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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  March 24, 2019 8:00am-9:01am GMT

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hello. this is bbc news, i'm martine croxall. this is breakfast with the headlines at nine. pressure mounts on theresa may. it's goodbye from dubai. ben thompson and rachel burden. senior conservatives tell here's a summary of this the prime minister her brexit deal is more likely to pass morning's main news. if she stands down. theresa may is facing calls her departure is guaranteed. what is not guaranteed to step down as prime minister is her legacy and is from senior conservatives. her legacy going to be that she several newspapers say that mps have told mrs may she's more failed to deliver on the largest mandate that any government has been likely to get her brexit deal through the commons if she promises to resign. given to a referendum or has she downing street has dismissed reports that mrs may could be succeeded in doing that? persuaded to stand aside. good morning, welcome to breakfast we're talking given to a referendum or has she with ben thomson and rachel burden. to the conservative mp nigel evans our headlines today: in about ten minutes. ministers are reported to be split pressure mounts on theresa may. over whether mrs may's de—facto senior conservatives say they've or brexiteer michael gove. protesters marched across central told the prime minister her brexit london yesterday calling rescuers are airlifting for another eu referendum. deal is more likely to get support hundreds of passengers 0rganisers of the ‘put it and crew from a cruise ship, to the people' campaign, off the coast of norway. say more than a million people mozambican authorities say if she stands down. half a million people joined the march before gathering in front of parliament. protesters carrying eu flags and placards called for any brexit rescue teams are airlifting deal to be put to passengers including british passengers including british another public vote. passengers from a stricken cruise rescue helicopters have winched nearly a00 people ship. from a cruise ship which ran ‘raring to go'... into trouble off gareth bale puts his the norwegian coast. real madrid woes behind him, more than a thousand as wales kick off their euro people are still on board 2020 qualifying campaign. we'll be in poland the the viking sky, which lost power to remember the great escape — and was drifting in heavy
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75 years on from the daring wartime prison break—out that inspired the hollywood film. seas and high winds, but managed to drop anchor. it's believed a number of people are injured. good morning, it is a springlike leading transplant surgeons sunny sunday for much of england and say the uk's current system wales. cool and blustery showers further north and west. all the we are getting news that the uk will details from me coming up shortly. it's sunday the 24th of march. fly out to 20 tonnes of aid to help our top story. the cyclone in west africa. theresa may is facing calls to step down as prime minister from senior conservative mps. it's being reported this morning that her brexit deal is more nearly two million people are thought to have been affected likely to be approved by the flooding in mozambique, if she promises to resign. malawi and zimbabwe. our political correspondent the number of people declared dead rose sharply yesterday after authorities confirmed more deaths — it now stands nick eardleyjoins us now. at around 700, and is expected to rise further. voting is under way is there much substance to these in thailand's first general election since the military ousted rumours? there is a lot of the civilian government five years ago. speculation about the prime turnout is expected to be high, with seven million thais eligible to vote for the first time. minister's future and there is a lot a new constitution drawn up of pressure on her to consider it by leaders of the coup is likely to ensure that the military that idea of standing down. the basic argument some are making is
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retains its grip on power. that she goes and somebody else was in charge of the process, it might you might remember earlier be more likely that her deal could this week on breakfast we spoke with des lally. he's the mortgage broker get through in the coming days. it from brecon, who's been climbing the highest peak in south wales 365 is farfrom get through in the coming days. it is far from guaranteed and from times in one year. where we are setting it looks like a well, after 12 months of battling big ask to have any chance of blizzards and a heat wave, he's now reached getting that deal through parliament. there are any scratch the summit of pen y fan for the final time. he said he had a tear in his eye that —— there are many mps who have as he reached the top and he's not been convinced. it does feel like realairof not been convinced. it does feel like real air of panic at cabinet raised more than £50,000 for charity. level about what happens next, mps he walked up the mountain almost every day, but some days he had to ascend it three times in one day, openly discussing about whether prime minister needs to go to end in order to reach his target. what an achievement. can you imagine the logjam and an expectation of getting to the top and knowing you more broadly that parliament will have got to do it twice more? imagine how sore your legs would be! ta ke more broadly that parliament will take control of the process and he must have legs of iron. just like issue alternatives to the plan. she these guys today. absolutely. gareth has been in trouble before, it is not the first time we have bale is just speculated whether or not she can these guys today. absolutely. gareth bale isjust a different person stay in the top job but it feels these guys today. absolutely. gareth bale is just a different person when he is with wales. the smile on his
