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tv   metoo The French Resistance  BBC News  March 30, 2019 1:30pm-2:00pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. the hastag #balancetonporc got a lot "mad cow", "crazy", "stupid", "uterus on legs", how can a country fully progress something that she is also been the movement may not have after speaking with so many this is bbc news. the headlines: of traction in france "who is going to look towards gender equality hearing in focus groups. had a structural effect women across the country, just before we go, the prime minister and her and became known as the french when its own leaders on french society yet, i'm left with mixed feelings. i'm ben bland. these pictures show a lucky escape cabinet look for ways version of #metoo. but hearing this, it seems but perhaps, because i am the headlines at 2pm: to bring theresa may's eu withdrawal however, speaking out after the kids?" it is impacting women an optimist, this is the prime minister and her had consequences. sandra had named her behave this way? at an individual level. what i would like to remember. cabinet look for ways for six baby elephants who got stuck agreement back to the commons for the ears started to listen better. to bring may's eu withdrawal a fourth time after it was defeated harasser in her tweet. that is la gauloiserie for you. i'm wondering if the new generation in the mud at a nature agreement back to the commons for reserve in thailand. segolene royal — mp, a fourth time after it was defeated re—elected four times, of politicians will be different. they'd been there for regional president, minister three days until park rangers by 58 votes yesterday. times and candidate for sure, men need to be part of it, managed to dig them out. for the presidential elections i've travelled to bordeaux and so many are walking by 58 votes yesterday. in the south—west of france to meet along side already. what we have to do is make sure we sandra was then attacked personally, i think what we have to do is make deliver on the will of the people at in 2007 know it well. three young women from a feminist i think that there is with a deluge of hate messages. association at a prestigious sure that we deliver on the will of political science school. the referendum. we have to keep a before and after #metoo. trying. iam the people at the referendum. we the referendum. we have to keep trying. i am sure that is what the she never publicly spoke out this campaign is called the very fact that i have made this have to keep trying, that's what prime minister is determined to women of history. people voted for and i'm sure that's a bit ofa about what she was going documentary is the proof of it. a bit of a struggle. if you ever deliver. through during her career, we named all the rooms. what the prime minister continues to the bbc understands the pilot women around the world are climbed out of mud, you'll know but last october she did. be determined to deliver. exactly what they are going through! of the plane which crashed in her book, what i can finally tell thousands of palestinian protesters with footballer emiliano sala it's about women who have been on the move and a change is coming. have gathered on the border but they say a mud bath is good for on board was colour you, she reveals the tactics used the first national meeting between gaza and israel to mark blind and therefore not deleted from history maybe the french will do it a year since weekly the skin. qualified to fly at night. by her male colleagues demonstrations began. a team stayed overnight eurostar services have resumed, to undermine her as a woman although they were really important. of the #noustoutes organisation. differently to the brits, to keep a watchful eye. after being halted this during her campaign. brazilians, indians or nigerians, today is the deadline for public eventually all the exhausted animals morning by a man who got we have scientists, on 24th november 2018, but a sense of empowerment has been managed to make their escape onto the tracks at st pancras politicians, artists. 60,000 women gathered all over sector bodies with more than 250 to the cheers of their rescuers. did you have a good feedback? france to demonstrate against gender unleashed and it will be employees to declare the pay international station and spent violence — one of the largest difference between their male the night on the roof. well, some of them said and female workers — passengers face it was a really good idea, women's march is in french history. cancellations and delays. but some of them said it was too very hard to stop it. but thousands haven't yet done so. time for a look at the weather thousands of palestinian protesters actress catherine deneuve is one much, too much women, with helen willetts. gather on the boundary of 100 well—known french women too many rooms, too long. between gaza and israel to mark who have signed an open letter the rolling stones postpone a year since weekly defending the right of men their upcoming tour of the us demonstrations began. to make sexual advances. also some people said with a more inclusive name, that our communication i'm not happy that we are losing an in this open letter, on it was not really good, the movement intends to provide both which was published in the french it was not feminist enough, men and women with the necessary magazine le monde, miss deneuve but it was men who said that, hour of sleep tonight! it is a and the other writers have warned of a new puritanism... so it was kind of funny. tools and knowledge weekend of complete change in the to tackle gender violence.
