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tv   30032019  BBC News  March 30, 2019 8:00am-9:00am GMT

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theresa may and her government are considering what next for brexit. their deal was rejected by mps for a third time, defeated by 344 votes to 286, amid heated exchanges in parliament. outside, the mood was just as tense. thousands of leave supporters gathered to protest against the delay to brexit. in the coming week, mps from all parties will try to agree other ways forward to break the deadlock. let's speak now to the chairman of the conservative party, brandon lewis, whojoins us from our london newsroom. it was disappointing for us as a country yesterday. to not be able to agree that withdrawal agreement good morning which is what we have to leave the welcome to breakfast european union was disappointing. it with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. is something that we have proposed our headlines today: an outline why we have to have it. what next for brexit and theresa may? the labour party, it is part of after the prime minister's deal their policy that they would agree is defeated by mp5 for a third time. it and still voted against it. that was very disappointing. as a vote going to be put forward on the deal this government will continue to press the case for the orderly again next week, do you know? we will assess over the next few days brexit that the result of the what the steps are. parliament will referendum demands. return to look at what it thinks on monday and we will have to see what on the evening britain was scheduled to leave the eu, comes through from that. the reality is that whatever we do, whatever thousands gatherd in westminster process we want to go through next to leave the eu, which we must do, to protest against the delay. thatis to leave the eu, which we must do, that is the result of the referendum andindeed the government has two weeks that is the result of the referendum and indeed the general election of to break the deadlock, or face leaving the eu 2017, whatever we do requires withdrawal agreement. without a deal on 12th april.
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it's emerged the pilot 2017, whatever we do requires withdrawal agreementlj 2017, whatever we do requires withdrawalagreement. i understand in the fatal plane crash involving that when we talk to political footballer emiliano sala, posters or political commentators on was not qualified to fly at night. good morning — this programme, people are the champions eye top spot, scratching around to find out what as they start the final run in. manchester city boss pep guardiola, will happen next. i really think is confident his team that the chairman of the will get the win they need at fulham conservative party would know what to return to the top of the next steps would be by now. the the premier league this lunchtime. why we could be spending reality is that if we want to leave more on mother's day than on any other celebration the eu, whatever process, we have to have a withdrawal agreement, that was what yesterday was about. we apart from christmas. decoupled things to make things straight forward so that it fitted with a policy of the labour party and 19 celsius, 66 fahrenheit as and that is why it is disappointing possible in a few spots today, but to see them play politics rather things are set to turn colder. i than what is in the national will have all the details for you interest. i will be open about you here on brexit. —— breakfast. as to what comes next, parliament has taken control of the order paper good morning, it's saturday and on monday parliament will the 30th of march. continue to look at this and one of our top story — theresa may and her government are considering the challenges we have is that the what next for brexit. prime minister is rightly outlining their brexit deal was rejected by mps for a third time — that parliament has been unable to defeated by 344 votes to 286, agree on that parliament has been unable to agree on anything. the vote yesterday was the large number of votes for something but parliament amid heated exchanges in parliament. has yet been able to agree on something. we have to find a way forward , something. we have to find a way forward, parliament has to come together to do something that is mr speaker, i fear we are right for the country, delivers on reaching the limits of this that referendum any way that works
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process in this house. for the uk. what does it come down this house has rejected no deal, to now? if the prime minister cannot it has rejected no brexit, on wednesday, it rejected get this deal through, is it time all the variations of for someone else to take over the the deal on the table. negotiations and for her to go? and and today, it has rejected approving not just the negotiations and for her to go? and notjust the negotiations with the eu but with mps within parliament? the withdrawal agreement alone, we will continue to work with mps and continuing a process on the future. across parliament. with our the house has been clear, this deal now has to change. colleagues as well in the dup. so there has to be an alternative that we can talk to them about what found, and if the prime minister will be can do to help them be able can't accept that, then she must go, not at an indeterminate date in the future, but now, so that we can decide the future to support that withdrawal agreement of this country through and honour our leaving of the eu. but we must also be clear that none a general election. of that changes and what you have outlined, in terms of how we outside parliament, the mood was just as tense. negotiate and who is negotiating, it thousands of leave supporters gathered to protest against the delay to brexit and mark does not change. parliament must come together to agree a withdrawal the moment when the uk would have left the eu. our home agreement. is theresa may the person affairs correspondent, dominic casciani, reports. to bring parliament together because she has yet to manage it so far? yes, i think she is the right person brexit! because she has put together a deal they've come from all parts of the uk, determined to not that delivers on the referendum, n3 just be seen by mps, but also to be heard.
