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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 8, 2019 5:45am-6:00am BST

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good morning welcome to breakfast with dan walker and louise minchin. looks at the world economic forum 0ur headlines today. injordan, and the concerns raised social media companies could be that the arab economy is only a third of the size it should be, fined or blocked if they fail with calls for greater to tackle harmful content cooperation and collaboration. on their sites, under new government rules. and finally, the financial times pollution penalty. reports on london's new pollution rules and how businesses such from today, drivers of older cars as taxi companies and logistics will have to pay £12.50 to travel firms have been adapting to the new standards, into central london, which come into effect today. on top of the congestion charge. named and shamed. jonathan charles is back, director holland & barrett is criticised over the way it treats suppliers as part of communications at the european of a wider crackdown on late payments. i'll have all the details. bank for reconstruction and development. good to have you back. good to see you. let's start with watford complete a stunning comeback to reach the fa cup final brexit, as we start every single day. this is a bit like dante's for the first time since 1984. they came from 2—0 down to beat wolves 3—2. circles of hell, isn't it? cabinet good morning theory are theresa may long as brexit delay looms, we could be facing another year perhaps of discussing all of this. what the papers do not say of course, of course this is really crucial week, evenif course this is really crucial week, even if we get to this without leaving, without a deal on that
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friday deadline this coming friday, if there is no deal, and britain technically leaves the eu. i'm sure it will not happen but that is a technical thing, we have years and yea rs of technical thing, we have years and years of this discussion during trade talks. this is not going away but this is a kiwi, today there probably will be discussions. all of the papers are saying that there will be discussions between the labour and conservative side, those talks are still continuing despite getting nowhere in a few days at the end of last week. then theresa may has to go to the eu summit and she has to go to the eu summit and she has to go to the eu summit and she has to come up with something convincing on wednesday to say to particularly france and germany, call the shots in the european union, that we need more time and i think they are almost certainly going to say despite some was at paris over the weekend that 0k, going to say despite some was at paris over the weekend that ok, you can have more time, you can have probably up to a year. —— despite some words. but we want to really agree a long period of time because we do not want to be meeting every few weeks to discuss this. these 27
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are few weeks to discuss this. these 27 a re really few weeks to discuss this. these 27 are really tired of having to spend are really tired of having to spend a lot of time on britain's problem and the question of britain leaving. —— the and the question of britain leaving. -- the eu 27. as we have here in the uk, the timetable is pretty tight in terms of what they can do between now and wednesday, when theresa may has to go to europe? she has to say to them listen, we're trying to make progress. it is now because party discussion, i do have some plans. it was interesting in her home—made video that was shot on her sofa in chequers, that was released yesterday, it was rather bizarre. chequers, that was released yesterday, it was rather bizarrem looked very low—key. yesterday, it was rather bizarrem looked very low-key. yes, shaky camerawork, would you do not expect any other payments to addressing the country. she said it is very difficult to get a withdrawal deal through but she is now making the case that there now needs to be a national discussion and that is why she is reaching out to labour, so she is reaching out to labour, so she was making the point but you certainly got the feel that she was
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preparing for quite a long discussion on this. this is not something that is going to be resolved in just the next few days, we might think this week having a deadline that we have seen so many deadlines come and go. there have been so many deadlines however, as things stand, the uk would leave the eu would no deal on friday. this may well be agreed today, having got to the commons, which mps have been trying to force the government to make it clear they can be a no—deal brexit. i think it would be very surprising if that does not get to. 0k, surprising if that does not get to. ok, let's talk about the story, it is carried on quite a few places but on the bbc news website, websites to be fined over online harms. this is a white paper that proposes an independent code of conduct and code of practice that tech companies would have to follow, what is your ta ke would have to follow, what is your take on this? it might threaten freedom of speech. absolutely, these are the sum of the toughest approaches taken are the sum of the toughest approaches ta ken anywhere
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are the sum of the toughest approaches taken anywhere in the world to try to get online companies to deal with some of the issues they are facing there are about freedom of speech. let me give you an example. i'm sure we can all agree certain things are offensive online, child abuse is clearly offensive, some elements of extremist terrorist propaganda clearly offensive, but the first issue is what you do about the first issue is what you do about the things on the edges of those debate were might be offensive to some people, might not be, who is going to be the arbiter of all that? that is one question i think that this regulation, it is clear they would want to move away from self—regulation, the government, to having this regulation but it will raise lots of issues about what you can and can't say on the freedom of speech issue, but also it makes life, i impossible to companies and i have some some sympathy for them. after all, think of the huge amount of material that is being put online every second. —— impossible for tech companies. how do you possibly monitor all of that? it is impossible. you throw money at it.
