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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  March 31, 2019 1:30pm-2:00pm BST

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we like the idea of getting this is bbc news, i'm shaun ley. sport. into a trek and driving the rest the headlines at two: good afternoon. of the way to san antonio. police in england and wales after manchester city's win it's about another two and a half hours' drive, are being given greater stop yesterday, liverpool can move ahead and then we'll go to the park. and search powers to tackle of the champions in the title race if they beat tottenham at anfield did you sleep with big brother? rising knife crime. you did? in what is the second premier league what did you think? it is a very important tool. is it time to go play? match of the day, with chelsea up it is a vital tool in against cardiff in the next hour. fighting serious violence. it is. i want police officers to feel more comfortable, it's been 29 years since liverpool to use it so they can last won a league title, time to get some clothes on. they remain unbeaten protect all communities. at home this season. tottenham saw their title challenge he's going to grab my hand and try theresa may considers her next fade after losing three move to break the brexit deadlock of their last four league games. to walk us out the front door. following the latest defeat it's time to go, alex is ready. liverpool managerjurgen klopp the worst part is over. of her withdrawal plan. the anxiety i was experiencing there's been a sharp rise in the number of adults calling was mostly about the concsious spurs could upset theirs. flight. a national helpline for the children of alcoholic parents, ww woke up this morning, according to figures we expect the strongest tottenham ready to prepare for the park. you can expect because we hear then we'll hop in the car and go. seen by the bbc. the founder of facebook, he knows we're going somewhere fun. mark zuckerberg, calls for governments to play a more anything about any injury problems active role in regulating the internet. or whatever. they had a few over the season but not at the moment so it we're headed to morgan's wonderland, and in the week in parliament david cornock, will be a strong side, a world—class which is a theme park in san antonio, texas, for special needs children. team, and we could see even without preparing the game, last week, but lots of fun things for children of before that we saw the champions
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all cognitive levels to experience. league and we saw tottenham playing, so league and we saw tottenham playing, so it isa league and we saw tottenham playing, so it is a very, very good football morgan's wonderland came team, unfortunately. they are unbeaten in about when the founder, gordon hartman, premier league this season. it's going to be sold his construction a massive challenge. in the same way, we respect them, company and was able to devote they are doing a really good job. all of his time to building this they are a very good team park for his daughter. and it's going to be tough. she was developmentally delayed. celtic are within touching and he made this wonderful distance of an eight straight playground in her honour scottish premiership title but they've been pegged back and for her, and opened by rangers in the third it up to the world. old firm derby of the season. odsonne edouard put this beautiful park the home side ahead, before alfredo morelos was sent off with a carousel, a ferris wheel, rangers, putting celtic in control before ryan kent equalised. a train, with sensory fun things and everything that small children caretaker manager neil lennon, and big kids alike would love having returned to celtic following the departure of brendan rodgers, still favourites to come and have fun. to lift the title. it was almost as if portsmouth and sunderland are expected to be backed it was built for us. by a sell—out crowd so where do you all in the checkatrade trophy recommend we go first? final at wembley today. the attendance set to be the biggest for any final in the competition's history. the two league one sides with a chance to win some
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silverware, both also in contention for promotion to the championship. it is not a normal game, it is a one—off game, cup competition and it is a final, so for us, we have recently been do you like it? oh, my goodness. playing in the league in that format, and as we know, this is a cup competition and it changes slightly. what do you think? with such a big prize of winning it anyway, myjob is to make sure that we can separate the two and really focus on the football. to get to the stage of this competition, you have got to win a lot of games, it is a long competition through the group stage and in the knockout stages alex is in his happy place and lots of different challenges within it, because he loves trains so hard work and effort so much. goes into it. it was satisfying to get to this point, and the truth is that the only way we'll enjoy it we will probably ride the train properly is if we win it properly. at least five times today. jonny bairstow hit the highest score by an englishman in the indian premier league. so tell us more about the park and how you came to build he smashed 114 offjust 56 balls morgan's wonderland. well, actually, it occurred many
