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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 6, 2019 9:00am-10:00am BST

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good morning, welcome to breakfast hello, this is breakfast with this is bbc news. steph mcgovern and charlie stayt. the headlines at 10 o'clock. coming up before ten susan stay with us, headlines coming up. with steph mcgovern will have the weather for you. and charlie stayt. but first a summary of this cautious optimism from labour and brexit talks stall — labour says theresa may is refusing morning's main news. the conservatives over brexit talks to compromise but the government after they broke up last night that insists it's made it's unclear whether the government "serious proposals." millions of workers will have to pay higher pension and labour will hold contributions from today — progress. but some will benefit further talks on brexit over the weekend, after three days there has been no movement from the from new tax changes. of discussions ended without agreement yesterday. meetings have been taking place government on the actual content of to try and find a proposal an off—duty soldier who walked to put to another commons vote, the political declaration and that towards a bomb left on a tube train before an emergency eu summit next week. is key. conversations with the is honoured with a bravery award. labour party are continuing, they labour says the government hasn't we re labour party are continuing, they were continuing last night and we proposed any changes to theresa may's brexit deal. expect to exchange more text with liverpool are back on top downing street insists it is ready the labour party today so this is an of the premier league after coming from behind to win at southampton. to hold further discussions. ongoing process and i'm optimistic and tiger roll aims that we will reach some form of to become the first horse arriving at a meeting since red rum 45 years ago, of finance ministers in bucharest this morning, agreement. the housing dreams that to win back—to—back grand nationals. the chancellor philip hammond said he expects a "positive outcome" turn into nightmares. growing good morning, we finally have numbers of complaints about new from the talks with labour. something a little bit drier builds. and pension contributions the conversations with in the weather to come this weekend, the labour party are continuing, but we cannot promise they were continuing last night. you unbroken sunshine. must be paid, from today, we are expecting to exchange more many eastern areas will get stuck text with the labour party today. with some stubborn cloud it's an ongoing process and i am and an easterly breeze will make it optimistic we will reach some sort of agreement later. quite millions of workers will have to put
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chilly on easterly coasts. more into their workplace more details coming up. pension from today. the minimum contribution is going up from 3 to 5 percent. it's saturday the 6th of april. our top story: that will mean less take—home pay. it's unclear whether the government there's concern the changes and labour will hold further talks on brexit over the weekend, will make it harderfor women, after three days of discussions who are more likely to work part—time and earn less. ended without agreement yesterday. the aircraft manufacturer boeing meetings have been taking place says it's temporarily cutting to try and find a proposal production of its 737 airliner, to put to another commons vote, following two crashes. before an emergency production will decrease from 52 eu summit next week. labour's shadow brexit secretary to 42 planes a month, sir keir starmer said the government has not proposed any changes while the firm works on changes to its max model which was involved in crashes to theresa may's brexit deal. in ethiopia and indonesia. a soldier who walked towards a bomb left on an underground train at the moment the government's not is being awarded the queen's proposing any changes to the deal, commendation for bravery. it's not countenancing any changes to the actual wording lieutenant colonel craig palmer of the political declaration. now, obviously, ithink was travelling to work when the device partially exploded we all want to break this deadlock. a few carriages away we want the talks to continue. but compromise does require change. at parsons green station. at a meeting of finance ministers a fireball swept through the tube in bucharest this morning, train injuring more than 50 people. the chancellor philip hammond said colonel palmer took photographs he expects a "positive outcome" from the talks with labour. of the smouldering bomb before contacting the police. we should be open to listen to sir mickjagger says he's
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suggestions that others have made. on the mend, after having a heart and some people in the labour party operation in the united states. have made other suggestions to us in a tweet, the singer said and we have to be he was feeling much better and thanked hospital staff for doing a superbjob. the stones postponed their tour prepared to discuss them. of the us and canada, after their frontman pulled out on doctors orders. our approach is, we have no red lines. the cheapest european resort for uk we will go into these thoughts with an open mind and discuss holiday makers has been revealed. analysis of 20 everything with them in a constructive fashion. let's talk to our political destinations was carried correspondent matt cole. matt, are these talks out by the post office. close to collapsing? on the one hand you have keir bulgaria's sunny beach came out starmer saying that there is nothing on top, where you can get on the table and on the other philip hammond has been quite positive. a glass of wine for £1.17, what on earth is going on? that is a and a two course lunch for two for £8.42. difficult circle to square. labour have said to me there no talks scheduled in the diary this weekend as things stand. sir keir starmer had written to the government so to let's stay on that shot, it's so that extent, communications have not nice there! quite ceased, but there are no talks sorrento in italy was the most expensive, where lunch costs more than £35. ona diary. quite ceased, but there are no talks on a diary. philip hammond talking up on a diary. philip hammond talking up the prospects of an agreement being reached between labour and the that's a lot of money. but you've government that can be taken to a got to think about the location as