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face and different body language. like this morning some serious players are considering whether she stays at all. thank you. we will be wales, start their euro 2020 qualifying campaign today. speaking to nigel evans later this and gareth bale says he's raring to go with international duty appearing to be a welcome distraction from his morning. difficulties at real madrid. they're having a bad season. rescue helicopters have winched around 200 people from a cruise ship he's still scoring goals in spain, which ran into trouble off but hasn't played much and apparently doesn't get the norwegian coast. on with some of his team—mates. he's enjoying his time more than 1000 people including 200 with the national side though, and had an admirer in his british people are still on board pre—match press conference. the viking sky and was drifting in translate? heavy seas and high winds. laughter. a rescue effort above a stricken ship is one thing but the rolling sees below make this quite another. yeah, sure, no problem. it's a good last question. good last question. no sooner has the furniture slid one way, it comes back again. people are left holding on where they can. we don't usually do things like that, that's a first
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some injuries have been reported at our press conferences, but they are not said to be and it's not something we'll life—threatening. encourage the rest to ask! in an auditorium some of the 1300 passengers on board wait to be taken off as others clearly enjoying himself. are helped to fit life jackets. mick mccarthy says he hated every the viking sky sent minute as the republic out a distress call after suffering engine failure with of ireland narrowly beat gibraltar1—0. jeff hendrick scored the only rough conditions off the west coast of norway. goal of the game early in the second half but it was far some waves were said to be from vintage from the irish. more than 30 feet high. mccarthy described it passengers have been flown to shore in an operation which has been as a horrible game. taking place throughout the night. the ship was due to arrive 0n the subject of horrible games, scotland will be desperate in tilbury in essex on tuesday. to put their humiliating defeat local media say lifeboats were forced to to kazakhstan behind them today. turn back because of the conditions. on paper, it should be simple to do. engines are now said to be running they play san marino, officially the worst side and the viking sky may attempt to in the world. boss alex mcleish says it's the perfect opportunity reshore this morning, but it to put things right. will all depend on the weather. the only apology we can give simon clemison, bbc news. the fans is to go out and win the next game. we are all hurting. we're fans as well. you know, i followed the team as a young man and always proud voting is under way in thailand. 7 to wear the jersey and
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million thais are eligible to vote for the first time. there is these guys are as well. as for england, they play montenegro tomorrow and anticipation and excitement here in spirits are still high from that 5—0 win over the czech bangkok this morning. this is one of republic on friday because the many open air polling stations the unicorns are back. they have set up so it means boaters what a relief! coming here to register and cast remember these from the world cup their ballots have to negotiate the in russia last year? runners who are making their way good to see that they're around the lake in 35 degrees heat. still very much part of the england set—up. lots of people are excited because they are casting their vote for the whatever it takes! first time in eight years. the tyson fury‘s getting back into the ring this summer to fight military really are in control and german heavyweight tom schwarz. there were rumours of a re—match they have changed the electoral set with deontay wilder, or a super—fight with up they have changed the electoral set up in the past two years so it makes anthonyjoshua, but fury‘s gone with the 2a—year—old ita up in the past two years so it makes it a lot more difficult for unbeaten german. opposition parties to take power so they'll fight in las vegas, and it's the first of five bouts despite there being more than 80 as part of a multi—million—pound deal that fury signed parties trying to win votes it boils with an american broadcaster. down to a very simple question for there was a shock defeat for naomi 0saka the ties to answer. do they want the at the miami 0pen tennis. 0saka's won the last status quo, do they want the hunter two grand slam events to be running the show, or a and is the world number one, coalition of opposition parties to but she was beaten in three sets by taiwan's hsieh su—wei.
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come to the fore and change the meanwhile serena williams has pulled direction of thailand? it is hard to out of the tournament say which way it will pan out. we with a knee injury. know there are 7,000,001st time voters and there is a new electoral in the men's draw, britain's dan evans is out. he lost in three sets to canada's denis shapovalov, losing force and a charismatic elinor leads the final point on a double fault. that. we suspect we will get some kyle edmund is now the only brit left in the draw. indication of how the parties have he plays milos raonic later today. done this evening but do not expect any concrete results. we think in the next few weeks there will be with the six nations done negotiations behind the scene as a and dusted, all eyes are on domestic potential coalition government is rugby for the rest of the season. put together. and defending premiership champions saracens earned a hard fought win the uk will fly out twenty over harlequins at the london stadium. tonnes of aid to help those affected two tries from australian by cyclone idai in south east will skelton helped them come africa. from behind to win by 27 nearly two million people points to 20. it keeps sarries second. are thought to have been affected there were also wins for gloucester, by the flooding in mozambique, worcester and relegation malawi and zimbabwe. threatened newcastle. the number of people declared dead rose sharply yesterday in the pro 1a, leaders after authorities confirmed more deaths — it now stands glasgow made it five wins at around 700, and is in a row with a bonus point victory over the cheetahs. expected to rise further. scott cummings scored the fifth and final try. 0spreys, ulster
