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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  April 5, 2019 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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the birmingham pub bombing inquests — to stop the game because of a botched warning call by the ira led to the deaths of 21 people killed almost half them to stop the game because of persistent racism, i think that a century ago, says the jury. gareth southgate is right and people two bombs exploded in city centre should be leading the team off the pubs in november 1974, leaving more than 200 pitches. we've had ten years of that people injured. 44 years it's took us protocol been there, so we need to to have an inquest, let make sure that it is done in the alone a murder trial. right way. we know in the rest of it is now time — way, europe, particularly in italy and montenegro and some of the eastern way past time — for a murder trial. european countries that there has the inquests come after been a european countries that there has beena campaign european countries that there has years of campaigning by the victims' families. been a campaign like to show racism also tonight: the red card. there has to be a lot the prime minister requests another brexit extension until the end ofjune more campaigning on education in and says the uk will make those companies that make in those preparations for european parliament countries. danny rose says the elections just in case. attitude of the authorities is a free after almost a decade fast and that punishment is not in jail — sally challen, who killed her husband in a hammer attack, has been released harsh enough. would you agree? yes, ahead of a retrial. you cannot talk about fines today. if we come back with a fine from montenegro, i think there will be a massive uproar against that. we know how much money is made on football and fines of £65,000 or even a
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million p does not touch the football at the moment. —— £i million does not touch the party moments. it has to be harsher punishment. that is harsh on fans that are not races, but the message needs to go out to football fans that we are fighting racism and making sure it does not happen in society. thank you very much for being with us. now on bbc news a look ahead to sports day. coming up on bbc news, the premier league's cat and mouse chase continues with liverpool having the chance to go back to the top of the table tonight with only one point separating in and manchester city. we will also look ahead to one of the packed sporting weekends of the
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year with the grand national, the boat race and the fa cup semifinal is all to come. that's on sports day at 6:30pm. now it is time for this film review. hello there. welcome to the film review. here on bbc news taking us through this week's cinema releases we have, yes, you have guessed it, mark kermode. three very different releases. we have pet sematary, which is a new reworking of the stephen king classic novel. we have shazami, an upbeat, colourful anti—superhero movie. and happy as lazarro, a cannes prizewinner. now, pet sematary. what could possibly be scary about a pet cemetery? are you...?
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where do you stand on stephen king stories? have you read stephen king? yeah, yeah. and you have because you have done a phd in horrorfiction. i have, thank you for bringing that up. doctor kermode. doctor kermode, exactly. so pet sematary is... when stephen king first wrote it he thought it was too dark to publish and the novel itself is pretty dark. there was a version of the film made in 1989, now we have a remake of it. so, the story is that a family have been living in a town, move to rural maine where the forest is now in their new back door. it looks wonderful, it's going to be a new opportunity, the father will be able to spend more time with his kids, except that in the forest there are some strange things, like processions of children dressed up like extras from the wicker man, with a wheelbarrow and the dead pet in it going out to the pet sematary, misspelt on the title. and beyond the cemetery itself, beyond the dreadful is something even more suspicious. here is a clip. saw these in the trees up there. yeah, they're warnings.
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the local tribes carved them before they fled. fled? yeah, they knew the power of that place. they felt its pull. they came to believe it belonged to something else. the ground was bad, so they moved on. but there's something up there. something that brings things back. so what happened to your dog, judd? he came back. just like that man said he would, but he was changed. it was when he went after my mother that my daddy put him down. for the second time. sometimes dead is better. so that is the tag line for the film, sometimes dead is better. and there is no surprise in the fact that this is a burial ground, if you bury your pets
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they come back and at the stakes are going to be raised. what's interesting about this is this comes on the back of it, which obviously was made as a tv miniseries in 1990 and it became the biggest grossing horror movie of all time, unadjusted for inflation, the exorcist is still officially the champion. but it was a huge hit and we have it chapter two coming out in the summer months' time, so this is kinda in the middle of it. 0nce going back to a classic old stephen king text that has been brought to the screen before. and i think it is efficiently done, if rather generically done. at the centre of it is a story about grief and about loss and about... if you're offered the chance to overcome grief and loss, would you do it? the novel itself is very dark, the film has a more lightly comic tone to it. i neverfound it scary. no. i did think it had a kind of twilight zone appeal, or alike can easily comic sort of thing and it solidly done,
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it's very stylishly shot by laurie rose and the department are very good. john lithgow there is somebody you can always rely on. i did believe in the family, but what i didn't get was the sense that this had moved as on any further. had moved us on any further. it felt like a solid, meat and potatoes, crowd pleasing mainstream stephen king order. stephen king horror. i have only seen the trailer, but that looked pretty scary to me. 0k. well, i think you might enjoy it. i was never scared, i did enjoy it, but i thought... it felt like solid burger and fries affair. you are a hard guy to scare. i am, i know. 0k. now, shazami, which is about a 14—year—old boy who gets the power to transform into a superhero every time he said the word shazami. yes, and suddenly he is in the red suit with the flash and everyjoke is that at the moment he discovers he can become shazami, he is still a 14—year—old kid. and anything we are always told with comic book superheroes is that with great power comes great responsibility. of course, they haven't
