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tv   World News Today  BBC News  April 6, 2019 9:00pm-9:30pm BST

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you are watching bbc world news this is water that we don't have any bbc mundo's guillermo 0lmo the headlines: information about the source, so we bringing you those voices today. i'm karen giannone. from caracas, speaking the latest headlines. don't know what kind of contaminant it may contain, so there are about the city's water shortage. forces loyal to the libyan our top stories — libyan rebels government are trying to push back advance to the outskirts multiple health risks for them, yes. let's turn to the sports news. here rebel troops who reached the of the capital tripoli. it's this is bbc world news today. is james pearce. outskirts of the capital, tripoli. they may get infections such as salmonella or some virus like fighting has been reported close to i'm karin giannone. the city centre. the libyan prime our top stories — libyan rebels the prime minister says that the advance to the outskirts of the capital tripoli. country has been betrayed. hello and thanks for minister says his country has been talks between the uk's two main joining us on sport today. betrayed. flooding in iran is political parties aimed city made the perfect start at breaking the brexit deadlock you are a doctor but you are when gabrieljesus gave city them thought to have damaged a third of pro—government forces scramble to stop the advanced. the libyan prime are facing also a venezuelan man. an uncertain future this weekend. correct. the lead afterjust four minutes. the country's road network. dozens conservative and labour teams met of people have been killed with some for several hours three days running city were fortunate not go down minister says the country is being last week but it's unclear to ten men after var analysed betrayed. the floods in iran worsen when the talks will begin again. bridges and buildings swept away. with a third of its road network the leader of the opposition said kyle walker's possible headbutt. tens of thousands of people have he was waiting for the government to show willingness to compromise. taken part in protests across sudan, we are waiting to see the red lines damaged as carriages —— carriageways calling for president 0mar al—bashir and bridges are swept away. tens of move, and we have had they got the benefit of the doubt. to step down. the demonstration thousands take to the streets in two meetings this week, the closest brighton came one with the prime minister was a shane duffy header reached the army headquarters and sudan as protests against the and a further meeting that was cleared off the line, tear gas was president turned violent. and once that rebecca long—bailey and keir starmer held but it's city who are in the final with david lidington and the team, and they will face either watford bought, manchester city remain on and that was more of a technical or wolves next month. course for a quadruple after securing their place in the fa cup discussion about the nature there were also three matches of the future relations agreement in the premiership today as well as with the withdrawal including a great result agreement, which has many, final. many problems and flaws in it, as we've pointed out in parliament. for burnley, who managed a huge away the key priority is to avoid win over bournemouth. they came from behind to win 3—1 crashing out of the eu with no deal,
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at the vitality stadium because of the disruption and move eight points clear we begin in libya where there were that would mean. of the relegation zone. reports of new fighting on the the uk has asked to delay so many parts of the performance the brexit process we re so many parts of the performance were strong today. we have had a outskirts of tripoli. rebel forces until the 30th ofjune, are advancing on the capital and are in orderfind a compromise reported to be within 15 miles, 25 tricky spell in the league, between mps, and then agree any kilometres of the centre of the potential plan with the eu. bournemouth, but it is not an easy city. the fighting seems to be the place to come, but we work in all culmination of violence that has from the conservatives, affected the north african country the chancellor, philip hammond, areas today, especially the is more optimistic about the talks mentality when going one down, we ever since its former ruler monmore with labour, saying the meetings had no "red lines". we re mentality when going one down, we were not nervous, we stayed clear minded and came back quickly, had gaddafi was deposed in 2011. rebels the conversations with the labour party are continuing. they were continuing last night. good shape, good energy and a good we are expecting to exchange remained in control of the eastern some more text with desire to see the game through, and cities of benghazi and tobruk. they the labour party today. so this is an ongoing process, some real good moments of quality, and i am optimistic are now pushing towards the west. that we will reach some form actually. huddersfield they face resistance from forces are already down and leicester safe of agreement together. loyal to the government based in ms thanks to their resurgence under brendan rodgers, rutter. but they appear simply to there is a lot more information on so it took a while for this one to get going but leicester have gone round them as they advance more than made up this very complicated process. just for it — winning 4—1 on the capital. they have captured go to the bbc website. 