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tv   Breakfast BBC News Channel  BBC News  March 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am GMT

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hello, this is accessed. good morning. here is a summary of the main stories today. theresa may and her government are considering what next for brexit. the deal was rejected for a third time by mps, good morning. defeated by 344— 286 there were welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty heated exchanges in parliament. the and charlie stayt. our headlines today: mood outside was just as tense. what next for brexit and theresa may after the prime minister's deal thousands of leave supporters gathered to protest against the delay to brexit. in the coming week, is defeated by mp5 for a third time? mps from all parties will try to agree on another way forward to break the deadlock. the pilot of the plane that crashed into the english the government will continue to channel with the new cardiff city press the case for the orderly signing emiliano sala on board was brexit that the result of the referendum demands. on the evening britain not allowed to fly at night. the bbc was scheduled to leave the eu, thousands gatherd in westminster to is being told the david ibbotson was protest against the delay to brexit. the government has two weeks colourblind and his pilot ‘s license to break the deadlock, was restricted to daytime plates or face leaving the eu only. both men died when the piper without a deal on 12th april malibu crashed injanuary. david the pilot of the plane which crashed into the english channel with emiliano sala on board, ibbotson's body has still not been was not qualified to fly at night. found. president trump has threatened to close the border with
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mexico next week after accusing the country of not doing enough to stop stop the match and walk off. migrants from reaching the us. american border officials say they premier league managers warn are struggling to cope with a surge they could take their teams off the pitch, if there's a repeat in asylum seekers from central of the kind of racist abuse aimed america. the mexican government says at england players this week. why we could be spending it does not respond to threats. more on mother's day than on any other celebration, psychiatrists are being urged to us children who are undergoing mental apart from christmas. health assessment about how long they spend online and what they use social media for. the royal college and 19 celsius is possible in a few of psychiatrists says it is concerned about how much time spent spots today but things are set to turn colder. i will have all the online and how that impacts mood, details here on breakfast. sleep, diet and behaviour. online and how that impacts mood, sleep, dietand behaviour. mps good morning. online and how that impacts mood, sleep, diet and behaviour. mps are calling for new regulations to be it's saturday the 30th of march. our top story — theresa may and her government are considering what next for brexit. imposed on platforms such as their brexit deal was rejected facebook, instagram and twitter to by mps for a third time protect children from what they call — defeated by 344 votes to 286, an online wild west. nine from ten universities in britain pay their amid heated exchanges in parliament. female employees less than their male ploy ease. further analysis revealed that many governments in mr speaker, ifeel we mr speaker, i feel we are mr speaker, ifeel we are reaching two—thirds of councils also have the limits of this process in this gender pay gaps. time to talk sport house. this house... this house has
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rejected no deal. it has rejected no now. good morning, mike. it is a brexit. on wednesday it rejected all shame. we knew that the england the variations of the deal on the montenegro match would be tense. we knew that. and gareth southgate was table and today it has rejected telling them to keep calm because approving the withdrawal agreement alone and continuing the process on the future. the house has been the fans there are very vocal and quite aggressive. but when you see clear. this deal now has to change. racism thrown onto the pitch and it there has to be an alternative found. and if the prime minister comes to the point we have to make cannot accept that then she must go, stand, doesn't it? and that is what not at an indeterminate date in the people are saying. there needs to be future, but now, so we can decide strong reaction. more action taken. the future of this country through a hurricane has said if he happens general election. again he will take the players off outside, the mood was just as tense. the pitch. in the first night in thousands of leave supporters gathered to protest against the delay to brexit and mark the moment when the uk would have suffolk, the ipswich wanderers, one left the eu. our home affairs correspondent, of their players got racist abuse and the manager took his players dominic casciani, was with them. off. suffolk fa are looking into it they had come from all parts of the and investigating the comments. and uk, determined to notjust be seen by mps but also to be heard. brexit he is being backed by a premier league managers who say they will do
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the same. admittedly not quite the supporters from a wide range of same, we don't see this but it needs backgrounds and groups were all with the same message to parliament — you have let us down. i can't think of to start somewhere and it needs to be an example to young people as well, families who are going who do any time in history that there was a not want to be in that hostile environment. they don't want the greater betrayal of a democratic children taught that that is vote has ever happened in any acceptable. according to ipswich, he country in the western world. nigel says that player is not allowed to play football. so the effect is life farage, the former leader pledged to stand again for the european changing, terrible. a brazilian elections if there is a long delay. player walked off the pitch as well. he predicted leave would win another he was about to take a corner, something similar happened and he walked off. the premier league referendum. but for many, friday was returns today and so does this still the day that democracy died. question of how to tackle racism. let's get out! let's have brexit! the abuse of danny rose and other very, very sad. very disappointed. players for england this week has the deal is rubbish. it is not prompted them to speak out and premier league managers have now warned that they backed payers —— leaving. police flooded westminster players walking a field if it happens again. football is a strong fearing trouble. in the end, only five arrested. officers will return weapon and walking off is a strong today because more protests are expected. while there is no end in weapon and walking off is a strong weapon and walking off is a strong sight for brexit itself. weapon and to defend against the principles of unity. so when clubs, our political correspondent
