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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 2, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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good morning, welcome to breakfast to india's business standard, with louise minchin and dan walker. and over 1,000 facebook pages have been taken down as the world's largest democracy prepares to head 0ur headlines today: to the polls in a general election. deadlock and division over brexit continues, as mps reject four alternatives to the prime minister's deal. facebook says it removed the pages in a bid to stem misinformation. there was frustration at the result and finally, in the irish times, and a resigation from one conservative mp who accused ryanair has been named as one the government of refusing of europe's top 10 carbon emitters. to compromise. it's the first time any entity other i regret, therefore, to announce that i than a coal—fired power plant has can no longer sit for this party. been named in the list, but a spokesperson for the airline says they're europe's greenest with just ten days before the uk and cleanest carrier. is due to leave the european union, the cabinet meets today to try to work out what to do next. priya is back. a silent killer on our streets. scientists reveal the inside story of how air pollution priya lakhani, founder and ceo of century tech — a uk—based education technology platform. let's get started. many have been playing on words with bottoms because there have been a lot of bare bottoms in parliament yesterday and these activists who are using
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what was a very high—profile day to put across their environmental campaign, as it were but for climate change. they have made it on the front page. for many papers, actually. while i do advocate stripping off bare naked in parliament. well, they had underpants on. and socks. every small underpants. and writing on their back. it is quite funny and a great face for us, if people have not seen the front page of many of these... this is the independent we are looking at. it is the extinction rebellion and the fact that we are talking about it, sally, job done. a bigger day for parliament, obviously. and this article says may cause cabinet login as election threat grows and we are told it could be five—hour meeting. goodness me, that will be so fractious and
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the cabinet representing the conservative party with these two sides, if not more than that, and they cannot seem to agree. and the real worry is the prime minister will threaten if you are not going to agree with my deal, what about a general election and the conservatives cannot afford it, number one, who is the new leader if there is one and number two, they have not got any money to run a campaign and numberthree, have not got any money to run a campaign and number three, jeremy corbyn could win so they're all sorts of issues with but is it the way she is going to bring her agreement up again? yesterday, no to all of those different amendments, but has put her in slightly more of a position of power and there is at least five hours, are going to be contentious and the party is so divided, it is a bit of a joke and i was in brussels a few weeks ago and the belgians were saying what is going on with your country? and i saidi going on with your country? and i said i don't know what is going on with my country! look at the other front pages and give viewers a sense. aprilfalls. 0f
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front pages and give viewers a sense. aprilfalls. of course it was april the first when they were in cabinet. 0n brexit again. i mean, mps choose nothing. that is the express. you really get a sense of dismay. everywhere. the question is though how do we move forward and that was the frustration on the part of nick boles who resigned, he said i failed, of nick boles who resigned, he said ifailed, ifailed, we failed, you know, we are failing our country, as it were, because many are arguing that there are those who are just saying no, no, no to everything because some of them want to run towards a no deal on the 12th. some wa nted towards a no deal on the 12th. some wanted do that but i was watching as he said it and it was really emotional and we talked about compromise and the fact that members of his party, the conservatives, are failing to compromise so some people are doing it because they are thinking about their party being in power and not necessarily what is in the best interest of the country and i think they came through in his
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speech. so they have to act in a more selfless way, they have to act in the best interest of the country. and yes, his speech was incredibly emotional and i think we will see more of that, more people walking away from the party, and a few members but not just away from the party, and a few members but notjust that party but other parties as well. he is really desperately trying to work across parties and i think that is what the public wants to see but there has been no majority. his indicative vote was the 2.0. it got quite a bit of support, actually, but not in a firm majority, as none of them did. clark's got more of a vote in terms of his customs union and for me, whether you believe or remain, you are not saying you cannot turn up to are not saying you cannot turn up to a second vote referendum but i think the only thing they can do now is to go back to the people. how is this impacting your company. you are a small tech company and yet, you are growing and doing deals, you know,
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outside of the uk, within europe. you seem to be expanding and growing, despite all of this and yet, you come here regularly and talk about how frustrating it is and the negative impact it is having and yet, you are an example of a company thatis yet, you are an example of a company that is going regardless. we are, we just did a very big deal in belgium, but that is what entrepreneurs do, we move and grow despite what is happening and our argument is if this wasn't happening, what else could we be doing? it is creating difficulties with funding and hiring, the talent pool is smaller than before, and i am not saying just to look in britain but the pool is small and there is a huge demand so entrepreneurs are is small and there is a huge demand so entrepreneurs are not going to sit there and say because of brexit i'm going to stop growing and moving forward. that is not what we do. but you are finding opportunities and growing and doing deals and that is what many actually who are very supportive of brexit argue it is painful now, this is a short—term
