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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 5, 2019 5:00am-5:31am BST

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i don't even know what to make of this is the business briefing. that story. let us know what you i'm victoria fritz. think. get in touch with us, the hashtag on twitter is great progress but no deal yet. president trump holds talk with #bbcthebriefing. let's move on and this is the briefing. talk about coral. i'm victoria fritz. china's vice premier over there $360 our top story: researchers say the amount of new coral created billion trade war saying it could be on australia's great barrier reef has plummeted by nearly 90% resolved within a few weeks. plus the man accused of the mass killings as a result of ocean heatwaves. after the biggest divorce in scientists warn the structure of the reef is likely to transform at two mosques in new zealand has completely if more bleaching occurs history, jeff bezos is still the because of climate change. richest man in the world with but appeared in court to face dozens of new charges. he has been ordered to caroline rigby has more. his ex— wife is now one of the coral spawning on the great barrier reef. undergo psychiatric tests. as the it's a natural wonder worlds richest women. and on the which is crucialfor maintaining the most bio—diverse world heritage site anywhere on earth. european union grows increasingly concerned over the possibility of a market, a muted day of trading no deal brexit our european editor across asia because hong kong and sits down with the new leader of the china were closed for a holiday. there is little change in the dollar. jobs report is coming up from the us a little later german christian democrats. international calls for calm in libya as the leader of forces in the east of the country orders troops too much on the capital. and in business, great progress but no deal yet. president trump holds talk with but scientists say unprecedented the bright —— vice premier of china bleaching events in 2016 and 2017, which damaged two—thirds of the reef over their trade war saying it could system, also triggered a collapse in coral regrowth. with such a large area affected,
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be resolved within a few weeks. it was unable to replenish, and that has resulted in a massive 89% drop in the number of new baby corals. their ability to reproduce has declined. so what we call the brooding stock of corals has actually declined and they're now producing less little larvae, which are the new recruits. research published in thejournal nature blames the problem on rising a warm welcome to the programme — sea temperatures, a result of sustained global warming briefing you on all you need to know from the burning of fossil fuels around the globe. in global news, business and sport. but scientist say the reef might still be able to recover over the next 5—10 years, if there are no and you can be part further bleaching events. of the conversation. tell us what you think — but the likelihood of that, just use the hashtag they say, is almost inconceivable. caroline rigby, bbc news. #bbcthebriefing. telus prince harry weighing in on video games. he says they are created to addict. what do you think? stay with me on bbc news, i'll be back with the business briefing in just a few moments. the man accused of the mass shooting we are going to be talking about at two mosques in new zealand has appeared in court in christchurch to face appeared in court in christchurch to fa ce d oze ns appeared in court in christchurch to face dozens of new charges. renton donald trump and those trade talks tarrant, a face dozens of new charges. renton tarra nt, a 28—year—old
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face dozens of new charges. renton tarrant, a 28—year—old man from with china. just how close are they australia is accused of the murders of 50 people and 39 attempted toa with china. just how close are they to a deal? plenty more coming up a bit later on. today our talking murders. he has been ordered to point is about those comments from prince harry, he is saying that he undergo psychiatric tests. during thinks videogames are created to addict, and he wants a ban on the friday prayers three weeks ago this very popular game called fortnite. let us know what you think on mosque became the scene of the hashtag #bbcthebriefing. some massacre. a terror attack that thoughts coming in, "self—management shocked new zealand and brought the is better than banning, restrictions should come from the game vendor world ‘s attention to this normally themselves". charles lloyd says "i quiet and sacred place. the man do like the fellow, but he should accused of carrying out the mass listen to his granny more", talking shooting has now been formally about queen elizabeth, of course. charged with 50 murders and 39 attempted murders. 28—year—old " if about queen elizabeth, of course. "if you ban something it goes renton tarrant attempted murders. 28—year—old renton tarra nt appeared attempted murders. 