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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  April 2, 2019 9:00pm-10:30pm BST

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that's the eve of the european hello, i‘m ros atkins, this is outside source. for another extension elections, and it's also a date theresa may has in the prime minister's new plan. to the brexit deadline, to try a new plan for brexit. to "break the logjam" in parliament. today i'm taking action this debate, this division cannot after a cabinet meeting to break the logjam. drag on much longer. it is putting hello, i'm ros atkins, i'm offering to sit down that lasted eight hours, with the leader of the opposition this is outside source. mrs may said she wanted theresa may has and try to agree to a plan members of parliament and everyone to work with the opposition a new plan for brexit. to find a way forward. else under immense pressure. and it this debate, this division cannot that we would both stick to, is doing damage to our politics. this debate, this division, cannot drag on much longer. drag on much longer. there was a promise it is putting members to find compromise with of parliament and everyone else to ensure that we leave the opposition labour party— under immense pressure, it is putting members and there was this and it is doing damage of parliament and everyone else the european union, and that we do request for the eu. to our politics. so with a deal. under immense pressure, any plan would have to agree and it is doing damage to the current withdrawal agreement. we will need a further extension of as ministers emerged from number to our politics. it has already been negotiated with the 27 other members, article 50. one that is as short as ten, some were said to be opposed there was a promise to find and the eu has repeatedly said to the new approach compromise with the opposition that it cannot and possible and ends when we pass a because of the appeal to labour. labour party, and there was this will not be reopened. so far, she hasn't shown deal. much sign of compromise, but i'm pleased that today, request for the eu. this will infuriate some brexiteers donald tusk has indicated he‘ll be patient. who want the uk to go back but will brexiteers within she has indicated she will accept to the eu to renegotiate. theresa may‘s cabinet feel the same? the view of parliament and is prepared to reach out we will need a further it‘s another breathless head—spinning day and have that discussion. extension of article 50. in the brexit story. one that is as short as possible, theresa may's brexit deal comes in two parts. the withdrawal agreement in which ends when we pass a deal. and the political declaration. we will be speaking to chris mason. we‘ll be asking how much of a change this represents for the prime minister, donald tusk has indicated he'll be is a legally—binding document. send your questions my way. we will as the uk is still set to leave patient, but will brexiteers within theresa may's cabinet it includes the divorce the eu without a deal feel the same? also report on the latest political by the end of next week. we'll be live in payment of £39 billion, westinster and brussels. also tonight... when the time comes, it's another breathless agreements of citizens‘ rights, stories from the sea and the head—spinning day president of algeria been driven they‘ll be in the chambers. in the brexit story. and the controversial northern irish from power. a neo—nazi and convicted paedophile it's as complicated is facing a jail sentence as it is important. backstop, that's an insurance policy for plotting to murder the labour mp
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to ensure that there's never a hard —— from the united states. we'll take you through it border between the republic rosie cooper. every step of the way. of ireland and northern ireland. as london imposes a new the backstop is the single biggest ultra—low emissions zone, health experts say long—term and if you have questions, as usual, send them my way and i'll get some reason theresa may can't exposure to man—made air pollution accounts for 30,000 help getting you some answers. get her deal through. remember this from earlier — but in this statement, deaths a year in the uk. she takes the eu line and says donald tusk... there can be no renegotiation. and we take a look at the new spurs football ground. after he heard what theresa may that's the opposite some experts say it‘s the most advanced stadium in the world. of what she said two months ago. said. and the danish prime and coming up on sportsday the second part of the deal, on bbc news, fulham fight minister agrees. for premier league survival. despite record investment the political declaration, last summer, a loss at watford lays out the ambitions tonight will see them relegated. for the future relationship between the eu and uk, deep breath, here we go again. especially on trade. theresa may has torn up her brexit strategy. it is not legally binding. in a televised statement from downing street, this is where mrs may thinks the prime minister says she'll seek a further short extension to brexit that she and mr corbyn can find the eu‘s chief brexit negotiator agreement, and we know the eu and a new compromise michel barnier says there are two with the opposition labour party. options: pass theresa may‘s deal we'll take through every element of the statement and how it fits into the broader is willing to change this. in the next few days and ask brexit story. for a short brexit delay here's the first part to finalise the details the press association have just — or this... of the prime minister's plan. announced labour leader jeremy corbyn has said he is "very i know there are some who are so fed happy" to meet theres over the last days and weeks, good evening. up with delay and endless arguments may‘ one caveat. the no deal scenario has become more likely. after a cabinet meeting that they would like to leave that lasted eight hours, with no deal next week. as andrew neil points out... but we can still hope to avoid it. the prime minister has announced she will ask the eu i've always been clear for another extension
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that we could make a success our objective remains to ensure to the brexit deadline to try to break the an orderly withdrawal, which will create the trust we need logjam in parliament. of no—deal in the long term. but leaving with a deal well, here's the next part theresa may also said she wanted is the best solution. to build an ambitious to explore a way forward so we will need a further of the prime minister's statement with the labour leader, extension of article 50, and sustainable future partnership. jeremy corbyn, and the house where she outlines what will happen of commons to agree the uk‘s future one that is as short as possible relationship with the eu. emmanuel macron tweeted. .. and which ends when we pass a deal. our deputy political editor if a compromise cannot be found. john pienaar reports. the uk is due to leave the eu next friday 12 april. after two failed attempts at brexit the ideal outcome of this process and a big split in cabinet, any extension has to be approved by the eu. would be to agree and approach "if the united kingdom cannot find the prime minister finally felt on a future relationship that so once again, while brexit delivers on the result a solution that brings together of the referendum, that both a majority, it will have de forced to consider compromise. the leader of the opposition facto chosen itself to go was supposed to take back control, 00:02:29,016 --> 2147483051:37:59,223 at the moment the uk currently has 2147483051:37:59,223 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 no control over whether it gets out without agreement." and i could put to the house he spoke in paris earlier. her announcement in downing street, for approval, and which i could then a dramatic change of direction. take the next week's european i know there are some who are so fed council. up with delay and endless arguments however if we cannot agree that they would like to leave on a single unified approach, translation: our priority shall be with no deal next week. then we would instead agree a number the good functioning of options for the future of the european union i have always been clear in the single market. that we could make a success of no relationship that we could put to the house in a series of votes the european union cannot be deal in the long—term. the hostage to a political crisis but leaving with a deal to determine which course to pursue. in the united kingdom. emmanuel macron was meeting is the best solution. with the irish prime mininster leo varadkar. so we will need a further we heard from him too. extension of article 50, one that is as short as possible, as things stand, the united kingdom and which ends when will leave the european union we pass the deal. on the 12th of april without a deal. not long after these quotes came however, there is still time out, jeremy corbyn responded. for the prime minister to come to i saw it on the television the european council with proposals. i am offering to sit down this afternoon. i listened very carefully with the leader of the opposition to the statement, and i've and to try to agree a plan
