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thousands protest in sudan, calilng for an overthrow of their president of 3a years. this is bbc news. protesters reach the army's headquarters in the capital for the first time, calling for military support to oust 0mar al—bashir. i'm chris rodgers. the defence secretary orders the headlines at 10 o'clock. the defence secretary expresses an investigation after six soldiers horror at an alleged sexual assault are arrested over allegations of a 17—year—old female recruit of sexual assault by six male soldiers on a female recruit. and orders an investigation. the chancellor insists the government has no red lines a woman trying to bring medicinal in talks over brexit. cannabis into the country but labour says it's waiting to treat her daughter's epilepsy to see some movement from the prime minister. has it confiscated. the key priority is to avoid back to back nationals, crashing out with the eu with no deal, because of the disruption that the first since red rum. would mean to industry and to supply chains, an aintree great, little tiger roll... and we are determined to make sure and at the grand national, tiger roll is the first back—to—back winner in 45 years. when we want them? now! human rights protests at london's dorchester hotel owned by brunei, where a new law makes gay sex punishable by stoning to death. the first since red rum for tiger
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good evening. thousands of people in sudan are protesting in the capital khartoum in what appear to be roll. a historic second consecutive the biggest rallies against the country's president since protests began in december. win for tiger roll at the aintree demonstrators have reached grand national. the national army headquarters for the first time, calling for the military to join them in their campaign against 0mar and in half an hour we'll be taking al—bashir, who has ruled a first look at the sunday papers for over 30 years. with the broadcaster lynn faulds wood tear gas was fired at the protesters and several arrests were made. 0ur africa editor fergal keane has this report. the opposition wanted the biggest demonstration yet. and it looks as if they achieved it. tens of thousands made their way in peace to the heart of regime power. they chanted appeals for the soldiers to join them. good evening. the defence secretary has as before, women to the forefront. ordered an investigation in the military, after it emerged that in a movement led by the country's six soldiers were arrested professional classes, following an allegation of sexual assault. turning against president bashir it's claimed a teenage female recruit was assaulted by male colleagues. in vast numbers. the head of the army, 0mar al—bashir has been president general sir mark carleton—smith, of sudan since taking power said the allegations were being taken very seriously. in a military coup in 1989.
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simonjones reports. a damaging week for the army. he is a fugitive from international justice, in the words of its leader, accused of committing genocide in darfur. general sir mark carleton—smith. but these protests, sparked responding to allegations by the tripling of bread prices, of a sexual assault by troops. are the biggest challenge yet to his rule. the sun newspaper says a female soldier woke to find a group of men standing over her. some tear gas was fired they had reportedly been drinking. and arrests made. she screamed. six men from an army sports but the sheer size of club have been arrested. the demonstration will have made president bashir nervous the chair of the general staff in a message to his troops said, about what the days ahead may hold. and tonight, this extraordinary scene. thousands, sitting in outside military headquarters, with many saying they will keep protesting until president bush here goes. the defence secretary gavan let's pick up with fergal keane, what is your reading in terms of the williamson wrote on twitter... significance? this is hugely important, it is significant to the army has not moved against the protesters tonight but even more so they did not do during the day when that review will also they did not do during the day when the crowds had built up to the size
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look at this footage. that we have seen and they could in an unrelated incident, have set up barricades to stem the soldiers in afghanistan filmed flow outsource. that will make apparently using an image of the labour leaderjeremy corbyn people think, certainly people in for target practice. the crowds, and that there are condemned by the mod people close to bashir who wants him as totally u na cce pta ble. gone. we could, and i stress the condition, be going into an endgame the head of the army says each and every soldier needs to do of some sort but a big thing to note better to take pride is there's still lots of violence in what the military represents. that could be unleashed at this simon jones, bbc news. stage and even if president bashir goes, there is no guarantee what i've been speaking to replaces him will be a pluralistic, emma norton, a solicitor and head of legal casework at the human rights democratic, economically competent charity, liberty. government. the story of she explained why sexual authoritarianism in africa in the offences remain a problem within the armed forces. 20th century —— 21st century is a wider problem is that flexible at the resilience, people of sexual harassment who change appearances but not in the armed forces. really the substance. thank you. the defence secretary has ordered an investigation in the military, there was a survey last after it emerged that six soldiers year, actually, which were arrested following laid the problem very bare. an allegation of sexual assault. 12% of women who responded to the it's claimed a teenage female recruit was assaulted sexual—harassment survey said that by male colleagues. they had suffered sexual harassment. the head of the army, general sir mark carleton—smith, 7% said they had suffered attempted sexual assault, and said the allegations 3% said that they've been raped. were being taken very seriously. these are women who are serving simonjones reports. "a damaging week for the army", in the armed forces.