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and munster also won. in the super league, barbera streisand has apologised bottom side leeds rhinos' poor start for comments she made about allegations that to the season has michaeljackson continued after defeat to sexually abused boys. the catalan dragons. the singer told a newspaper that she believed the allegations they were beaten 26—22 against the late superstar in france despite having but said his actions a decent lead early on. "didn't kill" the accusers. ms streisand said the rhinos have now lost five she was profoundly sorry for any pain she'd caused with words in a row, and were in a relegation which "did not reflect battle last season. her true feelings." looks like more of the same to come if that run continues. a former top civil servant at the treasury has said the new high speed rail line, there were no hs2, should be scrapped. medals for great britain at the gymnastics world cup lord macpherson's comments in birmingham, with a costly mistake come at a time of mounting concern on the uneven bars costing british about the cost of the project, champion ellie downie. trying a new element to her routine, which is expected to come downie missed the high bar in at £56 billion pounds. completely and fell onto the mats. fortunately she was ok but the error cost her any chance of a medal, hs2 says it will return double the investment finishing down in seventh. and create hundreds ofjobs. it could have been worse, couldn't it? thank goodness she was ok. you you might remember earlier this week on breakfast, we spoke with des lally — he's the mortgage broker from brecon, who's been climbing feel that. absolutely. the highest peak in south wales 365 it? thank goodness she was ok. you feelthat. absolutely. she it? thank goodness she was ok. you feel that. absolutely. she will look forward to trying to retain her times in one year. european title next month. she is brilliant and hugely talented so i well, after 12 months am sure she will be back and on it of battling blizzards and a heat soon. thank you. let's return to our top story. wave, he's now reached
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the summit of pen y fan for the final time. theresa may is facing calls he said he had a "tear in his eye" from senior conservative mps to step as he reached the top and he's down as prime minister. raised more than 50 thousand they say her brexit deal is more pounds for charity. he walked up the mountain almost likely to pass if she's not in charge of the next every day, but some days he had stage of negotiations. the front page of today's to ascend it 3 times in one day, sunday times reports that as many as 11 ministers have threatened their own resignations in order to reach his target. if mrs may doesn't stand aside. earlier, we spoke to the journalist who broke the story, sunday times what an amazing achievement, congratulations to him. political editor tim shipman. 0verworked doctors, her days are numbered. the performance she put in last week, a shortage of operating theatres with a fairly disastrous statement and difficulties in recruiting staff — to the nation, and changing policy just some of the problems that means too and fro from one day to the the uk's organ donation system is at ‘breaking point‘. next, has undermined the trust of transplant surgeons have told bbc five live investigates that there are fears the system the cabinet in her performance. will struggle to cope with changes which come into force next year in england. a lot of them have seen wales already has her as someone who has this personal brand of being fairly the opt—out system, which has created more donors, solid, a little bit dull, but she has blown that brand up now increasing pressure on hospitals. we can speak now to cardiff—based by changing position on several occassion in the space of two or three days and they no longer trust her. transplant surgeon, mike stephens. good morning to you, it is good of joining us now is one you to talk to us. as we explained of the mps who met
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with theresa may earlier this week, there is clearly a push with this nigel evans. there is clearly a push with this opt out system invoice in wales also executive secretary of the 1922 which will apply in england too. backbench committee, so a man in that should mean there are more touch with what mps are talking about at the moment. is this 0k? organ donors but that creates a touch with what mps are talking about at the moment. is this ok? we don't know. we will see what problem. explain the pressure that transpires. all i can tell you it's puts on you. there are a number of what i do know, and that is that pressures that go with an increase in workload. i suppose you can there is clear discontent on all simply divide it up into two areas. sides of the party at the moment with the way that the handling of brexit has gone. we have seen the 0ne simply divide it up into two areas. one is the difficulty with attending all of the organ donors around the humiliation of theresa may going to brussels, asking for an extension to country in a timely way and the second part is to perform the the deadline, from the 29th of transplant and look after the march. then she was told that they patients who have been transplanted won't open their withdrawal afterwards. it is obviously a really agreement for negotiation, so she positive thing we are looking to has nothing to give the dup. and she increase. 0rgan donors looking to has nothing to give the dup. and she has been given two dates, the 12th t increase. 0rgan donors looking to opt out in england will probably do of may or the 22nd, so it is not that but we need to make sure we have the right resources to looking good. she won a vote of no capitalise on that. where are the confidence in her leadership in december, and at that point you are pressure points because there are many stages to this? clearly the supposed to be immune from a leadership challenge for a year,