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since read a copy of it. that we would both stick to, and of course, i'm very the next deadline to to ensure that we leave happy to meet her. focus on is april 12 — we need to have a discussion if nothing changes, the european union and that we do with the prime minister, so with a deal. we have a no—deal brexit. if we cannot agree on a single we need to ensure parliament has no deal was once a scenario that an opportunity to vote unified approach, then on the proposals that prevent us most concerned unthinkable. from crashing out of the eu we would instead agree a number this is a version of brexit where of options for the future in the end of next week. relationship, that we could put and we also need to ensure the uk leaves the european union to the house in a series of votes that we give security and certainty to the people of this country without any agreed arrangements to determine which course to pursue. to govern this complex relationship. that there will not be a crashing some brexiteers prefer crucially, the government out at the end of this process. this option — the eu stands ready to abide and british businesses do not. by the decision of the house, and the scottish first but to make this process work, the opposition would need to agree minister is also sceptical. this government report from february to this, too. details how food prices would go up senior ministers emerged in a ‘no deal‘ scenerio. after a grinding seven hours at the table. brexiteers did not like it went on there is "little evidence that businesses theresa may‘s plan and said so, are preparing in earnest". although one, more supportive this is what the bank of mrs may, tried to keep a lid on dissent. of england says will happen to the uk economy if we get out i think everyone recognises that it let's bring in naomi grimley, who is would have been preferable if we had without a deal — the sharpest secured support for the withdrawal live in westminster. though she agreement last week. sadly, we did not command a majority drop since world war ii, in the house of commons. wasn't she specific, she says that and a worse recession we now need to ensure that we can than the financial crisis. get a majority for us some redlines might have to go? leaving the european union. some of your cabinet colleagues were very unhappy. indeed, that's why tonight marks a well, i don‘t think any of us change of direction for the prime it also warned uk housing are happy at the situation we find
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prices will fall by 30% minister. she is less interested now and the pound will drop by 25%. ourselves in because, ideally, as i mentioned, we would have had a withdrawal in pleasing the brexiteers to the agreement last friday, right of her party, and indeed the commanding a majority in house of commons, democratic unionists to prop up her which would have allowed us to leave own administration. and instead she the european union in good order and as rapidly as possible. seems to be tacking towards the the labour leader, invited now to offer his ideas for brexit, centre of the brexit spectrum. and again spelt them out. if she's really serious about treating with jeremy we have put forward our proposals, here‘s the governor if she's really serious about treating withjeremy corbyn, that which are to ensure would mean discussions around a of the bank of england speaking in november there is a customs union customs union, possibly also some with the european union, alignment with the single market on that there is access to those markets, and above all, things like workers‘ rights and food when the report came out. there's protections of our standards of consumer, environmental standards. it will also be and of course, workers' rights. we have constructed a worst case, no deal, no transition brexit interesting to see whetherjeremy we will ensure that those are there, corbyn says that there should be a scenario where you have a series calm from a tory referendum on of events, which include on the table, so that there is no frictions at the border, danger of crashing out. whatever deal happens somewhat in difficulties at ports, but at westminster, most mp5 lean towards a so—called softer brexit, sharp moves in financial markets, potentially closer to the eu terms of the democratic unionists so that it cost much more for people than that on offer by mrs may. to borrow and businesses to borrow, which she has spent a long time we a series of events that conservative brexiteers are angry win, what is the reaction to this? all happen at the same time, and the thought of building bridges and that is associated with a big as you would expect, not happily. withjeremy corbyn, or trying to, reduction in the capacity many quotes i can‘t even mention to of our economy. has gone down badly, you on national tv. borisjohnson but the european union says it‘s especially with one who is a likely ready for a no—deal brexit. has tweeted, saying that a customs ireland too has been
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preparing for a long time — contender for mrs may‘s job. union would leave us being run by with particular attention on the border between the republic the eu. also, never mind the erg, of ireland and northern ireland. the result will almost certainly, there‘s also a big challenge for her that border would be be, if corbyn gets his way, that we remain in the customs union, within her own cabinet, because we between the uk and eu post brexit. so that we can‘t control are told that when there was some our trade policy. huge areas of lawmaking we can‘t control. a no—deal brexit would raise serious brexit is becoming softer questions for the irish economy. here‘s leo varadkar again. the point of disintegration. hand votes at cabinet, 14 cabinet and of course we will need to talk about what we would do a prominent brexit supporter in the event of no deal, put it more bluntly. ministers were either in favour of which will be particularly difficult for ireland to allow the labour party to run no deal or in favour of the shortest and from our point of view, brexit, to decide that we want to pursue our twin you would rather be supported extension possible, whereas ten were by a marxist than by your in favour of a longer extension. so objectives, to protect own party, is unwise. that really shows that she still has senior mp5, who have been the good friday agreement, pushing for compromise, got this huge challenge of holding and which piece in northern ireland have welcomed the possibility is based, and also to protect of brexit by consensus her own cabinet together, let alone the integrity of the single market but were not taking it on trust. her own cabinet together, let alone and the customs union. her party. most people are french customs is planning presenting this as a major change in to recruit an extra 700 staff after two and three quarter years, the situation. this is interesting, she has now said she wants to reach by the end of next year, out, but we have been here before, and is spending nearly $60—million on expanding it‘s port and the net result was, and don is a well—known political infrastructure to make space the prime minister listened politely commentator in the uk, saying... for all the extra work but her mind remained closed. she really needs to give, i think, a no—deal may bring. parliament an indication that she is winning to move. germany has made
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similar preparations. brexit has strained trust in politics and torn the fabric also, british citizens living of labour and the tories. in germany will have three months ian is suggesting, he isn‘t the only mrs may has accelerated a reckoning when their rights to live and work on her party that may one, that perhaps not so much has have been unavoidable. there won‘t change, but then they‘ll need to apply for residence permits. changed? indeed, nicola sturgeon is her talks withjeremy corbyn and becoming votes in parliament will frame any also one who was worried that this consensus that‘s possible. will be what she calls a trap from and a huge recruitment the eu will then decide whether to grant britain a brexit delay. drive has been going the prime minister. the idea is that but if mrs may does buy more time, on in the netherlands — it is time that will be used 12 april is the last possible moment it‘s hiring more than 900 customs by her critics and potential officials and an extra 145 britain can agree to field successors, who are keen candidates in the european to end her time in number ten, elections. if you get beyond that, vets for rotterdam port. and carry on brexit under new management. it then means that 22 may is do or john pienaar, bbc things won‘t change for british students already studying news, downing street. die day, the day britain will have to leave the eu whether by design or in the netherlands, but students as we heard, the prime minister says after a no—deal brexit will have to pay higher tuition fees. she does intend to ask for another by accident. so in other words, there would be no possibility of getting a further extension to bbc‘s damian grammaticas extension to explore further is in brussels — i asked september or december, or in two him the same question i ask him every day — options. so what are the options? yea rs‘ september or december, or in two years‘ time at that stage. it would our chief political how is this going down in brussels? correspondent vicki young be too late, and i think will hear a brexit goes round and round is here to explain. and round in circles. lot more on that over the next few and everybody hopes for something days. so while all those talks are to break the deadlock. is this it tonight? tonight, theresa may change her happening over the next few days, is well, what we are hearing here, that meaning there is a pause in brexit strategy. her first move will
