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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 8, 2019 10:30pm-10:40pm BST

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a group, that means they wind. —— they win. and a step closer to his nfl dream, but now the fight to make the team — former england rugby star cristian wade signs for the buffalo bills. hello and welcome to sportsday. chelsea have moved up to third in the preemier league after eden hazard saw off west ham with both goals in a 2—0 win. it was a game the belgian might not have started because of rumours real madrid want to sign him. ben croucher reports. just where will they be playing next season? will chelsea be in the champions league? will eden hazard and callum hudson be at chelsea at
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all? they both started it didn't ta ke all? they both started it didn't take long for eden hazard to show why real madrid want him so badly. five defenders glad they don't play against him every week. if you could soon become chelsea's pass, hudson is hoping he is the future presented, a chance to make it two, the defenders were standing in eden hazard's way, not doing too much tackling, failing to kill the game off, west ham remained a chelsea that they still carried a threat, admittedly not the same threat that eden hazard and hudson could pose but the second goal remained out of reach until you know who soon put that right. a peerless performance from the belgian that good to go a long way to decide where he and chelsea will be playing in europe —— that could go a long way. in the last two matches he played really well. it was
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devastating, very, very well. if he is able to play like the last two matches, we are lucky. eden hazard is a very good playing for the most part of the game because he is a top player and the way he goes for the defending was a little bit easy and it reflects a lack of aggressiveness we had in the 45 minutes but we changed for the second one. it's three wins in four matches for scotland's women as they continue their impressive preparations for this summer's world cup. they beat brazil 1—0 in spain thanks to a goalfrom kim little just before half time. both teams had already hit the woodwork before little turned in lizzie arnot‘s cross. scotland are in a group with england at the world cup in france and the two meet onjune 9th. raheem sterling claims he wouldn't walk off the pitch because of racist
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abuse during a match, insisting that would "let them win". the manchester city forward has been vocal in speaking out about the racism towards black players in football and there were a number of new incidents over the weekend, but he says scoring and winning would hurt racists more, while he insists he doesn't see himself as a trailblazer in tackling the issue. this has been something that has been around since i was born. i can only speak of events that have happened to me and people around me. that's as much as i can do, raise awareness. i'm not trying to be someone that tries to lead, or something like that. i can just raise awareness and it's for people in higher places to do theirjob. well, sterling and his team—mates were preparing for manchester city's meeting with spurs in the champions league quarter finals tomorrow. the first leg is at spurs' new stadium, which kevin de bruyne won't make any difference. so what does pep guardiola think? the champions league, games away,
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the supporters support the team more than ever. it's the second time that spurs have played at home so we know exactly what they are going to face. we have to handle it. if we want to make a step forward as a club, as a team, we have to know how to handle these situations. in the other match tomorrow, liverpool will be facing a porto side they beat 5—0 on aggregate in the last 16 of the competition last season. jurgen klopp believes his team have grown stronger in europe throughout his time at the club. our development is incredible, especially in this tournament because we used every little step in the last year to improve with the challenges the boys were facing and its massive. the european ride was brilliant until barcelona and the
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champions league was the same until kiev so there were a lot more match positive moments in these competitions than a negative and that helps the team. a hibernian fan has beenjailed for 100 days for confronting rangers captainjames tavernier at the side of the pitch at hibs' easter road stadium. cameron mack pleaded guilty to breach of the peace for the incident last month at edinburgh sheriff court. the 22—year—old has also been banned from attending any matches in scotland for ten years. let's take you though some of the day's other sports stories now. england women's captain steph houghton will miss tomorrow night's world cup warm—up match against spain because of a groin injury. houghton will be one of several changes after their 1—0 defeat to canada on friday. great britain came back from a goal down to beat north korea and secure the silver medal at the women's ice hockey world championship. shannon douglas scoring the winner in the second period. and england captainjoe root has started the county championship season with a century. he finished yorkshire's
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second innings on 130 not out as they salvaged a draw against nottinghamshire. elsewhere there were wins for hampshire and somerset. former england rugby union international christian wade is a step closer to playing in the nfl after signing for the buffalo bills. wade quit premiership side wasps in october to join the nfl‘s international pathway programme, which offers players from outside of the us a route into the league. he'll now attempt to make the bills' final 53 man roster for the 2019 season. it's a massive step. i've been through so much just to get to this stage and i'm just over the moon and a lot of emotions, i haven't had enough time to process it yet but it's huge for me and i'm really excited for the next step. now to the 0lympian who says says her life was thrown upside down when she discovered she was pregnant.
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at the age of 32, british discus throwerjade lally‘s bid to reach although she'd always wanted to have a child one day, she told our reporter katie falkingham that the timing couldn't have been worse. devastated and smiling doesn't really go but i remember physically laughing as well. i was in such shock that this had happened. the lead up to the olympics wasn't supposed to include a surprise pregnancy forjade loudly and with her daughter due in less than four months, she is still living with the conflict. since 16, athletics has been the one constant in her life but giving birth exactly a year out from the biggest competition of her career was not part of the plan. when it was positive, i realised that life was going to change a lot andi that life was going to change a lot and ijust that life was going to change a lot and i just thought, that life was going to change a lot and ijust thought, this isn't good. lally and her partner have previously tried for the baby but after being unsuccessful, they put
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it on hold so she could pursue her ambition of becoming a double 0lympian at tokyo 2020 but nature had a different plan for lally, leaving her feeling had a different plan for lally, leaving herfeeling isolated, lost and searching for others feeling the same way. the very fact i was struggling as well as i was and am, ijust struggling as well as i was and am, i just thought that because i'm struggling, surely i'm not the first person to go through this. everyone says it's ok to not be ok but who is actually talking about this? over the last four years, we have seen serena williams, jessica ennis—hill give birth and come back. there are significant differences between us. the support they have financially and team —wise, just the governing body and the sport itself, their private sponsors, all of those things will make a difference. pregnancy is a struggle for lally. she finds it hard to even say the word. her once athletic body is changing, it is sore and she can no longer do her sport.|j
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changing, it is sore and she can no longer do her sport. i never want my child to think i never put her first but for the first year of her life she might need to sit differently in a priority list and that would be forever, so when she comes out, i just hope i'm better and i really hope that something kicks in that i haven't had yet. great britain and england's most capped hockey player has announced his international retirement. barry middleton has played in four olympic games and as many world cups and commonwealth games, scoring 119 goals in 432 appearances. he says it's been a career littered with highlights. has been amazing for me to play hockeyin has been amazing for me to play hockey in so many places, make so many friends and play tournaments. ifi many friends and play tournaments. if i had to pick a couple, it would be winning something as massive as a country in the group in 2009, it was
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a special feeling, and for me, london and the hague world cup that we had were both really special. they were home tournaments for me. what about london 2012, just missing out on the bronze? is that a regret? we are proud of what we did achieve, the excitement that we built with hockey around the country around that time. there will always be a feeling of, could we have got that medal at the end? but regret is the wrong word. what's next for you? i'll still be involved in hockey, i'll still be involved in hockey, i'll be playing hockey next year, —— playing club hockey, so i haven't fully retired and i'll be going into coaching work and explore what that looks like and where my future lies beyond the game but i'd love to stay in the sport, it's what i've done my whole life and i feel like i in the sport, it's what i've done my whole life and ifeel like i got in the sport, it's what i've done my whole life and i feel like i got a lot to give back to it


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