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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 31, 2019 7:30pm-7:45pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. into western i'm martine croxall. north and island moving into western scotla nd north and island moving into western scotland with the rain steadier and the headlines: heavier with time. it might be april tomorrow, mps will vote again on alternative brexit options. the 1st, but don't be full by the a cabinet minister says theresa may might have warm up in the south. temperatures to change her plans as a result. up warm up in the south. temperatures up to 16 degrees in cardiff. it will i don't think it's sustainable to say, well, we'll ignore get colderfrom parliament's position and therefore up to 16 degrees in cardiff. it will get colder from tuesday on. rain or leave without a deal. i don't think that is a sustainable showers in the forecast, very u nsettled. showers in the forecast, very unsettled. it will be cold enough position for the government to take. for some hills know as well. cold police in england and wales air moving southwards. during are being given greater stop tuesday the wind is coming down from and search powers to tackle rising knife crime. a northerly direction. that is what it's a very important tool. will be bringing bells showers and it's a vital tool in hammering the temperatures. a bit of fighting serious violence. a rain start off the day as eastern i want police officers to feel more comfortable to use it so they can areas clicks through. in the showers protect all communities. will have hail and thunder makes tan and some training mentoring with some snow falling over some of the there's been a sharp rise hills. we may well see something a in the number of adults calling a national helpline for the children bit more organised later in the day of alcoholic parents, according to figures seen by the bbc. in northern ireland, bringing a the founder of facebook, speu in northern ireland, bringing a spell of hill snow potential here. mark zuckerberg, calls that is something we will have to for governments to play a more keep a close eye on. low pressure active role in regulating the internet. stays with us through the remainder of the week. wednesday, and other low— pressure of the week. wednesday, and other low—pressure spinning and off the north sea. if they the cloud up across the northeast of the country. now on bbc news, it will threaten outbreaks of rain
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and perhaps some more significant snow across the high ground of it's time for sportsday. northeast scotland. another day of hello and welcome to sportsday. sunny spells aside from that. i'mjj chalmers. coming up: scattered showers, some heavy and thundering with hail mixed in. some having a wintry flavour over high liverpool go top of ground. the premier league thanks to a slip up from spurs. rangers see red twice, as celtic win a fiesty old firm derby. what looked like a certain first victory for charles leclair turned into a surprise one for lewis hamilton. —— charles leclerc. also coming up on sportsday: it's title 101 for roger federer, as he wins the miami open. toulouse get the better of racing in the last of this weekend's european champions cup quarterfinals.
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hello and welcome to sportsday. i'mjj chalmers. liverpool are once again sitting at the top of the premier league, but it's only thanks to a last—minute tottenham own goal that lifted them above manchester city. ben croucher reports. some things in football or worth the wait, whether you been waiting a wire or indeed your whole life to see a title return to anfield. at least liverpool did not make their fa ns least liverpool did not make their fans wait long for this tricky game against spurs. roberto firmino given the freedom of the tottenham defence. andy robertson's cross the key to unlock it. spurs were staring at a fifth straight league game without a win and needed to improve their finishing. it liverpool would make their superiority count. riccio pochettino was banned from the
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touchline, so he made a sub. lucas moura equalised. 20 minutes was enough defined equaliser. hugo lloris stopped trent alexander arnold from driving it. time for a winger and a prayer. liverpool's were answered in the most unlikeliest of ways, toby alderweireld with the intervention at the wrong end. liverpool had left it late, but with that long awaited title closer, it may have been worth it. ben croucher, bbc news. we are top of the table. we cannot be there without absolutely any luck. attitude, desire, character, whatever. if we compete with man city, tell me now
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to better teams in the world. this is what we have to be. tonnes of other football happening across the country. chris mitchell is here to round things up for us. what a day it's been. that slip—up from spurs. great controversy, too, in the premier league in the earlier game. chelsea scored two late goals as they came from behind to beat cardiff 2—1. camarasa had put the welsh side ahead early in the second half. but with less than 10 minutes to go, azpilicueta headed in. he was offside. that made it 1—1. and then with very little time left, ruben loftus—cheek got the winner. ca rd iff's manager wasn't happy. you know, when you don't win the game because of nothing to do with yourselves, it's really a kick in the teeth. var might be a bit late
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for me if it comes. the equalising goal, that's the winning goal, not the second one. if you can't see across the line there when it is a clear and obvious one, not even close. the biggest and best league in the world, probably the worst officials in the world, we've got, at the minute. i don't know what they're teaching the linesmen. i've seen so many... and it's difficult to say because what can i say about my lads? they were brilliant today. absolutely brilliant. let's have a look at the top of the premier league table right now. liverpool back on top, two points above manchester city, manchester city with that game in hand. middle of the week, they play cardiff. arsenal in action tomorrow, they play newcastle. they could jump they play newcastle. they could jump the rivals, tottenham.
