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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 5, 2019 8:00pm-8:45pm BST

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines. the prime minister requests another brexit extension until the end ofjune. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 8pm: and he says the uk will make the prime minister requests another preparations for european parliament brexit extension until the end elections just in case. the shadow brexit secretary ofjune and says the uk will make sir keir starmer says the government preparations for european parliament has proposed no changes to its brexit deal, though elections just in case. downing street has insisted it would be prepared to make changes to secure cross party agreement. compromise requires change. we want the talks to continue the shadow brexit secretary sir keir and we have written in starmer says the government those terms to the government but we has proposed no changes do need change if we are going to to its brexit deal, though downing street has insisted it compromise. would be prepared to make changes to secure cross party agreement. an inquest finds that obviously that's disappointing. a botched ira warning call contributed to or caused 21 deaths in the 1974 compromise requires change. we want the talks to continue, and we have written in those terms birmingham pub bombings. to the government, but we do need change if we are going to compromise. an inquest finds that a botched ira warning call contributed free after almost a decade in jail, to or caused 21 deaths sally who killed her husband with a in the birmingham pub bombings. hammer has been released ahead of a retrial. danny rose it says he can't
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free after almost a decade in jail — wait to turn his back on football sally challen, who killed her because of racism. husband with a hammer, has been released ahead of a retrial. and coming up — footballer danny rose criticises the lack the holiday company, sta travel, of action in tackling racism hasjoined a growing in the sport. boycott of companies owned by brunei, after the country the england and spurs star says he introduced strict islamic laws cannot wait to return to turn his which punish gay sex by stoning to death. back on the game because of the problem. the firm, which has 53 stephen king's classic horror story stores in the uk, said it pet sematary is reimagined would stop selling tickets for the 21st century, for royal brunei airlines, in starring jason clarke support of protests against the law. and john lithgow. see what mark kermode makes of that our lgbt correspondent and the rest of this week's releases in the film review. ben hunte reports. royal brunei airlines provide flight from the uk to southeast asia and australia. around 1000 people in the uk but their royal brunei flights through sta travel each year, but, as of today, sta travel have cut their ties with the airline and they are the first travel agency in the uk to take that action. good evening and welcome to bbc news. now that we cannot change laws. the prime minister has asked the european union for a further delay to brexit untiljune 30. we know we don't have sufficient impact
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but she said preparations to to do that, but if we are raising take part in the elections our boys and we believe any for the european parliament at the end of may would continue campaign and other companies in case there was no agreement. believe any campaign then, of course, adding voice some european leaders say they're to these things will help reluctant to approve the request hopefully change things. and say britain needs and even though it could be seen to clarify its intentions ahead of an emergency as an inconvenience to customers, eu summit next wednesday. one we spoke to says meanwhile, after days of discussions she supports their decision. i think it's the right thing to do. between the government and labour to break the brexit deadlock, it sends a message to the world labour has tonight said that this is the 21st century it's disappointed at and there are rules and behaviours. what they describe as a lack of real change or compromise. and they are not the only ones the shadow brexit secretary sir keir starmer has said that the government taking action against brunei. are not offering changes to the withdrawal agreement or the political declaration. this morning, virgin australia called off their stuff this can deal but downing street has responded, insisting it would be prepared with royal brunei airlines to make changes to secure a cross and at this hotel in london, the dorchester, have lost their backing for the tv choice party agreement, and that they were awards in september. the backlash hasn't stopped there. prepared to continue talks over the weekend. the dorchester hotel in london our deputy political is just one of several luxury properties owned by brunei, which have deleted their social media presence after intense outrage editorjohn pienaar from across the world. looks back at the day's events. the sultan of brunei, it is a race against time, brexit. who is one of the richest just not enough time. people on the planet, the pm's deputy still introduced the new laws this week. talking to labour today. not saying much though. punishing gay sex and adultery lovely weather today, isn't it? some tories hate even talking with death by stoning.