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be to hold talks withjeremy corbyn as soon as possible to see if they eu sources, prime ministers, can find as soon as possible to see if they canfind a as soon as possible to see if they the... while the prime minister can find a compromise. labour once a close trading relationship with the eu, including a permanent customs lightens the site? this is the union. mp5 will get a vote on any the danish prime minister, process whereby mps are trying to donald tusk saying that agreement that the prime minister and mr corbyn rich. it would mean whittle down the different options they are welcoming it, to find one that they can coalesce what they hear from london, another short delay to brexit, around. now we have not been able to urging patience because they are not quite clear exactly what this probably of a few weeks. but if all means, but fundamentally, contact around. now we have not been able to co nta ct a ll around. now we have not been able to the message we are hearing talks with labour fail, contact all let wind to find out probably of a few weeks. but if talks with labourfail, it probably of a few weeks. but if talks with labour fail, it will be whether that process is still is that the eu position up is not really changing. talks with labour fail, it will be up to mp5 to make some decisions. it is that an extension has been continuing. there‘s also a bill from the government is promising to hold offered to theresa may, if she can get this deal that is on the table both he and yvette cooper from the approved by parliament. another round of votes on various labour party that tries to put onto as she plans to reach brexit options and will abide by the the statute book a rule that says across to the opposition results. these could include a uk as she said this evening, staying in the customs union and the she wants to and get something done, single market, or holding another that there cannot be no deal as the she needs to have got the approval referendum. theresa may said the law default in this whole debate. so it of parliament in the next week before she comes to a summit of eu is necessary to leave the eu would leaders next week and then she can need to pass through parliament by will be very interesting. remember, theresa may has made another u—turn get a short extension to wrap up the 22nd of may, so the uk doesn‘t have to take part in eu elections. tonight. originally she said all of the parliamentary details. all this needs to happen pretty indicative votes were an unwelcome otherwise, what the eu is not keen precedent in the british quickly, because the government must constitution. tonight she seems to on, the leader signalled it ask the eu for a delay to brexit and the messages this evening be indicating that she is perfectly happy to have her own sort of set of are saying the same thing, before its emergency summit on the is an open—ended thing, 10th of april. but at the moment, the condition if the uk needs the uk is due to leave the eu next
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indicative votes if it moves more time and has not friday, the 12th of april, without a forward , indicative votes if it moves forward, and she says she will abide by whatever parliament decides on sorted out anything, that. we will come back and speak to deal. despite all those government plans, mp5 have some of their own. you again in a moment. it needs to agree to holding tomorrow, they will try to legally more reaction. max colchester, wall st journal. european elections and then it can force the prime minister to delay brexit, just in case she changes her have an extension, possibly a longer extension to the end mind. of the year possibly. we heard the same thing from emmanuel macron brexit is notjust a question today in paris speaking. of what the uk wants, he said the eu will not be held because whatever is decided has hostage to the uk‘s own political to be acceptable to the 27 crisis in the uk had to deliver other members states it is worth saying that talking to of the european union. a clear plan and a clear majority this week, there will be several the opposition was proposed quite a it can show, that otherwise he said meetings between eu leaders. few weeks ago, it came to nothing it was the uk‘s own effective earlier today, president macron held talks with the taioseach leo and pushing that date back has decision to be living with no deal at end of next week. varadkar, and declared that happened once. don‘t assume these while the eu was willing to help tactics will necessarily work. joe i suspect the indication those mrs may, the union could not be held conditions will stick. hostage to what he called platts, and opposition mp labour we have been talking a lot about dates and may the political crisis in the uk. the 22nd and april the 12th, our europe editor katya adler but sounds like april the 10th when this eu summit is happening reports from brussels. is another important deadline says... for theresa may to be focused on. compared to the cacophony yes. of unpredictable politics i think this is part of the reason in westminster these days, why she has come out, eu brexit meetings are the last time there is a televised carefully choreographed the pressure is on today in london address from downing street, the prime minister attacked mps for the and determinedly on—message. state of the brexit process, which to come out. went down really badly. but here‘s the reaction of the former foreign it‘s important that unity between eu
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secretary borisjohnson, mr macron said we need answers member states continues, and prominent brexiteer, to the prospect of including today, and she has come out and give said european commission chief the opposition in talks. some answers today because she now jean—claudejuncker in rome today, well i think it‘s very disappointing has a week to try to sort as he warned of the increasing that the brexit process has now been things out in parliament. entrusted tojeremy corbyn probability of a no—deal brexit. and the labour party. the threat of no deal was once and i think that the result used by the eu and uk will almost certainly be the eu leaders will demand clarity as a negotiating tactic. corbyn gets his way, it seems, that they will demand clarity at the middle now, the eu‘s chief negotiator says of next that we remain in the customs union, week if they are to give a longer extension. ongoing discord in parliament means so that we can‘t control our trade but it seems highly unlikely that they would agree a disorderly brexit is more likely to what mrs may is sort policy, the huge areas of lawmaking, of proposing, which is to do this by the day. without committing to take part by repeating that message over we can‘t control. in european elections. the only way they will agree and over, he hopes mp5 will listen. to that i think is if there withdrawal agreement, somehow gets approved across the parties in london, no deal was never our desired and brexit is becoming soft or intented scenario. they find a compromise and find to the point of disintegration. a way to find a path forward, cross—party compromise is what some otherwise it seems that you‘ll be mps hoped last night‘s indicative votes might help along. sticking to what they have outlined no deal was never my desired already, so still difficult questions for the uk or intended scenario. is still the prospect of no deal but the eu 27 is now prepared. at the end of next week it has to be said. but are they? if you were tuning in and around this time last night, you could see the time when we talked about us the french president is one of many politics almost every day on the eu leaders concerned about plans how it went, every single option was outside start. brexit has taken over for the irish border, rejected by differing margins. at the moment. —— mech there was a in case of a no—deal brexit. time when we talked about. his words for the irish prime but again, every single option, us politics. minister today were ones
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a customs union, common market 2.0, health care is back on the agenda — of unquestioning solidarity a confirmatory vote and giving last week donald trump brought back for dublin and the good friday agreement. parliament the option the issue of repealing obamacare, but listen to this. the affordable care act brought to revoke article 50, in by president obama. he said he was going to strike translation: our priority must be was voted down last night. it down completely. to protect the european union today he tweeted... and the single market. parliament said no quite a few times, we are still reaching for the eu cannot be forever hostage what it might support. to a political crisis in the uk. in his blog, no surprise that ireland is one editor ian dunt writes... of the eu countries most keen "it was like the final to allow mp5 time to unite around scene of reservoir dogs. each of the brexit political tribes a brexit plan. held a gun up to the other there is still time and shouted at them, anthony zurcher, washington. preventing any one idea for the prime minister to come from securing a majority." to the european council he goes on... with proposals, proposals that hejoins us now. get to are credible and have a clear he joins us now. get to see you. we pathway to success. have been missing you. laughter the president has wanted to do something eu responses to the prime minister‘s but the strange thing with brexit is with health care before, the problem statement this evening were swift, is he cutting through. what has one do you think something is gone, and generally positive. the next day it comes back. and some changed? exactly. either there this this tweet from the president of those options remain in the long lawsuit going on from a judge in texas that of the european council. term as viable outcomes. nick bowles said the entire obamacare eu leaders still expect a clear plan from the prime minister in time entire obamaca re policy entire obamacare policy structure was unconstitutional. now donald trump is signed onto that so they for the emergency brexit summit in brussels next week. brought in one of those motions are trying to get the whole law so nothing changed there. but the mood tonight overturned. i think that kind a lot yesterday, it was defeated and he
