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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 31, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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hello, you're watching hello. welcome to the film review bbc news with me, shaun ley. the headlines: here on bbc news, and taking us where a new breed of successful what next to break through this week's cinema releases black professional can't find the brexit deadlock? tomorrow, mps vote again we have dr mark kermode. the kind of barbershops they want. on alternative options — what have you got for us? and if a plan for a softer brexit we have the new version of dumbo, gets a majority — directed by tim burton, which is kind of live action the service has also attracted white one cabinet minister says and asian clients as well. theresa may ought to — kind of. and whoever uses the service, consider it. i don't think it is sustainable we have out of blue, parking is always a consideration. to say we will ignore parliament's the new film by carol morley, but not everyone is convinced who made the falling. that the traditional position and therefore barbershop has had its day. leave without a deal. i don't think that is a sustainable position for the government to take. and at eternity‘s gate, police in england and wales the story of vincent van gogh. it's for socialisation are being given greater stop and entertaining people and search powers to around the community. tackle rising knife crime. when they all want to have fun, it's a very important tool. so starting off with it's a vital tool in tim burton's dumbo. fighting serious violence. they come to the barbershop. yes, so there is now a huge i want police officers to feel more financial market for taking there's a lot ofjokes comfortable to use it so they can that is going on in the barbershop. protect all communities. the disney animations and so we keep the place entertained. there's been a sharp rise remaking them in live action, doug shaw, bbc news. in the number of adults calling using animation. a national helpline for the children of alcoholic parents, according if you think for example to figures seen by the bbc. ofjungle book, the only thing live sadly when i go, there is never long action about that was the young boy, enough for a conversation. the founder of facebook, mark zuckerberg, calls everything else was cg, now it's time for a look for governments to play a more but they have had success at the weather with helen willetts. active role in regulating hello there. with beauty and the beast the internet. and tim burton directed it has felt much chillier across england and wales, alice in wonderland. even with sunshine today because we have changed now we have a revisiting of dumbo. the type of air across us, colin farrell is the horseman and to add insult to injury it has who returns from the war been pretty windy in southern parts. and is assigned to looking but we have had a lovely that's it from me this afternoon. after the elephants.
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day for the most part. it's his kid who realises dry with plenty of sunshine, light winds in the north, that young baby dumbo, more to come for the next thank you for your company. hour or so. who has these huge ears, can fly, then later on, then we pay for that sunshine audiences discover it and it through the night, as the sun sets, transforms the fortunes now on bbc news, of the medici circus. we will see temperatures tumbling away down to frost levels quite it's time for sportsday. widely in the countryside. here's a clip. even some of the towns and cities. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, i] chalmers, fly, little one. the temperatures do lift for northern ireland later coming up: in the night because we pick up some more cloud and some showers. liverpool go top of that is the change for the premier league thanks tomorrow but for most of us to a slip up from spurs. rangers see red twice, as celtic win a lovely start to the day. yes, it will be cold a fiesty old firm derby. with some frost around but another dry and bright day. what looked like a certain first victory for charles leclair elsewhere, we are picking up those turned into a surprise one for lewis hamilton. showers, temperatures are on a par also coming up on sportsday: with those today but it magic dust. will feel more unpleasant. in the south, it may feel a little bit more pompey on penalties! portsmouth win the pleasant with lighter winds. but thereafter, it is colder with checkatrade trophy. plenty of april showers to come. toulouse get the better of racing bye bye. in the last of this weekend's european champions cup quarter—finals.
