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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 30, 2019 9:00am-10:00am GMT

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hello, this is breakfast with this is bbc critical news i'm shaun ley. who are going through this critical phase and it is only right and proper that they get the proper the headlines at ten: support required. they are not naga munchetty and charlie stayt. the prime minister looks for ways to bring her eu withdrawal asking for it for the hell of it, agreement back to the commons for a fourth time after it was they are asking for it because this a summary of this defeated by 58 votes yesterday. is something that they will be doing morning's main news. theresa may and her government are for the rest of their lives. this considering what next for brexit. film will resonate with many people their deal was rejected by mp5 for a third time — this government will continue to watching. i hope that it will go press the case for the orderly defeated by 344 votes to 286, amid heated exchanges in parliament. brexit that the result of the national, it is only on bbc wales at outside, the mood was just as tense. referendum demands. the moment. i have pitched it! iwas thousands of leave supporters the bbc understands the pilot gathered to protest of the plane which crashed against the delay to brexit. with footballer emiliano sala in the coming week, on board was not qualified mp5 from all parties to fly at night. wondering what camera to look in!” will try to agree other ways forward to break the deadlock. will do it. mikey, honestly, a all eurostar trains fabulous fun and it is a real a short while ago the chairman to and from st pancras are currently insight into all sorts of the arena of the conservative suspended due to a trespasser party, brandon lewis, near the tracks. told us why he's still backing a man has now been arrested. the prime minister. around autism and notjust what spencer is dealing with, all of the issues. thank you so much. i will do i think theresa may is the right the royal college of psychiatrists calls it now. person because she has put together for assessments of children's mental health to include questions a deal that delivers on the about their use of social media. referendum, ends free movement, my autistic big brother & me brings back our laws and borders, is on bbc two wales at 10 o'clock and works for our economy, but as i tomorrow night and is also available have said, the key thing is, on the bbc iplayer. regardless of any individual, well done or not waving your mug apartment itself at this point of around. i have actually tipped some. time has not been able to show an expression of interest and support for any one thing, and as
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have you?! no, there is nothing in parliamentarians we must find a way through that. yesterday we should have been able to do that, in that it. the headlines are coming up... withdrawal agreement, it was something that the government and the official opposition supported but yet voted against it, that is not putting the national interest first, that is playing politics. the pilot of the plane which crashed into the english channel with footballer emiliano sala on board, wasn't allowed to fly at night. the bbc has been told that david ibbotson was colour—blind and restricted to daytime flights only. emiliano sala died when the plane crashed injanuary, david ibbotson's body still hasn't been found. president trump has threatened to close the border with mexico next good morning welcome week, after accusing the country to breakfast with naga munchetty of not doing enough to stop migrants and charlie stayt. our headlines today: from reaching the us. american border officials say what next for brexit they're struggling to cope and theresa may? with a surge in asylum seekers after the prime minister's deal from central america. is defeated by mp5 for a third time. mexico's government says it does not respond to threats. psychiatrists are being urged to ask this government will continue to children, who are undergoing press the case for the orderly mental health assessments, about how long they spend online brexit that the result of the referendum demands. and what they use social media for. on the evening britain was scheduled to leave the eu, the royal college of psychiatrists
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thousands gathered in westminster says it is concerned about how time to protest against the delay. the government has two weeks spent online impacts mood, to break the deadlock, or face leaving the eu sleep, diet and behaviour. mps have called for new regulations without a deal on 12th april. to be imposed on platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram it's emerged the pilot to protect children from what they call "an online wild west." in the fatal plane crash involving footballer emiliano sala, was not qualified to fly at night. a man has been arrested good morning — the champions eye top spot, after spending the night on the roof as they start the final run in. of st pancras station in london. manchester city boss pep guardiola, the 44—year—old is being held is confident his team for trespass and obstruction will get the win they need at fulham of the railway, which has led to return to the top of the premier to severe delays for eurostar and southeastern passengers. league this lunchtime. and 19 celsius, 66 fahrenheit is possible in a few spots today, eurostar is advising people to cancel their journeys but things are set to turn colder. or exchange their tickets i will have all the details for a different date. for you here on breakfast. those are the main good morning, it's saturday the 30th of march. our top story — theresa may stories this morning. and her government are considering what next for brexit. mike has all of the sport for us.|j their brexit deal was rejected by mp5 for a third time — have. the final six weeks of the defeated by 344 votes to 286, football season is about to begin. the premiership and the amid heated exchanges in parliament. championship. so much to be decided, no more international breaks. it is
