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tv   BBC News  BBC News  March 30, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. good evening. this is bbc news. i'm ben bland. the headlines. the prime minister looks for ways the prime minister is understood the headlines at 6pm. to bring her eu withdrawal the prime minister looks for ways to bring her eu withdrawal this is bbc news. agreement back to the commons to be considering asking mps agreement back to the commons i'm ben bland. for a fourth time. the headlines at 5pm. for a fourth time. to vote for a fourth time i think what we have to do on the withdrawal is to make sure that we deliver the prime minister looks for ways agreement she negotiated to leave the european union. on the will of the people to bring her eu withdrawal agreement the deal which delivers on the of the referendum. back to the commons yesterday her deal was we have to keep trying, referendum is the best way for but defeated by 58 votes. for a fourth time. on monday, the house of commons that is what people voted for. recognising colleagues some collies will test whether there's support put it at the end ofjanuary the deal which delivers still do have concerns about that for alternative brexit plans on the referendum in a way that in a second round of what are called and lost by the largest ever works for our economy, that we need to work through. put it majority the government was defeated is the best way forward "indicative", or advisory, votes. but recognising that colleagues do, 0ur political correspondent in parliamentary history, at the end ofjanuary and was by the put it back again then again some colleagues do, still have and is now going to apparently try concerns about that, alex forsyth reports. we need to work through. ever majority government was again next week. this is beyond ridiculous. put it at the end ofjanuary defeated in history, brought a back there is clear frustration and lost by the largest ever again and again and is now in westminster, majority the government was defeated apparently going to try it again today is the deadline for public in parliamentary history, still on show the day sector bodies with more than 250 put it back again then again next week. this is beyond after mps rejected employees to declare the pay and is now going to apparently try theresa may's brexit plan again. ridiculous. the question now, difference between their male again next week. the deal, which delivers and female workers, but thousands this is beyond ridiculous. is what happens next. on the referendum in as yet, members of the government haven't yet done so. today is the deadline for public today is the deadline can't give any real clarity. sector bodies with more than 250 for public sector bodies with more thousands of palestinians take part than 250 employees to declare i think what we have to do in protests on the border employees to declare the pay the pay difference between their between gaza and israel to mark male and female workers, a year since weekly difference between their male but thousands haven't yet done so. and female workers, but thousands demonstrations began. thousands of palestinian haven't yet done so. protesters take part in protests is to make sure that we deliver on the border between gaza mick jagger is forced to postpone thousands of palestinian protesters and israel to mark a year on the will of the people the upcoming rolling stones tour since weekly demonstrations began. at the referendum, take part in protests on the border the rolling stones postpone we have to keep trying. their upcoming tour some still argue the prime between gaza and israel to mark of the us and canada as mickjagger minister's brexit deal a year since weekly is the best option. demonstrations began. is told he needs medical treatment. obviously very disappointing that the government lost yesterday,
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i think that has put the country the rolling stones postpone in some difficulty. their upcoming tour of the us i think the best way forward and canada as mickjagger is told is the prime minister's deal. but we'll see what the options are. he needs medical treatment. sport and for a full will she put her deal back? round up, from the bbc we'll see. sport centre. obviously, the cabinet will need huddersfield are relegated to consider the next steps. from the premier league lizzie is here. after they lose at crystal palace. the ayes to the right, 286, the noes to the left, 344. yesterday's rejection good evening... of the brexit plan it's a really busy day of sport — was smaller than the two and an important day previous efforts, in the premier league — but still substantial. huddersfield have been relegated, on monday, mps will more on that in a minute... vote on alternatives to the prime minster‘s plan. but we're starting with manchester city who are back last time parliament could not agree on top of the table... they cruised past the struggling on any one option but having another fulham who've now lost public vote or keeping close eight games in a row. theresa may is discussing ways city were clinical. to the eu when a customs union of bringing her eu withdrawal bernardo silva opening the scoring proved most popular, agreement back to the commons government is waiting to see if mps within the first five minutes for a fourth time next and sergio aguero making it 2—0 can agree a way forward, with a wonderful lift but isn't clear if it week, after yet another over the goalie... will change its direction. commons defeat yesterday. well worth watching on motd later. it was the third time the prime minister's plan so fulham stay firmly was rejected by mps — in the relegation zone this time by a majority of 58 — while city are top again — a point ahead of liverpool, who play a customs union does not including the dup and 35 actually reflect or respect tomorrow, and incredibly city what was in our own manifesto mps from her own party. are still on for the quadruple... you miss a little bit your pace, but we've got to look despite that, a number ten source at what parliament coalesces around, insisted that efforts they are written in terms of the next week. are "going in the right direction" — given the size of defeat players here, it was the holidays but i think the best way to go