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matt cole is in westminster. and so it continues, matt. players or opposition, of course i will follow. i it has calmed down, where you are. we altogether need to decide if that theresa may has a moment, i guess, isa to think about what next. where are we altogether need to decide if that is a good thing to do. england puzzlement women will go into this we? good morning to you both. the summer's world cup is the third ranked team in the world now. their victory in the she believes cup this morning after the night before... no sign of protesters. i think they are month means they have jumped above all sleeping off the boisterous behaviour of last night. and the france with only germany and the usa protest that went on all day ahead of them. scotland remain in yesterday. only a few flags and 20th. and now an unbeaten league run things left around. theresa may and at hibernia continues after they her downing street team spent the weekend thinking what next. this was meant to be the first day out of the defeated livingston. the game came to life in the second half with two eu and it is not. the date has now quickfire goals. that takes them to moved to april 12 and what to do in the fortnight until then? that is 50 above the edinburgh rivals for the fortnight until then? that is the difficult question. theresa may the first time this season. said after her deal was rejected for meanwhile, controversy in the championship is west bromwich came a third time there would need to be from behind. the penalty was given some alternative. what we understand for that foul which was outside the is that alternative may be in fourth box, just, rodrigo scored the spot attempt at getting her deal through
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parliament. how that may happen is kick and that helped west brom come from behind. when was sealed by a not clear. on monday, mps will vote ona brilliant straight from livermore. not clear. on monday, mps will vote on a series of possible alternatives, just as they did on they are now points, three points wednesday. they did not come up with behind the leader. there is a a definitive answer then. if they do on monday, the suggestion is that it mouthwatering time in goals could be put as some sort of run—off against theresa may's deal. all of this will now lead up to an matchplay championship. tiger woods against rory mcilroy. tiger woods emergency eu summit on april ten. by then, theresa may will need to have was one down and managed to play the something she can offer the eu in next few holes five under. and michael roy considered his 100% the hope of using that as leveraged to ask for a further extension to start with four frontline bird is to win by the same score. the return of try and buy time to sort things out. what we do understand is that by win by the same score. the return of probably looking at participating in rugby union's european champions cup this weekend but the quarter—final the may parliamentary elections. stage now for the first time, both thank you very much. the scottish regions feature. the pilot of the plane which crashed into the english channel with new cardiff city signing emiliano sala on board wasn't allowed to fly at night. in the challenge cup, the sharks are the bbc has been told that david ibbotson, through to the semifinals with a from crowle near scu nthorpe, was colour—blind and his pilot's convincing 20—10 win. they will face licence restricted him to daytime flights only. both men died when the piper malibu
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crashed back injanuary. david ibbotson's body still hasn't been found. kayley thomas has more. lower shallow bristle in the next round. the french federation is holding a referendum of all amateur cubs in the country. they need to it has been ten weeks since the decide whether to accept a foreigner plane carrying cardiff city's record as the next head coach of the £50 million signing, emiliano sala, national team. in rugby league, meanwhile, super league there are crashed into the sea. the man tasked wins for the top two. with getting him to his new club in time for training was david ibbotson, a private pilot from north lincolnshire. but he should not have been flying at night because he was not licensed too. the bbc has been blake austin scoring four of 11 told that he was colourblind and had tries stop after a disappointing a restriction on his license stating he could fly in daylight hours only. opening race they are back in form. the ill—fated flight set off over one hour after sunset. there has after a disappointing opening race in australia, ferrari are back on top been much speculation about the of formula one ahead legality of the flight. the piper of the bahrain grand prix. they topped the timesheets in both practice sessions. malibu was registered in the us and despite the odd hairy moment, sebastian vettel clocked could not be operated commercially the quickest time of the day, with paying passengers. the air just ahead of his team mate, but more than half a second clear
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accident investigation branch said of lewis hamilton's mercedes. that licensing continues to be a was that vettel there? and he focus of its investigations but a clocked the best time? there was a full report into the crash is not expected until early next year. little more than just a hairy moment, i think. they are made of president trump has threatened to close the border with mexico next week, after accusing the country of not doing enough to stop migrants from reaching the us. tough stuff. that was nothing, american border officials really, just a little spin. we would say they're struggling to cope with a surge in asylum be terrified. seekers from central america. he's almost twice his age, mexico's government says it does but roger federer still handed out a tennis lesson to his not respond to threats. teenage opponent. psychiatrists are being urged to ask children undergoing mental health assessments about how long they spend online and what they use social media for. to reach the final the royal college of the miami masters, of psychiatrists says the biggest age gap, it is concerned about how time spent online impacts mood, in any match federer has been sleep, diet and behaviour. involved in...he's 18 years older than denis shapovolov, mps are already calling but he still thrashed for new regulations to be imposed the canadian teenager 6—2, on platforms such as facebook, 6—4 and will meetjohn twitter and instagram, isner in the final. to protect children bulgarian heavyweight kubrat pulev, from what they call "an online wild has had his licence west. " suspended by boxing authorities in california, after he kissed a female reporter on the lips during an interview. nine in ten british universities pay their average footage emerged of pulev, female employee less embracing vegas sports daily‘s than their average male employee, jennifer ravalo, when asked
