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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  April 6, 2019 8:00am-9:01am BST

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good morning and welcome to breakfast hello, this is breakfast with good morning, welcome to breakfast with steph mcgovern steph mcgovern and charlie stayt. and charlie stayt. coming up before nine susan our headlines today: will have the weather for you. with steph mcgovern but first a summary of this and charlie stayt. brexit talks stall — morning's main news. brexit talks stall — labour says theresa may is refusing labour says theresa may is refusing to compromise but the government it's unclear whether the government to compromise but the government insists it's made insists it's made "serious proposals." and labour will hold further talks "serious proposals." on brexit over the weekend, millions of workers will have to pay higher pension after three days of discussions millions of workers will have to pay higher ended without agreement yesterday. pension contributions from today — but some will benefit meetings have been taking place from new tax changes. to try and find a proposal to put to another commons vote, the housing dream turning before an emergency into a nightmare — eu summit next week. calls for more protection for people labour says the government hasn't who buy new homes. proposed any changes to theresa may's brexit deal. liverpool are back on top downing street insists it is ready of the premier league after coming from behind to win at southampton. to hold further discussions. and tiger roll aims at a meeting of finance ministers to become the first horse in bucharest this morning, since red rum 45 years ago the chancellor philip hammond said he expects a "positive outcome" from the talks with labour. to win back—to—back grand nationals. good morning, we finally have something a little bit drier in the weather to come this weekend, but we the conversations with the labour cannot promise you unbroken party are continuing, we are sunshine. many eastern areas will expecting to exchange more text with get stuck with some stubborn cloud the labour party today. it's an
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ongoing process and i am hoping for and an easterly breeze that will make it quite chilly on easterly some sort of agreement later. case. more details coming up. millions of workers will have to put more into their workplace pension from today. the minimum contribution it's saturday the 6th of april. is going up from three to 5%. our top story. that will mean less take—home pay. it's unclear whether the government and labour will hold further talks there's concern the changes on brexit over the weekend, will make it harderfor women, who are more likely to work after three days of discussions ended without agreement yesterday. part—time and earn less. the aircraft manufacturer boeing meetings have been taking place says it's temporarily cutting to try and find a proposal production of its 737 airliner, to put to another commons vote, following two crashes. before an emergency production will decrease from 52 eu summit next week. to 42 planes a month, labour's shadow brexit secretary sir while the firm works on changes keir starmer said the government to its max model which has not proposed any changes was involved in crashes to theresa may's brexit deal. in ethiopia and indonesia. the government's not proposing any changes to the deal, a soldier it's not countenancing any changes who walked towards a bomb left to the actual wording on an underground train of the political declaration. is being awarded the queen's commendation for bravery. now, obviously, ithink lieutenant colonel craig palmer we all want to break this deadlock. we want the talks to continue. was travelling to work when the device partially exploded a few carriages away but compromise does require change. at parsons green station. a fireball swept through the tube at a meeting of finance ministers train injuring more than 50 people. in bucharest this morning, colonel palmer took photographs the chancellor philip hammond said of the smouldering bomb before
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he expects a "positive outcome" from the talks with labour. contacting the police. sir mickjagger says he's on the mend, after having a heart we should be open to listen to operation in the united states. suggestions that others have made. in a tweet, the singer said and some people in the labour party he was feeling much better and thanked hospital staff for doing a superbjob. have made other suggestions to us the stones postponed their tour and we have to be prepared to of the us and canada, discuss them. we have no red lines. after their frontman pulled out we will go into these thoughts with on doctors orders. an open mind and discuss everything with them in a constructive fashion. the cheapest european resort for uk let's talk to our political holiday makers has been revealed. correspondent matt cole. matt, are these talks analysis of 20 destinations close to collapsing? we had the chance of a sink that was carried out by the post office. everything would be talked about bulgaria's sunny beach came out openly and all sorts of things would be on the table —— we heard the on top, where you can get a glass of wine for £1.17, chancellor say that. but that is not and a two course lunch for two for £8.42. what is coming across. that's not what is coming across. that's not what labour had led us to believe, sorrento in italy was the most they said the government had its red expensive, where lunch lines, most notably, of course, costs more than £35. labour wants to have a customs union with the european union, which means a much closer trade relationship and i love the detail on those numbers. one which would prevent britain from