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positive outcome at the eu summit on wednesday is a rather curious one. well. bulgaria looked pretty nice. the sea and the beaches. i'm trying what we understand from labour is, to be diplomatic. both places are they say the government is not willing to compromise, not willing fantastic, of course! liverpool to change the political declaration, the bit of the withdrawal deal if taking a big wrap towards the you like that looks to future premier league title. in any other relations. the government says we are willing to change that. labour season, he would be there but this wa nts a are willing to change that. labour wants a customs union with the eu isn't any other season, manchester city still have a game in hand. this put into that, a much closer was a big statement of intent, relationship than the government ever wanted, that would tie our pivotal had to come from behind last trade closely to the eu and prevent britain from being able to sign its night on the south coast. —— own trade deals, but as things stand liverpool. liverpool came through a really tough test it doesn't look like the government after conceding an early goal, at southampton to return is offering that. at least labour to the top of the table and keep says that they are not and that is the pressure on manchester city. their key demand, so how this david ornstein reports. resolves itself is not entirely clear. of course if nothing is the smile of a man who is getting ever closer to returning liverpool resolved britain faces the prospect of leaving the eu without a deal on to where they believe they belong. jurgen klopp's men didn't make life easy for themselves, friday. so much to be sorted. matt, allowing shane long to give southampton a deserved lead in their battle against relegation. thank you very much. the manager a picture millions of workers will now see of frustration. though soon his mood would be lifted a bigger chunk of their wages automatically diverted by the rise of naby keita, into a pension, from today. the midfielder‘s first goal
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the minimum contribution is going up from 3% to 5%. for the club standing despite employers will also have to increase their contributions. a possible offside in the build—up. here's our personal finance liverpool level. correspondent simon gompertz. after the break they went for broke. this is a tale of two hairdressers. naby keita to the fore once more, falling, was this a foul? one, chloe, full—time and ready the referee said no. to have 5% clipped off her wage for her work pension after today's increase. however, liverpool would come again. and now there was no stopping them. i just think that a little bit of money that i don't see, of mohamed salah's many you know, it goes straight out contributions, perhaps of my wages before i even see it, the most important so far — the result was rubber—stamped and ijust think, well, for the future you may need it. byjordan henderson. cos you won't be working. liverpool back to the top. and you'll need to top up a first league title in 29 for your old age and enjoy doing years moving into sight. things as you get older. david ornstein, bbc news. and this is taneika, who's been blown out of the pension scheme after having a baby and coming back part—time. pensions are tricky it's fa cup semi final weekend. tomorrow, watford will face wolves, while later today, for new parents to afford. manchester city will be hoping to continue their march to the quadruple when they face brighton at wembley. i think once you've a baby you kind and for city manager, of put it to the side pep guardiola, reaching the final and that's how it is. would be a special moment. you don't really have much say. it's like you've had a baby, i think when i was young, you don't want to do this,
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you are on a lower in catalonia, so it was quite usual wage, and that's it. and then there's a danger you get a lower pension. yes. to see the final of the fa cup rather than the it's notjust the cost. employers aren't obliged to sign up premier league games. people like taneika, who earn less than £10,000 a year. so in the tradition, wembley, to be fair, it's a challenge to the boss as well. both managers going there the business has to contribute a top in front of the players, up, which has gone up to 3% of pay. to hold this trophy. for the majority of small businesses i have never been there it is an onerous burden and i cannot deny how nice it that's just going to get worse and worse and worse. would be personally. and i think something like 70% but i think for the players of people work for a small business in this country, so it'll as well and for the club. have an impact on the employment manchester city, brighton of whether people will is live on bbc one at 5.30. what's more dan walker will present actually take people on. the whole of football focus. right now the challenge for savers like chloe is how to afford england's women were beaten 1—0 by canada today's higher pension payments. in their world cup warm up the government says it's letting us match in manchester. earn more before income tax phil neville's team were undone by kicks in and raising minimum wages, and that should help. one of the game's evergreen stars. 35—year—old christine sinclair simon gompertz, bbc news. of canada scoring a remarkable the aircraft manufacturer boeing 180th international goal. says it's temporarily cutting production of its 737 airliner, she made her debut as a 16—year—old following two crashes. back in the year 2000. that proved to be the winner. production will decrease from 52 to 42 planes a month, scotland drew1 all in a friendly with chile. while the firm works scotland took the lead through erin cuthbert. on changes to its max model but chile equalised which was involved in crashes thanks to a penalty. scotland play brazil next on monday.