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according to bbc analysis. about fighting, tyson fury. the incident happened after pulev, defeated romania's, bogdan dinu, in costa mesa, the data also reveals that nearly all government departments and almost two—thirds of councils also have gender pay gaps. here's our business california on saturday. correspondent, rob young. i wanted him to be accountable. i the government wants to close the wa nted i wanted him to be accountable. i wanted did not want him to get away gender pay gap. it has been asking with it. what he did to me was organisations to take action. the second year running, public disgusting. i felt humiliated. organisations are publishing the gap with it. what he did to me was disgusting. ifelt humiliated. no woman should be treated this way. we between what they pay men and women. we re woman should be treated this way. we were not friends and we were not in a bbc analysis suggests most still a romantic relationship. he had no pay the average man more than their right to kiss me. the five—time world darts champion raymond van barneveld has average woman. indeed, universities reversed his decision to retire. and central government departments the dutchman announced have a bigger gender pay gap than he was quitting immediately, the private sector. it is after he was well beaten in a premier league game by michael universities that gap is 14%. lower van gerwen on thursday. however van bareneveld, has now changed his mind and gone thanit universities that gap is 14%. lower than it was but above last year's back to his original retirement plans, that's to bow out after december‘s p.d.c world national average of 9%. one in three government departments say their pay gap is actually widened compared to championship, at alexandra palace. last year. although they are trying it is not the end of an era like some were saying it is not the end of an era like some were saying yesterday. cross country is getting back to do something about it they are
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getting it wrong so far so we really to how it was at school...muddy, do have to take tougher action on and wet. public sector and private sector employees to hold them accounts of i hated it. i absolutely hated it.” the plans and have policies in place if they do not address the gaps. didn't mind cross—country. the plans and have policies in place if they do not address the gapsm is illegal to pay a woman less than a manfor is illegal to pay a woman less than a man for doing the same work. so i hated it. i absolutely hated it.” the pay gap henry differences in didn't mind cross-country. we were talking to paula radcliffe about this yesterday. i hated it. it made working patterns. part—time roles me miserable. you would expect the are mainly done by women and there world championships to replicate isa are mainly done by women and there is a lack of women in senior, better that experience. paid jobs. england's oldest man has celebrated his 111th birthday. bob weighton from hampshire was born this is the 2 kilometre course on the 29th of march 1908. with a difference in denmark. competitors will race mr weighton said he had requested through a water splash zone, mud pit and sand pit. not to have a birthday card there will also be a ‘viking zone' lined with people dressed from the queen in order accordingly. and even frederick, to save public funds. it was also the birthday of scotland's oldest man alf smith, from perthshire. the crown prince of denmark, the men have never met, but they have exchanged birthday cards in recent years. bob says there's one question will be taking part in the relay‘s all live on the bbc red button and on line. i want to see the vikings.” he always gets asked. i want to see the vikings. i am intrigued by the viking bit.
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now when it comes to team sky, we're used to seeing chris froome helped to win by his team mates. people ask me if i have any secrets. but this week at the tour of catalunya, the four time tour de france champion is the one no, ido people ask me if i have any secrets. no, i do not. i do not keep any doing the helping. with the finish line in sight, secrets. i have no idea. no idea. i his fellow sky rider egan bernal, of colombia, had a problem and had told somebody once well, ijust avoid dying. to walk to the finish. cycling's rules, mean he was given the same time as his rivals, that was funny. i just avoid and he remains third overall, behind britain's adam yates, and leader miguel angel lopez. dying... what you don't know at home and after he got over is that the direct in my ear was the line, froome helped him get back telling us the words that that sound to the team bus without having to walk! she's won an olympic bite finished on and i thought he medal curling stones, was making a joke. you probably now great britain and scotland heard as well that if you interview skipper eve muirhead is throwing herself on the ice as part of a new form of the sport — elderly people you always ask what is the secret and they often say ‘human curling'. i've been to see it in action. something along those lines. brilliant! asked lillian! belated birthday. let's look at the front pages. as expected, brexit dominates the papers. the guardian has a picture on the eyes were olympic medallist