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you can see it doesn't skimp on visual spectacle. the cast includes danny devito, hello and welcome to sportsday. eva green and michael keaton, liverpool are once again sitting and it's a tim burton at the top of the premier league, but it's only thanks movie, so in every corner to a last—minute tottenham own goal. ben croucher was watching of the frame, there is stuff going on. here is the strange thing. the match for us. although it is fairly impressive to see, you know, some liverpool fans have waited a a flying elephant brought to life through the miracle of cg, while for the title to return to what the film doesn't have enfield. some have waited a hole is the simplicity that the cartoon left them to see wanted all. in this had, and it also doesn't have the emotional clout of it. tricky game against tottenham, not i spent a lot of it thinking this long. roberto fermina given the freedom of the tottenham defence. is very visually impressive, a whole section of the film plays andrew roberts and's crossed the key out in this future land fun fair, to unlock it. spurs would just and you are looking at the design, thinking that is really designed missed their stride. the wait to see to within an inch of its life. them off grew ever more agonising. yet what i didn't get was, which was the thing which you usually get with dumbo, with mauricio pochettino serving a was the fact it grabs your heart strings. the cartoon is dark, touchline bank and he ordered a sub from the stands. lucas moura it is about separation and anxious issues, and it makes you cry. equalised. for hugo lloris, trent
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alexander arnold might have cracked every time you watch this. time for a winger and a it, it makes you cry. i don't doubt for one minute it prayer. liverpool's were answered in will find an audience and it will be the most unlikeliest of ways, toby perfectly fine holiday fare, but it doesn't have anything like the classic quality of the original. alderweireld with the intervention and the reason is it weirdly lacks at the wrong and. liverpool had to that emotional engagement. there was something about wait into the 90th minute. it was the original cartoon thatjust... you know, you watch it... worth it. that long—awaited title may be a little closer now if they it is like et — you watch it dare to dream. ben croucher, bbc and you immediately start crying, news. you can't resist it. it's been a busy day of football in the case of this, i found it oddly unengaging. for all the things that were 0k and impressive, it never gets off across the league. chris mitchell the ground in the way it should do. watching it for us. some fantastic do you think that is a trend, then, aims to tell us about. that the original animation actually has more heart and soul? great controversy in notjust in this film but other the ca rd iff/chelsea game. things that have been remade? chelsea scored two late goals as they came from behind i thought thejungle book to beat cardiff 2—1. was extraordinary, but the fact of the matter is that was, let's ta ke to all intents and purposes, let's take a look. an animated film. i don't think, there is no reason camarasa had put the welsh side you can't take anything and redo it ahead early in the second half. in a different format and add to it. but with less than 10 thisjust doesn't add. minutes to go, azpilicueta heading in. out of blue, which is
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looks like a great goal, but look! an unconventional kind of investigation of a murder off—site! of a renowned astro physicist. and then with very little time left, it sounds intriguing. ruben loftus—cheek got the winner. the win means there's only i loved it. a point between chelsea it is made by carol morley, in fifth and spurs in third. who made the falling. it left cardiff's boss fuming it is a radical reinvention and sarri satisfied. we are fighting. of martin amis's novel. we have to fight. carol morley said she set out to rescue the characters form the pages of the novel. there is a murder we have opportunities, so i'm really very happy but also, of an astrophysicist, we need to improve. investigated by a detective, today, we improved, i think, mentally. mike hoolihan, and because it is because for the first an astro physicist, she interviews time in the last period, people who are interested we were able to react. in parallel universes, who are interested in the conundrum of schrodinger‘s cat, that something can be alive you know, when you don't win the and dead at the same time. game because of nothing to do with yourselves, it's really a kick in the teeth. var might be a bit late what begins as a murder mystery becomes far more for me if it comes. it was the cosmic and existential. the film starts in outer space. you know that powell equalising goal, not the second one. and pressburgerfilm, if you can't see across the line a matter of life and death, which i love, such a great movie. there when it is a clear and obvious it begins with what looks like an homage to powell and pressburger. one, not even close. the best league then it kind of turns
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into this kaleidoscopic in the world come up probably the meditation on dual realities. i have seen the film now worst officials in the world. i have three times, and every seen so many... time i see it, i see more in it. worst officials in the world. i have seen so many... it's difficult because what can i say about my there is this central tension between two characters, lads? they were brilliance today. two colours, two realities, and it is one of those films absolutely brilliant. that the more you look at it, the more you see. do you need to see it he didn't hold back, did he? the end three times to understand it? no, i loved it the first time round. of the game, staring down the officials and clapping to the fence. first time round, i thought this works as a murder mystery. let's ta ke officials and clapping to the fence. let's take a look at the tables that the second time, i thought and what it means. liverpool are there is much more going on, stuff in the background seemed to be in the foreground. top. manchester city have that game by the third time, i had like gone down the rabbit hole. in hand, they play midweek against i was starting to obsess cardiff. they would like to think about the details. they would wind that. that would put it has a fantastic score by clint mansell. i think carol morley is a genuinely them back top. look how tight it is visionary film—maker. i know it's not for everybody, and i know this is one coming. tottenham being caught. of the things. their recent form of poor form it struck me in a particular way. continues. but if you get it, let's have a look at the bottom of it is just brilliant, and i really advise to you to give it a go. the table as well. we arty know it is so great to see a film—maker with such ambition. it was shot in 28 days, yet every frame is filled huddersfield are down. that was a with clues and details, and i, key game today, and they are in i thought it was great. it is called out of blue, not out of the blue, trouble. as you correctly said the title.