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was narrower than the forward previous two votes. and we had a different team in a is to be looking again meanwhile mps from all parties different way to read and is at the withdrawal agreement. the labour leader, campaigning are considering how they might different, but it was there in the in newport today, is holding firm be able to get support against the prime minister's plan, for an alternative brexit plan calling for further in a second round of compromise or an election. effort, this game was tricky. it was "indicative votes" on monday. the absolute priority at the moment 12:30 p:m., at the sunny day, you is to end this chaos our political correspondent know, it's always different that this government has brought us matt cole reports. situations that are unusual and so i'm satisfied with the guys. to by their endlessly running down despite scores of leave the clock so fulham in trouble, but still up. and bullying and threatening people. supporters raucous outside, unlike huddersfiled, the bullying has not worked, it was not third time lucky three points below them the threats has not worked, at the bottom of the for theresa may, with another table, and they're now it is time now for the sensible rejection of her brexit deal. officially relegated. people to take over. they lost 2—0 at let us pray for our parliament, the ayes to the right, 286, crystal palace today. the defeat means definite let us pray for europe. relegation because southampton and let us pray for peace. and burnley both won. the church of england arranged the noes to the left, 344. prayers for unity today huddersfield have just 14 but with the scale of the defeat points this season — but less than two weeks smaller than on the previous two their demise is the joint earliest until the new date on which relegation in the history we are due to leave, occasions, downing street officials division is entrenched. of the premier league. some want to walk away with no deal, are taking the view that at least others are resisting. the numbers are going the right way, parliament is at a crucial crossroads. and the government has not given up. to be fair, and empty at the minute today is the last day the deal which delivers on the referendum in a way this took so much energy especially for those public sector bodies which works for our economy in the head. yeah. and, if we see with more than 250 employees is the best way forward, to disclose how much of a pay difference there is but we recognise some colleagues do between male and female workers. have concerns about that despite the deadline, thousands that we need to work through. are yet to submit their information. parliament ultimately has
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to vote for something. sangita myska has been and indeed mps will vote on monday the season retrospectively, it was looking at the numbers. the season retrospectively, it was the front and the back not enough to what do they tell us? on a range of possible alternative brexit plans with the hope majority support can be found stay in the best leak in the world. for one of them. but i think we've got, now, yeah, just to be clear, this is not a propositions could include a no deal brexit, another referendum, story about unequal pay, the a customs arrangement tying britain difference between men and women closely to brussels, the task and job to have an end to getting paid to do the same work. or even an amended version of theresa may's deal. the task and job to have an end to the season as good as he can. it's about gathering momentum around particular ideas, this is telling us about the gender so just to say that the dup may come pay gap in britain. burnley on the other hand on board with a customs union idea, boosted their survival in other words, hopes by beating wolves — if you line up all the men and women and it is about pulling ending a poor run of form to move five points clear in a company in order of their pay, of the relegation zone. they took the lead in just its how the salary of the woman people into a way forward. in the middle the second minute when wolves compares with that captain conor coady put the ball of the middle man. in his own net. why is it important? two main but even if mps do find teenage striker dwight mcneil sealed reasons today, one, it can tell you a plan to rally round, the win, calling it his "best moment about progression of women within an in a burnley shirt". organisation, but also, public the government is not promising there were celebrations to back it and could even at old trafford though as 0le gunnar solksjaer seek to have a run—off sector figures, against the now thrice marked his new permanent role organisation, but also, public sectorfigures, 5.3 million people employed in the public sector in rejected withdrawal agreement. with a 2—1victory over watford, britain, and that is one sixth of but if the prime minister who were unfortunate to lose. loses again, what next? marcus rashford and anthony martial the workforce. who are the worst maybe a general election, maybe something else. the scorers for united who now move if theresa may felt she could not offenders? universities. . .! the into the top four above arsenal, implement what parliament had who play newcastle national average gender pay gap, at home on monday. identified as a way of leaving the eu, then i think so confirmation of those 9.1%, when it comes to universities, we would have to think hard results and the one game
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it is 13.7%, that is really about a cross—party coalition group i haven't mentioned — of people or whatever. leicester's win at home significant. people might say, look, the eu council has called to bournemouth. an emergency summit for the 10th their third win in a row you can explain that away because and continuing their impressive women are more likely to be working of next month, two days before turn—around since brendan rodgers the new brexit day, took overfrom claude puel. pa rt the late game is between west ham women are more likely to be working part time and there are fewer of us the 12th of april. and everton at the london stadium. in senior roles, but, dig a bit but will the government have it's already 1—0 to the visitors — anything to offer that could secure deeper and this is what i think is kurt zouma with the goal a further delay to resolve after just five minutes. interesting, if you look at the the deadlock or will gender pay gap when it comes to britain be leaving without a dealjust hours later? bonuses, one—off payments, often made at somebody‘s discretion, that there are just so many questions in the scottish premiership... pay gap about what might happen here next hearts are back—up to fifth made at somebody‘s discretion, that paygapiumps made at somebody‘s discretion, that week and the answers will determine after a second—half pay gapjumps to made at somebody‘s discretion, that pay gap jumps to 80% for the worst the fate of the prime minister, comeback against aberdeen. the government, and the country craig levein‘s men are just two