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said this. of republicans by surprise and it caught them by surprise when donald i accept i have failed. is a little lighter. i have failed chiefly because my trump said that health care plan was forthcoming. they don‘t have a plan, party refuses to compromise. then look back at the 2018 midterm well, where are we tonight after elections and that election a lot of i regret therefore to announce that today‘s div element? in a moment we democrats campaigned on health care and one so i think republicans are will talk to laura kuenssberg, but i can no longer sit for this party. not interested in making this a first, let‘sjoin will talk to laura kuenssberg, but first, let‘s join katya will talk to laura kuenssberg, but first, let‘sjoin katya adler in brussels. let‘s be patient, says nick, don't go. plank or a central focus of the donald tusk. does that mean they are 20/20 presidential campaign. and and today, nick boles spoke what you saw today was donald trump more hopeful of an agreement after with the bbc‘s laura kuenssburg. walking that back a bit and saying we will have a really good plan and today‘s events? more hopeful of an agreement after today's events? well, there is a i found myself there looking around certain determination in this town you will see it in a couple years the house of commons, after we ta ke tonight to be glass half full about and seeing that the party you will see it in a couple years after we take control again. that is more reminiscent of what republicans that was least willing the prime minister‘s statement, with we re to compromise, least willing more reminiscent of what republicans were saying from 2010 to 2016 when a certain dose of scepticism thrown to through on commitments — they didn‘t have the presidency. in. eu decision—makers and diplomats about how they were going to change and i mean real commitments that and repeal obama care and replace i have spoken to tonight welcome the were made — was my own party it. they just had prime minister‘s intention to look and repeal obama care and replace it. theyjust had to take power. for compromise and for national and my own colleagues. here they are again, saying went to and i guess that was the next election. one thing i when it snapped. wa nted unity around brexit. but, they say, ijust thought, "i can‘t pretend the next election. one thing i wanted to ask her about. this man is so far, in parliament and somebody else i want to ask her government, they have seen little to be part of you any more". about. donald trump has announced that the florida senator rick scott evidence. the french foreign well after the prime minister‘s would be a monk three republican minister‘s response was, i‘m tempted senators to lead the party‘s push on health care reform and says they to say, let me know when something
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statement, nick boles tweeted... will come up with something really changes. the mood has lightened spectacular but you could say he has somewhat. at eu demands have not the thing is about brexit, isa spectacular but you could say he has is a controversial choice. he was at changed at all. basically, the uk almost everything lives the helm of a company that pleaded has up until next week, the eu to fight another day. guilty to the fighting medicare and brexit summit planned for april, to with the possibility of more night that we make in the 905. —— to either get their withdrawal deal passed through parliament or leave indicative votes next week, the eu without a deal, or ask for a defrauding medicare in the 19905. this is worth a look. how is the choice been justified? longer brexit extension, as the scotland politicaljournalist prime minister says she wants to do. if and when she does that, the eu is defrauding medicare in the 19905. how is the choice beenjustified?” think they view him i guess as a philip sim tweets... preparing pretty strict conditions, former governor of florida who knows first and foremost, even though about the health care system. he is theresa may says she doesn‘t want an apple, and the republican party. he went to elections in florida and to, eu leaders will ask her to when a senate election. so he has a prepare the uk to take part in eu 5trong base clearly in support. but i don‘t think, don‘t listen to what parliamentary elections by the end he highlights these big blocks of of may, because they don‘t believe the5e republican senators are saying blue. let‘s bring naomi up in back and they are not saying much she will be able to get her brexit here to help us on this. why do honestly. listen to what‘s mitch house in order before then. there is mcconnell, the senate majority also talk of trying to get the uk to leader is saying. he is saying that conservatives remain committed to a they don‘t want to come up with any undertake remaining a constructive particular part to lack or type of new proposal anytime soon. member of the eu, as long as it heart or brexit? it is tough or any of these options to get through?” especially because the democrats stays in the club in a further control the house of representatives brexit extension. there are or anything they stick their neck suppose theresa may would want to concerns, for example, the uk could point out that the majority of out on the line for her, and the try to block the eu budget. there conservative mps have actually senate is not going to pass the needs to be a decision about that in backed her deal. but of course the
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house, all it will do is give the coming months and that is a big democrats something to run on in the promise to make a problem she has election next year. thank you. one concern in brussels. lets go there is that the dup and also many more start to talk about. the house straight to westminster, and law is there. what is your assessment of labour mps oppose it. so that oversight committee is starting to there. what is your assessment of the state of this brexit process explains again why she has changed subpoena white house officials. tonight? there is always another storm coming in westminster these tack tonight and is pivoting towards days. let's try and be really clear this more centrist approach, even about where this process may be though that means she will have to part of an investigation going tonight. first off, it is very rip up some of those redlines that into disputed security clearances issued likely now there is going to be she‘s held dear to ever since she under president trump. the security clearance another delay to this process. yes, ofjared kushner, mr trump‘s son in law, is one of those made that speech at lancaster house. being looked at. officially loyal ministers in number anthony. 10 say they can still stick to the normally governments worry about what is the allegation here? the 22nd of may for departure. but one allegation is that there are 25 things like health care, education, security clearances applications cabinet minister said that will not the economy and security. is the be true, because it will be up to government doing anything apart from the eu, there is no way we can her exec was yellow very little that were deemed not sufficiently indeed. if you look at the numbers justified, they were background checks that did not pan out, and so guarantee that at this stage. second of civil servants now working on of all, with a big gesture to the the secret service and the labour party, i am told by three brexit some feel it is huge, government looking into them put them on hold and that they were different cabinet sources that the essentially overturned by the white labour party could suggest almost 13-14,000 brexit some feel it is huge, is—ili,000 now devoted to this house. among them, jared kushner‘s whatever they want in order to try project. that means they are doing security clearance was up there with a whistle—blower, tricia newbold, it to the exclusion of other things. who exposed this and has been to get this deal through. for all of talking to congress, now congress you can sense tonight the sense of us, that probably means the prime wa nts talking to congress, now congress minister is likely to adopt as close wants more detail from talking to congress, now congress a relationship with the european
9:14 pm
