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tv   World News Today  BBC News  March 30, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm GMT

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now, all the sport. now on bbc news, does society really accept bisexuality? to find out, radio 1's newsbeat has spent a year following a group of friends as they try to hold the uk's first major bi pride march. this is bbc world news today. this programme contains i'm krupa padhy. our top stories: huddersfield town have been some adult themes. palestinians in gaza hold a day of protests to mark the first relegated. they lost 2—0 at crystal anniversary of weekly demonstrations palace on saturday. that means they lgbt pride events, the perfect will play in the championship next place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, on the boundary with israel. season. and loads of other people to come will play in the championship next season. the site have taken just 14 together and celebrate who they are. points from 32 games so far. their theresa may and her demise is thejoint cabinet look for ways points from 32 games so far. their demise is the joint earliest relegation in the history of the well, not according to this lot. to bring the eu withdrawal agreement premier league. personally, i know back to parliament for a fourth vote, after it that in life there is failure and these events are often not fully was defeated yesterday. pope francis is in there is a success and it belongs inclusive to bi people, morocco — on a mission to boost conversations with other religions. together. so, the club have to learn so this is an opportunity for us and the rolling stones postpone to say, actually, we're their north america tour because mickjagger from the failure and things we did going to create our own space. they have decided to try wrong this season. we have to learn and do something never and we are owner best way to solve before done in the uk — needs medical treatment. it. i think the performance proved to organise a pride event specifically for bisexual people. it, anyway. at the end, you have to go through all the details which hello and welcome happened this season and prepared to come back stronger. to world news today. tens of thousands of elsewhere, manchester city's ups of winning a history making four it can be quite difficult trying palestinians have protested in heavy rain along the fence trophies in one season are still to fit in within the lgbt community.
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between gaza and israel, very much alive. they are now back definitely a lot that i have heard marking the first anniversary about just wanting everything. on top of the premier league with a of the weekly demonstrations there. for the past 11 months, we have been following health officials in gaza say 2-0 on top of the premier league with a 2—0 win at fulham. the side made a the campaign to get a bi pride. four palestinians have died during protests. can they do it? faster starting this one. rinaldo oh demonstrators have been calling for israel to allow refugees back bernardo silva got there first after into the homes their families fled, just five minutes. —— bernardo along the way, we have been when the state of israel was created in 1948. trying to find out why, they also want the easing silva. city now back above liverpool whether it is mental health or sexual violence, research of the blockade on gaza. by one point. as for film, the un says at least 190 silva. city now back above liverpool by one point. as forfilm, they look almost certain to be relegated along palestinians and an israeli soldier with huddersfield. 16 points from were killed between march safety with six games to go. and december of last year. our middle east correspondent of course, we had to start the game tom bateman has travelled to one with high intensity and that is what of the protest areas in gaza. we did for supper especially the he sent us this report. first—half, we we did for supper especially the first— half, we played we did for supper especially the first—half, we played very well and we are at the biggest protest created many chances. three more just east of gaza city. points onto the next one, knowing and as we were driving to the site, we saw thousands that we have a very busy schedule. of palestinians making their way towards the site here. it will not be easy but we have the that's a tear gas canister being thrown back by one of the protesters. squad. manchester united won their first you can see the israeli points on the other side of the perimeter fence, these are sniper positions. match since the new permanent manager was named. they saw watford we are seeing tear gas fired at the palestinian protesters, off drive and one at old trafford. some protestors burning tyres. marcus rushford got one of the