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donors and the families but also the according to your party rules. not from a leadership challenge in the recipient, and there are a number of way that you are talking about. sticking points, tell me through certainly from a8 letters going on that process. the first area is actually attending the potential donors to begin with with specialist by backbenchers, yes. but if the cabinet to move on the planet and nurses. we have a team of highly they have no confidence in her, then they have no confidence in her, then the prime minister had clearly lost trained specialist nurses across the her authority completely. 117 voted uk he will go out and attend against the buy minister during the individual hospitals and talk to vote of no confidence, thatjust families. we need more of those over a week ago there was another specialist nurses than we currently vote in parliament on whether there haveif should be an extension of article specialist nurses than we currently have if we are going to have an 50. 112 conservatives were with the increase in donor numbers. we need more retrieval teams, specialist prime minister. 188 conservatives teams who go out to attend we re prime minister. 188 conservatives were against her, including cabinet ministers and 11 works. i believe individual hospitals to retrieve the organs and send them off to the that was the breaking of the authority of the prime minister. transplant centres, and then there since then she had gone to brussels are problems in some transplant units around the country with bed and got this extension until the capacity and also access to theatres 12th of april. how would this work, technically speaking, if enough cabinet mps wanted her to stand out? to do the transplant themselves. can you explain how that would work does this mean we could be in a situation where there are too many asa can you explain how that would work as a process? what if she refused? donated organs for recipients, given the same as what happened to
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margaret thatcher. her cabinet went they will not be enough staff to in one by one and said it is game up. i don't want that to happen, by process them? they will not be enough staff to process them ? many they will not be enough staff to process them? many will find that absolutely incredible. the difficulty is it is not a smooth workload, there are peaks and the way. i want her to get the troughs of activity. we have seven opportunity to get her withdrawal organ retrieval teams for abdominal agreement through. she is yet to put that to the third and meaningful vote. there is all this talk of organ retrieval teams for abdominal having an interim leader, david lidington, michael gove, all that organ retrieval teams for abdominal organ retrieval at any time in the stuff. i think the prime minister, uk but there is not uncommon to be more than ten donors in the country her departure is guaranteed in the short term. it will not be long now. at one point. it means some of those donors will have to wait until eight retrieval team finishes one of the other retrievals before it can attend. that has a number of knock—downs. the donor families attend. that has a number of knock—downs. the donorfamilies have to wait longerfor the knock—downs. the donorfamilies have to wait longer for the retrieval to proceed. but also it means that her departure is guaranteed. what is several of those retrieval teams will attend one retrieval, get back not guaranteed is her legacy. it is to their base hospital and have to her legacy going to be that you fail go out immediately afterwards. that to deliver on the largest mandate that any government has been given isa through a referendum? 0r go out immediately afterwards. that is a problem for us here in cardiff, that any government has been given through a referendum? or has she succeeded in doing that? she will
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our average retrieval time is 12 eitherfail succeeded in doing that? she will either fail or succeed and that will be her legacy. she has at least got hours. it takes 12 hours from the to be given the opportunity over the point of leaving the hospital to next few days to deliver that. we returning so if we are asked to go will talk about that in a second but wednesday was the day when things back out again and do another one really started to change. you had a meeting with your colleagues and you met the prime minister. what immediately we are talking about 2k happened? by all met the prime minister. what happened ? by all accounts met the prime minister. what happened? by all accounts it was a pretty frank discussion, with calls hours plus of constant work so there for her to leave? it was totally are pressure points that are not frank. there was a meeting of four hours where you had the leaders of that it necessarily easy to solve. the minority parties, which david cameron walked out of, because chuka umunna was in the room. what i was he described that the matter of fact but you have been doing this a long surprised about was that nigel dodds time. we have been a consultant for was in that group and he is the chief of the dup in parliament and five years. explain the pressure on you would think that he would be your colleagues on a personal level treated differently, because we rely because of the sort of hours and on the dup to not only govern but pressures , because of the sort of hours and pressures, you want to save people but the system means you cannot do also she needs to rely on them to get their withdrawal agreement over that sometimes. it is a pressure job the line, and she should really have and everything about organ donation been seeing him separately. but then when we went in, a suggestion was transplant is time dependent so every hour we have an organ being made that if she announced the retrieved are not transplanted it timetable of her departure, that there was a much better chance of deteriorates in function which affects the long—term outcome so there is always pressure and we are dealing with several different sides of the story with surgeons involved, her withdrawal agreement going through. people were absolutely
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honest. they were not pulling punches. there is no need at this so we need to be able to retrieve stage now. people are talking about the organs in a careful and safe way. we have got to be thinking a breakdown of trust and it is not that we don't trust what we said about the recipients on the other end of the story. it is good to talk that we don't trust what we said that —— she said, it is we don't to you. thank you for explaining trust her to follow through. people that in the little free time you do have off. we are after half past voted against the deal of their time and for the deal the second time, so you will understand why people are frustrated and they don't know where to turn. you said in your letter eight going to be talking to nigel that you did not want to see her departure, but now you think the eva ns, eight going to be talking to nigel evans, conservative mp for the ribald valley. he is the executive departure, but now you think the departure will be enough to get the deal through. you can see why people set to terry —— executive secretary. are confused. for and then against it and then yes if she leaves? the prime minister made a statement in downing street which was a bit ill judged, to say the least, and she the prime minister is potentially poured blame on all members of parliament, and no doubt we are all facing a leadership challenge, they are talking about a cabinet to to culpable and we have not delivered what the people voted for. but yes, ditch dpm but other papers have a ican