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in the words of its leader, so it is a very wide problem and it's a shame there was not general sir mark carleton—smith, responding to allegations the of a sexual assault by troops. according to the sun newspaper, similarly robust response from the secretary of state in the chain of command last year. a female soldier is understood and so do we, i'm going to have told her bosses she woke up to say we, the public and press, do we always find to find a group of men out when allegations standing over her. are made like this one, they reportedly had been drinking. within the army? i'm not sure that we do. it is said she screamed and they ran off. i mean one of the main six men, who are members of an army problems is, what sports club, have been arrested. appears to have happened on this occasion, is the chief of the general staff, that the military police have been called in again. in a message to his troops, said: what we are calling for, and have been calling forfor a long, long time, and a lot of women who have suffered sexual violence in the armed forces have the defence secretary gavin been calling for, it must be the williamson wrote on twitter: civilian police that investigate these offences, not the military police, they don't have enough experience, not enough expertise, and they are not sufficiently independent. so if the chain of command, in the secretary of state states are serious about tackling this, they don't need to conduct another review, they have all that review will also
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the information that they need, what they need to do is get the expert, look at this footage. independent civilian police to investigate these offences. in an unrelated incident, when it comes to a female soldiers in afghanistan were officer like this one, making these allegations, are filmed apparently using an image of the labour leaderjeremy corbyn you aware of what kind of procedure for target practice, is in place, to offer them condemned by the mod supports, as totally u na cce pta ble. as a victim of sexual harassment and sexual assault? well, it won't be as good as if it it is unusual for military top brass to make their concerns would be if they went about personnel public. to the outside civilian police. but the mod feels it needs to send a message, notjust to serving soldiers, what often happens, i think, from the allegations, but to the wider community, too, that bad behaviour the information today, that she's a in the army won't be tolerated. trainee, she's only 17 years old, they are always directed to the simon jones, bbc news. military police. they ought to be directed to the civilian police. there's been widespread condemnation and when they access the civilian police, of a military offensive launched they have access to a whole lot more in libya against the capital independent tripoli. outside expert support and advice. both the united nations security and the problem is with council and the g7 group the military police of countries have criticised investigating these offences. the attempt by the libyan national army to take control of the country's capital we can't trust that they will be from the internationally—recognised unity government. investigated thoroughly un troops in tripoli have been or adequately, or independently. placed on high alert. at 10:30 and 11:30pm this a mother from kent who tried evening in the papers — to bring medicinal cannabis our guestsjoining me tonight are for her daughter into the uk
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has had it confiscated. the broadcaster lynn faulds wood emma appleby, whose nine—year—old and economic adviser ruth lea. daughter has a rare form of epilepsy, had bought the drugs in the netherlands for £11,000. the labour leader, jeremy corbyn, says he's waiting she had known it was illegal, but doctors in the uk have so far to see the government's brexit "red refused to prescribe it lines" move — after talks this week for her daughter. with the conservatives, jon hunt has the story. aimed at trying to end the political brexit deadlock. it comes as the eu considers mrs appleby purchased a three—month a request from the uk supply of medicinal cannabis to delay brexit at a pharmacy in the hague yesterday until the end ofjune. for her daughter, tegan. 0ur political correspondent, it cost her the equivalent of £11000, jonathan blake, money raised through crowdfunding. explained to me earlier how as she prepared to board her plane back to the uk, she knew we got to this point. the home office had threatened to confiscate it. nervous, obviously. in the last 2a hours there doesn't seem that there's been but ready. any progress at all. those talks broke up on friday we'll see what happens. evening with a different point of if they take it, i'm view put forward by each side. labour saying they were disappointed that the government hadn't made any going to fight to get it back. real compromise, all suggested that the political declaration, the part of theresa may's brexit deal which mrs appleby says she was forced sets out our future relationship to make this trip because doctors of the eu could be changed, in the uk, while legally able at all. to prescribe medicinal cannabis, but downing street are generally refusing to do said they had made serious proposals, and that they were willing so because of a lack of evidence. to make changes to 0ur general position the political declaration, is that we practice