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goals. they move into fourth place, so far, they have not made their way right up to the fence, that is the real point level one point tottenham. what do you think was lacking of friction here. what today will be is a test, perhaps today? urgency, 10096 i think, of what has been what do you think was lacking a fragile calm between hamas, perhaps today? urgency, 100% fitness who runs the gaza strip, and israel, because we did have players out in the last few days after a serious there that are still a little bit military escalation at the start away from being 100% fit. but it has of the week. helped us a lot. it has purdue back as these year—anniversary protests get under way, into the top four. it is legal, the there has been strong rhetoric aim of the season to finish there. from both sides. it has been a good start. the israelis have sent 200 snipers definitely. seven games left of the into sniper positions around season and we have got to make sure the fence and three extra brigades to the south of israel to the area that we get... 15 points will surrounding the strip. and hamas, it has asked probably be enough. so, confirmation of the rest of people to remain peaceful. today's league matches. lester's but it says if there is what it calls israeli aggression, when it to bournemouth as their third ina it will respond with equal force. when it to bournemouth as their third in a row and continues their impressive turnaround since brendan rodgers took over. everton are up to our correspondent yolande knell is in southern israel ninth after a 2—0 victory away at on the other side of the boundary west campus topples mike rory and gave us this update. mcilroy has been beaten to a place in the world match play here in nahal oz, if you look across through the field, quarterfinals by tiger woods. this was the first time we had played you can see the gaza boundary fence, each other in matchplay. woods kept
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and we can still see on the other his nerve in austin, texas to win by side large palestinian crowds. 2-1 his nerve in austin, texas to win by 2—1 after 17 holes. he will play according to the israeli military, lucas next. world number twojustin some 40,000 palestinians turned out at different locations along rose was beaten by a given. the american will face open champion the fence for this day of protest. despite the relatively large numbers of protesters, francesco, who defeated britain's paul casey by 5—4. we have seen less violence congratulations to barty, who has than in previous weeks, although, won the biggest title of her career we are hearing from gaza health so far in miami for the australian beat pliskova in straight sets. the first came through a tie—break and officials it was two palestinians then 6—3 in the second. in formula 1, formula ferrari —— —— israeli troops have been using tear gas to drive people back, and they have had claims ferrari seem to have put their from the un, from a un enquiry, disappointments behind them. that they have used excessive force in the past, using live ammunition. they say they only use live 21—year—old charles became the ammunition when palestinians second youngest driver to claim pole are trying to breach the fence, enter israeli territory, where they could pose a threat position, beating ferrari team—mate and 14 world champion sebastian to israeli civilians who live, vettel by almost three gents of a really, as we have seen in nahal oz, second. world champion lewis hamilton starts from third in his not very far away at all from the place where all of these mercedes. protests are taking place. that is of the sport for now. see the british prime minister is understood to be you later. thank you.
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considering asking mps to vote mickjagger has said for a fourth time on the withdrawal he is "devastated" to let down fans agreement she negotiated to leave the european union. after the rolling stones announced on friday, her deal they were postponing a tour of the us and canada. was defeated by 58 votes. on monday, the house of commons will test whether there's support for alternative brexit plans in a second round of what are called in a statement on twitter, "indicative", or advisory, votes. 0ur political correspondent the band said, "unfortunately today the rolling stones have had to announce the postponement alex forsyth reports. of their upcoming us/canada tour dates. mick has been advised by doctors that he cannot go on tour at this time, as he needs medical treatment." there is clear frustration earlier i spoke with chi chi izundu in westminster, still on show the day after mps rejected about what a tough decision it would theresa may's brexit plan again. have been for the band to make. the question now is what happens next? as yet members of the government it is quite a big decision for any can't give any real clarity. i think what we have to do band because of how much intercostal is to make sure that we deliver bit on and how much it makes just on the will of the people getting an insurance company to at the referendum. we have to keep trying. agree that somebody can stone a tour some still argue the prime minister's brexit deal is the best option. is a big thing. from mick and the rest of the abandoned team around it's obviously very disappointing him to say that his medical that the government lost yesterday. illnesses that he needs to take time i think that has put the country off for medical treatment is a big in some difficulty and i feel deal. for them to postpone the 17 the best way forward is the prime minister's date tour of the years, supposed to deal but we will see what the options are. start next month in miami and end