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£8 42, for the mealfor two. negotiating its own trade deals. it looks like that is something the i love the detail on those numbers. £8 42, for the meal for two. like that will be the clincher. if you go government is not prepared to to bulgaria now, you will want your concede on, but the chancellor said we have not put those red lines into money back, i was told it was £8 a negotiations. interestingly as well, the chancellor also seem to suggest that talks will be happening this huge statement from liverpool last weekend. again that's not something weekend. again that's not something we understand from the other side is night. five games to go, manchester involved in this. i hesitate to use city have a game in hand. these are the games you have to win to stake these words, but next week is a your claim crucial week, isn't it? these words, but next week is a crucialweek, isn't it? not least the games you have to win to stake yourclaim on the games you have to win to stake your claim on the premiership. because the eu will be making a liverpool came through a really decision, and it is theirs to make, tough test, after conceding an early goal at southampton to return about the author of an extension, if to the top of the table and keep the pressure on manchester city. there is one. isn't every week at a david 0rnstein reports. the smile of a man who is getting crucial week with brexit these days? ever closer to returning liverpool to where they believe they belong. jurgen klopp's men didn't make life the eu, the other 27 nations, it is easy for themselves, for them to unanimously agreed to allowing shane long to give extend britain's exit date, southampton a deserved lead in their battle against relegation. currently set for friday the 20 oh the manager a picture —— friday the 12th of april, only a of frustration. unanimous decision can allow them to though soon his mood would be lifted agree to theresa may's request for
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by the rise of naby keita, an extension. they have suggested the midfielder‘s first goal that if it was to be won, it would for the club standing despite be longer than june the a possible offside in the build—up. liverpool level. that if it was to be won, it would be longer thanjune the 30th, they are suggesting one year, what they after the break they went for broke. naby keita to the fore once more, falling, was this a foul? the referee said no. call is a flextension, when britain could lead before the year if they got things sorted, but wednesday the however, liverpool would come again. and now there was no stopping them. tenth is crucial. noise is coming 0f mohamed salah's many out of france are not minded to contributions, perhaps offer that extension mean that the most important so far — britain could crash out with no on the result was rubber—stamped byjordan henderson. friday. liverpool back to the top. millions of workers will now see a bigger chunk of their wages a first league title in 29 automatically diverted years moving into sight. into a pension, from today. david 0rnstein, bbc news. the minimum contribution is going up from 3% to 5%. employers will also have it's fa cup semi final weekend. to increase their contributions. tomorrow, watford will face wolves, while later today, here's our personal finance manchester city will be hoping correspondent simon gompertz. to continue their march to the quadruple when they face this is a tale of two hairdressers. brighton at wembley. and for city manager, 0ne, chloe, full—time and ready pep guardiola, reaching the final would be a special moment. to have 5% clipped off her wage for her work pension i think when i was young, after today's increase.
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i just think that a little bit in catalonia, so it was quite usual of money that i don't see, you know, it goes straight out to see the final of the fa cup rather than the of my wages before i even see it, premier league games. and ijust think, well, for the future you may need it. cos you won't be working. and you'll need to top up so in the tradition, wembley, both managers going there plumb for your old age and enjoy doing in front of the players, things as you get older. to hold this trophy. i have never been there and this is taneika, and i cannot deny how nice it who's been blown out of the pension would be personally. scheme after having a baby and coming back part—time. pensions are tricky but i think for the players for new parents to afford. as well and for the club. manchester city, brighton i think once you've a baby you put kind of it to the side is live on bbc one at 5.30. what's more dan walker will present and that's how it is. you don't really have much say. the whole of football focus. it's like you've had a baby, you don't want to do this, he is at wembley, he told me what's you are on a lower wage, and that's it. on, he said, shaun wright phillips, and then there's a danger you get a lower pension. yes. it's notjust the cost. employers aren't obliged to sign up steve sidwell, kevin kilbane and people like taneika, who earn less than £10,000 a year. to be fair, it's a challenge alan shearer. he calls me bush, it to the boss as well. the business has to contribute a top isa up, which has gone up to 3% of pay. alan shearer. he calls me bush, it is a nickname. i call you bushey b. for the majority of small businesses it is an onerous burden i like is a nickname. i call you bushey b. that's just going to get worse ilike being is a nickname. i call you bushey b.
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and worse and worse. i like being compared to a bee. i and i think something like 70% of people work for a small business in this country, so it'll used to get bushy brows. at school. have an impact on the employment of whether people will actually take people on. they don't look very bushy. they are right now the challenge for savers like chloe how to afford today's higher pension payments. immaculate now. england's women were beaten 1—0 by canada in their world cup warm up the government says it's letting us match in manchester. phil neville's team were undone by earn more before income tax one of the game's evergreen stars. kicks in and raising minimum wages, 35—year—old christine sinclair and that should help. of canada scoring a remarkable 180th international goal. the aircraft manufacturer boeing says it's temporarily cutting she made her debut as a 16—year—old production of its 737 airliner, back in the year 2000. following two crashes. that proved to be the winner. scotland drew1 all in production will decrease a friendly with chile. scotland took the lead from 52 to 42 planes a month, through erin cuthbert. but chile equalised while the firm works thanks to a penalty. scotland play brazil next on monday. on changes to its max model at 5.15 this afternoon, the eyes of the sporting which was involved in crashes world will be on aintree as the grand national gets underway. if you're having a flutter, there is one horse that stands in ethiopia and indonesia. out in the 40 runners, one that could make history. the hot favourite tiger roll would become the first horse, a soldier who walked towards a bomb to win back to back nationals since red rum in the 19705. left on and underground train is andy swiss reports. being awarded the queen commendation for bravery. he is the horse with history in his sights.
