. there is no guarantee and it isjust one place. how would you like to see the system change? it is difficult, there are probably about 165,000 charities, as i say, not all of them would be fundraising. whether it could be done on the fundraising income of charities, some get a huge
7:25 am
amount of legacy income but if it could be based around their annual fundraising income, maybe that would bea fundraising income, maybe that would be a more equitable way of doing it. tell us about the seashell trust. we are a national charity based in manchester for deaf, blind, autistic children, have no ability to communicate verbally. fundraising is vital for us to top up the fees we get from local authorities to get the everyday things they need. you do amazing work, i know that. thank you for coming on. london marathon say they are reviewing the system to allow a broader range of charities to take part. the story of frankenstein has been retold through the generations. and in the 200 years since mary shelley wrote her gothic classic, it's been turned into plays, films, and musicals. now a beatboxing academy in london has brought the story back to life in a totally different way — using just their voices. kate silver reports.
7:26 am
this might sound like any normal musical ensemble, harmonies and percussion, a beta track. —— beat. the difference is, the only instruments being used other performers' mouths. go, my name is ab hb box. i am anita. my name is conrad and i am the director of the beatboxing academy. conrad has been teaching these two since their early teens as part of a young academy being held here at the arts centre in london. it feels like i am untouchable when i am performing. i
7:27 am
can't imagine a world outside of the stage i am on. # these screens are weapons but you really shouldn't pose to that. and now they are tackling mary shelley's frankenstein in a somewhat modern adaptation. # you really shouldn't post that. validated by shares and likes. the book features the outsider and we come from many different backgrounds and we could show that to tell the story. how do you beatbox? our first sound is the boom so we take the vowel sound of it. hmmm, maybe
7:28 am
beatbox is like a language, best learned young. for the teams as they are learning, it provides a reprieve. if you come to the academy, you could do a sick hi hat, you are great, you are wicked. it is important young people get positive comments about what they are doing. it has had a profound impact on abh. it has had a profound impact on abh. it has had a profound impact on abh. it has changed my life entirely. i was going to get into the management world. and in some ways, less profound. i might go to a shop and make a funny sound and someone goes here, have a free doughnut. it works
7:29 am
in mysterious and amazing ways sometimes. # reaching out. it is really, really effective. it is incredible, if you can do it well and the key being doing it well. we will not beatbox the headlines but we will have them for you soon.
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