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so will she put her deal back again? near toronto in june, well, obviously, the cabinet start next month in miami and end near toronto injune, is really will have to consider what the next quite a big dealfor the band. step forward will be. and there is lots of curiosity about the ayes to the right, 286. what might be wrong with him. the noes to the left, 344. indeed. he nor his team have given yesterday's rejection any kind of indication. there is no detail on what exactly he has been of the brexit plan was smaller treated for. but for it to be than the two previous efforts but still substantial. postponed one month, nearly, just on monday, mps will before they go on tour, i can only vote on alternatives to the prime minister's plan. assume despite serious. —— it is last time, parliament could not agree on any one option but having quite serious. another public vote or keeping close to the eu in a customs union proved most popular. one of the world's best—known superhero turns 80 this weekend. the government's waiting to see batman made his first appearance in print on this day in 1939. if mps can agree in a way forward but isn't clear if that he was created by bob kane and bill finger will change its direction. for detective comics magazine, issue 27. the caped crusader quickly made the transition to the screen, the customs union doesn't actually reflect or respect and has been portrayed by eight what was in our own manifesto different actors on film. but we have got to look dc comics is holding a series at what parliament coalesces around next week. of events to mark the anniversary, but i think the best way to go including the publication of a 96—page collectors' edition. forward is to be looking at getting more than 500,000 copies have been pre—ordered. that withdrawal agreement approved. but the labour leader, campaigning in newport today, is holding firm against the prime minister's plan calling for further thanks for watching.
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compromise or an election. the absolute priority at the moment is to end this chaos that this government has brought us to by their endlessly running down the clock and basically bullying and threatening people. the bullying hasn't worked, the threats hasn't worked. it has been a distant start to the it's time now for the sensible weekend across much of england and people to take over. let us pray for our parliament. wales. buts of sunshine. —— a lot of let us pray for union. sunshine barely a cloud in the sky earlier on much of us. warm in that and let us pray for peace. spring sunshine. the warmest place the church of england arranged prayers for unity today but less than two weeks before the new date in the country, queuing, north on which we are due to leave, london. the wind of change is division is entrenched. blowing. as temperatures in the capital dropping by nine celsius. some want to walk away with no deal. others are resisting. the cooler weather is brought about parliament is at by this cold front, already been a crucial crossroads. pushing southwards, bringing that alex forsyth, bbc news. colder air into northern ireland and scotland. as we go through this evening and overnight, that weather anti—brexit campaigners have held protests at six different front is going to continue to push points of the border between northern ireland southwards. little bit of rain, and ireland, fearing a return cloud working on two wales, east of customs checks could risk peace, anglia, may be south east of england jobs and their way of life. the group setup a fake border check towards the night. the cloud stopping things from getting too point to demonstrate cold for much of england and will. the disruption they could cause
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and the resistance but for northern ireland and their return would meet. scotland, cold enough forfrost. the currently seamless 500 kilometre border would be scotland, cold enough forfrost. scotland, widespread frost, down to the united kingdom's only land minus three degrees. overnight, those clocks go forward, meaning for frontier with the eu after brexit. most of us it is an hour less in let's take a look bed. unless you are a mother, in at some of the other which case you have got the lie in stories making the news. three teenage migrants in malta have been charged ca rd which case you have got the lie in card for sunday. personally, a lot with hijacking an oil tanker, more cloud around for england and which is considered a terrorist wales in the chilly easterly wind as activity under maltese law. the migrants had been rescued well. knocking of tempered ice of a by the ship but reportedly hijacked it on wednesday after being told living degrees in london. probably scotland, northern ireland and the they would be returned to libya. burn—out of england having the best they are alleged to have of the day's sunshine. feeling a told the captain to head towards europe instead. little on the chilly side. through two of the teenagers are minors. they all deny the charges. sunday night, with those clearing skies, it is going to be another the venezuelan opposition are mounting another day of protests cold one with a widespread frost. a against the electricity crisis that cold one with a widespread frost. a has caused repeated blackouts cold start to the day on monday but a lot of dry weather. some decent across the country. the opposition leader juan guaido has condemned sunshine after the chilly start of the government for its failure the ones coming in from a southerly to maintain public services. there have been some reports direction, so temperatures lifting across the southern parts of england of clashes in the capital caracas. and wales. at the same time, wet weather getting into northern ireland and western scotland monday donald trump has threatened to close the us—mexico border next week, if mexico does not stop migrants afternoon. that rain is tied in with