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the old firm derby was — why is that? as usual — a tempestuous game, because — because... with two red cards. you have to see the film celtic came out 2—1 winners. it means they're now 13 points clear to understand why. it is out of blue and out of red. at the top of the table. adam wild reports. they say there is always it is about the tension between those two colours, calm before the storm. not on old firm days in glasgow. and between reality and separate universes, and i have to stop few derbies anywhere provoke talking about it because i could such passion and rivalry. go on about it all night. victory would all but secure yet looking forward to that one. another league title for celtic — at eternity‘s gate, as if any greater incentive which is another film about the life was needed. of vincent van gogh. when odsonne edouard darted through the rangers defence, of which there have been many. celtic fans sensed this was their day to get one over on the neighbours. most recently, we had that brilliant animation loving vincent, described as the first oil such occasions don't painted animated film, need any extra spark, but it came moments later which was breathtaking. so this is willem dafoe, from the elbow of alfredo morelos, the rangers player sent off oscar—nominated willem dafoe, for the fifth time this season. as vincent van gogh now they really did towards the later period of his life. need something special. it came quite magnificently from ryan kent. the scores even, tempers i went to the museum in amsterdam. increasingly less so. with minutes remaining, celtic fought their way through, james forrest sparking wild celebrations. rangers desperate, i said "van gogh?" but in the end frustrated. so we get his real life and his tussles with madness emotions boiled over once more
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and with incarceration, in ugly scenes at the final whistle, but also julian schnabel but after the storm, is attempting to show us the world he saw through his sunshine, although only one side paintings visually represented. of glasgow will enjoy it. here is a clip. adam wild, bbc news. i'm telling you, you have to look inside. yes, and gerard fuming with alfredo you keep saying look inside. i get it, i do. you keep repeating yourself. what do you think i'm doing? i don't invent the picture. morelos. more red cards then the i don't need to invent the picture. entire 2018 world cup. i find it already in nature. steven gerrard — ijust have to free it. the rangers manager — has expressed his frustration. all right. i'm just saying, first, the young colombian has had troubles think about your surface and how the paint will sit on it. away from home. nevertheless, gerard get control over what you're doing. maybe you should work inside more. has said he will find the colombian i spent all my life alone in a room. a week's wages and that that money will go to the supporters. i need to go out, and work, arsenal remain top of the women's super league to forget myself. after beating birmingham 1—0 this afternoon. i want to be out of control. katie mccabe's second—half strike proved enough and the win means that i need to be in a feverish state. arsenal are guaranteed champions league football next season. manchester city have reduced the gap it is called the act of painting for a reason.