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similar story. it is a story with what the people voted for. but yes, i can fully understand why people some momentum so we are trying to feel better and confused and angry. find out where we are likely to go the prime minister herself has gone in the next week with nigel. to the dispatch box 108 times and there are lots of different routes said much the 29th is the date we this could unfold. she survived a leadership challenge, are leaving and that has been a vote of no confidence. extended to the 12th of april and there is the other date, the 22nd of that means in theory she should stay for a little longer but there are may. certainty will not happen if ways of that being circumnavigated. there is a leadership contest, so what happened ? there is a leadership contest, so what happened? there is no single rising mental health problems in children has professionals asking candidate who will pull together the themsleves what is the best way likes of amber rudd and philip to treat them. hammond on one side and on the other but what if treatment didn't involve adults at all? side savage avid and andrea leadsom. that's an approach being trialled rachel, you're absolutely right. in bradford where children there are deep divisions. who will are being trained to offer mental health support to their classmates. ashleyjohn baptiste has it be? no, this is a common bond visited to find out more. that draws everyone together. the hi, what is your name and how are entire cabinet and conservative you doing? i'm gemma. i am all right party for the last election a couple of years ago on a manifesto that but i have got a little of exam contained leaving the european union. that is all well and good but stress. students in bradford who is the one person who will unite speaking about exam pressures. them? i am secretary to the 22 and i stress. students in bradford speaking about exam pressureslj have speaking about exam pressures.” have to revise and revise because my will help to administer those
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mum and dad want me to do well. they elections and i can't say who i will support. but this is crucial because are mental health campaigns and trained to help students with their there is no point unseating her mental well—being through one and u nless there is no point unseating her unless there is a credible candidate one chats. are you proud? yes, it and if you can't name one? there are makes us happy when we see somebody lots of credible candidates. there will be more runners and riders and who may be does not always feel the grand national, i can assure great and we have helped them. when you. some of them have been on the they grow up they start helping move for the last six months. i'm other people and that makes it not asking you to say who you are better. what makes this pilot unique is that young people are trained to backing. good! give me some options. supporting each other. they can emphasise with each other. in other there are lots of options! then give mea there are lots of options! then give me a name. dominic raab, jeremy —— an adult would care but they not have that lived experience. there are some things that have changed hunt, savage —— sajid javid. from when i was at school with social media. there is no downtime. me a name. dominic raab, jeremy hunt, savage -- sajid javid. david lidington has been doing the rounds. primary schools have also been if david lidington can convince taking part. this year for a's enough mps to get into the last two and then present himself to the mental health board so every morning they get their name and put it on they get their name and put it on the board with the feeling they are feeling. they can come to somebody membership, we will see. the and talk about their feelings. when important thing, and this is a big difference between what happened last time, and i will never forgive young people come to speak to you what sort of advice do you give borisjohnson when he was stabbed in the back by michael gove for walking
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them? you have to tell them you off set. he should never have done that because then there was a should always feel good about coronation. there cannot be a yourself and you should keep trying coronation. there cannot be a coronation this time. the membership deserve to have a choice and a vote between two distinct candidates at yourself and you should keep trying your best. also the faces stand out. least. and whether the british public once that is another matter. the british public isjust this pilot is one initiative but bewildered and wants us to get on with it and i know that and now mps there are others in place across the city aiming to get young people to must deliver. thank you for coming open up. we are at a park in in today, nigel. we will talk about bradford to find out a about another scheme that helps young people with that pretty stormy week in westminster later but what about the their mental health. it is by a rest of the weather? good morning. what you need is a nice quiet charity called emerge. it is a chance to de—stress and come and weather story throughout the week hang out with your friends.” andi weather story throughout the week and i can offer you that. it is a chance to de—stress and come and hang out with your friends. i had a person in my life pass out last year little bit more consistent. dry, so person in my life pass out last year so if anything happened in school settled, beautiful across much of could not think. you cannot get over england and wales. this high the trauma but it helped me live and pressure drift across the country cope with it. it helped me a lot keeping things very quiet indeed. for the time being we have a weather with school life, i have got my front bringing some sharp showers gcses with school life, i have got my gcses coming up, i can focus on that and in the north west of scotland with gusts of wind of a0 to 50 mph instead of other things at home. and so far this morning. and the white with the range of pressures on young people face in bradford it is stuff is snow across the mountains.
