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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 2, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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a very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america hello, i'm marc edwards, and this is sport today, and around the globe. live from the bbc sport centre. my name is mike embley. coming up on this programme: our top stories: all smiles at the emirates as arsenal beat newcastle to go third in the english premier league. he's going nowhere: amid rumours linking paul pogba with real madrid, in respect of mr clark's motion c, ole gunnar solskjaer has his say. customs union, the ayes were 273, the noes were 276, and we speak to the boxer so the noes have it. who was bitten on the way yet again more deadlock and division — to a heavyweight win. mp‘s reject 4 alternatives to theresa may's brexit plan. just 10 days before the uk is due to leave the european union, hello and thanks for the cabinet will meet on tuesday, joining us on sport today. trying to work out what to do next. arsenal have moved above manchester united and tottenham hotspur into third in the english premier frustration in europe — league following their 2—0 win over the brexit coordinator for european newcastle at the emirates. politicians says the uk has it was a 10th home league victory one more chance to break in a row for unai emery‘s side, the deadlock or face the abyss their best run in over 20 years. of leaving without any agreement. the us supreme court rules a convicted murderer on death row in missouri has no right aaron ramsay opened the scoring after half—an—hour before to a "painless death". alexandre lacazette put the game to bed for the gunners in the 83rd minute. so, arsenal two points clear of fourth—placed tottenham, butjust three points separating the home—side spurs, united and chelsea.
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the teams are going to win a lot of matches at the end of the season and we need to be very consistent and very, very demanding of ourselves to ta ke very, very demanding of ourselves to take the points to keep this position, but we know it's going to be very difficult. maybe a little bit of quality from one player would make a difference and in this case it was a mistake on out and in this case it was a mistake on our part and it changed everything, so our part and it changed everything, soi our part and it changed everything, so i was feeling the same, the fans we re so i was feeling the same, the fans were a little bit nervous and we could maybe have something, but in the end we didn't do it and that's it, we have to learn and forget it quickly and then try to get ready for the next one. everton are investigating an alleged incident involving their england goalkeeperjordan pickford. video published on social media appears to show the 25—year—old involved in a fracas on a street. pickford played on saturday
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as everton beat west ham 2—0 at london stadium. it's not easy being a premier league manager. no sooner has ole gunna solskjaer been confirmed as permanent manchester united manager and he's already having to respond to transfer rumours surrounding one of his top players in the shape of paul pogba. united's record signing described spanish giants real madrid as "a dream club for every player" while on international duty with france, and real boss zinedine zidane has said he likes the 26—year—old "a lot". solskjaer, though, says he's going nowhere. paul is a very nice and polite man who then answered a general question on... well, zidan is an icon in
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france of course. he is a fantastic manager. he was a fantastic player, i played against him myself. hejust politely answer that question. paul is happy here. he is going to be a big, big part. i have always said that we would like to build your tea m that we would like to build your team around him and that hasn't changed at all. juventus are looking to extend their is—point lead over napoli in serie a when they take on cagliari on tuesday. but they will have to do it without cristiano ronaldo again. and while they might not need him in the league, coach massimiliano allegri says the portuguese star is doing everything he can to be fit for next week's first leg of the champions league quarter—final against ajax. translation: ronaldo is working, and let's hope we can have him with us for the match against ajax. there are still nine days before the match, so we still have some time. right now he's the things we need to
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do and of course we need to consider the pros and cons, that's for sure. a couple of cricket lines for you. india have won the test championship title, handed to the top test team in the icc rankings, for a third successive year and with it the million dollar prize. virat kohli's team finished with 116 points, eight points clear of new zealand. and we had one of the match—winning performances of the ipl so far. a hat—trick from sam curran won the game for kings eleven punjab against delhi capitals. the 20—year—old england all—rounder took four wickets in five balls as the delhi side went from 144 for three to 152 all out as punjab won by 14 runs. some action from the mlb in america, some baseball, yes. st louis cardinals were four nothing down before coming back to win at the pittsburgh pirates.
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there was also a worrying moment when umpirejerry layne got hit in the facemask and had to leave the game. he will be assessed before he next officiates. the cardinals were back to within two, when another two runs from tyler o'neill pulled them level in the eighth innings. the home side edged ahead again through this home run from colin moran. st louis levelled once more before a fumble from the backstop allowed them to go 6—5 up at the top of the 11th, and that's how it would stay. the 10th edition of the afriquia merzouga rally got under way in the moroccan desert on monday. the competition began with a 208 kilometre race across the sahara. the opening bike stage was won by yamaha racing's adrien van beveren. the side—by—side event had a familiar name at the top with the 2019 dakar rally winner nasser al—attiyah taking first place together with matthieu baumel.
