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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  March 30, 2019 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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this is bbc news. i'm krupa padhy. later our top stories: the anti—corru ption candidate zuzana chaputova wins the presidential election on bbc iplayer. in slovakia, making her the country's first james and dawn, lovely to see you. female head of state. thank you very much. dubai newspaper tomorrow. coming up next, the film palestinians in gaza hold a day of protests to mark the first review. —— anniversary of weekly demonstrations on the boundary with israel. next steps for brexit. the uk's prime minister considers bringing her proposed deal back to parliament for a fourth time as mps debate alternatives to her deal on monday. and the rolling stones postpone their north america tour because mickjagger hello. needs medical treatment. welcome to the film review here on bbc news, and taking us through this week's cinema releases we have dr mark kermode. what do you have for us? we have the new version of dumbo, directed by tim burton, which is kind of live action — kind of. we have out of blue, the new film by carol morley, who made the falling.
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and at eternity‘s gate, the story of vincent van gogh. so starting off with tim burton's duubo. so starting off with tim burton's dumbo. yes, so there is now a huge financial market for taking the disney animations and remaking them in live action, using animation. if you think for example ofjungle book, the only thing live action about that was the young boy, everything else was created through cg, but they have had success with beauty and the beast and tim brton directed alice in wonderland. now we have a revisiting of dumbo. colin farrell is the horseman who returns from the war and is assigned to looking after the elephants. it's his kid who realises that young baby dumbo, who has these huge ears, actually can fly, then later on, audiences discover it and it transforms the fortunes of the medici circus. here is a clip. fly little one.
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magic dust. you can see it doesn't skimp on visual spectacle. the cast includes danny devito, eva green and michael keaton, it's a tim burton movie, so in every corner there is stuff going on. here is the strange thing, although it is fairly impressive
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to see, you know, a flying elephant brought to life through the miracle of cg, what the film doesn't have is the simplicity that the cartoon had, and it also doesn't have the emotional clout of it. i spent a lot of it thinking this is very visually impressive, a whole section of the film plays out in this future land fun fair, and you are looking at the design, thinking that is really designed to within an inch of its life. yet what i didn't get was, which was the thing which you usually get with dumbo, was the fact it grabs your heart strings. the cartoon is dark, it is about separation and anxious issues, and it makes you cry, when you watch it it makes you cry. i don't doubt for one minute it will find an audience and it will be perfectly fine holiday fare, but it doesn't have anything like the classic quality of the original. and the reason is it weirdly lacks that emotional engagement. there was something about the original cartoon thatjust, you know you watch it,
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it is like et, you watch it and you immediately start crying, you can't resist it. in the case of this, i found it oddly unengaging, for all the things that were 0k and impressive, it never gets off the ground in the way it should do. do you think that is a trend then, that the original animation actually has more heart and soul? notjust in this film but other things that have been remade? i thought thejungle book was extraordinary, but the fact of the matter is that was, to all intents and purposes, an animated film. i don't think, there is no reason why you can't take anything and redo it in a different format and add to it. thisjust doesn't add. out of blue, which is an unconventional kind of investigation of a murder of a renowned astro physicist. it sounds intriguing. i loved it. it is made by carol morley, who made the falling. it is a radical reinvention of martin amis‘s novel. carol morley said she set out to rescue the characters form
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the pages of the novel. there is a murder of an astrophysicist, investigated by a detective, mike hoolihan, and because it is an astro physicist she interviews people who are interested in parallel universes who are interested in the conundrum of schrodinger‘s cat, that something can be alive and dead at the same time. it becomes far more cosmic and existential. the film starts in outer space, you know that film a matter of life—and—death, it begins with what looks like an homage to that. then it kind of turns into this collidescopic meditation on dual reality, i have seen the film now three times and every time i see more in it. there is this central tension between two characters, two colour, two realities, and it is one of those films that the more you look at it, the more you see. do you need to see it three times to understand it? i loved it the first time round. i thought this works as a murder mystery. the second time i thought
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there is more going on, by the third time i had like gone down the rabbit hole. i was stanning to obsess about the details. i was starting to obsess about the details. it has a fantastic score. carol morley is a visionary film—maker. if you get it, it is just brilliant and i really advice to you give it a go. it is so great to see a film—maker with such am by, it was shot 23428 days, but every frame is filmed with clues and details and i, i thought it was great. it is called out of blue, not out of the blue. why is that? because, because, you have to see the film to understand why. it is out of blue. it is between separate universes because i could go on about it all night. looking forward to that one.