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brexit supporters from a wide range movement, sorts out about laws and of backgrounds and groups, works for our economy. the key thing but all with the same is regardless of any individual, parliament itself at this point in message to the parliament, time has not been able to show an expression of interest and support "you have let us down." for any one thing and as i can't think of any time in history parliamentarians we must find a way in which a greater betrayal through that. yesterday we should of a democratic vote has ever have been able to do that. we happened in any country in the western world. nigel farage, the former ukip leader outlined in the withdrawal agreement pledged to stand again something that the government and for the european elections. the official opposition had supported but yet they still voted against it. that is not putting the national interest first but playing politics. i hate to labour at this if there is a long delay, he predicted leave would also win another referendum, but for many, friday point but just was still the day democracy died. politics. i hate to labour at this point butjust presenting a deal let's get out! does not mean that she has brought let's have brexit! mps in parliament together, she has very, very sad! not been able to bring parliament together to have a conclusive very disappointed. decision made. is there someone better in the conservative party to do this, a fresh pair of eyes, so to the deal‘s rubbish. speak? i am afraid that i disagree it's not leaving. police have flooded westminster, fearing trouble. with the principle in the terms that in the end, just five arrests. you have put it. three times the officers will be back today, because more protests are expected. vote has been rejected. it is more while there is no end in sight for brexit itself. our political correspondent than that. the prime minister has
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matt cole is in westminster. and so it continues, matt. facilitated time and parliament has taken time this week to look at the series of options, we had the a much calmer environment than it indicative votes. none of which went was yesterday, matt. there is a through. that is my point, weekend ahead for the prime minister, and she will be thinking, parliament has been unable, even when allowed to express its free as we allare, will, to come up with something that minister, and she will be thinking, as we all are, i suppose, what will it can coalesce around. on friday we happen next week? yes. that is the we re it can coalesce around. on friday we were putting something that both the main parties said they supported but big question. much calmer here yet the labour party voted against it and we must find a way through today. you might be able to see some that and do that as parliamentarians. there have been banners here today. people have been suggestions that a general election putting them back up, but no one surrounding them and protesting in could come, after the comments of the prime minister. is that is what the way that they were yesterday. is being discussed in the cabinet?” just about half a mile down the road behind me, that is where downing cannot think of anyone watching this street is, and in there, officials programme will thank anyone if we have another general election. we gathering to have a long, hard, are focused on the local elections think about what to do next. theresa in the month of may that affect the lives of people every day. that is may's deal now been voted down for what we are focused on and finding a the third time by mps. what to do way through to deliver on the referendum and any way that works next? that is the difficult one for for our economy. i believe that the the prime minister and her team. on deal that we have is the right one monday, they will vote once again on but we have to find something that parliament can coalesce around. so
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a series of options of brexit you are suggesting them not to be a features, such as indicative votes, general election announcement in the such as leave without a deal, next week? -- that they will not be possibly having another referendum, may be suggesting a customs union a general election announcement in the next week? i do not think that would be the way through. there is a is the answer, a general election suggestion that if there is one creates a huge delay, people want to clear winner option, maybe theresa see us creates a huge delay, people want to see us get on with delivering on the referendum and that is what we may's deal could be put against it should focus on. i hate to keep later in the week. not sure if that going, but will there be an will happen, but theresa may has got announcement on a general election to come up with something. on april this week? whether or not you think it isa this week? whether or not you think the 10th, there is going to be an it is a good thing, should there be an announcement? a general election emergency eu summit. if there is are something that parliament must vote on and i do not think that is nothing, they will need a longer extension, and two days later, april something that parliament should be to 12, britain could be leaving the looking at, or will be looking at. european union without a deal. what next week we will focus on leaving the eu in an orderly fashion. well could happen? possibly a general election could be the option for theresa may, but it is not clear. there be the announcement of a designation by the prime ministers thank you for that. we will be this week, is that being pushed by speaking to the chairman of the members of the party or people in cabinet? that is not a conversation conservative party. that is coming up conservative party. that is coming i have had. iwant the prime up shortly. it is five minutes past minister to be able to focus on what
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we deliver through parliament. that is what she has been focused on and eight. the pilot of the plane which what she will continue to focus on crashed into the english channel with footballer emiliano sala but all of us as parliamentarians on board, wasn't allowed to fly at night. have got to look at what we want to the bbc has been told that david ibbotson deliver for the country. we had a was colour—blind and restricted to daytime flights only. chance yesterday to leave the eu emiliano sala died when the plane crashed injanuary, david ibbotson‘s with the withdrawal agreement that any process parliament wants to go body still hasn't been found. through has to be done, and we have kayley thomas has more. to find a way to get parliamentarians together to vote so it has been ten weeks that we can leave the european union and a properand that we can leave the european union and a proper and orderly fashion. since the plane carrying the telegraph has reported this morning that the prime minister will give the cabinet the chance to vote or no deal or membership of a customs union. what is your view on that? would you support a customs cardiff city's record agreement arrangement? £15 million signing, emiliano sala, crashed into the sea that? would you support a customs agreement arrangement7m that? would you support a customs agreement arrangement? it is off guernsey in the channel islands. dangerous to get into predictions the man tasked with getting him and hypotheticals from newspapers, particularly as i have not seen the to his new club in time for training was david ibbotson, a private pilot papers for our cabinet meeting, they from north lincolnshire. but he should not have have not come through to as yet. i been flying at night because he was not licensed to. am not sure if they have been the bbc has been told published yet. we have to focus on that he was colour—blind and had leaving the eu any way that respects a restriction on his license stating he could fly in daylight hours only. the referendum and we outlined any the ill—fated flight set off of our manifesto in 2017 what that from nantes over one would be. both parties did that in