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lieutenant colonel craig palmer this is tiger roll, last year's was travelling to work when the device partially exploded grand national winner now chasing a few carriages away a place in the record books. at parsons green station. a fireball swept through the tube there is red rum... train injuring more than 50 people. colonel palmer took photographs of the smouldering bomb not since the great red rum before contacting the police. in 1974 has a horse won back—to—back nationals. but after a scintillating season, and we'll be talking to tiger roll is once again at the one to beat. colonel palmer after nine o'clock. hundreds of pupils from he could be going to the grand raheem sterling's old school national with a bit of preparation. are heading to wembley this there are a lot of fences to jump. afternoon, after he got them tickets to watch they have been racing over these famous fences the fa cup semi—final. for some 180 years now. i bet they are excited. it will be a special day. the england in that time only four forward surprised students from ark elvin academy, horses have ever won by inviting them to watch consecutive grand nationals. manchester city's game but such is the confidence against brighton. here's natalie pirks. in tiger roll he could start as one it's pe as usualfor the pupils of ark elvin academy, of the hottest favourites that but this has been no ordinary week. aintree has ever seen. on thursday, ten of them the hottest ever was back met their school's most famous in 1935, golden miller. former student, and then 250 although as so often with a national, didn't count for much. of them discovered that, thanks to raheem sterling's golden miller is down. generosity, they were going home he tries to refuse, with a pair of tickets
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shoots his jockey out of the saddle. for today's semi. tiger roll could set off despite his success and the fact that he's moved out of london as the biggest favourite and he's playing for manchester now, he still remembers where he's since then and should he win from and he sticks bookies face a staggering close to his roots. £200 million pay—out. as far as we're concerned it and for our children to have role will be the worst resulting model who thinks of them grand national history. and has his heart in our community, the public adore him. that means a huge amount to us, for so many reasons. it's very special. he won it last year. well, this used to be he's looking to emulate red rum. copeland community school. he is a fantastic horse. and every day for a young he is the public horse. raheem sterling there was a very visual reminder of his dream to one at the course where red rum became a legend, winning three nationals in total, day play at wembley stadium. can another horse put his name his former coach still works here. into racing history? he's always has been andy swiss, bbc news, aintree. a very, very nice person. very generous. jockey barry geraghty will not be taking part and always willing to help in the grand national, where he could and look after suffering a out for people. broken leg in a heavy fall i think it's great in friday's topham chase. that he's doing that. geraghty had been due to ride on one it gives a lot of people of the favourites ani—bale fly. in the area, from the school, the opportunity to go fellow rider mark enright was also to wembley and see a game. a lot of them haven't taken to hospital after falling been to wembley before. from his horse in the same race. for those with the golden tickets, and 2 horses were fatally injured sterling is a role model. he is our inspiration. on the second day of the meeting. he is our everyday reason 0nto rugby union, and sale to keep playing football. have narrowed the gap,
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between themselves and he got found here and itjust goes the premiership's top four, with victory over harlequins. to show that with hard work, this opportunist try from byron mcguigan made determination, passion, and focusing on your studies, anything is possible. the school will now the difference for the home side rename its sports hall as they moved to five after the manchester city star points behind harlequins. and want him back to cut the ribbon the scottish international ran over — they hope, with the fa cup in tow. half the pitch for sale's only try of the match, natalie pirks, bbc news, wembley. in a 28—17 win. glasgow meanwhile remain top of the pro 14. they beat ulster by 30 points to 7. tommy seymour scoring one of 4 tries for the warriors what a day for them. one of a story against his former side. for you this morning. sir mick there was an incredible comeback jagger says that he is on the mend from castleford in rugby league's super league beating wigan 38—28. after having that heart operation in the united states. castleford had trailed by 16 points in a tweet, the singer said at half—time but they fought back he was feeling much better brilliantly in front of their home and thanked hospital staff for doing a superbjob. fans and keep up the pressure the stones postponed their tour on the top two while wigan of the us and canada remain in the bottom four. elsewhere there were wins after their frontman pulled for wakefield, and warrington are top on points difference. out on doctor's orders. in november 1974, two ira bombs killed 21 people in two birmingham pubs. yesterday an inquest jury great britain's charley hull remains described the warning call in contention at the first women's made by the terrorists major of the year in california. on the night as "inadequate".