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in ethiopia and indonesia. at 5.15 this afternoon, the eyes of the sporting world will be on aintree a soldier who walked towards a bomb as the grand national gets underway. if you're having a flutter, left on an underground train there is one horse that stands out in the a0 runners, one is being awarded the queen's commendation for bravery. lieutenant colonel craig palmer that could make history. was travelling to work when the device partially exploded the hot favourite tiger roll a few carriages away would become the first horse at parsons green station. to win back to back nationals a fireball swept through the tube since red rum in the 19705. train, injuring more than 50 people. andy swiss reports. colonel palmer took photographs of the smouldering bomb he is the horse with before contacting the police. history in his sights. this is tiger roll, last year's grand national winner now chasing and we'll be talking a place in the record books. to colonel palmer shortly. there is red rum... we will be hearing more about that remarkable story. not since the great red rum hundreds of pupils from in 1974 has a horse raheem sterling's old school won back—to—back nationals. are heading to wembley this afternoon, after he got them tickets to watch but after a scintillating season, the fa cup semi—final. the england forward tiger roll is once again surprised students from ark elvin academy, at the one to beat. by inviting them to watch he could be going to the grand manchester city's game against brighton. national with a bit of preparation. here's natalie pirks. there are a lot of fences to jump. they have been racing over these famous fences
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it's pe as usualfor the pupils for some 180 years now. of ark elvin academy, but this has been no ordinary week. in that time only four on thursday, ten of them horses have ever won met their school's most famous consecutive grand nationals. former student, and then 250 of them discovered that, but such is the confidence in tiger roll he could start as one thanks to raheem sterling's generosity, they were going home of the hottest favourites that with a pair of tickets aintree has ever seen. for today's semi. the hottest ever was back despite his success and the fact in 1935, golden miller. that he's moved out of london although as so often with and he's playing for manchester now, a national, didn't count for much. he still remembers where he's from and he sticks golden miller is down. close to his roots. he tries to refuse, shoots his jockey out of the saddle. and for our children to have that role model who thinks of them tiger roll could set off as the biggest favourite and has his heart in our community, since then and should he win bookies face a staggering that means a huge amount to us, £200 million pay—out. it's very special. well, this used to be copeland community school. and every day for a young raheem sterling there was a very as far as we're concerned it visual reminder of his dream will be the worst result in grand national history. to one day play at wembley stadium. the public adore him his former coach still works here. for so many reasons. he won it last year. he's looking to emulate red rum. he's always has been he is a fantastic horse. a very, very nice person. he is the public horse. very generous. at the course where red rum and always willing to help became a legend, winning where he could three nationals in total, and look out for people. can another horse put his name
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i think it's great that he's doing that. into racing history? it gives a lot of people in the area, from the school, the opportunity to go andy swiss, bbc news, aintree. to wembley and see a game. a lot of them haven't jockey barry geraghty been to wembley before. will not be taking part for those with the golden tickets, in the grand national, sterling is a role model. after suffering a broken leg in a heavy fall he is our inspiration. in friday's topham chase. he is our everyday reason geraghty had been due to ride on one to keep playing football. of the favourites ani—bale fly. fellow rider mark enright was also he got found here and itjust goes to show that with hard work, taken to hospital after falling from his horse in the same race. determination, passion, and focusing on your studies, anything is possible. and 2 horses were fatally injured the school will now rename its sports hall on the second day of the meeting. after the manchester city star onto rugby union, and sale have narrowed the gap and want him back to cut the ribbon between themselves and — they hope, with the fa cup in tow. the premiership's top four natalie pirks, bbc news, wembley. with victory over harlequins. this opportunist try from byron mcguigan made the difference for the home side as they moved to five points behind harlequins. the scottish international ran over city will be on their way down half the pitch for sale's there, now. it is 5pm, they kick only try of the match, off. i hope they have a good day. in a 28—17 win. sir mickjagger says that he is on the mend glasgow meanwhile remain after having that heart operation top of the pro 14. in the united states. they beat ulster by 30 points to 7. in a tweet, the singer said tommy seymour scoring one of 4 he was feeling much better and thanked hospital staff for doing tries for the warriors, a superbjob. against his former side. the stones postponed their tour
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of the us and canada, after their frontman pulled there was an incredible comeback from castleford in rugby league's out on doctor's orders. super league beating wigan 38—28. the cheapest european resort for uk castleford had trailed by 16 points at half—time but they fought back holiday makers has been revealed. brilliantly in front of their home fans and keep up the pressure on the top two while wigan analysis of 20 destinations remain in the bottom four. was carried out by the post office. elsewhere there were wins for wakefield, and warrington are top on points difference. bulgaria's sunny beach came out on top, where you can get great britain's charley hull remains a glass of wine for £1.17, in contention at the first women's major of the year in california. she shot a second round of 69, and a two—course lunch to finish on three under par. for two, for £8.42. but 5 strokes ahead is the leader, sorrento in italy was the most in kyung kim of korea, expensive, she's 8 under par. where lunch costs more than £35. how about this for a penalty in hockey? this is the culmination of a penalty shoot out and the south korean that is pretty pricey, isn't it? so captain lee nam—young dribbles the ball up before lifting 110w that is pretty pricey, isn't it? so now you know. the ball up on his stick then flicking it up and in over it's been yet another the head of the indian goalkeeper as south korea clinched eventful week in parliament. it is all in connection with brexit. the title for the third time.
