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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 10, 2019 6:30pm-6:51pm BST

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the top stories that mike theresa may is attending an emergency brexit summit in brussels to request an extension to the process with just two days to go before the eu was due to leave the european union. go before the eu was due to leave the european unionlj go before the eu was due to leave the european union. i want us to have to be able to leave the european union in a smooth and orderly way as soon as possible and thus that i'll be working for. eu leaders will discuss a request this evening and it is so they will demand a longer flexible delay was conditions possible for up to a year. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu year. israel's prime minister benjamin neta nyahu looks year. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu looks set to win a record fifth term in office despite elections ending in a dead heat between the two main parties. jack shepherd is a british man who killed the woman in a speedboat accident on the river thames is flying back to the uk after being extradited from georgia. and astronomers have taken the first ever image of a black hole. it's
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located in a distant galaxy and described by scientists as a monster 3 million times the size of earth. ina 3 million times the size of earth. in a moment it will be time for sportsday but first take a look at what else is coming up tonight. at 7pm beyond 100 days is in brussels where theresa may is eating —— meeting eu litres. further coverage of the talks with updates live as they happen. at 10:a0pm and 11:30pm my guest on the papers will be stephen bush and katy balls. stay with us for all of that. now it is sportsday. hello, i'm 0lly foster. here's what's coming up on sportsday. we are 90 minutes away from a blockbuster.
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can manchester united keep out lionel messi's barcelona? we'll be live at old trafford injust a moment. rory mcilroy is a united fan, he'll probably be watching from augusta on the eve of the masters where he's the favourite. and tammy beaumont joins and tammy beaumontjoins an illustrious list. she's one of the cricketers of the year. also coming up... one of australia's rugby union stars is being investigated by the sports integrity unit after a homophobic post on social media. and we hear from cameron homophobic post on social media. and we hearfrom cameron bancroft as he ta kes we hearfrom cameron bancroft as he takes another step to what he hopes will be a return to international football. —— cricket.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'm 0lly foster. good evening. the champions league continues this evening and we have the standout quarterfinal to look forward to. manchester united against barcelona. kick off is at 8 o'clock at old trafford. it's a rejuvenated united under 0le gunnar solskjaer, butjust how good will they have to be against the spanish champions, or perhaps, more pertinently, against lionel messi? 0ur sports editor dan roan is at old trafford. the stage is set and the world will be watching. there is no doubt that this is a truly mouthwatering blockbuster of a champions league occasion between two of europe's most decorated and illustrious teams. manchester united will of course try and draw some inspiration and confidence from that defining a
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remarkable victory in paris over psg in the last round when they somehow overturned that 2—0 first leg deficit to prevail on away goals and try and use that to instill some resolve going into this match tonight against a very impressive and inform barcelona side. i don't think there is i doubt that this is the biggest game ranching united have played in the champions league since they were in the final against milan and barcelona eight years ago at wembley in 2011. they have played at wembley in 2011. they have played a quarterfinal under david moyes and in 2014 against by munich at the same stage but when you consider how much has happened at old trafford behind me in recent seasons, managerial comings and goings, just how much help is now invested in 0le gunnar solskjaer who have course has 110w gunnar solskjaer who have course has now been named the permanent manager replacing jose mourinho. when you consider that liverpool are of course probably await the winners of this tie in the semifinal of the champions league with a place in the final itself at stake, just some big
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much would that be? it's not hard to argue this is the biggest game this clu b argue this is the biggest game this club has faced in this competition for eight long years. here is how 0le gunnar solskjaer sees the task at hand. we know we need to step up oui’ at hand. we know we need to step up our game at hand. we know we need to step up ourgame and we at hand. we know we need to step up our game and we know we need to perform at our best level, which we didn't against psg in the home game but the players, i can feel the tension definitely, excitement. you can see the players want to play stop i felt the mood before the psg home game with a little different, a bit more because we had won so many games, i think now we have looked from the psg game. players have talked about it and you have to be more patient in your tackles because some of these players will have some tricks up their sleeves. streetwise players. we have learnt from that game. no doubt that ole gunnar
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solskjaer has brought that feel—good factor back to old trafford behind you there after thejose mourinho area went very sour, but they are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, a bit of a wobble, and if they come up very short against barcelona, perhaps tonight or across the two legs, its honeymoon period as well and truly over, isn't it? absolutely and to some extent it will be the end of the season in terms of honours for manchester united because they are 21 points behind liverpool in the premier league. they are in this race for qualification for the champions league next season. they are currently sixth. they were knocked out of the fa cup by wolves so knocked out of the fa cup by wolves so it is all really on this competition and you are right, three defeats in the last four. they have experienced a mini slump of light but i think they will look at that remarkable win against psg in the
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last round and say this is what they have learnt as a result of that and let's make the most of that. i think they realise they will have to be at their absolute best if they are to prevail against barcelona, a team which includes the genius of lionel messi but also the likes of philippe coutinho and luis suarez. 11 points clear in the spanish league and on the verge of retaining their title. solskjaer will have looked at barcelona's form in recent seasons in the champions league where they have been knocked out in the quarterfinals in the last three seasons and also in away fixtures in knockout matches. they haven't won since early 2016. united have a chance here but they have to be at their best. many thanks. let's just have a look at some of the figures that back up lionel messi's status as one of the greatest. if you were playing legendary footballer top trumps and had the argentinian in your hand, you couldn't lose.