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of the prime minister addressing the commons yesterday, with the headline "one last vote or it's a general election". "brexit fiasco: what now? eve muirhead trained her sport has what next?" taken a new twist with humans being used as stones. once on your way you are the words at the top of the telegraph front page. the paper says ministers have urged mrs may to allow the cabinet to vote steer with your feet and try to keep on a choice of leaving your head down to minimise the eu without a deal. resista nce your head down to minimise resistance to get all the way into and finally, the sun's headline is "brexsick the house. spot on! look at that! of the lot of you". could not be any closer. i was not i think that sums up how many people hanging around to get round by the are feeling. next shot. actually, in human the article says "shame on all mps who have betrayed the will of 17.4 million." so where does this leave us now? curling it is one of the time testing distance, power and let's speak to politics accuracy. instead of pushing down lecturer, jon tonge. into the rubber tube, try to push forward. this new craze started in i know you have been doing a lot of broadcasting over the last few days france and it was eve who spotted it with your expertise but none of us while competing in europe and have been through anything like brought the idea back to glasgow this, have we? unprecedented chaos earlier this year. when i first saw but there is light at the end of the iti earlier this year. when i first saw it i was not really sure until i gaveit it i was not really sure until i gave it a shot. and until you give tunnel. the commons returns on monday and there will be more ita gave it a shot. and until you give it a shot you realise how much fun it a shot you realise how much fun it is and it is just something indicative votes, that is really different. normal curling is non—binding votes. i think this time good fun but this human curling is a different level. so you start with
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we mightjust your hands on the front, nearest to non—binding votes. i think this time we might just possibly non—binding votes. i think this time we mightjust possibly get a majority for something. why? that the red, nearest to the house. in a something might be that the customs union. it only needs five mps to change their vote from last wednesday when they only lost by a margin of eight, for that to potentially go forward. what does singles head to head i was no match for the olympian whose skills are obviously transferable. eve has it that do? what will that even do in terms of... you know, they have put there. a good metre. but when it the deal forward three times now. she said this is the deal and there is no wiggle room from the eu. even if this indicative vote indicate came to the doubles, teamwork nudged me ahead. it is looking good. into there is a will in parliament for something, what would she do with the blue, into the blue. it is the it? well, firstly a vote for a red. nearly! and we were not the customs union would sail closer to the eu. to the eu would probably only ones enjoying the ride. this quite glad, firstly, that we had local school hockey team the latest resolved and decided on something. group to use this as a team bonding secondly with the line somewhat exercise. i like how it glides along closer to the eu on a permanent theice exercise. i like how it glides along the ice and i was almost there. basis, a permanent customs union almost. a little more power? yeah. than what has been offered and she not sell it. you know, it should be it's not that hard but it's not easy either. with this make you come back three strikes and you're out but she may try to resell it. if you look and try real curling? i think it
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would. it's a nice atmosphere with more closely, the eu will say yes my friends. and that is the main and from that point on we can to begin to legislate our way to an eu point, to get people booking more exit. there is no certainties about time at curling rings. it gets this, it should be said, and the people involved, people who are not customs union would not so all quite so athletic. and especially on problems. it would not solve the the weekends we are getting more problems. it would not solve the problem of the border in ireland. families in which is great. if we can get more people in the rink to there is one certainty in that give curling a shot at the end of scenario you put forward and that will happen, there will be the votes the session we can have a bit of on monday and something will emerge fun. go on the tube and see how far from that stop but for theresa may you can get up the other end. to go with one of those ideas, she fun. go on the tube and see how far you can get up the other endm won't necessarily improve your balance or curling skills... maybe i has to rip up everything she has needed the comfort of the rubber said in the past because she has been the one who said there is one ring after all, before eve who is deal, this deal, my deal, nothing competing again after hip surgery last summer it helps unwind after an else. so do you think she will be intense training session. when able to or will be allowed to by the something like this is thrown in at conservative party, to go at it the end of the session takes the again with a different approach, foot of the gas, of the pressure a little bit. i know i perform better given what has been said before?” think the prime minister would have when i am having fun. to tap down. she said at the outset we would not be part of the single so it is coming to other parts of market or the custom union. that was the uk. it is in london, you can try
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the first post referendum statement there. and it has already doubled she made and she has always operated there. and it has already doubled on those lines. her position would the number of people since january, booking curling sessions in glasgow. be untenable. but she said she would even though they can't do the thing go anyway after may 22 if her own in the ring? no, they do both. a bit of curling and a bit in the ring. deal got through. a customs union would be a modification, a bolt on can you make yourself go faster or slower? do you have any control? in many ways to her own deal. so i where i pointed my legs help and if think she does not have a long—term future, it is a short one but she ifidgeted i could shuffle where i pointed my legs help and if i fidgeted i could shuffle a where i pointed my legs help and if ifidgeted i could shuffle a little. shuffling seemed to help. wa nts to future, it is a short one but she wants to leave with the country having at least settled on ifidgeted i could shuffle a little. shuffling seemed to helpm something. her own bill is probably ifidgeted i could shuffle a little. shuffling seemed to help. it does not seem the most active of sports. unsellable. we can talk about how she narrowed the majority yesterday there is the pushing. the pushing and got it down to 58 but that still helps. yeah. itjust looks like lots needs 30 mps to change their mind of fun. next week. they come from? those who we will see you later on, thank you are likely to convert converted very much. thank you forjoining us. yesterday. and many went over to matt has the weather for yesterday and you said when i said what a support the deal while holding their nose. it would mean many labour supporters, many labour mps would brilliant day, it is going to be a have to support the prime minister lovely day for most of us today. we and there is no sign of that. do not need to think about anything drawing attention to that line on else today. yeah, i do not know if the front page of the son. 17.4 the most it is but we only have million people betrayed. the deal things changing across the northern