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feel of the weather it stays likely in school in 2019, is it dry through the weekend. the fly in now on bbc news, the #metoo movement and when that happensed, hard to be a feminist? the movement that seemed to bring spread around the world together women around the world, when we began, we didn't think in 2016, but in france it oui’ proved very controversial. took a different tone and became it would be that hard, dry through the weekend. the fly in our ointment this weekend is this helene daoupha rs reports debateable in france. week weather front which is the on the resistance french women people would be that angry still face when they speak up at feminists, but actually about sexual harassment anne—elisabeth moutet, a french journalist, they are all the time — you may find some signed the open letter. about anything, so yeah, dividing line between this cold it's kind of a fight every day. polarairand much the debate on #metoo dividing line between this cold polar air and much warmer what we do condone is the way people in france was about, "0h, dividing line between this cold polarairand much warmerairto of the topics shown disturbing. there are some cloudy skies for you dividing line between this cold polar air and much warmer air to the south. temperatures peaking at 18 or find themselves subjected to a kind we are not going to be able to seduce each other any more", of one minute hate multiplied ad 19 today. the splashes of rain on infinitum on social media. but that's not question. today. there will be a change this france, the country of love, there's a difference romance and la vie en rose. they lose their jobs, between seduction and violence. and stop saying to women this cloud come southwards through where relations between men they lose their livelihoods. the night. it will be much colder and women are sweet, there is no due process or legal that they have to do that weekend. this is the line of clwyd, like in the movies. in order not to be raped, process in any way and the sentences overnight further north as we lose are harsher than anything that behind this weather front lies much to do that and this and stuff. that our bad. we are looking at a a court would think up. but trying to and beginning to tell widespread frost tomorrow morning. sorry to disappoint you, cooler air. for the time being at but i will have to kill the myth. men not to rape girls, maybe. it would be more like winter as we the open letter shocked the world france is where street a law has been passed on street least, we are still very springlike move into spring, ironically. cloud harassment is fierce. and fragmented the debate in france. harassment and i personally don't it has always been about domination think it is a good way of doing it across the south, very warm, very because if you say no, a few days later, brigitte lahaie, tomorrow in england and wales, but you can get punched. and ex—porn star turned radio because, i mean, it'sjust some sunny. a very different day for less cloud for scotland and northern being a feminist is controversial. presenter, said in a tv debate part of the iceberg, there is such a big part parts of northern england, the cloud ireland. on the site, as well as when we began, we did not think it of harassment that we don't that it is possible is clearing northern but even with more cloud there is a brisk breeze. would be that hard and people see on the streets. would be that antifeminist, to physically enjoy rape. it's not going to be efficient. the sunshine in the wake of the but actually, they are. after that, signatories of the open the true thing to do look at the difference in the being sexually harassed is common. for me is education, cloud it is cooler across the north. not punishing people. temperatures tomorrow. it is like a a notable change here. as the letter turned against her. different season. see you later. showers come in, they could turn to catherine deneuve has apologised snow even at lower levels, while to victims of sexual assault many rapes on campus, the only answer was, like, further south we may hit 19 in a few who were offended by a letter stay in a group when you go back
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women politicians that she co—signed. .. home and don't put yourself struggle with sexism. in a dangerous situation. spots. it is a light breeze with us while the movement was impacting some of these things the government focuses french society with many women here, but a brisk breeze blowing on other issues. and men supporting the liberation of women's voice... with a cooler air in the north, so that will add to the will is a bit happened in full day time, on this journey back home, feeling chillier today. overnight, i question my own culture, ..french media took hold so you might as well be in a group the weather will move southwards. my own people and myself. of the debate and instead focused its attention or not drunk or rowing a boat, on the condemning there should be just enough cloud to aspect of the hashtag. it is still going to happen. i want to understand what has speaking to these girls gave me influenced our response some men also got involved in this hope, but only two days later, prevent