offenders, liverpool and newcastle for many years to come, points and one place universities. the rest of the public behind the dons now. st mirren also came from a goal down but what those answers might against fellow strugglers dundee sector? looking at government be is just not clear. to move off the bottom of the table. departments, women probably not matt cole, bbc news, westminster. going to be happy, that is around they were winds as well for kilmarnock and motherwell. celtic and rangers meet tomorrow in the old firm. 23%, local government affairs a bit meanwhile, the prominent remain live commentary of that match on bbc better with the gender pay gap campaigner dominic grieve has coming in at 3.7%. what will be radio five live sport from midday. received a vote of no—confidence from his local conservative really interesting this week, the association in buckinghamshire. private sector will also have to members in beaconsfield voted by 182 leeds moved up to second publish its results. to 131 against the former in the championship and back in line attorney general, who supports for automatic promotion with a 3—2 home win against palestinian authorities say a second public vote on brexit. strugglers millwall. leaders norwich have just three people have died, earlier he gave this response kicked off, but the pick including two 17—year—old boys, to the confidence vote. of the other results
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are aston villa's win over as tens of thousands of palestinians i've been the mp for 22 years. blackburn which gifts them a play off position, protest on the israel—gaza border. demonstrators threw i have good relations and derby are also top six stones and burned tyres, with israelis returning tear gas with my association, good relations and live fire. after a huge win over third it's the first anniversary of weekly with my association members. from bottom rotherham. sheffield united stay third i also know that brexit despite losing to bristol city, protests on the border. and another defeat for is very divisive and know bottom club ipswich. a bbc investigation that there are people who i know and respect who disagree with me has discovered rogue and they are entitled to come saracens breezed traders are selling and express their views into the semi—finals of the european champions cup — and they are also entitled knocking out glasgow warriors 56—25. tens of thousands of pounds worth if they feel it is absolutely glasgow started well — of receipts and invoices in a black market trade necessary to refuse to express crossing overjust a minute to cheat uk taxes. into the game, but that gave sarries the dealers — who advertise online — confidence in me. and this was a confidence motion a wake up call and they answered sell authentic documents to enable last night tabled by my office back with three tries before others to fraudulently claim back vat and reduce the amount rather than a no—confidence motion. of income tax they pay. colin campbell has the story. so, i have to be prepared for that the break, this one and that's a legitimate part how much is here? from david strettle. of the political process and each mp more of the same followed in the second has to face up to that. half including second scores for both strettle and liam williams he wants to sell me £10,000 but last night, there were also nick tompkins claimed his side's worth present quite a large number of construction material receipts for £800, of people who clearly come with one seventh try as saracens and boasts they can be used as a way confirmed their place fixed objective only to work around paying income tax. and it appeared to be, you have sold these to other people, yeah? in the last four. from all the surrounding evidence, an orchestrated and meanwhile earlier, munster organised campaign. were the first side to make an illicit black—market trade, the semi—finals of the champions cup i contacted dealers posing which seems to have required signing after they came from behind at as a self—employed builder, seeking to use the receipts to evade lots of people up to my association murrayfield to edge past edinburgh. jim lumsden reports. tax and fraudulently claim back vat. over quite a short period of time with a ring binderfull
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of construction material receipts, and led by a particular individual this polish builder wanted £2,500 who happens to have been they had a largely disappointing six the ukip candidate who stood against me in 2017. nations cloud rugby in better shape. for £30,000 worth of receipts. two sides in the quarterfinals for meanwhile in response to the government failing the first time, and edinburgh threw to get their withdrawal agreement themselves at munster for quarter of passed for a third time yesterday, an hour but to no avail before mr grieve had this advice giving away a penalty. keith was will these create trouble for us? for the prime minister. what i would urge her to do first to respond and he breezed is to listen to what the house through uncontested. munster have of commons is a saying and i do one of the best defence is in appreciate that she has put a huge europe, but put to the it failed as amount of personal effort, energy in difficult circumstances another rogue trader, christie diet —— died overferocious trying to craft a deal for our exit for us to have ended in a 10—7 at this time decorating receipts. from the eu that seeks to reconcile the edinburgh advantage penalties exchange after break as the most what she saw as the instructions, vital to keep the momentum, they rather vague instructions the result pressed a charging at munster, but the two time defence held firm in of the referendum had given ten minutes to go they brought with minimising the risks. but the difficulty she has through and they registered the is that she has ended up second score of the afternoon. it these guys are essentially with something which just looks committing tax fraud. second rate for our was simply converted to the irish i showed the footage country's future. to a tax expert. side for one buffer, all nothing for it's a crime because what it's doing and this oddly enough is enabling people to edinburgh, but they ran out of steam reduce their tax bill is an assessment made by both and at munster move into the and their vat bill illegally, ex—remainers and people because they haven't actually who are wanting to leave semifinals once again. incurred the expense that they're rory mcilroy has been beaten