28—year—old underground and has to be policed". renton tarrant appeared via video link from the high security prison plenty more coming up. where he is being held in auckland. hello. the last couple of days have thejudge ordered to where he is being held in auckland. the judge ordered to routine where he is being held in auckland. been decidedly turbulent thejudge ordered to routine mental health checks to determine whether with plenty of downpours. health checks to determine whether he is fit to enter a plea. the al you can see from the satellite picture all these lumps of cloud circulating relentlessly around noor mosque is no longer a crime the top of the british isles, all driven by low pressure. the low is now, however, starting to shift a little scene. “— bit further westwards. eastern parts of the uk drying up through the day ahead, noor mosque is no longer a crime scene. —— people have been able to return to pray to try and recover. with the change in the orientation
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of this area of low pressure, but some are still dealing with what we're bringing the winds they witnessed here. some survivors in from the south—east, something a little bit milder. where we are closer to that have been taking food parcels to area of low pressure, across the south—west of england, bereaved families, sustaining them wales, northwest ireland, we will see further outbreaks and processing his own feelings.” of rain, whereas most places will be am trying to keep myself busy. call dry with some spells of sunshine. with that south—easterly, temperatures a little higher it survivors guilt. they need help than they have been, 14 degrees through the afternoon in london. right now. they need the love that rain splashing across the south—west into wales, maybe the midlands and northern ireland. for northern england and for the east and west is missing and that, i guess is what of scotland here, some good spells we are trying to do. the shootings of sunshine as temperatures get up into double figures, we re but for shetland, more cloud we are trying to do. the shootings were streamed live online. social and the odd splash of rain at times. media companies like face book and as we go through friday night, youtube have been criticised for that area of low pressure retreats further westwards, taking the rain with it. a lot of cloud feeding its way failing to prevent extremist material from being shared. into the north sea. temperatures as we start the weekend australia has responded with new holding up between three and seven laws threatening imprisonment and degrees for most, maybe just a touch faster across sheltered spots huge fines unless they act quickly. in scotland, so for the weekend itself, relatively mild the impact of the attack still and often cloudy. we will see some sunshine. equally, where the cloud is at its thickest, there could be a little bit of rain at times. weighs heavily in christchurch, as do the questions of how such a easterly winds bring a little bit of cloud into eastern parts violent and terrifying attack can happen here. talks between the uk of england and eastern scotland, migrating further westwards into the midlands, north—west england as we go through the day, with the odd spots of patchy rain
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or drizzle, some showers perhaps across north—east scotland. a mild day for most of us with the best of the sunshine in the eest. conservative and liberal parties are a bit of cloud and the odd overnight expected to continue today as they shower here and there, attempt to end the brexit deadlock. their negotiating teams met but the potential for some heavy showers to break out for almost 5 hours on thursday across the south—east, the midlands, in what the government described perhaps towards merseyside as we go as "detailed and productive" discussions. the uk is due to leave through the afternoon. just a bit chilly for some the eu on 12 april, of those north sea coasts, and as yet, no withdrawal mild again on monday, but it does look like it will turn deal is in place. a little bit chillier as we get the eu is growing increasingly concerned about the potential of a no—deal brexit. our europe editor, katya adler, has been speaking to annegret deeper into next week. kramp—karrenbauer. known almost universally as akk, she's the new head of the cdu party in germany — and could become the next chancellor when angela merkel stands down. a bit of cloud and the odd overnight shower here and there, but the potential for some heavy showers to break out across the south—east, the midlands, perhaps towards merseyside as we go through the afternoon. just a bit chilly for some of those north sea coasts, translation: wien the eu have negotiated in way for a very long mild again on monday, time stop the fact that we are so but it does look like it will turn 00:04:55,198 --> 2147483051:39:12,314 a little bit chillier as we get 2147483051:39:12,314 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 deeper into next week. close to a no deal situation is down to the domestic situation in the uk.