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got the great responsible, so what he does as he goes into the local store because he looked old enough now and he tries to buy some beer. he makes youtube videos of all his exciting superpowers like stopping bullets, until his nemesis, in the shape of mark strong, turns up and suddenly he realises that actually, there is something he has to do. i like this. it was kinda fun, like a superhero riff on big. remember when tom hanks becomes a kid who becomes a man? there is also... it's like a sort of comic version of chronicle, played more for laughs or imagine deadpool with none of the r—rated nastiness in it. if it has a flaw, it's that it is too long. it is two hours and ten minutes long and i could happily have cut half an hour out of it. but it's breezy and bright and it is entertaining and it is very affectionate. it feels very... it is kind of cute. cute? cute. 0k. happy as lazarro? directed by alice rohrwacher who made the wonders, ominated and won the best screenplay award at cannes. so, set any rural village called
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inviolata, and violated, perfect. it has been cut off from the rest of the world. we meet a series of sharecroppers who are working the land and they are being forced to work for no money because they are co nsta ntly work for no money because they are constantly in debt to the marchesa. he meets a man and he says he thinks they may be brothers. he asks him to join any plan to fake his kidnapping and that is when things start to change. let's take a look at eclipse. —— a clip.
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howls you can see from that that it has an almost dreamy, fairy tale equality and then the police turn up and nothing is quite like it seems. what is interesting about this them as you can read it in a number of ways, you can read it in a number of ways, you can read it in a number of ways, you can read it as a dogville parable about workers' rights and
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excitation or you can read it as a story about past and present because there is a time and travelling element about it. that is never explained. it is played naturally but these are strange and supernatural things happen. you can see it as a cousin of the village. actually, what i think is that in the end, it is a story of someone who sees the good and things to such an who sees the good and things to such a n exte nt who sees the good and things to such an extent that it protects him from the corruption of the world in which he lives. the best thing about it is that i think everyone who sees it will interpret it any different way. you can read it and many many different ways and you can see as a parable, afairy different ways and you can see as a parable, a fairy tale or a political story. it is kind of weirdly magical and you sort of go with it. i love 0ut and you sort of go with it. i love out of blue, and similarly with this, you just have to go with it. it isa this, you just have to go with it. it is a really melancholy and charming and strange and i don't really know what it is about, but i
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know what it might be about. i would happily see it again. best out as a film that came out when we were at school? yes, clockwork orange, the adaptation of anthony burgess's novel. it is ultraviolence and terrorising and that is a part of the film that became notorious. the design | at the beginning of the film balance at the beginning of the film is very, very full on. what people forget is that most of the film actually happens after that and it is to do with this thing this technique. so a type of aversion to make? 0r inversion therapy? technique. so a type of aversion to make? or inversion therapy? exactly. that section of the film gets far less attention than the beginning
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which is the the thing that made the film notorious. there are lots of stories about it being banned, it was not banned in the uk. kubrick asked warner bros to remove it from circulation in the uk after it had its first run. the reason you could never see it was because stanley kubrick did not want it to be shown. it was not shown again until 1999 or 2000 when it was reissued. and you know because it was —— because you made a documentary about it. now add to your talents? it has a lovely sons and feel to it. it has a lovely sons and feel to it. it is an old—timer bank robber and read for‘s performance is just great. it is very, very gentle and very nostalgic. i just great. it is very, very gentle and very nostalgic. ijust love that. i thought it was really touching and it isa thought it was really touching and it is a character study them. it
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looks like the kind of film of the made in the 70s and they don't make any more. from my point of view, that's perfect. are read, mark. thank you. that is all for good buy both of us. this weekend at the best of this engine is going to be across a more western parts of the uk. that was certainly not the case today. we had a lot more cloud and outbreaks of rain. that rain is moving away from northern ireland and we should see over the next few hours it starts to dry up. we lose the light in the south—west of england to stop the rain in 0rkney will push its way into imminent parts of scotland in between there will be some clear skies. three to 6 degrees. it should be much drier tomorrow with some spells of sunshine in eastern parts
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of england turning claudia. an easterly breeze will bring in some showery by settling stop temperatures are certainly pegged back along the east coast. as we move into sunday, more cloud for the eastern side of the uk. some of those could be heavy, potentially thundering, towards the south—east of england. 0n the whole it should bea dry of england. 0n the whole it should be a dry day with some sunshine stop temperatures a bit higher on sunday for england and wales. that is all for england and wales. that is all for me. enjoy your weekend.
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