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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 9, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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possibility. debenhams' lenders have taken possibility. debenhams‘ lenders have taken control of the struggling high street chain after rejecting a rescue plan from the founder of sports direct mike ashley. voting is under way in the israeli general elections. prime minister benjamin netanyahu elections. prime minister benjamin neta nyahu is elections. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is aiming for a fifth term in office but faces tough competition. married couples will be able to divorce more quickly and with less difficulty after landmark changes to the law but critics say the current system allows for calm reflection. ina in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first a look at what else is coming up tonight on bbc news. at 7pm on beyond 100 days we are in paris to follow the prime minister's talks with french president emanuel macron. at 8pm, live in israel where the exit polls will have closed on those elections which are expected, benjamin netanyahu aiming fora which are expected, benjamin netanyahu aiming for a record fifth term in office but faces tough
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competition. and at 10:a0pm and 11:30pm my guests on the paper review will be guardian columnist dawn foster and former director of communications at no 10 giles canning, so stay with us for that. but now, sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster. european football takes centre stage this week, tonight on sportsday. we will be heading live to the tottenham hotspur stadium, a first champions league match there as they face manchester city. european nights at anfield are always special. we'll speak to our correspondent there about the tie against porto. join mejo join me jo currie join mejo currie in the swindon ahead of england's friendly match against spain. also coming up, another iconic venue. who will master those lightning fast
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greens and rolling fairways of the augusta national? golf's first major of the year starts on thursday and now we know the groupings. and a massive summer ahead for this place, the cricket world cup, the ashes, we go behind—the—scenes at the oval. good evening. tonight sees the start of the champions league quarter—finals and all four english sides that qualified for this season's competition are still involved, three are playing this evening. we'll be live at anfield with david 0rnstein in a few minutes, but first let's go to natalie pirks at the tottenham hotspur stadium, because one thing we know is that there will be at least one premier league side in the semi—finals. the first leg of tottenham
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and manchester city, a first european night for that magnificent new stadium behind you. it isa it is a beauty and what a match for its european debut, most goals scored in european competition this season versus the scored in european competition this season versus the team that has conceded the most in the competition, that's spurs, of course, but it is set to be a fascinating tyke and already the atmosphere is building and you can see the fans are up for this one. little wonder that pochettino called this the biggest game of his coaching career. it is the first of three matches these two will play against each other in the small matter of 11 days, and i think so much has been said about city going for this unprecedented quadruple, or the queen to pull, as pep keeps calling it because they have already won the charity shield, so much has been said about them that people haven't been talking about how much spurs improved, they had a rocky start to the campaign but were
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impressive against dortmund in the last 16 and this place could be all the difference tonight, not least harry kane, who has been involved in 17 goals in 17 champions league matches. both managers have been talking in the lead up to this one and both waxing lyrical about how brilliant each other is. let's listen to them now. the first you need to do is to run, with silva, raheem sterling, jesus, they are players that before they start to play they start to run, press, they are aggressive, they fight for every single ball, and today that is football and manchester city, the strength of manchester city, the strength of manchester city, the strength of manchester city is not the quality. of course, it is after the quality, but it is first of all the desire and, you know, the will to fight. it is an incredible to whom. i've said it, i don't know, maybe 1000 times since i came to england, but
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harry kane, number nine for the international english team, an incredible striker, everybody knows it. he does everything, right, left, movement, keep the ball, intelligent movement, keep the ball, intelligent movement, dropping in the box, he is clinical. he does everything like a modern striker. natalie, you mentioned pep guardiola talking about this quadruple, or quintuple, he says it is impossible, he pours scorn on it at every possible turn. he probably would do that, he doesn't want to increase the pressure on his side but pochettino was talking about it and he said if any team is going to do it it will be them. the good news for city is a aguero has been training, he missed two matches with a muscle injury but he was here training last night, so good news for them, 29 goals this season, five in the champions league. but city have lost all four
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european matches against english sides, not least that quarterfinal last season against liverpool. when they face them at anfield they face that redwall, that wall of noise. will get a similar instance tonight and it will be interesting to see how they cope with the home support. apologies for a few sound issues we could hear. let's head live to anfield now and speak to david, good evening. they love a european night there david, it was goalless against porto there last season because they'd already put the tie out of sight in the first leg in the last 16. that's right. liverpool fans live for these nights, under the lights at anfield in europe, and you mentioned the last 16 last year are way porto, liverpool went and won 5-0 way porto, liverpool went and won 5—0 away and there is a lot of talk porto could be out for revenge in the second leg of the last 16 tie.
