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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 11, 2019 5:45am-6:00am BST

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good morning, welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty in westminster. of polling in india in the first phase of a general election where tens of millions of people brexit delayed again — will cast their votes. and finally we return the eu grants an extension up to the daily telegraph, to the end of october after late which reports on a new study into irritable bowel syndrome that night talks in brussels. says ibs can be controlled the uk should have left the eu through the mind rather than by mainstream drugs, by now and i sincerely regret the fact that i have not yet been able to persuade parliament more on that later. to approve a deal. we'll also be getting a european view from brussels, where there was disagreement over with me is nina trentmann, how much to offer the uk. from the wall streetjournal. the brexit delay does not bring let us begin, shall be, with brexit. certainty for business. the brexit delay does not bring certainty for businesslj the brexit delay does not bring certainty for business. i am in blackburn, which voted another six months, what does this overwhelmingly to leave, to find out what the delay could mean for achieve, wesley britton? a similar place than before. i guess. past the deadline and without an agreement —— where does this leave britain? again
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and again. we will see whether that will change anytime soon. there is thisjune will change anytime soon. there is this june date will change anytime soon. there is thisjune date by which the progress that the uk is making with regards to ringing the deal through is reviewed by the eu again and then we have another date on october 31, we have another date on october 31, we have the european elections, local elections before, so i guess it will get very intense in the next couple of months. also, in the end, there is not really an alternative to mrs may other than if she steps down herself, because until december she can't be challenged by her own party, which doesn't leave that many options, i guess stop by the prime minister has previously said that taking part in the european parliament elections three years after britain voted to leave the eu would be tantamount to failure. has she failed? well, she has been saying many things that in the end haven't turned out to be 100%
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doable, so to say. i won't say not true, because i do think mrs may is trying hard to get something through, which is executing the will of the people in this... those i certainly her words. but as you say, in terms of words, strong and stable, this feels like a long way from strong and stable, does it not? yes, there are a lot of things that theresa may has said that by a turn of events turned out to be only half true or not accurate or were just too optimistic. and i guess that is one of the core problems. in the end, there are a lot of constraining factors that can't be controlled by the prime minister and they can't be controlled by the uk. but because they are negotiating with many other members, it is difficult for her to make any statements that in the end, don't turn out to be true. and, of course, the statement was, of course, the statement was, of course, mostly targeted towards a domestic audience. so of course there is this issue that she is on there is this issue that she is on the one hand talking to the eu, and also to a domestic audience, to a
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party, to parliamentarians. i guess that makes it very hard to come up with something that, in the end, doesn't turn out to be a bit different. in terms of timing of all of this, my understanding from the electro commission is that if parliament were so minded, there is just about enough time to hold a second referendum with this 31st of october deadline —— electoral commission. things don't appear to have really changed. we have the possibility of revoking article 50, we've got the possibility of a second referendum, we got the possibility of a no—deal brexit, and we've got mrs may saying vote for may deal again. groundhog day, we've got mrs may saying vote for may dealagain. groundhog day, is we've got mrs may saying vote for may deal again. groundhog day, is it not? well, yes, to some degree i guess you're right. resume has also been saying that she was more indicative boats from parliament on what it wants and parliament has already held some of these boats itself and it hasn't really come up with a clear alternative. —— votes.
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one thing that is different this time is that we have for the first time is that we have for the first time seen relatively clear disagreement between eu member states, between france and germany, and others, on how much patience you have with the uk. in the dynamic is going to continue over the coming months. so that could change. in the past we have seen the unity between the eu members that, going forward, might no longer be the case to that degree. interesting some of the opinions that have divided across europe. let us talk about this cosmic trapdoor which neither light nor matter can escape stop no, we're not talking about brexit anymore, we're talking about the first—ever image of a black hole. this is on all of the papers. the one we have highlighted is one in le figaro. it is quite staggering, isn't it, this was previously thought as unforeseeable. what does all of this mean for science? well i thought interesting was coined by a scientist of university college in
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london, who was saying that interestingly enough the photos seem to confirm theories that einstein and others have had in the past about what black holes would look like. and every hollywood direct in history. it is interesting to see that. it looks like we thought it would look like. also interesting is that there was this dutch scientist, about 30 years ago, who came up with this idea of how to take a photo of this idea of how to take a photo of this and how to research the black holes. and a couple of decades later he is getting what he wanted, with huge effort. there were 200 scientists involved in taking these photos. they had to ship the data. they could not transfer it to buy the internet. they had to ship the data on hard disks to the us and to germany to create this image. i think from a scientific respect of it is an amazing result might a p pa re ntly it is an amazing result might apparently we are now going to try to photograph another supermassive black hole. those are technical
