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tv   BBC News at Five  BBC News  April 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:45pm BST

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at the time, it was the worst terrorist atrocity on british soil. 21 people were killed and more than 200 injured when bombs went off in two pubs, the mulberry bush and the tavern in the town. today at five: theresa may writes among the survivors to the european union asking is barrington berry, for a further brexit delay who was just 17 at the time. 44 years later, he has returned to the place where he nearly lost his life. until the 30th ofjune. this is where the bomb was, here. ina in a letter, the prime minister says she still hopes the prime minister in fact, i was told it was under this seat here. there was a flash of light somewhere —— united kingdom could leave here and the next thing i remember, earlier if her deal is approved. we it was so quick, the next thing still hope to leave, we don't have a i remember was ending up over there, in front of the bar. majority in parliament and we have to have these discussions with jeremy corbyn. since february, the victims' families have attended to have these discussions with jeremy corbyn. in a few minutes, we every day of the inquest, will be getting reactions live from hoping for answers to key questions about that night in november 1974. a warning had been phoned in. jacob rees—mogg. so why hadn't the pubs we'll ask him about reports that donald tusk is prepared been evacuated? to offer the uk a flexible extension and, most importantly, of up to a year. who planted the bombs? the other main stories on bbc news at 5: the key moment in the inquest came when a former ira bomber,
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an inquest finds that a botched ira known as witness 0, told the court that he'd been given permission call contributed to or caused 21 by the organisation's present—day deaths in the 1974 birmingham pub command to name four people who he claims were bombing. 44 years, it has took us to have an involved in the bombings. inquest, let alone a murder trial. mick murray, who'd been tried it is now time, way, way past time, and acquitted in 1975 was one. the unit's commander, for a murder trial. seamus mcloughlin. former british soldier sally challen, the woman whose conviction for murdering her husband james gavin and michael hayes, was quashed at the court of appeal, is granted bail at a fresh trial. who'd been arrested and released in 1974 is the only one who is still alive. danny rose says he cannot wait to in a bbc interview, he said turn his back on football because of he'd been a participant and apologised to the families. racism. my heartfelt sympathy to all of you, what is it? nothing, let's get this for a terrible, tragic loss that you've been put through. and for all these years, over with. and classic horror. find you've been trying to find closure, i hope at last, god will be merciful out what mark kermode makes of that and bring you closure. and the rest of the new releases in witness 0 was asked whether a fifth the the film review. man, michael patrick reilly, was also part of the group he said he didn't know the name. mr riley has always denied being involved in the bombings.
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the former mp and author chris mullin told the inquest he'd spoken to the men decades ago, but thinks it's too late now for new criminal charges. the only way that i can see that anybody could conceivably be convicted 44 years after the event, is if they put their thumb print to a statement. theresa may has asked the european setting out their role in this affair. union for a further delay to brexit i don't see any sign of that happening. a new memorial to the victims until... in a letter to european council president donald tusk, theresa may says britain has been unveiled near will prepare to hold elections for the european parliament, with the option of pulling the scene of the bombings. out of them. mr tusk is considering a longer, flexible extension of up to a year. the families can finally say our political correspondent, for certain that they were murdered by the ira but they still seek justice and now want the police alex forsyth, reports. to pursue the people responsible for taking 21 lives. phil mackie, bbc news, birmingham. what next for brexit? because speaking outside court, parliament is still deadlocked, the sister of murdered 18—year—old unable to agree how we can agree maxine hambleton called we re for the authorities to bring those unable to agree how we can agree were not relieved, the prime minister is asking for more time to who are still alive to justice.
