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good afternoon. the prime minister is understood to be considering asking mps to vote for a fourth time on the withdrawal agreement she negotiated to leave the european union. yesterday it was defeated by 58 votes. the prime minister and her cabinet look for a way to bring her deal on monday, the house of commons back to parliament for a fourth will test whether there's support for alternative brexit plans time. in a second round of what are called indicative or advisory votes. i think what we have to do is make here's our political sure that we deliver on the will of correspondent matt cole. the people at the referendum. we have to keep trying. that is what people voted for and i'm quite sure despite scores of leave supporters thatis people voted for and i'm quite sure that is what the prime minister continues to be determined to raucous outside, it was not third time lucky for deliver. the bbc understands the pilot of the plane that crashed with emiliano sala on board wasn't qualified to fly at night. eu rostar fly at night. eurostar says passengers should expect delays after a trespasser spent the night on the roof. thousands of palestinian protesters are gathering on the border between gaza and israel to mark one year since weekly demonstrations began.
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sport now, and for a full round—up it is back to mike. good afternoon. the run into the end of the premier league season has just got under way. champions manchester city aiming to regain top spot today with a victory at fulham, who are second from bottom, with liverpool not playing until tomorrow. we are privileged to be in all competitions in april. it is incredible. normally, idon‘t competitions in april. it is incredible. normally, i don't know how many teens in premier league history fight for the title. i don't know how many was in that position. i think they are fresh mentally and we are going to try. a bright start from both teams.
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later, it could be goodbye at huddersfield. they will be relegated if they lose at crystal palace and burnley and southampton both win. we think about the future because we have to have a long term as a club but still it is about every week and we are going to play the next opponent. we are going there because we know we have prepared ourselves for the next opponent and we will try to do everything to get something. hibernian‘s unbeaten run continues. the game sprang into life in the second half. two quickfire goals. the win lifts them up to fifth, above their edinburgh rivals for the first time this season. it isa first time this season. it is a ferrari dominating again in the final practice in bahrain. in the final practice in bahrain. in the middle east, sebastian vettel setting the pace in the final
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session before this afternoon's qualifier. there is a mouthwatering tie in golf‘s world match play championships. tiger woods will play rory mcilroy. meanwhile, rory mcilroy continued his 100% start. he is almost twice his age but roger federer still handed out a bit of a tennis lesson to his teenage opponent to make the final at the masters. it is the biggest age gap in any match roger federer has been involved in. he is 18 years old but he still thrashed the canadian 6—2, 6-4. he he still thrashed the canadian 6—2, 6—4. he will meetjohn is now in the final. that is all this sport for now. next, it is time for click. this week, we investigate the sexual exploitation of children
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on unencrypted messaging apps — and the undercover bot trying to catch the perpetrators. often on the show, we talk about the positive impact of tech on our lives — its power for social good bringing us together, solving pressing problems, and generally enriching our lives — but there are, of course, much darker sides to technology. we have often heard stories of exchanging material on the so—called dark web or grooming children in chat rooms, sometimes to meet up with them and physically exploit them. but in recent years, the un has been warning of a trend towards what is being called
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webcam sex tourism. and in some countries, like the philippines, it's become particularly acute. the un's children's agency, unicef, has dubbed the nation the global epicentre of the live streaming sexual abuse trade. we sent richard taylor to investigate the problem and look at how technology is being turned against the perpetrators, to help try and bring them to justice. children crying. in a remote sanctuary in the central philippines, the sound of child cyber sexual abuse trauma rings out. this is primal therapy, used to release negative emotions. it's one of a number of different approaches used here. the foundation's mission is to rescue kids from sexual exportation.
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the facility can house around 30, but it is thought as many as 100,000 kids across the country may be at risk. and recent technological risks are threatening to turn what has long been an endemic, nationwide scourge into a global epidemic, with the philippines at its core. over the past decade, police have been trying to catch facilitators of abuse in so—called cybersex dens, shacks in urban slums where kids are taken to engage in sex acts over webcams, for the pleasure of a largely western audience with the means to pay. a handful of the victims were rescued and offered specialist cybersex rehabilitation centres, like this one in the capital, manila. stories abound of abuse, shockingly, often sanctioned by their own families. angela is one such victim, taken by a family friend and trafficked across the country into a cybersex den at the age ofjust 12.