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a hectic period coming up. from manchester site to —— from mr speaker, i fear we are reaching the limits of this manchester site to —— from manchester city they will be hoping process in this house. to retain their title and this house has rejected no deal, it has rejected no brexit, huddersfield, if the are beating on wednesday, it rejected today, they could be relegated. all the variations of the deal on the table. and today, it has rejected approving the withdrawal agreement alone, and continuing a process on the future. the house has been clear, this deal now has to change. there has to be an alternative found, and if the prime minister can't accept that, then she must go, manchester city have won their last six games against fulham, not at an indeterminate date in the future, but now, and at the second from bottom side today, are confident that form so that we can decide the future will continue this lunchtime...a win of this country through would take the champions back to the top of the premier league, for a day at least, at the start a general election. of this final run in. we are privileged to live that situation. to be in all competitions. to almost be in the beginning of april to fight for all the titles. in the last 30 minutes, it is an incredible experience. chairman of the conservative party, so normally doesn't... brandon lewis, told us i don't know how many teams in premier league history in that position fighting for the four titles. i don't know how many the prime minister has his support. were in that position. so i think they are fresh, mentally, the lads, and we are going to try it. fulham and manchester city ido i do think that she has the right is the first of the day's fixtures at craven cottage this lunchtime. person, because she has put together then later on it could be
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a deal that ends free movement... as goodbye huddersfield — they will be relegated in march, i say, the key thing is, regardless if they lose at crystal palace and burnley and southampton both win. of any individual, parliament itself i am always focused on the future, at this point in time has not been of course, because we have able to share a expression of to have a long—term as a club, as me as a manager, but still, it's interest and support for any one about every weekend at the moment, and this weekend we're thing, and we as parliamentarians have got touche find a way of doing going to play our next opponent and we are going there because we have prepared ourselves that. yesterday, . .. the for next opponent and, yeah, we will try to do everything to get have got touche find a way of doing that. yesterday,... the official opposition have supported, and yet something out of there. they still voted against it. that is england's women will go into this summer's world cup as the third ranked team in the world. not putting the national interest first. that is playing politics. the lionesses‘ victory in the she believes cup this month means they've jumped above france with just the usa and germany ahead of them. our political correspondent scotland stay 20th. matt cole is in westminster. and so it continues matt... paul heckingbottom's unbeaten league run since taking over at hibernian continues after they brandon lewis saying that theresa beat livingston 2—1. may is still the right person to the game came to life in the second half, with two quick—fire ta ke may is still the right person to take brexit forward. that is one of goals from paul hanlon, the main questions at the moment. and stevie mallan. the win lifts hibs up to fifth, but also, what will happen next above their edinburgh rivals hearts, week? yes, that is really the for the first time this season. question, but what is the right controversy in the championship, answer, we really don't know. on as west brom came from behind monday, we will have these to beat birmingham. indicative votes. mps once again, parliament behind me in the commons
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will vote on a series of options, a penalty was given for this foul and see if anyone can rise to the top, and get a majority support. at least one of those will be leaving which was outside the box. jay rodriguez scored without a deal, and another, a the spot kick that version of theresa may's deal, but helped west brom come from behind to win 3—2. with a unilateral exit possibility the win sealed from the northern ireland backs by a brilliant strike flop. that big back stopping the from jake livermore. insurance policy for what we do with from jake livermore. a... there are lots of options, may be another referendum, may be a customs union, mps will vote on those different options, if one rises to the top, then the options, said brandon lewis, but very noncommittal on whether they would west brom are three ta ke noncommittal on whether they would take that on board and take it to points behind third placed leeds. the european union. some suggestion that downing street officials might consider suggesting that if birmingham's blues deepen. something does come out, they could there's a mouth—watering tie in golf‘s world matchplay have a run—off against theresa may's championships, in texas. deal. clearly, they have not given tiger woods will play up deal. clearly, they have not given up from that, but where it goes from rory mcilroy in the last 16.
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woods was one down to patrick cantlay, but played the next here? your guess is as good as mine. four holes in five under, and won 4&2. meanwhile mcilroy continued his 100 the pilot of the plane which crashed into the english channel % start, with four front nine with footballer emiliano sala birdies, to win by the same score on board, wasn't allowed against matthew fitzpatrick. to fly at night. it is the return of the bbc has been rugby union's european told that david ibbotson champions cup this weekend — was colour—blind and restricted to daytime flights only. we're at the quarter final stage. emiliano sala died when the plane for the first time both crashed injanuary, david ibbotson's scottish regions feature. glasgow travel to london to face body still hasn't been found. english champions saracens, kayley thomas has more. while edinburgh host two—time winners munster. in the challenge cup, sale sharks are through to the semi—finals after they knocked out, connaught, with a convincing 20—10 it has been ten weeks win at the aj bell stadium. denny solomona with the second try, and sale will face either la rochelle or bristol since the plane carrying in the next round. in super league there were wins for the top two leaders st helens for the top two leaders st helens beat hull kr and second placed warrington thrashed hull fc by 63 points to 12. blake austin scored 4 of their 11 tries, and there was also cardiff city's record £15 million signing, a hat—trick forjosh charnley. emiliano sala, crashed into the sea off guernsey in the channel islands. after a disappointing opening race in australia, the man tasked with getting him ferrari are back on top of formula to his new club in time for training one ahead of the bahrain grand prix. was david ibbotson, a private pilot they topped the time sheets from north lincolnshire. but he should not have in both practice sessions. been flying at night despite the odd hairy moment, sebastian vettel clocked because he was not licensed to. the quickest time of the day, the bbc has been told just ahead of his team mate, that he was colour—blind and had but more than half a second clear a restriction on his license stating of lewis hamilton's mercedes.