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try and sort it out. in a letter to the european council president, 21 of our loved ones went out one theresa may asked to delay our evening to meet friends and family departure date until the 30th of and they never saw the light of day june this year but once the option of leaving earlier if parliament again. today, the inquest has found supports a brexit deal before then, which is what the government hopes. they were unlawfully killed by we still hope to leave the eu and the next couple of months, that is murder. whilst the police officers oui’ the next couple of months, that is our ambition, we don't have a majority in parliament. and that of the day cannot be questioned in means that we have to have these discussions with jeremy any great detail, there is no way means that we have to have these discussions withjeremy corbyn to see if there is enough common ground to do that. those talks with labour, that the people of this country and whose leader were in what —— was in the people of our community of birmingham and ourfamilies will newport today, are continuing. still questions as to he will push for allow the senior police officers to another public vote. i have twice get off with letting these put forward proposals to parliament murderers, two of whom are still that include that and the labour alive, get away with their continued party has supported them. we have not ended the talks with the government yet. there has been no liberty. we now demand of dave obvious move on the side of the government as yet. theresa may wants
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to keep any extension as short as thompson, the chief of west midlands possible, but has acknowledged that if no exit dealers agreed by may 23, police, to tie his shoelaces, black issues, and go out and do thejob. the uk will have to take part in elections to the european parliament, almost three years after voting to leave the eu, something the prime minister says is not in let's take a look at some the prime minister says is not in the country's interests. of today's other stories. many brexiteers are angry at any debate. we don't need to ask an human right lawyer amal clooney has been appointed special envoy on media freedom. the foreign office extension, we should just leave the says she will work to counter european union. that is what 17.4 million people voted for and that is draconian laws that hinder what the polls show, that is what journalists from going about their work. she will not receive a fee for her work and says she was honoured overwhelmingly members of the conservative party voted for. to ta ke her work and says she was honoured to take on the role. a man has appeared in court charged some say even a long delay will not with attempting to murder five people in north london last weekend push them into backing the prime and on tuesday. the 29—year—old is minister of the s deal. push them into backing the prime minister of the 5 deal. the terms of accused of stabbing five people in the withdrawal agreement are so crushing, such a humiliating defeat, we would be better staying in the the edmonton area. three people were european union for a year longer if critically hurt. another has potentially life changing injuries. necessary. finding compromise here
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won't be easy. and while the a hospital in england close to the welsh border says it will no longer government may say it once a delay, accept patients from wales, except yes, no, or how long, that is a in emergencies orform accept patients from wales, except conversation that will happen in in emergencies or form maternity and cancer care. the decision by managers will affect thousands of brussels. people in flintshire in north wales. let's now talk to our political a woman whose conviction for murdering her husband correspondent. what are the was quashed at the court of appeal implications of this at westminster, has been granted bail ahead of a fresh trial. sally challen was jailed for life this letter from the prime minister in 2011 for murdering her husband asking for another brexit delay?” richard, but the conviction was overturned in february don't think anybody will be following a campaign by her sons, surprised because parliament has and evidence that she had suffered consistently made it clear they decades of abuse. today, she pleaded not guilty to his murder. don't want to know deal brexit. the richard lister reports. prime minister said this week she would not countenance that. and so there was no alternative but to write to the eu now and ask for an sally challen has never denied killing her husband, richard, extension beyond april 12, which at but she's always maintained the moment is the date the uk are that she didn't murder him. in february, the court of appeal heard arguments set to leave the european union, about the issue of coercive control and quashed her murder conviction. with or without an agreement. it ordered a retrial, theresa may has failed three times 110w in the light of new evidence theresa may has failed three times now to get the withdrawal agreement about her state of mind at the time of richard's death. through. she needs more time and at the old bailey, today, thatis through. she needs more time and her family saw her plead that is what she is asking for. no not guilty to murder,
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guarantee she will get it or at in advance of the retrial. thejudge ordered least not in the timeframe she has set out in her letter because last her release on bail. month, she asked for an extension and following a ten summit, she was today, we are overjoyed that bail told, now you can have until may the has been granted for our mother and she will be now released back to us. 0ur mother now rejoins our family. 22nd. this will be negotiated. the we are respecting the reporting prime minister will have to make a restrictions now placed, so we can't comment further, personal pitch when she meets leaders in brussels again. they will i'm afraid. richard and sally challen were married in 1979. be looking for more certainty from she'd been just 15 when they'd met. the prime minister that she can they made their home in surrey, deliver on the plan, the strategy had an active social life that she has sketched out in this and raised their two sons. letter. a plan that of course but, by 2010, the involves trying to find some new couple had split up. and, in august, richard challen was found dead at the family home, cross— party involves trying to find some new cross—party consensus with labour having suffered more than 20 hammer about what the future relationship blows to the head. should look like if those talks don't go anywhere, having another sally challen has been injailfor his murder for nearly nine years. series of full in the commons, the eu outgoing to want to know that she is currently in bronzefield prison near ashford in kent, will deliver on what the prime awaiting her retrial. minister is setting out. let's now join our european correspondent. she she is to be released has asked for an extension, how on bail tomorrow.