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it is all in connection with brexit. it has certainly been a busy one. it's the mixed gender sport that's played in 70 countries around the world. korfball is commonly described as a mixture the noes have it, the noes have it. of netball and basketball and is all about inclusion. with the season reaching its climax i have failed chiefly because my party refuses to compromise. i i've been to see how it works and how it all started. regret, therefore, to announce that music plays. ican no regret, therefore, to announce that i can no longer sit for this party. imagine it's the netherlands in 1902 0, nick, nick, don't go, come on! we and this is a schoolmaster, nico broekhuysen, on his way will need a further extension of to class and suddenly has the idea article 50, one which is as short as of a sport that would allow men possible and which ends, when we and women to play on the same team. pass a deal. the no-deal scenario the notion of women playing with men because worldwide controversy. has become more likely but we hope korfball was branded an outrage, to have it —— might hope to avoid immoral, a monster. it. the ayes have it, the ayes have the professor wasn't going to be stopped. it was an olympic demonstration sport 20 years later. it. the ayes have it, the ayes have the teams of 2019 have a lot it. raine the public will not be impressed by this. i cast my vote to be thankful for. korfball is still unique. a sport that can only be played with the noes, the noes have it, the with four men and four
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women on the same team. as i found out early on, noes have it. blocking the decision the rules were devised to make it democratically made by the fairfor both men and women. electorate in a referendum, shame on what's that? penalty. you. what a mess we are in, what a boys can only defend boys and girls can only defend girls. you can see adam's rather large mess we are in. the setting is now compared to our girls. you can't have one player clearly dominating the entire game. suspended, and no photographs, that makes sense. if i were to try to mark them please. —— the sittring are i would be taken out. each gender can bring different things to the sport. so women tend to be a bit suspended. quicker and nippier. joining us to try and make sense of all that it is almost instinctive are the bbc‘s former chief political to try to block whoever it is. correspondentjohn sergeant, the game is so fast. and the political documentary maker michael cockerell. they're in london this morning. sorry! in my little lead—in script i said, that was obviously a foul. i always say that the girls joining us to make sense of what has win korfball matches been going on, two wise heads. do rather than the boys. you want to have a go at it, john they are more skilful shooters. exactly. it is a bit like basketball, sergeant, make sense of all this. a bit like netball, you can't run with the ball, you want to have a go at it, john sergeant, make sense of all thism is all terribly difficult and if but you pass and move they cannot agree there is no deal, and the key thing is, look, the size of the basket. and if there is a real no—deal there will be a shambles, there will be it's huge.
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another meeting in brussels next week where they will, i'm sure, i much higher than a agree that there should be an basketball or netball. extension, and other —— another after two goals the opposition team extension, and other —— another become the attackers. extension, kicking the can down the road. what we will have this week is attacking for the blues. have to defend the shot. an awful lot more heat, and no more not again. lack. it is very distressing for the i discovered another rule to negate people involved. people around the any advantage to size and strength in this noncontact sport. country must just think, you can't even shoot when someone people involved. people around the country mustjust think, for goodness' sake, just the site. the is within arm's reach of you. annoyance must be incredible. it is about creating that space. obviously i am quite small and i can come against some giants in the matches we play. michael? they are kicking the can of fudge down the road. i mrs may, who but it is all about getting them off—balance and running and shooting or about creating has tunnel vision, is running out of the distance between you. panel. it is extraordinary what is with the emphasis on equality going on. i don't think i've seen a and teamwork it is not surprising week in parliament quite like that that the basingstoke team includes with even parliament itself, the five married couples like sarah building itself, collapsing like a and rich, who met here. metaphor for what it has been. where does it help on court telepathy that you know... ? absolutely not. he doesn't listen. are the polish plumber is when you
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eventually i did manage to create need them?! it is tragedy but it is enough space for a clear shot fast as well. and people spending at that really high basket. large sums of money, people being handy. this meant the game ended really worried up and down the level and, so, penalties. country. that is what makes it so too much pressure. awful. if it was just parliament, we could snigger at it and it wouldn't matter, but when you hear people it is a draw. being interviewed, saying, i don't know what to do, take people on or sack people, it is hard. the one of the reasons i loved playing uncertainty which has lasted for so it is it takes the emphasis away from height and strength. it suited long, and is now going to last for me! i have a lot to thank the an indefinite period. we don't know. it is up to the eu to decide how process four. he long it will last. it is not up to us, it is up to them, which is what process four. the me! i have a lot to thank the process four. the professor. talk through the look. i do have a makes it so humiliating for the british government. michael, picking standard hat and beard in my drawer at home. this was a field near up british government. michael, picking up on that theme, in the week that basingstoke, then i went on to the is coming ahead of us, you mentioned milestone medium for the classroom. it moments ago, the notion that this it was a picture of what he was was about taking control, and this week, the eu will decide what to offer us, if it comes to that, what