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but even if you throw money at it, are you going to have someone looking at every single social media feed of every single person? that is an impossible task, what is important probably is to have the ability to have discussion about if someone ability to have discussion about if someone raises ability to have discussion about if someone raises an ability to have discussion about if someone raises an issue of something being offensive, we can have swift action the technology companies, so i think there are things you can do with the danger with this is that it may make it almost impossible to have proper social media in the way we have been used to because you are feeling things around the edges that it is very difficult to take a decision on. also, what could you do in terms of sanctioning these companies? find them? how much? yes, you could find them but these are very wealthy companies and they will also be doing the calculation of how much to spend on this, compared to how much they might then be fined. let's talk about libya, obviously there have been civilian casualties
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in this continued fighting between the army and, at the national army as it calls itself, and also the government there, the internationally backed government. limburg talking about the issue in terms of the oil market in particular, obviously it is africa's august oil exporter. —— bloomberg. it is interesting, obviously i was in the region yesterday and i saw antonio guterres over the weekend and you just come from libya and he was making the point about how terrible the situation is her civilians were caught up in it, quite rightly. as you say, bloomberg taking a slightly different line. the oil is interesting on one or two counts, one is that this warlord having these forces, he probably wa nts to having these forces, he probably wants to be assert some control over the oil industry because it does not have the revenues from the oil industry that the official un backed government does have, it is getting the oil revenues. so in launching this attack, he almost certainly will want to see some oil fields and make sure that he gets the money,
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not the official government. secondly on this, we have to wonder what this is going to do to the oil price once again, by the way. we have had the trouble in venezuela which is already push the oil price up which is already push the oil price up to above $70, this undoubtedly will push up again. i think that it is very clear, we had high hopes for libya that it would be more stable, there were signs of that in recent months, clearly that has gone and i think we're seeing again the tensions, where you have got a strong warlord on one side, he was actually backed by agent, france, russia, un backed government on the other side. neither of them are really strong enough to control the country, so i think we can see a lot more instability in the future. let's talk about the arab economy generally, this story in the arab news. the world economic forum in jordan, were you there?|j news. the world economic forum in jordan, were you there? i was, the person they actually quote in this story... is there anyone you have not seen? theresa may? there are
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millions of people who i think might be better than that, although maybe not. he is making the point, the arab economy economy as a third of the size it should be. why? 's i think there are huge numbers of reasons. one is of course that there are some economies who are focused on oil and resources, they have not developed a broader economy, some other economies, take egypt, ijust huge, they are going on a massive rate in terms of population and they can't cope with the economic growth thatis can't cope with the economic growth that is required for that. but there are huge reasons, i mean the actually, one reason we were very interested in the story, we were saying, the european bank for reconstruction and development, at this forum, more has to be done to develop the private sector. if you wa nt develop the private sector. if you want bigger economies in that region, you need more her private sector, at the moment too much of the money is made up by the government and that is the problem. finally, what is your take on this ultra low emission zone in london? it is very ambitious... it is
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ambitious and it is disruptive the companies, i certainly recognise that. we see in the story, company spending millions making sure they have more vehicles, more electric vehicles, more clean vehicles. the money vehicles, more clean vehicles. the money go? that revenue, we had an interesting treatment of you are saying the money going? surely it will raise huge amounts of money for london, birmingham is another city wanting to these money. it will go back into making sure that poorer residents of london do not pay so much, so we'll go back. in the end, it will mean a clean air in london and that is crucial, the pollution in london is terrible. —— it will mean cleaner. as always, good talking to you. good talking to you, you are very important. you said it, not me. do stay with us he won bbc news. plenty more to come. for me and the team, goodbye. hello there. the weekend brought us some very mixed fortunes
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in terms of the weather. for many parts, it was pretty cloudy and drizzly, particularly in the north and east. there were some clear skies though further west. this was the scene as the sun set on sunday night in barnstaple, in devon. now, as we head through the day on monday then, still some mixed fortunes. a lot of dry and fairly sunny weather developing, but there will be some rain around, particularly in the south. we've got a slow—moving weather front, which is going to be with us for the next few days. here it is. during the day on monday, it'll be draped from south—east england through parts of the midlands, wales, up towards northern ireland. so it's this zone that will stay quite cloudy. first thing in the morning, most of us looking frost—free butjust a touch of frost, i think, for some of the sheltered glens of scotland first thing. now, through the day, we keep that weak weather front, bringing some cloud and showers from south—east england through the midlands, into wales, perhaps one or two showers getting into southern parts of northern ireland. elsewhere, a lot of dry and sunny weather. a few showers for the isles of scilly, perhaps towards the channel islands as well. a little bit misty and murky around some of these north sea coasts, but elsewhere, after a murky morning, the mists should clear to leave plenty of sunshine,
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particularly for the likes of western scotland, northern ireland and north—west england. temperatures between around about 10—17, so still reasonably mild through the day on monday. monday night and into tuesday then, this weather front sticks around in the south, so more of that heavy rainforsimilarareas, southern england, south wales as well. again, it's looking like a frost—free night and we are likely to see some mist and fog forming. also some low cloud just pouring in off the north sea. so some of these north—east north sea coasts could well stay quite murky once again. but lots of sunshine developing elsewhere. but we have got that stubborn front bringing more rain along the south coast of england, into south wales too. and you'll notice, by tuesday, that things are starting to turn a little bit cooler, so top temperatures around about 9 or 10 across the east of scotland. perhaps 13 or 14 down towards the south—west. but it will turn colder through tuesday night and on into wednesday, and that's because we start to import this air from scandinavia. so an easterly breeze developing and a drop in temperature. by the time we get to wednesday, there will more sunshine
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for most of us. still a little bit murky around some of these eastern coasts and just the remnants of that weather front bringing a bit more cloud towards the south—west. but elsewhere, a lot of dry, sunny weather, light winds too, although temperatures not great for this time of year. many of us, particularly towards eastern coasts, are stuck in single figures. and if we look further ahead towards the end of the week, it's looking mostly dry but still rather cool for the time of year, with temperatures generally around 9—13 degrees. that's it for now, bye—bye.
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