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victory for chelsea, and that defeat for cardiff. the old firm derby was — as usual — a tempestuous game, with two red cards. celtic came out 2—1 winners. it means they're now 13 points clear at the top of the table. adam wild reports. they say there is always calm before the storm. not on old firm days in glasgow. few derbies anywhere provoke such passion and rivalry. victory would all but secure yet another league title for celtic — as if any greater incentive was needed. when 0dsonne edouard darted through the rangers defence, celtic fans sensed this was their day to get one over on the neighbours. such occasions don't need any extra spark, but it came moments later from the elbow of alfredo morelos, the rangers player sent off for the fifth time this season. now they really did need something special. it came quite magnificently from ryan kent. the scores even, tempers increasingly less so. with minutes remaining, celtic fought their way through, james forrest
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sparking wild celebrations. rangers desperate, but in the end frustrated. emotions boiled over once more in ugly scenes at the final whistle, but after the storm, sunshine, although only one side of glasgow will enjoy it. adam wild, bbc news. yes indeed. arsenal remain top of the women's super league after beating birmingham 1—0 this afternoon. katie mccabe's second—half strike proved enough, and the win means that arsenal are guaranteed champions league football next season. good goal, and it was decisive. manchester city have reduced the gap on arsenal to a single point after a 2—1win over liverpool. third—placed chelsea were held to a 1—1 draw by west ham. and look at this great result for yeovil, in a way win at everton. that is key because everton were one place above them in the table.
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reading won the late game at bristol city by a single goal. the checkatrade trophy final was a cracker. and portsmouth wanted. it was a really entertaining game. portsmouth beating sunderland by penalties in the end. 85,000 turned up at wembley. aiden mcgeady put sunderland ahead. portsmouth equalised late in the game to send it into extra—time. jamal lowe put pompey ahead before mcgeady scored again for sunderland with 90 seconds left to play, to take the game into penalties. portsmouth coming out of that 5—4 winners — lee cattermole the unfortunate man to have his saved, leaving 0llie hawkins with the chance to score the winning penalty. and he took it. there you go, jj, lots going on. and cracking to have 85,000 at wembley stadium for the check and tray trophy.
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thank you. lewis hamilton has won the bahrain grand prix after charles leclerc — the long—time race leader — had a problem with his engine. nick parrott has the story of the race. in his second race for ferrari, charles leclerc had the perfect opportunity to secure his first win. his pace in qualifying saw and beat his experienced sebastian vettel, to pole. he got a start to take the lead but could not stay in front for long. while the 21—year—old from monaco forged ahead, vettel slipped into a battle with lewis hamilton and eventually snapped. the damage to his tires literally shook his car to bits. remarkably, he recovered to finish fifth. the bad luck did not stop there. the other prancing horse pulled up lame. what looked like a certain victory was handed to hamilton. nico hulkenberg coming to a halt kept leclerc on the podium.
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third any bonus point for the fastest love is little consolation. his time is sure to come again. nick parrott, bbc news. toulouse defeated racing 22—21, in the last quarterfinal match of the european champions cup. toulouse were down to 1a men after an early red card but still managed to scored three tries to one from racing in the first half. two of their scores came from antoine dupont and they led 19—10 at the break. the second half was a battle of penalties, with the one try from racing. maxime machino needed to convert it but he failed. it means toulouse are the final team to book a place in the last four. roger federer has won the 101st tennis title of his career after victory in the final of the miami open. the swiss beat defending champion john isner in straight sets. federer was in supreme form right from the start, clinching the first set
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6—1 in just 2a minutes. the second was a bit tighter, though. federer came through to win the second 6—4 over the american. for a second year in a row, it's an all—american final at the wgc matchplay — as kevin kisner will face matt kuchar. open champion francesco molinari lost by one to kisner, the first player to lose in the opening round of group play and reach the final. while in the other semi—final, lucas... was unable to repeat his form that saw him beat tiger woods yesterday as he lost to kuchar. that's all from sportsday. we'll bring you more sport throughout the evening.
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an estimated 700,000 people are living with autism in the uk alone. across the world, more and more people are being diagnosed with the condition. april 2 is world autism awareness day, which aims to help us all to understand more about the challenges faced by people with autism on a daily basis. high levels of anxiety are one of the most common difficulties faced by people on the spectrum. and paul carter has been looking at some of the technologies which aim to help manage the stress levels. the situations that can kind of make me really anxious is almost every time i leave the house
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because then it leaves my control, i don't really know what's going to happen beyond that. being in a big crowd of noisy people canjust make my whole brain shut down. i get anxious in social situations, when there's a group conversation. i feel anxious when meeting new people.
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