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the judge said the trial likely is she to get it? very would take place onjuly1st, adding, "if necessary". richard lister, bbc news. interesting. what we have been hearing this afternoon are some quite sceptical sounds. having seen theresa may's letter, we have been we are now going to take a look at hearing from the french comedy germans and the dutch. the germans the weather pros —— prospects for the weather pros —— prospects for the weekend. a change of fortunes for this have been said many questions remain weekend. we are going to find more and —— unanswered. the dutch prime in the way of sunshine for the minister this afternoon has been western side of the uk. eastern parts are more likely to have cloud saying they expected the uk would and rain. this is what we have seen come up with answers to some of the over the last few hours. this is the questions but he said there was no main rain band, wales, the clear plan, only half a plan, in the south—west of england and northern letter he had seen. the french went ireland, that is clearing away. the even further. sources saying there rain that we have got in 0rkney is was no plan in theresa may boss a vs going to push into mainland parts of scotland. in between, there will be letter. the french finance minister some clear skies but nowhere to saying without a clear and credible path forward, there could not be a call. temperatures similar to last positive response to a request for night. cloud and outbreaks of rain an extension. i think that is pushing in on an easterly wind into exactly because countries are scotland. it may well cloud over in
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looking at what she has put in that letter and they have seen the talk the afternoon. a much better day further west. again, we are likely about talks with the opposition, possibly delivering something, if not parliament may be having a vote, to find some showery rain coming in but what the question they have is across the eastern side of the uk on how is this going to produce a sunday. may be the chance of a resolution in the uk and something that will see a deal ratified by rumble or two of thunder. parliament. from their side, that will see a deal ratified by parliament. from theirside, i think, still unconvinced. thank you very much indeed. meanwhile, those talks on trying to find a compromise between the government and the labour party have been continuing. we havejust government and the labour party have been continuing. we have just heard from the labour party shadow secretary, sir keir starmer. we have been discussing the alternative plan and issues such as confirmatory this is bbc news. the headlines: votes. we had discussions yesterday and we will continue them today. and we are also hearing a labour
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the shadow bracket set secretary says that it is disappointing that spokesperson saying they are disappointing the government has not the government has proposed no changes to its brexit deal after two offered real change or compromise. let's talk now to jacob rees—mogg, days of talks. obviously that is disappointing, compromise requires who says if the uk does have to change. we want the talks to accept a long extension to article continue and we have written in those times to the government that we do need change if we are going to 50, then it should become obstructive. this is the tweet from compromise. theresa may has asked jacob rees—mogg earlier on. the european union forfurther delays to brexit until 2038, but she still hoping the uk can lead earlier than than that if mps are finally —— until the 30th ofjune. and i are there we are. let's talk to jacob contributed to the deaths in the rees—mogg in somerset now for us. thank you forjoining us. first of birmingham bombing stop sally all, some people have replied to that, saying it is rather childish. challen is granted bail ahead of a well, is it? there is a duty which fresh trial. we have followed dutifully but i
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don't think we have had that in return during these negotiations. i think they have negotiated in a way and all the latest sport. the purple that was designed to split up the united kingdom, which cannot count as sincere cooperation. i think if face southampton. they will leapfrog manchester city to get to the top of we are stuck in a system that's f —— the table if they win at st mary's. 17.4 million voted to leave, we he said the site must be at the top should use such powers as we have to to when and have won three of the show them they are better off without us and therefore when it comes to the net —— next framework, last four matches and more on that end sports day at 6:30pm england's we should simply veto it and emmanuel macron once much further women are playing tonight manager integration and that would require a new treaty and we would be able to phil neville once to develop into obstruct that. the eu should be one of the great teams in the world careful about what it once and of and dominate in their spot in the course, european parliamentary same way that the all blacks have in elections are a particular problem a same way that the all blacks have in by because it seems to me it is likely same way that the all blacks have in a rugby union. watch the game live on bbc fourfrom 7pm. we would elect people who are rather more extreme than the sort of people the england and spurs defender, we are used to in british politics danny rose, says he can't wait to end his career as a footballer andi we are used to in british politics and i don't think that is good for because of the failure british politics for european of the authorities to politics. it sounds like you are tackle racist abuse. he was one of those players who had resigned to being inside the european union for quite a while monkey chants directed at him at the longer. i think we should leave, we
