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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 25, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines: the prime minister admits she still has no majority for her brexit agreement, but she tells mps that approving her deal is still the best way to avoid a no—deal brexit. it is with great regret that i have had to conclude that as things stand there is still not sufficient support in the house to bring back the deal for a third meaningful vote. in the us, democrats call for the full report into whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia to be published, after a summary of the document clears him. protests about the teaching of lgbt rights at some primary schools in birmingham — but the woman who runs this one says she won't be resigning. measles cases on the rise — calls for action to combat fake information on social media
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about the mmr jab. # the sun ain't gonna shine any more...#. the singer scott walker, one third of the walker brothers, who also went on to achieve solo success, has died at the age of 76. in a moment, it will be sportsday, but first a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news: in beyond 100 days in half an hour, christian will be talking to the foreign office minister alan duncan, who has some strong words for his party. at 10pm, bbc news will bring you a brexit special as this evening's key votes happen in parliament. and at 11:30pm, we'll bring you a look at tomorrow's front pages in the papers.
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that's all ahead on bbc news. now though, it's sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday. sterling work got england's fans raving after their opening euro 2020 qualifier. it's montenegro next. i'm here and podgorica where england will have to handle a fiery atmosphere. boxed off — casey wins on the pga tour and donald makes the top ten. krygios is being underhand again, but it pays off in miami. also coming up in sportsday: germany mark the start of a new era in style.
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england are on a high after their opening euro 2020 qualifying win, but it's back to work for sterling and co in montenegro tonight. our correspondent andy swiss is there for us. andy, first of all, you mention in the headlines talk of an intense atmosphere for this one. what is it like their rig onto it's relative quiet here around the stadium at the moment. if you go a couple of hundred yards down the road, it's pretty lively atmosphere, hundreds of fa ns pretty lively atmosphere, hundreds offans singing, pretty lively atmosphere, hundreds of fans singing, dancing, chanting, letting off a few flares. mainly
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montenegrin fans, but we think there are around 650 england fans that have made the journey out here. they know it will be a pity fiery atmosphere inside the grounds. they will remember 2013, when joe atmosphere inside the grounds. they will remember 2013, whenjoe hart had missiles thrown at him when there was a pitch invasion. england could only draw matches are really should have won. it will be a test of temperament for this young side and gareth southgate knows that his tea m and gareth southgate knows that his team are in for a hostile environment. i was here the last time england played, so i know passion the supporters have here for their country. of course, that gives a huge lift to their own team, but that's the sort of challenge our players have faced many times before. so we have to make sure our mentality is right and our discipline is right and we focus on the things we can affect. one of the
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thing southgate can affect is the team, has he changed a winning formula? he has, there are four changes to the side that beat the czech republic on friday. he has announced his starting 11 football in the last few moments. they are... the two names that leap out are declan rice and callum hudson—0doi, both making their first starts for england. tech when rice came on as a substitute against the czech republic, just 20 years old, some season republic, just 20 years old, some season for him. but what about callu m season for him. but what about callum hudson—0doi, just 18. he hasn't even started a premier league match for chelsea, but here he is, starting for his country. it has been a stratospheric rise for him.