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he could fly in daylight hours only. he's almost twice his age, but roger federer still handed the ill—fated flight set off out a tennis lesson from nantes over one to his teenage opponent. hour after sunset. to reach the final there has been much speculation of the miami masters. about the legality of the flight. it's the biggest age gap, the piper malibu was registered in the us and could not be operated in any match federer commercially with paying passengers. the air accident investigation branch said that licensing continues has been involved in — to be a focus of its investigations but a full report into the crash is not expected he's 18 years older than dennis shapovolov, but he still thrashed the canadian teenager 6—2, 6—4 and will meet until early next year. john isner in the final. president trump has bulgarian heavyweight, threatened to close the border kubrat pulev, has had his licence suspended, by boxing authrorities with mexico next week, in california, after he kissed after accusing the country of not a female reporter on the lips doing enough to stop migrants from reaching the us. american border officials say during an interview. they're struggling to cope with a surge in asylum seekers footage emerged of pulev, embracing vegas sports daily‘s from central america. jennifer ravalo. mexico's government says it does not respond to threats. psychiatrists are being urged to ask children, who are undergoing mental health assessments, about how long they spend online and what they use social media for. the royal college of psychiatrists says it is concerned about how time spent online impacts mood, sleep, diet and behaviour. mps have called for new regulations this was when he was asked about fighting tyson fury. the incident happened after pulev, defeated romania's, bogdan dinu,
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to be imposed on platforms such in california on saturday. he had no right to kiss me. it was as facebook, twitter and instagram, disgusting. to protect children from what they call "an online wild west." now when it comes to team sky, we're used to seeing chris froome helped to win by his team—mates. france champion is the one doing the helping. with the finish line in sight, his fellow sky rider egan bernal, of colombia, had a problem and had to walk to the finish. eurostar say all services cycling's rules, mean he was given to and from london st pancras the same time as his rivals, have been suspended, due to a trespasser above the line. and he remains third overall, behind britain's adam yates, numerous cancellations and severe delays are expected. and leader miguel angel lopez. passengers are being advised not to travel. south—eastern high speed train services have also been disrupted. and after he got over the line, nine out of ten british froome helped him get universities pay their average back to the team bus female employees less than their average male employees, according to bbc analysis. the data also reveal that nearly all government departments without having to walk! and almost two—thirds of councils also have gender pay—gaps. here's our business correspondent rob young. the government wants you know the engineering that goes to close the gender pay gap. it has been asking into those bags and how delicate they are... i was thinking, don't do organisations to take action. for the second year running, public organisations are publishing that! but he got them back to the the gap between what they pay men and women. bus, that is team spirit for you. a bbc analysis suggests most still pay the average man more and speaking of team spirit, you
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than the average woman. need it for this and export. —— you indeed, universities and central government departments have a bigger gender pay gap than the private sector. at universities that gap is 14%. need it for this and export. —— you need it for this and export. —— you need it for this next sport. she's won an olympic medal curling stones, now great britain and scotland lower than it was, but above last skipper eve muirhead is throwing year's national average of 9%. ‘human curling'. one in three government departments say their pay gap has actually widened compared to last year. i've been to see it in action. although they are trying in reply to one of our viewers this to do something about it, they are getting it wrong so far. morning, this is not an aprils fool. so we really do have to take tougher action on public sector and private sector employers to make plans, to hold them accountable —— an april fool. for the plans, and have penalties in place if they do not address the gaps. on the ice where olympic medallist eve muirhead trains, her sport has taken a new twist with humans being used as stones. it is illegal to pay a woman less once on your way, you steer than a man for doing the same work. with your feet and try to keep your so the pay gap highlights head down to minimise resistance differences in working patterns. part—time roles are mainly to get all the way into the house. done by women and there spot—on! is a lack of women in senior, look at that! could not be any closer. great shot! better paid jobs. i was not hanging around to get rammed by the next shot. actually, in human curling it is one at a time — testing distance, power and accuracy. that's good. instead of pushing down into the rubber tube, try to push forward.