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isn't it full hardy than to stay on the tough redlines in negotiation, such as the backstop of the guarantee to keep the irish border open. wouldn't it be more sensible to say yes, 0k, we will put an end date on the backstop. so far in the future that we doubt we will ever get to it. i have heard internally that germany may have been open to that germany may have been open to that idea but there was pushback from other member states, particularly ireland. translation: it was clear from the start that all eu countries wanted to work together, particularly listening to the point of view of ireland and the irish government. try and avoid no deal. if the uk came to us now and said let's spend five days negotiating non—stop on how to avoid a backstop, i can't imagine anyone in europe saying no. donald tusk is proposing to offer
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written a one—year extension before it leaves the eu with the option to depart earlier if parliament in london ratifies a deal. the proposal will be put to eu leaders at a special summit next week. you can read more about this on the bbc website. the address there is on the screen website. the address there is on the screen for you. let's brief you on some of the other stories making news today. in a parliamentary by—election in britain the main opposition party, labour, has held onto a constituency in south wales. the candidate won the seat with a reduced minority. the conservative party were second in the uk independence party came third. a big forest fire in the mountainous part of south korea has killed at least one person and destroyed more than
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ioo one person and destroyed more than 100 houses. several thousand people have been moved from their homes. the president has told officials to liaise with north korea in case the fire spreads across the border. the un world food programme has appealed for urgent access to vital wheat stocks in yemen that have been cut off by months of fighting. it is said the quality of the green was deteriorating by the day in the country was on the brink of famine. the united states has revoked the entry visa for the prosecutor of the international criminal court. he has been investigating allegations of war crimes by us forces and their allies in afghanistan. his office —— her office insist she will continue to do her duty without fear 01’ or favour. the un, us and four of its allies have expressed deep concern over fighting in libya. they called for calm amid clashes near the town of gharyan and as the leader of forces
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in the east of the country ordered his troops to march on the capital tripoli. the apparent escalation in fighting has raised concerns it could hinder the prospects for un mediation. caroline rigby reports. stretching into the distance, a convoy of armoured vehicles and trucks mounted with guns. allegedly heading west is this evidence of an escalation in the country's long—running conflict? the footage was released by the self—styled libyan national army as its chief ordered troops to march on the capital, tripoli. translation: heroes, the time has come. it is time to advance towards tripoli and to enter it peacefully. 0nly point your weapons that those who have decided to fight. 0nly fire on those who have decided to shoot and want bloodshed. those who put down their weapons will be spared. the announcement came as weapons will be spared. the announcement came as the un secretary general made a rare visit
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to tripoli to meet the internationally recognised government. a trip aimed at drumming up government. a trip aimed at drumming up support for a national conference to lay the groundwork for much delayed elections. i want to make a very strong appeal, an appeal for all military movements to stop. there is no military solution for any problem in the world and there is not a military solution for the problems in libya. in ajoint statement, the us, france, britain, italy and the uae expressed deep concern and urged restraint. while the un backed ferment in tripoli says it has put its forces on high alert and powerful armed groups from alert and powerful armed groups from a western city who back the government have also vowed to stop any advance from the east. but it is feared any intensification in conflict could be a major setback
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for un mediation in a country where the tussle for power runs deep. a result of the messy end to colonel gaddafi's rule that has already rip this nation apart. let's turn to our top business story now. president trump says that progress has been made at a rapid pace in talks to end the trade war with china. speaking alongside the chinese vice premier he said that a deal has very, very good chances of happening and could be made within a few weeks. but he warned it would be difficult to let china keep trading with the united states if remaining issues remained unresolved. well, with me now as kulveer ranger, the ceo oran it with me now as kulveer ranger, the ceo or an it services corporation. how are you? what do you make of all this? very, very good, an epic agreement... we have heard this before but a cautious tone underlying it all. you are right.
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donald trump, the arch dealmaker, self—proclaimed, but also a lot of hyperbole, many tweets, a lot of something will happen but we're not quite there. in his own words, as you were saying, they are getting very close to making a deal but that does not mean a deal is made. 0ne step forward but are we there yet? the reason why this is so important is that it demonstrates that maybe from's style of politicking, that business style, really has leverage that says last year imports to the us from china where 540 billion dollars. exports the other way, 120. you can see why this is so important for the chinese, why they want to keep donald trump on side. and negotiations seem to have made substantive progress and i think thatis substantive progress and i think that is the message being relayed to the president, on things like reforming chinese industry practice, the worries that are about intellectual property, especially coming to technology and the way that international business has to
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jv with chinese business in order to do any sort of business. jv, that is joint—venture. do any sort of business. jv, that is joint-venture. yes. so this is a significant deal that has been closed in upon. and around the world we see the deals are becoming more and more difficult, certainly in europe there are no brexit deal is happening, maybe this does demonstrate what donald trump does demonstrate what donald trump does well and has done well, which is make deals. the ink has not even on the paper yet alone dry so we will keep an eye on this. stay with us will keep an eye on this. stay with us here on bbc news. still to come, as us here on bbc news. still to come, as anti—government protests continue in sedan, we meet some of the women who are at the forefront of fighting for a different kind of future.
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25 years of hatred and rage as theyjump up on the statue. this funeral became a massive demonstration of black power, a power to influence. today it's about the promise of a bright future. a day when we hope a line can be drawn under the bloody past. i think that picasso's works were beautiful, they were intelligent, and it's a sad loss to everybody who loves art. you're watching the briefing.