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all eyes on those two when they get under way at 7:45pm at 7:45pm your time. thank you very much. it's only qualifying, but already france, spain, belgium and england head the betting for outright winners. unusually, both germany and the netherlands — whose recent form has been questionable — are some way behind in the lastest odds, but that could change pretty soon. the two sides met on sunday night in a great game that germany won 3—2. football journalist johannah franden joins us from france. thank you for coming on sport stay. how good the these two teams look for you? very good, they more or less had one half each weather looks really good. germany were the stronger team in the end, but the netherlands surprised me the most, missing out on the world cup and getting rid of lots of the old stars, and this is a newborn germany and netherlands and it's fascinating to see the likes of memphis to pie,
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you are frankie dejong making something out of the netherlands team. where as this is like the germany team that no ticket ever beats, no matter how good you are. two young teams, two brave teams, and very entertaining to watch. they're looking good, early days, i know, and there is talk that france, who play iceland later, how does the tag of world champions become a burden for them in the coming months, can they cope?|j burden for them in the coming months, can they cope? i think they can cope. they've had two big occasions with the world cup and also the euros in 2016 at home, with that kind of burden. they didn't make it to win the nation's league group last year, but they are looking good already. and i think the most harmonious french scored so
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far, even the french press is quite calm at the moment, which says everything, i guess. calm at the moment, which says everything, iguess. it calm at the moment, which says everything, i guess. it started out really well against moldova, it's not looking like iceland would be the underdog who would beat them. paul pogba is coming back in good form with 0le gunnar solskjaer at manchester united. kylian mbappe a is there. it's a very strong and confident french team and rightly so. confident french team and rightly so. never underestimate iceland though! thank you forjoining us. the day's other top stories in brief now: he was controversially run out after leaving the crease before the delivery. his side went on to lose the match by 1a runs. there's been a shock
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at the miami open tennis. world number 29 grigor dimitrov has been knocked out by australian jordan thompson — a player ranked 48 places below him. thompson winning in straight sets to reach the fourth round. the un says plans to restrict levels of testosterone in female runners contravene international human rights. 0lympic 800m champion caster semenya is challenging the iaaf‘s bid to force female athletes with high levels of testosterone to take medication or race against men or change events if they refused. warrington‘sjosh charnley has been selected in england's 30—man performance squad for the first time since switching back from rugby union last year. the winger has scored 32 tries in his 35 appearances for the wolves since joining from sale sharks. rob gronkowski, the new england patriots tight end, says he is retiring from the nfl. he leaves as a three—time super bowl champion after nine seasons. he's been dogged in recent seasons by back, knee, ankle and arm injuries.
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paul casey won the tournament at the weekends. great win for paul casey, just in few weeks out now from the masters? something he's never done before, the timing is fantastic with the masters in a fortnight‘s time. he knows he's in excellent form after missing the cut at the players championship. he says in hindsight, that was probably a good thing. he spent the weekend on the range, sorting out some aspects of his game. it was his driving that was really the bedrock of this victory. his putting was scruffy by pga tour standards, such winners of those events, but he got the job done and
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that will feel very good for him. another person doing well in this event, another person doing well in this eve nt, lu ke another person doing well in this event, luke donald, a former world number one who's been out of the picture now for some years, he said he was delighted with his finish, to finish up there, close to the leaders. he should have been. had an opening round 67 which put him on the leaderboard. 0k, he let a couple of shots go in that final round, but still finish top ten. his main objective was just completing all four rounds. he's had a herniated disc which is truncated the amount of golf he's been able to play massively in the last couple of yea rs massively in the last couple of years 01’ so. massively in the last couple of years or so. here he is playing on a medical exemption, that means he gets 15 tournaments to play this year, but in the course of those 15 tournaments, he has to earn enough money to continue playing on the pga tour. so the stakes are very high. he's off to a fire here. how good
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can casey and donald be? none of them are getting any younger, it seems this is becoming an old man's game with wood back playing and casey's a1, donald out with his back? they're all on the right side of a0. donald, we have to wait and see. fitness is his primary concern. as far as casey, he has been a world top 20 player for the last four yea rs, top 20 player for the last four years, he's had ups and downs and a longevity that i think deserves admiration now. he goes to the masters feeling he can be a contender. he's never won a majors title, but the way he is striking the ball, we know he is a world —class the ball, we know he is a world—class player, up to number 11 in the rankings, and someone to look at it as a potential masters golf winner ina at it as a potential masters golf winner in a few weeks' time in augusta. now to claims that world rugby are out of touch with the
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smaller nations, according to one former tongan international. it follows plans for a new nations championship — a format that would involve the top 12 teams in the world and see promotion and relegation to a second tier. nick hope reports. beauty and brutality. seasonal storms mean that life here can change in an instance. but tongans are resilient, with an inner and outer strength which has made the by outer strength which has made the rugby union player is a global su ccesses rugby union player is a global successes for generations. but some fear of the new world nations championship could change that. it's a death swipe, really. rugby union risk losing the stars of the future. as it stands, teams from the 6 nations willjoin with a four from the southern hemisphere rugby championship plus two other countries, likely to be japan and fiji. it means potentially fewer