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porto came to anfield and drew 0—0 but the type was already done by that point. porto have a terrible record against liverpool, they have never beaten them in six meetings. they also have a terrible record in england and in knockout away ties, since they won the competition in 2004. since they won the competition in 200a. porto come here as the firm underdogs. liverpool as the firm favourites. virgil van dyke has been speaking in the build—up to this game and he says the key thing for liverpool is not to be complacent. they don't want to experience what they experienced last year so they will try and do everything to not let that happen. i think the most important thing for us is like what we always do, focus on ourselves, but obviously remember what we are going to face, a very tough team and that's the mindset, i think. david, liverpool fans and players obviously getting very excited with their hopes in the league this season. i
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guess as long as they are still in europe there is a danger it could derail them from the number one priority, which is winning the league title this season. it really is and that would be for the first time since 1990, so the focus is firmly on that. liverpool are two points clear at the top of the premier league. however, i don't think it will be a major distraction for them. from people i have spoken to, they seem to see the champions league run this season as being something of a welcome distraction, a bit ofa something of a welcome distraction, a bit of a release of pressure. of course they reached the final last year, they have won the competition five times, but there is no expectation on liverpool to win the champions league this season but they want to win the premier league. it is an 8pm kick off here and liverpool fans are excited. should bea liverpool fans are excited. should be a good one. david 0rnstein, many thanks, live from anfield. we will hear from manchester united ina we will hear from manchester united in a moment ahead of tomorrow night's standout tie against
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barcelona at old trafford. lionel messi is training there right now and we will bring you some of those pictures. with the match against spurs this evening we thought we would look at the history of all english ties in europe. tonight's match will be the 24th in europe's top club competition between two english sides, be that the european cup or champions league. most of them have happened since the turn of the century. most recently in last season's semi finals where liverpool shocked manchester city before going on to lose in the final to real madrid. that tie will be as much remembered for these scenes before kick off where the city team bus was pelted with bottles and other objects. going back 11 years and the biggest game of the lot. manchester united versus chelsea in the 2008 final. poor old john terry slipped for what would have been the winning penalty.
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edwin van der sar saved from nicolas anelka to give sir alex ferguson his second and final champions league trophy in moscow. 0ne one of the most famous ties is between chelsea and liverpool. they met eight times in four years in the mid-2000, met eight times in four years in the mid—2000, the most memorable arguably the 2005 semifinal. that was where liverpool won 1—0 at anfield thanks to this goalfrom luis garcia. or was it. william gallas cleared the ball off the line. the officials gave it. the ghost goal it became known. it irked jose mourinho for sure. liverpool famously went on to win the trophy in istanbul. the first meeting between two english sides in the old european cup was 1978. holders liverpool faced nottingham forest. liverpool lost 2—0 in the first leg before a goalless draw at anfield. kenny dalgish said liverpool chased the game too much and might not have done so if it had been in a continental arena. but here's one for the pub quiz.