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to labour, though ministers say they have no choice. if we can't find a way pressure on him to change these through with parliament, then we have no choice, rules. and as for sta travel‘s customers, but it is not our first choice. our first choice is to well, sta has said that anybody leave quickly, cleanly, who brought royal brunei airlines deliver the referendum result, tickets to them and no longer and allow britain to move forward. what could break want to use them can claim a refund. the brexit deadlock? if we receive something and they will help all customers from the government, which we are looking at now. really? to make alternative what was that? a piece of paper. travel arrangements. with all my anger, boycotts and booking cancellations, people around the world are hoping a while inside, then out again. they are doing enough you know i can't say to make a change in brunei. anything and i don't ben hunte, bbc news. want to speculate about it. he'd be talking some more, to his own side. this could drag on. today, the prime minister's had to accept that. she wrote a letter to donald tusk, let's speak to the managing director the eu council president, of out of office dot com and a requesting a leave date extension tojune 30th, if needed. it also requests an option travel the lgbt travel to leave earlier if a deal is agreed in parliament, specialist. thank you very much for but the letter accepts no agreement joining us. we know the secretary means the uk prepares general of the commonwealth has for the european parliament urged brunei to look again at this elections on may 23rd, law and with a view to revoking it. something mrs may has been desperately trying to avoid. what is your view of her actions so at westminster, brexit is a work in progress and not much progress. far? it's a welcome start but i
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mps could vote to set their own don't think it goes far enough. i limit on any extension, potentially tough for the prime minister, since she will have to hammer out think commonwealth is a group of an agreement in brussels next week. countries that have huge influence on each other and i think the words even before today's letter, the government's lawyer in cabinet are welcome but i think she should was warning of a potentially go one step further. we have in the long brexit delay if talks with labour failed. past revoked commonwealth member we have to re—evaluate states membership of the where we would be. commonwealth and i think that it's the problem then would happened in the past for far less be in an extension, it is likely to be a long one. issues than the issues that are happening in brunei. i would welcome by which i mean longer than just a few weeks or months. that they consider doing that to after three rounds of talks this week, negotiations brunei. why not have a dialogue? between team corbyn and team may were barely alive tonight, with no sign of a breakthrough. it's a good starting point but i don't think that will happen. as you labour blaming the tories heard in that package the sultan of for offering no change in the brexit deal and much the same plan brunei is one of the richest people for the future. on the planet. boycotts can have obviously that's disappointing. their place, and i think it's compromise requires change. sensible that people do considering boycotting they have to have a we want the talks to continue — dialogue. i don't think the sultan and we have written in those terms to the government — but we do need change if we're going to compromise. would be open to that. how much some brexiteers say leave difference would it make to spend with no deal and maybe
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change prime minister. their membership of the the prime minister herself has commonwealth? i think it's sends a made it clear she will not be very strong message. it was central leader for much longer. to the stopping of apartheid in south africa a few de sciglio —— we will have a new leader, a new prime minister. that new prime minister will not decades ago. gay people have been want to be tied into the withdrawal agreement with the option of an extension. left by the wayside and theresa may he or she will be in a much stronger negotiating position last year said it was a shame that to get the right deal for the united kingdom, and that seems to me most of these laws are a legacy from the colonial british laws of the in the national interest. past but she does do to go one step even if mrs may strikes further and take these countries for a deal with mr corbyn, and that looks doubtful, mps on both sides could mutiny. face value in terms of telling them some tories hate the idea of delaying brexit, it's not acceptable to be or staying close to the eu, or even talking tojeremy corbyn. many labour mps want a new discriminating against lg bt referendum, whatever deal is struck. it's not acceptable to be discriminating against lgbt people we seen countries and jeremy corbyn has never discriminating against lgbt people we seen countries change their laws, india last year decriminalized much liked that idea. homosexuality which they welcomed step and it shows that can change. both leaders might be privately they need to listen and change their relieved, if their talks come laws as soon otherwise they will be to nothing and it's left to mps to choose their ideal impact on the economy. how much is outcome, if they can. ita impact on the economy. how much is it a consideration for your mrs may's next trip is to brussels, customers when they are choosing to one holiday? it affects countries