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2017 and said they would respect from nantes set off over one that. we have to find before hour after sunset. parliament to come together and there has been much speculation deliver on that. well there'll be an about the legality of the flight. informal or formal cabinet meeting the piper malibu was registered this weekend? no plans at the in the us and could not be operated commercially with paying passengers. moment. cabinet will meet as we the air accident investigation usually do on tuesday. we were branch said that licensing continues to be a focus of its investigations talking to david davis going through but a full report into the crash is not expected the papers and he said that one of until early next year. president trump has the things that many people, he threatened to close the border with mexico next week, believes, want to know, is what is after accusing the country of not the conservative party, while all of doing enough to stop migrants this chaos is going on, what are you from reaching the us. american border officials say going to do to bring the people they're struggling to cope with a surge in asylum seekers from central america. together because we have seen ugly mexico's government says it does scenes in parliament and in the not respond to threats. house of commons and it is reflected outside on the streets as well? we have got to be very clear that this psychiatrists are being urged to ask children, who are undergoing mental health is why it is so important to get assessments, about how this done so that we can show the long they spend online country that we are focused on and what they use social media for. moving forward, notjust country that we are focused on moving forward, not just for the next phase of the negotiations, but the royal college of psychiatrists says so that we can talk about... i would it is concerned about how time spent much rather speak to you about the online impacts mood, issues that people are thinking sleep, diet and behaviour. about on the 2nd of may when they mps have called for new regulations to be imposed on platforms such vote locally. we need good schools, as facebook, twitter and instagram, we have 2.4 million people more than to protect children from what they
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call "an online wild west." before going to outstanding eurostar say all services hospitals. those are the issues that we want to unite and talk about. you to and from london st pancras have suspended, due to a trespasser on the tracks. think that potholes are more passengers are being important than brexit, do you? that advised not to travel. is not what i said. we want to bring south—eastern high speed train people together and deliver on the domestic agenda. at the local services have also been disrupted. elections people will look at the issues that local councils have nine out of ten british control of, that is potholes, local schools and in central government we universities pay their average wa nt schools and in central government we want to talk about the huge investments and improvements in the female employees less nhs services and a growing economy than their average male employees, according to bbc analysis. and more jobs being created, record the data also reveal that nearly all government departments levels of employment. but we must and almost two—thirds of councils also have gender pay—gaps. make sure that we get thisjob done here's our business in terms of delivering on that referendum on leaving the eu any manner that can support all of that. correspondent rob young. brandon lewis, chairman of the the government wants conservative party, thank you very to close the gender pay gap. it has been asking much for your time this morning. organisations to take action. thank you. for the second year running, public organisations are publishing the gap between what they pay men and women. a bbc analysis suggests most still pay the average man more than the average woman. mike has taken his seat. good indeed, universities and central morning. you have the latest in the government departments sports news. that is correct. thank have a bigger gender pay gap
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than the private sector. at universities that gap is 14%. you. lower than it was, but above last year's national average of 9%. manchester city have won their last six games against fulham, one in three government departments and at the second from bottom side say their pay gap has actually today, are confident that form widened compared to last year. although they are trying will continue this lunchtime. to do something about it, a win would take the champions back they are getting it wrong so far. to the top of the premier league, so we really do have to take tougher for a day at least, at the start action on public sector and private of this final run—in. i saw the last three games sector employers to make plans, to hold them accountable because this time i had more for the plans, and have penalties time to watch games. in place if they do not so leicester and chelsea... and liverpool, especially at home. address the gaps. so against tough opponents it is illegal to pay a woman less like chelsea and liverpool, they were close. than a man for doing the same work. i do not see the table, so the pay gap highlights so i see how they do differences in working patterns. and how they have done. fulham and manchester city part—time roles are mainly is the first of the day's fixtures done by women and there at craven cottage this lunchtime. is a lack of women in senior, better paid jobs. england's oldest man has then later on it could be celebrated his 111th birthday. goodbye huddersfield — they will be relegated in march, bob weighton from hampshire was born
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if they lose at crystal palace and on the 29th of march 1908. burnley and southampton both win. i am always focused on the future, mr weighton said he had requested of course, because we have to have a long—term as a club, not to have a birthday card as me as a manager, but still, it's from the queen in order to save public funds. about every weekend at the moment, it was also the birthday and this weekend we're of scotland's oldest man going to play our next opponent alf smith, from perthshire. and we are going there the men have never met, because we have prepared ourselves but they have exchanged birthday for next opponent and, yeah, cards in recent years. we will try to do everything to get something out of there. bob says he always gets asked paul heckingbottom's unbeaten league run since taking over at hibernian what is his secret to living longer. continues after they beat livingston 2—1. the game came to life in the second half, with two quick—fire people ask me for my secret. goals from paul hanlon, no, i do not have a secret, and stevie mallan. i do not keep any secrets. the win lifts hibs up to fifth, above their edinburgh rivals hearts, i have no idea. for the first time this season. no idea. i told somebody once, well, ijust avoid dying. it such a great philosophy, isn't it? and in this world of complex controversy in the championship, things, it is a nice simple message. as west brom came from behind to beat birmingham. a penalty was given for this foul congratulations on that birthday. which was outside the box. that whole idea of keeping things jay rodriguez scored the spot kick
