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tv   The Papers  BBC News  April 5, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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prospects. the times‘ front page is leading on its investigation which claims some estate agents are bringing in extra commission by overvaluing properties. the guardian says the labour party claims that theresa may is failing to compromise in cross—party brexit talks. (ani)the theresa may is failing to compromise in cross—party brexit talks. the mirror leads on the news that eastender‘s actressjune brown has failing eyesight. and the sun claims a giant cat is stalking a cornish village. so a vaired set of front pages, let's take a look we will get to that in a minute. it's always a beast. let's start with brexit of course. the telegraph is where we will begin. tourists face existential threat. i think i read headlines similar to that. the past three years or so. certainly in the last few weeks. this is talking about how we will be in the european
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elections or it's very likely. theresa may asking for the eu to delay brexit on june theresa may asking for the eu to delay brexit onjune the 30th and nigel evans, executive secretary of the 1922 committee, executive secretary, he said it's a existential threat to the party. people no longer trusted because... i think people no longer trusted because... ithink any people no longer trusted because... i think any damages or would he be done. in that sense. i don't think an extra delay is going to make anyone think again about if you have already made your mind up about the conservative party. labor have not covered themselves in glory over the process either? both of the parties seem to be sort of split amongst themselves or what to do and what is best to do. and theresa may has not said we are not leaving, she's still saying we need a bit more time but we are going. yet, at some point. in the future, may become if we can all achieve an agreement of how we are going to leave it. i heard someone say it's a bit like being in a
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building in summit has persuaded you wa nt building in summit has persuaded you want to leave the building and a bit the line in terms out that the staircase is blocked and lifts are out of order in the only way is to jump out of order in the only way is to jump and they say hang on, do we still want to jump? there's a few ha rdliners still want to jump? there's a few hardliners saying the only way out is tojob! —— jump. hardliners saying the only way out is tojob! —— jump. you hardliners saying the only way out is tojob! —— jump. you have the week may rest everything you have that anytime the last three years as well. and achieved nothing. if she is still achieving nothing and we have not jumped off is still achieving nothing and we have notjumped off the building yet lam quite have notjumped off the building yet i am quite relaxed about it. she has taken the ball into the corner and holding onto it. there's too many metaphors. she keeps knocking the ball out of place the other side can't get it. the five main themes of existentialism. no one ever says it. five of the main themes are going with this headline. one is being anxious, check. absurdity.
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going with this headline. one is being anxious, check. absurditym does feel like theatre of the absurd. nothingness, death and alienation. that was the entire political class there. i love the fa ct political class there. i love the fact that she went off and did that. it was very well done. you don't do that at the sunday express. the point is is that the extensional threat the tories face is something fundamentally arrived out. brexit however you feel about it has been arrived at because of a crisis within the tory party ranks. it's been going on for decades. hold on. it's because of that of the referendum was caused. it was not just conservative respect supporters that voted to leave it. we had the referendum and the issue of whether or not we have liked europe was fundamentally mostly a conservative party issue. if a civil war and a thing in their party. now we are in
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this situation where it does not matter what they do, if the exit with a deal it's not quite good enough to be a if they don't they are not respecting things, if they decide to have a vote, blah, blah. there's nothing they can do at this stage that would win back brexit in any way. that there existential threat. doesn't matter what happens, eventually they are unelectable a generation. my further but in this they have tried to inject incitement is gavin williams, the all action defence. gavin partridge. she should get on a plane, and the talks, get ona get on a plane, and the talks, get on a plane because it has to have action about it and go and demand some changes. some last—minute concessions from the european leaders. i wonder if she has thought of that? at least six or seven times. some people would never want to vote forjeremy corbyn that don't
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feel they could work for him, but there will always vote for the conservatives. there is a core vote for the main party. you will never shift. if you consider there will always be parts of britain which are labor and parts which are conservative the argument is that brexited has turned those heartlands upside down. newport west yesterday probably turned proof that it has not and they still exist in the still felt the way they always have, but in terms of brexit if the conservatives want to campaign and say they are the party of brexit than any of the short—term economic consequences are going to be their fault and deliver to their door and become unelectable and if they try to cannot do it therefore pedaled back it didn't work out the way we thought it would annex in the middle ground, the people that are never sure which way to vote and the that swing elections are not going to go for the tories for a very long time. and said she would look for the brexit party in the european elections. and nigel has it up and
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running. a bit more choice. we also use running. a bit more choice. we also use that. newport west proved fresh choices don't have much headway. before britain movement which was started by someone who was booted out of ukip for being too deplorable the anti—islam party got a votes out of 88,000. though far right surge in newport west. regardless of a surge in one of their mps in 2015.|j newport west. regardless of a surge in one of their mps in 2015. i know you would carry on talking about brexit for 11 minutes but i think we will move on from the telegraph. just one second. excuse me. can you move your hair away from the microphone. i apologise. move your hair away from the microphone. iapologise. thank move your hair away from the microphone. i apologise. thank you so microphone. i apologise. thank you so much. that's what we needed? can you hear me? we can hear you lighting clear. —— loud and clear. police officers won't even warn
