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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 10, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. quadruple doubts as manchester city my name is mike embley. are beaten at tottenham in the first leg of their champions league our top stories: quarter final. no clear winner in israel's general election. marouane fellaini scores current prime minister benjamin netanyahu could be in a stronger for shandong luneng position to form a coalition. in their asian champions league win. also claiming victory, benny gantz, leader of the centrist blue and white party. and tiger woods gets set to bid he says he will form for a fifth green jacket at augusta when the masters gets under the next israeli government. way on thursday. hello and welcome to britain's prime minister meets the programme where we start germany's chancellor to discuss a short delay to brexit. with the uefa champions league news there are signs the eu that manchester city's bid favours a longer extension, which could mean more for a quadruple of trophies is in danger of falling apart. trouble for mrs may. that's after tottenham beat them 1—0 still awaiting more details to hold the advantage from the mueller report. the us attorney general says after the first leg of their quarter he will let congress and the public final but it came at a cost see a redacted version with captain harry kane within a week. limping off and the bbc‘s ian dennis was watching. no pause in the protests in algeria, as a new interim president mauricio pochettino apartment players deliberate and the biggest match of his managerial career. totte n ha m match of his managerial career. tottenham created the better chances but after harry kane hobbled off with an ankle injury, city had started to get on top. however, they
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stepped up, kept the ball in play to cut back on him and fire underneath edison, with the all—important goal 12 minutes from time. it was a fascinating tussle, not short of incident. va ruled rose handled the ball but a gore apartment penalty after 30 minutes was saved by livery. the spurs are ahead. but the tie is farfrom over. var rule. for me, man city is the favourite. to win the champions league. of course, it will be tough. it will be a complete difference in one week. —— manchester city is the favourite. we have to when the first leg. and give us the belief and we are going to be there and to fight a lot, but i think it is a good test for us. liverpool took command of their quarterfinal with porto thanks to a 2—0 home wind in the first leg. first half goals from naby keita and roberto firmino sealed the wind and our sports correspondent
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david 0rnstein was at anfield. these are the occasions that liverpool live for. european knights under the light. this perhaps wasn't the most famous of them all, but liverpool just needed to the most famous of them all, but liverpooljust needed to get the job done and that is what they did. they got started in very impressive fashion, with nabby fresh from scoring his first liverpool goal against southhampton last weekend and now he has his second. it was a deflected effort but they say fortune favours the brave. in liverpool were on the front foot from the start. they followed her that with a second goal that if the first benefited from a deflection, this one really was perfection, sweeping team moves ended by roberto femina. that gave liverpool the question they needed and liverpool will go to portugal next week, confident of finishing the job, their focus immediately turns to chelsey who visit here on sunday as liverpool looked to continue their pursuit of a premier league title
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since 1990. all looking good for the liverpool at the season approaches is climax. all good. to nell. gave us a line. we have to go there and fight. puerto will give everything to strike back. —— 2—0. that is how they should be. —— puerto. in the quarterfinals. we will be ready. 0nto the asian champions league where the holders kashima antlers were among the teens in action on tuesday winning their game late on. colm harrison was watching. raining champions remain top of group b but only after a miraculous fight back in which they scored twice and stoppage time. —— the reigning champion. a nasty foul on the goalkeeper meant it was. at half—time, and things got even worse for the holders, the former birmingham city playerjordan added to an earlier own goal to make it 2-0. to an earlier own goal to make it 2—0. they pulled one back but still trailed heading into injury time.
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until first equalised. and then a surgingjo until first equalised. and then a surging jo with a wonderful attorney strike claimed all three points for his side. sparking joyous things amongst the support. in the same group, they hosted the malaysian champion. it wasn't long before markey‘s made his presence felt. —— mark— lady. the belgian international missed a glorious chance after only 20 minutes when he fired over the bar, but five minutes later, he scored and not an unfamiliarfashion later, he scored and not an unfamiliar fashion by heading later, he scored and not an unfamiliarfashion by heading in a corner to put the chinese super league site in front. when italian striker graziano without shortly afterwards, he put away the result and spot kicked it to nell. the consolation goal was arguably the best of the day anywhere. but they held on to win. and this second in the group. we played some good football. sigurdsson good chance of. we scored just two goals, but we had
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some chance to score more. “— we scored just two goals, but we had some chance to score more. —— we have some good chances. we were in a good position but we kept the shape and we fight and in the end, we had the result we want to. in group g, the result we want to. in group g, the 2017 champions hosted the 2016 winners. it was the visitors from south korea who always looked likely to win after carving out to descend charters in the first 25 minutes. in the end, just one goal decided it. —— decent chances. john took the limerick at the top of the good with the japanese side to points in second place. —— took the top of the table. so confirming that in group e kashima antlers and shandong luneng remain first and second respectively after both picked up winds — in group g jeonbuk move top ahead of uruwa red diamonds. elsewhere al wahda and al ittihad remain top of group b after securing victories while in group d just two
