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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 5, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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this is bbc news. fulham and each car here is compliant apart i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 7pm: from one. the prime minister requests another we do need change if we are going to brexit extension until the end of compromise. she says she is still june. hoping that in the uk can lead shadow brexit secretary sir keir starmer says it's disappointing earlier than that it mps finally that the government has proposed no approve her withdrawal deal. an changes to its brexit deal after two days of talks. inquest found that a botched ira warning call contributed to or downing street has said it would be 1974 caused 21 deaths in the 1974 birmingham pub bombings. sally willing to make changes to secure an challen, whose conviction was agreement. compromise requires change. we want the talks to quashed at the court of appeal is continue and we have written in granted bail ahead of a fresh trial. those terms to the government but we do need change if we are going to compromise. an inquest finds a botched ira warning call contributed to or caused 21 deaths in the 1974 any moment it will be time for birmingham pub bombings. sports day, but we will be getting all the updates on brexit and free after almost a decade in theresa may's request for a further
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extension. we'll be hearing about the rescued at sea otter pops that had been making a splash. and that 10:30pm and 11:30pm, the daily express editor will be here to review tomorrow's front pages. that is all had to stop now it is time for sports day. hello, i'm hugh ferris. welcome to sportsday. the first weekend in april is always one for sports addicts. a couple of days circled in their calendars every year. aintree plays host to the greatest steeplechase in the world where the grand national favourite‘s on a roll. it'll be just as gruelling on the thames for the crews of the boat race. and one particularly familiar face. and pep guardiola says every game is a final for manchester city. well this one isn't quite. wembley awaits those four hoping for fa cup glory. also coming up in the programme.
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it's disgusting and it's sad. it is still happening. we have a lot of really good campaigns and a lot of people doing really good work, but it is still there in society and in football. all that, any practice birthday, but before the weekend comes it is friday night and the latest test of liverpool's tightly challenge. they will go back above manchester city and to the top of the table if they win at southampton tonight. it is a game that doesn'tjust win at southampton tonight. it is a game that doesn't just affect the title race, with abiding merit relegation very much on the home side might‘s.
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relegation very much on the home side might's. they are fighting for the league. it gives you good information about the intensity of the game. on the other so deeply football and they have a clear style. they have made if you're really good decisions. it is incredible. but young players. for academy players it is always good, of course, but on the other hand on the side of the situation it is pretty brave as well. that is a good side. it is a really good side and we know about that. and it was very interesting because it does not look like a interesting because it does not look likea team. interesting because it does not look like a team. they were confident and they do what they do and they stick to it and it is good. if the game they had lost it had been unlucky, i
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would say that was bad. it is an eight o'clock kick—off at the similes and this is why it is so important. liverpool and manchester city doing something of a dosey—do right now. can go top by two points with a win— any mistake, you need or could be curtains for either side. liverpool have been starting with disaster for a couple of danes but have found a couple of wins. liverpool's match tonight, with these and the remaining fixtures, means they will bea game remaining fixtures, means they will be a game ahead and potentially have the lead until april when city had a chance to win again. liverpool tonight meet a team that have improved significantly under the man they call the alpine clot. this is
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ralph hasenhuttl. a similar footballing philosophy. it is working at saint mary's these are some of the pictures he has had when he has taken charge. big wins against arsenal and spurs. top four contenders. they also help to relegate film and what was a crucial clash at the bottom of the table earlier on this season. southampton with five points clear of the relegation zone with just five games to play. we know how tough it was to get these points and it is important that we stay in focus. the team deal that they may be play asa the team deal that they may be play as a successful way and we can create problems for every opponent. yeah, it is made a big challenge,
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but i like these challenges. some of the coverage of that is on bbc sport this evening. with less than a month until phil neville announces his squad for the world cup, and with just over a month since their historic win in the shebelievescup, england's women have a crucial match against canada tonight in manchester. jo currie will be watching the lionesses latest warm up for france. i'd imagine for the team and that watching, an attempt to keep the momentum going after that wonderful performance in the states? absolutely after they lifted the trophy, the shebelievescup trophy, probably most important. i am joined by alex scott. and pull of those
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victories when needed. and when under pressure. a lot of those players rotated in a team and it shows ability has not just players rotated in a team and it shows ability has notjust in players rotated in a team and it shows ability has not just in the starting team but in the whole squad. england are ranked third in the world and canada to spot behind. when you look at the likes of them, this will be a big test against canada. they will see that england game, especially the results that have happened in the past. there is that element, the revenge element to it. it adds an interesting tale today. they match up against england really well. remembered -- you mentioned 2015, the last time that these two met up and you guys were very popular in canada that afternoon. one player particular is chasing certain record. yes,
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christine sinclair. she has been a threat throughout her entire career and have played against her many times. they are in transition as well and had a lot of youngsters coming in who want to set and and impress —— step up and impress. coming in who want to set and and impress —— step up and impressm will be part of the bbc coverage and it does not kick off at 7:15pm. you can watch it on bbc four. scotland's women have their own warm up at the moment against chile. the game is being played in spain this evening. spurs defender danny rose claims he can't wait to end his career as a footballer because of what he sez is the failure of authorities to tackle racist abuse.