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and want to form a harder brexit. to a place in the world matchplay quarterfinals by tiger woods. the difficulty is where woods kept his nerve going to claim for. do we go from here? in the deteriorating conditions the truth is we are talking in austin texas to win by two and one after 17 holes... about something this is totally different from the visions that this was the first time they've played each other in matchplay... were being promoted in 2016. i found more than a dozen dealers the round of 16 wasn't kind advertising the receipts on uk—based my personal view is that to the british players left, with all four knocked out... polish classified ad sites. the sensible thing is to go hmrc says it's committed to ensuring back and ask the public all companies and individuals pay if they want her deal and if the right tax at the right time, the alternative could be remain. and will pursue those i'm also prepared to consider who fail to do so. here are some of the day's other alternatives. other sports headlines. the labour leaderjeremy corbyn has adam yates remains second all the dealers we spoke to had been reacting to the events in the tour of catalunya. of the past few days and he has once he finished in the main bunch a ready supply of receipts. on the penultimate stage again been criticising theresa may as australian michael matthews took i'm actually a journalist from the bbc. but none wanted to discuss for her handling of brexit. their illicit trade. a narrow sprint victory on the line. what you're doing is criminal. this is becoming a long—running saga, she was supposed to have it's fraudulent. michael schumacher‘s sun mick — you're helping people cheat brought the vote december impressed on his formula 2 debut. the 11th, pulled it. making a final lap pass to pick up put it at the end of january enough points to start on pole the tax system, aren't you? and lost lost by the largest ever for tomorrow's sprint race. and lost by the largest ever next week, majority a government was defeated he'll drive an f1 car for the first in parliamentary history. brought it back again, then again, time as he tests for ferrari. and is now going to apparently try hellen 0biri has become the first it again next week — woman to win outdoors, you're helping people this is beyond ridiculous. indoors, and cross—country world cheat their tax. there is a clear proposal you've got £30,000 worth of receipts here. there that we negotiate a customs individual titles at a senior level. a previously hidden crime, union with europe which will then now a brazen illicit trade that's hard to combat. protect the whole issue the kenyan won the women's race another form of tax evasion, of the border in northern ireland, at the world cross country cheating the country championships in denmark. of much—needed revenue.
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that we negotiate trade access and, joshua cheptegei became colin campbell, bbc news. the first ugandan to win above all, a dynamic protection the senior men's title. of rights so we don't fall below ferrari have put their disappointing opening race of the season europe on it because i suspect in australia behind them by locking now, football, out the front row of the grid there's a whole agenda for tomorrow's bahrain grand prix. and if sebastian vettel and huddersfield have been relegated there in the tory party thought his biggest rival this from the premier league, which would want to season would be world champion but manchester city see workers' rights lewis hamilton, he might be wrong. are back on top, for now. and consumer rights nick parrott reports. they beat another and environmental protections diminished. relegation—threatened team fulham we will put proposals 2—0 at craven cottage to parliament next week. to move ahead of liverpool, indicative votes on monday? who play tomorrow. indicative votes on monday. monica has come of age, two years adam wild reports. are you confident that you can get a majority in the commons ago he was racing and formula 2, now second top against second bottom, a in favour of that plan, in favour of that customs union? we are working very hard on that at 21 years and 166 days he is the division between the sides could and reaching out to people scarcely be greater, fuller‘s all across the commons and i've been second youngest driver to claim in formula 1. the and pressed his a perilous position laid out in black doing that all this week and obviously we're doing and white, for manchester city, that all this weekend. this is a very dangerous period. their search for yet more silverware season earning a move to ferrari, because if we crash out without a deal, then the supply but he pushed the fourth world chains get interrupted, helped by a flash from bernardo jobs are at stake and also, silva, putting the defending the sense of security of many champion during the opening race of the season in australia now he put champions ahead in the opening european union nationals living minute, the last thing fulham needed in britain and of course british his team—mates in the shade. leclair was to gift their visitors further people living across europe, but we have been reaching out a lot, opportunity, yet, here it was, top time sheets throughout misplaced pass, sergio aguero making and indeed i had a very good qualifying in the first right of the them pay. the top scorer in the discussion with the governor final session he equalled the track of spain to ensure the protection record, the german had one attempt of british nationals living there. premier league ruthless and showing to beat it, but failed. to rub salt little sympathy. manager pep are you concerned,
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in the moon, leclair abetted it to guardiola's apparent anxiety was, with the clock running down, for the afternoon at least, claim the record for his own. and the commons debating, what might be a softer brexit, that brexiteers, as much as they do in the moon, leclair abetted it to claim the record for his ownm in the moon, leclair abetted it to claim the record for his own. it was misplaced, they could afford to amazing, push to try and finish the continue without key players, while job tomorrow. with louis hamilton a the margin of victory could, perhaps not like theresa may's deal, should have been greater, the gap distant third, ferrari our between the sides clearer than ever. may well end up backing it favourite. leclair will help ease and it will get through? fuller's relegation a little closer, however people voted not deny depressed land. manchester city top of the table in the referendum, nobody voted to lose theirjobs, once more. to be worse off, and nobody voted to deregulate our society. here's a bit of inspiration i think that the obvious choice for for you if you're currently is that what i have suggested, which would be a good economic in training