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where a 12 month delay has been other than brunei. we do obviously suggested, maybe with enough flexibility to allow an earlier exit. but where some eu leaders may inform our customers, our website is want to make the journey very clear in terms of the countries tougher, not easier. where it's illegal to be gay. we do john pienaar, bbc news, westminster. our correspondentjonathan blake is send customers to countries where it is illegal to be gay like the at westminster. tell us where the maldives, it's a very interesting differences lie, then, between what example. it's illegal to be gay, downing street is saying in the labour party. the difference seems however the resource that we work to be over what exactly these talks with often have gay managers or lgbt staff and often honeymoon benefits are going to achieve. whether that is changes to the political to same—sex couples, it's an interesting example because there's places with possible to travel declaration, the part of theresa safely as an lgbt customerjust by may's brexit deal which set out in the laws i think there's a nuance broad terms the uk's future they are. it will not be for relationship with the you, changes eve ryo ne they are. it will not be for everyone and some people will not wa nt to to the wording of that, or perhaps everyone and some people will not want to go to those places. i personally believe it's important to an additional document bush will set some people to change laws and out alternative to what has already mindsets and open that dialogue as been agreed —— documents which will you say. darren from out of office set out. labour saying the dot com. thank you very much. government was not willing to engage the england and tottenham footballer danny rose says the way oi’ government was not willing to engage or make compromises on changes to the authorities are dealing the political declaration, but ten with racism in the game is a ‘farce' and he can't wait to see the back
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downing st putting out a statement of football after recent after labour and had their say incidents of racism. saying that they were willing to he and other england players were victims of racist chanting during the recent euro 2020 pursue changes to the political qualifier in montenegro. here's our sports editor dan roan. declaration. it's all of the bit confused, to be honest, and it feels a bit tit—for—tat. if both sides it's been seen as a damning indictment of the modern game. cannot agree with what the end danny rose has the footballing world result will be regardless of the at his feet, but has now substance, you have to say at this revealed racism has made him point if you down. point tell us want to turn his back on the sport. the spurs defender has been the victim of abuse including during his match in montenegro last week. about the —— at this point, the he says the game is failing to tackle the issue. a country can only get fined agreement of style. but what about a little bit of money to be racist. donald tusk saying there is a it is a farce. i have had enough. i think that... flexibility of flexible... i have got five or six more years left in football and i can't wait —— what about... to you know see the back of it. -- what about... asking for that rose's comments have extension until the end ofjune. the saddened many in the game. thinking is that that cut off date daniel rose has not to do that. would be just before thinking is that that cut off date next tuesday if i see him, i will tell him. would bejust before new the best way to fight, thinking is that that cut off date would be just before new meps take their seat in the european parliament so that if there were european elections in the uk, uk combat this kind of...
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meps would not have to take their terrible situation is seats and she hopes that it would be fighting, being there. done before that, allowing the uk to rose's england team mate, leave sooner. the noise that seems raheem sterling, has been credited to be coming from brussels and what with inspiring renewed debate other eu member states have said about the problem. since that letter has gone to donald the abuse suffered this week tuskis since that letter has gone to donald tusk is that a longer extension may well be preferable to stop a kind of byjuventus's forward is the late est in a series of incidents. extension after extension, month after month, situation happening but i hope i would have the courage with a kind of get out clause for to take a team off. the uk to leave sooner than that we can no longer keep sweeping year or $0, or the uk to leave sooner than that year or so, or whatever the uk to leave sooner than that year oi’ so, oi’ whatever was things under the carpet with a fine. the uk to leave sooner than that year or so, or whatever was agreed, ifa year or so, or whatever was agreed, if a deal is done in that time. but i'm not sure we are getting there will be different opinions among the eu member states as there to to bottom of the issue. rose's comments reinforce the sense a lwa ys among the eu member states as there always are, and theresa may will frankly have to take what she can that racism is the biggest issue get when they come to an agreement at the summit in brussels next affecting the sport, wednesday. jonathan, take you very including at the grass roots. much. jonathan blake at westminster. this season is said to be the worst ever. let's just take a closer look at the brexit delay. the united kingdom's departure date in leicestershire, a cup final from the european union has changed frequently over the last frantic was abandoned after alleged racist weeks of negotiations. initially, the uk was due remarks from the crowd.