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important for them to know there are safe s pa ces important for them to know there are safe spaces where they can go to those showers continue to push south have a chat. and east through the morning and that will bring some rain across central highlands, through the you can take a look back borders and into parts of northern at the bbc‘s we are bradford week later today in a special programme ireland as well. behind it, the at half past twelve showers will become a bit lighter on bbc one yorkshire and less frequent through the afternoon. for the rest of england and later on the bbc iplayer. and wales, pretty much what you have lots of great stories that have come got at the moment you will keep out of bradford. through the day. lovely spring sunshine on offer. that weather front will just bring sunshine on offer. that weather front willjust bring a few showers by the end of the day into the lake district perhaps. 1a degrees in the here's louise with a look sunniest spots in the south—east but at this morning's weather. eight to ten through scotland and it gets colder overnight tonight, because that weather front will wea ken because that weather front will wea ke n to because that weather front will you cannot smile. i am grinning my weaken to a band of cloud across head off. this weather watcher picture is living up to its name. wales and the midlands. elsewhere with clearer skies at this time of there is not a cloud in the sky but year, that will allow the temperatures to fall away quite there are some showers around up to sharply. low single figures to greet there are some showers around up to the north and west, some are quite us first thing tomorrow morning. the chilly start but lovely. lots of sparkling sunshine. high pressure nasty and when the winds in excess
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of 50 to a0 miles an hour. it is a will build and a dry week for many. the real difference with this week weather front and you can see it in comparison to last weekend is moving south and east so a small that there will be more widespread sunshine on offer. as the high improvement into the north west of pressure builds through the week, we scotla nd improvement into the north west of scotland later today but for a time start to see the winds swinging being plenty of showers and some of round to a south—westerly, which those following as snow in the means it will get warmer still. weak higher ground. 0ne those following as snow in the higher ground. one or two are weather fronts toppling across that starting to push into northern i will introduce some cloud and ireland so over the next few hours showery rain into western scotland on monday. elsewhere dry, bright and basing south and east towards the scottish borders and eventually will move into the north west of england sunny. that is what we like to hear. but allowing fewer showers and thank you. brighter conditions to the second it was the daring wartime half of the day. england and wales you will keep into the afternoon prison breakout that inspired what you have got at the moment, a hit hollywood film and today marks the 75th anniversary dry, settled and some lovely spring of the great escape. sunshine and temperatures will peak at 1a degrees. in the sunshine it the plan had been for around 200 will feel pleasant but a little bit prisoners of war to escape from the german camp cooler and fresher up in scotland. through a network of tunnels but, in the end, only three reached freedom. that week by the front pushes its robert hall is at the site of way south and east but dies of when the camp in zagan in western poland. a band of cloud pushing through it is an extraordinary story. take
8:19 am
wales and the midlands overnight. us through what we know once again. clearer skies are behind and winds yes, it is and we have moved to a ina clearer skies are behind and winds in a northerly direction. we will rather unique viewpoint. this is the sentry tower that was on the wire, see low single figures to greet us first thing. it will be one of the classics where you will need your which is where the germans would coat going to work and school and have been sheltering that snowy might not need it into the night in 19aa, and below me is the afternoon. it stays dry for many line of the tunnel codenamed harry with lots of sunshine around the through which the escapers for old week but the nights will remain in or were carried on trolleys during chilly. the reason why is due to this high pressure. we had high that night. it is about 100 metres pressure last week but it was cloudy and virtually under the noses of the for many. high pressure means most german guards. we follow it along of us must eight decent weather with now and you can see right at the far weather fronts skirting across the round the line of trees. they were top introducing cloud in scotland. not there but there was forest at the time and you can probably see but for most of us it is a dry, that little stone just ahead of the trees where the tunnel ended, just settled story but the wind is coming short of the trees, which means that from a north—westerly direction and so on any exposed coast it might be of course those men were coming out of course those men were coming out of that hole in plain view of the a little chilly. that is why we have centuries. they had to wait until got 9 degrees across the nordic the sentries had finished passing coastline. it gets more into the and then use a system of tugs on a week and we could see temperatures rope to tell them to come out one at peaking into the high teens.