for next finally, sir mick jagger says he's relationship with europe, devastated to disappoint fans month's london marathon. after the rolling stones announced of which can be negotiated they were postponing a tour and i'm convinced of that, among the elite runners will be of the us and canada having spent a lot of time britain's callum hawkins, his first meeting with and talking while he receives medical treatment. to officials in europe. marathon since he collapsing the 75—year—old said he will be with exhaustion at last working hard yea r‘s commonwealth games. to get back onstage hawkins has been training as soon as possible. and do you still think that any deal at altitude in america no details of his condition and our 0lympic sports reporter have been released. that comes out of the commons, david mcdaid has been to meet him... the tour was due any proposal that comes in the snow covered hills in to begin next month. from the commons, should be put arizona, callan is clocking up the we're back with the late to a confirmatory referendum news at ten past ten. miles. it's a very different scene now on bbc one it's time with remain on the ballot? for the news where you are. from a year ago, and the sweltering goodbye. well, this was exactly what our conference discussed heat of the australian coast. this last year and obviously, that is the labour position. so far, there hasn't been enough isa heat of the australian coast. this is a guy in real distress, he's support for that across the floor ahead on the side of the road and i in the house of commons hope they can get help to him still largely dry and sunny, but he but the priority, the absolute priority at the moment, quickly. little more than a mile has called her behind the weather
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is to end this chaos that this friend, that colour their already from becoming commonwealth champion, he succumbed it to the extreme government has brought us established across northern ireland to by their endlessly conditions. it was like going into a wintry showers eating in here, but running down the clock and basically bullying and threatening people. car that's been sitting in the heat despite reaching 19 degrees in the the bullying hasn't worked, all day it hit me in the last thing the threats hasn't worked, south, early this afternoon that it's time now for the sensible irememberwas weather front well induce cooling people to take over. all day it hit me in the last thing i remember was putting every and an effort to get on my feet, and just for more on this i'm joined air here as well. the weather find not being able to. it's as if i was by the labour mp, rupa huq. really drunk. can you reflect what and dividing line between warm and we have more of these indicative votes coming up this week. given chilly air getting splashes of rain did you think about that whole and drizzle continues for the rest that mps could not agree in any way experience? i was guided, of the day. here's a contrasting did you think about that whole forward last week, isn't the same experience? iwas guided, ifelt like ijust missed one of the best temperature because despite sunshine liquid to happen again with no following we only see about eight or obvious way forward please ewa i opportunities that i was ever going 9 degrees compared with 18 and 19 as to get to get a medal, so for the think it's different this way because her deal has been rejected i say early this afternoon across major championship. he hasn't taken southern house —— half of the uk in again by another great big so, i on another marathon since that race, the process of change continues as we go through the night. what will but he hopes that by training here think last week the government was at 7000 feet above sea level, she'll saying that they were going to change however if the amount of be able to get a good account of ignore it and they have this habit breeze and wintry showers in the of ignoring the stuff, and a million himself when he makes his comeback north brisk breeze and lower levels in london. because your body now and people marching on the streets, six across parts of shetland, tend to how are you running?” main people have signed a petition ease away, the wind ease as a way not for a peepers vote but to in london. because your body now and how are you running? i had a session through the night whilst what front the other day at altitude, it's a pretty good. 2000 above sea level, continues to seek its way slowly unilaterally revoke article 50, they you feel better. when you look at can't keep ignoring stuff, they are southward. we held the —— help a minority government for pity‘s the london marathon as a combat how another cloud is in the sow to do you think you will feel when six. but for people like you who prevent coloured frost as she suffer
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you're at the starting line?|j do you think you will feel when you're at the starting line? i have northern ireland and england and wa nt to six. but for people like you who want to remain in the european union a lot to say that it's there and scotland, widespread frost as they by not backing the withdrawal agreement —— the withdrawal it's not done any damage, i don't wa ke scotland, widespread frost as they wake up tomorrow morning, having agreement, does that increase the wa nt lost my hour in bed because clocks it's not done any damage, i don't want to be known for the boy who fell over on a bridge i want to be are springing forward and of course risk of this april 12 deadline it's mother's day as well, so my approaching and the uk beating the known for the one who won the medal deal —— the eu with a deal it off?|j school district of the day as we i’ui'is known for the one who won the medal start our mothering sunday, but as i wa nt deal —— the eu with a deal it off?