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this new craze started in france and it was eve who spotted it england's oldest man has celebrated his 111th birthday. while competing in europe bob weighton from hampshire was born and brought the idea back to glasgow earlier this year. on the 29th of march 1908. mr weighton said he had requested when i first saw it i was not really not to have a birthday card sure until i gave it a shot. from the queen in order to save public funds. and until you give it a shot he was born on exactly the same day you realise how much fun as scotland's oldest man it is and it is just alf smith, from perthshire. something really different. normal curling is good fun but this the men have never met, but they have exchanged birthday cards in recent years. bob says he always gets asked human curling is a different level. what is his secret to living longer. so you start with your hands on the side of the ring, people ask me for my secret. no, i do not have a secret, so it's nearest to the red, i do not keep any secrets. i have no idea. no idea. nearest to the house. i told somebody once, in a singles head to head, i was no match for the olympian, whose skills well, ijust avoid dying. are obviously transferable. eve has it there. by a good metre. but when it came to the doubles, teamwork nudged me ahead. it is looking good. into the blue, into the blue. every day double time i hear that, into the red. nearly! and we were not the only
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it's just lovely. just perfect, isn't it? the time now is 9:10am. ones enjoying the ride. this local school hockey team, back to our top story. the latest group to use this theresa may's brexit deal was voted down for a third as a team—bonding exercise. time by mps yesterday, i like how it glides along the ice on what should have been uk's and i was almost there. final day as a member of the european union. almost. so far parliament has failed to unite on any alternative a bit more power? to the prime minister's deal. yeah. with less than two weeks to go it's not that hard but until the new departure date it's not easy either. of the 12th of april, would this make you come back can a consensus be found? and try real curling? i think it would. in minute we'll speak it's a nice atmosphere to two mps who voted with my friends. in the commons yesterday, and that's the main point but first let's remind ourselves of all this, to get people booking of how it all unfolded. more time at curling rinks. to feel the pull of the stones. brexit! now! brexit! now! the nose it gets people involved, people who are not quite so athletic. it has doubled numbers and we have had to add extra sessions. and especially on the weekends. we are getting more to the left, 234. i think it should families in which is great. if we can get more people bea to the left, 234. i think it should be a matter of profound regret that in the rink to give curling a shot once again, we have been unable to at the end of the session we can have a bit of fun. go on the tube and see how far support the british people to lose you can get up the other end. the european union. this government it won't necessarily improve your balance will continue to press the case for or curling skills...
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maybe i needed the comfort the orderly brexit that the result of the rubber ring after all! of the referendum demands. something now has to change. there has to be but for eve who is competing again after hip surgery last summer, an alternative found, and of the it helps her unwind after an intense training session. prime minister cannot accept that, when something like this is thrown then she must go, not at an in at the end of the session it takes the foot off the gas, indeterminate date in the future, of the pressure a little bit. i know i perform better when i am having fun. but now. democracy! very sad, very it has been a huge hit, doubling the number is going onto the ayes in glasgow and places in london are disappointing. i am sad that it is doing it as well. it is a great team not brexit day, but i am disappointed that it has not bonding exercise. if it gets more people into curling, all the better. progressed quicker. they should have do you have to take it in turns or the an amazing day for england, but does someonejust sit they've earned it! —— they should do you have to take it in turns or does someone just sit there all the time? there was one lady who was particularly good at pushing and she have been an amazing day for was doing that all the time, that england, but they've earned it. was doing that all the time, that was her enjoyment, pushing others as far as she could! very good. thank joining us now is communities and local government minister, jake berry, who's in westminster, you very much, mike. 9:45am, very and shadow education minister, tracy brabin, who's here in the studio. just explain to me, how did you vote ? just explain to me, how did you vote? so people understand.|j just explain to me, how did you vote? so people understand. i voted against the deal, because it is not nearly. good for the country. it has been
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more than 175,000 people have signed an online petition calling for a ban on the practice chaotic, and absolutely unprecedented times, and as you of covering trees and hedges know, i am a relatively new mp, and with nets to prevent birds from nesting in them. nets are often used i seem to have been in two years of by developers to keep birds away during construction projects, but conservationists argue that it's a threat to wildlife. constitutional crisis. we have a john maguire has been prime minister who is refusing to looking into this. budge, and has brought back ideal three times. now to have been voted down for a third time, and what was also a bit disingenuous is that they uncoupled the deal in order for it not to be the same deal that mr it's a cover—up, but is it right? 18 trees have been shrouded speaker said could not come back. so by giant nets at this school in cambridgeshire. the council wants to expand the school, something which wouldn't they uncoupled it with the political be allowed if birds were nesting. declaration. it is political elaine spotted them, tweeted about them, and was amazed by the response. shenanigans from a desperate government. what you need to see to i think it has made such an impression because it is such go over to theresa may's side? well, a dramatic visual metaphor, if you like, of what we're doing to the natural world. what is happening is that parliament it has been happening across the uk, here recently in surrey on a large are taking control. we have come to the end of the line. we should have scale, and in warwickshire, where hedgerows have been covered. the royal society for the protection absolutely had these discussions to mackie ago. and now we have got of birds wants them banned.
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the problem is that we are excluding these indicative votes. and the birds from the nesting habitat indicative votes, what's at this key time of year. frustrating, there were eight last the countryside should be full week. none of them were supported. of lively birdsong right now, but across our country, we have lost 44 million birds in 50 what do you want to see, what needs years and when nature is in crisis, we really can't afford to be adding to change for you to vote, in our‘s to its pressures with things like these nets. dealfor you to there are concerns that wildlife may become trapped to change for you to vote, in our‘s deal for you to support it? inside the nets, as happened certainly, the fact that her red here in north lincolnshire, the developers say the nets protect lines, right from the beginning, no birds and animals and are deployed customs no single market in a controlled and responsible manner. arrangement. she had her hands tied behind her back from the get go. she trees with nests cannot be chopped was not listening, she would not down during the spring compromise. and the indicative votes, get whilst of course there and summer nesting season, was a great guardian headline is so work can be allowed to continue all year round. that they voted no, no, no stop what legislation protects nesting birds, it did do, is gain an understanding as it rightly should, but developers under a lot of pressure to bring forward sites for development, of what might gather support. they to start building houses to meet did come out with quite a positive the housing crisis and therefore, look for the customs union and a delay when they can't do tree single market. they will be coming works between march and august means back on monday. it is up to mr that their development is put back, speaker to then pick which ones he it means we can't start on site wa nts to speaker to then pick which ones he and it means we can't wants to debate. we are joined also build houses that need.