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we've streamlined his stats looking at how he's fared against english clubs in europe. in 30 matches he's scored 22 goals and set up six more. he's only scored twice against manchester united, but both were in the champions league finals that barca won in 2009 and 2011. he has never scored at old trafford. that could change tonight though. he is the second—highest goal—scorer in the history of the competition, with 108 goals. he is also the joint—top scorer in this season champions league with eight goals alongside bayern‘s robert lewandowski, he's scored an incredible 43 goals in all competitions this season. they are 11 points clear in la liga and also in the final of the copa del rey. so, that is the form that should give manchester united's defence the fear.
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it is something to relish i think. the seasoned have been lucky enough to fight rinaldo and killian mbappe and they are challenges i relish and players at this club relish, and i say bring it on. so, there's fighting talk there from chris smalling. let's have a closer look atjust how barcelona will be approaching this game. i was joined by spanish football writer and broadcaster guillem ballague. what we have got is that they fell at the quarterfinal stage four of the last five years and why is that? you start scratching your head because you have the likes of luis suarez and lionel messi and all these top players playing for them, but you have got luis suarez who has not scored a wiper instance since 2015, messi has scored in 2016 against arsenal twice, only once away, so why they have failed. i
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like the cut line newspaper this morning saying we have been waiting a yearfor this, since morning saying we have been waiting a year for this, since they were defeated by roma in the quarterfinals last season and this has become an obsession for them. messi in the season where they presented to the fans they said this is the one we want. also tonight we have ajax againstjuventus, it could happen the dream final, many saying cristiano ronaldo's juventus happen the dream final, many saying cristiano ronaldo'sjuventus against lionel messi's saloon. how do you see juventus going? lionel messi's saloon. how do you see juventus going? it is a dream final because we don't want this rivalry to finish but you have a rinaldo that has recovered for the game so let's see how fit he is. this is his moment in the season. he prepares himself to be strong at this stage of the season. juventus isa this stage of the season. juventus is a competitive animal. ajax is like when you are a teenager, you go out in the world is new and everything is bright and you want to try things and it is wonderful to
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see them but when it gets to the stage, you need a little bit of maturity about the things that will happen ina maturity about the things that will happen in a game. what is the view from spain about seeming resurgent of british sides with have the quarterfinalists being from the premier league? you'll knock on one hand it is about time, because the premier league. the premier league has the best stadiums and best squads, maybe not the best players, the best coaches, so it is about time they do well in england but also in the champions league. 0n the other hand let's see. we will have to wait two or three years because you still have the stats and 22 out of the last 30 european titles have been won by spanish teams. you can hear commentary tonight of manchester united's match with barcelona, and keep up—to—date with the night's other games in the champions league and the championship, with 5 live final score on iplayer, the bbc sport app or by pressing
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your red button from 7pm. here are some of the day's other sport headlines... united midfielder ander herrera is expected to leave old trafford at the end of the season. his contract runs out in the summer and it's understood the spanish midfielder has told paris st—germain he will sign for them. we're still waiting to hear the extent of harry kane's latest ankle injury. the tottenham striker hobbled off during last night's champions league quarterfinal win over manchester city. he could be out for the rest of the season. he could be out for the rest of the season. he posted on social media... "gutted to go off injured but every setback is a chance to come "back stronger than ever. in the indian premier league the mumbai indians are at home to kings 11. kl rahul hit a 63 ball century to set mumbai a target of 198. the masters starts tomorrow, the first golf major of the year on the men's tour. rory mcilroy goes into the tournament as the favourite. it's the only major he hasn't won.