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that helped west brom come simple. brexit, there a thought. from behind to win 3—2. the win sealed by a brilliant strike let's return from jake livermore. west brom are now three points to our top story now. behind third—placed leeds. birmingham's blues deepen. today was meant to be the uk's first dan walker is on the sofa. good day outside of the european union. morning. good morning, everyone. and instead, the prime minister after the racist abuse that england and her cabinet will spend the weekend attempting — again — to find a way suffered in montenegro. harry kane of delivering their brexit deal, has said that he would take his after it was defeated players off if it happens again. it for a third time. 286 mps voted yes, 344 voted no, as large crowds of pro—brexit campaigners descended on westminster. happened again. ipswich wanderers so where does this leave us now? joining us now from westminster is political pollster, jo twyman, took his players off after racist and here in the studio abuse from a fan. the player does isjon tongue, politics lecturer not want to play football again, at the university of liverpool. which is horrendous. soccer —— suffolk fa are investigating and it jo, jo, let's start with you, what you seems that the strong action called for is happening now. a lot of make of it all? where do you see people have suggested that if this going? perhaps i would just authorities do not take action talk about the next seven days. i themselves that the big players will start to do that and i know that a think that will be plenty. nobody lot of managers... we had pep really knows where this is going, and that is what makes it so very guardiola and jurgen klopp and you mentioned harry kane, suggesting they would take off the players and exciting! instead, what we are harry kane said he would walk off seeing, is at the moment, theresa his players. maurizio sarri said he may is being batted around, kind of would take a ten minute stoppage to like a small boat on an ocean, but
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the game. neil warnock has said he instead, what she wants to do is would go stronger than that and turn everything into a straight throw teams out of competitions if they cannot control their fans. john fight, to replace her deal, as the walters, recently retired from only possible option up against football at the top level, and dion no—deal, or an extension. and dublin, we are speaking to them on this issue today. the best way to only possible option up against no—deal, oran extension. and in public opinion times, the difficulty that she has is that her deal is not punish the fans is to deny them the game, isn't it? as in, stop the particularly popular, but then neither are any of the other game. the fans almost will begin to options, and so know one way forward regulate themselves because at the moment you have fans on the terraces commands a majority support in shouting abuse and others kind of either the house of commons, or sitting around and suggesting that indeed among public opinion. and so they do not want to say anything whichever one she chooses, she may because it is intimidating. but the other fans who are behaving. those find that she is very disappointing misbehaving from carrying on. are toa find that she is very disappointing to a large number of the british you talking about taking players off the pitch? stop the game. no, not public. jon, jo says theresa may wa nts to public. jon, jo says theresa may wants to turn this into a straight stop it altogether but in that fight. that's impossible isn't it? particular game. that is how you punish the fans. there are lots of her attempt to sell the withdrawal agreement, she has managed to avoid managers who would go along with fat dying, in the sense that she has and players, ithink, will start managers who would go along with fat and players, i think, will start to be more active in this area as well managed to get the majority of
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defeats down from 230 to 149. and if it continues. it is one of the big issues that is facing notjust i'iow football but quite a lot of sport at defeats down from 230 to 149. and now only to 58. she only needs that the moment. i suppose it has to play he mps to go cost you had to win next week. but where are those that out in real time but it probably needs one of those high—profile he mps going to come from? because occasions. and when you watch what those who are up for converting to happens afterwards. commercially, there are commercial interests. what her, they have gone over, so it is happens if they match stops after 12 difficult to see where the new minutes? that is where it kicks in. converts would actually come from. it would need a lot of labour mps to imagine in the champions league if one of the top players in the next go across, and there are very few few weeks the size that they have signs that they would go across to heard racist abuse from the ground theresa may's bill, so, we have got and in that game where there is millions and mounds of pounds spent to look elsewhere. the closest in in sponsorship and say they are not terms of the indicative vote last playing anymore and they walk off week was that of a customs union. the pitch and some of their team—mates for them. that is a huge you only need five mps to change statement that has repercussions for not only do teams playing but the their mind on that to get that infrastructure around a bigger sport across the line. there may well be a in the world. so it is something we must keep a close eye on at the consensus come across the line. there may well be a consensus come monday. then we have got whether theresa may goes moment. but people with the money head—to—head against a consensus should support that sentiment. come monday. then we have got whether theresa may goes coming up on football focus later, head—to—head against the customs union, or not? is it conceivable, we speak to ole gunnar solskjaer who given that you have just said,