|j want what is best for the country as runs fast. london, a chance to reset mentioned earlier still high opposed to what's great for the to make new memories. perhaps, pressure, which is ruling the roost conservative party which is what banning some old ones too. is still dry, still very usable this whole exercise been about keeping her parted together. letter, for getting out of the bed, remember when she said we would get that's all the sport for now. the exact same benefits and saying more in sportsday at 6.30 it just letter, for getting out of the bed, itjust a little bit on the bank side in the south and a few showers this would be the easiest deal in join us then. in the evening but some drizzle from history, three and a £50 million for the system pricing in the morning. that potential if the cloud and so the nhs, no one says that any more. it's dry and reasonably light, but it is now trying to avert a contest 01’ it is now trying to avert a contest orfee. i don't want it is now trying to avert a contest that spells of sunshine and lighter or fee. i don't want to it is now trying to avert a contest orfee. i don't want to go it is now trying to avert a contest or fee. i don't want to go for the second best thing if we can winds today with your shower is com pletely second best thing if we can completely remain full members of feeling pleasant while in the south the eu. the stuff on monday again, the eu. the stuff on monday again, the headlines were saying last week of macleod and clear the air we have got quite a brisk wind it to contend no, no. but there are other options with but it'll accentuate the chill, i committed more votes than others and that shows where the house of temperatures only 11 for most who could still reach 13, and the i commons is going. so customs union was a popular one but also the south. and following that for indicative of that carried the most mp pots i felt was action to put tomorrow night, under the starry
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back whatever is decided at the end skies much colder, cold enough for a of all this, we still do not know widespread frost of the key what all this will be, we are no temperatures below par as we start the new working week and we began clear really even though the prime minister said she will fall at —— on april with april showers as ever more on our website including the her sword at on unspecified time. we warnings. know what remaining would look like and it works. you mentioned the idea ofa and it works. you mentioned the idea of a people's vote putting the public to a referendum whatever deal is on versus remaining, we saw some very angry protests on the 29th yesterday the day the uk was due to be. and there are people who will feel betrayed saying that those who wa nt feel betrayed saying that those who want out of the eu will feel betrayed by rerunning a vote on issue they say has been voted on and settled. we have to have a version of leave that is workable, achievable. a lot of these other things that have been talked about arejust unicorns things that have been talked about are just unicorns pretty much. things that have been talked about arejust unicorns pretty much. they will not work in practise because we have had 45 years of legislative
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alignment and regulatory meshing with the eu so it is easier said than done to completely pull out. it's a bit like extracting and a from a cake that is already baked. —— like extracting an eight. at least we know that it is ancient by the eu and it would work in practise. if it is that or whatever else is decided on monday, it's quite traditional and trade union agreements to have the status quo and we know that allows our country to function. one of the other ideas being increasing he talked about is a general election. do you support that? that's our party policy, for ages we have had this logjam in gridlock and the stalemate. does not stop any uncertainty? they are incompetent and incapable. theresa may, there comes a time when being a difficult woman becomes a liability. she has these red lines where she will not budge. she is leader of a
5:14 pm
minority government. she should reach across the aisle and try and make friends as opposed to...m there were supposed to be a general election, and labour would honour the referent decision to leave, as someone the referent decision to leave, as someone who passionately believes in remaining, could you run with the labour party than? the labour party isa labour party than? the labour party is a democratic party which is not decided by one person. in september we had the conference and this motion thrashed out by hundreds of people in a room for hours and they decided to go through different options in an exhaustive or exhausting policy. we tried for a labour version of brexit with close alignment to the single marmon and a co nsta ncy alignment to the single marmon and a constancy union, and it goes to different stages... we had a motion the other d we all voted for eight people's vote so i think whatever it is that comes out of this, our ma nifesto is that comes out of this, our manifesto last time, we did not win that election and that is the
5:15 pm
message to theresa may she keeps saying she is under the manifesto. that fox hunting they would bring back. the dementia tax, the death tax that cause them so much bother, they got rid of that. they have gotten rid of the rest of the ma nifestos gotten rid of the rest of the manifestos they are not duty—bound to all of that. so to get out of this mess we need either a people positive vote or an election is another way of doing it. thank you for coming in. good to hear your thoughts there. thank you. today is the deadline for public sector bodies, with more than 250 employees, to reveal how much of a pay difference there is between male and female workers. but thousands are yet to file. 0ur correspondent sangita myska has been looking at the numbers. this is not a story about men and women paid differently for the same work, this is about the gender pay gap, it is quite complicated how they calculate that. we have a graphic to show you. this measurement is done by lining up employees, women and men, in a company,
5:16 pm
in order of salary, you then pull out the woman on the middle salary and the man on the middle salary, and then compare the two, and that gives you the gender pay gap. why is that important today? because we are talking about the public sector, that accounts for one sixth of the number of people employed here in the uk, over 5 million people. who are the worst offenders? it could be argued that the group of employers that should know better, it's universities. if you were to look at the national average, the gender pay gap, it is 9.1%, but when you take that to universities, you will see that it is 13.7%. now, it is possible to argue that that gap can be explained away by the fact that women largely, women are more likely to be working part—time and let's face it there are few of us in senior roles but there is an interesting figure buried in between all of this, that is looking at the gender pay
5:17 pm
gap for bonuses, single payments made at the discretion, largely, of the employer. the two of the worst offenders, liverpool and newcastle university, that gap, 80% and over. in terms of the rest of the public sector, how is that fairing? civil servants working in whitehall, government departments, again, if you are a woman you won't be happy, 23%, local government fares better, 3%. sangita there. thousands of palestinian protesters have gathered on the border between gaza and israel, to mark a year since weekly demonstrations began there. the gazan health ministry said a palestinian had been killed during the clashes today, before the start of today's demonstration and two protesters