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racist chanting was directed at rose and other england players during the recent euro 2020 qualifier in montenegro. he says the way the problem is being tackled is a farce. he was a sports correspondent. danny rose's has endured racism. he does not believe that football is taking that issue seriously. country can only be fined a little bit for racism. i have had enough. i think it is a farce. i think i have five or six more years left in football and i just can't wait to see the back of it. this weekend, the uefa —— the fa cup semifinals are being played and this is where raheem sterling grew up and he is going to have children from his old school attended the game. going to have children from his old
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school attended the gamem going to have children from his old school attended the game. it is disheartening to certain players of colour, even if they are very good on the patchjust because of the colour of their get criticised before that. they say at the england squad receive any more racist abuse that they are going to walk off the pitch, i think that is a very good idea. so there is racism at an england game, witty manager walk a tea m england game, witty manager walk a team of the pitch? that question was put to the boss of the england's women team stop we have the backing to maybe stop again and punish supporters who are causing the problems. i think, supporters who are causing the problems. ithink, i hope i supporters who are causing the problems. i think, i hope i would have the courage to do that. something needs to be done. that is accepted. who leads that process, it is not so clear. danny rose has made his point several times. will it mean individual players turning away
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to give a response? the sanctions by u efa to give a response? the sanctions by uefa against montenegro should be decided next month. these are some of the other stories we've been covering sports centre today. neil robertson is through to the semi—finals of the china open after a 6—0 victory over sam craigie. the australian has now won 17 frames in a row in beijing and will face belgium's luca brecel in the last four. one game in the ipl today, the kolkata knight riders are currently chasing 206 to beat the royal challengers bangalore. england's charley hull is in action at the ana invitational in california. she's currently 2 under par, three shots off the lead in the second round. willie mullins was the big winner on ladies day at aintree.
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his horse — min — won by a massive 20 lengths in the feature race, the melling chase. so it's the grand national tomorrow and usually, if you're having a flutter, you might be more succesful pinning a tail on a donkey. but this year there is one horse that stands out in the 40 runners and it's one that could make history. the hot favourite tiger roll would become the first horse to win back to back victories since red rum in the 1970s. the bookies could stand to lose £200 million, if that happens. we can nowjoin our sports correspondent, andy swiss. tiger roll possibly unable? yes, it is all about the grand national. and
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it is all about tiger roll. tiger roll, the horse that everyone is talking about? just how strong are his chances? the punters i think he has an amazing chance? very much though. it is very exciting for racing. for the first time any numberof years, we racing. for the first time any number of years, we have a horse that has been a transcended horse racing and the public have really latched on not only has he won the grand national, but he has one for consecutive cheltenham festivals. he isa tiny consecutive cheltenham festivals. he is a tiny horse. nobody thought i had any chance. he is a tiny horse that a huge heart. he bounded round there. he is lined up in good form, arguably better than last year. he w011 arguably better than last year. he won each cheltenham test again and he won a race again to get his confidence up. he has an excellent chance to stop whether it is a 7— to short, the bookies have him very short, the bookies have him very short indeed, but he could have a live chance to be the first horse
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since the mighty red rum in the 70s. his trainer properly fills most of them. he has an unprecedented 11 runners in the field, six of them for the same owner who own a tiger roll as well. i think it is going to bea roll as well. i think it is going to be a con tater's nightmare —— a commentator's nightmare. they are all going to buy different caps. he has won the before trevor headings has at the horses and at this year, he has won it three times before and we think that vintage clothes, for sue smith, will lead his challenge. i quite fancy his chances. it should be a memorable grand national tomorrow, particularly if tiger roll makes history. it gets under way at 5:15pm
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and it is live on radio five live here. in the sweepstake, andy, you had a tiger roll. congratulations. you're watching sports day and still to come. we catch up with the reigning women's super league champions... ahead of the start of the new season this weekend. where we started the wrong kit and not getting a full team out on the weekend. so to the third big event of the sporting weekend to come, and for wolves and watford on sunday and manchester city and brighton on saturday, a chance to meet at wembley in the fa cup semifinals, with the prize a return trip in may. for city, each game takes them closer to an unprecedented quadruple, but brighton are the next team hoping to take them down. here's tony husband.