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should have left a week ago. theresa euro 2020 qualifier in montenegro. may said we would leave on the 29th of march. i think over 100 times. if we can't do that, we should leave on the 12th of april. if the prime minister does get her extension or an even longer extension that is being talked about, that is overturning the democratic vote we silber said they would remind him of had in 2016. a lot of people would his duties and obligations. it is say you could have helped herfulfil ladies day at the grand national that promise, to leave on march the festival and to the's feature... but 29, if european research group andy dup had voted for her long ago. reversing that result this afternoon, coming home 20 lengths while, her deal is a bad deal. it clear under ruby walsh. he was the costs us 39 billion for nothing in return and leaves us as a vassal 2-1 clear under ruby walsh. he was the state for 21 months and leaves the 2—1 favourite. tomorrow it is at the big one, the grand national. it european justice still interfering in ouraffairs, even european justice still interfering in our affairs, even once we have left. it is not a good deal. i did could be the historic day. tiger come to the conclusion in the end it was the best of a bad option and i voted for it and of the 110 roll is going for a second in a row. if he wins it could mean he is an eurosceptics who voted against on elite company. winning the grand the first vote, only 28 voted
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against on the third world. my side national, two years running is of the argument has compromised to a almost unheard of. the great red rum very, very significant to be. —— on was the last to get back in 1974, the third vote. a lot of people are but note that last years champion has it in his sights. trained in saying you have left the perfect become the enemy of the good, in the ireland, tiger roll won his most words of the prime minister and recent ireland, tiger roll won his most rece nt ra ce ireland, tiger roll won his most recent race by a staggering 22 others. your tactics have backfired. lengths. 0nce recent race by a staggering 22 lengths. once again he is the one to you have pushed her into the arms of beat. like he can be going to the the labour party instead.” you have pushed her into the arms of grand natural —— grand national with the labour party instead. i think thatis the labour party instead. i think that is rather exaggerated tour, if better preparation. he is in good i may say so. the prime minister does not get pushed around. the form and i couldn't be happier with him. we have been racing over these fences for some 180 years now and prime minister has negotiated remarkably ineffectually. and now only four horses in that time had she has gone trotting off tojeremy ever won consecutive grand corbyn a week before she said he was nationals. such is the confidence integral that he could start as one dangerous and unfit to lead the of the hottest favourites that country. you cannot hold up aintree has ever seen. the hottest individual and obscure backbenchers for this. but from your point of ever was back in 1935, golden view, surely the prime minister's
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deal as it was would be better than a deal that she came to withjeremy miller. golden miller is done. he corbyn that would be maybe centred around a customs union.” tried to refuse and shoots his corbyn that would be maybe centred around a customs union. i agree with jockey out of the saddle. tiger roll that and that is why i voted for her could set up as the biggest deal last friday. ideal —— i still favourite. if he wins, the keys face think it is a bad deal. i accept a staggering £200 million they let that point. it sounds like the talks may not be going that well, from what we can —— payet. a staggering £200 million they let -- payet. everybody is going to be hear, between the government and the backing him tomorrow because the labour party. presumably, you would public adore him. he is looking to welcome that. you know better than i emulate red —— red rum and he has do, neitherjeremy corbyn nor to raise my confide in me the inner the public course. at the course workings of their talks. i assume where red rum became a legend, can what is being reported is likely to be accurate. i want us to leave the another horse now carve his name into racing history? that is it for european union and we have an opportunity to do that on the 12th of april, just a week from now. i mejust into racing history? that is it for me just now. we will have more for think that would be a preferable you in sports day at half past. option and would deliver on not only the referendum result but also on the referendum result but also on the general election result, when 83% of candidates stood on