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so where are we? evidence—based medicine. well this morning the chancellor so we are really interested in other philip hammond struck an upbeat cannabis—based medicines, tone, and said in contrast to what as to whether they may be helpful, labour had accused the government but we really have to of, they didn't have any red lines acquire the evidence that they are effective and safe. and they were up for talking, so our advice would be, and they were listening to ideas. until we get that evidence, here's what he had that we wouldn't prescribe them. to say in bucharest. on arrival at southend, the conversations with the labour mrs appleby and her family were met party are continuing. they were by border force officers, continuing last night. who interviewed them we expect to exchange more text and confiscated the drugs. with the labour party today and the talks are ongoing. as soon as we got here, this is an ongoing process they just took everything. and i'm optimistic that we they asked me at border control how will make reach some long i was away for, and i thought, form of agreement later. "0h, they are asking questions philip hammond something positive because someone's notified them". about the prospect of and then they asked me an agreement with labour if i had anything to declare but that is not, it seems, and there was loads of them waiting, so i knew, if i said no, how the other side see it. i was going to get myself in deeper, so ijust said, yeah. the government says new guidance for doctors will be available in the autumn and it is encouraging we heard from jeremy corbyn, further clinical research. jon hunt, bbc news, the labour leader, earlier on when he was campaigning for local elections southend airport. in plymouth that they were yet to see the movement that they wanted the shadow foreign secretary emily from the government side. we need to see the red lines move, and we have thornberry says brunei should be, had two meetings this week,
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one with the prime minister and a expelled from the commonwealth, if it does not revoke its decision further one that keir starmer held to introduce death by stoning for gay sex and adultery. with david lidington and the team she made the comments and that was more of a technical at a protest by several hundred discussion about the nature people outside the dorchester hotel, which is owned by the sultan of brunei. of the future relations agreement the foreign office said that "threatening to kick countries out as well as the withdrawal agreement, of the commonwealth" was not which has many problems and flaws the best way forward, although it too has expressed in it as we have pointed out in parliament. its opposition to the new laws. the key priority is to avoid the chancellor, philip hammond, crashing out with the eu says he's optimistic that brexit talks between the government with no deal because of and the labour party can reach the disruption that would mean to industry and the supply chain, "some form of agreement". so we are determined but the labour leader to make sure there jeremy corbyn this afternoon said is no crashing out without a deal, he was still waiting to see some so next week something will have to movement on the prime minister's happen in parliament and labour so—called "brexit red lines". will be playing our part. labour's position is, your move, prime with all the sport now, minister. here's lizzi greenwood—hughes the government saying tonight at the bbc sport centre. that this process has not broken down. thanks very much. good evening. a downing street source suggests talks are ongoing. tiger roll has become the first whether we will see any horse since red rum to win meetings in the next consecutive grand nationals. day or so on an exchange of letters the favourite, trained by ireland's gordon elliott, or text between won with the shortest odds both sides seems unclear. for a century. 0ur correspondent andy swiss was watching at aintree. the government and labour said that he's the little horse who's they are serious about peace talks and finding a way to break the become a sporting giant.