frustration from the confederation wants more detailfrom carl klein, union as she has agreed so far. in of british industry, the big body he has been subpoenaed, her boss, the jargon, a softer brexit, that represents big business in the what him to explain exactly the something that up until this moment process by which these denials of she was very keen to avoid at all uk. they‘ve put out another press costs. in which case, where does security clearances were overridden that leave the prime minister? well, release that ends this. "no excuses, by the white house. if you remember, she has taken a big risk and has no time wasting, no party politics, made leaving the european union by the president have abilities to give secured claims to have her he was, being able to get a deal through enough is enough." i think that so it is not a violation of the law. parliament her priority. rather really gives you an idea of how what the democrats want to look at than, as she sat for a long time, is the process by which any keeping the possibility of walking political influence was used here. those outside politics looking on away without a deal on the table. now feel about this whole thing and let's not be in any doubt tonight, —— security close to anybody wants thatis how it‘s played out. now feel about this whole thing and let's not be in any doubt tonight, that is already driving some members how it's played out. while you are answering that question, we got some to. —— security clearance to anybody of her party, some of her wire copy coming from the screen. backbenchers, absolutely round the jacob rees—mogg has spoken to the he wants. his family, even though twist. they believe that is a bbc, and this is the transcript the background check sitting get which is come in. erg is a group of through, or give access to misjudgment and it is quite likely classified as secret information. that what to you and me, and too thank you. many people watching tonight, and many people watching tonight, and conservative brexiteers within the many people watching tonight, and many people in the tory party, inafew sounds like a reasonable way party. in a few minutes we will turn to north africa because the president forward , sounds like a reasonable way forward, a compromise that is long has resigned after weeks of protest. overdue. for many conservatives, these are some of the scenes. plenty thatis overdue. for many conservatives, that isjust not what overdue. for many conservatives, that is just not what you overdue. for many conservatives, that isjust not what you promised. and for many people who voted to of celebration on the street. the leave, and who believed what the army played a crucial role. we prime minister said previously, now explain all that in a few minutes. saying, well, iwill go prime minister said previously, now saying, well, i will go for more compromise, let's have another look
9:15 pm
at this deal, that is, in some parents across england could soon be now what does that translate to, in required to put their child‘s peoples view, simply unacceptable terms of what the erg or what jacob name on a new register and handing too much power to the if they are being educated at home. rees—mogg could do facing the ministers say a register would help opposition, too much power to situation? i think it shows that parliament. so the prime minister councils monitor standards has chosen what she thinks right now they still want to cause trouble for is the best way to make sure we and intervene if they believe they still want to cause trouble for the prime minister. but in a sense, children are at risk but some she‘s already made the decision, or parents believe a register would be actually leave the european union an unwanted intrusion. so she‘s already made the decision, or so it looks, that she wants to frankie mccamley reports. but, my goodness, it has certainly right now, if you don‘t put the cat among the pigeons in her want to put your child forget about them, marginalise them, into mainstream school, own party. and that could have grave or pull them out of it, and instead reach across parliament there is no obligation to register costs for her, too. to the opposition benches and get them with your local authority, which means it‘s not clear how votes for whatever compromise she many children are not comes up votes for whatever compromise she comes up with from there. you‘re in school in england. led‘s turn to the rest of the days many children leave school — for reasons including a lack news. a man has been stabbed in an right, there‘s clearly this huge of support for special needs, area of north london where four religious beliefs, people were injured and apparently split in cabinet, but the key thing or purely out of choice. is this. as of 9:20 p:m., note random knife attacks over the it is important to know weekend. the victim, in his 305, is where they are, who they are, because of course very many of those critically injured in hospital after children have the benefit the attack in edmonton. a man has been arrested. cabinet members have resigned. that of a fantastic home education might change in the small hours by parents who often have given up a neo—nazi activist who plotted tomorrow, but theresa may will be to murdera labourmp in a sword attack is a convicted glad that so far, none of them have a lot to do that and put their all into the education, paedophile who was jailed last year for trying actually walked, despite threatening and it‘s a great schooling to groom two underage boys. for those children. it in briefings to newspapers. thank jack renshaw, who was a member but then of course of the far—right group there are some children national action, admitted plotting who don‘t have that benefit. to kill rosie cooper, you very much, naomi, i appreciate the mp for west lancashire.
9:16 pm
your help on this. if you are the reality is some are falling watching and thinking you need more through the gaps, receiving background on any element of the a series of trials linked poor quality education. story, you can get that whenever you to his plans came to an end today, need it through the bbc news which means we can now report fully website. we will spend most of the so the government is proposing on the background. a register for all children not hour talking about brexit. but we our home affairs correspondent being educated in schools. daniel sandford has been talking will cover some other stories, in the aim is to identify exclusively to one of renshaw‘s particular what is happening in those at risk of harm, help spot young people attending friends, who revealed his plans. algeria. when the time comes, unregistered schools, they‘ll be in the chambers. now these are the scenes in algiers, the committed neo—nazi jack renshaw, celebrations in the streets. and those not receiving the details live. who faces a long prison sentence an education at all. for planning to kill his mp, under the plans, it will be the army has intervened in support parents‘ responsibility and who we can now reveal is also to register their child, a convicted sex offender of these protesters, we will bring but some question whether those you up—to—date on that. who don‘t have a good relationship after trying to groom two young teenage boys. with the authorities will come forward. a neo—nazi man will be rhian joy educates her two the group he belonged to, sons with special needs, national action, was banned sentenced in may for his plan and thinks the plans in 2016 as an extreme to kill a labour mp. are a backwards step. a series of trials linked why should i have to sign a register right—wing terrorist organisation. to his plans came to an end today and have someone come into my home but then its leader, chris lythgoe, which means we can now report fully decided to take the group on the background behind and question the education that i‘m underground and prepare the plan byjack renshaw, for a violent race war. a former member of national action, providing for my child? his ultimate plan was there to kill rosie cooper with a sword. our home affairs correspondent the government is also was going to be a number of islamist daniel sandford has been talking looking at ways to help exclusively to his friend home educated children, including money towards exams, robbie mullen who blew as it tries to find a balance or other groups‘ bombings, between supporting families the whistle on the plans. and then we‘d respond with our own. and protecting vulnerable children.
9:17 pm
and he believed that that would generate random acts the plan was there would be a number of islamists of terrorism off lone or other groups bombing. wolf type people. and we would respond with our own. robbie mullen initially joined national action because of its uncompromising and he believed that that neo—nazi views and its young membership. iam ros but he turned against them, would generate random acts i am ros atkins with outside source. ultimately foiling here in the bbc news room, our lead a plan to kill an mp. of terrorism of lone story... theresa may says she‘ll ask the eu he can only speak about it wolf—type people. what was it about the way for a further delay to brexit now the case is over. while she tries to reach agreement that national action what was it about the way that with the opposition labour party were going after the ban that made on how to end the crisis. you decide you need to take action? national action were going, i didn‘t want to be involved in killing anyone, or a group after the ban, that made you decide of people i was involved you needed to take action? with killing people. i didn‘t want to be involved i just didn‘t want in killing anyone, or a group anyone to get hurt. asi as i mentioned a few moments ago, a of people that i was involved with killing people. i just didn‘t want anyone significant sum i‘m for algeria. to get killed or hurt. robbie mullen started secretly passing information to the anti—racism group hope not hate. and he was there in a warrington we are live here in the bbc news —— a big moment in algeria. room, oui’ we are live here in the bbc news room, our lead story is brexit. pub, when jack renshaw told theresa may says she‘ll ask the eu the group he‘d bought a large sword these are live shots from the capital for a further delay to brexit algiers. while she tries to reach agreement people are celebrating and was planning to kill the police with the opposition labour party in the streets. there‘ve been months of protests on how to end the crisis. against mr bouteflika‘s reign officer who was investigating his after he said he‘d seek a fifth sex offences and his mp, term in office. rosie cooper.