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david price has told the bbc that kash ali was looking for an easy way out and that he bit him because he "wanted to get thrown out" of their all—british heavyweight bout in liverpool on saturday. ali has had his boxing licence suspended pending a hearing and his fight purse withdrawn for biting price near his rib cage. price used to spar with ali and said the bight was "out of character". he has a look in his eyes like a bit ofa madman he has a look in his eyes like a bit of a madman before the fight and, you know, i was nice and cool and calm despite the tension in the buildup. but ultimately for me he done what he done to get out of the fight and to get disqualified rather than be knocked out because he was spent by the time this happened. you know, it was the wheezy way out for him, to get disqualified. so, he is
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the one who quit in the fight. and finally, what do floyd mayweather, marlon brando, muhammed ali and paul pogba all have in common? the answer is david howarth. who is david howarth, i hear you cry? well, he's an artist specialising in explosive portraits, who's also had some pretty interesting people ask to be painted. as soon as you as 50011 as you see a as soon as you see a footballer follow you, you almostjust as soon as you see a footballer follow you, you almost just wait for that dm, can you paint me or can you paint my wife? it is just mental. i think the nature of my art is very statement oriented, so it is explosive portraits, there is things going on on every inch of the canvas. today i am painting hector bellerin who has recently picked up an injury. he is out for a bit so i'm going to try to cheer him up with a painting. we are going to do a good job with this i think. first big star that i painted was a floyd mayweather. i posted a picture of this painting on the internet. it goes fairly well and then one day i am laying in bed and it pops up, floyd mayweather is now following
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you. the message comes hi, bro. love your painting. do you think i can buy it? of course you can buy it, floyd. the next question was, how much? out of nowhere i pulled the figure of three grand. i don't know why. the paintings at the time worth 400 quid. this was straightaway, no problem, where do we send it? i thought, where do i send it? ifirst metjesse two years ago now. he is like the funniest footballer you would meet. i had done the painting, got the call, finished painting. do you want to come over and bring the picture? he has received the painting and he loved it. he said, do you want to stay and play cards? iam thinking, do you want to stay and play cards? i am thinking, yes, i love a game of cards. he said, ok, we will play uno for a couple of quid. i am thinking all right, we're playing uno. there are cards flying around. i ended up leaving jesse's house 200 quid down. you think it is your payday and it
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turns out a couple of games later you are skint again. yes, the paul pogba painting, pogba is renowned for being a very bubbly character, cracking jokes. so i thought to switch it up and have him looking maybe a bit more serious. he is almost frowning into the camera. you can still see in the painting there is that mischievous side to him. you know, you can almost see the devil in his eyes. i like watching these players play football and scoring goals. so when they like the thing that i do it is, you know, it fills you with pride, really. amazing, amazing. and, finally, if you've ever watched a jackie chan movie you'll know the chinese kung fu movie star performs all his own stunts. well, as it turns out he also has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to snooker. here he is in hong kong with the 1997 world champion ken doherty. keep your eye on the pink ball. a nice little trick shot, perfectly executed! you can see how much he enjoyed that one! he may even fancy his chances at this month's
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world championship now. that is all we have for now. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there, good morning. the next few days are going to be significantly colder and to illustrate the point, this was gosport, in hampshire, where the temperature on monday was 17 degrees. lovely in the sunshine. same place, tuesday, 9 degrees, so quite a drop. any remaining warm air that we've had across southern parts of the uk is getting swept away by this developing north to north—westerly wind and that will push colder air across the whole of the country. now, the colder air comes behind this band of cloud and rain here, that's pushing its way south—eastwards across the uk, with showers, some of them wintry, following in behind. for the rush hour, heading across the midlands, in particular, this rain still could be quite heavy.
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through the morning, it pushes into east anglia and the south—east. behind it, a couple of hours of dry weather and sunshine. then showers come packing in and almost anywhere could catch a shower. they may well be heavy, could be some hail and thunder in there and some wintriness over the hills, especially in the north. those temperatures are back down to 8—10 degrees. colder air then arriving across the uk. we set up more of a north to north—westerly wind strengthening on wednesday. that area of low pressure bringing wet weather back in from the north sea. maybe a few icy patches early in the morning. a touch of frost around as well. maybe a bit of snow over the tops of the north york moors. but most of the wet weather looks like it's going to come back into scotland now on wednesday. rain with some sleet and snow over the hills. elsewhere, some sunshine but also a few sharp showers. the winds will be a bit stronger for many of us on wednesday, especially across northern and western areas. and although these the sort of temperatures we're looking at — so well below average for this time of year — when you add on the strength of the wind, it will feel significantly colder, especially in scotland. combined with that wet weather, it
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will be a pretty miserable day for this time of the year. so we're pushing down colder air. at the same time, we have this area of low pressure and that's going to sit around probably until thursday as well. so we're left with this sort of weather pattern, with spirals of cloud and showers, along with spells of rain, with some wintry weather over the hills. the position could change quite easily but at the moment, it looks a little bit drier for eastern parts of england. but again, those temperatures are struggling to hit 8—10 degrees. and that is the main story over the next few days. it will be quite a bit colder. there will be a lot of these april showers to come. and over the high ground, it will take on a wintry flavour. and with clear skies at night, there may well be some frost as well.
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