5:18 pm
were killed during the clashes. demonstrators are demanding the right to return to their ancestral homes in what is now israel and an end to the gaza blockade. the un says at least 189 palestinians and one israeli soldier have been killed between march and december last year. from gaza, our middle east correspondent, tom bateman, sent us this update. we are at the biggest protest just east of gaza city. we saw thousands of palestinians making their way towards the site here, tear gas canister there is being thrown back by one of the protesters. you can see the israeli points on the other side of the perimeter fence, these are sniper positions. we are seeing tear gas fired at the palestinian protesters, some burning tyres. so far, they have not made their way right up to the fence, that is the real point of friction here. what today will be is a test of what has been a fragile calm between hamas, who runs the gaza strip, and israel, in the last few days, after a serious military escalation at the start of the week. as these year—anniversary protests get under way, there has been strong rhetoric from both sides, the israelis have
5:19 pm
sent 200 snipers into sniper positions around the fence, and three extra brigades to the south of israel to the area surrounding the strip. hamas has asked people to remain peaceful, but it says if there is what it calls israeli aggression, it will respond with equal force. in israel, yolande knell isjust outside the village of nahal oz, close to the border with gaza. here, if you look across through the field, you can see the gaza boundary fence, and we can still see on the other side large palestinian crowds. according to the israeli military, some 40,000 palestinians turned out at different locations along the fence for this day of protest. despite the relatively large numbers of protesters, we have seen less violence than in previous weeks, although, we are hearing from gaza health officials it was two palestinians killed during the course of the mass
5:20 pm
rallies as well as the person killed ahead of their making it three people killed during the course of the day. israeli troops have been using tear gas to drive people back, and they have had claims from the un, from a un enquiry, that they have used excessive force in the past, using live ammunition. they say they only use live ammunition when palestinians are trying to breach the fence, enter israeli territory, where they could pose a threat to israeli civilians who live, really, as we have seen here, not very far away at all from the place where all of these protests are taking place. the pilot of the plane which crashed into the english channel with footballer emiliano sala on board, wasn't allowed to fly at night. the bbc has been told that david ibbotson was colour—blind and restricted to daytime flights only. both men died when the piper malibu
5:21 pm
crashed in january. kayley thomas has more. it has been ten weeks since the plane carrying cardiff city's record £15 million signing, emiliano sala, crashed into the sea off guernsey in the channel islands. the man tasked with getting him to his new club in time for training was david ibbotson, a private pilot from north lincolnshire. but he should not have been flying at night because he was not licensed to. the bbc has been told that he was colour—blind and had a restriction on his license stating he could fly in daylight hours only. the ill—fated flight set off from nantes over one hour after sunset. there has been much speculation about the legality of the flight. the piper malibu was registered in the us and could not be operated commercially with paying passengers. the air accident investigation branch said that licensing continues to be a focus of its investigations but a full report into the crash is not expected until early next year.
5:22 pm
the rolling stones have postponed a tour of the united states and canada because sir mickjagger needs medical treatment. the band's publicist said the legendary lead singer would be working very hard to get back on stage and doctos expected him to make a full recovery. —— doctors expected him to make a full recovery. the rollings stones had been due to kick off their tour in miami and play 17 dates across north america, ending in canada injuly. 0ur news correspondent chi chi izundu has been following the story. no more detail on what the medical treatment is for or how long he is being treated for, a tour is an expensive affair, it takes a lot for an insurance company to agree someone to be signed off to cancel a whole tour and postpone it, plus it will cost a lot of money. aeg and concerts west our advising ticket holders to keep aeg and concerts west are advising ticket holders to keep hold of their tickets because there are plans that this
5:23 pm
will go ahead eventually. mickjagger has said he is sorry to all his friends in america and canada, he says he hates letting them down and is devastated to have to postpone the tour, but will be working very hard to get back on stage as soon as possible. if you think about a rolling stones concert, one of the things they are most famous for, if not for being the rolling stones, is mick jagger's massively energetic performance, there is a scientific report out there that show that when somebody is performing on stage, it is akin to being an athlete. he's a 75—year—old man, now undergoing medical treatment, this tour is just on postponement, but we wish him all the best. in his mid—70s, still with this phenomenal amount of energy, to sustain a 17—date concert tour, and that is no small thing. let's not forget, this isjust
5:24 pm
one leg of the tour, their no filter tour. he is well—renowned for how much energy he puts into his tour dates, ageing really well for a 75 man but sadly this news has come out that he has had to postpone the whole tour for the us and canada legs, it was supposed to start last month on the 20th, and end towards the end ofjuly, but his treatment, his doctors have said he cannot do the tour and he has got to focus on his health. psychiatrists are being urged to ask children, who are having mental health assessments, about how long they spend online and what they use social media for. the royal college of psychiatrists says it is concerned about how time spent online impacts mood, sleep, diet and behaviour. mps have called for new regulations to be imposed on platforms such as facebook, twitter and instagram, to protect children from what they call "an online wild west."