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it's really shocking because i did not expect that... i don't have communication with my parents and i cannot go out. i do not have the right to say no, because he is going to slap me or smack me too. cybersex abuse, it really breaks our heart, because a lot of the victims's parents are actually part of it sometimes, and sometimes they even believe that there is really no harm brought to these children because they are just performing, but in reality, that is not what happens because the psychological impact of the abuse to the girls is really severe. but what makes the philippines the epicentre of the cybersex trade? it's complex, but poverty clearly plays its part, using kids to make a fast buck is especially alluring for large families struggling to get by, and the widespread use of english here smooths direct
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communication with westerners. but today, this already combustible mix is being fuelled by yet another ingredient, access to cheap smart phones and internet, which together are threatening to transform this already toxic phenomenon into something far more deeply rooted in philippine society. investigators say it's been a game changer. in the past, when we were combating this form of crime, what we were finding was we were looking for computers, and now really, what we're looking for is what is mobile and what is cheap, and so it is really cellphones with a camera, internet service to the cellphone, that is usually not registered, and that broadens who can actually abuse a child in this way. and initial contact today takes place in live streams, porn and dating sites, alongside consenting adult interactions. some women here themselves act as facilitators, not simply flaunting their own sexual wares, but pimping out younger girls too.
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you will have girls of 12 years age trying to sell a girl of eight or seven years old, you have girls of 17 year olds selling a sister of four years old, any age you want or any age you can imagine, they will — some will even show a baby. today, the online monetary transactions are frictionless, the performances take place in private settings, using legitimate mainstream apps, where anonymity is all but guaranteed and paedophiles can realise their wildest fantasies. there is no break on their behaviour, so the most female unfriendly, aggressive and violent things come out of these men. some pay for really maiming a child orfor cutting a child. so, what can be done? police resources have been mobilised, but there has only been a handful of successful prosecutions over the years and the impermanence of live streaming means evidence is hard to amass.
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the internationaljustice mission specialise in this kind of fieldwork, they believe successful law enforcement will be a big deterrent, but the tech companies themselves need to take responsibility. the police actually require the capacity to investigate, but aside from that, they don't operate in a vacuum and so, since online sexual exploitation of children involves electronic service providers, they are part of the solution. we contacted some of those tech companies, where cybersex abusers carry out their abuse. both whatsapp and viber told us they co—operate with the authorities and law enforcement when required. whatsapp also says it uses microsoft's photo matching technology, photodna. this matches users's photos to those already on a database. but this doesn't address the core problem, namely that all live streams between users are encrypted
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and not subject to any oversight. some organisations are proactively creating technology to ward off the predators. sweetie began five years ago as the brainchild of the kids's welfare organisation, terre des hommes. what sweetie does is it is primarily a chat bot but it also involves an avatar, that can be used on occasion. it goes into chat rooms, is present in the room, never initiates a conversation, for legal purposes, and is approached by predators that will be in this chat room, and the main purpose really is to identify people to a sufficient degree of detail so that you can say hey, we really do know who you are and you can't get away with this. early versions of sweetie required human operators. today, she's fully automated. people start chatting with her and using preprogrammed lines,
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the conversation take place, and she can do that simultaneously with tens of people at the same time. but despite amassing troves of detailed personal information, resulting prosecutions have been thin on the ground. ideally, we would have sweetie out there deployed 24/7 globally, but we need to find that within the legal systems in which we can operate, actually having law enforcement use the software to develop their own messages makes it so much more effective. that is what we try to do when we're working with law enforcement in the various countries in asia and also now in africa, where we are developing cooperation with law enforcement as well. in the philippines, many are at least waking up to the urgent need to protect the young. the hope is that step—by—step, a co—ordinated international response can save more vulnerable children from falling prey to the cybersex predators. hello and welcome to the week in tech.