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for the sunrisers hyderabad against royal challengers bangalore making 12 fours and seven sixes. years ago when maggie, australian opener david warner also made a century my wife, morgan and i were on a trip. in their total of 231 for 2. and morgan wanted to go swimming. morgan and i jumped adam yates has narrowly in and we were having fun, missed out on winning the tour of catalunya, just splashing around in the water. failing to make up the time he needed on the final there were three other kids at the other end of the pool, two of them were throwing a ball back and forth. stage around barcelona. she wasn't able to verbally communicate and say, hey, i want to play, can ijoin in with you guys? so she hit the ball. he finished alongside so they quickly grabbed the overall winner miguel angel lopez of colombia. the ball and got out yates finished fourteen seconds of the pool because it wasn't down in the standings. a normal way of saying, that's all the sport for now. hey, i want to play. you can find more and the look on morgan's face was, on all those stories dad, i don't understand, on the bbc sport website. ijust wanted to play. and it bothered me because ijust wanted my daughter to be able to play. so where could we go? we couldn't take her to a lot of parks because of certain circumstances of hers, and talking to others, we found the same situation. so how do we develop a place
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where those who have special needs and those who don't can all come together and play in a fully inclusive environment? and it was those discussions, those chit—chats, those meetings, they turned into what we now have here today at morgan's wonderland. child crying. that is so amazing. and since then, people from all over the united states and literally i am amber, and my husband is frank. we live outside of all over the world make special trips to come here. in an environment that is just different birmingham, alabama. than any other environment in the world. right. whoa, alex, look! we have four beautiful boys, what do you think? frankie who is 17, stephen who is 1a, and then we have a set this is amazing. of boy twins who are four years old, and they are non—verbal autistic — alex really likes, you know, ipads and their names are alex and will. things like that that he can manipulate. so when he came into this room, there's not a lot of extra noise but there's a lot of we are the ellis family. things he can touch. my husband and i have known each other since grade school. we were friends the whole time. you did it! i'm so proud of you. we dated in high school and married in college,
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and this is our 20th wedding anniversary. because we have some issues with the boys, we started travelling we have not been on a trip with benny when he was in a really long time. six months old. before we really knew he was autistic. they are not very effective so he's very used to it. at communication, so it takes a lot so by the time we did of intuition to figure have a diagnosis he was so used to travelling. out what they need. we have a lot of meltdowns... 0h, did he throw it? child cries. did he drop it or did he throw it? so you just acclimated him to it. ijust met danielle who has it's ok... a five—year—old boy who is also non—verbal autistic. we had a really fun time catching up. my new friend, we just when there are two autistic friended each other on non—verbal children the behaviours facebook. can be exponential. sometimes they play off of each other. it was lovely to talk it's all right, it's to her, there are so many all right, it's ok. similarities, how do you do this? before the twins were born it is better if you try to align we were just a family of four. the flights with his normal sleeping times. we found that out. yes. and we had the two older other people on the plane, sometimes, to brothers who kind of get people who are sort of got along, but not really. less understanding... yeah, i was pretty worried about that. after the twins came but it is pretty rare, i would say. the dynamic changed, it's great to find a community, in this setting, to this really sweet, where we can talk ca retaking dynamic.