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that's her own red lines and everything that she has said in the has just been named manchester united manager full—time. and past, is it conceivable that she can ta ke past, is it conceivable that she can take the nation, her own party has just been named manchester united managerfull—time. and also unai of arsenal has been speaking to through the next part of this our spanish colleagues. guillem process ? through the next part of this process? it is very difficult to see how. the first statement that she made after the referendum ruled out balague. membership ofa made after the referendum ruled out membership of a permanent customs we know we need to create union, and the single market. they a new future, a new place see now in the future, and we are here to do union, and the single market. they see now like the most likely something important, options. she says that she is going and also to play for to go anyway, she is already lucky the possibility to win titles. you play newcastle on monday and if you actually win, to go anyway, she is already lucky to survive. three strikes and you will have the same amount of points that arsenal got normally out, whether she can the whole of last season. the premier league is the most survive a fourth defeat, and important competition for us. bringing her own deal, time is going but the reason is because we have 38 to be called on her very, very soon. matches to be consistent and we are now, in this moment, it will be called anyway, by the with the big challenge for only 12th of april. it only needs one eu the next match against newcastle. there is a quirky fact about that state to object to an extension. i game. newcastle fans have had 15 don't think that will happen, straight monday night football because donald tusk has made it matches away from home. you can quite clear that he does not want imagine how hard that is to get back that scenario. jo, jon mentioned the to newcastle from, london. and i think they have lost 11 of them. and fa ct that scenario. jo, jon mentioned the fact that theresa may needs 30 mps to go over to her side, so to speak. we have the old firm derby in scotland, celtic were the lead of but how will the public react to ten points, we will speak to neil
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this? already, there is quite a bit lennon. and at the top of league 1 we have luton town at the top and of anger to many conservative mps reactions, and the way that they sunderland in third. they are all on voted, when theresa may said, ok, these incredible unbeaten runs. 26 get my deal through and i'll go. the matches unbeaten for luton, barnsley difficulty that theresa may has is 19 games unbeaten and sunderland in that a lot of the things now are 16 games unbeaten. so for all the teams in that division at the top, playing to her own mps. they are the ones that lead. lots to that a lot of the things now are playing to her own mp5. the talk of a general election, the threat of a fit in today from the day, plenty to general election, the carrot of her talk about. and we speak to virgil van dijk. i have forgotten about resigning. none of these play critically well with the public, and him! he could potentially be player of the year along with raheem in public opinion times, when you sterling. they are in the running give people a spectrum of options, for that. and johnny marr is doing they don't go through the options for the middle, they don't go for her deal, they don't go for an the predictions. yes, i forgot about extension, or renegotiation. the that, too! what have you been doing! largest numbers go for either nigel brexit, leaving without a deal entirely, or remaining in the eu, and abandoning brexit altogether. we just that, too! what have you been doing! wejust had a that, too! what have you been doing! we just had a lot to talk about and so, if you are a politician, today! whatever you are doing today, having to deal with a public that is matt has all the details. let's get so having to deal with a public that is so divided, while at the same time the weather. unable to come to any kind of
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majority support position, it is difficult to see a way forward, even if you want to channel this down thank you very much. blue skies over bury st edmunds. lovely start for into a singlejourney, if you want to channel this down into a single journey, and tied much of england and wales and people if you want to channel this down into a singlejourney, and tied it into a singlejourney, and tied it into an effectively a monorail say sunshine developing in scotland and northern ireland but there is a brexit. jon was talking about the different feel. cold front at the possibility of theresa may and moment bringing patchy cloud and surviving. that is a real discussion right now. she is in position, she rain. the blue colours on the chart indicate colder air will push to all said she is still there for now. in areas. some of us will see milder relation to who might succeed her, what information are we hearing conditions. the mist and fog for the about that? the data is clear about west of england and wales and that will clear. there is the weather front, the strip of cloud with that. the candidates divide into two patchy rain and drizzle and a bit of how sweet. it will get into the far groups, there is that the public don't know, and those that the north of england this afternoon and public don't like. there is no allow scotland and northern ireland obvious solution. over half the to turn sunnier. still quite a people don't know any of the breeze. flurries for orkney and candidates involved. none of the shetland. either side of that candidates involved. none of the candidates received support from weather front, to the south, some large numbers of people that oppose them, and so really, whoever is shetland. either side of that weatherfront, to the south, some is showers in the north—east but 18, 19 chosen,is them, and so really, whoever is chosen, is going to have been degrees, 56 in fahrenheit. possible extraordinarily difficult time, because the mathematics, we assume north of weather front, temperatures of the house of commons won't mostly in single figures this change, public opinion has not been afternoon perhaps around 11 degrees changing so far, and so they will potentially for glasgow. more of a
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have to hope that they can bring breeze developing across scotland and northern ireland and that will add to the cello. it will move people around eventually, but that is in no way guaranteed. could it slowly southwards overnight. any possibly, and i am scratching around north of england, patchy rain and for a positive about whatjo said drizzle eventually into north wales, the midlands and east anglia by the about the next prime minister, could end of the night. to the south, it bea could see some mist and fog forming. about the next prime minister, could it be a good thing, that someone who has an outsider, who the public temperatures on the low side, may be knows nothing about, get into the close for a touch of frost, and it role? it does not solve the basic is not ireland and scotland and in the far north of england where we problem. in the same way a general would like to see a widespread frost to ta ke would like to see a widespread frost to take us into sunday morning. a election would solve nothing. it is sunday morning which starts earlier for many of you, we have one or less not going to solve any of the problems that are facing us in times on the bed tonight, this clocks of the type of brexit that the spring forward to start british public wants. there is the hard line summer time. it is a fine start for many, even if it is not particularly options, those are the ones most one. frosty star, high pressure favoured by the public. glad we got across the north, colder air to the that sorted out. thank you very north. patchy rain and drizzle could much. 17 minutes past eight. how bad be in the south through the day. we have the odd light shower into the afternoon. mostly we have a dry sunday. sunnier day for scotland, weather? what about that? i hope that can be a bit more northern ireland and the north of england. even after that frosty start, it should be a pleasant, straightforward. crisp spring day. the wind is