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at eternity‘s gate. which is another film about the life of vincent van gogh. of which there have been many, most recently we had that brilliant animation loving vincent, described as the first oil painted animated film, that was breathtaking, this is willem dafoe, oscar—nominated willem dafoe, as we discovered vincent van gogh towards the later period of his life. i went to the museum in amsterdam. i said vincent van gogh? so we get his real life and his tussles with madness and with incarceration but also julian schnabel is attempting to show us the world he saw through his paintings visually represented. here is a clip. i'm telling you you have to look inside. you keep saying look inside, i get it, i do.
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you keep repeating yourself. what do you think i'm doing? i don't invent the picture. i don't need to invent the picture. ifind it already in nature. ijust have to free it. all right. i'm just saying first think about your surface and how the paint will sit on it. get control over what you're doing. maybe you should work inside more. i spent all my life alone in a room. i need to go out, and work, to forget myself. i want to be out of control. i need to be in a feverish state. it is called the act of painting for a reason. all right, calm down. i don't want to calm down. the faster i paint, the better i feel. i can't stay here vincent. what are you saying? so that line when he says it is called the act of painting for a reason.
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this is like the act of the act of painting and you could see from that clip that whatjulian schnabel is trying to do is put you within the mind of vincent van gogh and to see the world through his eye. i think willem dafoe‘s performance is terrific, there was mohammeds i did believe he was the artist, schnabel is interesting because what he has done there is things like the diving bell and the butterfly. the first, so he has done biographies because he is an artist who turned to film—making, i think there are occasions when the drama meanders a bit, when it becomes a series of conversations that kind of attempt to explain how it is that the artist is seeing the world, but at its best it is, a film, a cinematic experience and i think you saw from that clip schnabel is trying to put you in the mind of the artist and say this is how he saw the world. not entirely successful but it's a good try. a good try.
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there you go, that is the verdict. best out? i love us. the new film from jordan peel who made get out it is like the new film from jordan peele who made get out it is like a chiller, a horrorfilm, there are moments of it that are scary, it is funny it is a modern day parody of a family terrified by doppelgangers. very interesting film about the defection to the west and very well directed by ralph fiennes, are you a or orfilm fan? yes, and i love get out we are in complete agreement on white you. best dvd? shoplifters. it is a story about a family on the margins of society, it may be be a thriller, a crime thriller, it may be a family drama, it is lots of different things all mashed together. it is touching, moving
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and mysterious, i really liked it. don't need to see it three times to understand it. no, i got it the first time. that is is a relief. that is it from us. thank you for watching. goodbye from both of us. we are looking at a bit of a change to the weather for the second half of the weekend. to date 20 degrees celsius in greater london, the warmest part of the uk. for sunday, a cooler easterly wind blowing in. a drop of nine celsius stop you will notice that change. it is brought on bya notice that change. it is brought on by a cold front, this line of cloud working southwards, bringing light patchy rain across wales, east anglia. a little bit of rain around.
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further north, clear sky. widespread frost. in scotland temperatures down to “4 but it is scotland, northern ireland and northern england with the best of the weather, dry and sunshine. southern counties, although a lot of dry weather, maybe although a lot of dry weather, maybe a few mist and fog patches, it will feel cooler that he did on saturday. a drop of nine celsius. with the sunshine further north, 7— io degrees. sunday night and into early monday, dry weather but cold with patches of frost developing. milder in northern ireland. cloudier thickening. for monday, a lot of dry weather to come across eastern scotland, england and wales. after a chilly start, temperatures are lifting to around 14 degrees in the
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south. the winds coming in from the south. the winds coming in from the south. cloudier thickening in northern ireland. a bit of snow in the scottish hills. that is a taste of what is to come. another cold front working in from tuesday, the wind starting to come down more from the big. tuesday some sunshine but plenty of heavy showers, some thundery and wintry and we could be looking at snow up over the hills in the north. tuesday afternoon, looking at highs of around six degrees. factor in those strong winds, and it will be quite a cold day. that is the latest forecast. a reminder, we are working into british summertime and the clocks go forward an hour, and our less in bed forward an hour, and our less in bed for most of us unless you are among because it is mother's day you get to lie in tomorrow morning.
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