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users. is this small amounts of personal use? larger amounts, growing it is blue this will be smaller amounts of people who may have found on someone have realised that someone has got a droid for the personal use and this is also a story daily mail i'm certain again has seen this several times, possibly 1000 times in my lifetime that this is occasionally what happens is there's not a lot of stories floating around you ring around to the police forces and go toa around to the police forces and go to a press conference to speak to police officers and whoever you get the story and there will be a police officer that says it's not worth our time arresting everyone who gets found with a joint these days. after course it isn't. they have not got the money on this take on it but the idea of criminalizing young people for something that in relative terms, although against the law is small. if you read his actual quote
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it's my answer is let's not give eve ryo ne it's my answer is let's not give everyone a cannabis warning. he's not saying they will let everyone off. could be a different headline, it police use their common sense. that's not much of a headline. he is saying let's not give everyone, i imagine if you are frequently doing it and stopped in the police are going to act. whereas i think they are trying to use the common sense and say young kids... that does not make the front page. it is still against the law. it is still very harmful for some people. skunk is not the same as cannabis to grow naturally and so on and so forth. horrible effects and i've my self with psychosis and schizophrenia. it's an issue if someone in my family was taking it i would be worried. the other thing with these headlines presupposes that everyone wa nts to headlines presupposes that everyone wants to go into that. most people
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are sensible. youngsters these days are sensible. youngsters these days are straighter than they have ever beenin are straighter than they have ever been in terms of their behaviour and what they are not doing. they say we alljust going to go out and start taking drugs and we are not. police for private higher. hundred £23 million for officers to provide security. i'm assuming they did this through the police forces. not directly like individual freelance basis. it's something happening for a while. started off in football crowds we had had extra police and because of the hooliganism issue. i had to pay the police force to provide the officers and it sort of spread out. it's a good thing in the sense of if you are being more of a drain on public services obviously contribute to them a bit more and i don't have a problem with that but you also start getting into the situation where perhaps you have two—tier policing. you're cutting police officers to do patrols and respond to burglaries the rest young kids with marijuana or whatever you
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wa nt kids with marijuana or whatever you want to do with them, whereas the company perhaps that a golf club or private estate or operating a school they are paying for officers were coming away from something else that they could be doing. that extra officers, but officers what we already have in a system which has austerity and large officer cuts and are being used for something. big companies were scared that crime has gone up companies were scared that crime has gone up are companies were scared that crime has gone up are then taking more police from where the crime is going up and being looked after and crime is going to go up again. you see why the police force might want to do it. it's only an anybody puzzling interest for this to happen if the companies come in this case a supermarket chain, property developer and airline if they are paying above the rate for a police officer was a plate slightly more that contributes to the budget and we get more police on the beat. if you take an authority figure away from public view, when you're driving on a motorway you see a car
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and you think it might be a police officer. if you take cliff service —— police officer. if you take cliff service — — police officers officer. if you take cliff service —— police officers off the street it will be more crime. they provide policing for tv and film companies. people see that it's a waste of monies rest easyjet paid money to have place to stop drunks from gritting on planes. that's what security firms are for shirley. some farm content to be banned by law, not to be stopped from promoting images of self harm or suicide. it depends on what you mean promote. if it's algorithms that push certain content. they are targeting the algorithms. they saying they're going to hit the move finds as his duty of care and if they don't do it there's heavy fines and also block there's heavy fines and also block the firm content from going out in this country which i don't think will ever happen. what you actually
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have here is not the headlines, some farm country to be banned by law, it's a white paper. that's a consultation document issued by the government about something that would like to do in theory. and he goes out for consultation and it shows a nice headline and one says hang on, you can't do that. for some reason or another algorithms don't work that way internet cannot be policed like that. if you start with one of the guidelines here stopping children access and permit content, how would you define the content? what all children think that all the news on bbc is a appropriate? would all children want all people exposed to the news around the world? technology is miles ahead of any of this. it always will be in p 50 steps ahead. this is not about to be a law. something you like to think they will make a law but they will not. and could does not fit in this space they had available. human
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rights, brewed nice a global boycott. lots of boycotts of hotels but in particular dorchester. boycott. lots of boycotts of hotels but in particular dorchesterlj boycott. lots of boycotts of hotels but in particular dorchester. i will never stay at the dorchester again and never spend a thousand pounds on that hotel. i have changed my ways! the backlash against brunei and new laws about making gay sex punishable by death. it seems to be working, people are boycotting it. someone like george clooney uses his platform and his voice to say something and point something out. what you have got here is not so much people that are saying i'm not quite have my cream tea there, businesses withdraw token from boards you have start trouble saying there will no longer sell flights on royal brunei airlines. they can have a big difference, but how many businesses have got to react like