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can you name the first all english european tie? well it was in the uefa cup. the 1972 final between wolves and spurs. martin chivers scored twice in the away leg as spurs won 3—2 on aggregate. my favourite bit of this story. their wives were promised an all—expenses paid trip to europe if they reached the final. they started dreaming of paris, rome or madrid. chivers said their partners weren't too enamoured with wolverhampton. all wolverhampton residents, direct your complaints to ben croucher. so that's the history of all english ties in europe, there's history too between manchester united and barcelona, three wins for united, four draws, and four wins for barca. their last two meetings were in champions league finals, barca winning both in 2009 and 2011. marcus rashford trained away from the main group for part of this morning's session.
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he's had an ankle problem, although 0le gunnar solskjaer is hopeful that he'll be ok for the match. his primary concern will be making sure his defence is on their game. lionel messi scored against them in both those finals and is up to 43 goals this season. these are pictures from old trafford where they are training right now. luis suarez is having a good season. they are 11 points clear in la liga after beating nearest rivals atletico over the weekend. what kind of plan can you have to stop one of the best players in the world 7 as chris stop one of the best players in the world? as chris says we are looking forward to and relish the opportunity but this season we have played againstjuventus with ronaldo, psg with killian mbappe, we have had chelsea and hazard, neymar didn't play against us. i think the
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better an opponent... suarez as well, suarez, philip continuo and messi will keep our defenders on their toes. so let's see how we manage tomorrow. let's see indeed. the england lionesses are playing another pre—world cup friendly tonight. their road to france series didn't start too well last friday night in manchester, they lost to canada. can they fare any better tonight against spain7 they are playing at swindon's county ground and jo currie is there for us. tonight's match looks to be a final throw of the dice fulsome of these england players, it is set to be england's final warm up match between phil neville —— before phil neville names his squad for the summer's world cup. sue smith, former england winger, joins me in swindon after a fairly underwhelming performance against canada on friday. what do we hope for from england tonight against spain7|j think we want a better performance first and foremost, so first half, they admitted it was a bit sloppy in
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possession. very unlike england of late. second half, ithought they changed the system slightly, i thought they performed a lot better, they could have probably got a draw out of the result but i think we've got to look at it as a whole and say he was trying new things, trying new players in different positions. maybe it its new tactics, i don't know. it is an opportunity for those players because he said the door is still open so it is a chance and from a player's perspective you can say at least i've had the opportunity to show i've played a game, opportunity to show i've played a a opportunity to show i've played a game, i've shown what i can do and if you are not selected it is down to you and your performance, not because you have not been given the opportunity. i look at it as a positive and a chance for those players to prove themselves. you've beenin players to prove themselves. you've been in this position going into a final warm been in this position going into a finalwarm up been in this position going into a final warm up match knowing it could be your last chance to impress. how much pressure as a positive and a chance for those players to prove themselves. you've been in this position going into a final warm up match knowing it could be your last chance to impress. how much pressure are they under7 chance to impress. how much pressure are they under? a lot of pressure but that's what you need going into a major tournament because going
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into the world cup it will be huge pressure. these girls can do that now, mentally, they are so tough, that's something they have worked on, they have lots of people that come in to work on that with them and performing under pressure so they can do it. i expect a good performance. it will be tough against a very good spanish side who will keep the ball and have a lot of possession. it is a case of, can we be patient and create more than in the canada game7 be patient and create more than in the canada game? thank you for joining us and we will let you get set up for the commentary, sue is pa rt set up for the commentary, sue is part of the commentary team over on bbc two. jo currie there. golf's first major starts on thursday. the masters at augusta national, the opening groupings and tee—times have been released in the last couple of hours. rory mcilroy will play with rickie fowler and australia's cameron smith in the first round. justin rose has a great looking group, the world number one goes with phil mickelson and justin thomas. and the last group out isn't bad either. 2015 winnerjordan spieth is with england's paul casey and brooks koepka, who won two majors last year. let's hear from two men who have been talking up their chances of claiming that greenjacket,