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six men who were convicted of the bombings had their convictions she shot a second round of 69, to finish on three under par. quashed nearly two decades later. but 5 strokes ahead is the leader, victims' families are now calling in kyung kim of korea, she's 8 under par. on the police this is the culmination to bring the true of a penalty shoot out, killers to justice. and the south korean captain julie and brian hambleton‘s sister maxine died lee nam—young dribbles in the bombings, the ball up before lifting and theyjoin us now. the ball up on his stick good morning to you. just, first of then flicking it up and in over the head of the indian goalkeeper as south korea clinched the title all, the moment in court yesterday, some people may have seen you as you for the third time. are strong court, give us a sense of what it meant to you. -- as you it's the mixed gender sport that's played in 70 countries around the world. korfball is commonly emerged from court. to know that described as a mixture of netball and basketball they were unlawfully killed by murder, it has now been officially and is all about inclusion. documented and it is therefore in with the season reaching its climax i've been to see how it works perpetuity. for us, that is very and how it all started. significant. it is even more music plays. imagine it's the netherlands in 1902 significant. it is even more significant for tommy marsh's and this is a schoolmaster, mother. he was the youngest to die, nico broekhuysen, on his way to class and suddenly has the idea only 16, and all these years on, his of a sport that would allow men
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age has never been officially and women to play on the same team. registered correctly. so now on the the notion of women playing with men because worldwide controversy. documentation, his age at the time korfball was branded an outrage, of his murder will be registered as immoral, a monster. being 16. how is it that that was the professor wasn't going to be stopped. it was an olympic demonstration sport 20 years later. the teams of 2019 have a lot not... 7 being 16. how is it that that was to be thankful for. not... ? that is a good question. if you speak to his mother, a lovely jamaican lady, with such dignity, korfball is still unique. a sport that can only be played with four men and four she is still heartbroken like the women on the same team. rest of us, and she finds it as i found out early on, incredibly difficult to speak about. the rules were devised to make it easier for both men and women. but on the night, the police went to what's that? her house just to tell her that her penalty. son had been killed in the bomb boys can only defend boys and girls can only defend girls. blast, but told her nothing else, you can see adam's rather large compared to our girls. and never, ever went back to the house. she didn't know where he was, you can't have one player clearly dominating the entire game. didn't know how he was killed, if he that makes sense. had lived for a little longer. it if i were to try to mark them i would be taken out. was horrendous. he and paul anthony each gender can bring different things to the sport. so women tend to be a bit davies were both walking past the mulberry bush pub at the time, and quicker and nippier.
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it is almost instinctive paul was only 17 years old. paul had to try to block whoever it is. the game is so fast. sorry! a posthumous child who never got to that was obviously a foul. i always say that the girls see his dad. the two rally brothers win korfball matches rather than the boys. who were killed in the tavern in the they are more skilful shooters. exactly. town with our sister maxine, one of the riley brothers also had a it is a bit like basketball, a bit like netball, posthumous child. so all of these you can't run with the ball, lives have been devastated with but you pass and move and the key thing is, look, the size of the basket. these horrendous, cowardly, heinous it's huge. acts, where we continue to suffer, much higher than a and the reason why the fight is, we basketball or netball. fight for them because they are not there to do it themselves. it is a after two goals the opposition team become the attackers. fight that you have been on now for attacking for the blues. a long time. do you feel like you are getting anywhere, that you are getting answers? the answers we got have to defend the shot. not again. from the jury yesterday, the first two questions as far as i was concerned was a done deal. it was i discovered another rule to negate any advantage to size and strength the other that concerned me. which i in this noncontact sport. you can't even shoot when someone would like to comment about, i is within arm's reach of you. it is about creating that space. obviously i am quite small and i can
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won't. the fact that, nearly 45 come against some giants in the matches we play. but it is all about getting them years on, won't. the fact that, nearly 45 years 011, we won't. the fact that, nearly 45 years on, we are still having to off—balance and running fight for truth, justice and accountability is just beyond and shooting or about creating the distance between you. recognition. to think that the chief with the emphasis on equality constable of the west midlands has and teamwork it is not surprising that the basingstoke team includes been fighting us all the way is just five married couples like sarah unbelievable. you wouldn't think and rich, who met here. that we have a police force in the we st that we have a police force in the west midlands. the front line police does it help on court risk their lives every day. and telepathy that you know... ? absolutely not. eventually i did manage to create nothing is going on in the top enough space for a clear shot at that really high basket. officers. west midlands police have commented, saying that the handy. investigation is an active police investigation is an active police investigation and they say that we this meant the game ended are able to bring people to justice, level and, so, penalties. if we are, that is what we will do. too much pressure. it is a draw. we have a huge issue with any statement put out by the senior officers, particularly the chief its controlled contact, you are co nsta bles officers, particularly the chief constables of west midlands police, allowed to nudge each other, but on because i wrote to the chief the whole non—contact. the national co nsta ble because i wrote to the chief constable chris sims when he was