8:20 am
warmer still, that is what we want to hear. 17 bytes saturday. that would be nice. you're watching a time. but it was the sentry who breakfast from bbc news, time now for a look went to relieve himself in the trees at the newspapers. who stumbled across one of the prisoners at the point when the 76th man had got out. so the 200 that senior politics lecturer hoped to go didn't and we now know kathryn simpson is here to give that of the 76, 73 were recaptured us her analysis of the headlines. and 50, over half, were murdered on hitler's orders. that is what people will be remembering at the ceremony they are broadly speaking say the is just below me here today. we will same thing which is theresa may's hearin is just below me here today. we will hear ina is just below me here today. we will hear in a moment from a couple of people involved in those ceremonies type may be up. this is across all but first there was an event last night that really recaptured what went on in march, 19aa. the papers this morning but there is a big variation in how the stories 0n the edge of zagan forest, are presented but i think one of the british airmen prepare to make ones i picked out in the observer a dash forfreedom. they're echoing a story that really moves the perspective from uk unfolded here during a snowy night when 200 prisoners of war queued up politics and puts it into the eu 27 for what they hoped would be the largest ever mass escape. parliament. she is losing control a story brought to us by some and uk parliaments may be losing control. this picture speaks a of hollywood's biggest stars. thousand words because it is
8:21 am
basically what a cold the corridors of the european council at article 15 negotiations and shows the key working in secret, teams of prisoners had spent months players. you have got a whole range tunnelling through the sandy soil, whilst others prepared civilian of ambassadors and advisers to all clothes and forged identity papers. eu 27 member states but there is not one brit representative. they are thanks to the efforts of local polish volunteers, clutching about what is going to it's still possible to get a taste happen but this is a great article of what the real—life escapers went through. because it gives a good analysis of what happened during the week and this reconstruction may not contain how the eu formed their opinion and the hazards of the great escape deadline as well as potentially the tunnel but it does give me a real 22nd of may or the 12th of april.” sense of the claustrophobia know it has been asked before and and the effort that must have been asked again, but how did we get to needed to haul those men 100 metres to the tunnel exit. the position where something like this is negotiated with people crouching in a corridor? when you get to the bottom of the shaft, you will be put around one mobile phone trying to on or get onto a trolley work out what is going on. it and you will be hauled up beggars belief. it is extraordinary to the other end. and shows the time we live in and you also know that there are people going out, how connected we are to social area steadily or not so steadily,
8:22 am
to try and understand the up—to—date according to what the goons are doing on the other side of the wire. analysis. that is the ss —— that is but the tunnel, codenamed "harry", hadn't reached the tree line. the essence of brexit. it changes so just 76 of the 200 got out before quickly and the printed press is out the alarm was sounded. sunrise the next day of date. 0ne brought a massive search. quickly and the printed press is out of date. one of the ways to be 73 men were eventually re—captured. up—to—date on the story is a social 0n hitler's orders, 50 of them area and twitter. we have talked a lot about what this whole process would mean in terms of, especially were murdered by the gestapo. amongst young people, the relationship with politicians and politics and democracy. none of this marshall, nelson churchill, cameron, paints politicians in a good light. armstrong and shand. we tended to think they knew a bit and all these other names? more but brexit has proved they are these are the people anything but. the debate in who were taken away and murdered. they were taken away in groups particular around brexit and debates of three or four and were executed about weather we will have a early by the side of a road. general election or the scheduled after the war, members of the raf election in 2022 and how youth will police, whose successors willjoin engage with politics. it is to this today's commemorations, tracked down 38 of the killers. most of them were tried disengagement and this advancement and sentenced to death. the man in charge at the time,
8:23 am
he went through the old fashioned —— disengagement is still there. door—to—door inquiries. young people were involved in the big match in london nec young he chased down every lead, protesters coming out against climate change on a regular basis. no matter how trivial, and i think that dogged determination brexit has the potential to really bea brexit has the potential to really be a topic that people can rally was the driving factor. around. and actually in the face of that disengagement we want to be nature is slowly reclaiming what's pa rt that disengagement we want to be part of this debate because we had left of stalag luft 3 not been part of it. politics in and the last escaper has left us, but their story is still being told, university are brimming over at the under the tall pines of zagan. moment. it is boom time for you lot. i had no idea about this stop cars are built around one body type, this afternoon, ceremonies, which crash test dummies and uniform, and will involve a british contingent and a polish contingent, will take this is a problem for women. this is place around the stone there just at the end of what was tunnel harry. they will be remembering obviously an interesting article. volvo is those who were murdered and also trying to close what they are those who were murdered and also those who were murdered and also those who took part, many more than calling the gender crash gap and the 200, to make that great as it collecting data from the 19 celcius happened. i am joined the 200, to make that great as it happened. iamjoined by the 200, to make that great as it happened. i am joined by a couple of in particular to try and understand those that are part of the ceremony. how they can change current chris, you have a personal manufacturing and try to improve the
8:24 am
safety for women. because women connection to stalag luft three. yes, my uncle was a royal navy especially are a7% more likely to suffer a severe injury in a car observer and he was shot down and accident than men and this was structured around the mild body taken here to stalag luft three and type. volvo have changed their back—seat so they are flatter and he was a guest here until 19a5, the this reduces the event of whiplash and injuries like this. they are also not keeping the data for themselves, this data and analysis they have done is on their website time of the great escape. looking so it is open to all current back on it, he was too tall to go manufacturers to improve safety for through the tunnel. it is quite a women. there is a lovely story in good thing may be that he didn't the telegraph this morning. i spent ta ke good thing may be that he didn't take part, considering the fate of the 50. and tim, you have taken part a lovely afternoon yesterday in the in recreating the guard tower which i was standing on plus a replica of garden. this is about getting kids hut 10a. there is a legacy thing here. although the last great out in the garden and it is great. escapers are gone, although there are some eyewitnesses, they will not be with us for long. for me it is this is a really lovely story and i remembering the veterans and their families from all the nations who think one of the things they say is took part and leaving a legacy for future generations. to be able to this is about notjust getting kids see the positive impact that has had out to fresh air and enjoying nature on the museum here. they have seen thousands more visitors coming, and they have been able to appreciate
8:25 am
but teaching children about biology, what happened and keep that in living memory. thank you very much. botany, but also sociology and chris and tim, we will see you at the ceremonies later. we will be covering events throughout the day younger children can learn to count by planting seeds. but also give late on bbc news, so you can follow it later on, probably early them responsibility as well and have afternoon. thank you very much. the a little patch of their own. my most extraordinary story. children go to a local state primary re—enacting itjust brings it to school that has gardening as a life. and we think we know the story speciality but i guess in a city school you might have less access to those facilities. it is a difficult because we have seen the film so many times but it really brings it one but i think even in cities we to live to see it like that. it is are seeing a rise of people wanting approaching 8:5aam. good morning. the special olympics came allotments but also guidance coming to a close in abu dhabi this week, up allotments but also guidance coming up on rooftops. i think we have with britain enjoying massive almost come full circle on what we success, taking home 169 medals. wa nt almost come full circle on what we want in terms of education and 0ne competitor, kiera byland, beyond the classroom as well. you topped the podium in three cycling events, to match the olympic gold medal haul have a little one on the way. i do of her idol sir chris hoy. not know weather you know what we'll speak to kiera injust a moment, but first let's take flavour it is going to be but if it a look at her triumphant time in abu isa flavour it is going to be but if it is a little girl there is good news to noble people has upped her game dhabi. in the next instalment of toy story.