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chaotic scenario, but actually in the long—term, would we be better off if that makes sense? that is what they say, all they have to say, but not much of their campaign has been based on fact and actually entrepreneurs will sit there and say... entrepreneurs will sit there and entrepreneurs will sit there and say... they would argue differently. far more data driven than that —— the brexiteers are, i think. talking about lyft and the fact that the concern is how were they make money which is exactly the same concern with facebook, when facebook floated. for a long time they were saying how will they make money? now there are others coming to market, cuba, pinterest, flak, you use slack in your business i love it, i adore it. -- uber. and the point is these are all called unicorns because they are all called unicorns because they are valued at $1 billion and what are valued at $1 billion and what are they based on? with slack, they have grown enormously, it is a
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messaging application used by a lot of companies, and actually i have a fellow friend who was a gp now using it, there is no reason why other tech companies can't use it because it isa tech companies can't use it because it is a subscription model and you can see how companies start to make money without but the issue with uberand is is money without but the issue with uber and is is no subscription to use the application. the way they make money is actually on the fares themselves but in order to gain market fare and fighting each other for market share, now subsidising the fares using the current investments so how are they going to make money when there is this big sort of land grab, if you like, when it comes to ride sharing and cards? in the meantime facebook, never out of the news, the standard in india is looking at their elections coming up is looking at their elections coming up on the fact that facebook is deleting over 1000 pages of accounts and groups ahead of their election. this is a huge headache for facebook. but, you know, for countries going into a general election, it is more than a headache, it is political in this
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information that could sway votes. —— disinformation. information that could sway votes. -- disinformation. it is called co—ordinated in authentic behaviour so co—ordinated in authentic behaviour so if somebody is pasting pages or posts and claiming to be independent but actually they are part of a network of fake account, then facebook is starting to clamp down on itand facebook is starting to clamp down on it and given the last few years and the fact we have had cambridge analytica and all of these scandals, this is necessary. it is very much about facebook saving themselves, for me, in addition to doing the right thing. ryan and outraged above the carbon emitters for the first time, ———— ryanair. it is not specifically about rya nair time, ———— ryanair. it is not specifically about ryanair but the fa ct specifically about ryanair but the fact it is growing exponentially and it has more planes in the air moving around then easyjet and others and it has grown and actually, it is damaging the environment. low-cost flying is increasing the amount of flying is increasing the amount of flying and rya nair‘s flying is increasing the amount of flying and ryanair‘s supporters say they are europe's greenest and clea nest they are europe's greenest and cleanest airline. i would like to
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check that. i think we have to check that. i'm not sure that heathrow‘s 2.0 advisory board, they are working on accelerating the arrival of new aircraft technology and using sustainable fuel because they want their supply chain and airlines to be looking at this and basically they want to abide by the paris agreement. it will be interesting, i would like to know more about ryanair‘s aircraft because easyjet said in the next decade for shorthaul flights under 300 miles they could using electric pulse and it would be very exciting. -- electric propulsion. thank you so much forjoining us priya. most of you would argue you would love to fly less if you could but u nfortu nately, fly less if you could but unfortunately, needs must. see you soon, have a great day. goodbye. hello there, good morning. the next few days are going to be significantly colder, and to illustrate the point, this was gosport, in hampshire,
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where the temperature on monday was 17 degrees. lovely in the sunshine. same place tuesday, 9 degrees, so quite a drop. any remaining warm air that we've had across southern parts of the uk is getting swept away by this developing north to north—westerly wind, and that will push colder air across the whole of the country. now, the colder air comes behind this band of cloud and rain here, that's pushing its way south—eastwards across the uk, with showers, some of them wintry, following in behind. for the rush hour, heading across the midlands, in particular, this rain still could be quite heavy. through the morning, it pushes into east anglia and the south—east. behind it, a couple of hours of dry weather and sunshine. then showers come packing in and almost anywhere could catch a shower. they may well be heavy, could be some hail and thunder in there and some wintriness over the hills, especially in the north. those temperatures are back down to 8—10 degrees. colder air, then, arriving across the uk. and we set up more of a north to north—westerly wind
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strengthening on wednesday. that area of low pressure bringing wet weather back in from the north sea. maybe a few icy patches early in the morning. a touch of frost around as well. maybe a bit of snow over the tops of the north york moors. but most of the wet weather looks like it's going to come back into scotland now on wednesday. rain with some sleet and snow over the hills. elsewhere, some sunshine but also a few sharp showers. the winds will be a bit stronger for many of us on wednesday, especially across northern and western areas. and although these are the sort of temperatures we're looking at — so well below average for this time of year — when you add on the strength of the wind, it will feel significantly colder, especially in scotland. combined with that wet weather, it will be a pretty miserable day for this time of the year. so we're pushing down colder air. at the same time, we have this area of low pressure and that's going to sit around probably until thursday as well. so we're left with this sort of weather pattern, with spirals of cloud and showers, along with spells of rain, with some wintry
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weather over the hills. the position could change quite easily but at the moment, it looks a little bit drier for eastern parts of england. but again, those temperatures are struggling to hit 8—10 degrees. and that is the main story, really, over the next few days. it will be quite a bit colder. there will be a lot of these april showers to come. and over the higher ground, it will take on a wintry flavour. and with clear skies at night, there may well be some frost as well.
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