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you're watching beyond 100 days. may had a after seven hours locked article 50 is if theresa may had a in discussion with her cabinet, way forward, and the two main ways forward we re a the prime minister says she is ready way forward, and the two main ways to compromise. forward were a general election or a theresa may says she will sit down confirmatory vote, and labour have with the opposition labour leader been pushing for the confirmatory vote, so i think europe will push as jeremy corbyn to find a way well and theresa may then has to through the brexit impasse. acce pt well and theresa may then has to accept that she either goes for the if the two leaders cannot find a confirmatory vote in the public get compromise, mrs may says they will a say on the deal or she pushes for put a series of options to the vote no—deal, and if she does that, she in parliament which the government has to accept the blame himself. will honour. there is still a lot ahead, what the this debate, this division cannot drag on for much longer. it is putting members of parliament and prime minister has outlined, and everyone else under immense pressure, and it is doing damage to very little time. she made the point our politics. that she wants to get this legislation through by the 22nd of may, so even if the commons science in paris president macron is holding talks with the irish prime minister face off, it is not a bail until it and says that the eu is open to has gone through both houses of alternatives, parliament, and we know that brexiteers will try to frustrate that, even if they support the deal in the end. there is a lot of process that needs to be gone through, and as dawn said, the conditions for the extension of
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article 50 were very clear. if the deal had been passed last week, we could extend until the 22nd of may, but it wasn't, so we either extend for a longer time or leave with no deal. how the prime minister intends to argue for an extension to the 22nd of may and reassure the eu that you can get the legislation through is very unclear. ijust you can get the legislation through is very unclear. i just want to read out a tweet from sam coates from the times newspaper, of course all the cabinet ministers are out now, so we are getting reports of what went on in that marathon event, and he is saying that the political cabinet was about the election risks, the risks of a general election, the main cabinet was about brexit, the biggest split was about the extension process. 14 people speaking against it, liz truss, gavin williamson, andrea leadsom with the biggest opponents of this strategy. philip hammond, the chancellor, called for a democratic process , chancellor, called for a democratic process, election or referendum.
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dawn foster, do you think we will see resignations from the cabinet over this from the right—wing of that grouping? a gap i think so. at this point, the right—wing of the grouping, the tory party, they are increasingly desperate. there was a story at the weekend apparently some conservatives have been pressuring the dup to steal the mace to stop parliament from sitting but they couldn't find where it was kept overnight! thank you both very much indeed. the prime minister saying that this was a decisive moment in the story of these islands. we will say, clive, what the fallout is of her decision. we will indeed thank you, geeta guru—murthy at westminster. i should tell you that the snp leader and
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scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, has been responding to this, saying that if mps are now the 12th of april two passed with no commitment to fight the european union elections, then my 22nd becomes the inescapable exit day. the sensible way forward, and i think the one the prime minister should take, the way forward the prime minister should take would be a serious attempt to build consensus, and that is to agree to fightan consensus, and that is to agree to fight an election, seek a longer delay and allow the option of a public vote on what the commons agrees. that is the view of nicola sturgeon. ben wright is at downing street for us, ben, i sturgeon. ben wright is at downing street for us, ben, lam interested in the cabinet, the suggestion that theresa may will sit down with jeremy corbyn, willing to listen to the views of parliament and be bound by the views of parliament if no deal can be agreed withjeremy corbyn, that suggest that remainers in the cabinet have won the day. corbyn, that suggest that remainers in the cabinet have won the daym certainly feels like momentum has
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shifted their way, you are right, clive, now cabinet resignations yet, but i imagine some of the brexiteer cabinet ministers who, i think, are quite comfortable now, reconciled to their being a no—deal brexit, will be pretty angry that once again the prime minister is talking about seeking an extension, and i think some members of the erg, the hardline brexiteers i have been talking to in the house of commons all day, looking ahead to next friday is a moment where theresa may would say the deal has not gone through, we are leaving regardless, they were hoping that was where we would end up at the end of next week, and even though it remains a possibility, because there no guarantee the eu will give us an extension, i think the prime minister has made a decisive pivot in the other direction, so we are into the realm now of talking to jeremy corbyn, having another indicative vote process, but underpinned by the government. interesting that the prime minister said the government would be bound
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by the results of those votes. 50 she had a massive choice that she made today, i think. she could have come out and said my deal or no deal, but she has gone the other way. hilary benn made the point, talking to geeta guru—murthy, that theresa may's red lines now have to shift in those negotiations with jeremy corbyn, because when she had talks with leaders of the opposition parties in the past, they didn't, there was red lines did not seem to move at all. is that the real likelihood that she has changed their mind on a number of issues now? well, the prime minister doesn't change your mind very often, we don't think, and she has clung doggedly to her red lines around at the customs union, around the end of free movement and all the rest of it, and if these talks withjeremy corbyn are going to be productive, she will have to find some compromise. all right, we will leave it there, ben wright at downing thanks, ben. 50 the prime minister has made an announcement today, making clear she is willing to talk
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to the opposition leaderjeremy corbyn and will be bound by the views of parliament in any future indicative bouts in relation to brexit. you are watching bbc news. time for a look at all the weather news with louise lear. it might only be the 2nd of april, but it feels like we have had everything bar the kitchen sink thrown at us. sunshine and showers, heavy with hail, and yes, some snow as well to higher ground, a theme thatis as well to higher ground, a theme that is set to continue, the morning rain lingered but cleared into the north sea, and behind a real rash of showers to follow. some of the showers to follow. some of the showers will fade away through the overnight period, but we will keep frequent rash down through wales, south—west england, and at the same time an area of low pressure will bring more persistent rain to eastern scotland and north—east england. elsewhere, cold, low single figures, a touch of frost are not out of the question. we start wednesday on a chilly note, we will
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see showers clinging onto the fringes, but this area of low pressure we fringes, but this area of low pressure we need fringes, but this area of low pressure we need to keep an eye on will drift its way slowly westwards as we will drift its way slowly westwards as we go through the day on wednesday, and it will bring further outbreaks of rain, further outbreaks of snow with any elevation across scotla nd of snow with any elevation across scotland and northern england, gradually moving through western scotla nd gradually moving through western scotland towards northern ireland by the middle of the afternoon. more sunshine across england and wales, a scattering of showers, windy for all, a cold start in the north with gales also severe gales, reallyjust making it feel quite raw out there. temperatures on your thermometer may well suggest 6—8 degrees, but for scotland, northern ireland and south—west england, feeling much colder than that, you will need a couple of extra layers. as we move out of wednesday into thursday, that area of low pressure stays with us, but slowly plays down into the south—west, so we are going to see some rain in the south—west and some rain reverting back into northern
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scotland, but sandwiched in between the two, drier, brighter, and a little bit quieter, i am pleased to say on thursday. in terms of the feel of things, not one, 8—10 degrees, but signs from friday into the start of the weekend that things may well change, and that is due to the wind direction. we will lose the northerly flow and pick up more of an easterly, so less cold, hopefully an easterly, so less cold, hopefully a little bit quieter as well. so just cling on to that for the next couple of days as we move towards the end of the week and into the weekend, not as cold with a little more sunshine to look forward to.
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