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brexit deadlock but i have to say the day tiger roll raced into a tree folklore. that at the moment, into aintree folklore. a deal looks doubtful. hundreds of people have been protesting in central london against brunei's strict new laws on homosexuality. protestors gathered outside earlier, his fans had flocked the dorchester hotel, which is owned hoping for back—to—back by the brunei investment agency. wins, and tiger roll set off the hottest of favourites. brunei has increased the punishment he's let them go. the race was soon tinged for sex between gay men with sadness, though. to stoning to death, at the first fence, up for review suffered a fatal injury. while lesbian sex will be punished by a0 lashes or ten years in jail. the national‘s first fatality since 2012. jon ironmonger reports. as they reached the closing stages, outsider magic of light led the way, many protests start but tiger roll was making his move. at the dorchester, but this time it's the target. down towards the last, this time, there's a barrier. and tiger roll goes to the front in the national. around 200 demonstrators surrounded the 5—star hotel and from there, there this afternoon, was no stopping him. calling for a global an almost perfect performance boycott of the business. from tiger roll and history was his. it's one of a number back to back nationals, of uk interests owned by the first since red rum. the sultan of brunei. yes, the first double winner the laws that he's introduced are comparable since red rum, back in 1974, to the extreme sharia laws and delight forjockey davy russell. in this most unpredictable that were imposed by isis, of events, a remarkable feat. it's unbelievable. when it ruled in its so—called i can't explain it. caliphate in syria and iraq. i can't put it into words. we are hoping to hit the sultan it's something that... financially in the pocket. i never dreamt of winning it twice,
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to be honest with you. i dreamt of winning it once, clearly he has not listened but twice is just spectacular. to reason or compassion, so therefore when that's red rum, getting money talks, we want to make sure the ovation of his career... that money talks to him. red rum went on to win it three earlier this week, the sultan of brunei times, of course, but 45 years on, introduced further ultra—conservative a double will do very nicely. islamic laws that will make gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death. and so this famous race it led to a public outcry, has a brand—new legend, an unforgettable day for tiger roll, with eltonjohn tweeting that he will refuse to stay and a place in sporting history. at the dorchester in the future. andy swiss, bbc news, aintree. this protest began outside of barriers manchester city are through here at the dorchester hotel, to the fa cup final. but the crowd have since pushed they beat brighton 1—0 at wembley to keep alive their hopes of winning through those barriers, and they have all four trophies this season. gathered outside the doors, patrick gearey reports. which have been locked by the management. what do we want? human rights! when do we want it? for brighton, big days like this come once in a generation. for now! manchester city, it seems they happen once every few weeks. perhaps the dorchester group thatis tried to distance itself happen once every few weeks. perhaps that is why the flock of seagulls from the issue saying it outnumbered them in the stands. 0n shouldn't be played the pitch, the figures were soon in out in their hotels. city's favour. four minutes in, the boycott has won backing from some senior politicians. actions have to have consequences, kevin de bruyne spotted gabriel and i think that not jesus. manchester city in front. he
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only should there be a demonstration and boycotts knew who to thank, the cross more a of the sultan's premises, we should also be considering taking gift than an assist. kyle walker was the action of expelling brunei from the commonwealth, if they are not not ina gift than an assist. kyle walker was not in a charitable mood. his prepared to abide by the basic tete—a —tete rules, the basic values not in a charitable mood. his tete—a—tete with jahanbakhsh was of the commonwealth. checked by the video assistant meanwhile, more british referees. the case against him not institutions are wrestling with their connections to the country. today oxford university proven. but city were not joined aberdeen and king's college london by saying it would reconsider themselves, surely at the second half, the equaliser but aymeric a decision to award the sultan laporte was there in the nick of an honourary degree in 1993. time. 36 years since brighton reached the semifinal and that was the tiny nation of brunei has big ties with britain, their chance. in the stands were 500 and unpicking them stu d e nts their chance. in the stands were 500 students from raheem sterling's old all will not be easy. school. he paid for them to be jon ironmonger, bbc news. levelled at what a souvenir this would have been for them and him but not this time. there will be others, the developer, persimmon, has announced an independent review city's trophy trolley dash moves into the quality of its housing closer to check out. the big games after increasing concerns about keep coming. patrick gearey, bbc the standard of its new builds. but the property advice group, news. match of the day follows the news the homeowners alliance, but i will give you the premier has told the bbc that issues with new homes aren't limited league results now. burnley moved a step closer to just one developer. to safety after beating bournemouth. here's our consumer affairs correspondent, colletta smith. elsewhere, crystal palace this was supposed to bejustin‘s should stay up with three dream home. points at newcastle, and leicester thumped the relegated huddersfield. door bell rings he'd saved up for a new build... good morning.