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ma nifestos 83% of candidates stood on manifestos saying they would respect the referendum result. if they were murphy on those brexit talks between to be agreement between theresa may the government and party. ben is in and jeremy corbyn on a compromise, a way forward, is it your view that a westminster with the latest. yes, mr future tory leader would simply awkward simply rip up that starmer has said that it is agreement? parliament cannot bind disappointing. he said that it the government were not wanting to its successors, that is a basic constitutional point. if the change any wording of the political declaration, that is the part of the electorate decided to have a leader whole deal looking ahead to the who was more committed to future, non—binding but it is part euroscepticism, the future parliament would be able to change of the package. my understanding having talked to labour is that things. that is our basic principle. there has been eight an exchange of that becomes quite interesting also in what we're talking about at the labour that has been exchange of beginning. if they were to be a long letters on the state of this negotiation. the product of their extension, the eu could not count on theresa may be there leading the talks should be a third document country through that long extension attached onto the steel. so not and they may find there is a leader less sympathetic to their changing the wording of the strategies. would that be honourable political declaration, but a sort of addendum to it where they hope to for a conservative prime minister to nail down some compromise patients reach a agreement and then for the on what the future relationship next leader of the conservative should look like the stop —— some party or government simply to tear
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compromise positions on what the that up? completely. you must future relationship should look like. labour were talking about remember that conservative voters, conservative members and members of rewording the actual deal because it is not actually negotiation, but it parliament to a large degree are opposed to this approach that is does not provide any government being taken but they are in no way would stick to what has been a great bound by what one leader agrees in full stop there is a lot of the circumstances. it is a matter for vote rs scepticism on your website side that the circumstances. it is a matter for voters and voters are free to this amounts to anything at all. determine the course of policy in the future and i said, parliament thank you for that update. as we cannot bind its successors. that is a great point of democracy that one we re thank you for that update. as we were hearing a little bit earlier theresa may has written to the european union requesting a further parliament cannot be held up as the delay to brexit until the 30th of parliament which other parliaments have to accept the legislation from june. how is europe likely to in future, have to accept the legislation from infuture, or have to accept the legislation from in future, orfor all have to accept the legislation from respond? infuture, orforall time. let's go to brussels. have to accept the legislation from in future, or for all time. it is clear you hate what theresa may is doing but it is partly awful, your have backfired. hate is a strong to brussels. let's speak with larissa brunner. word. i don't support what she is from a european think tank to foster doing for by think it is bad politics and it is bad for the country but i don't want to get into european integration. do you think they're likely to go with that the more emotional language. you request and till the end ofjune for don't like what the prime list is
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the extension? no, i don't think doing at the moment but it is the they will be very happy about this. fault of your tactics that have backfired that she is still prime basically, theresa may has asked for minister and could be potentially an extension to the 30th ofjune until the end of the year. i'm before, last month, and the eu already said no then. theresa may already said no then. theresa may already asked for this new extension afraid this is trivialising the issue. it is not about my tactics and what i think. it is about what in the full knowledge that this has 17 point formerly a people voted for been refused previously and it is an theresa may said over 100 time properly going to be refused again. sheet would leave on the 29th of what she really wanted to do was handed a decision about the length march. —— over 100 times that she ofan handed a decision about the length of an extension to the eu, because if the eu decide that it will not —— would leave. the prime minister carries the can. the back also stops that it only wants to get along extension, theresa may can go back with you because you are here in to her party and say this long pa rt with you because you are here in part because you are part of the erg extension has been imposed on her by the eu. similarly, if the eu says no which has been very pivotal in all this voting and all this discussion and all this debate and what i am and doesn't grant an extension at putting to you is you have blown it, all, similarly she can go back and ina sense, putting to you is you have blown it, in a sense, with the way you voted on her deal in the way that you have see it has basically... it is tried to get rid of her as prime minister. i'm afraid i would basically the eu's fault. she could