5:25 pm
dr bernadka dubitska is the chair of the child and adolescent faculty at the royal college of psychiatrists — who explained what help was available to young people. there are wads of support groups out there for young people, really good resources , there for young people, really good resources, but as child psychiatrists, we are hired as skilled professionals, to inquire about all aspects of their wife. and online presence is important. it is important that professionals who see young people who are formable and have mental health problems are also inquiring and asking about what is happening and with new technology, are there any aspects of that affecting them and they're struggling with that. and then we are there to try and help negotiate that. now the biggest day of the
5:26 pm
year for sales of flowers and greetings cards is mother's day. the occasion also brings a big boost in sales of women's clothing and accessories, homeware, and food — as our consumer affairs correspondent colletta smith reports. let me introduce you to for women running for businesses. but this week and things are going into overdrive. we are... we love to be busy and it is great see customers produce and this passion as well. the staff. it is about turning perfect blooms into perfect bouquets for more customers than any other point of the year. we just have a really critical flare. just did not design it and it sells. and it is not just flowers and chocolates. statistics from the last five years showed there is also a boost in the amount we spend in the weekly food shop as plans are made for a big
5:27 pm
mother sunday lunch. my mum is cooking the sunday lunch and then i'm going with my three children to the park at. i am not convinced that there needs to be... i am the park at. i am not convinced that there needs to be... lam not interested in having loads of money spent on me. ijust want to nuke car, don't tell my husband that those. we have been out for nice meals. with lots of people willing to splash out, and make sense for sisters emma and eleanor to decide to cash in facet they are opening on sunday for the first time and there mother's day settings have already sold out. we already have people e—mailing us asking what we're doing for mother's day, we have a menu. for us it has been a demand, it would be silly not do it. mums
5:28 pm
are... splashing out on big ticket items means that spending really sta rts items means that spending really starts to stack up. presents for mum tend to cost more than an average easter egg. so mother's day is now in contention to become the second biggest spending point of the year right after christmas. anna regular sunday we do about 40 covers, this sunday we do about 40 covers, this sunday we're looking at about eight -- 80. it's sunday we're looking at about eight —— 80. it's a really big time for us. —— 80. it's a really big time for us. i think valentine's day is focused around that one day. but for mother's day we see an increase in business week before and after. whether you are spending a fortune 01’ whether you are spending a fortune or simply spending some time, britain potts i first love seems to be our mums. but how about those who will be working tomorrow? what are they hoping for? chocolates, lots of
5:29 pm
hugs and cuddles. mice children are still quite young so syl seems to be about me. we will be having cake and tea sativa moore k, less tea,. —— tnt. reminds her to stop by the force of the way home. now it's time for a look at the weather with helen willetts. it's still a watery dry and sunny weekend but it will feel colder behind this weather front. this is already established in scotland and northern ireland. wintry showers but despite reaching 19 degrees in the south early this afternoon, that weather front will introduce the cooler air here as well. you can see the dividing line between this warmer and chillier air and also a few splashes of rain and drizzle will continue for the rest of the day. here is the temperature contrast because despite the sunshine following we are seeing
5:30 pm
only about eight or 9 degrees compared with 18 and 19 as i say earlier this afternoon across the southern half of the uk. and that will continue as we go through the night. what will changes the amount of breeze and wintry showers and north. what a risk —— brisk reit... it will ease away. it will easily through the night whilst our weather front continues to sync its way slowly southwards. we hope there will be enough cloud in the thought to prevent too many frost issues here but for many of us is much colder tonight and noticeably so for northern ireland and scotland. having lost that hour in bed because the clocks are springing forward and of course it is mother's day as well. much colder start to the day as we start our mothering sunday. but as i said earlier high—pressure ruling the roost. still a very usable weather. he could be just a little bit on the dank site on the
5:31 pm
south, maybe wanted or two showers this evening but we will likely see more drizzle first thing in the morning. that will tend to lift cloud. there will be good smells of sunshine for the north, just fairweather cloud and wider winds today and fewer showers whilst in the south, as well as more cloud, cooler air, we have quite a brisk wind to contend with which will accentuate the chill. temperatures only ten and 11 for most and could still reach 13 or 14 in the far south. and following tomorrow night into the starry skies it will be much colderfor a into the starry skies it will be much colder for a widespread frost to keep captures before par —— below paras to keep captures before par —— below par as we start the work week in april with april showers. as ever there is more on the website including the warnings.
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