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well, manchester city will kick off your tomorrow as overwhelming favourite to book their place in this season's fa cup final. pep guardiola's side are still chasing a quadruple decision. they have lost just once in 2019. and chris newton's side —— chris hughton cut side... i think when i was young in catalonia, it was quite usual to see the final of the fa cup than to see the final of the fa cup than to see the premier league games. any tradition, all wembley, both managers going there in front of the players. so i've never been there andi players. so i've never been there and i cannot deny how nice it would personally be. but i think for the
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players as well. at this moment, they are one, if not the best, team in the world with an array of players that are top players. and the reason they are top players is that they are not only technically gifted, but they are a set aside. they are a very, very motivated side and hence, the reason they are going for all four trophies. maybe he can look back to 1983 and brighton's last van to the final. they beat manchester city back on the way. pep guardiola can call on sergio aguero as he has travelled for this one. plenty of fans inside wembley stadium tomorrow. but in's funds will outnumber city. so it is brighton
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with the unenviable task of taking on manchester city, the premier league champions going for a historic quadruple. so do the seagulls hold out any hope? welljuliette parkin has been assessing the mood on the south coast. if he messes, brighton go through to wembley. —— if he misses brighton go through to wembley. brighton are at wembley in the fa cup semifinal! out ofjail, two nil down after 88 minutes! the journey to wembley could not have been tense. victory from the jaws of defeat in the lion's then. they were to down in the game and had to come down for penalties. it gives that extra impetus to the cup run and it makes fans feel that it is their time,
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their luck is in. it was very enjoyable, very exciting. and what a cabinet has been. they swept aside fellow premier league side bournemouth. they finished off west brom in the replay and then dismissed derby county 2—1. among the 33,000 albion fans heading to wembley as a drummer from the brighton rock band to wembley as a drummer from the brighton rock bani if we're going is upbeat about it. if we're going to beat a club like that, why not in the semis? it is going to a tough one, but we are going to win 5—0. i'm joking! we will when to — one,
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brighton. we shall see. wembley awaits. you can find out at 5:10pm tomorrow evening. one of the oldest sporting events in the world takes place this weekend. the oxford v cambridge university boat race will also see the oldest competitor in its 190 year history. james cracknell, who won two olympic rowing gold medals for great britain, will be part of the cambridge crew, aged 46. that breaks the previous record by eight years and is the latest adventure in cracknell‘s varied life story, as patrick gearey reports. when you row you push back, not only against water, but against pain. this is a sport which takes your body to gasping, agonising exhaustion. a place that james cracknell knows well, but keeps coming back to. the man who has rowed
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at the olympics and crossed at the olympics and across the atlantic will now take on the thames as a 46—year—old, having gone to cambridge to study. it's definitely a lot harder. i don't bounce back in the same way. i have to be careful about that. you can't burn a candle at both ends, but... it's quite fun to abuse 20 year olds... their cultural references are totally wrong and they educate me on all manner of things from equations to tinder. great britain get the gold medal! he has swiped a sports top honour twice, winning olympic gold in 2000 and 2004. after those highs, he took himself to other extremes. together with ben fogle, he trekked to the said pull and hauled himself across the atlantic ocean. but, while cycling in arizona, he suffered the accident that would change his life. a petrol tanker hit him from behind. cracknell sustained injuries that left him with epilepsy
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and altered his personality. his sense of adventure, though, remained. they are great people, but if you listen to them too much they will say what they think you can do. and if i tell them i want to go to study at cambridge and i want to do the boat race, they would have gone, no. you need close people around you to challenge you and also set your own limits and work out how you're going to get there. the journey from arizona roadside to cambridge and onto the thames has taken in another challenge, crossing the arabian desert with the man he had been to the ends of the earth with. the ups and downs forjames are so extreme and, seeing his long—term recovery from that head injury, when everyone said he couldn't. that's the reason it makes me emotional because i hate people saying you can't. this year has been a very defining yearfor me.