8:18 am
lighter across the north compared with today. more of a breeze for the lovely start for quite a few of you. south and even though temperatures across south—west, south wales and some sunshine overhead. particular the channel islands at 15 degrees, it will feel chillier than that as the breeze develops, mostly around towards the west, another fairly calm start to the day. things are on eight, up to 10 degrees for the day. the change. parts of scotland and widespread frost to take us into the northern ireland. this weatherfront new week and of course we go into through the next 24 hours is going april as well, typical april showers to work its way southwards. this on the forecast next week. rain, blue colour here is colder air, hail, sleet, snow, bit of thunder, working its way down most areas, as bit of everything. the key thing to we go through tomorrow. it will note is that after seeing 19 celsius for the past few days, temperatures bailey getting to double figures for bring some outbreaks of rain and many. back to you now. drizzle, but it is on the move. things will brighten up. is thank you very much, matt. brightening up later in northern ireland. the mist and fog will it might come as a surprise to hear that the biggest day of the year clear, but cloud will remain at for sales of flowers and greetings cards isn't valentine's day, but mother's day. large, and northern england will see the british retail consortium says at the rain and drizzle move in. mother's day also brings a big boost they contrast in temperatures either in sales of women's clothes and accessories, homewa re, side of it, though. to the south, 18 and the weekly food shop. our consumer affairs correspondent 01’ colletta smith has been finding out side of it, though. to the south, 18 or19 how we're spending our cash ahead side of it, though. to the south, 18 or 19 celsius, in the sunshine, of the big day tomorrow. isolated showers north—east of
8:19 am
let me introduce you to sarah, london, and north of that weather eleanor and emma and melanie. for women, four mums, front, temperatures in single all running bustling businesses. figures. there will be a breeze to but this weekend things go with it, making it feel a bit chillier. a chilly day in the north, are going into overdrive. mild day in the south, but that weather front is on the move. not a we do look forward to doing this sort of trade as well because we just love to be busy. huge amount of rain on it, a better it's great to see customers tab in places, misty over the hills. and just seeing what we can produce and create. could see some fog again across you know, passion is flowers. southern areas and night, tomorrow morning, largely frost free, but a cooler start to sunday. tonight, for the staff in melanie's florists, it's about turning perfect blooms into beautiful bouquets for more customers than at any other point in the year. though, it represents a leap forward an hour into british summer time. as far as the clocks are concerned at we can just have a really creative least, not necessarily in the flair, order whatever we want, design it and itjust sells. weather. an hour less in bed, an and it's notjust flowers hour less on the night shift, and it and chocolate, statistics from the last five years shows there is also a boost ta kes hour less on the night shift, and it in amount that we spend takes us into mother's day. some on the weekly food shop, as plans are made for a big mothering sunday lunch. morning drizzle perhaps in areas well, i'm actually going to my mum's. like east anglia, and some light my mum is cooking sunday showers into the afternoon, but for lunch for us all. so your mum is doing the cooking? the vast majority, it will be a my mum is cooking sunday lunch, yeah.
8:20 am
and then i'm going and my three lovely sunday. crisp, fresh, spring children and their partners. i am just not convinced there needs day, a bit more sunshine, but to be, like, you know, tomorrow, the winds and the north, if you like, more of a breeze in the i'm not interested in having loads of money spent on me, i'm happy with just a card. south, and temperatures into the don't tell my husband teens across parts of south—west i said that though! england, and the channel islands. a developing easterly breeze will feel we've been to the turkish baths in harrogate a bit chillier, for most of you, before for mother's day. we have been out for nice meals, afternoon tea in betty's. temperatures hovering over the 10 degrees mark at best. then a clear with lots of people willing to splash out, it makes sense night to follow, widespread frost for sisters emma and eleanor into monday morning, and next week, to decide to cash in. a week of april showers. a mixture they are opening on sunday for the first time and their mother's day sittings have of rain, hail, sleet and thunder, even a bit of snow in one or two already sold out. we have people e—mailing us, you know, what are you spots, and temperatures will be doing for mother's day? do you have a mother's day menu? holding down quite low, for many so, for us, there has definitely been a demand, struggling to get into double it would be silly not to do it. figures. looking very smart today. mums are more important we were just talking about that. than boyfriends! well, you did where a sheepskin but splashing out on big—ticket lined coat when you are interviewing items means the spending
8:21 am
really starts to stack up. yesterday. it was not sheepskin, it presents for mum tend to cost more than an average easter egg, was wool. you were not —— so mother's day is now in contention to become the second—biggest spending point of the year, yesterday. it was not sheepskin, it was wool. you were not -- you were just showing off in front of all of those little sheep yesterday. 8:21am right after christmas. on a regular sunday we will do is the time. about 40 covers and this sunday we are looking at 80. council tax bills we have a lot of mums and daughters coming up for spa days, are thudding onto doormats around overnight stays, so it is a really big time for us. now and they are heavier i think valentine's day is focused around that one day, but for mother's day, we see an increase in business than ever this year. the week before and the week after. whether you are spending a fortune or simply spending some time, the tax is up by £60 britain's first love seems or £70 for most people. to be our mums. but there are ways to cut those but how about those who will be working tomorrow. bills and paul lewis has what are they hoping for? been finding out more. flowers, obviously. morning paul. chocolates. you start to dread this time of year, thinking how much more will i and, yeah, just lots have to pay? the last few years, of hugs and cuddles. they have been going up. councils my children are still quite young, so they day still seems to be are trying to balance the books. about them, rather than me! they are allowed to charge you more. we will be having cake and tea. leftover cake, lots of tea. so yes, £70 or £80, depending on yeah.