9:18 pm
youssef taha, world service. so he said he‘d bought this machete, let‘s bring you some of the main he had to go, did he? it is about ready to kill rosie cooper, stories from the bbc world service. and then he‘d take hostages time. we have these protests for pope francis says the roman in a nearby pub. catholic church must acknowledge its history of male several weeks now over five weeks. and he‘d demand that the detective domination, and the sexual abuse we had that make he has said that he of women and children. investigating him come to him but he also said the church could not agree with everything some in exchange for the hostages. feminist groups propose. was running for a longer term in then he‘d kill her, and then he‘d be the price of oil has been climbing. office and under pressure from the killed by the police. protesters who call for him to go. today it‘s hit a 2019 high was there anyone there not only that, but they went to him of more than $69 a barrel. to go immediately. and they wanted who tried to stop him? as you can see here, no. it‘s been slowly recovering the whole rolling class with them and all those people around him. that was the ultimate aim since the beginning of the year. of the group, really. people in algeria wanted a radical the politicians are who they overhaul of the entire building class as the traitors. samira hussain live from new york. class in algeria because they think the mp who was at risk is now calling for politicians that some of those people around the to be better protected. what is driving the increase? one of i was targeted not as rosie cooper the reasons we are seeing this president are taken advantage of the the person, but as rosie cooper system and getting some advantage the member of parliament. increase is because of opec, the for themselves, which they should i was to be murdered to send consortium that controls a lot of not be getting. this was supported a message to the state. today by the army chief who has said the big oil producing countries. jack renshaw will be back in court they have made a pact to cut the in may when the judge number of barrels that they put out will have the option of giving him a life sentence. onto the world market. well they‘ve that this again can come his own daniel sandford, bbc actually been sticking to that rule, news, at the old bailey.
9:19 pm
and that has really gone a long way word, who are looking algeria‘s resources and peoples own faith. we let‘s take a look at some to try to help the price of oil. so of today‘s other news. the president of algeria saw in egypt that you can have a abdelaziz bouteflika now, we are seeing that banks have revolution but the army still may be has resigned, hours after army put out their projections for the like to hold onto power. the army chiefs called for him to step down. way that they see the price of oil has been crucial here in algeria. he suffered a stroke six going over the next couple of years ago and has rarely appeared in public since. months, they see it going higher and what is to say it will not seek to mr bouteflika, who came to power higher as a result of opec going stay in control? nothing. in short. in 1999, is stepping down after weeks of protests into this deal. would not be passed against his decision because people in algeria are afraid to stand for a fifth term. that the army will take over and on to the consumers in terms of the price we all pay? an interesting therefore all of their demand for a nuclear processing plant in cumbria has been ordered to pay question, certainly one that a lot almost £500,000 after a worker was exposed of people ask, especially as we come liberty and freedoms would be to eight times the annual com pletely liberty and freedoms would be completely hijacked as well and the to the summer months in north case was in egypt, too. so they are limit of the radioactive america. it is typically the time element plutonium. when a lot of people take to their urging the army only to protect, sellafield limited has admitted ca rs when a lot of people take to their cars and using a lot of gas. but to health and safety breaches dating back to february 2017. the employee had to thatis have a section of skin cars and using a lot of gas. but that is the key here, sometimes that people‘s demand and ensure they removed from his hand and spent six actually doesn‘t really translate to happen, rather than take over as the months off work. higher or lower prices in gasoline. army did in the 19905 when the more than £57 billion one other shift in price i want to islamists were poised to win the worth of games were sold election in the army intervene, talk about. this is what happened to in britain last year, the crypto currency bit coin abolishing the results of the according to figures election and taking over and that earlier. look at the surge, led to a whole decade of bloodshed from the industry‘s trade body, uk—ie, up10% absolutely incredible. at one point on the previous year. gaming in the uk is now worth more it was up almost 20%. some people with a 200,000 people living their lives. we will leave it there. thank than the value of the british music
9:20 pm
you for the update. and film industries combined. roll their eyes at this because bitcoinjumps roll their eyes at this because bitcoin jumps up roll their eyes at this because the chief executive of facebook, bitcoinjumps up and down mark zuckerberg, has insisted roll their eyes at this because bitcoin jumps up and down all the time? if there is a lot of all the company is making progress let‘s talk about brexit. back to it. in making sure harmful content volatility in the crypto currency there was another moment of huge is not available on its sites. significance earlier with the prime space. looking at people talk about minister. well, before the prime minister his comments, made during a visit gave her statement, to dublin today, followed the case she was in an extremly long meeting this, who says, who knows why with her cabinet. of 14—year—old molly russell, who took her own life bitcoin is going up in value? though after a seven hour cabinet meeting. during that time they had after viewing material about self—harm on social media, one media organisation has been as our correspondent reporting that there was a massive their phones confiscated. sarah campbell reports. by of crypto currency by someone molly russell had packed her bags, ready for school. the following morning, anonymously buying a massive amount, which could have really helped to her family found her. see that big spike into those crypto they have to stay inside in number on social media, she‘d looked at self harming sites, graphic, currencies. specifically bitcoin, ten until the statement had been but as we know, bitcoin is kind of shocking and easily accessed. molly‘s father said he was in no the alpha in the crypto currency done. nick robison... doubt that instagram, which is owned by facebook, world, and other crypto currencies helped kill his daughter. have followed suit in terms of today, facebook‘s founder, rising in value, as well. you he shared this picture. mark zuckerberg, was asked mentioned that one big investor, but whether his company is doing enough to help keep young more broadly, can we say more and more broadly, can we say more and people safe online. more money is going into crypto currencies? there is still a lot of well, there‘s a lot that we can do and a lot that we do. interesting crypto currencies. just how that will sort of work its way we are building our systems needless to say, as soon as they
9:21 pm
to become more proactive over time. out is still something a lot of we re needless to say, as soon as they were out, they started updating the people are trying to figure out. but but i know that this media. and we started to get a feel is a huge issue. for how that had gone. when other it is a big issue everywhere in the world. what has lent more credibility to the company continues to face the crypto currency space is that we update. criticism in the wake of the mass are seeing that bigger banks are shooting in christchurch, trying to get into it, they are new zealand. establishing crypto currency trading the attack was live—streamed desks, as well. so that is helping on facebook and videos continue to resurface on the platform. well, jacob rees mogg to legitimise it somewhat. butjust mr zuckerberg said the company in terms of the volatility, it goes is not in the cabinet. is getting better at removing harmful content. but his hardline brexiteer european research group has been hugely influential in setting out the way an example where this is working up in terms of the volatility, it goes up and down without a lot of real reasoning, and hence the i rolling. mrs may has handled well is in terrorist content, for example. the whole brexit process. our systems are able to take down... thanks, we will speak to you this is how he responded throughout the week. to the reports of what 99% of the isis and al-qaeda content happened in cabinet. that we take down is flagged it is not usually successful for by our ai systems and taken down the world trade organisation has drastically governments to get their business before anyone sees slashed its growth forecast for this passed on opposition votes when it on the network. year — tojust 2.6% — so there is an opportunity their own party is against it. it is to be able to do better. it had been 3.6%. this is what we are basically it‘s all in the wake of the us—china trade war. clear from the recording of the view upgrading all of our it‘s director—general says systems to be able to do. of the cabinet, the 1a members of facebook‘s growth to become one tariffs are to blame. the cabinet against and only ten in of the world‘s biggest companies has been staggeringly fast. favour, so it is slightly odd lagging behind, critics say, of course there are other elements constitutionally they have decided has been its ability to protect to pursue down this route and we at play, but rising trade tensions all those who use it. sarah campbell, bbc news. are the majorfactor to know the majority of conservative mp5 are against an extension. so i
9:22 pm