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points separate all four teens as last year's runners up persepolis picked up their first wind of the campaign. there were a further round of women's international friendlies on tuesday with the world cup, hosted by france in june looming large. netherlands hammered chilly 7—0 with danielle van de donk scoring four of them, germany and japan traded blows in an entertaining 2—2 draw while there were winds for new zealand, italy and sweden — and england bounced back from their loss to canada last week accounting for spain 2—1. now to golf where tiger woods will continue his bid for 15th major title and first since 2008 when he tees of at this year's masters in augusta on thursday. the 43—year—old is a four time winner of the famous green jacket, his last victory in 2005, and this will be his 22nd appearance at the venue. so does he feel he can wind a major for the first time in 11 years? after i won my 1ath, i felt like after i won my 1ath, ifelt like i
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still had played a more major championships i could win. u nfortu nately, championships i could win. unfortunately, i just didn't championships i could win. unfortunately, ijust didn't do it. i put myself there with chances on the back nine. —— i still had it more championships i could win. hopefully this year i will put myself there again and hopefully i will get it done. for more on this and the rest of the news as we approach the first major of the men's calendar let's go to hugh ferris. thank you. i suppose was just two days to go into the masters get under way, they feel will be hoping the weather improves that the very least, both monday and then tuesday. they have been forced to suspend practise because of thunderstorms in georgia but when they do begin on thursday, we now know who will be playing. start with tiger woods. pick them out for subgroup number 14. pick them out for subgroup number 1a. alongsidejohn pick them out for subgroup number 1a. alongside john romm. pick them out for subgroup number 1a. alongsidejohn romm. the blockbuster groupings towards the end of the tee times announced today. the last group has a few
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major ones, jordan spieth and brooks koepka together. the current well number one justin rose and koepka together. the current well number onejustin rose and the penultimate group of the day. they thought that it might be a bit of a curse to be top of the rankings heading into the masters, only three have claimed the green jacket while they have been the world in number one. justin rose turn now.|j they have been the world in number one. justin rose turn now. i haven't paid much attention to it. the golf course of the know who is in the numberone ranking. course of the know who is in the number one ranking. you have to come in and prepare hard and build a new body a break. —— the golf course does not know who is number one. i would say roy is the favourite. there are so many guys who are playing well and capable of winning this golf tournament. i don't see the rank. i knowl this golf tournament. i don't see the rank. i know i am one of those who can win and has a great opportunity. i feel like who can win and has a great opportunity. ifeel like i who can win and has a great opportunity. i feel like i am very confident being in that position. but it is not any extra pressure. rose thinks rory mcelroy is the favourite. as you can see, he is in a group with rickie fowler, number 15 on thursday, fowler after eight
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top five finishes, but no titles so far in his career. he was second last year at a gas after a fascinating final—round. last year at a gas after a fascinating final-round. it was a lot of fun to be in the mix. make patrick and you get bit. just a little too far back and patrick put together a strong streak. it was fun. it was great to be in the mix and have a chance, but time to do one better. the boston red sox unfurled their latest world series championship banner on tuesday and super bowl winners new england patriots also made an appearance. fenway park saw the draping of the new banner in front of the green munster and they also received their championship rings as part of the festivities. each ring includes 185 diamonds, rubies and sapphires totalling 15 carats and the patriots led by super bowl mvpjulian edelman were also on hand throwing out the ceremonial pitches.
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you can get all the latest sports news at our website — that's but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello there. good morning. temperatures are on a downward trend over the next few days and nights. we still manage 16 degrees in western scotland, but colder air is coming down from scandinavia over the north sea, so it will feel chilly for the next few days. but at least we are all going to get some sunshine, a bit like we did here on tuesday. tuesday, still cold and grey and wet at times across southern england. it will be southern england that sees the biggest change in the weather for wednesday. that cloud that has been sticking there for the past few days bringing some rain at times is finally moving its way southwards. still a bit of cloud, a few spots
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of rain along the south coast, otherwise probably a dry start, clear skies further north and as you move northwards, the winds are lighter. we are more likely to have a frost and temperatures could be down to —2 or —3 in rural scotland. but it will warm up to a certain extent on wednesday in the sunshine. the cloud moves away from the southwest of england, we keep one or two showers for a while in the channel islands, otherwise it dries out and a bit of fair weather cloud building up in northeast england. a noticeable wind down the eastern side of england, especially in the southeast, willjust add to the chill. but at least the sunshine will be out. still only nine degrees along those north seacoasts, highs of 12 or 13 celsius. those temperatures will fall away very quickly during the evening and overnight because the winds fall light and most parts of the country will have clear skies, except for northern scotland, where there is more cloud coming in here. it will not be as cold. elsewhere, a bit more blue on the chart. frost possible all the way down towards the west country
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by thursday morning. heading towards the end of the week, it is high pressure dominating our weather. building down from scandinavia across the uk and blocking off all of these atlantic weather fronts for the time being. a lot of dry weather again on thursday, more cloud for northern scotland, maybe a few spots of drizzle over the hills, and we're likely to find increasing cloud for central and eastern parts of england and northern ireland and the best of the sunshine in wales and western england. typical temperatures still only ten or 11 degrees. light winds on thursday, not much changes on friday, dry with sunshine at times, sunshine heading into the weekend, but the winds are going to be strengthening. it may feel a bit colder out there and with pressure lowering out to the west, the chance of a bit of rain for northern ireland and into cornwall. essentially, we have high pressure still in charge and with the southeasterly wind, it should get less cold next week.
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