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terms. it will help us understand the origins of our solar system. yes. that's cool, isn't it? i assume there is not going to be a clear—cut answer. at least we will have some photographic evidence. shall we talk about this story, staggering, from staggering numbers to more staggering numbers to more staggering numbers. can you imagine what it would be like to receive a £735 million bonus? well, i guess it is beyond my imagination. interesting though is that he is doing something which is relatively rare for chinese entrepreneurs and billionaires to do, i was based there a few years ago... in china? in china, in shanghai. at the time it was relatively unknown for chinese people to make large donations to charity. so the system is not as, the charity system in china is still evolving. it is not as frequent for someone like this to make a donation as for bill gates in
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the us. tax breaks and that sort of thing that we hear about every once ina thing that we hear about every once in a while. it is not as deeply ingrained in the chinese culture as amongst americans, for example to say i have benefited a lot and i am also giving back a lot to society through charitable causes. that is something that is evolving in china. i guess you will have many followers. to get in touch with us on this story if you are watching us around the world. it is hashtag debriefing, bbc the briefing on twitter. we want to know your thoughts on this. the company is going 33% when the rest of the market is shrinking 4%. it did not exist ten years ago. it is staggering, the pace of change. exist ten years ago. it is staggering, the pace of changem is. it is an industry that has seen a lot of growth. the interesting thing is that they also started to go into services beyond smart phones earlier than other competitors. something apple is starting to do
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they did four orfive something apple is starting to do they did four or five years ago. they doing things with gadgets around the phone rather thanjust the phone itself. it seems that they we re the phone itself. it seems that they were leading the change at the time. i think it has recently launched, november, the products launching in the uk for supper it will be new to many of our viewers. let us talk about the indian elections. extraordinary. five years ago narendra modi won a landslide victory, didn't he. it is one of the well‘s fastest growing economies, in fa ct, well‘s fastest growing economies, in fact, the world's fastest—growing major economy. do you think narendra modi can pull it off again and repeat his success things not as clear—cut this time around? repeat his success things not as clear-cut this time around? -- world's. based on what i read, i do not have any proprietary knowledge. based on what i read and based on the comments we have been receiving, it seems that it will be much harder
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this time, because the economy hasn't been performing that well. unemployment seems to be relatively high and there have been a few other things where people are saying did you really deliver on what you promised? with you really deliver on what you promised ? with india you really deliver on what you promised? with india being very diverse, where you have the conflict between religions, mr modi, being a hindu and eating a hindi party, and he also being challenged by the congress party, led by a successor of the bundy family —— leading a hindi party. we'll be talking about the indian elections for the duration. thank you very much running through those stories with us. running through those stories with us. stay with us on bbc news. a lot more to come. i will see you soon. hello, no sign of spring warmth in the immediate forecast. in fact, the weekend
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is looking a bit colder. we'll take a look at that in just a moment. first of all, how's thursday is shaping up and talking about cold weather, a widespread frost to begin the day but a fine day ahead for most places with some sunny spells. high pressure in control at the moment. that is blocking weather systems from coming away from the atlantic. also blocking milder air from coming our way as well because the flow of air around the high—pressure is bringing in this chilly breeze from the east and the chilly air with blue showing up as thursday begins, so widespread frost away from northern scotland and along north sea coasts. either the breeze or more cloud will hold temperatures just above freezing but there will be a good deal of sunshine in the day ahead. for some of us, not as much as we had on wednesday. parts of eastern england will see some more cloud around. the weak weather front close to northern scotland with cloud, a bit of patchy rain, maybe later in the day, the odd heavy shower is possible and plenty of cloud moving into northern ireland. it is an easterly breeze, for most of us it is light and will pick up over the weekend.
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along that easterly breeze, with the cloud coming in towards north sea coasts and the flow of air coming in from the sea, this is where we are just into single figures. elsewhere, the range of 10—12. it still doesn't feel too bad at this time of year if you have some sunshine. as we go through the night into friday morning, some areas of cloud around, some clear spells but the clearer weather isn't as widespread so the frost isn't as widespread going into friday morning. just pockets more especially into parts of scotland and north—east england so temperatures a little bit higher as friday begins. and then on friday, it looks like there will be a bit more cloud around generally while most places will be staying dry, parts of scotland, maybe towards the north—east, could see a passing shower. the cloud increasing across east anglia and into south—east england, you could pick up a few showers here later in the day. temperatures still pegged back into single figures along north sea coasts and generally feeling a bit cooler on friday. the cooling trend continues further into the weekend. a battle taking place between low pressure in the atlantic trying to move in with milder air. the colder air from high pressure holding it at bay, though, over the weekend. so it is going to stay mainly settled over the weekend. so no rain showing up on the charts
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here but notice the temperatures edging down a degree or so and the breeze picking up as well. around that area of high pressure, a stronger wind. dry for most, occasional sunshine, cloudier then by sunday but a windier picture, especially in the west, and it is going to feel chilly in that wind.
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