at play, but rising trade tensions are the major factor to the stories today. over the last year, we have doubt the wisdom of this policy will seen a range of new tariffs put in move forward. boris has said that it health experts believe that place, effecting widely traded long—term exposure to man—made air puts brexit in the hands ofjeremy pollution, especially from vehicles, corbyn. that is the risk of what is goods. trade simply cannot play its accou nts pollution, especially from vehicles, accounts for around 30,000 deaths a happening. i think to allow the yearin accounts for around 30,000 deaths a year in the uk. from next week, full role in driving gdp growth when london will be tackling the problem levels of uncertainty are so high. labour party to a brand brexit, to by introducing a new charge for decide that you would rather be vehicles entering the central zone. if trade tensions continue to supporting by a marxist by our own increase, we could see an even more party is unwise. —— then our own the ultra low emission zoneth will party. what is the next move very affect the most polluting vehicles, significant dampening effect on the up affect the most polluting vehicles, up to 60,000 per day, ranging from yourgroup? party. what is the next move very your group? we will have to see how global economy and trade motorbikes to hgvs. in the next two things develop and what is brought expectations. so let us all work to forward in parliament. but the prime yea rs, motorbikes to hgvs. in the next two avoid that —— expansion. years, it will expand to include a minister set a number of times that much wider area. several other no deal is better than a bad debt. cities in england are also planning just after 6pm here theresa may gave she cannot get her own delta. she clea n cities in england are also planning clean air zones, although the details for them could well differ. think any other deal is bad. she has a speech from downing street, and a our science editor david number of things of note that she made that clear. i don‘t understand shukman has been looking why she doesn‘t remember her own at the latest research on vehicle pollution, and what it said. primarily she will ask for words. that she cannot get in her does to our health. further extension to article 50 from own deal. let's bring in chris air pollution can dominate our cities. the eu, and she says she‘s willing in this image, scientists have used mason. this story has moved that to sit down withjeremy corbyn to senseit mason. this story has moved that sense it feels like a long time ago orange and red to represent see if the two main parties can thinking about the indicative votes but let‘s focus on where we have got to bust up jacob where the air is dirtiest. fashion a brexit compromise. further but let‘s focus on where we have got to bust upjacob rees—mogg is not in this case, the busy streets reaction in a moment. happy but some are suggesting and junctions of central london. actually, theresa may has got him in outside a school, we use a heat
9:23 pm
actually, theresa may has got him in a difficult spot where he either had camera to reveal pollution you can‘t see with the naked eye. to choose to vote for her deal or except soft brexit may be coming. the exhaust fumes stand out because they‘re hotter hello, welcome along to our regular right. what could well happen if for than the surroundings. they flow right past the children, look at the world weather. there‘s a who are more exposed than adults lot going on around the globe, so i because they are closer insta nce right. what could well happen if for instance he talks between the prime went to pick out some of the main minister and the labour leader to the ground. jeremy corbyn do not come to much weather stories. firstly, we had to and we get to a stage where a range scientists say the effects could be worse than previously thought. the middle east where we see of options is put forward, looks over the years, we‘ve learned more and more about what air cou ntless the middle east where we see countless storm systems moving across as part of the world lately. likely the government existing there pollution can do to us, would be amongst those options and this latest area of cloud, a but we can‘t see the stuff, if the government was able to make the case to people like jacob so let‘s imagine the tiny particles and gases that are drifting around. slow—moving area for the low rees—mogg, it was the hardest for my pressure which has brought brexit they were going to get, then and as we breathe them in, torrential downpours of rain in iraq who knows if that could persuade we are coming to understand and iran. that‘s where these some additional mind. his mind has pictures come from, devastating been persuaded as far as that the range of effects they can flooding, rivers overtopping their argument is concerned. i think the banks. we‘ve even seen dams essence of what we have got from have inside us. the first impact is in our airways overflowing, such has been the and lungs, risking inflammation theresa may today is an acceptance, and asthma attacks and diseases the mass is never likely to be there like lung cancer. rainfall in the systems. many areas and down inside the lungs, when she adds up conservative mp5 have seen in excess of 100 mm of the smallest particles can actually and democratic unionist party mp5. rain ina cross into the bloodstream and cause have seen in excess of 100 mm of rain in a 2k hour period. but the more harm, blocking arteries, next couple of days are a bit to get this withdrawal agreement through the comments. therefore, she increasing the danger of heart quieter, 1—2 showers around with had to reach out to the labour disease and of stroke. some thunderstorms here and there, party, a party that downing street they may also reach the brain. but not the intense widespread reign of the last few days. except by the links to dementia are
9:24 pm
points out west put forward in his now being researched. time we get to the weekend, some but the big concern is children, ma nifesto points out west put forward in his manifesto and feel years ago in the and whether pollution can cities in this region, kuwait, general election and idea to deliver affect their growth — brexit i‘ll be in a slightly even before they‘re born. baghdad and tehran, might see the return of some heavy systems once different and soft their vision and walter is just five weeks old, a brexit than the government but and his mother rachel is taking part none the less one that was committed in a new area of research, again. keeping an eye on that to delivering it. therefore the exploring the impact situation, over to the usa, this argument is that surely it is worth of pollution on pregnancy. area of low pressure off the east the theory is that tiny particles coast has been deepening, spinning argument is that surely it is worth a conversation to see if between the can get into the placenta. two of us we can itself up into what we call a a conversation to see if between the two of us we can come it‘s pretty scary. a conversation to see if between the two of us we can come up with a plan nor‘easter storm. writing at the jeremy corbyn has said he will you protect yourself engage with those talks, there is a east coast, the winds in the store when you find out you‘re pregnant pretty high likelihood though the in as many ways as you can, make it close to hurricane strength, sauce could start as soon as and that‘s obviously something tomorrow. he will challenge and a where people cannot protect whipping up some big seas across the choice to make. thus he try to help themselves as easily, living in london especially. us. big waves crashing onto the deliver brexit and get over the yeah, it is quite frightening. store lined with waves making their line? if he guessed that he is bound the researchers have so far way across the coast in snow any investigated 15 placentas, with the idea that he has helped eastern parts of the canada. we can deliver what critics will see as a looking for anything unusual. tory brexit. it might be tempted to walk away from the idea that he has earlier studies have found that in polluted areas, see big thunderstorms in this part helped deliver what critics will see babies can be born underweight. of the world at this time of year, asa helped deliver what critics will see as a tory brexit. you might be tempted to walk away from that. up no—one knows why. against the end of the programme. noticed the big thunder clouds so the discovery in some placenta thank you forjoining us. thank you offer watching. tomorrow. goodbye. cells of tiny black dots, which look very like pollution —— thank you for watching. particles, is a big worry. developing all... drifting through the well— being of the placenta india. these storms contain strong
9:25 pm
and gusty winds with hail which can hello. it is only day two of a new equals the well—being of the baby, be quite damaging. not as many essentially, so if there is anything month and already resorted to showers through the next few days, affecting the way the placenta works weather cliches i have, sorry but but other parts of india, it is all or affecting its function, tuesday was suddenly a day of april theoretically it can affect the growth and development about the heat. temperatures a showers. i brought some beautiful little above average, and now we had of the baby as well. weather watch your pictures and, a closer to home to europe. it‘s been perfect rainbow with threatening as the research continues, dry across the western side of —looking size in the background. the a hot exhaust pipe spews out more europe, but that is changing. you‘ll gases and particles. showers, fairly widespread right notice that rain in winter showers next week, london will try to reduce across the country, and she pollution by half by imposing here at home are extending across conceived by the satellite picture a charge on the dirtiest vehicles. come into brought some dramatic the continent of europe. down showers that are. this was northern the aim is to keep tens of thousands towards the alps, the wet weather is ireland first thing on tuesday of trucks and cars out of the city bumping into some slightly colder morning. some pretty intense hailstorms. we also had some snow as and scientists say this cannot air, and certainly over the come soon enough. david shukman, bbc news. mountains, some significant snowfall. parts of the swiss alps well to the top of high ground. we could see a further metre or two of will also see fred the snow during snow. late in the season, good news wednesday what this area of low pressure that will move its way into for the ski resorts, although at this time of year, significant snow scotla nd pressure that will move its way into scotland in the northeast of england football news and fulham have been over the next few hours. plenty of relegated to the championship after can lead to avalanches. back home, a bruising defeat, this time away to showers down into the southwest. watford. more of the same over the next few this is how wednesday is shaping up. it‘s been an extremely days. chilli with wintry showers, some of that rain will be quite disappointing return heavy, with some nice ones, snow to to the premier league for fulham, you can get plenty more details on with just four wins this season. the high ground, the winds in the tonight‘s 4—1 defeat means fulham are now the second team relegated that here in half an hour. rain will push away into northern from the premier league this season, ireland in northern england as we go along with huddersfield.