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and make new friends. and especially as the twins so, we ran into a mom here, got older and they stopped developing, we got to talking and we kind or their development was very slow, we all kind of began to understand we got to talking and we found that the twins were going to need a lot more. we both had autistic children, she said there was another place # twinkle twinkle little star...# really close by that we ought to check out. so i think we're going to head on over now and check that out and see how our kids like it. hold on! for a long time we didn't i had a lot of fears have any support. we didn't really talk about the twins, pretty much only my closest friends going into this trip. knew that the twins were special needs. and for a long time i thought i could fix them, when you have a special needs child, that it was just a developmental you can't predict delay, that i could give them their behaviour, and you especially the right supplement of the right food or the right therapy can't predict it in public and they would catch up. around other people. and it didn't happen. but over the course of maybe that park was made for children like them. so we felt safe. the last year or so i began that's one thing we really have trouble to realise, and i with sometimes, we don't really feel safe taking them to the normal think my husband and i began to realise that places where regular children are. this is who they are. to be honest, they are having a lot
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and it's not something that you can more fun than i would've thought. fix, it's how they're wired. normally to get them to have this we began to come to terms much fun is kind of rare, with their special needs, we have to do the little things, their autism. make weird noises, that's the only they're so precious, time they'll be laughing and smiling this much. but this whole place even though they may be different — has that effect. different, not less. i was literally terrified that we would they're just different, that's all. get into a situation and people need to see where they'd be melting down, the story, people need to know that you can make it work. lots of tears, really loud, a complete emotional breakdown we can make it work. we started talking about taking for the world to see. a trip, how should we do it, this is our 20th anniversary... but it didn't happen, everything was much more calm than i thought it would be. we have come through so much as a family that we wanted to go as a family, and just enjoy each other. so we felt like it was they slept on the plane, time to go on a trip! they had a lot of fun at the theme parks, the theme parks were built for them. they welcomed them with open arms and let them enjoy themselves. it has taken us a long time to come to the point where we were ready. we have never flown with the twins before so we are kind of nervous
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and excited about getting on a plane. ok, so let's do each... because they are autistic non—verbal they function on about the level of an 18—month—old. so they are a lot of work. the way our schedules, our work schedules and school schedules for the kids work together, there's not a whole lot of days every month where we're hello, good afternoon. we have lapped forward into spring with the all together at the same time. clock change overnight but nobody we have little bits, has told the weather and it will feel like we have stepped back into an hour or two here at the end of the day, if we're not winterfor feel like we have stepped back into winter for the feel like we have stepped back into falling asleep already, winterfor the coming feel like we have stepped back into winter for the coming week. we will not see a repeat of yesterday's 20 but whole days don't happen very often for us. degrees in the south—east of england. it is considerably cooler a few years ago we went to the beach today and it will be colder still by for a couple of days together, tuesday and for much of next week, but they were very small. it will be a lot colder. night—time to break routine for an autistic child is, can be disastrous. frost, even some snow. you can see we have a lot of sunshine across the so this gives us an opportunity to break country today. it is cloudier in the south and that is impacting on routine only for a little while and try it, and see how temperatures but sunnier in the the boys cope in a different north, lighter winds, and here the environment, and still temperatures are on a par with those have some of their comfortable of yesterday but considerably lower
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surroundings — they will have us and the older boys and some in the south. we have a really brisk of their familiar objects, easterly wind out there, but be in a different particularly near the high buildings place, and see if we can in the towns and cities it is quite start taking longer trips. 0k, how are we going bracing. it is still lovely weather to do an aeroplane? somebody has always got to take care for the rest of mothering sunday but of one of the twins, we pay for that sunshine through the another person has to take night, the starry skies allowing a care of the other one, and then who is going to look widespread frost in the countryside. after the things we take with us. some of the cities will dip to what do we need to take, freezing or below. an early frost what snacks are going to have. for northern ireland but the cloud will increase temperatures will do we take the blankies, greet us in the morning. the high do we take toys, do we take pressure that has been with us for the ipad, things to so keep them entertained? pressure that has been with us for so long is slipping away, allowing the atlantic weather fronts to come we actually got in touch in and have an influence, bringing with the airline we were going rain and as i hinted earlier, to use and talked to a co—ordinator something wintry. just some showers who let us have a trial run through the airport, which was phenomenal. it was the most fabulous idea anyone for northern ireland in western scotland, for most sparkling start has ever come up with. to the day although it is called. —— cold. showers might getting into i had been pretty fearful cumbria later and certainly west of scotla nd but after that day i felt much cumbria later and certainly west of scotland and behind this more better and i thought, persistent band of rain, here it i think we can do this.