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thinking, he had just been to sweden to offer us in terms of what lies ahead and we don't have any say in and he saw sport called wrinkle. that was your impression of what he that. no, if the eu will say that might look like? i'm not a what they are doing is a really hard historian. let's see what he looks thing to do, they have to have a like. you just wanted to wear a unanimous decision from the 27 other beard! this is a later photo. i was member countries. and we can't have an unanimous decision even within right at the beginning of his out an unanimous decision even within our cabinet. it is extraordinary. career. i'm not going to get a job they will decide whether we can have presenting any history programmes on what it may asked for, and extension bbc four on this evidence. i didn't until the end of june, have much budget. artistic licence! what it may asked for, and extension until the end ofjune, or a much he won't complain, so... we are longer extension, which mr task has salivating his achievements. -- celebrating. i like the bed, i can't called a flextension is so that we grow a very can pull out earlier if we get a celebrating. i like the bed, i can't grow a very good one normally. will deal. yet a matter of what is going you wear it again? i'm sure, any on is the old—fashioned blame game. there can't be in agreement with excuse. this particular parliament and a soldier who walked towards a smouldering bomb on a tube therefore the key question involved train is being rewarded
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for his bravery in the latest list of military honours. for the european countries is who gets the blame? and that is why they lieutenant colonel craig palmer helped in the aftermath of the london underground terror attack will extend the time, because at parsons green station, which left otherwise, if they sort of force dozens of passengers injured. britain out without a deal, so it is his courage helped to provide very unlikely that they will do the police with vital evidence. lieutenant colonel palmer's with us that, more likely that they will say that, more likely that they will say now, welcome to breakfast. that you are prepared to wait, we are prepared to wait, but in the good morning. how are you feeling meantime all of those people want this resolved, we don't want to after finding out you are getting wait. often as we have these accommodation? quite a lot of mixed emotions in the last few days, it's discussions, the fact remained that as we talk this morning we are quite a shock, to find out from my leaving on friday. that is what the boss a few days ago. there is a lot law says. it is also what a lot of of telephone calls and chitchat, i'm people voted for. they voted for us trying to take stock, really. you to leave. there are still plenty of run your mum last night and told her? yes, my mum at home in people who say just to leave. there are still plenty of people who sayjust do it, just leave with no deal, do what you said we voted for. the decision will be stockton, i found her last her? yes, my mum at home in stockton, ifound her last night. her? yes, my mum at home in stockton, i found her last night.” bet so proud. take us back, for taken by the government and parliament and parliament has made it absolutely clear that there is no majority for leaving without a deal. those people who might be familiar with this story, you are on the so the people who are crying and upset from their point of view, they
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cheap and something happens, take us through those moments. this is on a are right to be upset, the brexiteers, that is true, but other normal commuter line, i was going people say that they overplayed into central london to where i was their hand, this estranged group who working. friday morning commute, the are so their hand, this estranged group who train was packed. a couple of stops are so fanatical about the subject of brexit. but we have been here into the journey, there was a flash, before. you get these arguments that go on interminably and you think how a scream , into the journey, there was a flash, a scream, a lot of screams, and then will they get result? often, they a scream, a lot of screams, and then a wall of people coming through the train. soa don't. reform of the house of lords. a wall of people coming through the we still have hereditary peers train. so a panic. that's pretty voting in our parliament. that has nonstandard, it's not your normal been true for the whole of my life. friday morning commute. at that people say, if only we could reform the house of lords. sometimes it point, my instincts, as with many happens, it is great, big issues are soldiers, would be to turn and face not resolved. i think that you are the chaos and the potential danger struggling a little bit to hear, but which was 40 or 50 metres away ifi through the open plan train. am i struggling a little bit to hear, but if i could ask michael, at this right in thinking, there was a smell moment in time, labour and the that made it very familiar to you? conservatives aren't talking. it is a little bit of a mystery this weekend as to what is going on, yes, in the first moments, i didn't nothing, apparently, but was that smell it, it was 50 metres away. a lwa ys nothing, apparently, but was that always a bit of a nonsense? they when i stepped off the train and went into it saying that we could there was a moment of unreal calm, talk, and yet? and yet. it is one of almost, i stepped there was a moment of unreal calm, almost, istepped back there was a moment of unreal calm, almost, i stepped back onto the