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to leave on 29 march. this was then put back to 12 april, they were doing monkey next friday, but if the uk chants and gesture. parliament could vote through a deal, there was the opportunity for the uk i feel sorry for other people to stay until 22 may so the necessary preparations for me to witness them. could be made. however, this morning, theresa may it is kids there. it is horrible. wrote to the european council the government's held talks president, donald tusk, with the fa and the premier league asking for an extension to 30 june. in a bid to get a grip of a crisis she also said that the uk would make preparations to field candidates that is harming the game's image. in the european parliamentary elections, which take but with more players losing faith place on 23 may. with the authorities, the decisive action may come from them. however, there have been indications khalifa haftar‘s order to that the european union might the self—styled libyan national army want to offer a longer extension of up to a year but that came as the un chief was visiting tripoli. if an agreement was reached by the uk parliament, the uk could leave earlier. there were claims denied that his let's speak to the conservative mep forces have seized the main airport. khalifa haftar‘s order to the self—styled libyan national army come in our brussels studio. good came as the un chief was visiting tripoli. evening. thank you very much for antonio guterres says talks joining us. how keen are you to stand in these elections in may? not mr haftar have ended in failure. at all. i think it's totally wrong.
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we are meant to be leaving the i still hope it would be possible to european union, not carrying on for another five years or whatever it avoid the confrontation in and is. iam another five years or whatever it is. i am totally against it. i take around tripoli. whatever happens the comfort from the prime minister saying it won't be longer thanjune un will remain committed and i will 30 that's what she's requesting, remain committed to support the which actually does avoid getting libyan people. libyans deserve into the next term of the parliaments after the 2nd ofjuly. peace, security, prosperity and the so you would not have to have these respect of their human rights. elections i think it would be a hospital trust in cheshire has absolute awful for everybody, and we told many of its patients who live in wales that it can no really need to avoid this. if you longer treat them — are not keen, why not step aside and because their government isn't fully paying its bills. the countess of chester let someone else contested?” hospital says it's becoming unsafe to carry on — and patient safety has to come first. are not keen, why not step aside and let someone else contested? i have not decided yet. let's see what happens next. we are all on tender this quiet road on the outskirts of chester has become the front lines hooks whether they're not there is in an unlikely battle an extension, or we could be leaving in health care. it is called a boundary line for a losing, because on the side friday of next week under wto rules. you live in chester and on the other that does not frighten me. you can side you lived in wales. unless it is in a charity keep the tariffs the same in the case 01’ an emergency, quote is the same while you your local hospital negotiate a much bigger comp or will no longer be treating you.
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hansa free—trade agreement, which i they have been complaining hope is where we will end up. about funding from clearly a lot of your colleagues in the comments do not share your view the welsh government and now they say they're going to stop treating many ofa the comments do not share your view of a new deal —— a no deal. what of their patients, a worrying prospect for people at this time. it is going to be harderfor a lot of people, especially for me ma nifesto of a new deal —— a no deal. what manifesto should the conservatives because i do not drive. be fielding candidates on? we do my nearest hospital is wrexham. it isjust the people in the middle that's a fairly most. send for british interests. we stood it is very sad. for the other people who cannot drive, it could be inconvenient for them as well. up send for british interests. we stood do you think the the countess upfor send for british interests. we stood up for gibraltar because spain was trying to turn it into a colony, and of chester have a point? yes, if they are finding it. we voted for a visa free travel for it is less than ten miles from here and it is dead easy british citizens, and it works both on the buses. ways, into the there is a no—deal. wrexham is 20 miles and could miss than that. so we are prepared. that you is if i have referred people to wrexham, i refer quite prepared to give it credit and them to chester because it is a lot i think britain is more prepared easier to go and all that is going than they have let on —— the eu is to change. it is a shame. quite prepared. what do you believe