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the world number onejustin rose, who has been runner up twice in the last four masters and ryder cup star tommy fleetwood. i feel like i ifeel like i am i feel like i am to you another chance to win here. but you can't force it, that's the most important thing, the way i've got into contention here in the past was to enjoy the golf course, break it down, to such a strategic golf course, see what happens. there is more expectation on the majors and we enter these weeks now with like a plan and preparation. we want to win them and every week can be that week. they are always an enjoyable experience but there is a lot more to them now and there is always a chance and i've managed to put myself in that position in the game where i can do that. looking at the world rankings the other day, how many english guys are in the top a0 in the world, it is impressive and strong, tommy fleetwood is one of the favourites, he hasn't won on the pga tour, not that this is a pga
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tour event, but won in america, but this course suits him, he hits a lovely draw, good iron play and then players like paul casey, who will be knocking on the door at augusta so we have a great opportunity with myself and many others. it is great to be thinking that way and great that when i come to these events people are talking about me as a potential winner. it is all lovely stuff. you have to play well at the end of the day and none of that matters if you don't perform. but once you do i think the more experience i am getting it is only going to help. the fact that the rankings switch this week is a cool story for us personally from that point of view but i haven't paid that much attention, certainly the golf course doesn't know who is the number one ranked player in the world. you've got to come in and prepare hard and build a new body of work every time you tee it up. the way i see it, rory is the favourite of the way he has been playing in so many guys are playing well and capable of winning this tournament. i don't see the ranking per se, i
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know i'm one of the guys who can win and has a great opportunity to win for sure and and has a great opportunity to win forsure andi and has a great opportunity to win for sure and i feel very confident being in that position but it is certainly not an extra pressure. let's have a quick catch up with some of the day's other headlines. the chelsea midfielder danny drinkwater has been charged with drink—driving following a crash in the early hours of monday morning in cheshire. he'll appear before stockport magistrates next month. sale sharks propjake pope has been banned for six months after testing positive for cocaine for a second time. the 21—year—old will be clear to play again injune. chris davis has set a record in major league baseball, not one that he wanted. the baltimore orioles batsman has come into bat a8 times, and has been scoreless every time, a barren run stretching back to last year. he earns $23 million a year. the defending champions surrey get their county championship season under way this week, when they face essex at the oval on thursday. it's a ground that we'll be seeing a lot of this summer on the international stage,
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as emma jones reports. the oval, an iconic venue that has already played a huge part in our sporting history. this summer, though, it is preparing to play a role on what is billed as england's biggest summer ever for correct it. we are incredibly excited at the kia 0valfor this we are incredibly excited at the kia 0val for this summer. we we are incredibly excited at the kia 0valfor this summer. we have we are incredibly excited at the kia 0val for this summer. we have a we are incredibly excited at the kia 0valfor this summer. we have a huge amount of international cricket, headlined by the ashes at the end of the season and also the world cup earlier on. we are also defending champions for the county championship and key super league. we have seen plenty of development at the kia 0val already and more development to come. absolutely, we have permission to take down the lot they can stand at the end of the season to be replaced over the next 18 months with a brand—new stand connected to the micky stewart members pavilion adding 2500 extra spectators to the ground, so it is very exciting. thousands of people means thousands of meals and a venue
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having to cater for our changing diets. more and more we are seeing a trend towards vegetarian items, digging dietary requirements etc. with the season we have coming this year with the world cup it is even more demand to have those items in there. with over 1.2 more demand to have those items in there. with over1.2 million pints expected to be sold this summer, the oval has introduced reusable and recycla ble ca ps. oval has introduced reusable and recyclable caps. all of them are done on a deposit scheme and all of them will be recycled for every match day and sent back for washing. surrey will start the defence of the cou nty surrey will start the defence of the county championship title this week. their success, though, means many of their players could be back at the 0val the summer playing for england. we wa nt 0val the summer playing for england. we want surrey to be the best county in the country, that's our main target, but we also want to provide players for england and in the last couple of years we are doing that regularly. although it can hurt us when we lose our best players to england, we also take it as a compliment that we are doing something right here. as the oval hopes to improve and innovate,


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