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train to confirm what was going on around me. ithen train to confirm what was going on around me. i then got this smell, it the most extraordinary things that has happened so far, that mrs may was burning explosive. i've been in who has spent the last three years the army over 20 years, i instantly slapping off jeremy corbyn, who has spent the last three years slapping offjeremy corbyn, just as recognised it. i got a chill down my he has been slapping her off, and the whole point has been that mrs spine, that this was serious. this probably was a terrorist incident andi may has said that he is a marxist, probably was a terrorist incident and i had to go through the gears. not fit to be prime minister, and in that morning, i was in a suit, i was a moment of crisis, she suddenly calls him in. so it is the best thinking about my family, and then i had to click into gear and go thing that could happen to jeremy through the gears. so by now the corbyn because he is seen as an alternative prime minister. he has never been seen alternative prime minister. he has never been seen as an carriages cleared of people? and you alternative prime minister. he has never been seen as an alternative prime minister before, and she has have stepped back in? i do know done it, so the daily telegraph there is something further the suggests that she is now in fact the carriage? yes, that's right. in the leader of the labour party. but everybody wants to say yes we can first moment the train and the talk about anything, but what people platform cleared very quickly. there was a crush of people trying to get really wa nt off the platform. i have found talk about anything, but what people really want are bananas! on that myself having stood firm and face philosophical point, we believe it. the danger, i found myself having stood firm and face the danger, ifound myself myself having stood firm and face the danger, i found myself in front of the crowd facing a clear train, a thank you so much. john sergeant and clear platform but were one or two
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people milling around. at that michael cockerell who have seen many point, the unreal calm, i knew things happening in politics over the years. yes, cans of fudge, and something bad was happening but i needed to confirm what it was. so i bananas! let's find out what is stepped back onto the train. so you happening with the weather. it is then walked towards the device, what very to psy—tu rvy. are you seeking to do? he did take a picture but what were you thinking? happening with the weather. it is very topsy-turvy. the biggest headache will be where the biggest i wasn't thinking about pictures, i amounts of cloud are. cloud can make was trying desperately to get my your day very different, sunshine head into gear as to what was having a different feel at this time happening. i was trying to take in of year, to grey, overcast skies. the inputs and reference points, what am i going to do now? and the contrast to the week just of year, to grey, overcast skies. contrast to the weekjust gone the first thing from my training is, prospects look drier. here are some images from our weather watchers confirm it. iwasn't first thing from my training is, confirm it. i wasn't going to add that set the tone nicely. this is any value by standing there passively watching this, so i had to felixstowe in suffolk. many eastern do something to confirm what was coastal counties will suffer with happening. i was conscious also low cloud and grey conditions. we having been on the receiving end of are developing an easterly breeze this as an operations officer, when that feeds in moisture and cold air you get conflicting information, off the north sea. then we fade to into an ops room, your response from
9:19 am
south lanarkshire. off the north sea. then we fade to south la narkshire. you off the north sea. then we fade to south lanarkshire. you canjust about make out the hills in the the emergency services are tainted. forgive me, how close did you get to background. drizzle and rain which the device itself? when i decided to will affect much of scotland through the day to day. to give you an idea walk forward, up the platform, i got how complicated the picture is, to the doors of the carriage and i underneath this swirl of cloud, saw that point that there was a there are some clearer spots, so finding out exactly where the smouldering device. i was only 90% biggest cloud will be is always certain as to the state of the bomb going to be something of a difficulty through the weekend. and what it was. i knew the size of generally, the trend will be picking it, i knew as an artillery officer what it could do if it was to go. up generally, the trend will be picking up that easterly breeze and four but i needed to have absolute eastern areas to have a sticker cloud, and western spots to see the evidence, in those early moments, to best of the brightness, but it is give a call to the police to give not clear—cut, so a lot of regional them the steer. at that point i detail to be added. for scotland walked into the carriage, only about today lots of cloud and rain across ten seconds in there to get three central and southern areas. the photographs, one of which was over highlands should do fairly well along with the northern isles, the bomb, which showed the component parts which i knew to be an ied. we ayrshire, dumfries and galloway getting some sunshine. to the south, we re parts which i knew to be an ied. we were just showing that, some of the eastern coastal counties lumbered with some thicker cloud and photographs were you took which consequently lower temperatures. in became a key part of evidence.” photographs were you took which became a key part of evidence. i was the west, in the sunshine, we could conscious at the time that the bomb
9:20 am
see the odd spot touching 16 celsius. and coming off very well was burning away, and the evidence for the aintree grand national. 13 of the little carrier bag is burning in front of me. i knew in a moment the course through the mid or two, the police might have taken a while to get there, and therefore afternoon, probably around 11, 12, by the time the race takes place. the evidence was burning. it was to the fa cup semifinal, some patchy cloud across wembley, but dry detonate, the evidence might have been lost, i just detonate, the evidence might have been lost, ijust thought, just do it. some might say i was reckless. prospects. this evening, rain across scotla nd prospects. this evening, rain across scotland petering out, some showers but i took a calculated risk because for the south—west of england, a bit more cloud than last night, and a i was pretty angry, pretty angry this was happening in london. milder start to sunday across north happening in front of me. i was going to do something about it. can wales and northern ireland, there i ask you, you talked a lot about your training could be the pocket of frost. i ask you, you talked a lot about yourtraining and i ask you, you talked a lot about your training and how it kicked in through the course of the day, we and there is instincts of yours come will see things brightening up from your training. we are all across the southern part of the uk human, where you have family...? how and for sunday, you think temperatures could shoot up to 16, is that it sitting in that moment in 17 degrees, but there are some big time, knowing where you are and what's at stake? in the moment i blue spots, and they indicate the risk of some intense thunderstorms. decided to act and go forward. but i we could see some of those sweeping was thinking about my family, my wife and children. i don't want to across wembley for the other fa cup semifinal match tomorrow. possibly