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we can make it work, we can get on a plane and go on a trip. comes, you can see its origin in the it's gonna be stressful arctic, spreading its influence and there's going to be meltdowns. .. across the uk by tuesday. it is a cries. very different day for england and wales on tuesday with outbreaks of hey, hey! it's ok... rain, lots of cloud, and behind it, if they melt down, how do we deal with the people around us, the indication of wintry showers, how do we let them know not massive falls of snow but the that it's really 0k, and that we're actually 0k idea that it is cold air and it will with meltdowns, we just have to keep be cold enough for snow in the them calm and soothe them as much as possible. hills, but in some of the heavier because you worry about the people showers it could come down to lower around you, that you're offending levels. it is unlikely to stay, but people or, and you worry about being judged. nevertheless, we are in april. on wednesday we hold on to the low pressure and the cold air continues just to know that somebody understands is so helpful, to flood the country. wintry showers and all of a sudden over the hills but it is unlikely to you don't feel so crazy. sta ke. over the hills but it is unlikely to stake. it will be a shock to the system after what we have had they're autistic, so they come with their own needs, you know? recently. very typically april. so we're going to take the whole
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family, for the first time, to a special park called wonderland in san antonio, texas. it's a special needs park and they have lots of fun things specifically for special needs children, very wheelchair accessible. there's a lot of different ways it could go, you know, with their very strict routines that they happen to have, going outside of that a little bit will stress them a little bit, and you just kind of have to roll with it. i'm looking forward to it primarily because it's a new thing that we haven't done before, so it's kind of like, challenge accepted, let's do it. it is the fun for him, "let's do this, let's see if we can accomplish it." so it'sjust his personality, but it is a lot of fun. i've played too many strategy games. everything is pretty ready, we'lljust have a nice
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quiet evening, finishing up any last details, and then we will be ready for tomorrow. cries. 0k... let's get your hair all pretty. all handsome. cries. we are going to go on our trip! and you're gonna be so handsome, can you sit for me? you are going to be so handsome. he is so upset because he wants to go get in the car. where are we going? are we going on a trip? are you ready? 0k. all ready! i have the food, the boys' clothes, our clothes, ipads, blankies, we have the wagon, i think that's everything. i think that's everything!
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ok, let's go. so we went outside to load the carand pullup to the main porch, and i couldn't crank the car, it wouldn't crank. told the husband, can you come and look at the car and try to fix it? and of course he worked his magic and got the car running again. i was so nervous up until this point, but we have prepared so much, and we've already seen a little bit of meltdown because he's actually wanting to go, so i think it's gonna be really good. everything went fairly well, and we allowed enough time for any problems that might have popped up, like the car. so we are still running very early schedule, we will get to the airport probably at about two hours before we board the plane.
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so we are going to fly out of birmingham and fly to houston, the flight from birmingham to houston is a relatively short flight, it's only two hours. from there we will rent a truck or some kind of vehicle, and drive the rest of the way to san antonio. ok, i might be getting a little nervous now. we are at the airport and pulling into the parking deck, so it's really real, we're going to do it. 0k! frank senior, frankjunior, stephen, alex, you, and will. yay! look at that lens. got it? one more time, look at the lens. ready? it is a healing time for our family. we can go on this trip together. the older boys have such a sweet dynamic
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with the little boys. 0k, 0k, thank you. instead of patting them down, they put this little solution on them. cries. i am so sorry, i am so sorry! but two toddlers is difficult. when you add non—verbal autistic, it just makes it exponential. i always feel this sense to rush and get everything packed. we have plenty of time. i kind of have to emotionally prepare myself. i'm so relieved that part is over! now let's just get to the gate. you kind of carry out anxiety in the back of your mind of, how is it going to go? just kind of be ready to roll with the punches, whatever happens, just be ready for anything.
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travelling for toddlers is difficult. and two toddlers can be really difficult. when you add non—verbal autistic it just makes it exponential. so it has taken us a long time to come to the point where we were ready. will has noise—cancelling headphones, he has strong sensory issues with hearing. you can tell it's painful. we're probably going to have a meltdown or two. we might have some vomit, we know it might happen. but the flight from birmingham to houston is a relatively short flight, it's only two hours. and the boys do like car travel. ok, now we're on the fast part. we're about to go fast. up into the air. are you ready? let's do it. whatever happens, just
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be ready for anything, and just kind of be ready to roll with the punches. ok, it's going to be a little bumpy. things are going really well. one boy is asleep and the other is almost asleep. naptime is a good time to fly.
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