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0ur headlines: the man suspected of carrying out the christchurch mosque attacks, brenton tarrant, has been ordered to undergo mental health and to determine if he is fit to stand trial. as the eu considers how to act over the growing possibility of act over the growing possibility of ano act over the growing possibility of a no deal brexit, the new leader of the german ruling party says she believe european leaders would agree to further talks with the uk. the opposition in sedan has called for big demonstrations this weekend to remove the government. dozens have been killed and thousands have been detained in protests that began after bread prices rose sharply earlier this year. many of those at the forefront of this fight are young women, fighting to new society. as our
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africa editor reports. the women of al—ahfad university, facing the regime's police. the men with guns drive past repeatedly. but the women stand firm. and that kind of courage is everywhere these days. assil diab is a celebrated sudanese artist. but she's using her talent to protest, painting the faces of the detained on the walls of khartoum. translation: this art reaches many people, whether they're walking or driving. all of them look. they can see the character, and if they don't know who it is, they ask, so people keep talking about it. women have faced severe repression under the regime's version of islamic law. now as many as two thirds of demonstrators are female. this woman, hurling tear gas back at the police.
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for others, like wifag qureshi, who started as a student activist six years ago, the aim isn'tjust to remove the regime but the entire politics of patriarchy. translation: there are certain ideas that we need to fix, like that girls should stay at home while men protect and provide for them. or that men should go out on the streets, but we should not. this was one of the things i protested for, and i think it is changing a lot now. the road to change was opened by economic crisis. after 30 years in power, the bashir regime has failed to deliverjobs or prosperity. and soaring inflation alienated the middle classes, whose children took to the streets. the economic situation is so bad that even people from the middle class, even affluent families, found it hard to maintain their daily bread. and so when they reach that level of desperation, they became equal with the poor and the working classes,
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and had nothing to lose. with bashir still firmly in control of the security forces, it doesn't look as if the new sudan will be born anytime soon. but what is significant is that the experience of brutality, of witnessing what is happening to others, has traumatised, but also deepened the determination of the protesters. translation: this is something truly sad. if you don't believe truly in what you do, it is hard to go on. if you don't believe, then you will feel it is ok to just stand by and watch them beat people. when you see a man is being beaten, i don't think you would cross your arms and just watch. whether or not they remove the regime soon, the women of sudan have already achieved fundamental change — in how their society sees them, in how they see themselves. fergal keane, bbc news.
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now it's time to get all the latest from the bbc sports centre. 2014 winner lexi thompson is among a group of four. a stroke further back on what could've been a better day, if not for a wayward start that saw her bogey the first. but no such problems on the 18th, where she finished with a birdie thanks to this approach shot. while defending champion pernilla lindberg is five shots off the pace after a 1—over—par round of 73. it didn't all go smoothly though for scott and kylie henry. scott finished on one under par, seven shots behind first round leader daan huizing
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of the netherlands. for kylie, she was three shots further back on two over in a round that yielded three birdies, three bogeys and a double bogey. greece's maria sakkari has moved through to the quarter finals of the charleston 0pen after knocking out defending champion kiki bertens. sakkari accounted for the dutch second seed in straight sets 7—6, 6—3, and will now play caroline wozniacki in the last eight. liverpool will go back to the top of the premier league if they can beat southampton later on friday. they will be hoping striker mo salah can get on the scoresheet. he has now won eight games without a goal but played a big part in liverpool's winner on sunday, and his managers are not worried in the slightest. his career is not over. if he can score 20 goals, he can score 60 in the last two. while it's not too
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bad. he is a threat, he helps us with a lot. he deals with the new situations really well. 79 points in a moment, you cannot have that with a moment, you cannot have that with a lot of problems over the year. just over a week to go until the nba play—offs. still places to play for in the east, while in the west all eight teams have been confirmed, but i still jostling eight teams have been confirmed, but i stilljostling for final seedings. —— are still. the la clippers are in the hunt for the fifth seed spot, and they've been in great form lately. but a defeat to the houston rockets on wednesday was just their third loss in 16 games. the clippers take on the lakers in a los angeles derby later on friday with the lakers having already missed out on the postseason. a new pitch made out of recycled plastic cups was opened in russia. belgian brewer ab inbev launched the white and red coloured pitch in sochi, which came
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about after the firm reprocessed more than 2.5 tonnes of plastic to build the pitch. that material came from more than 50,000 cups collected at russian stadiums which hosted the 2018 world cup and fan areas where supporters gathered to watch their teams. but from me, tulsen tollet, and the rest of the team, that's your friday sport briefing now, it sounds like a sports competition but our next story is about high stakes politics. the two remaining candidates in ukraine's presidential election are due to undergo a drug test shortly as part of a bizarre row over holding a debate. volodymyr zelensky, the comedian who won last weekend's first round, will then go head to head with ukraine's president petro poroshenko in a football stadium. take a look at this.
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