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two football clubs from we've got zero insulation. the championship are investigating alleged incidents of racism today. ..thinking he wouldn't need to do any work to it. a brentford fan was arrested we've moved out twice. following an accusation of abuse towards the derby player dwane holmes. every ceiling in the entire and wigan reported to police property has been removed. a highly offensive and threatening justin bought his house from one message sent to nathan byrne. of the biggest developers, byrne says it was sent to him taylor wimpey, under personally on social media after their match with bristol city. the help to buy scheme. it's well below standard, meanwhile, scotland's edinburgh and trying to negotiate derby was disrupted by flares thrown onto the pitch. with the builders has been an endless trauma from day one. it's believed both hearts and hibs insulation issues, damp issues, fans were responsible. cold—bridging issues. it's the second time this week a couple of doors up, a scottish premiership match has been affected by smoke bombs. lynn lives in an identical home with her partner a coconut was also and three daughters. this is not isolated to this thrown during the game. particular property or this estate. it's got to be national. great britain's charley hull is the developer taylor wimpey say they sincerely apologise to justin still in contention at golf‘s first and lynn and have taken action major of the year. to put things right. more generally, they say... at he women's ana inspiration in california, finished her second round tied for fifth place, five shots at this solicitors, timothy takes behind the leader. she is currently three under after
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new calls nearly every day from people battling three holes. against a host of different that's it. developers right across the country. there's much more on the bbc sport website, including a half—century for england captainjoe root he thinks the problems in his opening game with new builds are down to lack of the county cricket season. of skills in the workforce. but from me, goodnight. you can see more on all of today's stories on the bbc news channel. that's all from me. people are making mistakes, goodnight. potentially because they don't realise the significance of what they're doing due to a lack of training, a lack of experience and a lack of supervision overall. developers are under pressure to build lots of homes, and quickly. on top of that, every building company i've spoken to in recent years has told me that it's a nightmare trying to get hello there. hold of enough staff for most of the week ahead, with the right level of skill. we'll have an easterly breeze. what new—build homeowners normally with that wind direction are now living with is you get the best of the weather the consequences of that. for the western side of the uk. that was certainly the case on saturday. 0ur weather watcher picture here taylor wimpey say, last year, shows the sunshine in shropshire, they increased the number of workers whereas around the scottish borders they hire directly by nearly 30%. it was altogether colder and greyer, even a bit of rain around as well. the government say they're trying most of the rain over the past few days has come from an area of low pressure. to tackle the issue by creating we've seen that drifting down towards biscay, and that is just fading away.
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pressure is rising. a new homes 0mbudsman and spending we've still got this easterly more on new construction breeze, and that will bring in a few training hubs. but there are now calls showers during sunday. there will be some sunshine for a new law to let owners hang developing as well. on to some of their final payment it may well be quite a cloudy start for a couple of years. to the second half of the weekend, coletta smith, bbc news, in norwich. and we've still got some drizzle around in scotland. probably not quite as wet on sunday as it was on saturday. brightening up elsewhere with a bit of sunshine coming through, but we've got these showers coming in across the eastern side of the england. they'll push their way towards the midlands, and those could potentially be a little heavy and even thundery, too. a bit more warmth for most of england and wales. temperatures could be as high as 15 to 17. still quite chilly though for north—east england and a good part of scotland, where it is drier as we head into the evening. still a fair bit of cloud around overnight. we've got this line of showers pushing across southern england towards wales, not far away from northern ireland. temperatures will drop quite a bit in scotland as the cloud begins
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