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rephrase it. if the prime minister present it that way. so i think she had delivered on her manifesto has really handed the decision back policies and even on the speech he to the eu about the length of made at mansion house which involved a great love compromise, which extension. do you think you might people in the erg were willing to wa nt extension. do you think you might accept and indeed pro—europeans —— a want a longer extensionwe have had foran eu want a longer extensionwe have had for an eu official signe donald tusk is preparing to say it should be great —— she would have managed to get her deal through. 0nce flexible extension, but a year?” great —— she would have managed to get her deal through. once again, it is the leadership that is in charge. they do the negotiations. until think there are several drawbacks associated with a long extension from the eu's perspective. along recently they controlled the legislative timetable. you cannot ascribe blame to those not running extension would mean that the uk things. we would have delivered had would have to take part in the european parliament elections in may and that is quite problematic from the prime minister lived up to her promises. jacob rees-mogg, thank you the eu's perspective because some of so promises. jacob rees-mogg, thank you so much for talking to us. let's the eu's perspective because some of the seats have already been redistributed to other countries and you would have to get those other countries to give up their claim to bring you right up—to—date on those those extra seats, which could be latest talks between the government politically quite difficult. there and the labour party, trying to find and the labour party, trying to find a compromise on brexit. we played is also the question of how uk participation in the european you above keir starmer, i think that parliament elections could change the dynamics and a balance of power in the european parliament. it is was the wrong clip. let's play you
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the right clip of keir starmer a quite likely that the uk would elect short time ago. we have had two a number of brexiteers and there is rounds of talks and today we have had an exchange of correspondence with the government. so far the of course the question of whether the eu 27 would really want a large garment is not proposing any changes to the deal. in particular, it is number brexiteers in the parliament. not countenancing any change to the wording of the political there's also the possibility that if declaration. that is disappointing. compromise requires change. we want you take or disrupt policy—making during such a long extension. jacob the talks to continue and we have written in those terms to the rees—mogg already suggested that on government but we do need changes we are going to compromise. there is no twitter and that is especially commitment to a customs union in any problematic in areas where unanimity shape orform is required. in areas where uk veto commitment to a customs union in any shape or form that they are now making? i think the central issue is could really hold up progress, for whether there is any change to the example when it comes to the next eu deal. that is what this is all budget. that could also be about. and at the moment, the problematic. there are also possible government is not proposing any change to the deal, it is not countenancing any change to the actual wording of the political disadvantages related. getting the declaration. 0bviously, actual wording of the political declaration. obviously, i actual wording of the political declaration. 0bviously, ithink actual wording of the political declaration. obviously, i think we all want to break this deadlock and we wa nt all want to break this deadlock and uka long we want the talks to continue, but
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compromise does require change. disadvantages related. getting the uk a long extension might get the idea that the eu is looking to avoid we want the talks to continue, but compromise does require changem does seem pretty astonishing if they ano say they want to do a deal but they idea that the eu is looking to avoid a no deal and that they may not be won't make any changes to the deal. the signal they wish to give. as it that is why we have written back to the government but all of us might impact them in the next stage recognise in both parties that there of negotiations. from the eu's isa recognise in both parties that there is a duty to try and break the perspective there would have to be a deadlock and we are continuing in good reason for it. such a reason that spirit. what sort of changes do could be a second referendum or a you want to see? we have gone general election. very good to get through a huge number of issues with your analysis. thank you very much. the government at some length. we had