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the hospital trust is currently £6.59 in theresa may should be preparing for the red and it would be dangerous to carry on. and conveying at the cemented summit is chief executive said her first concern was patient safety —— this emergency summit next week? and the trust had to remain financially sustainable. clearly, think there are two options. the prime minister's deal, —— £6.5 million in the red. if we can get that through, that source the problem. as i say, i think most people actuallyjust want a resolution. the polls are showing the government is pointing out nearly half, nearly half the british u nless the government is pointing out unless it's resolved all funding will be stopping. in the way that public, wants no deal. that is quite remarkable. people just want to get on with it now. they don't one another and lear delay —— another the system is run if it choose not to provide the services year delay, standing in the european and then they will have to elections. the people have chosen. face up to the fact that their income stream that they rely on, we have to expect all mac respect that comes from wales, is not going to float on them in future. that decision and move on —— we have nhs england has now to respect to that decision move on. got involved, both sides and their patients, it is incredibly difficult. labour hoping for some sort of resolution. have not helped. the opposition have
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the foreign office says ms clooney and foreign secretaryjeremy hunt not help. let's hope we can get that deal or go to article 2a and actually do it over more time. got to end, but labour saying they are prepared to carry on talking. if we will work to "counter draconian laws that hinder journalists from going about their work". get into what polls tell us, we amal clooney — who will not receive could be here all night. david a fee for her work — said she was "honoured" to take on the role. a pair of sea otter pups who were rescued in california have campbell bannerman, mep, thank you. been rehomed at the georgia aquarium let us speak to catherine bearder in the us. the otters survived an unusual journey but are now settling in well cannot limit them ——, lived them. to their new surroundings. tom webb reports. thank you for speaking to us. how making a splash in their enthusiastically will you approach new home, sea otters. these elections if they take place discovered on the california coastline, both pups were part of a special rescue after being separated from their mothers during a storm. ta ke take —— take place? take -- take place? we recognise with efforts to be anathema some of the liberal democrats, our to families and successful, they were taken to be cared partners are working together on piece of security across europe. for at a local sanctuary. that is the spirit i will go forward
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with european elections. i have to requiring round the clock care they were viewed as nonreleasable by say the frustration, from the well—paid authorities. european side, what they said is theresa may, if you cannot get your deal through, come back with a plan. and they faced been put to sleep. and still there is no plan. it is as the search faded for a new permanent home, an aquarium the most frustrating. it looks like willing to take on the pair was discovered over 3000 we may well, they may offer a long kilometres away in atlanta. to get the pub there as quickly time so we can have general as possible with as little elections, european elections or even that peoples votes, and i'm prepared to stand for that and defend my liberal values. you with the help and well—being of mind mentioned the liberal democrats it was cooled to 60 fahrenheit and supplied with plenty of ice to keep still are of the few remaining is the bet that, but that ship has the cold weather mammals cool. sailed surely. but we her seeing in the comments as they rate —— what we now in atlanta, d remain behind the scenes under 24—hour watch and care. she is currently things are seeing in the comments as there all and swimming on her own, isa are seeing in the comments as there is a rejection of no deal but people but the younger of the two wa nt to is being bottle—fed. is a rejection of no deal but people both pups are believed want to leave. people are trying to to be settling in well to their new home and will soon form an idea of what leave actually be ambassadors for their endangered species, providing millions means. we have a deal that has been of guests to georgia aquarium the chance to learn more about them.