9:26 pm
through the day. sunshine and the new tottenham hotspur football showers for england and wales but a with gale force gusts unexposed ground at white hart lane has been described as the most because, the thermometer might say advanced stadium in britain, and perhaps the world. 6-9d but it‘s been completed six months late, because, the thermometer might say 6—9d but for northern scotland come northern ireland and unexposed was and has cost close to £1 billion, facing because it really will feel but it‘s also had a rather much colder. what do you remember dramatic impact on homes and schools in the surrounding area, how many i talked about this as our sports news correspondent beautiful horseshoe jet stream ? richard conway reports. how many i talked about this beautiful horseshoe jet stream? a "to dare is to do" is their motto, fairly wea k and tottenham‘s new stadium appears beautiful horseshoe jet stream? a fairly weak jet which is expected beautiful horseshoe jet stream? a fairly weakjet which is expected to wea ken to fit that billing. fairly weakjet which is expected to weaken further over the next few days. really from thursday on was is split into two, one area to the it will host premier league football north and this week affair down to for the first time tomorrow night, with hopes that the long overdue the south. that will allow the story and overbudget stadium can provide a platform to take to stag nate the south. that will allow the story to stagnate a little bit but it will the club to the next level. i don‘t think you can be a big club drag out something just that little and a 36,000 seater stadium. bit milderfrom the so, this is a 62,000 seater stadium, drag out something just that little bit milder from the southeast as well. on thursday, we will see some the second biggest in the uk, rain topping and telling the and i think ourfans deserve, country. still a little bit of which and our players deserve, witness to higher ground and well to play in front of a big audience. but between those two, something a series of problems has seen spurs drier. some isolated showers and frustrate their fans by continuing just the first signs of something a to play fixtures at wembley this little bit milder as well. and season, while complex building lighter winds and more sunshine. it
9:27 pm
should feel better. the low pressure issues were resolved. but those behind the project say parks down to the southwest it is one of the best venues in the world, potentially, still running the risk capable of hosting american football of showers into the southwest in too and revolutionising the match day experience for fans, which includes the pace particular, but again, the wind at which a pint can be poured. direction still coming from the this stadium has been many southeasterly, so with a little more years in the building, in the way of sunshine coming and has been troubled by snags and delays. through on friday, a drier story for but now it‘s finally here, many, slight? to how much love there officials believe it will give the entire local community will be but as you can see, just a a huge boost. little bit milder. nine to 1a tottenham is one of britain‘s most socially deprived areas, degrees that is the story for the the starting place for the summer end of the working way. certainly if riots of 2011. we look further ahead, the start of spurs say the new stadium the weekend looks promising. still will support 3,500 local jobs. and whilst transport the weekend looks promising. still the potential for that low pressure to sit down to the southwest and links remain problematic, u nfortu nately, to sit down to the southwest and unfortunately, still bringing affordable homes and two schools showers what else where it can be have already been built, dry with sunshine and it will sell giving hope of an economic dividend. it‘s going to bring jobs for a little warmer with 1a degrees. to the youth around this area, in that theory is going to continue or anybody, it gives opportunity for the longer term. the six to ten to the people who live around here. day trend. as we move into sunday, it is still going to be mostly dry i think there will be a load of benefits. it's looking pretty and mostly quiet, and so the weekend already, isn't it? people are glad to come here is looking quite promising. though and tottenham is a nice community, it's been nice all the time. sharp showers would start early in
9:28 pm
a little few rough edges. the week starting to ease away in waiting in the middle temperatures again peaking at 1a for the centre wasjimmy greaves. with over a century of history celsius. it suddenly looks as though and tradition behind them, tottenham hotspur can, once we have the next 2a hours out at last, look to the future, hopeful that their shiny new home will give both club and community of the way, we could to see some something to crow about. drier, sunny weather and you might richard conway, bbc news, tottenham. even get a chance perhaps to enjoy some of the spring bulbs starting to bloom. further ahead coming out is a quick reminder of tonight‘s menus. called, largely dry and fingers the prime minister theresa may after crossed, the cloud breaks out for a little more sign. —— a little more a long cabinet meeting has that she will ask the eu for another extension to the brexit process and sign. will ask the labour leaderjeremy corbyn to collaborate on trying to find a new brexit agreement in parliament. more on newsnight on bbc two. now a bbc one, the news where you are.
9:29 pm
hello, and welcome to sportsday. i‘m sarah mulkerrins, your headlines tonight. fulham fall to the championship — their time in the premier league is done after defeat to watford. a calamity of errors as ten man manchester united are downed by wolves. and a lesson learned the hard way. alex hales talks to us about the fallout from the fight outside a bristol nightclub. good evening — welcome along. fulham have been relegated from the premier league this evening, after a 4—1 thumping at watford. it consigns their fate
9:30 pm
to championship football from august, after a turbulent one season stay in the top flight, has left them with a total ofjust 17 points with five games to go. they willjoin huddersfield, who were already relegated on saturday. well our reporter joe lynskey is here. it was a tall order this evening, and the scoreline reflected that. it was going to be a difficult ask for them. they felt the pain tonight. this confirms with five games of their season still left to play as well, but the results tonight has meetings. this is it now. you can see here, relegated alongside huddersfield.
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