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half of the country. thank you. this you're talking about, that softer deal, is that a betrayal?” is the view in guernsey at the you're talking about, that softer deal, is that a betrayal? i think certain people will feel betrayed moment, lovely misty atmosphere and sunrise, for one or two though, if you travel issues to get you through because it fairly closely aligns us the first few hours. we have dense to the eu and we would not be able fog around, this shot captured just to the eu and we would not be able to make our own global trade deals a short while ago in staffordshire. if we enter a customs union. some people will feel betrayed many i mentioned a slight change, that people will feel betrayed many people are so sick of the whole comes courtesy of this weather front sitting in scotland. the colours and thing that they will take any deal now, i suspect. thank you very much. the child an indication that things will turn colder see this weekend. it weather front to the north, maybe i know you will talk to us later on. we will speak to brandon lewis who not the best of starts. rain, some is chairman of the conservative party, we will speak to him later hill snow too, will brighten up but this morning. closest we can get to temperatures will drop too. —— someone this morning. closest we can get to someone who may know where the head of the prime minister ‘s as we enter chart. england and wales away from the weekend. what we can be certain these western coast, morning fog, lots of sunshine to get you through the morning. that weatherfront pushing and across parts of northern of is that matt is going to tell us england, that separates the warm air to the south to the cold air in exactly what is happening with the weather and what a day. yes, lovely north, so we could hit 18, maybe 19 day for some of you, yeah. a lot of celsius in south—east england this
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dry weather to come, that includes afternoon, 96 in fahrenheit, most of the day for the vast majority but it scotla nd afternoon, 96 in fahrenheit, most of scotland and ireland will be in isa the day for the vast majority but it is a weekend change in one respect in that it will turn colder, single figures to the afternoon. and certainly compared with recent days. here, just add to the slight chill, you will notice that today already will be the fact there will be more across parts of scotland and ofa northern ireland in the south, will be the fact there will be more of a breeze, slight across the south. the weather front will be on warmer before that claire pushes its way in. that air is chasing its way its way southwards tonight, main southwards behind this cold fund. drizzle in toward south wales and the midlands later on. we will want where is it this morning? the to pull out a touch frost here and stretch of scotland, down towards there, most frost free. —— do not the north of northern ireland, is wa nt there, most frost free. —— do not going to be working —— working its want to. widespread frost to take you on a sunday morning and of course, sunday is the start of way southwards, heavy conditions in british summertime, it means the its wake. lots of sunshine to clocks move forward in our in time, no less in bed, and i will the night shift that is where you are tonight, convert by the end of the day, so please be kind to your mothers. weather front is there in northern england, just fringing into northern it is mother's day too, so let them wales and it does operate on the temperature map here, different have that extra hour back in bed. a colours really. we could see it hit pretty pleasant day, the best of which in scotland and northern 18,19 ireland, much more sunshine tomorrow colours really. we could see it hit 18, 19 celsius towards the after the frosty start. england and south—east. we will see some snow flurries later on in shetland. it wales, a lot more cloud into the south and central and southern parts
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will be a brighter afternoon across of england, wales, we can see the northern ireland, but always breezy cloud big enough tojust across the north and out loud to the of england, wales, we can see the cloud big enough to just one or two slight chill as we go through this showers. most will be dry, still afternoon. tonight, weather front some sunny spells. tomorrow the winds will be stronger in the south continues to only push its way like and that loud to the colder feel, the south, the rain drizzle will even though temperatures still could hit the ground 13 to 15 celsius in continue into northern ireland, the south—west. mostly northwards, south wales, and eventually into parts of the midlands through for the midlands, it is mostly tomorrow morning. mostly for three nights, would be the odd spot where single figure temperatures to take temperatures will get very close but it in the afternoon. that colder a cold night for scotland and theme will continue as we go into northern ireland, widespread frost sunday, certainly chilly to start, to ta ke northern ireland, widespread frost to take you into tomorrow morning. widespread frost. a mix of rain, 0f to take you into tomorrow morning. of course, tomorrow morning, he was the really good news, get an hour hill snow, sleet, single figure less in bed. i think a few mothers will not be very pleased with that, so treat them very kindly because it temperatures for the vast majority. will be an early start for some of that is how it is looking. there you you tomorrow but others, it will be a very pleasant day. it is here we 90, that is how it is looking. there you go, matt. thank you very much, see you later on. will see the best of the sunshine, we'll be back with the headlines at 7am. time now for click. lovely day for scotland and northern ireland, a lovely christmas start, plenty of sunshine to the day, better cloud building up. england wales, a lot more cloud. there could be just wales, a lot more cloud. there could bejust a wales, a lot more cloud. there could be just a little bit of light rain