9:21 am
live in a society that's terrorised more critically for the boat race. by the sort of thing. i was thinking it is lightning that can be the about them i went up the platform biggest threat to that race not taking place. a close eye on the towards the device. how do you feel forecast across the south—east for now? because of the evidence, that's tomorrow afternoon. fingers crossed for no lightning for tomorrow. helped with convictions and you have got this commendation, how does this sit with you now? it's difficult to you're watching breakfast from bbc news. now a look at the newspapers. get one's head around it. people have said, the headlines are, hero. i don't feel a hero. ifeel proud to funke adimbola, a lawyer and business leader, joins us now to review have done my duty, and i had the the morning papers. opportunity to do my duty. but my nice to see you. what have you actions on the day, while i'm picked out this morning?” nice to see you. what have you picked out this morning? ijust find jacinda arden inspiring. it is personally very satisfied to get this award and it's quite humbling, incredible to have such a strong actually, i acted within the basis female leader that is exemplary, her leadership style, and she's only the of the british army. the majority of second leader to have had a baby british soldiers would have whilst in office. and she had to recognised what have needed to have been done on that day. we are deal with a major issue with the incredibly grateful to you doing terrorist attack, dealt with that
9:22 am
that, so thank you. they make them swiftly, in the moment. we need more goodin that, so thank you. they make them women like her. she is a really good in teesside! it puts things in impressive woman. she is amazing. perspective hearing this. her partner and daughter go with her good in teesside! it puts things in perspective hearing thism good in teesside! it puts things in perspective hearing this. it really to key meetings and they often does. let's find out what happening pictured together. it shows the real with the weather. place of what it means to be a female leader, to be a mother and have a young family, and she's doing i will come clean from the start, pinning down the detail on the it, she's being very authentic about forecast will be tricky. it will be it, she's being very authentic about drier, decent days but exactly where it, and also showing vulnerability. we get the thickest cloud will be a we need more of these role models in headache. a good rule of thumb will leadership. authenticity is an be along the east coast, here is a interesting word because often politicians struggle with that. one recent image from felixstowe. here, of the things that emerged after the strengthening wind of the north sea will feed in moisture and make christchurch attack was that she seemed to be able to say the right thing at the right time and it did really chilly. scotland will play not feel contrived. she set herself, host to some clouds today, here is a very little of what i have done has picture from south lanarkshire, we been deliberate, it is intuitive. have a weather front here. the that is remarkable, at a point to satellite picture shows it is prices to be able to say or do the swirling around, the cloud, across the uk but there is some breaks, and right thing. that is where the true test of character comes in. she says
9:23 am
as the rotation continues, pinning down where the brakes end up will be in this article how she had so little time to react. in a matter of tricky. over the course of the minutes she was told and she had to weekend, we will see a cent to get say the right thing. and it came close to the south—west. for sunday, from the heart. extraordinary. she is approachable as well. she it is the easterly breeze dominating physically helped people. i'd like the weather story. there is a lot of to say about her having a child sunshine in the west this afternoon, wet for scotla nd whilst in office. that makes people sunshine in the west this afternoon, wet for scotland but the hirelings sees “— wet for scotland but the hirelings look and think, she is actually like sees —— highlands and see some us. look and think, she is actually like us. she is remarkable. a lot of sunshine. chilly appeal in the east, stuff getting lost in the mix cloud in the east midlands but kent because of brexit. we are going to and sussex feeling fair. talk about funding for social services. this is philip hammond temperatures in the best of the sunshine 15 or 16 in the west, great actually writing for the express, afternoon to head to aintree. 13 as expressing concern about the disconnect we are all feeling with afternoon to head to aintree. 13 as a top figure, perhaps 11 degrees by the time the race takes place at westminster at the moment. but the message he's getting across is that austerity is coming to an end. this 5:15pm. if you are heading out later isa austerity is coming to an end. this is a concern irrespective of what happens with brexit, what will to celebrate your big win, some happens with brexit, what will happen to the economy and public showers in the south—west. lot of services. he is making commitments dry weather by the end of the night, around tax cuts in funding. public
9:24 am
more cloud than the nightjust gone services funding cuts are a massive issue, as we all know. i found this so mild that. north wales and northern ireland have clearer spells so they could have a few pockets of reassuring, actually, reading this letter. it is a very public frost. sunday sees the cloud more statement of intent. it gives us evenly spread across the uk in the some reassurance in the middle of a morning. to the north, the cloud is politically unstable time. the devil solid, more rain to scotland on and is so much in the detail. on this off. to the south, it should look pretty good but the temperature is programme but often we get education coming up but there is the risk of ministers coming on talking about the numbers. and people get very some punchy thundery showers across eastern england, the fa cup frustrated because they say things do not look orfeel frustrated because they say things do not look or feel any different. semifinal at wembley and also the education is a good example where boat race tomorrow so fingers the numbers say one thing and the impact in schools is quite crossed the full customisable. —— different. you are right. but on the face of it, i thought in the middle the weather forecast plays ball. of the brexit mayhem, this was a very public statement of intent from what has four legs, hooves, and roamed the beaches of peru the chancellor. and ifound it 50 million years ago? you might be surprised to learn encouraging, and we all need that that the answer is a whale. scientists believe that the discovery of an ancient right now. an interesting story that fossil suggests that the ancestors to whales and dolphins has been in the headlines for a were able to walk. couple of days is everything going let's find out more from travis park who's a researcher on with brunei, and as a consequence