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chief constable in 2009, and he finals are in june. the whole non—contact. the national finals are injune. we have got a lot to thank that dutch professor didn't have the courage or the good for. and a cracking beard as well. favour to respond himself. he got some might say cracking, some might his inspector to respond, basically say frightening. thank you to the telling me to go away, i am too busy museum for letting me use their for the likes of you, so i sent him victorian classroom. did he look like that or you had no idea?i another letter telling him how contemptible it was as a public victorian classroom. did he look like that or you had no idea? i do, he didn't always have a beard. servant. it took him five years to trying to look like a dutch respond to that letter, and that is the sort of contempt that we have professor, that's all i had in the cupboard. let's have a look again. been treated with. 21 people were to refresh our memory. murdered, 220 people were left with cupboard. let's have a look again. to refresh our memoryi cupboard. let's have a look again. to refresh our memory. i was trying to make it look like the netherlands a life changing injuries, and we are still having to fight for justice. in1902, to make it look like the netherlands in 1902, it's a field in basingstoke. i saw basingstoke and i we want, an inquest is not a murder thought netherlands. trial. we want a murder trial. why basingstoke. i saw basingstoke and i thought netherlandsi basingstoke. i saw basingstoke and i thought netherlands. i look educated, don't i? could you breathe have we not got a murder trial? your through the bid? very comfortable. frustrations are very apparent. just ta ke frustrations are very apparent. just take us through in a way, amongst silent comedy is your forte. a little bit angry. he was being the complicated story, the more simple findings from the jury ridiculed but he stuck to his guns. yesterday. they found that that call some people prefer silent reports to from the ira came too late,
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my usual reports. not at all! fundamentally. that has always been there. it was the detail, and a charity for single parents is calling for a change in the way hearing that in a courtroom situation officially recognised. did that child maintenance payments are enforced. gingerbread says that the system is leaving those parents that mean anything to you because who care for their children matter was that important in itself without the money they need. paul lewis from radio 4's money box was mike roe it was recognised by the jury but certainly not by me or programme can explain more. my family. the facts. what we find not quite the beard that mike had but still a good show! tell us how is that it is very strange that a it is meant to work at the moment. jury is that it is very strange that a jury who were not there can come up if you are separated or you've never with the timing when, even those who lived together but parents who live we re with the timing when, even those who were there that night have no definitive on the timings, so to put indifferent houses, one of them has that to a jury, we found that very odd. but it is not about the jury, to support the children, you can go to support the children, you can go to the child maintenance services this is about 21 people who were and it can either work that they murdered. it is now officially on will say how much should be paid, record that they were murdered. there were five names mentioned in that could be £40 per week per the inquest, four of whom we already child, it depends on all sorts of factors. but it prefers for the know and with reference to the pa rents to factors. but it prefers for the parents to arrange that themselves and enforce it themselves, that is
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called direct pay. about two thirds police, dave thompson has stated that they were demanding and of pa rents called direct pay. about two thirds of parents do that. what gingerbread, the one parent charity, challenging times in 1974, absolutely they were. the west isa gingerbread, the one parent charity, is a saying, is that direct pay is midlands had been bombed 56 times not working. when you have an acrimonious break—up, it's difficult before the 21st of november 1974, and they had no policy and to make someone pay, know what they're earning, get the money off procedures in place and on that night, they only had 15 police them. there's all sorts of accounts, it's very patchy, some weeks he officers in birmingham, the second city in the country, and he also never pays. they say the system of direct payment is not working and said yesterday that if any new evidence was to come to the fore, they want more of them to be enforced by child maintenance which they would look into it and to find they can do. how big of a problem is they would look into it and to find the culprits and perpetrators, but it? the problem is, we don't know. they have known the names of the direct pay is a deal between culprits since 1986, so what have they been doing, for the past 33 pa rents, direct pay is a deal between parents, if you like. the dwp does not count how effective it is. in yea rs 7 they been doing, for the past 33 years? brian, gives a sense, for the past, its looked at this in yourfamily this research and found that something years? brian, gives a sense, for your family this is an active fight like half of the parents who say that you will continue with, but for they are on direct pay don't all the families involved, being on site with you in the fight, it must actually have or enforce an have been devastating. just sitting arrangement. nowadays it is assuming that all of them worked. gingerbread says they are not, it's got lots of
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here talking to you, i'm frustrated evidence of parents saying it beyond words, because we are sitting doesn't work, it was an acrimonious here, two living bombers who are at break—up. so it could be well over 100,000 children who aren't getting liberty in ireland, are to carry on the maintenance they need from the absent parent. that's usually the father. when we say not getting the their everyday life, whilst maxine maintenance they need, how much are we talking about in many terms? it's and the other 20 victims died in a ha rd to we talking about in many terms? it's hard to make general statements, it murder in 1974. and the fact that depends on the income of the absent parent, if they're on benefits, it can be as little as £7 a week, but chris mullin visited the interest if there early, it could be £40, or and gave information, he could have done the right thing by us and told more or less. it depends on all and gave the names which he has had sorts of circumstances like their own children. they can be in his possession since 1986. on significant amounts for a single mum that, chris mullin has responded saying that until he came onto the looking after a couple of children, scene no one was doing any £80 per week is a lot of money. so investigating. he is absolutely what does gingerbread want to see correct. what he did then for the happen? it was the department for birmingham six is fantastic. however work and pensions to monitor the he has refused to assist us in any way. as far as we are concerned, he