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a parliamentary petition calling by jake berry, the wants to debate. we are joined also byjake berry, the conservative wants to debate. we are joined also for a ban has reached by jake berry, the conservative mp. thank you for your time. hello, i am more than 175,000 names, on my way home, but i am still stuck well above the number required to trigger a commons debate. back in cambridgeshire, in london. i am pleased you are the council has reacted there for us in london. a couple of to the negative public response here and ordered the nets to be things, just so our audience taken down, whether they protect understands where you come from. i all they threatened wildlife, these will be removed at easter. was about, what did you vote yesterday, antibody theresa may's live? so i did vote for theresa may's deal. what we saw more lots of people are getting in touch. colleagues backing the prime we spoke about it earlier, that this minister's deal than backing many of those indicative votes, showing a is happening near people where they clear will of parliament. look, we live, and it is a concern for did not get a majority, and we work wildlife as well. so thank you for getting in touch. 9:47am is the ina parliament did not get a majority, and we work in a parliament where a majority counts, and i will keep working with time. let us look at one of our the pm to try and get it over the cameras this morning. westminster is the scene of so many goings on line. we have had that no, no, no during the week and it looks rather lovely today. matt can tell us how has been the answer to parliament to every proposal. but there is simply the picture is for the rest of the no other proposal on the table that is deliverable, and will make sure uk. that we get on and deliver brexit, good morning, charlie. looking nice and calm at westminster and here as
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which is the instruction from the well in leicestershire. i am sure british people. so, you are saying, that this park bench will be full you keep going, if i understand what before long. we have a completely you keep going, if i understand what you just said, you are saying, give different feel. lots of you have it another go with theresa may's deal. but on the other hand, we sunshine this afternoon, the slightly chilly in the north and understand that she is reaching out. warm in the south. there is a cold she says she is going to listen to front on the way. working other alternative. so how are those southwards. it will introduce chilly things compatible? because if she is air that will last into next week. going to listen, to the indicative colder air as we get into the middle of next week. at the moment, is votes, and something emerges from that, but she pursues her own deal, whether sunshine for some we have folly across the west of england and regardless, how is that in any way wales. pretty dense in places and that will be slow to clear. but it compromising? we cannot make a well for most. here is the weather judgment about what will be achieved front across parts of central and by the indicative votes. so far, southern scotland and northern zero has been achieved by them, ireland. through england in the because parliament is repeatedly telling me by minister what they second half of the day and it don't want. we can't predict what separates. the warmer air in the that bit will be next week. next south and the cooler air in the week, the pi minister is right to north, where temperatures will be in single figures this afternoon, but listen to say that she will look at with more of a breeze. further south the indicative votes. what i would we could get 18 or 19 celsius. there say, is this not some academic sort is the chance that this could set of exercise. we have to leave the off one or two isolated showers. european union, to comply with that winds are light. the cps could help
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referendum. but then voted in a to set showers in the south, but as general election. the conservative isaid, it to set showers in the south, but as i said, it is to set showers in the south, but as isaid, it is a to set showers in the south, but as i said, it is a much wonder picture party is in government, in our further north with close to gale manifesto, and in fact the labour force winds in orkney and shetland. party's manifesto, manifesto, and in fact the labour pa rty's manifesto, they manifesto, and in fact the labour that cold front across the north of party's manifesto, they said they would comply with the referendum. it england. the mist over the north of is not an academic exercise. any the hills. it pitches into the proposal needs to be negotiated by midlands and east anglia later in the european union. the only gel the night. in the south some mist that has been negotiated as the one and fog forming yet again. perhaps a that has been negotiated as the one touch of frost but the real frost thatis that has been negotiated as the one that is on the table. that is why i believe that parliament should get risk is further north for scotland behind it. —— the only deal. it is a and northern ireland and the far north of england. for sunday, it is betrayal, of the people of the the start of a british summertime. north, many of whom voted to leave there is another lesson bed. the the european union in great numbers, clocks go forward an hour until one for parliament is, in a o'clock in the morning but if you are up early, mother's day, too, it should be a fine day for the vast self—indulgent way, to talk and talk majority. high pressure bills to the and talk up when i knock on doors of north of the weather front which to start the day tomorrow means a people, they are saying, for cloudier day across the midlands, goodness' sake, get on with it. east anglia and wales. patsy light that's what i'm trying to do.“ rain and drizzle. perhaps the odd there are more indicative votes come shower, the vast majority is dry. on monday, and they are the same one. some of them are the same ones, good sunny spells for many this what makes you change your mind? afternoon. cloud for east anglia and the south of england but plenty of well, it is about gathering momentum
9:18 am