9:25 am
at london's natural history museum. the businesses connected to it to give you your full title, ancient being, people deciding not to use whale researcher, i love that. so the dorchester hotel. yes, tell us about that. we have a new boycotting. this is another positive species of early whale, and these example of people, the general public thinking, no, it is not animals had four legs and were able a cce pta ble public thinking, no, it is not acceptable that brunei has changed to come out of the water and move the law to make gay sex and adultery around on land as well as be very capable swimming in the ocean.” think we're seeing a picture of some offences punishable by stoning. it is absolutely inhumane. i'm voting of them, it's fascinating when you with their feet. lots of can actually visualise this as well. celebrities, not speaking at venues, let's see the site first, the discovery where it was made in peru. and award ceremonies that were meant the southern coast of peru. why are to be hosted at the dorchester no they looking there, why is this longer happening there. it is a place significant? this whole region really positive message, again, that is very arid, so it's good for enough is enough and the general public can actually have a lot of looking for fossils. they get influence with some of these issues. weathered onto the surface and you do you think it will make a can see there is no vegetation to difference? i don't think it will uncover. it's prime fossil hunting make a difference in terms of ground. the discovery they made, changing the law, i mean, brunei is where does it take us in relation to
9:26 am
its own country, and it will do what we know about the wales and how they came to be where they are? what, the sultan will do what he wa nts, what, the sultan will do what he wants, but it is great to see that we are not complacent about these whales are an iconic thing in issues. that is what i find reassuring about this.|j evolution, we knew that these animals existed but this shows how issues. that is what i find reassuring about this. i have never seen any of game of thrones, and it they spread across the world and is just about to come to an end. conquered the oceans. it's amazing because of its success.” that we're still finding things out. we have no idea what we don't know is just about to come to an end. because of its success. i watch the yet! for me as a palaeontologist, first ten minutes and found it too gruesome. some people watch it, and there's lots more work to be done, it is good that it is ending and the many lifetimes. so what does a whale last season starting later this with legs look like? this is the month, but we have been promised many more spin offs of the serious, image behind us. that's an so that is reassuring for the fans. extraordinary creature. there's it is nice how it impacts local nothing quite like it alive today. communities where it is being filmed how big is that, what scale? about in different parts, and then all the four metres long, the size of a car. fa ns in different parts, and then all the fans go and visit. i have watched that's huge. a decent size. ec -- it. i'm not like an avid fan. thank you see things like seals but they you for coming in. thank you so don't have leg that are developed,
9:27 am
it is like a mammal version of a much. just getting warmed up in the crocodile, a long snout and teeth. kitchen this morning, the saturday so why the change to what we now kitchen, where we can join matt. i'm know as whales? a very good question, we are all working on that. what's the theory. ecological joined byjoe sugg who people know niche is, regions of the ocean that from strictly come dancing. you have a big life beyond that which we will talk about later. but for now, what we re niche is, regions of the ocean that were not being exploited by other is your food heaven? pork belly i animalgroups, were not being exploited by other animal groups, animals were extinct animal groups, animals were extinct a long time ago, so the resources think with crackling, full and are not being used up. the deeper crackling. food hell would probably the animals can swim, they tap into be lamb, i think, coriander, the animals can swim, they tap into the resources. so they get more crackling. food hell would probably be lamb, ithink, coriander, i crackling. food hell would probably adapted to the water and they end up be lamb, i think, coriander, i don't like and potatoes, i find a bit severing the link to the land and boring. even chips? i can have a you end up with something like the blue whale. were you surprised by couple of chips and that is it. this? it's surprising that we hadn't spare some room on the plate for other things that are more tasty. found any in the southern hemisphere before. we have a fossils of these what have you got harassed?” animals from elsewhere in the world. it looks a bit like a beaver or other things that are more tasty. what have you got harassed? i have guinea fowl wrapped in celeriac
9:28 am
something. a very big beaver. yes, today with kimchee. paulainsworth, with even sharper teeth. thank you very much for coming into travis. how are you? i'm very well, just thank you for having me. struggling with my words this that's all for breakfast this morning. i have a beautiful bowl of morning. ben and tina will be here from 6am tomorrow morning. have a good day, bye—bye. cornish cuisine. i have an iconic drape and iconic place both flying under the radar and behind drape and iconic place both flying underthe radarand behind enemy wines! did you trademark that? you haven't? that is genius! we will get the rest of this later. just go to the rest of this later. just go to the website for voting details on food heaven food hell, and we will see you after ten o'clock. that was a good line, behind enemy wines.
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