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on arsenal to a single point all right, calm down. after a 2—1win over liverpool. i don't want to calm down. 3rd—placed chelsea were held the faster i paint, the better i feel. i can't stay here, vincent. to a 1—1 draw by west ham. what are you saying? so that line when he says, "it's called the act of painting for a reason." a great result here for bottom side yeovil, as they beat everton1—0, this is like the act who are one place above them of the act of painting, in the table. and you could see from that clip reading won the late game that whatjulian schnabel is trying at bristol city by a single goal. to do is put you within the mind another great game. it went all the of vincent van gogh, and to see the world through his eyes. i think willem dafoe's way. portsmouth won the checkatrade trophy final. performance is terrific. it was a really entertaining game. portsmouth beating sunderland there was moments when i did by penalties in the end. 85,000 turned up at wembley. believe he was the artist. aiden mcgeady had put sunderland ahead. portsmouth equalised schnabel is interesting late in the game to send it into extra—time. because what he has done before is things like the diving bell and the butterfly. extra time santos mac —— saw so he has done biographies, because he is an artist who turned to film—making. i think there are occasions when the drama meanders a bit, when it becomes a series of conversations that kind of two goals. attempt to explain how
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jamal lowe put pompey ahead before mcgeady scored again for sunderland with 90 seconds left to play, it is that the artist is seeing to take the game into penalties. portsmouth coming out of that 5—4 winners, the world, but at its best lee cattermole the unfortunmate man to miss, leaving 0llie hawkins it is a film, a with the chance to score cinematic experience. that winning penalty. and i think you saw from like i said,jj, that clip schnabel is trying like i said, j], a fantastic day of football. yeah, a busy one. thank to put you in the mind you, chris. of the artist and say this is lewis hamilton has won how he saw the world. the bahrain grand prix not entirely successful, after charles leclerc — but it's a good try. the long—time race leader — a good try. there you go, that is the verdict. had a problem with his engine. nick parrott has best out? the story of the race. i love us. in his second race for ferrari, the new film from jordan peele, charles leclerc had the perfect opportunity to secure his first win. who made get out. his patient qualifying saw and beat it is like a chiller, a horrorfilm. his experienced esteem a's poll. he there are moments of it that are scary, it is funny, it is a modern day parable got a start to take the lead but of a family terrified by doppelgangers. could not stay in front for long. we reviewed white crow and you really liked white crow. and he was. while the 21 euros for loved it. very interesting film monaco forged ahead, vettel got into about nureyev‘s deflection to the west, and very well directed by ralph fiennes. us for me... are you a horror film fan? yes, and i love get out. a battle of lewis hamilton and eventually snapped. he recovered to finish fifth. the bad luck did not see us. stop there as the other... what white crow is a very fine film.
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in complete agreement on white crow. best dvd? looked like a certain victory was shoplifters. this was the palme d'0r winner. handed to hamilton stop nico holcomb berg coming to a halt kept charles it is a story about a family on the margins of society. it may be a thriller, a crime thriller, it leclerc on the podium. little may be a family drama. it's lots of different things all mashed together. it is touching, moving consolation... nick parrott, bbc and very mysterious. i really liked it. don't need to see it three news. toulouse defeated racing 22—21 times to understand it? in the last quarter—final match no, i got it the first time. of the european champions cup. toulouse were down to 1a men that's a relief! that's it from us. thank you so much for watching. after an early red card, goodbye from both of us. but still managed to scored 3 tries to one from racing. two of their tries came from antoine dupont and they led hello there. 19—10 at the break. the second half was we may have stepped forward a battle of penalties into spring with the clock with the one try from racing. change, but it will — for many of us — feel more like winter next week. maxime machenaud needed it was a much chillier start, as you can see to convert it but he failed. in gloucestershire anyway today. but this cloud is melting away in the south. it means toulouse are the final team the sun certainly out further north. more sunshine than we had to book a place in the last four. yesterday, as you can see so, confirmation of the final four. on the earlier satellite picture. toulouse's reward is a tie away and with lighter winds, it has felt much more