a meeting of four and a half policy analyst at policy centre. hours yesterday. the central point is whether the government is the england and spurs defender, danny rose, says he can't wait opposing to make changes to the deal to end his career as a footballer and at the moment, it is not. and because of the failure therefore, we need to move on from of the authorities to tackle racist abuse. that position. that is the shadow racist chanting was directed at rose and other england players during the recent euro 2020 qualifier in montenegro. he says the way the problem brexit secretary, keir starmer, is being tackled is a farce. speaking a short time ago about here's our sports correspondent, joe wilson those talks between the government today's question for football — and the labour party, trying to find what can make a player at the height and the labour party, trying to find a brexit compromise, his verdict on of his powers decide he's had enough? well, danny rose has endured racism. those talks so far, not too most recently, at england's
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game in montenegro. optimistic, as you can hear. he does not believe that football is taking that issue seriously. a country can only get fined, you know, a little bit of money for being racist. it's just a bit of a farce at the minute. i've had enough. how i've programmed myself now, i just think that i've got five or six more years left in football, and i just can't wait to see the back of it. this weekend, the fa cup semifinals are played at wembley. let's just recap the main events that led up to this inquest. it's where raheem sterling grew up and a group of children from his old school will be the guests of the player and manchester city at tomorrow's game. they spent this morning at the bbc and told me that their role models are footballers. what the sport displays really matters. it's disheartening to certain players of colour. like, even though they may be really good on the pitch, due to the colour of their skin maybe, they get criticised for that. i also think that what harry kane has come out and said, that if the england squad receive
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any more racialabuse, he's going to walk them off the pitch — i think that's a really good idea. so, if there's racism at a game, would a manager lead a team off the field of play? commentator: what an equaliser! well, that question was put to the boss of england's women's team. if we have the courage and we have the backing, more importantly, to maybe bring a team off, to stop the game, to say, "right, this is not good enough. we're going to punish the supporters that are actually causing the problems", then i think, i would hope i would have the courage to do that. something needs to be done — that's accepted. who leads that process is not so clear. danny rose has made his point several times, in fact, but will it take individual players turning away from football to motivate a response? uefa is due to announce its sanctions against montenegro next month. joe wilson, bbc news.
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let's speak to ged grebby, founder and ceo of show racism the red card. thank you for being with us. danny rose says he cannot wait to turn his back on football. it is a terribly sad statement. it is absolutely shocking. we're seeing a going problem here in the grass roots in england. people should take note from danny and the young people that you have had on on footballers being role models and a leading by example. is a problem at grass roots, it is notjust at top level international football or at premier league football? it is the amateur levels and lower levels as well? we are seeing it right from the grassroots and right through education. racism is a growing problem in our society and it is
5:23 pm
coming back into football and we've seen much recently in leicester where an amateur team had to leave the pitch. because of racism. it will come back on football because it isa will come back on football because it is a society's problem. i think it is a society's problem. i think it has to be done in the right way. it has to be the referee who stopped the game. i would not want to see individual players are leaving the pitch. ultimately, if nothing is done by the referee, and players have been to the referee and asked them to stop the game because of persistent racism, i think that gareth southgate is right and people should be leading the team off the pitches. we've had ten years of that protocol been there, so we need to make sure that it is done in the right way. we know in the rest of europe, particularly in italy and montenegro and some of the eastern
5:24 pm
european countries that there has been a european countries that there has beena campaign european countries that there has been a campaign like to show racism the red card. there has to be a lot more campaigning on education in those companies that make in those countries. danny rose says the attitude of the authorities is a fast and that punishment is not harsh enough. would you agree? yes, you cannot talk about fines today. if we come back with a fine from montenegro, i think there will be a massive uproar against that. we know how much money is made on football and fines of £65,000
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