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from reaching america. another cold front. your test. that the department of homeland security will be pushing eastwards across the has warned that the government uk during tuesday. it is this cold is facing what it called a ‘system wide meltdown‘, as border officers front that is going to hammer the struggle to deal with a surge of asylum seekers traveling temperatures. starting to get cold from central america. north—westerly winds feeding on. as the rain clears, some sunshine but plenty of showers for north—western areas of the uk. those showers pope francis is in morocco wintry over the hills and it is to promote inter—faith dialogue in a country that projects itself going to feel really cold across as a bastion of moderate islam. north western areas. temperatures the pope has met king mohammed around six or seven celsius. that is and visited a school for imams — religious weather. —— your latest said to be a first for a pope. the trip is a follow up to last weather. months historic visit to the united arab emirates. bbc arabic‘s mouna ba is in the capital rabat. hundreds of people have lined up to get a glimpse at the pope who arrived earlier at this institute. it is to teach imams from morocco, other african countries, and from europe as well, tolerant as lan ——
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islam. an institute that is backed by the moroccan monarch king mohammed for earlier, the pope had praised morocco's efforts to promote an islam that rejects extremism. he also talked about cooperation in building a world of greater solidarity to number two promote interreligious dialogue. translation: i am grateful that my visit offers a significant opportunity for greater understanding among the followers of oui’ understanding among the followers of our two religions. the courage to encounter one another and extant the hand of friendship as a path for peace for human evil to extremism and heat caused division and destruction. —— is a path for peace for humanity. group established by catholic
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humanitarian organisation in the capital is his visit next, also a mass that will be attended by around 10,000 people. the pulse of just the pulse ofjust closed —— the polls have just closed across slovakia in the second round of the country's presidential election. front runner zuzana caputova is facing off with european union commissioner maros sefcovic. ms caputova is a lawyer and anti—corru ption activist with almost no political experience, and if elected will be the first female slovak president. joining me now is rob cameron who's in bratisalva for us. is there any more clarity? there is indeed. we havejust had the first opinion polls, released shortly after the polling booths closed at 10pm this evening. they suggest that zuzana caputova is indeed on course to become
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slovakia's first female president. these opinion polls are not exit polls, i should stress that, they are opinion polls carried out in the last few days and released just minutes ago. they suggest that she has defeated the challenger, european commissioner, one of the six vice president of the commission, by a margin ofaround president of the commission, by a margin of around 55—45, perhaps a 60-40%. now, margin of around 55—45, perhaps a 60—40%. now, we will not know a more precise picture until the first results start coming on in the course of the evening. but it does look like, and feels like, here at the headquarters of her election campaign in bratislava's old market hall, that she is on course for victory this evening. taylor is a bit more about how significant her potential victory will be. —— tell us a bit more. well, zuzana ca putova —— tell us a bit more. well, zuzana caputova has offered, if nothing else, change. she has sensed, as a political outsider, someone with almost no political experience, that
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the emergence of anger over the last few years has darkened. that really came to the four year ago with the murder of the investigative journalist. she says that was one of the impulses that led her to pursue a career in politics, and here she is just over a career in politics, and here she isjust over one year a career in politics, and here she is just over one year later said to become president. there is a lot of disgust, revulsion, really, in slova k disgust, revulsion, really, in slovak society, especially among younger, more urban, pro—eu voters at the course that this country has taken. a country that has seen corruption and crime reach proportions that she has described asa proportions that she has described as a kind of state capture. although it is a ceremonial position, she really wa nts it is a ceremonial position, she really wants to put an end to that and said slovakia on a new, different course. and how might this influence the politics of the region? where we are seeing more of a shift to write in countries like hungary and poland. -- is countries like hungary and poland. —— is shift to the right. it will be