sunshine for scotland and northern ireland, lighter ones for you around particular ideas. just to say tomorrow. further south, that the dup may actually come on ireland, lighter ones for you tomorrow. furthersouth, more of ireland, lighter ones for you tomorrow. further south, more of a breeze and even attempt to scoot it board with the customs union idea. 15 celsius for south england and it is about getting people towards a wales, the breeze will make it future earlier and some of you will not have the sunshine that you will way forward, because actually, what is really important is we have not have this afternoon. sunday night, widespread frost taking it into —— we cannot forget that brexit has monday. cold start next week and it been a black hole of all the energy and focus, and we have got child will be a cold week overall. temperatures lower than they should be for the time of year after the poverty rising, 4 million in child warmth of the past few days and many poverty... so you need to get on struggling to get to 10 celsius. it with it to get on with the business of the country? it is about trying isa struggling to get to 10 celsius. it is a story of sunshine and showers and a showers containing just about to get theresa may to understand anything, rain, hail, sleet, snow, that her intra nsigence to get theresa may to understand thunder thrown in for good measure. that her intransigence is actually leading us towards a new deal a variety any forecast for next brexit, which cannot be allowed. you week. enjoy your saturday and i will know i am asking you this, don't see you tomorrow morning. you enjoy you? i will put it to jake, as well. your saturday and sunday as well, when people hear that people are matt. take care. it is 9:50am. and changing their minds on the vote, say because theresa may has offered in case you have forgotten, it is to resign, people are furious. mother's day. get busy if you have politicians have stood up, and you not done something! too are the ones that we are talking too are the ones that we are talking to right now. you too have stood up in parliament, stood up in front of
9:19 am
your constituents and said, we want to do what is right for the country. you are changing minds, to move on our consumer affairs correspondent colletta smith has been finding out how we're spending our cash ahead to dishes on international development, or because the prime minister has said that she is of the big day tomorrow. stepping down? how do you react to that? i have not changed my mind. i have been consistent. people in your let me introduce you to sarah, party have, haven't they?|j eleanor and emma and melanie. have been consistent. people in your party have, haven't they? i maintain this is the best deal available and for women, four mums, all running bustling businesses. the only one. people are getting but this weekend things are going into overdrive. we do look forward to doing this behind the prime minister's deal. i sort of trade as well am not sure how much of that is because we just love to be busy. it's great to see customers and just seeing what we can linked to the prime minister saying produce and create. she will go. that is her issue. what you know, passion is flowers. for the staff in melanie's florists, it's about turning perfect blooms isa she will go. that is her issue. what is a parliament should be doing is into beautiful bouquets for more putting the british people first. we customers than at any other point in the year. voted to leave the european union. we can just have a really creative wei flair, order whatever we want, voted to leave the european union. we i went to the people of britain design it and itjust sells. and it's notjust flowers and chocolate, statistics not to do that in a chaotic way, my from the last five years shows there is also a boost own personal view is that no—deal is in amount that we spend on the weekly food shop, manageable, but it is certainly not as plans are made for a big mothering sunday lunch. optimum. iwant well, i'm actually going to my mum's. manageable, but it is certainly not my mum is cooking sunday optimum. i want to get back to normal business of government. we lunch for us all.
9:20 am
so your mum is doing the cooking? my mum is cooking sunday lunch, yeah. and then i'm going and my three children and their partners. i am just not convinced there needs are investing billions of pounds across the north of england, to be, like, you know, i'm not interested in having loads supporting business, creating jobs, of money spent on me, thatis supporting business, creating jobs, i'm happy with just a card. that is what my constituents in don't tell my husband i said that though! we've been to the turkish rossendale and darwen and people baths in harrogate across the north want us to get on before for mother's day. we have been out for nice meals, with. we have had to make votes on afternoon tea in betty's. this now. we have had a referendum, with lots of people willing to splash out, it makes sense a general election. in both of those for sisters emma and eleanor to decide to cash in. words, people backed leaving the they are opening on sunday european union, and it is time now, for the first time and their frankly, for parliament to stop mother's day sittings have talking about it, and get on with already sold out. it, because that is what we owe as a we have people e—mailing us, duty to our country. thank you very you know, what are you doing for mother's day? much. just a last thought, if people do you have a mother's day menu? so, for us, there has are looking ahead, slightly bemused definitely been a demand, of what is going to happen next it would be silly not to do it. week, what would be for you the best outcome? maybe looking only as far mums are more important than boyfriends! as wednesday? certainly, to get some clarity about what the next step is. but splashing out on big—ticket it looks like theresa may might step items means the spending down. i am a labour mp. really starts to stack up.
9:21 am
it looks like theresa may might step down. lam a labour mp. of it looks like theresa may might step down. i am a labour mp. of course i would prefer a labour government to presents for mum tend to cost more be running the show, because i know than an average easter egg, so mother's day is now in contention that certainly, the poorest people to become the second—biggest spending point of the year, in our communities are being abandoned by their conservative right after christmas. party. that leaves me... it will be on a regular sunday we will do about 40 covers and this sunday a general election, and brandon lewis, i saw he was on earlier. he we are looking at 80. we have a lot of mums and daughters could not say that whether they knew coming up for spa days, if there was a general election overnight stays, so it is a really coming, whether she will step down, big time for us. i think valentine's day is focused but i think she has got to the end of the road. that leads me to one around that one day, but for mother's day, we see an increase in business question, which some of your the week before and the week after. collea g u es question, which some of your colleagues have struggled with. in the event of a general election, is whether you are spending a fortune or simply spending some time, britain's first love seems the event of a general election, is the labour party a remain party or a to be our mums. leave party. it is all a matter of but how about those who will be working tomorrow. what are they hoping for? timing. hang on a second. if theresa flowers, obviously. chocolates. and, yeah, just lots may goes back to the european union of hugs and cuddles. on the 10th of april, and they get a my children are still quite young, loa n on the 10th of april, and they get a loan extension for us to actually so they day still seems to be finally sought out, do the work that so the day still seems to be we should have done two years ago, it will be a different question. we about them, rather than me! we will be having cake and tea. area it will be a different question. we leftover cake, lots of tea.