8:22 am
maybe a bit of fizz, if we're lucky! where you live. scotland are slightly less, we are slightly more. colletta smith, bbc news, they are certainly a lot bigger than they were last year. so what can in castleford, west yorkshire. people do about these, now? because and mother's day is tomorrow if you obviously, people want to try and cut their bills if they can. yes, we re and mother's day is tomorrow if you were in any doubt! absolutely. and don't forget that some people are exempt. if you are a now for an insight into the life of a man who can find everyday full—time student up to the age of tasks a huge challenge. 25, you are exempt. if you care for spencer kay is 47 and cannot wash, feed or dress himself somebody full—time that is not a but put the highest mountain relative, you are exempt. student in wales in front of him, and he will conquer it. nurses are exempt, schoolchildren spencer has autism, and his story are exempt. if people are exempt, can be seen in a documentary made by his younger brother, mikey. and everyone is exempt, no council before we speak to him, tax is due. more significantly, if only one person and he has had to let's take a look at the film. i want to tell you a story pay, a single person, somebody about this legend, my living with exempt people, then the big brother, spencer. council tax is reduced by 25%, so if you are single, alone, or the only other people in the house are exempt, get that bill cut by 25%. severe autism in the 1970s, an unforgiving error for those with that's probably 300 odd pounds of unkind mental challenges. because your council tax bill well worth back then, you could be separated
8:23 am
having. obviously people on low from your family and incomes will be very concerned? yes, institutionalised, just for being there are schemes of people on low different. and that is when you incomes, but you know, there are two needed your family the most, right? and a half or more people who can the thing is, put spencer on a mountain and he turns into a powerhouse. out here, he becomes get their council tax cut because of their low income do not apply for unstoppable, because this is the place he truly finds his piece. but it. you will find that you will not get all of your council tax gone, back home, there are different you have to pay at least of a fifth mountains to climb. he cannot address himself properly. or make of it, in areas of england, but it his own food. is certainly worth having that you can only pay a fifth. once you reach pension age, about 65 and a quarter, now, then you will find that those well, that is a brilliant piece and rules are much kinder to you, so if it is an insight, mikey, into what it is an insight, mikey, into what it is an insight, mikey, into what it is like having autism or being you have just reach rules are much kinder to you, so if you havejust reach pension age rules are much kinder to you, so if you have just reach pension age and you have just reach pension age and you are on a low income, apply autistic, and also how families cope as well, and the love that you all again, because you may get all your have for spencer is amazing. council tax... help with all your council tax... help with all your natural, he is your brother, but council tax, it will just council tax... help with all your council tax, it willjust disappear. that is well worth doing, for older also the process of the support that you are getting as well, and you people, and it is a very under really decide to dig into that. yes, i think the film covers if you
8:24 am
claimed benefit. go to your council, really important pillars. the first one see if there's any way of getting it really important pillars. the first one isjust how the mountains and the outdoors, especially in north reduced, because if it is a priority wales, in snowdonia, is a real date, you can end up in the west therapy for individuals like case injail. spencer, they have this ticking time date, you can end up in the west case in jail. good date, you can end up in the west case injail. good advice. and i of energy that needs to be sued in know you will covering more of this some way. the other important thing is whena on money box. it is now a 20 4am. —— some way. the other important thing is when a child with severe challenges and learning difficulties like spencer, autistic traits like anxiety etc, becomes an adult, school finishes, and the third key 8:24am. you're watching breakfast from bbc news. time now for a look issue is the criticality of at the newspapers. david davies, former chief executive families, mothers and fathers. i was of the fa is here to tell us what's caught his eye. on families, mothers and fathers. i was on bbc live five during the week and there were a few mothers who rang in morning to you. your handwriting there, i can't read a word of that. with adult autistic children with severe challenges, and you could hear the strain on their voice. and maybe that is the plan?|j itjust seems there, i can't read a word of that. maybe that is the plan? i am as baffled as the government is. we hear the strain on their voice. and it just seems incredible hear the strain on their voice. and itjust seems incredible to me that families and mothers and fathers we re baffled as the government is. we were speaking earlier in the that are going through this day—to—day struggle, which will never day—to—day struggle, which will never disappear, have to struggle to corridor, and you are saying you're get some form of support, and that thinking of days as a political can take up two years in some cases. correspondence. you have had the it really subtly and compassionately professor of politics at liverpool touches on those three areas.