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it was the week in which the galaxy‘s first all—female spacewalk was cancelled due to a lack of appropriately sized spacesuits. the eu passed a law which holds tech firms responsible for material posted without copyright permission. and google announced an ai ethics panel to oversee projects such as facial recognition and potential algorithmic bias — something which will be handing in estonia, which is to create its own ai powered judge. it's hoped it would be able to rule on small claims disputes of less than £6,000, and so clearing the backlog of cases faced by human judges. new cars sold in europe will probably have to be fitted with speed limiters from 2022. the new rules, provisionally agreed by the eu, will mean on—board cameras and gps systems will be used to spot roadsigns and automatically
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slow speeding vehicles down. speak to the hand, the world's first palm vein airport security system went operational this week in korea. fujitsu says its product is more accurate than other biometric tests. passengers taking part will be able to take domestic flights without the need to show their national id card. and finally, researchers at google seem to have had some time on their hands. they've created the tossingbot. it's a robot that uses deep learning and trial and error to figure out the best way to throw something. we are back at the steve jobs theater at apple hq once again. but this time the announcement will be a little different. instead of a new device, apple now want to talk
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about entertainment. from spielberg to big bird, apple is bursting into hollywood with what it hopes will be a wildly popular tv service of its own. unlike anything that has been done before. it has announced apple tv+. a subscription service launching later this year, designed to rival what is already out there from netflix and amazon. the company hasn't said how much it will cost but it has promised you will be able to access exclusive content from stars like 0prah, reese witherspoon, jennifer aniston, kumail nanjiani and more. and you'll be able to get shows from other networks for an additionalfee, just as you can on amazon prime video today. because of that i think it is fair to say apple will need to stand out. oprah winfrey is obviously a great star and it is great for her to come in and say i will do uplifting stuff
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that will raise everyone‘s spirits. i don't know if you can sell a tv service with that. speaking of additional fees, you may find yourself being asked to pay a lot more of them from now on. also announced here was apple news+ a subscription news service that cost $9.99 per month. for that you get access to around 300 or so magazines you would ordinarily have to subscribe to individually. however, only two newspapers have signed up to apple's plan — the los angeles times and the wall street journal. apple also came up with a gaming subscription service called apple arcade which, if you watched the show last week, you'll know sounds pretty similar to some of what google recently unveiled. you won't find these games on any other platform or in any other subscription service. and then there was this. apple card. the credit card apple has made in partnership with megabank goldman sachs and mastercard.
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what apple is trying to do with all of this, if you haven't noticed, is make more money from what you do with your phone. so apple is seeing a dip in demand for its hardware. the iphone is its biggest moneymaker and sales of smartphones have dipped. they still sell millions and millions, don't get me wrong. but as a growth engine it is not the growth engine it was. over the past year we have heard them talk about services, making money from services. and certainly in the last few quarters of their earnings they have been getting a lot of money from services and that is where the big growth is. so when it comes to tv, apple did just about what we expected. big stars, paid up and ready to go. but i'm wondering whether they can truly be as creative as netflix and even amazon when it to making exciting television. but maybe it will not matter because as soon as they launch this thing it will be on a billion devices just like that. that was dave in california. now, an estimated 700,000 people are
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living with autism in the uk alone. across the world, more and more people are being diagnosed with the condition. april 2 is world autism awareness day which aims to help us all to understand more about the challenges faced by people with autism on a daily basis. high levels of anxiety are one of the most common difficulties faced by people on the spectrum. and paul carter has been looking at some of technologies that aims to help manage the stress levels. the situations that can kind of make me really anxious is almost every time i leave the house because then it leaves my control and i don't really know what is going to happen beyond that. being in a big crowd of noisy people canjust make my whole brain shut down. i get anxious in social situations, when there is a group conversation. i feel anxious when
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meeting new people. the autistic people i have been speaking to have developed their own coping mechanisms. anxiety is a huge part of being autistic and a way around this for many people is writing lists. little things like you'll see me doing something called stimming where you'll see my hands start to fidget and that is just to try and regulate your energy a bit. train stations are a very relaxing place to be because everything is systematic. she recites platform announcement. potters bar, finsbury park, and london kings cross. this train is formed of eight coaches. personal coping strategies aside, the role of technology is something academics are increasingly looking into. technology in various forms can help autistic people understand their emotions, self regulate and seek help. and one of these examples
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is the early—stage work being carried out by digital education researcher nigel neubert at the university of the west of england. he is looking at how vr can reduce anxiety in teenagers by teaching them practical tasks. it is being tried out at the somerset school where the pupils are training to work in a cafe. put the beans in the grinder. our children with the diagnosis of asd comes with the belief that they are going to fail. the skill of making a coffee was the easiest thing to teach them so that is where vr came in. and while i can concentrate on while i'm in the cafe today is saying hello to someone. they can concentrate on the social side as opposed to the skill side of the job. it will help me overcome new places. when i go in it isjust me, there's noone else. it will help me with fear of messing up and it will help me to know that that is ok.
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you can do that. another technology in the offing is the molehill mountain app being developed by king's college london and the research charity autistica. choose the worries you want to add to molehill mountain. bright lights, yep. that's a big one. we gave it to three volunteers to try out for a couple of weeks. based on cognitive behavioural therapy adapted for autistic people, this self managing app tracks anxieties by asking autistic adults to import their daily worries into bubbles that then float over a mountain. their task is to then pop those bubbles, processing and preparing for their anxiety. when the user captures their worries they are rewarded with tips to help them learn more about their situations. it sounds fine but what did our users make of it? it seemed a bit illogical. how is popping these imaginary bubbles on a screen going to help but it did help, massively. it is not going to solve anxiety
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in itself and it should not be used instead of that but as an add—on, yes, absolutely. it's done great things. if i was having a bad day to reflect on it at the end of the day that potentially would have been good, tojust look over what has happened. but there are definitely the negatives to the app like it asks you to add your worries. i added seven and then it told me i had too many worries. iwas like... don't tell an autistic person that. that is not ideal. it asked me to describe things in my own words and the words 'describe' and 'explain' are just... and 'imagine'... what would have made it better for you? yeah, i think either if you'd asked direct questions on a number scale say how did you feel this on a scale of one to ten? what seems to be clear is that the anxieties around autism are very individualised.