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direct pay arrangement and see if they are working which at the moment it doesn't do. and it wants them to lacks any moral compass whatsoever. 21 people were murdered and he made, be much more willing to turn it into bought and sold money on the back of mass murder of our loved ones. as a one of what is called collect and final thought, you said it was pay, where the maintenance service is responsible for collecting the money of one parent and giving it to significant what happened yesterday but anyone watching you this morning the other. people don't realise that will realise that this is far from they charge a fee for that. so the over. this is far from over. without father, let's assume, pays more, and our incredible supporters across the the mother, we assume, it gets a bit country who are the backbone of our less. they want those fees are campaign we would not be here today scrapped. they say it doesn't and without andy richards from the encourage people to do it themselves, at its meaning that birmingham mail, and marc reeves, and the dream team, our legal team, pa rents themselves, at its meaning that pa re nts get themselves, at its meaning that parents get less than they should have. it's got a number of recommendations and it's putting this evidence to the department and klw law, who continue to represent hoping it changes. what have the department said about this? hoping it changes. what have the department said about this7m hasn't really engaged in these us klw law, who continue to represent us pro bono, we have a great team points, but it said to me, direct pay, the system between parents, is who have done a fantasticjob. used by the majority are separated pa rents to used by the majority are separated parents to make a child maintenance without them, we would not be here arrangement with the child maintenance service avoiding
8:19 am
today and we would like to send our collection charges. those parents heartfelt thanks to all of our who are not available to you that, supporters who come out onto the the collect and pay is available. i streets to help us. we have to prostitute ourselves on the streets to raise money because the legal aid think gingerbread would disagree. agency have if used as legal aid six times. what is it that they are so you can find out more by listening afraid of, when they have given to your wonderful show on radio four at midday. funding to the hillsborough families, quite rightly, to the groenefeld family is quite likely, the headlines. to the family of ali russell, quite downing street has insisted it's rightly, 21 murders, we cannot get ready to hold further brexit legal aid. we really appreciate you talks with labour this weekend, after three days of meetings ended without agreement yesterday. millions of workers will automatically start putting more coming in andjoining legal aid. we really appreciate you coming in and joining us on the into their workplace pensions from today. the minimum employee server. brian and julie hambleton, contribution is going up from three to five per cent, and employers will also sister and brother, one of the have to contribute more. victims. thank you. time to find out what is happening with the weather. lots of sporting events this let's ta ke weekend. let's take a moment and have a look at the weather. lots of big sporting the forecast is a little bit events across the weekend, how is it
8:20 am
complicated. lots in the way of dry looking? weather this weekend because this area of low pressure that has given not too bad, great for the grand national. the only function that area of low pressure that has given a shower are sliding south. the biggest headache is going to be could struggle could be the men and where we get the thickest amounts of women's boat race tomorrow, we could cloud. so those grey skies and some see some thunderstorms and lightning is the only thing which takes them drizzle at times. it would be good to get the day under way at the off the water. for the weekend overall, the weather isn't too moment across north wales. further south there has been more low cloud terrible, more dry than the week just gone, not entirely dry. 0ur with the sunshine making its way biggest headache is pinning down the shortly but take that picture in contrast to this one in canterbury, cloud. look at devon right now, a much more grey skies, and misty and beautiful scene. certainly looking murky, and for eastern counties of much more sullen, the skies across england and across eastern scotland, prospects are looking much greyer south lanarkshire. much more sullen, the skies across south la narkshire. you much more sullen, the skies across south lanarkshire. you can see the contrast in the weather across the for today. but it is never a uk as we speak, even though it's straightforward picture for the uk being driven by the same weather weather. this is the area of showers system. this area of low pressure, from the weekjust gone. some gaps the heart of it, the shower through in that cloud so there will be some the heart of it, the shower through the week just brighter spells across eastern areas the heart of it, the shower through the weekjust gone, and is of cloud, for a time still seething around the low. —— brighter spells across eastern areas fora time and, brighter spells across eastern areas for a time and, in the west starting off with greyer skies what the there are bands of cloud seething prospects are for things to clear up. what we need to take from this
8:21 am
around the low. towards the east, an picture is that it is that low— pressure picture is that it is that low—pressure slice of a south, easterly breeze, some thick cloud. setting us up for some easterly in the west, sky is brightening. winds, with some moisture of the that's the rough rule of thumb for north sea and a chilly appeal, and a the weekend. more cloudy and cooler weather front pushing its way across in the east, brighter in the west. scotland. scotland today seeing some but not quite that straightforward. of the more solid cloud and for scotland today, cloud across outbreaks of rain. the highlands and northern isles could do well and see much of the country. the highlands and the northern isles getting much some sunshine. for the piece, of the best sunshine, along with the galloway and ayrshire, northern ireland, the north—west of england south—west. looking great for and wales, plenty of sunshine this northern ireland, wales and the south—west today. the midlands afternoon. eastern counties struggling with the wind off the north sea. more cloud, misty and getting some decent sunshine, eastern counties of england struggling with a more cloudy and murky, with temperatures of around chilly breeze. as promised, the eight celsius. but it is the grand national this afternoon. and the forecast for aintree this afternoon forecast as we head west towards looking promising, 13 top aintree is looking very good. 13 the temperature at the course today. by the time the basic plates —— the top temperature, probably around 11, 12, at the time of the race. this race the time the basic plates —— the ra ce ta kes evening, rain across scotland, some the time the basic plates —— the race takes place, a little cooler. showers for south—western england, if you are going out this evening, elsewhere, generally dry with more showers are crossed scotland,