9:22 am
are a party that is democratic, and yeah. we are membership driven, so it maybe a bit of fizz, if we're lucky! would, i we are membership driven, so it would, lam not we are membership driven, so it would, i am not going to say one way colletta smith, bbc news, or the other, because it is absolutely dependent on timing, and in castleford, west yorkshire. you know, what the light of the land is, but we have said we will respect the referendum. and absolutely 100% back that. thank you forjoining us spoiler alert, if you missed masterchef last night and you want to catch in the sofa this morning. it is up on the final later, here is your 30—second warning. 9:22am. let's talk to match and find we're about to have out what is happening with the morning's weather. let's have a the winner on the sofa. we have given you enough time to breakfrom morning's weather. let's have a break from the chaos, shall we. cracking start to the day for some switch off. let us do it. and masterchef 2019 winner of you. fog from the west. changes irini tzortzoglou joins us now. in the north. this cold front good morning to you. i love the way pushing southwards, as its name that you said your name. did we see suggests. blue cold air coming to just about all. here it is at the it correctly? it is a fabulous name. moment, over central and southern scotland. into northern england. and yes. and you have won the trophy. northern ireland —— mac northern you have brought it in.|j yes. and you have won the trophy. you have brought it in. i am going to sleep with it tonight. there is a ireland. to the south of that front,
9:23 am
the fog that we have at the moment space. i have made a space. all we re the fog that we have at the moment were clear, and then we have a day of real contrast in terms of the temperatures are concerned. a few along, i was putting other people in isolated showers for that south east the final, it did not feature in my corner. 66 in fahrenheit. both of thinking and the girls had every our weather front, temperatures away right to be there and to get this. from the glasgow area, in single it is an amazing experience when you figures. the wind will make it feel a bit colder than that, as well. a go through something like that because you get to know other people who are going through the stresses bit of a north—westerly breeze and strains that no one else really developing. when is further south understands that you are going remaining lights. that's that through. had you experienced anything like that, that intensity, weather front moves into northern england. produces some patchy rain before? no, and closeness. i had not and drizzle, pushing into north wales, and also the north midlands. experienced that. it sounds really to the south of it, we could see strange, but there are people you some fog. once again, may be a bit know very little about and yet you of frost. scotland, northern are so know very little about and yet you are so close to them and we are still in contact and messaging each ireland, and the very far north of other and congratulating each other and commenting on the dishes. it is england, some frosty conditions in the morning. tomorrow, a leap and commenting on the dishes. it is forward to british summer time as a wonderful spirit and testament to the success of the programme in the far as the clocks are concerned. competition. we are watching you do they go forward an hour. one hour some cooking here. what did you find lesson bed, and the mums out there most difficult about the process?
9:24 am
might have to be quite clever with the alarm clocks tonight, because you are being filmed, firstly, you whilst it will be an hour less in have those two characters one thing bed, at least if you do get alea joe around asking you questions while you are cooking, what was that like? early, it should be a fine day for many. in much brighter day for the cameras did not disturb me because you have to ignore them if scotland, after that frosty start. you want to cook. very focused. lots of sunshine in the far north of totally focused. at times, you know, england. could produce some light i wanted to shoot them away but of showers here and there, after a bit course, i wanted to shoot them away but of course , you cannot i wanted to shoot them away but of course, you cannot do that. sol of morning drizzle, and the breeze would tell them very quickly i will more noticeable. sunshine in the talk to you, i would give up. the guys are fantastic. and greg comes afternoon will feel chillier than today. that easterly wind will make and relaxes you. —— shush them away. it feel colder. for many, temperatures either side of around 10 celsius. what follows is a frosty night, down to around minus for. greg would have a good laugh with you. greg wallace. and john is like next week, we are into april, and it a younger brother and want you to do as well as you want to do. so it is is its april showers. that could be actually lovely. they did not bother anything, rain, hail, sleet, a bit me at all. i love being around them. should we talk about your winning of hells no, at all. the rumble of dish, what it was. tell us. yes.