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negotiated, but parliament is malfunctioning at the moment. it cannot do that deal. the only people now on bbc news it's time that can make the decision is the for the film review. people. when we voted three years ago, it was to remain or what we got now, or to leave for something else. we did not know what something else is. clearly it is not going to be easy. now we know what the something else is. at that back to the people. if you're going to go off on a journey, you need to know with the destination is. now we know the destination is. now we know the destination is. now we know the destination is. let's go back and see. i was marching in the streets of london a couple of weeks ago. there were 6 million people that signed that position. 6 million is greater than the population of 15 of the member countries. that is a huge body of people who are angry and frustrated. they want to have their voice heard again, and i want to
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stand up and help them do that. so many people think that referendums are the wrong way to go about answering these huge questions. i do not know where we would get to we had another one... you can argue about whether referendums, and good way to govern, but that's what, how we got here. what started with the people has to end with the people. and i don't know why the levers are so and i don't know why the levers are so worried about having a peoples mode. clearly, they are worried they might lose. if we have got meps, they continue for their term of office. if we lose that vote, the meps... office. if we lose that vote, the meps. .. and then you point to other people pointing to other polls and neither deal is desirable. catherine bearder, mep, thank you for talk to us. bearder, mep, thank you for talk to us. do you reckon it will be on the
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papers? i think it might. and we'll find out how this story and many others are covered in tomorrow's front pages tonight in the papers. our guests joining me tonight are columnist at the daily mirror, susie boniface and deputy editor of the daily express, michael booker. the headlines on bbc news: the prime minister requests another brexit extension until the end ofjune and says the uk will make preparations for european parliament elections just in case. the shadow brexit secretary sir keir starmer says the government has proposed no changes to its brexit deal, though number 10 has insisted it would be prepared to make changes to secure cross party agreement. an inquest finds that a botched ira warning call contributed to or caused 21 deaths in the birmingham pub bombings. sport now. full round up from the bbc sport centre with james. the verbal facing a tricky test with
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southampton. —— liverpool facing. the match kicked off at 8pm clock, and liverpool are already under pressure. they conceded a goal afterjust eight minutes. shane long the scorer. 1—0 the score. big pressure for liverpool. england's women are in action as well. stadium in manchester. they're playing a friendly against canada at the academy stadium in manchester. but it's been a cagey opening so far, no goals at half—time, and england's nikita parris the only player to force either goalkeeper into a save with this effort. let's go live. no goals as of yet. anglin hoping the good form continuing. —— england hoping. live on bbc four. it's also live on the
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website. much more action for scotland. they took the lead in their friendly against chile through erin cuthbert. but chile equalised thanks to a penalty. it finished i—i. the spurs defender was one of the players subjected to monkey danny rose... the spurs defender was one of the players subjected to monkey chants during england's euro 2020 qualifier against montenegro last month. he says the fines that are handed out after incidents of abuse aren't adequate punishment. the day at the grand national festival saw min, trained by willie mullins get his revenge in the melling chase, beaten last year by paul nicholl‘s politologue, but reversing that result and coming home 20 lengths clear under ruby walsh. min was the 2—1 favourite. tomorrow, then, it's the big one — the grand national. and it could be a historic day for one horse in particular. tiger roll is the hot favourite, and is going for his second national in a row.
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if he wins, he'll be in elite company, as andy swiss reports. winning the grand national two years running is almost unheard of. a great red one was the last to do it backin great red one was the last to do it back in 197a. but now last year's champion has it in his sights. trained in ireland emma tiger roll won his most recent race by a staggering 22 lengths. not surprisingly, he is once again the one to beat. with the grand national come having a bit of preparation... a lot of courses... he is in good form right now. they have been racing over these famous fences for some 118 years now. in that time, only for horses have over one consecutive grand nationals. but suchis consecutive grand nationals. but such is the confidence in tiger roll, he could start as one of the hottest favourites that aintree has
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ever seen. the hottest ever was back in 1935. golden miller. although, as often with the grand national committee did not matter much. golden miller is down! tiger roll could be the biggest favour done mac favourite since then, and there could be a bigger payoff in history. everyone is going to be backing tiger roll tomorrow. for so many reasons. he won it last year. he is trying to emulate. and he is the public course. and... can another horse now carve his name into racing history? looking forward to it. good luck to all of you putting a bet in morrow.
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that is all the sport for now. more for you in the next hour. james, thank you. the jury at the inquests into the birmingham pub bombings 44 years ago has found that a botched ira warning led to the deaths of 21 people. the jury heard that a coded warning call was made less than 10 minutes before the explosions, because ira members struggled to find a working phone box. two massive explosions tore apart two pubs in the city centre in november 197a. the jury also found that there were no failings, errors or omissions in the police's response to the call. our midlands correspondent sima kotecha reports. the one thing that will always stick with me is the smell — flesh, hair — that will never go from me. kevin burgess, one of more than 200 people who were injured. two explosions in two pubs killing 21 people. the city was in shock.