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or drizzle in northern england and south wales. moreover these in the an estimated 700,000 people are living with autism in the uk alone. south wales. moreover these in the south tomorrow compared to the north, where it will be much across the world, more and more lighter, the winds and that these people are being diagnosed will just to lighter, the winds and that these willjust to a slightly cooler feel, with the condition. even though we could still hit 13 to april 2 is world autism awareness 15 celsius for a few, it will feel day, which aims to help us all to understand more about the challenges faced by people chilly and for many across the with autism on a daily basis. northern half of the uk, temperatures will be in single high levels of anxiety are one figures. to take us into the start of the most common difficulties of next week, widespread frost, down faced by people on the spectrum. to as low as —4 —5 in one or two spots to start the morning. after the past few days, the main thing of note other temperatures for many in and paul carter has been looking single figures, lower than they should be for this time of year. and at some of the technologies which aim to help manage it is going to be a story of april showers for the new month as well, the stress levels. some of those could be heavy with the situations that can kind hail, thunder and a little bit of of make me really anxious is almost seat and he also mixed into two, it every time i leave the house because then it leaves my control, isa seat and he also mixed into two, it is a big change from today. 18 i don't really know what's going to happen beyond that. being in a big crowd of noisy people degrees today for some down on the canjust make my whole south of the country and then sleet and snow showers, did you just say? brain shut down. the joy of
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and snow showers, did you just say? thejoy of spring, and snow showers, did you just say? the joy of spring, yes. joy is one i get anxious in social situations, word, thank you very much. time now for this week's film review with ben brown and mark kermode. when there's a group conversation. i feel anxious when meeting new people. the autistic people i've been speaking to have developed their own coping mechanisms. anxiety is a huge part of being autistic, and a way around hello. this for many people is writing lists. welcome to the film review little things like you'll see me here on bbc news, and taking us doing something called stimming, through this week's cinema releases, where you'll see my hands start to fidget and it's just to try we have dr mark kermode. and regulate your energy a bit. what have you got for us? we have the new version of dumbo, personal coping strategies aside, directed by tim burton, the role of technology is something which is kind of live academics are increasingly action — kind of. we have out of blue, looking into. the new film by carol morley, technology in various forms can help autistic people who made the falling. understand their emotions, and at eternity‘s gate, the story of vincent van gogh. self regulate and seek help. and one of these examples is the early—stage work being carried out by digital so starting off with education researcher nigel neubert tim burton's dumbo. at the university of yes, so there is now a huge financial market for taking the disney animations and remaking the west of england.
6:20 am
them in live action, using animation. he's looking at how vr can reduce anxiety in teenagers by teaching them practical tasks. if you think for example it's being tried out at this somerset school, where the pupils are ofjungle book, i mean the only thing that was live training to work in a cafe. action about that was the young boy, everything else was cg, put the beans in the grinder. but they've scored great success our children with a diagnosis of asd with beauty and the beast come with the belief that they are going to fail. and, of course, tim burton directed alice in wonderland. now we have a revisiting of dumbo, the actual skill of making colin farrell is the horseman the coffee was the easiest thing who returns from the war to teach them, so that's and is assigned to looking why the vr came in. after the elephants. it's his kid who realises and actaully what i can concentrate that young baby dumbo, on while i'm in the cafe today originally called jumbo, who has these huge ears, is saying hello to someone. can fly, then later on, audiences discover it and it they can concentrate on the social transforms the fortunes side, as opposed to the actual skill of the medici xircus. —— of the medici circus. side of the job. it will help me overcome new places. here's a clip. when i go in, it'sjust me, fly little one. there's noone else. it'll help me with fear of messing up and it will help me to know that that's ok, you can do that. another technology in the offing is the molehill mountain app, being developed by king's college london and the research charity autistica.
6:21 am
magic dust. choose the worries you want to add to molehill mountain. bright lights, yep. that's a big one. we gave it to three volunteers to try out for a couple of weeks. based on cognitive behavioural therapy adapted for autistic people, this self managing app tracks anxieties by asking autistic adults to import their daily worries into bubbles that then float over a mountain. their task is to then pop those bubbles, processing and preparing for their anxiety. so you can see that it doesn't skimp when the user captures on visual spectacle. their worries, they're rewarded with tips to help them learn more the cast includes danny devito, about their situations. eva green, michael keaton, it all sounds fine, and it's a tim burton but what did our users make of it? it seemed a bit illogical. how's popping these imaginary movie, so in every corner bubbles on a screen going to help? but it did help, massively. of the frame, there is stuff going on, there are curlicued details. here is the strange thing, if i was having a bad day to reflect although it is fairly impressive to see, you know, on it at the end of the day, a flying elephant brought to life that potentially would have been through the miracle of cg, good, to just look over what the film doesn't what has happened. have is the simplicity but there are definitely
6:22 am
that the cartoon the negatives to the app, had, and it also doesn't like it asks you to have the emotional clout of it. i spent a lot of it thinking well, add your worries. this is very visually impressive, a whole section of the film plays i added seven worries and then it told me you have too many worries, out in this kind of future land fun that's what it said. fair, which everything's been moved and i was like well, to, and you're looking at the design, don't tell an autistic person that, thinking that is really designed that's not ideal. to within an inch of its life. it asked me to describe things in my own words and the words yet what i didn't get was, which was the thing 'describe' and 'explain' are just... which you usually get with dumbo, and 'imagine'... yeah... what would have made was the fact it grabs your heart strings. the cartoon is dark, it better for you? it's about separation and anxious issues, and it makes you cry, every time you watch it, yeah, i think the — it makes you cry. either if you'd asked direct i don't doubt for one minute it questions on a number scale, will find an audience and it will be say how did you feel this on a scale of one to ten? perfectly fine holiday what seems to be clear fare, but it doesn't have anything like the classic is that the anxieties around autism quality of the original. are very individualised. and the reason is it's — weirdly lacks that emotional engagement. there was something about the original cartoon that just, you just, you know, you watch it, it is like et, you watch a cloud—based software, it and you immediately start crying, that's now offered by some areas you can't resist it. on the nhs, giving personalised in the case of this, solutions is called brain in hand. i found it oddly unengaging, this system is also based for all the things that were ok on established therapies and impressive about it, and coaching and rests on health it never gets off the ground professionals working with users