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seized upon by regional analysts and by the media, not only in this country but, as you say, across the region. in the czech republic, hungary, poland. it will be seized upon as proof that this idea that the wave of populism and conservative nationalism that we have seen in countries across the region is not unstoppable, and with the right candidates it can be turned back. certainly, the interpretation that some analysts are going to suggest that that is what is happened here in slovakia. but zuzana caputova, if she has won this evening, we do not know that she has, has her work cut out. slovakia is a deeply divided country, suffering from many of the same ills as countries throughout the region. it is herjob to begin healing those divisions. interesting times in slovakia. an egyptian security court has sentenced 18 men to life imprisonment for planning a suicide bombing on a coptic church
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in the city of alexandria. 12 others received between ten and fifteen—year jail terms. ten defendants who are on the run, were sentenced in their absence. in 2017, the islamic state group claimed responsibility for suicide bombings on churches in alexandria and tanta that killed 45 people. at least 32 people have been killed in flash floods in western afghanistan. the national disaster management authority said heavy rains have destroyed hundreds of homes and floodwaters swept through makeshift shelters housing displaced families. seven provinces have been affected. with herat one of the worst hit. the floods have worsened the plight of tens of thousands of people in the region who had to move last year because of severe drought. translation: my house and farmland have been destroyed by floods. seen the destruction, it just have been destroyed by floods. seen the destruction, itjust makes you wa nt to the destruction, itjust makes you want to cry. the destruction caused
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by the floods is huge. in one area, i saw more than 200 houses totally destroyed and people's belongings trapped by the flooding. the former texas lawmaker beto o'rourke has officially kicked off his presidential bid in his hometown of el paso. the democrat chose an outdoor rally near the border with mexico, saying it symbolised one of the themes of his campaign — to unite americans from all walks of life. from el paso, here's danjohnson. this is home turf for beto o'rourke. this is where he grew up and texas is where he narrowly missed out on a senate seat last year. he ran ted cruz much closer than anyone thought. there is a lot of energy and excitement since he announced two weeks ago that he did want to run for president in 2020 and that he would seek the democrat nomination. all though campaign is now under way he has a big rally here today in el paso to kick—start his campaign properly and then two more rallies across texas today as well. now immigration is a big issue here because we are right on the mexican border.
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and this week, customs and border protection have said that the system really is beyond breaking point. and less than a mile from here, there are hundreds of asylum—seekers who are being held in an open compound. they are waiting to be processed by border patrol who say that their facilities are simply overwhelmed and that they have nowhere else for those people to stay, nowhere for them to sleep. so, they have been sleeping out in the open laid on bare earth and beto o'rourke himself went to see that last night. that will be a major campaign issue here i am sure and we will wait to hear exactly what the rest of his campaign message will be. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: we'll be live at the bbc sport centre for all the latest sport news, including manchester city's 2—0 win against fullham.
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the accident that happened here was of the sort that can at worst purchase a welt stomach melted and forcibly facilities work, but not well enough to prevent some out, called fears about the safety of these institutions from the 1970s. the republic of ireland has become the first country in the world to ban smoking in the workplace. from today, anybody leading up in offices, pubs and restaurants will face a heavy fine. the president was on his way out of the washington hilton hotel where he had been addressing a trade union conference. the small crowd outside included his assailant. it has become a symbol of paris. 100 yea rs it has become a symbol of paris. 100 years ago, many parisians wish that had never been built. the eiffel tower's birthday is being marked by a re—enactment of the first ascent by gustave eiffel.
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this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines: palestinians in gaza hold a day of protests to mark the first anniversary of weekly demonstrations on the boundary with israel. theresa may and her cabinet look for ways to bring the eu withdrawal agreement back to parliament for a fourth vote after it was defeated yesterday. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is under new pressure after his former justice minister released documents and an audio recording relating to a major corruption scandal. jody wilson—raybould says government officials tried to persuade her to shield snc—lavalin from prosecution. the canadian firm is accused of bribing officials in libya to win contracts under muammar gaddafi's regime. here's part of the recording between wilson—raybould and former clerk of the privy council of canada michael wernick.
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