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pleasant in the north. at holders leinster, but the clouds been a little stubborn to clear in the south. while saracens will host munster. it is tending to melt away, both games take place so we will see some late sunshine in three weeks' time. for most of us and it will feel really quite pleasant, i think, in the north despite temperatures now for a quick look at the rest of the sport. have been a little down bristol are out of the european challenge cup. la rochelle scored five tries to reach the last four on what they have been recently. for the second time in three years. however, to add insult to injury in the south, it finished 39—15. not only are the temperatures down today but we've got a bracing easterly wind to contend with. but, again, that is going championship side bradford bulls are through to the fifth to be a fading feature. round of the challenge cup for the rest of mothering sunday, a little bit of late sunshine. after a hard—fought 111—12 win over keighley cougars of league one. and then overnight, we pay for that sunshine under the starry skies because temperatures fall to frost levels. fairly widely, as you can see jonny bairstow hit the highest across the mainland. score by an englishman even towns and cities in the indian premier league. will get close to freezing. but after the early frost he smashed 114 offjust 56 balls for northern ireland as the sunrisers hyderabad beat with the increase of cloud and some showers, temperatures royal challengers bangalore. will tend to lift, and that's the change, really, as we go through the coming week. the high—pressure that's been with us for so long is relinquishing its grip, adam yates has narrowly missed out allowing the atlantic weather systems to come in, on winning the tour of catalunya. which mean that we'll see some yates finished second showers initially across northern in the general classification — ireland into western scotland. they'll push their way gradually 1a seconds down on the overall sorts across the rest of scotland winner, miguel angel lopez into northwest england later. of colombia. but for most, a sparkling start
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despite being chilly with that frost and we should keep the sunshine. roger federer and john isner and with lighter winds than today in the south, are in action in the final it won't feel quite so chilly. of the miami 0pen. but we do have quite a significant the american is the reigning band of rain to come in later. champion, but if he's notjust because it's significant rain, but behind it, to retain his title, the really cold air comes in. he has some work to do — you can trace its origins right as the swiss former world the way back from the arctic, number one has taken 16 and that will push right of the last 22 points, clinching the first set 6—1 across the uk by the end of tuesday. injust 2a minutes. so we've started april anyway on monday, and it will be a very showery picture by the time we get it's1—1 in the second set. to tuesday behind this weather front as it clears away. there's that cold air to come south. the final day of the wgc match play is under way in texas, with the last so these indicate the chance of some wintriness in those showers, four in action this evening. over the hills in particular. some hail and thunder at lower levels. gusty winds and temperatures struggling to get to double figures. francesco molinari is up against kevin kisner, so, well below where they should be who is one—up after 13. for this time of year. while in the other semifinal, so, again, overnight frost will be lucas bjerregaard, who upset tiger woods earlier, a risk through the coming week. and with that low—pressure is all square against staying put and this cold flow down from the arctic, matt kuchar after 11. yes, it is going to be a pretty cold week compared with what we've had. night—time frost, wintry air, especially over the hills and plenty of april showers. we know that sport can be very cruel at times, so spare a thought
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for rally driver elvin evans. he thought he was about to secure only the second world rally championship victory of his career at the tour of corsica. but fate intervened when the tyre on his ford fiesta failed on the final stage. it saw him drop to third place, handing victory to belgian thierry neuville. that's all from sportsday. we'll have more at 7.30pm. this is bbc news. the headlines at 7. what next to break the brexit deadlock. tomorrow mps vote again on alternative options — and if a plan for a softer brexit gets a majority — one cabinet minister says theresa may must consider it. i don't think it's sustainable to say well, we'll ignore parliament's position and therefore leave without a deal. i don't think that is a sustainable position for the government to take.
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that's interesting. police in england and wales are being given greater stop and search powers to tackle rising knife crime. it's a very important tool. it's a vital tool in fighting serious violence. i want police officers to feel more comfortable to use it so they can protect all communities. there's been a sharp rise in the number of adults calling a national helpline for the children of alcoholic parents, according
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