8:22 am
cloud around the last night, typical elsewhere cloudy. a milder night and lows of around six celsius, and pockets of frost for northern into sunday morning, six or seven, a ireland and north wales under those bit lowerfor north wales clear spells. sunday, the cloud a into sunday morning, six or seven, a bit lower for north wales and northern ireland, perhaps the odd little bit more evenly spread across bucket of frost. the rest of the the uk first thing. if anything on sunshine on sunday morning, the sunday, the cloud more persistent to cloud will widely spread to get something going. further north, the north, to the south, breaking cloud lingering across scotland. to up, and where that happens temperatures will shift up nicely to the south, brightness but that will help push the temperatures up for 17 celsius, then we could trigger sunday afternoon. 16 or 17 degrees, some thundery showers and it is the but that could brew up some punchy men's and women's boat race tomorrow thunderstorms. and that could affect afternoon, and lightning is the only thing that could stop the race, so the boat race tomorrow so we will be we are watching very closely. thank watching that forecast closely. you very much. see you later on. thank you, see you later on. from attacks in the streets of london or paris, to the horrific events of 9/11, the actions of suicide bombers have changed the world. time now for a look at the and while such killings are not new, their use has increased massively in this century. the investigative journalist newspapers. iain 0verton has been looking
8:23 am
into the subject for his latest book, and hejoins us now. where shall we start? let's look at good morning. suicide bombers, it's what is happening with passports in the light of brexit. a year ago a very sensitive issue, and some there was this outcry about what people might on the face of it colour the new passports would be, think, even writing about it in would we be going back to blue great depth as you have, you're passports, but we are sticking with almost giving some kind of credence, red passports and already we have giving them possibly what they had new ones printed without the wa nted giving them possibly what they european union reference. not a wanted which is publicity. in more recent times. that could be an great deal of difference in the colouring. which i found comforting, accusation but what i try and do is actually. do these exist? the new contextualise where the suicide bomber has come from and put it in a ones with just the uk, is that a broad path of history. arguing it isn't just the kind of a mock—up or a real thing? broad path of history. arguing it isn'tjust the modern dayjihadist it isa kind of a mock—up or a real thing? warped interpretation of islam, but it is a real thing because we were we have seen russian, lebanese, sri supposed to be living on the 29th of march. they got ahead and started lankans, all using the bomb in printing new ones. but we have not various other ways. in many ways the left yet so these could be a book is a travelogue which goes curiosity if we ended up not through all these countries, i try to interview people who could have leaving. we don't know what is happening at the moment. if you've supported suicide attacks, failed to
8:24 am
suicide i go to places where —— got a new passport, they might be a collectors item. there had been failed suicide bombers. i go to places where attacks have occurred. concerns about when to renew passports on that basis. there had since 1881, when the tsar of russia was the first person killed by a been a massive rush for the new suicide bomber till today, in the last five years, 40% of those killed passports, as before. interesting that we are not going back to the blue passports. this is interesting, have died. we have seen a quarter of million people killed by suicide attacks. the general thesis of the coronation street's first black book is to say, it's notjust the family. i thought, immediate impact of the suicide bomber that you should be worried coronation street's first black family. ithought, surely coronation street's first black family. i thought, surely not. about but our responses to it. the coronation street's first black family. ithought, surely not. i coronation street's first black family. i thought, surely not. i was surprised. it caught my eye because killing of the tsar of russia led to we are in 2019, surely we must have a counter response which led to the had a black family before now, but russian revolution. the ghost of the we haven't and they are due to be kamikaze in world war ii were in the room when the decision was made to covering some some serious issues bomb hiroshima and nagasaki with the around homophobia and football as atomic bomb. and obviously nine pa rt around homophobia and football as part of having this new black family slash 11 opened up a pandora's box which we are still seeing the impact in corrie, and it is a positive move, i think it is great, and long of today. what was it like meeting overdue. i absolutely agree. there the people who failed suicide attackers? if her mission had been are quitea successful, she would have been the
8:25 am
overdue. i absolutely agree. there are quite a lot of non—white first female muslim palestinian characters. definitely come up but this is the first afro—caribbean suicide bomber. you cannot but be a family, an entire family as opposed bit nervous. in making the book i toa family, an entire family as opposed to a single character who might was shot at in iraq, interrogated by feature occasionally. so it is significant, but long overdue, like you said, why hasn't this happened organisations, when you sit down before? astori from the daily with people who fundamentally telegraph you have picked out now. believes if they kill someone who is against the latest and they will this was all about self harm content enter paradise in that killing, —— on social media sites. we had a very against their belief system, they will enter paradise, you will be upsetting, sad story where a young nervous. very few people have sought to interrogate this in an in—depth way because it is so scary. i've lady of 14 was so influenced by the been to plenty of war zones, over content that she took her own life. two d oze n been to plenty of war zones, over she was going on self—harm sites and two dozen war zones, and ifelt been to plenty of war zones, over two dozen war zones, and i felt that this was something i needed to do. herfamily have she was going on self—harm sites and her family have been did it change your opinion of them? she was going on self—harm sites and herfamily have been campaigning to see what controls we can put in place. as the mum of a teenager they in no way was i sympathetic to what they would have done. but what i are concerned about all of this so a have tried to understand is what new code of conduct will come in, to paths lead them to this extreme track what social media companies put out there, to try to protect position. there are some predictable parts, both individual drivers like
