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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 28, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm GMT

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for his services to football. we meet the women flying the flag for britain in motor sport's all new w—series. and better late than never — britain's bobsleigh team finally get their olympic bronze medals. so, lots to get through. but there's only one place to start and that's down the road at old trafford because ole gunnar solksjear has been made manchester united's permanent manager. his record since taking over from jose mourinho in december speaks for itself. 1a wins out of 19 games, challenging for a top four finish in the premier league and into the quarterfinals of the champions league. here's what he had to say. i am just going to be myself,
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as i always have been and i know the expectations of the club, traditions of the club, the history. of question i want to be successful, and of course i want us to lift trophies but i cannot wait to get onto the job, onto the challenge of improving this great bunch of players. it is a squad full of potential. when i got thejob, we were 11 points behind fourth and now we gave ourselves a great chance to be in the top four and even top three. so that is going to be the short—term target and be read and premier league is vitalfor us. —— in the league. and of course we have been discussing how to move the foot forward and that does not mean and amount of money or players,
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we have to sit down and discuss and now it is easier to be clear. we will do some business this summer. to lift the premier league trophy again is what we expect, what we're used to, what we have done so many times. we can't wait for too many years. we have to take it step—by—step. so how has ole gunar solksjear done it, how did he become the permanent manager of one of the world's biggest clubs without having proved himself outside of norway? succeeding at old trafford where the likes of luis van gaal and ultimatelyjose mourinho failed. adam wild looks at the rise and rise of united's super sub. they say it's always darkest before the dawn. a 19 point gap between liverpool and manchester united. that is a cavern. after their worst week start for a generation, the lights went out on a jersey marine
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you. news confirmed in the last few moments, manchester united have parted company with jose moments, manchester united have parted company withjose mourinho. but they were looking for a bright light from happier times. ole gunnar solskjaer a favour from his time as a player. super sub has done it ain! a player. super sub has done it again! the man charged with arresting the decline but only temporarily. i didn't think twice when they called to sign me as a player and obviously this is more of an honourand player and obviously this is more of an honour and privilege to be helping the club for a few months. is short—term appointment was warmly received, even norway's prime minister tweeting her approval. fans welcoming the news. absolutely delighted. i think he will bring the feel—good factor back to the club. we need the time to make sure that we get the right appointment for our next manager and i think he would do for the next six months. he will do
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set the fan. he did more than that. his first game, a challenging win in cardiff sub villa mentions unity and theirformerfan boy cardiff sub villa mentions unity and their former fan boy at best. another comfortable victory and then offence... i have not gotten used to it yet. it's humbling to know that i ama it yet. it's humbling to know that i am a part of this team and leading them. he filled his first test game against spurs that they pass. commentator: the first manchester united manager to win his first five—week games in charge. he is there. went over old rivals in the fa cup earned him eight ina rivals in the fa cup earned him eight in a row. but a defeat to paris sentiment in the first leg of the champions league was a bite in the champions league was a bite in the reality, the second leg had fans in disbelief. turning around 82 goal deficit, suddenly they were looking right —— she was looking at home
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amongst united graceful substance than no back—to—back defeats including against wolves in the fda —— and fa cup. 111 wins in 19 games, manchester united's temporary dawn now permanent. adam wilde, bbc news. the england captain harry kane has received his mbe for services to football. prince william presented him with the honour at buckingham palace today. it was also in recognition for england's performance at last year's world cup in russia where they reached the semi—finals and kane won the golden boot. the spurs striker also scored in both of the recent euro qualifiers, something the prince wanted to talk about. we spoke a little bit about the games last week. obviously, he is a big football fan so watching england play like we did and win the games 5—1 and 5—0, he just congratulated us on that. we spoke a little bit about charity work and things like that. yeah, it was great to chat with him again. i'm sure we will over the next few years. let's take a look at some of the other sports
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stories around today. rory mcilroy is closing—in on a place in the last 16 at the wgc match play in austin. the world number four made it two wins from two matches thanks in part, to a pair of eagles on the back nine, beating justin harding three and two. england's women thrashed sri lanka by 96 runs to complete a 3—0 whitewash in their 20/20 series, danni wyatt and amyjones both made half centuries as they reached 204—2, england's second highest t20 total. there was one game in rugby league's super league tonight. bottom of the table leeds rhinos just beating castleford 21—20 at headingley, brad dwyer kicked the winning drop goal in golden point extra—time. britain's adam yates is still second overall after day four of the volta de catalunya in spain. yates finished fourth in a bunch finish, although they were all well behind colombia's migeul angel lopez who became the new overall leader. yates isjust 111 seconds behind him.
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after the success of e sports football — cycling is getting in on the act with the first british e—racing championships. competitors use an app to race as virtual versions of themselves. almost 400 people tried to qualify — racing from home or their local gym with the fastest making it to tonight's finals. great britain's four man bobsleigh team have finally been awarded a bronze medalfrom the 2014 winter olympics. they finished fifth in sochi but the international olympic committee has confirmed the disqualification of two russian crews for doping, bumping—up the quartet ofjohn jackson, stuart benson, bruce tasker and joel fearon. great britain's total medal haul from sochi is now five, matching the record set at the pyeongchang games last year. i ruptured my achilles injuly seven months before the games and it was a
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long, painful slog. i'm months before the games and it was a long, painfulslog. i'm mentally drained to get to the in the big games. we were not sure if i was going to get there at the start. so, for us to not have been going potentially to than getting there and then winning a medal, it was sort of a fairy tale story that would've been nice to have happened at the time but for us, it is nice to know that we have finally got the metal that we deserve. it's been 43 years since a female driver raced in formula i, but it's hoped that could change after the launch of the new w series, an all women's motor sport competition. ben croucher has more. on the outside, this looks like any single seater series, 18 cars and drivers. on the inside it's very different. this is the first to only have female drivers. after winnowing down through the winter the final test ca m e down through the winter the final test came this week in spain and their first taste of formula 3 cars. the final 28 became the final 18 and
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a unique shot at history socket with the fact that it was women is irreleva nt the fact that it was women is irrelevant in the case that this is being races. after six races we will being races. after six races we will be part of the inaugural w series championship. five women have made it. there are those who say that w series will only segregate talent and if women are good enough they can and will compete equally with men. none of the wet —— nonetheless, she hopes she can inspire others to prove their part. i know what i can achieve. if i can achieve it, then thousands and however many young female drivers can to separate the series starts in may before august. the chevy will pocket nearly £40,000 with an even bigger reward waiting in the long
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with an even bigger reward waiting in the lor i've been - verbally. the past. i've been abused verbally. it is known as the bid for game but local referees have had enough of its ugly side. constant little nibbles of let's say players who think they're better than they are trying to get their opinion across and when i played back in the day, a lot of footballers got on with the game, theyjust lot of footballers got on with the game, they just think they have lot of footballers got on with the game, theyjust think they have a given right to question every decision from an official which is wrong. and until they are told it's wrong, it —— they continue to do it. around 20 weekend fixtures could be affected by this action but the host cults will have to supply referees for the games to go ahead. the refs have been criticised for striking without fully exploring all the options. the abuse which


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