8:26 am
—— bo peep. it is a little girl. bo peep was last seen in 1999 and in a little dotted dress but in toy story for she is wearing a suit and atta girl. fighting off baddies and she was not as preoccupied with woody the meal toy. when i saw bo peep with attitudes that excited me. thank you so much for coming in. we have said it before, we will say it again. it isa-- given the week's events, it's likely to be another busy programme for andrew marr this week. ecu against the prime minister. i'm kiera is here with us now, alongside michelle carney, who's the chief executive going to be asking the brexit of the special olympics gb. secretary weather he is part of that good morning to you as well and queue or weather he would change anything to get part of the prime
8:27 am
minister right now. i've got the kiera, hello. congratulations, well done. and you have brought the medals with you. just explain. it shadow secretary talking about that was quite a haul, wasn't it? explain and labour's view. i have got nicola how it felt to win them. it was sturgeon, the scottish first amazing because i did a lot of minister and leader of the snp, he training for this and a full—time was on that big match yesterday and couege training for this and a full—time college course as well with all the i have got iain duncan smith talking work and assignments. it was very about leadership now. until then, ha rd to work and assignments. it was very hard to do. i wasjust work and assignments. it was very hard to do. i was just so work and assignments. it was very hard to do. i wasjust so happy work and assignments. it was very hard to do. i was just so happy to get them. talk to us about some of the challenges. when you have an good luck. a busy show. intellectual disability, going to an stay with us, event like this, which is so high headlines coming up. profile, and meeting so many different people, how have you managed that? it is quite hard because i have got to calm down. it is quite exciting and we have our team—mates and our coaches, our head coaches, to help us come down and be 0k
8:28 am
coaches, to help us come down and be ok with it. it is a fantastic experience. there was a brilliant device because you had these badges that you are sharing with competitors from all over the world. show us those. it was one way of getting to talk to people and breaking the ice a bit. yes, because athletes from different countries, their first athletes from different countries, theirfirst language may athletes from different countries, their first language may not be english, and if you want to interact and talk to them, a great thing is to do pen swaps. michelle, you are chief executive of the special 0lympics. how important are they? very important. we are different from the olympic movement because we are not just about from the olympic movement because we are notjust about elite sports. we provide sporting opportunities every day that the week and every week of the year. events like the world games are a phenomenal platform for us to tell the story of the difference at the special olympics makes in people's lives. we had over 300 family members over in abu dhabi with us and 128 athletes. the difference having parents seeing their child, who they have fought their child, who they have fought their entire lives for, to be on a world stage with 7500 athletes from
8:29 am
200 countries was astonishing. some of the athletes had never been on an aeroplane before and some of the pa rents aeroplane before and some of the parents hadn't. it is a massive showcase and a platform for the important work that we do at the special olympics. how did you get into cycling, kiera? how did you realise it was something you are quite good at? as a young age, i started, that i struggle to balance, soi started, that i struggle to balance, so i hada started, that i struggle to balance, so i had a break, and then i got into it again in manchester at the velodrome. i struggled with the balance and big ears. i had tojust focus on a balance. then i gradually got back to it. —— i struggled with the balance and the gears. then i did a local competition and i did all right, actually! and that is how i got into the special olympics. i went to the games for mac really and i got my three gold medals. —— i
8:30 am
went to the games four years ago. just like sir chris hoy. thank you for bringing them in. i was really surprised by how heavy the medals were. thank you very much. it was great to talk to you. you can see more on the special olympics and on kiera's journey, in a documentary called the kennedy who changed the world which is on bbc iplayer now. take a look at that. whatever you are up to for the rest of your sunday, that is all for today. it will be dan and louise back with you tomorrow. goodbye.
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