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that in order to effect one of the richest man on planet earth? what have you got to do to make the sultan of brunei change his laws on stoning people for gay sex? and for chopping off hands? and who do minor people all over the world that want to be blind to the noise will go there and check money at them. and there's other countries as well that it's illegal. and someone has got that much cash you have investments all over the world. we are probably all over the world. we are probably all funding somehow the sultan without realising it. we have companies making big moral process with hypocrites anyway. the richest man in the world saying himself in the papers all around the world in this way. i don't think he cares, the richest man in the world. he's not going to be invited to have tea with the queen. there's talk about expelling them from the commonwealth or having some kind disciplinary action against them because it is a
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very regressive move the 215t century to introduce a mediaeval punishment. sometimes itjust has no effect. particularly if you are the richest man. perhaps the queen can just ring him up because i think that would have an effect. if you are watching, your majesty. of course she has. she always watches. tell him it's not cricket. god bless you. the dog is missing big cat on the say cops. an ounce on the loose there. i've never heard of it. i bet it's normally sleepy they took a plastic cast of a paw print five inches wide that suggest there's a huge beast out there. it's a badger. five pet cats are feared dead or missing. they don't go missing, it dear do what they like and just wander off. they are flighty if photographers turn up. the reason
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why the beasts and panthers, and cougars and mountain lions and leopards are always said to be wandering around for a while and devon because london—based journalist like having a week off down in the southwest. why don't you have a look i watched on there and we these beast scares every year on a fairly regular basis. i'm surprised it happened in april this year, put it that way. it is right. it's normally august, this isjust brexit doing this. reset the national body clock so we are doing things a different time of the year. they don't have the national one. that's because there is nothing to say! is a lot of firm betting on the front pages tonight. seems like more than normal. free bets left right and centre. why would a massive profit industry like gambling want
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to speculate on advertising to get more people to gamble around this time in our national story? where there were eight people want to stop gambling? that's what i would ask. that is it from the papers. not from tonight, oh no, you don't get away that easily. we are back again at half past 11. you can see a online and to bbc news website. if you missed the programme in the evening you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. i have got to come back. please join iplayer. i have got to come back. pleasejoin me, don't leave me here on my own. see you in a minute. hello. our weather does a switch around for the weekend compared with what we've seen today. so its eastern parts of the uk that have seen the best of the sunshine — a few sunny spells on this view from london earlier — whereas in the west, it's been more cloud around. from that cloud, particularly into southwest england,
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wales and northern ireland, we've seen some rain. but the area of low—pressure spinning to the southwest of the british isles that's brought that wet weather is finally getting the message and is beginning to ease away. that does allow brighter skies to arrive for the weekend in the west. that weather front coming in from the east will bring more cloud in and the chance for a little rain here. this is what we're expecting across the uk this weekend. eastern side of the uk, cloudier story than today. could see a bit of rain or showers. in the west, though, it's looking drier, brighter. it's going to feel warmer as a result. so we say goodbye to the last of the wet weather across southwest england, wales and into northern ireland as we go through the say, bringing more cloud to eastern scotland, with a chance of seeing some rain here. elsewhere, variable cloud, clear spells. lowest temperatures, rural spots. not far from freezing. just a touch of frost on the ground here and there. so tomorrow will be a sunnier day in northern ireland, the far southwest of scotland, wales, the western side of england, but a cloudier day elsewhere in scotland with patchy rain, and then cloud increasing down the eastern side of england,
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especially into the afternoon, coming in on an easterly breeze with a few light showers. rather cool along north sea coasts. definitely feeling warmer, though, where you get some sunshine compared to today's cloud and rain. on through saturday night, keeping a lot of cloud into scotland, patchy rain. cloud increasing elsewhere, actually. that does‘t allow temperatures to fall as low as they did on friday night, so we start with a milder feel on sunday. a lot of low cloud around as well, so it's misty, it's murky, particularly on coastal hills and especially in the east. and although there will be more cloud in the west on sunday compared with saturday, there will still be some sunny spells to be had. and the cloud elsewhere, though. could be a bit of patchy rain and the chance through eastern parts of england of bringing in a few heavier showers into the afternoon. that could include a rumble of thunder, although some spots may brighten up and actually feel quite a bit warmer compared with where they were on saturday. any warmth, though, well, we say goodbye to that as we go through next week.
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the colder colours are coming in. temperatures are dipping once more, although there will be quite a bit of dry weather. this is bbc news. i'm martine croxall. the headlines at 11:00: the prime minister requests another brexit extension until the end of june and says the uk will make reparations for european parliament elections, just in case. the shadow brexit secretary sir keir starmer says the government has proposed no changes to its brexit deal, though downing street has insisted it would be prepared to make changes to secure cross party agreement. we wa nt we want to continue and we've written in those terms to the government, but we do need change if i going to compromise. an inquest finds that a botched ira warning call contributed or caused 21 deaths in the 1974 birmingham pub bombings. free after almost a decade in


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