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mentally and finishing half off it off with the boat race and the other half, of course. i've proved a lot to myself and, hopefully, answered a few questions. when he breaks water this weekend, cracknell breaks a record. the boat race's oldest man crossing yet another new frontier. you can watch the boat race from 1:20pm on bbc one on sunday. we'll also have coverage of the women's race, in which cambridge are also the defending champions. james burridge has more. welcome to the start line. fairly choppy at the moment. 48 hours away from the big day to stop we have beenjoined by the president from the big day to stop we have been joined by the president of cambridge university's women. what is it like? it is really exciting. the event is really exciting. you try to soak it in and get excited about it, but you're just thinking
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about it, but you're just thinking about getting in the mindset and looking at the crewmates you have just come the horses are met and been excited to get going. the tactics are fascinating, because sometimes you can clash plates, counterou have to decide when is the right time to push? yes, the race is the right time to push. it is all about the basic speed when you're going for it. especially for the coxswain is, they have a really importantjob the coxswain is, they have a really important job with the the coxswain is, they have a really importantjob with the steering. it is the eagerly moment where you steer at our register and to stop we are prepared for any scenario on that. have you went about crossing that. have you went about crossing that line first? i haven't thought about it too much. i have thought about it too much. i have thought about all of our plans for down the course and i am just really excited to see what my but can do and all of the cambridge's but the stop thank you for talking to us. the coverage on bbc one starts on sunday with clare balding at 20 past one.
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to rugby league now and the third season of the women's super league starts on sunday. this year, wakefield have been added to the league, taking it from seven to eight teams. the wigan warriors start their title defence this sunday, as they host local rivals st helens. the team did not exist until 2017. they were grand final champions. the girls were paying for their own kit. girls are treading on the backs of fields at the end of a light session. girls are not getting a 13 out of the weekend. they are working full—time, some of them have families. and they come in they covered everything they got. i don't think when they farmed there so they did not think it would be as quality as it has, but we will build on what we did last year and growing the game and! we did last year and growing the game and i think it will go from strength to strength. which is only wa nt to strength to strength. which is only want to maintain the standard of the league so they can develop players
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in the best possible virus. there's more than winning or losing. whether they are the tallest or the shortest girls, does not matter. it is that body confidence that you're going up and that will self esteem that it gives you. it is a bright bought for that and it is a really welcoming environment for any girl wanted to get involved. the sport has gone massively in the last few years and this challenge cup final will be played alongside a triple—header with the men's finance. played alongside a triple—header with the men's financelj played alongside a triple—header with the men's finance. i did not think the women's would be in the same position it has now. it is really testament to the lake. —— to the league and the teams that are backing it as well. itjust shows how far it has come and the fact that we got a new team, just make the game a lot better. subsided
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super league brand alone brings more people into the sport and we can start with some more 16—year—olds on the team. the hope among those in by the team. the hope among those in rugby league is that the 2021 world cup in england is coming just at the right time. and to something you may not have seen yet. there are a couple of replays. the hockey cup in malaysia. it is meant to be fraught with nerves. this is the culmination of a penalty shoot out and the south korean captain lee nam—young lifting the ball up on his stick then flicked it up and in over the head of the indian goalkeeper, as south korea clinched the title for the third time. iam going i am going to go home and practice that. it might take a bow. that is all from me. goodbye.
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it will slowly pull westwards as we go through the night. it will leave clearing skies for many of us. temperatures could be lower and middle spots. there could be a touch of frost. workload burning into eastern scotland, with a better patch event. cloud increasing across the eastern side of england as well. that leaves the best of the sunshine to northern ireland, wales and the western side of england. ignoring the —— glorious late entry for the grand national. an easterly breeze
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which will be a little noticeable in places. heading a little higher, particularly begin to see a little sunshine, more than today.
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