too many frost problems in conversation and felt threatened i heard their exhibition had to the #metoo movement and how some about what they saw as a witchhunt. the site, but we will certainly have been vandalised twice. are resisting change. so has the #metoo movement really a much colder nights for northern failed in france or has it changed anything? england, northern ireland and across town, i meetjohanna daghorn, northwards. it coincides with this so how did a go so wrong? change in weather type with the why am i doing this documentary? a sociologist whose work focuses change in weather type with the change in weather type with the change in the clocks. there will be what is it lost in translation? on women's behaviour in urban areas. i'm french and i have been living was the tone wrong? in london for a while now. but what about simone de beauvoir? she has been conducting some i guess sometimes it is only when you leave that you can back in the 1940s, her bestselling research to find out whether #metoo wintry showers across the north book, the second sex became had an impact on street harassment. see things differently. a reference book forfeminists tomorrow. it is dry for most of us, around the world. but what if i told you that but that could be a spot of drizzle everything you think you know in the site with more cloud across about france isn't quite true? would you believe me? england and wales, even the chance ofa i'm not here to betray my country, england and wales, even the chance of a shower afternoon. more breeze, but i'm a woman and, so of a shower afternoon. more breeze, so it will feel cooler, while like many others, i have been harassed and i have witnessed further north there will be more the #metoo movement unfold sunshine, fewer showers and lighter
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winds. it will probably a little in france and beyond. and, unlike many, i am lucky less cold in scotland and northern to have the voice and to tell stories for a living, ireland than today. a brisk wind so let me tell you take you on this journey where i try to find out will pick up on the south coast of the roots of sexism in france. england. look at the temperatures, and even if you are not french, five or 6 degrees lower in some it seemed hard to believe that some of it might sound familiar. in the country of simone de parts. tomorrow night, it is a call beauvoir, the french philosopher today, clear night, so it will be in 2018, marie laguerre was was cat—called by a man who shocked the world with her cold. we do slip back to lower who passed her on the street. revolutionary gender theories, temperatures, below—average things had got so bad. temperatures, below—average temperatures, as we go through to because she answered back, i'm looking at the roots next week. with the start of april, he turned around and started of sexism in france. to verbally abuse her. i admit, so far, i'm confused and i need some help, there will be april showers. not by many in the south but it is looking so i'm going to meet experts but she wouldn't back off and this much more unsettled, even some on the matter. is what happened next. first stop, michelle perrot, the french voice of authority wintry nests even at low levels, and i decided to put it online when it comes to women's history. it could happen just about anywhere. because it was solid proof of what happened to me and of what happens to every woman. it was also solid proof that what us women have been saying, that we are sick of the guy who harasses us in the street and some people say, "oh,
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we cant hit on women any more". this is proof that it has never been about hitting on someone, flirting. it has always been about domination because if you say no, you can get punched. marie laguerre‘s video got millions of views on youtube and soon she got all the media attention. despite the video, many people didn't believe her. i started getting hate messages. "he should have killed you". "if i see you, i will break your jaw". "i will rape you". i cannot count how many messages i received off people questioning my whole story. typical women stereotypes — everything we do, we do it for attention, we have nothing to say. some criticised marie for how she was dressed, implying she was too provocative. not so surprising, either. we french women pay attention to what we wear, but not necessarily because we are fashion victims, but because we know we will be judged for how we look and, potentially, become targets for harassment.
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the main place women worry about this is the street and public transport. a study for the high council for women's equality in 2015 revealed that 100% of women using public transport in paris have at least once in their lives been victims of sexual harassment or sexist comments. young women are particularly affected. in more than 50% of the cases, aggressions happen before they are 18. another woman who knows about insults is sandra muller, a french journalist based in new york. she was one of the first to invite women to denounce sexual harassment by sharing their stories on twitter in french.
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