0r with jamie vardy scoring twice. those goals take him several key towns. fighting has been above gary lineker in the club's this very complicated process. just go to the bbc website. or you can do all—time goalscoring charts. lots of positives from the game reported at tripoli international airport. so who is this leader of this via the bbc news app on your today. i thought our attacking intent and the speed of our game was smartphone or tablet. tens of the self—styled libyan national very good. we conceded a goal which army? born in 1943, a former army officer khalifa haftar helped thousands of opposition supporters we we re
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have gathered in the venezuelan very good. we conceded a goal which we were disappointed with because we didn't think it was a penalty. we gaddafi seize power in 1969 then capital caracas to protest against think he has got contact on the fell out with him and moved to the continuing electricity blackouts and water shortages. us. he returned in 2011 after the ball, but apart from that the the march was called uprising and became a rebel by the opposition leader, mentality of the team was very good. juan guaido, who's been commander. he describes the un urging his supporters to maintain backed government of the prime huddersfield have unfortunately been pressure on his rival relegated but they still have got minister as terrorists and refuses to talk to them. president nicolas maduro. something to fight for. and crystal palace should now all of this is causing let's look a little closer widespread consternation among at the difficulties people the international community — in venezuela are having be safe after beating especially countries which back the libyan government. accessing basic services. here's the french foreign some residents in the capital have after both sides had had goals ministerjean—yves le drian. translation: been without running water for weeks disallowed — they won a penalty i believe that the people of libya and are taking increasing risks on the 81st minute which captain had enough of the violence, which has been going luka milivojevic scored. on for several years now. to find it. newcastle are 15th, 7 points what they want us to find is the political way forward. above cardiff in the drop zone. the proof of this is the great number of libyans who are registered to vote. they should still be safe. it has they want the political process to win out been another historic day at over military rivalries, and it is important for the global aintree. tiger roll has become the first horse since red rum 45 years ago community to support this approach. to win the grand national two years in a row. in the last hour, the libyan prime davy russell again minister has spoken out. he accuses riding the winner. it isa the rebel leader khalifa haftar of it is a brilliant day. i never dreamt, i have dreamt of winning it, betraying him. very few images of the fighting have especially on the same horse, it is emerged,
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but these are pictures of pro—government forces in misrata. extraordinary, it is so hard to they appear to be deploying pick—up explain what he is an extraordinary trucks with heavy weaponry mounted on the back. so far, misrata remains horse. people all talk about red under their control. rum, the first since red rum to win let's take a look now at how the rebels, led by khalifa haftar, back—to—backs, it is an extraordinary moment. we are still are trying to over—run the capital — not as good as red rum yet but it is very similar. they were trying to with jalel harchaoui — compare him before the race but now from the think—tank — he has earned it, at this stage. it the clingendael institute. it is not who won the war today. is just he has earned it, at this stage. it isjust a tremendous there are several he has earned it, at this stage. it is just a tremendous horse. he has earned it, at this stage. it isjust a tremendous horse. he has tremendous people around him and they all put together in one little areas of skirmishes. ball, and that's it. and finally, it seems that marshal haftar is see what you make of this. approaching the capital from various former france rugby union forward sebastian cha bal was such access points, including one an imposing player in his prime directly from the south which seems to be the most promising right now. he has had some troubles on the west, but it seems he was nicknamed the caveman. that he is concentrating more and more resources on this task of now he's retired he has tried attempting to take the capital and is creating this goal, something different. have a look at and personally, ithink his performance before the hong kong he might succeed. how do you rate his chances of sevens.