8:25 am
university on. what a time for him. spencer is 47 now, is that right?” yes, unprecedented. we will start think so! when you track back over with all with what is going to happen yesterday —— like what the years, do you see improvements in the way that autism is talked happened yesterday. this is the daily mail. these are difficult days about and looked at, and how much people understand ? do for newspapers, not least those who about and looked at, and how much people understand? do you think there has been big changes?” championed brexit a couple of years people understand? do you think there has been big changes? i think so, i come from this from my ago, have championed mrs may's deal brother's perspective, from living it and breathing it. i had to take in recent days, and now really up it and breathing it. i had to take up the adult male role in the family aren't getting what they want, and at the age of 12. i am not the the famous british blame game is psychologist and i do not have a degree in this, but it is observations and analysis, through well under way. britain was on living with someone like spencer. political paralysis last night, when i spoke to dave, et character afterjeremy corbyn allied with hardline eurosceptics to block in the film, and he is a brexit. and after yesterday's events professional who has retired, what he has said on the way that human at westminster, there are some of rights have evolved and the human us, who understand the argument is rights have evolved and the human rights of individuals and the as much as anybody does, perhaps, challenges have involved from the and wejust 19605 challenges have involved from the 1960s and 1970s to now, it is as much as anybody does, perhaps, and we just cry out, when you do definitely getting better. we are those great interviews, people down on the green, i want you to ask, the just looking at some of the images, making you smile! he has mischief one question i wanted to ask,
8:26 am
eve ryo ne written all over his face. spencer one question i wanted to ask, everyone of them, what have you, isa written all over his face. spencer is a powerhouse and what is important when we are looking at you, or you, down everyone of them, what have you, you, oryou, down overthe individuals with challenges, is that everyone of them, what have you, you, or you, down over the past two yea rs, each individual is different. sorry you, or you, down over the past two years, or are doing today, to bring this country together, because we to interrupt, one thing that we also have seen the extremes, and one see is the relationship and some assumes these people want to bring video footage of your mother, who the country together. or do they? said that he is her responsibility actually, talking to brandon lewis, and her whole life revolved around chairman of the conservatives... i him from the fact that he is am writing it down. there you go. incontinent, so changing his bedding every day, helping him to feed and you are also a look at cheap energy, get dressed, walk with him. when your mother passed away, that is i and we talk about this so much on this programme, we always say the suppose when the family dynamic advice is to switch, and that perhaps changed and you and loyalty does not pay, but this is a cha rlotte perhaps changed and you and charlotte your sister came together piece in the times, i think? those and devoted your lives to looking after him as well. that is when my of us who fear that the government, whatever as they may have done the past two years have slightly lost world and charlotte's world blew up. sight of other huge problems in this how long ago did she pass away? nine country, is it really... was it only years ago. yes, my mum used to wash onjanuary country, is it really... was it only on january the 1st that the prime minister promises the government's his clothes and bathe him right up to the point that she died, she died energy price cap introduced on at home in her bed. i did not touch at home in her bed. i did not touch january one will cut bills for a point —— upon this in the form,
8:27 am
millions of families, but afterjust but it is an important issue, i came three months it is being raised by back from a tour in iraq and found 10% for the average household, and all six of the leading suppliers are out that my mother had a tumour on her cervix. yes, iwas raising their prices to that new level. i followed the advice, raising their prices to that new level. ifollowed the advice, i don't know if you have? compare the out that my mother had a tumour on her cervix. yes, i was a former helicopter fighter for 20 years in market and all the rest of it, and the royal air force and did three you switch, and you switch to some tours in iraq, kosovo and northern of the smaller companies, i think ireland. i got back from there and eight of them have now gone bust, found out that my mum had a tuner —— and you know, i think, tumour on eight of them have now gone bust, and you know, ithink, i eight of them have now gone bust, and you know, i think, i am found out that my mum had a tuner —— tumouron her found out that my mum had a tuner —— com pletely lost and you know, i think, i am completely lost as to what i want to tumour on her cervix. she did not do. it is a good point you make. drink, she walked my brother ten or things like this do get missed, 20 miles each day, she was one of don't they? and these are the real the fittest women you could meet, thing is that people are going to had a heart of gold and to find out feel? they are going to feel these that she had not gone for a smear test for 22 years, because she was things. and this very good article so involved with my brother, you in the time said other things to look out for. first class stamps know... had she gone for a smear test, this would have been went up as well. on a body first, identified earlier and this would not have happened. this is one of the average household water bill the things that i battle with on a will rise. the cost of a monthly basis, that. literally, prescription will rise, nhs charges looking after him, it killed her. i for a dental checkup will rise, and do not want other mothers to have to it goes on? it is mother's day this go through that. if needs to be more
8:28 am
weekend. just in case there is any panic, it is mother's day tomorrow. recognition of mothers and fathers who are going through this critical funnily enough, someone on social media got in touch, when we're phase and it is only right and talking about mother's day, and we proper that they get the proper we re talking about mother's day, and we were looking at how it is now the support required. they are not second most celebrated day after asking for it for the hell of it, christmas. quite right too. some they are asking for it because this would say that there is a hairdryer is something that they will be doing for the rest of their lives. this advertise for £299 that you can pay film will resonate with many people foran watching. i hope that it will go advertise for £299 that you can pay for an instalment of your mother. national, it is only on bbc wales at the thinking behind this? you not the moment. i have pitched it! iwas ask your mum —— might tell your mum you love her anyway? i think you should do that. certainly, i lost my wondering what camera to look in!” mother many years ago, but my will do it. mikey, honestly, a children, my two daughters will be delighted with the help of the daily fabulous fun and it is a real insight into all sorts of the arena express, as to what they should be buying my wife, and my wife, around autism and notjust what spencer is dealing with, all of the clearly, whether she goes to tesco, issues. thank you so much. i will do sainsbury‘s, and adults, and all the it now. others, marks & spencer's, exactly, my autistic big brother & me my wife clearly, must have a bottle is on bbc two wales at 10 o'clock tomorrow night and is also available of prozac, and i can tell you where on the bbc iplayer. the cheapest bottle according to the well done or not waving your mug
8:29 am
daily express is, from this article. around. i have actually tipped yes, —— a bottle of prozac. —— prosecco. a quick mention of the block. they are considering that this could be the last clock change, as the eu has proposed that the custom be scrapped. this change would apply to the uk during any brexit transition period. so, we, it has been mooted for so many years, is ita has been mooted for so many years, is it a good idea? lots going forward and back. it was originally done to help the farmers, because of the work day, but there were often reports, the royal society for the prevention of accidents, said the number of younger people killed in road accidents spiked after
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