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bbc sport's eildh barbour sent us this from the augusta national. the sun is shining here at augusta national ahead of the 83rd playing of the masters. it all kicks off tomorrow. ken brown alongside me, it was a very different story yesterday. this place was almost underwater. i can't believe it, monday and tuesday it tipped it down with rain so the course is playing long, pretty soft. a little bit buggy in places. a little different, other than it is form. it will favour the longer hitters. one of thoseis favour the longer hitters. one of those is the favourite coming in this year, rory mcilroy, the search for that career grand slam. could this be dear? everything is in place for him to do it. no doubt about it. he comes in with confidence. he won the players championship. his whole game is the best it has ever been. seems to have his mental side right as well. he is trying to focus on playing golf. working with different
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departments. he is in the perfect spot to win here and i weigh thought if he was going to win a major championship this would be the person because his game associated with the course of fingers crossed but the grand slam, he would be amongst five other elite players. that brings us into someone who has a career grand slam and two is back you're very much in contention for a green jacket, it you're very much in contention for a greenjacket, it has been an incredible comeback for tiger woods and he must be looking at the field. he has contented into majors you must be thinking this could be my year to get back on that major ladder? wouldn't that be a story to see tiger woods win again because there have been times with the fitness where you thought you would never be able to play at the very top level so he has proved he could do that. the course he loves. he has won here for games before and his driving is as good it has been since the turn—of—the—century when he was the turn—of—the—century when he was the best player by mail. terrific weight. lots of stories to look forward to and another 20 who think they have a chance. the rest of the
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contenders this year is a long list. it could be one of the most competitive masters in recent years. it all gets under way tomorrow. highlights on thursday and friday on the bbc and then live and uninterrupted right across the weekend. we will enjoy a fantastic week here from augusta. lots more across the next few days. still to come. . . europe's top gymnasts are in poland, and it's a first step up to the seniors for 15—year—old amelie morgan. ican i can really show that i am notjust a junior, i can compete as a senior and be competitive with some of the best out there. australia rugby‘s integrity unit is looking at online comments made by one of their star players israel falau. the full back posted on social media that "hell awaits" gay people. let's get more on this from our rugby reporterjames burridge.
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fa lau falau is one of the marquee players in australia. he has been warned about this in the last year. nothing happened last time. absolutely right. almost a year ago, two in a month when he made very similar comments but rugby australia just wa nt comments but rugby australia just want him what he was putting in the future on social media. look at what has happened now. two comments first of all on instagram where he talked about deciding those who were fornicators, homosexuals, liars and cheats and telling them to repent and turn to christ. also on twitter where he was criticising those against the gender birth certificate debate taking place in australia and understandably the reaction has been huge. he is an evangelical christian and a very religious man. he will be and a very religious man. he will be a key player for them you would have thought that the world cup coming up
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this autumn in japan. thought that the world cup coming up this autumn injapan. what can australia rugby do? they are furious right now about this and there are an are under huge pressure because they didn't at this time last year. remember there are sponsors that the plight we nearly walked away a year ago so if they don't act here, you can imagine what the ramifications would be. that said we are in a world cup year and falau is one of the most prolific players in australia, their leading try scorer in super rugby and he has signed a $4 million contract. he has also said in the last few years he is prepared to hang up his boots because of his religious beliefs. how far is too far for rugby australia and does falau even care? thank you. to another australian sportsman who made front page news last year. cameron bancroft was one of the cricketers banned for ball—tampering. he was given a nine—month suspension. captain steve smith and vice—captain david warner were given year—long bans in a scandal that shamed australian cricket. bancroft is eyeing a return
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to the side in time for the ashes, and tomorrow he makes his debut skippering durham against sussex in the county championship. patrick gearey reports. i liked about the sandpaper and i panicked in that situation, and i am very sorry. that's the last we heard of cameron bancroft, shouldering a nation's scoring over his part of the australian ball tampering scandal. as a 25—year—old in his eighth test bankrupt was the man with the sandpaper in cape town carrying out instructions from david warner to illegally manipulate the ball. he was banned for nine months and he might have booked away.|j have had moments where i have been really flattened down in the grieving process, and you have to be really honest with yourself. particularly as menu can sometimes really hold onto things. the bankrupt you see now is captain of
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durham, different to who played for gloucestershire two seasons ago. you might be trying to keep the sandpaper wins might be trying to keep the sandpaperwins in might be trying to keep the sandpaper wins in the past but he knows some english crowds will want to rub it in. i have probably had millions of people around the world really be disappointed with myself andi really be disappointed with myself and i completely understand that, to ta ke and i completely understand that, to take a step on the field, i feel it isa game take a step on the field, i feel it is a game of cricket and i guess whatever comes with that you take it, but i guess nothing can prepare you. in his time away from bowlers ba ncroft you. in his time away from bowlers bancroft has turned to yoga. he considered teaching it. instead he has moved from the lotus position to a forward defensive, and wants to be pa rt a forward defensive, and wants to be part of the ashes squad in australia but is not at all costs. it would meana but is not at all costs. it would mean a lot to me definitely, but i also know that i have got a lot of
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really great things in my life. you get really self—absorbed and single—minded in your pursuits to achieve things but i think at the forefront it is just the enjoyment of it all. the events of cape town happened 8500 miles from durham's chester—le—street home. bancroft will help distance as well as time can bea will help distance as well as time can be a healer. 20 year old sam curran has become the youngest englishman in 100 years to be named as one of wisden's cricketers of the year. jos buttler is also on the list, the county championship—winning surrey captain rory burns and tammy beaumont from the england women's team. tammyjoins tammy joins us now. tammyjoins us now. congratulations. virat kohli is also on there. quite esteemed company. what does it mean to make it into the cricketers bible as one of the cricketers of the year? it is a massive honour to have been included. such amazing players to be alongside. i think to carry on
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women's cricket having three of my team—mates when it last


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