9:25 am
thunder, too. well, i decided to showcase really you're watching breakfast from bbc news. in the final, it was very important time now for a look for me to cook something that i absolutely loved. my hope was that at the newspapers. they would love it as well. but i david davies, former chief executive did not know that, you never know, of the fa is here to tell us what's really. but i thought i would take that risk because i am living this. caught his eye. so, i made a red mullet as a starter with risotto, which had a spring thank you forjoining us. we did not onions and calamari. i am so pleased pick a brexit story. brexit free zone? for the next five or six that we have a picture because saying it does not do justice to how minutes, i think. wonderful that looks. this is the zone? for the next five or six minutes, ithink. first zone? for the next five or six main dish. the main dish was lamb minutes, i think. first big story as universities. i have got to declare an interest here. i am on the with a special greek ingredient. council of the university of birmingham. three ease at a—level, what is that? if you can remember welcome to university, that's the headline. in education, some of us and imagine wheat that is cooked in have grown to realise is much more milk and dried in the sun and then difficult than that. so yes there moisture put back into it. we do not are universities that are taking
9:26 am
students with lower grades, but as eat it as a puree but this is where they point out quite rightly, many my playful nature comes in. i thought —— i would use a traditional of the university is coming down inc ingredient that my grandmother cooked and i would make it my own. one of the reasons that people love the programme is that, partly for —— many of the university excepting those with low grades do it to the programme is that, partly for the food, but it is also a very emotionaljourney. yourfamily, acce pt those with low grades do it to accept students from disadvantaged backgrounds. they find that with the the food, but it is also a very emotional journey. your family, your traditions came out during the season. they asked me what was hard right support and guidance, they for me and the hardest thing was achieve as well as their peers with going back and visiting very better a—levels. achieve as well as their peers with better a-levels. how many have you spoken to who left school at 15 or personal stuff about me. i still 16, who have done brilliantly? how struggle accepting the praise and i many have you... i would have to had to do with that. during the throw that back at you, how many course of the programme.|j business people who have not been had to do with that. during the course of the programme. i think you should get used to being praised because your face is going to be successful, who didn't go to well known and people will want to university do you ever interview. come round for dinner a lot more. that is the point. of course there irini, thank you forjoining us and enjoy sleeping with the trophy!|j are people who are great successes, enjoy sleeping with the trophy!” will, thank you. that is all from there have always been, but i would go to my death bed saying that the us. we are back with breakfast from university, higher education 6am tomorrow morning. have a good
9:27 am
teaching and that experience is the day. goodbye. best thing for particularly 18—year—olds. best thing for particularly 18-year-olds. if i could best thing for particularly 18-year-olds. ifi could chip best thing for particularly 18-year-olds. if i could chip in on a personal note, you see the qualifications here, three es at a—level, some of us did not do as well as that. some of us did not do as well as that. i just think sometimes, it is easy to look at that and think, oh, that's rubbish. imean, you that and think, oh, that's rubbish. i mean, you can do ok, and not have done that well. sure! i still think it is the experience, the wider experience, for most people. and back pain sufferers. it is something that comes to us all eventually at some point. i have certainly struggled. electric therapy trial. some of us who have had major back surgery a mere some of us who have had major back surgery a mere 30 years ago are astounded that the figures are still so astounded that the figures are still so bad. back pain it says at this story, 10 million people suffer back
9:28 am
pain. it is estimated to cost the economy about £12 billion a year. spinal—cord demolition works by an implant that delivers small electrical currents to the cord, and thatis electrical currents to the cord, and that is going to be trialled for a small number of people. it is inside the body, and constantly gives it a permanent sensation which works, is that the idea? for a small number of patients, should have said, and that is exactly what it is. anything that gets over this extraordinary... you still go the gps and say you have got lower back pain, rest, rest, rest, you have got gps that say, move, move, move. and that is the dilemma. what you want to do last, then. one more story. beard? lets hear it for the latest bond baddie this morning. here it is, daniel craig, and the latest bond women are
9:29 am
recording the 25th film in norway, which has the working title of shatter hand. does he not look like michael crawford in the phantom of the opera? i fear he does. are you scared by him? that is the big question. white meant well, not particularly, but you know, i don't know. —— particularly, but you know, i don't know. -- well, not particularly, but you know, i don't know. lovely to talk to you this money. 9:29am is the time now. we are with you until ten o'clock this morning, when matt ta kes ten o'clock this morning, when matt takes over in the saturday kitchen. let's find out how he is. how are you doing? we are nice and relaxed here today. our special guest today
9:30 am
is stacey dooley. you had one job! we can talk a bit about what you are inforand your we can talk a bit about what you are in for and your new show, but for now, let's talk about food heaven and food health. i have gone quite extravagant. steak and oysters, and food hell is pidgin and kiss kiss. you don't like her scarce because it falls through the gaps in the fort? it is too much of a palaver. —— you don't like couscous. i am going to don't like couscous. i am going to do something with scallops, a bit of hazelnut butter, and then seasonal greens, the asparagus. very nice. sabrina, what are you making? greens, the asparagus. very nice. sabrina, what are you making ?|j greens, the asparagus. very nice. sabrina, what are you making? i am to damaging a bait hello me, and ap,
9:31 am
dilland to damaging a bait hello me, and ap, dill and garlic rice. and a stew with tamarind and tomato. great earrings. and iconic region, an iconic great. it is the most amazing wine, depending on how heaven and hell goes. don't forget, you are in charge. just go to the website. looking forward to it. thank you 00:31:29,243 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 very much.
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