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music: i'm gonna be success how do you rate his chances of success in taking tripoli?” (500 miles) by the proclaimers how do you rate his chances of success in taking tripoli? i think he has a 50% chance of succeeding. it is always hard for athletes to there is a tremendous amount of know what to do once they retire international support including from their first career. i'm western powers like france, so it know what to do once they retire from theirfirst career. i'm not sure that his second career will be quite as successful as his first! i seems like the reality is about don't know how to follow that. thank you for watching bbc world news really helping maximise his chances to do whatever he wants, because today. it has been a day of mixed this military strongman would be a good way of holding the north african country which has seen fortunes. some of us have kept cloud trouble for the last eight years. and drizzle all day. elsewhere there that is a perception in many has been some sunshine, particularly capitals. you mentioned libya has in the west. this was the picture in beenin derbyshire taken by one of our capitals. you mentioned libya has been ina capitals. you mentioned libya has been in a state of chaos and flux since 2011. why has he chosen this weather watchers. heading through into sunday, another cloudy picture. moment to take this action? the key some showers on the cards tomorrow towards eastern parts of the uk. for event is that he launched a similar the remainder of this evening and incursion in the south—west of tonight, clear spells for northern
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libya, a very large territory, and ireland and parts of wales. showers for the south—west of england. a lot it worked out well, because one of of cloud in central and eastern the many details about what happened england and across scotland with some drizzle, so quite a murky night. temperatures down to around over the last three months is that the us, which are used to be a 4-8 night. temperatures down to around 4—8 celsius. we start on that murky sceptic of khalifa haftar, it has night with some low cloud, some mist been silent, and that is seen as a and fog possible. through the day many places remaining cloudy but sign of encouragement because the there will be some sunny spells. in other day it was a military conquest northern ireland, wales and the south—west. further east across without any commendation from england and some heavy showers international actors, so that is rattling through in the afternoon. probably one of the main events in reasonably mild, between 13 and 17 recent months that led him to conclude that this was the right in much of england, but northern moment. there are other ireland and scotland a touch cooler circumstances which were in the same than that. we could see some of those heavy showers in the east direction. from what you are saying it doesn't seem like there is any affecting the boat races in london prospect of external military on sunday afternoon. just a chance intervention to stop him.” that some of those showers could be potentially heavy with the small prospect of external military intervention to stop him. i don't risk of the odd, isolated see that happening. external actors thunderstorm. heading into monday, have been able to express their quite a lot of cloud around for the southern half of england and across preference by injecting weapons and providing diplomatic cover, tactical wales. it is the northern half of
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and financial support as well. so the uk that will see more in the ray of sunshine, so not a bad day for this is the proxy dynamic that has northern england, northern ireland dominated libya. unless something and scotland, temperatures generally between ten and 14, so cooler by the really unforeseen and spectacular time we get to monday, and as we happens, i don't think we will see worked through monday and on into tuesday, we will see this pontal an external state intervene system drifting further north across the uk. -- militarily. system drifting further north across the uk. —— frontal system. that will iran is trying to cope with some of bring some spots of rain during the the worst flooding for decades. many day on tuesday to northern england, towns and villages are being north wales and northern ireland. to the north of that, not a bad day in evacuated. disaster agencies are struggling to cope. 70 people have scotland, some sunny spells, but you lost their lives. 0ne struggling to cope. 70 people have lost their lives. one of the worst will notice these heavy, potentially affected areas is... thundery showers developing across southern england and wales. khuzestan province, temperatures round about eight in in the south west. and now neighbouring iraq has closed one of its border crossings aberdeen, 15 in london then it looks with iran due to the flooding. like we will see some slightly adam hancock reports. cooler conditions moving on from the after three weeks of unprecedented rainfall and with more north, as we head through into the bad weather forecast, six more towns and cities are being middle part of the week. goodbye for evacuated in the south—west of iran. 110w. people living alongside the swollen karkeh river are currently most at risk, and those forced from their homes
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willjoin the tens of thousands already displaced. the extreme rains began in mid—march, affecting nearly 2,000 villages, towns and cities. here, in the north—eastern city of mashhad, rats have been seen evading floodwaters on the streets, and the city's religious sites have been battered by the relentless downpours. some have resorted to digging holes in the road to try and drain the water. aid agencies are struggling to cope with the scale of the crisis. the country's elite revolutionary guards have been assisting with the aid efforts. able—bodied men have been asked to help with the rescue operations, while everyone else in the at—risk areas has been advised to head for higher ground. some of those whose homes have been affected are growing frustrated with the situation. translation: just provide us with cement and equipment so we can do the work faster, so that children can go to school tomorrow. nearly 90,000 people are living in emergency shelters, with thousands of roads, bridges and buildings destroyed. and, with more rain on the way, the fear is more destruction will follow.
