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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 4, 2019 10:30pm-10:41pm BST

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nobody‘s going to throw up, are they? if he did give us a shout we'll give you a bucket. well done. good evening and welcome to the programme, we start with an issue that should really be confined to the history books. instead world football has been forced to take a long hard look at how it's tackling racism within the game, with many players insisting not enough is being done to eradicate it. the latest to speak out is tottenham's danny rose who was a victim of racist chanting during england's euro 2020 win over montenegro just last month. now rose has told the bbc he can't
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wait to see the back of football. i've had enough, ijust think that i've had enough, ijust think that i've got a few more years in football and i can't wait to see the back of it, seeing how nothing is donein back of it, seeing how nothing is done in the game at the minute, i just want to enjoy football as much asi just want to enjoy football as much as i can, and there's so many politics and i can't wait to see the back of it to be honest. strong words from danny rose there, but perhaps this is why. just some examples of racist abuse aimed at black footballers this season. back in december a spurs supporter was fined and handed a four—year football ban for throwing a banana skin at arsenal's pierre—emerick aubameyang during a derby match at the emirates stadium. that incident during england's 2020 qualifying win over montenegro last month, when raheem sterling took to twitter and instagram in response to racial
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abuse he and his team mates had received. the most recent of course, just this week, whenjuventus forward moise kean was racially abused by cagliari supporters after scoring his sides‘ second goal in their victory on tuesday. another man who's spoken out today, england women's manager phil neville who says the issue can no longer be swept under the carpet, insisting someone needs to take a stance. i would hope i would have the courage to bring the team off because to make a real stance i think it has gotten to the point where we can no longer continue to sweep things under the carpet. that will not get to the bottom of the real issue. i think we have the courage and the backing, more importantly, to maybe bring a team off, stop the game and say "this is not good enough, we will punish supporters causing the problems". i think i would hope
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i will have the courage to do that. brown has been charged with improper conduct after he celebrated infront of the rangers fans. gerrard has accepted a one match touchline ban, apparently for comments he made to the referee after the game. ryan kent has had a two match ban upheld for shoving brown to the floor, although it was unpunished at the time. both clubs have also been cited for that full time confrontation. surprise when for the entry festival. favourite buveur d'air, the two—time cheltenham champion hurdle winner, was beaten in the aintree hurdle by supasundae, who's trained byjessica harrington and ridden by robbie power. the main event on saturday is, of course, the grand national. the a0 runners were announced today although one —
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leading irish contender mall dini — has since been ruled out with a leg injury. leeds did hit back with four tries from tongan centre konrad hurrell but it wasn't enough, this try from ben crooks ended hull kr's 3 match losing streak. including this line, they managed to hit back with four tries. 45—26 the final score. now for some of the day's other stories... liverpool are top of the premier league table for agents fees for the second year in a row. they paid agents nearly £41; million in the two transfer windows this season, part of a combined premier league spend of £261 million, £50 million more than last year.
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wales women were held to a goaless draw by the czech republic this evening. but the night belonged to wales full—back loren dykes who became just the second player to reach 100 caps for her country. england batsman jonny bairstow‘s continued his good form in the ipl. he followed up a century last time out with 48 from just 28 balls to help the sunrisers hyderabad win by five wickets against the dehli capitals and saudi arabia's first female racing driver reema juffali will make her f4 british championship debut at brands hatch this weekend. she will drive for defending champions double r racing just six months after making her competitive racing debut. england manager gareth southgate has been to buckingham palace today to collect his obe from prince charles. speaking after the ceremony he dedicated the honour to his team. our sports correspondent
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natalie pirks was there. after becoming an unlikely fashion icon last summer, i southgate said he would never wear a waistcoat began cough in the pirates —— a palace requires a smart approach. it's a privilege to be the manager and received an award from the royal family is something i'm very proud of, so that was very special and yet, a moment and that will live with me forever. it's for services to football a recognition of three decades in the game, culminating in him becoming the first england manager and 28 years to reach a world cup semifinal in russia. with england today up to fourth in the world rankings, the youthful evolution under southgate has been quite something, but is not yet. we talk about becoming the number one tea m talk about becoming the number one team in the wild and that's our aim, so team in the wild and that's our aim, so to go from 15th and danforth is probably easier than the next step
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and are some teens behind us that will be working extra hard to bridge the gap as well, so we are improving and enjoying the journey, the gap as well, so we are improving and enjoying thejourney, we have to keep doing it. if that journey seizing that when a trophy, he could well be back here for an upgrade. and finally, it's the boat race this weekend. the crews of oxford and cambridge have been preparing for 11.2 miles on the thames for the past year. olympian's past, present and future are taking part. we know you have to be super fit to be involved, butjust how fit? we sent former nfl playerjason bell and olympic hockey gold medallist sam quek to oxford to find out. have you rowed before? just in the gym, for fun. i have done it on water, once. that is better than me, i am not sure we are going to be
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ok, we will wing it. let's go. hello. nice to meet you. we are going to put you through a series of tests today to find out what potential you may have. i like this, i'm into this. there is that word — test. the aerobic capacity test, this is the single best indicator of somebody‘s potential as a rower. this is quite frightening. grab handles. three, two, one... off you go. nice and gentle, nice and gentle. watching the heart rate climbing nicely. 150. just as you hit the minute. really nice. nice high heart rate. up you go, up you go, well done.
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stay strong. well done, superb. well done, folks. leg burn. we have the aerobic capacity test results. sam, your score came in at 2.8 litres per minute, jason, 3.4 litres per minute. the boat race, they probably have four litres and more, for the women, for the men, six litres and more, so they have almost double the aerobic capacity you have. you have both been really good sports, no set of tests is complete without a proper race... ready... attention... go! settle in. you might have this, 700... don't overcook it. well done.
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fantastic, fantastic! excellent. well done. well done, brilliant. well done. move around, do what you need to do. nobody is going to throw up, are they? give us a shout and we'll get you a bucket. jason, sam, you both did exactly what boat race crews do, which is go off hard, your heart rate rapidly rises right up to the max in the first couple of minutes. same thing, fast start, heart rate peeks out. so all we need is another two years worth of practice... and we will have you in a boat race team. i can't even stand up right now, you know how weak i am!


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