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destruction and debris everywhere. these men, who were known as the birmingham six, were falsely imprisoned for the crime. almost two decades later, they were acquitted. some of the families of those killed campaigned for fresh inquests. today, the jury concluded a botched warning call from the ira led to the death of 21 people and meant the police were not able to evacuate the pubs in time. this, just, as i said, isjust the beginning of the beginning. the inquest has assisted us in bringing new evidence to the fore. and to the public domain. which means that that will aid police to actively engage in an investigation. the jury deliberated for almost five hours and concluded there was not sufficient evidence
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of any failings or errors by the police in their response to the bomb warning. well, this used to be the tavern in the town, one of the pubs that was bombed. a significant moment during the inquests was when an ira bomber, witness 0, told the jury who he suspected of being behind the bombings. he claimed seamus mcloughlin and two others were involved. all of whom are dead apart from hayes. there are calls for the police to investigate. there are huge challenges in taking the case forward, but there are active lines of inquiry and we will take those forward. as we say to any family when we investigate a death or a murder, we can't promise that we will result in a prosecution orjustice. we can promise that we will to our best, and we will do our best. nobody has been clearly convicted of the atrocity at the time.
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that has led to a lot of frustration in me personally. we know it was the ira. but who were the actual people? and it's really a case of closure, and i don't think we are ever going to find closure. in his final remarks, the coroner said... 44 years ago, and its horror remains etched in the minds of generations in this city. a woman who has spent almost 10 years injail after killing her husband with a hammer has been released on bail tonight after her conviction was quashed. sally challen, who was found guilty of murdering 61—year—old richard in 2011, now faces a retrial injuly. charlotte gallagher reports. the family of sally challen say she was released from this prison today.
8:26 pm
just hours after a judge granted her bail. her supporters, who were at the old bailey this morning, were thrilled with the decision. the family are all supporting sally, we have done from day one and our strength builds and will build even further. this is a fantastic day for us. sally and richard challen were married for 30 years, but in august 2010, sally killed her husband here at the family home in surrey, hitting him more than 20 times over the head with a hammer. she has never denied killing him, but has always said it wasn't murder. in february, the court of appeal over turned her original murder conviction, after hearing evidence that she was suffering from two undiagnosed psychiatric conditions at the time of the killing. they also heard claims she had been subjected to coercive control and
8:27 pm
emotionally abused and bullied by her husband. an emotional sally challen appeared in court from prison by video link. she confirmed she would plead not guilty to murder at her retrial. her sons were here again today to support her. we are overjoyed that bail has been granted for her mother, and she will be released back to us. our mother now rejoins our family. david challen later added his mother couldn't believe what was happening. the judge today said her new trial would begin in july, adding, if necessary. charlotte gallagher, bbc news. rescue operations continue across iran after severe flooding kills more than 60 people. there are new warnings that dams in some areas could overflow, causing more devastation. tens of thousands of people have already been displaced, and many are in urgent need of food, water, tents and blankets. leigh milner reports.
8:28 pm
panic in iran, as roads are washed away, some even destroyed. these are the rooftops of houses on a local river bank, just inches away from being fully submerged between the murky floodwaters. almost 2,000 cities and villages have been affected, leaving tens of thousands of people desperate for food, water and blankets. as many wait for days on rooftops to be rescued, on the ground, more than 11,500 sheep and cows have died. this is what is left of a chicken farm which was hit by severe flash floods. rescue operations continue, but for some, it is already too late. as the death toll reaches more than 60, families across the country have started burying victims. leigh milner, bbc news.
8:29 pm
time for a look at the weather with nick. hello. temperatures head a little higher for many of us over the weekend, but it is mixed fortunes when it comes to sunshine or cloud. it will be a reverse of what we have had today. a lot of the cloud and rain has been across the western side of the uk. that will slowly pull away, and that will leave clearing skies for many others. and temperatures a little lower than this in rural spots. not out of the question there could be a touch of frost. more there could be a touch of frost. cloud running into i cloud increasing across the eastern side of england as well, and that leaves the best of the sunshine through northern ireland, wales, the western side of england. a glorious day at aintree for the grand national. an easterly breeze will be noticeable in places. temperatures heading a little higher, particularly where you get to see some sunshine compared to today.
8:30 pm
rather cool, though, along those north sea coasts.
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