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earlier i spoke to sina toossi, a research associate at the national iranian american council in washington dc. these flats have been really devastating for iran. they struck widespread parts from the north—east near the caspian sea through the western regions, and in khuzestan there has been widespread damage. many towns remain inaccessible. we have seen river banks overflowing, whole cities and towns that have basically been flooded. thousands of homes that are now damaged and many peoples livelihoods have been destroyed. so this is a nationwide crisis in iran right now, and it is a crisis of unprecedented levels for iran in terms of this heavy rainfall causing this widespread flooding across the country. how much help is iran getting and how much does it
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need? right now because it is occurring in the context of immense hardship due to the reimposition of unilateral sanctions, on account of the nuclear deal, all of this stuff, and right now we have seen aid agencies are afraid to provide relief efforts to iran in these flats because of us sanctions, and so flats because of us sanctions, and so far we have seen that germany just yesterday announced they have created an account and people can donate money so aid efforts can go through that account, but any kind of humanitarian aid to iran is stifled now by us sanctions. there are reports that this is causing a rift between the administration of president rouhani and military
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agencies. why? from the nuclear deal, this can of moderate, pragmatic image has been weakened and more hard—line forces are gaining power and this has been playing out in every crisis that has happened in iran, the revolutionary guard tries to present herself as front and centre. we have seen the revolutionary guards commanders and rouhani officials providing inaccurate flood relief and criticising each other‘s flood relief efforts. we saw rouhani last week criticising the revolutionary guards for exploiting this to divert floodwater and they said that was useless and did not achieve anything and a senior revolutionary guard commander criticised rouhani officials for not having the courage to go and visit flood affected
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areas. so this is bringing these divisions within iran to the fore. protestors in sudan have for the first time converged on the national army headquarters in the capital khartoum. they called on the military to join them in theircampaign against president 0mar al—bashir who has ruled for nearly 30 years. anne soy has more. chanting. defiant, daring, and resolute. this protest has been described as the biggest since thousands of sudanese took to the streets last december, aimed at the unbearable cost of living. but now, all they want is an end to president 0mar al—bashir‘s 30—year rule. for the first time, they got as far as the military they urged the country's soldiers tojoin them and overthrow the president. his compound is just next door.
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but this was the response. it's always been the security forces‘ way of breaking up protests. they've been accused of killing some demonstrators in the past and criticised for arresting dozens. but the protesters are persistent. demonstrations like these saw the end of autocratic rule here 34 years ago today. these young sudanese had hoped that history could be repeated. these are the longest running protests against president al—bashir since he took power in a coup in 1989, and they look set to continue. hundreds of people have been protesting in central london against brunei's strict new laws on homosexuality. protestors gathered outside the dorchester hotel, which is owned by the brunei investment agency. brunei has increased the punishment
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for sex between gay men to stoning to death, while lesbian sex will be punished by 40 lashes or ten years in jail. jon ironmonger reports. many protests start at the dorchester, but this time it's the target. this time, there's a barrier. around 200 demonstrators surrounded the 5—star hotel this afternoon, calling for a global boycott of the business. it's one of a number of uk interests owned by the sultan of brunei. the laws that he's introduced are comparable to the extreme sharia laws that were imposed by isis, when it ruled in its so—called caliphate in syria and iran. we are hoping to hit the sultan financially in the pocket. he has not listened to reason or compassion, so therefore when money talks, we want to make sure that money talks to him. earlier this week, the sultan of brunei introduced further ultra—conservative
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islamic laws that will make gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death. it led to a public outcry, with eltonjohn tweeting that he will refuse to stay at the dorchester in the future. this protest began outside of barriers here at the dorchester hotel, but the crowd have since pushed through those barriers, and they have gathered outside the doors, which have been locked by the management. what we want? human rights! when do we want it? now! the dorchester group tried to distance themselves from the issue saying it shouldn't be played out in their hotels. the boycott has already won backing from some senior politicians. actions have to have consequences, and i think that not only should there be a demonstration and boycotts of the sultan's premises, we should also be considering taking the action of expelling brunei from the commonwealth, if they are not prepared to abide by the basic rules, the basic values of the commonwealth. meanwhile, more british institutions are wrestling with their connections to the country. today oxford university
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joined aberdeen and king's college london by saying it would reconsider a decision to award the sultan an honourary degree in 1993. the tiny nation of brunei has big ties with britain, and unpicking them all will not be easy. this is bbc world news today. coming up, the harsh realities of life in venezuela. with the taps not running people are resorting to desperate measures to find water.
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