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a cloud—based software that's now offered by some areas on the nhs giving personalised solutions is called brain in hand. this system is also based on established therapies and coaching and rests on health professionals working with users to devise answers for particular situations. when users become anxious, they use the brain in hand app to access solutions that have been programmed in for them. a worry that third year university student rosie king has is getting lost. the app gives solutions and helps to manage her emotions whenever this happens. there's a logical part of my brain that knows that everything will be fine and you will get home fine. but there is a bigger part of my head that is banging pots and pans and screaming "you failed! you failed! we are lost and we will never get home! what will we do? !" the app's anxiety monitor helps rosie reflect on how she feels and prompts her on prearranged tasks. but something that is especially comforting is the 24/7 red button
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backup that connects to a real live person. i've trie doing the best i can, but i'm really freaking out. i only use the red alarm service when i am at my worst. when i am really low and cannot control myself and i really need to talk to somebody. and that somebody is always there and thatjust feels great for somebody in my situation. while all of the technologies we have looked at can be beneficial for people on the spectrum, not least because they've had input from autistic people, there are more and more becoming available all the time. the beta project that is launching later this year is gathering a database of what is out there including technologies to help tackle anxieties. there are technologies that target the general population that cannot be used by autistic people. but for example, there are sensory issues for autistic people and technology needs to adapt to those things to be nonthreatening and to be effective.
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how many lenses do you actually need on your phonecamera? one, two...? lg thinks 5, nokia has come in with nine. but it actually depends on how you use your camera phone. so 60 seconds, please. it's time for your guide. let's go. do you like to take pictures of your food or generally spend time in a dark environment? you are shooting in low light a lot and experts say that the google pixel 3 and huawei's new p30, released this week, are leading the field. next up, are you a pinch and zoom or do you prefer what i call the human zoom? look for optical zooms if you want to get close to the action and keep the detail. but it will cost you. many say the top of the ops are the iphone x and xs, the galaxy s9 plus and again, the p30. shooting video on your phone gives it a massive workout so remember to check you have something that has
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decent battery life and lots of space. those in the know rate the sony xperia xz3 for its fantastic slo—mo features and the oneplus 6t as a viable budget alternative with brighter long exposure night mode. made it and with just a few seconds to sp... and that is it for this week. don't forget if you need is during the week you can find us on social media. facebook, instagram, youtube and twitter at bbcclick. thank you for watching and we will see you soon.
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hello. their one big certainty around at the moment is that all of us around at the moment is that all of us will have a colder week compared to the week gone. that change taking place this weekend as this cold front edges its way southwards, opening the door for chillier air before we see another burst of cold airlater in the before we see another burst of cold air later in the week. that weather front, southern scotland and northern ireland, and then spreading across northern england. after the morning fog in the west, it should bea morning fog in the west, it should be a bright afternoon. but look at the temperature profile here, a big contrast in the warmth of the colours. 18 or 19 degrees. further north, scotland and northern ireland, sunshine this afternoon after a cloudy morning. but temperatures in single figures. getting close to gale force wind across orkney and shetland. they could be some snow flurries. overnight, a widespread frost. to
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the south, some mist and fog. temperatures are largely holding it for many but scotland, northern ireland, the very north of england, a widespread frost tomorrow morning. which is of course the start of british summer time. it means an hour less in bed or if you are working, and i were less at the coal face. on sunday, a lot of dry weather to enjoy, particularly in the northern half of the uk. the weather front is across east anglia, the midlands, wales. that spreads with thickening clouds towards southern counties. but for many, it will be a bright afternoon. the best of the sun shine through scotland and northern ireland. the wind lighter than today. in the south, more breeze and cloud and it will feel distinctly cooler compared to today. after 19 close to london today, 11 degrees at best. still close to the teens across the north.
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then, what follows to take us into a new week, a widespread frost. a pretty chilly start on monday. largely dry. but for the week ahead, april showers. and crucially, temperatures below what they should be for this time of year.
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