6:23 am
to devise answers for in the way it should do. do you think that's a trend then, particular situations. that the original animation actually has more heart and soul? when users become anxious, notjust in this film but other they use the brain in hand app things that have been remade? to access the solutions that have i thought thejungle book already been programmed in for them. was extraordinary, but the fact a worry that third year university of the matter is that was, student rosie king has is getting lost. the app gives her solutions and helps manage her emotions whenever this happens. there's a logical part of my brain to all intents and purposes, that knows everything's going to be fine and you're going to get home just fine. but there's a bigger part of my head that's banging pots an animated film because so much and pans and screaming "you failed! of it was to do with cg you failed! we're lost and we and motion capture. i don't think, there's no reason you can't take anything and redo it in a different will never get home! format and add to it. thisjust doesn't add. out of blue, which is an unconventional kind of investigation of a murder what are we going to do?!" of a renowned astro physicist. it sounds rather intriguing. the app's anxiety monitor helps i loved it. rosie reflect on how she feels it's made by carol morley, and prompts her on prearranged tasks. but something that's especially comforting is the 24/7 red button who made the falling. backup, that connects her to a real live person. it is a radical reinvention, based on the novel by martin i've tried just doing amis. carol morley said she set out the best that i can, to rescue the characters form but i'm just really freaking out. the pages of the novel. i only use the red alarm service there is a murder when i'm really at my worst, of an astrophysicist, investigated by a detective, when i'm really low and i can't mike hoolihan, and because it control myself and i really need
6:24 am
is an astrophysicist, she interviews people who are interested to talk to somebody. in parallel universes, who are interested in the conundrum of schrodinger‘s cat, that something can be alive and that somebody is always there, and dead at the same time. and thatjust feels great for somebody in my situation. while all of the technologies we've and what begins as a murder mysters looked at can be beneficial becomes something far more for people on the spectrum, cosmic and existential. the film starts in outer space. not least because they've had input you know that powell from autistic people, and pressburgerfilm, there are more and more becoming a matter of life and death, available all the time. which i love, such a great movie. it begins with what looks like an homage to powell and pressburger, and then it kind of turns into this kaleidoscopic meditation upon dual realities. i've seen the film now three times and every time i see it, the beta project, that's i see more in it. launching later this year, there's this central tension is gathering a database of what's out there, between two characters, including technologies to help tackle anxieties. between two colours, there are technologies that target between two realities, the general population that can't be and it's one of those films used by autistic people. that the more you look but there are, for example, sensory issues for autistic people at it, the more you see. do you need to see it three and technology needs to adapt times to understand it? to those needs to be non—threatening and to be effective. no, i loved it the first time round. first time round, i thought this we are back at the steve jobs works as a murder mystery. the second time, i thought there's much more going on, theater at apple hq once again. stuff that was going on in the background seemed to be but this time, the announcement in the foreground. is going to be a little different. by the third time, i had like gone down the rabbit hole. instead of a new device, apple now i was starting to obsess
6:25 am
about all the details of it. want to talk about entertainment. it has a fantastic score by clint mansell. i think carol morley is a genuinely visionary film—maker. from spielberg to big bird, apple is bursting into hollywood i know it's not for everybody, and i know this is one with what it hopes will be a wildly of the things, itjust struck me in a particular way, but if you get it, popular tv service of its own. it's just brilliant, and i really advise you to give it a go, unlike anything that's because it's so great to see been done before. it's announced apple tv+. a subscription service a film—maker with such ambition, launching later this year, the whole film was shot in 28 days, and yet every frame is filled and designed to rival what's already with clues and details, and i, out there from netflix and amazon. i thought it was great. it's called out of blue, the company hasn't said how much it not out of the blue, as you correctly said the title. will cost but it has promised why is that? you'll be able to access exclusive because — because... you have to see the film content from stars like oprah, to understand why. reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, it's out of blue and out of red. it's about the tension kumail nanjiani, and more. between those two colours, and you'll be able to get and between reality shows from other networks and between separate universes, and i have to stop for an additionalfee, talking about it because i could go just as you can on amazon prime video today. on about it all night. because of that, i think it's fair to say apple will need to stand out. kind of confused already. oprah winfrey is obviously a great looking forward to that one. star and it is great for her to come at eternity‘s gate, in and say i will do uplifting stuff which is another film about the life that will raise everyone's spirits. of vincent van gogh.