8:26 am
vulnerable young people. so it is a good thing. much confidence that you poverty and desire for vengeance, as having them? it is a good move in well as group drivers, a belief in the right direction. quite how it the end of days, a military will pan out in practice, i don't a cce pta nce the end of days, a military acceptance that suicide bombers can know. there is so much content out get a bomb into the heart of the military centre. 0ne get a bomb into the heart of the there, it is quite difficult to military centre. one of the things they all seem to share was this control. i don't know enough about belief that by blowing themselves algorithms and how powerful they can up, they would usher in a better be, but i would hope that things move in the right direction and that world, one that they would not this new model matures, and we see inhabit. 0ne world, one that they would not inhabit. one of the real frustrating things about trying to interview or more young people being protected. this is such an important issue. interviewing people like isis what tends to happen is that people fighters and select other fighters, find a way. the story of these things is, the giants of social they fundamentally believe the route media are behind the curve. the to their victory is their own users managed to find a way through defeat. there is a weird vision in things and either they don't care isis particularly, at the moment of enough, or may not be interested their darkest hour, jesus christ enough, or may not be interested enough but this is a step in the will descend on a minaret in jerusalem and usher in along with right direction. it is a step in the right direction. it is a step in the right direction. it is a step in the right direction and i feel quite the caliphate a glorious islamic positive about it. how closely do age. in other words, for them, that isa age. in other words, for them, that is a precursor to the global islamic you try and monitor the issue with victory. death is a precursor.m your teenager? it is tricky because
8:27 am
he's now 16. he is on instagram. there are limits to what you can is a precursor to the global islamic victory. death is a precursor. it is an extraordinary book, enormous detail to, go to these things. in control as a parent. it is fair to say. there is a huge amount of trust the world that politicians live in, they have different judgments there, as well, so one can only hope the world that politicians live in, they have differentjudgments to that he doesn't look at the wrong make about what people will think if type of content. do you follow each they take a more thoughtful approach to something like suicide bombings. other on instagram? there is an so they're not able, in a way, they official account and a secret are precluded from saying, let's account. 0n the official account listen more to the arguments. yes, but i know that he has a secret account, but they will do it. he is because they want to say, let's get rid of them, let's deal with them. that's the problem. you can say, no almost certainly watching! on the one has listened but that's hard to do anything with in a practical gender pay gap, there were more sense without sounding like, as a figures out this week. we had more politician or a leader, you are not on the wrong side of the argument. employers reporting by the deadline. politician or a leader, you are not on the wrong side of the argumenti gave evidence from the book at an the figures have gone up. so we see all parliamentary group on thursday. more employers reporting before the the mp matthew off it was there. deadline. last year there was a listen to me when i was explaining massive shortfall and so on, but how forex instance, in pakistan, us essentially what this story is
8:28 am
saying is, transparency around figures is one thing but what are we drone strikes in pakistan were going to do about it? that is what followed in a month by an extra campaigners are saying, is, what is suicide bomb. my fear is if the west the plan of action? because the figures have not improved, they have pretty much stayed the same. how are tried to defeat isis without using we going to challenge employers to other mechanism, just using air try and chip close that gap? there power is, without using complex is not a quick fix, though. but approaches like trying to stop chemical materials entering war nothing is being done in a concerted way across all employers. some zones, things like this, unless we employers are putting a huge amount approach it in a complex and of effort into closing the gap and multifaceted way, we will end up others are not. the point is we need still allowing the suicide bomber to more concerted action across the flourish. it's notjust the book you board to try and close that gap sooner rather than later. you will have written, the work you've collected and the research you have done has been presented to some be back with us in half and r. politicians? yes, i regularly speak sooner rather than later. you will be back with us in half and ri will be, thank you. the headlines 00:28:46,604 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 coming up injust a moment. at the united nations as well as giving evidence to defence committees, to try and impress upon them that, for instance, the ref's claim that they have killed 4300 militants in syria and iraq but only on civilian, is, on the face of it,
8:29 am
seem to be ludicrous. particularly amongst groups like isis. they go on again and again about killed civilians in air strikes, and this feeds into a narrative of vengeance. here in manchester, the manchester bombing, he explicitly stated he was doing it because of air strikes in syria and iraq. my point is, we cannot defeat this non—state actor, a nebulous force which has disseminated to many countries, 2016 saw 26 countries impacted by suicide bombers. we cannot defeat it with ha rd bombers. we cannot defeat it with hard military force. there needs to bea hard military force. there needs to be a more comprehensive approach and the british covenant can lead —— government can lead the way. iain's book is called the price of paradise. stay with us, headlines coming up.
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