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high—profile matches for second tier nations against the rugby elites. rugby grows more and more as it is televised and if the likes of tonga are not shown on that stage, it could slowly fade. it is swaying towards the countries that have money. it's being too elitist. world run bya money. it's being too elitist. world run by a yet to clarify how those in the second tier, like tonga, would achieve promotion, but insists it will benefit everyone. it needs to be ata will benefit everyone. it needs to be at a higher level than ever. if any team gets relegated at some point, they will be relegated into a very meaningful and strong competition with high—performing teams, good stadium, it will provide a real opportunity for the pacific islands. there are real concerns in the pacific nations, but while one code feels threatened, another is frightening. that a record number of
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youngsters taking part in rugby league here in tonga, which has been on the rise ever since its men are finished in the semifinals at the last world cup. everyone can see there is a path for rugby here after there is a path for rugby here after the world cup. normally we had ten clu bs the world cup. normally we had ten clubs participating, now we have 30. everyone wants to play. league looks a little better, but i wish union would listen to our concerns. we're losing a lot of what may rugby our sport. it's sad. many believe both codes can survive, but the most cou nty codes can survive, but the most county players are likely to be touching down in league rather than union in the years to come. baseball's mike trout has signed his 12—year contract. you might have heard about it — it's worth over $a26 million, north america's biggest—ever sporting contract. he appeared before fans on sunday outside the los angeles angels' stadium in anaheim to celebrate and emotions were bared,
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as claire thornton reports. when you just signed a contract for almost $a27 million, it's understandable to get a little choked up. it has been a long couple of weeks. we got it done. my wife, family... cheering i love you guys, thanks for all the support! cheering whoo! there's not much talk of losing it in los angeles. the angels are in ra ptu res losing it in los angeles. the angels are in raptures over the deal that has landed mike trout for the rest of his career. he's so down-to-earth and humble. he just of his career. he's so down-to-earth and humble. hejust wants of his career. he's so down-to-earth and humble. he just wants to win and he's meant or in the door to
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everyone on his team. the way he reaches out to the fans and the kids, it's incredible. you're never find anothermike kids, it's incredible. you're never find another mike trout. his numbers both on the field and financially are incredible. he's a seven time all—star that is the best hitter in major league baseball. nicknamed after his hometown in new surgery daughters hometown in newjersey, some thought he might be lured to philadelphia as he is a lifelong fan of their nfl franchise. there was a lot of talk about going back east, back to philly. booing but i enjoy every minute of being here, this is my home. i love it. a lot of things went into it, i think the direction of the franchise, that was big for me. if it was going the other way, i wouldn't have considered going, but it never crossed my mind that i wouldn't be an numbing age orfor life. crossed my mind that i wouldn't be an numbing age or for life. now the challenge is to try and make the
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gnomic angels consistent contenders of the play—offs. just one play—off appearance in the last nine years does make happy reading for these fines, but now having the most expensive sportsman history committed to the cause, they will expect success. it's finally open! six months late and 679 days after the final game at white hart lane, tottenham's new ground is open. the first of two test events were held at the 62,000—seat arena was held yesterday afternoon, spurs u18s beating southampton 3—1. what does it look like you make we took the train to find out. it is known as tottenham hotspur stadium until it sponsors confirmed. for many fans, this was the first claims of their new home. it'sjust awesome, huge! come in the station
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and comes interviewed, it's like... i'm 50 this year, i feel like a kid again, look at this mile! it's awesome. a technical problem at the turnstiles meant the gates opened a little late, but when i've waited this long, what's another ten minutes? absolutely amazing. better when everything works properly! few teething problems today, but that's what you'd expect. with 62,000 seats right now, this is the second biggest ground in the country behind only 0ld biggest ground in the country behind only old trafford. 30,000 will attend this first test events, and u18's attend this first test events, and u18‘s fixture. moore will be present foran u18‘s fixture. moore will be present for an exhibition game later in the week. then it will officially open the ground for a premier league fixture against crystal palace on april the 3rd. everyone should be able to get served in a half—time rush with technology to deliver 10,000 points in minutes. the goal line at bar, at 65m, is the longest
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in the uk. the new ground overlaps the site of the former one, with the old white lane centre spot marked here. the south stand alone holds 17,500 fans, making it one of the largest single tier stance on europe, designed to try and generate an atmosphere to rival the very best. i love the fact you can see everything, everybody. the noise when the stadium gets going is going to be magnificent. huge, what do you think? huge! love it? yes! now to get the thumbs up from the council, and tottenham hotspur will be coming home. controversial australian tennis player nick kyrgios has been making the headlines once again, this time at the miami 0pen. first, he served an under—arm ace against serbian dusan lajovic, before confronting a fan during the match who had heckled him. the spectator was escorted out shortly after, with kyrgios


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