6:26 am
of which there have been many, i don't know if you can sell most recently we had that brilliant animation loving vincent, described as the first oil painted animated film, which was absolutely breathtaking. a tv service with that. so this is willem dafoe, oscar—nominated willem dafoe, as vincent van gogh speaking of additional fees, towards the later period of his life. you may find yourself being asked to pay a lot more of them from now on. also announced here was apple news+ a subscription news service that cost $9.99 per month. for that, you get access to around 300 or so magazines you would ordinarily have to subscribe to individually. i went to the museum in amsterdam. however, only two newspapers have i said vincent van gogh? signed up to apple's plan — so we get his real life and his tussles with madness the wall streetjournal and with incarceration, but also julian schnabel and the la times. is attempting to show us the world he saw apple also came up with a gaming through his paintings subscription service called apple arcade, which, if you watched the show last week, visually represented. you'll know sounds pretty similar to some of what google recently unveiled. here's a clip. i'm telling you, you have to look inside. you keep saying look inside, i get it, i do. you won't find these games you keep repeating yourself. on any other mobile platform what do you think i'm doing? or in any other subscription service. i don't invent the picture. and then there was this. i don't need to invent the picture. apple card. i find it already in nature. s credit card apple has made in partnership with megabank goldman sachs and mastercard. what apple is trying to do with all of this,
6:27 am
if you hadn't noticed, is make more money from what you do ijust have to free it. all right. i'm just saying first think about your surface and how the paint will sit on it. with your phone. get control over what you're doing. maybe you should work inside more. i spent all my life alone in a room. i need to go out and work, to forget myself. so over the past year, we've been hearing them talk i want to be out of control. about services, i need to be in a feverish state. making money from services. and certainly, in the last few quarters of their earnings, it's called the act they have been getting a lot of money of painting for a reason. from services, that's where the big growth is. all right, calm down. i don't want to calm down. so when it comes to tv, apple did the faster i paint, the better i feel. just about what we expected. i can't stay here, vincent. big stars paid up and ready to go. what are you saying? but i'm wondering whether they can truly be as creative as netflix and even amazon when it comes so that line when he says to making exciting television. it's called the act of painting for a reason. but maybe it won't matter, because as soon as they launch thing, it will be on a billion devices just like that. i mean that's kind of telling you, this is like the act of the act how many lenses do you actually need of painting, and you on your phone camera? could see from that clip that whatjulian schnabel is trying one, two? lg thinks five, even nokia's come in at nine. to do is put you within actually, it really depends on how the mind of van gogh, and to see the world you use your camera phone.
6:28 am
through his eyes. so, 60 seconds, please, i think willem dafoe's central it's time for your guide. let's go! performance is terrific, do you like to take pictures of your food or generally spend time and i think he — there was moments when i really did believe in dark environments? sounds like you're shooting he was the artist. in low light a lot. experts say that the google pixel 3 and huawei's new p30, schnabel‘s really interesting released this week, are leading the field. next up, are you a pinch and zoomer? or do you prefer what i because what he's done before call the human zoom? look for optical zooms if you want to get close is things like the diving bell to the action and keep the details. but it'll cost you, as many say and the butterfly, jean—michel basquiat. so he has done biographies, because he is an artist the top of the ops are the iphone 10 who turned to film—making. i think there are occasions and 10s, the galaxy s9+, when the drama meanders a bit, and again, the p30. when it becomes a series of conversations that kind shooting video on your phone gives of attempt to explain how it a massive workout, so remember to check that you've got it is that the artist is seeing something that has decent battery the world, but at its best, it is — life and lots of space. it's a film, it's a cinematic experience, as i think you saw from that clip, those in the know rate the sony xperia xz3 schnabel is definitely trying for its fantastic slo—mo features, to put you in the mind of the artist and say this is how and the oneplus 6t as a viable he saw the world. not entirely successful, budget alternative with a brighter, but it's a good try. a good try. long exposure night mode. there you go, that's the verdict. ah, made it, and with a few seconds to spare. best out? i love us. the new film from jordan peel,
6:29 am
who made get out, it's and that's it for the short like a chiller, a horrorfilm, cut of click this week. there are moments of it the full—length version is waiting that are scary, it's funny, for you right now on iplayer, it's a modern day parable of a family terrified and don't forget, we also by doppelgangers. we reviewed white crow live on social media, and you really liked white crow. loved it. so if you need us during the week, very interesting film you'll find us on facebook, about nureyev‘s defection instagram, youtube and twitter, @bbcclick. to the west, and very well directed thanks for watching i think by ralph fiennes. us for me, are you a horror film fan? yes, and i love get out. white crow i think too and we will see you soon. is a very fine film. yeah, i agree. we're in complete agreement on white crow. best dvd? shoplifters. this was a palme d'or winner. it's a story about a family on the margins of society, it may be a thriller, a crime thriller, it may be a family drama, it's lots of different things all mashed together. it's touching, moving and very mysterious, i really liked it. don't need to see it three times to understand it? no, i got it the first time. that's a relief! that's it from us. thank you so much for watching. goodbye from both of us.
6:30 am
good morning. welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. our headlines today: what next for brexit and theresa may after the prime minister's deal is defeated by mps for a third time?
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