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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 12, 2019 6:30pm-7:02pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. the headlines: so considers reopening investigation into rape allegations made against wikileaks into rape allegations made against wikilea ks founder into rape allegations made against wikileaks founderjulian assange after his arrest over conspiracy charges in the us. they could have kept it going while he was inside the embassy. they decided not to. if they reopen its, then we will deal with that when it comes to us. chancellor philip hammond says he upsa chancellor philip hammond says he ups a brexit deal will be agreed in time to prevent the uk taking part in european elections next month. former ukip leader nigel farage forms a new brexit party. millions of stu d e nts forms a new brexit party. millions of students work in unregistered schools according to ofsted and it
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says the conditions and some of them are appalling. in a moment, it will be time for sportsday. but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. as possible candidates for the upcoming eu elections eye the votes of those feeling disenfranchised by the current state of british politics, we'll be speaking to the political scientist matthew goodwin — who recently co—authored a book called national populism. we'll be asking for his thoughts on what's next for brexit. that's at just after 7pm that's atjust after 7pm this evening. after bounty is find that we will talk of the applications for what this has around the country, including new mothers and children. we will be talking about that at about a quarter past 8pm. and we'll be looking at what's on all of tomorrow's front pages withjoe twyman, co—founder and director of deltapoll uk, and the uk correspondent for france 2a, benedicte paviot. that's the papers at
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10.1i0pm and 11.30pm. stay with us for that. that's all ahead on bbc news. now it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. our main headlines this evening... can ian poulter keep up the british challenge as the masters in augusta reaches its second day? the rfu and saracens are unhappy with billy vunipola after he appears to support the homophobic stance of israel folau. unthinkable — will the 10—time champions leicester tigers avoid relegation from rugby union's premiership? also coming up in the programme: theres a special landmark for formula 1 as it reaches its 1000th race since its first at silverstone in 1950. and they're calling it the biggest fight in the history of women's boxing. we look ahead to shields
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versus hammer this weekend. she is a tough opponent but i beat girls way stronger, way taller and way faster than her over and over again. good evening. we're around halfway through the second day of the masters at augusta, with england's ian poulter leading the charge for the british golfers thus far. it's been a hot and humid day and we're really waiting to see which of the big names will lose their cool. one person who's always calm and collected is bbc sport's eilidh barbour, who's in georgia for us. how is the day been so far? how is the day been so far7|j how is the day been so far? i always try to be but i can tell you it is very humid out there. it is hot, it is sticky. you can feel the moisture in the air. it was very wet this
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morning and there are more rain showers and thunderstorms potential for this afternoon. perhaps a good day to be out early. amongst those on the course this morning was overnight co—leader brooks koepka. he has got three majors already and he knows all about dealing with the pressure. he's not been quite as hot as yesterday, and eventful first three holes and it's been consistent since. he is i—overfor the day. a better start for open champion francesco molinari. such a study player. he's taken advantage of tough conditions to put himself in scoring conditions. a flawless front nine and he is right in the mix on five under par. while koepka has dropped off, the man he shared the overnight lead with is still holding onto that position. bryson dechambeau a shot ahead of the chasing pack on six under par. it so much can change over the course of this afternoon and still write up
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there is ian poulter. i—under today and just a shot back. there are still some groups to go out today, including tiger woods, who isjust about to get his second round under way. he is to under par and a big day as well needed for rory mcelroy. 7pm uk time with a bit of work to do after his opening 73. you can get right up to date on all of day one's action with our highlights coming up on bbc two very shortly at 7pm, and then all the action from today will be on saturday a quarter past one bbc one or you can watch earlier in the morning. before we come here life uninterrupted. thank you for that. eilidh barbour there. you can also follow the masters on the bbc sport website and app. now, the rfu say they will meet england international
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billy vunipola, after he appeared to show support for australia's israel folau today. earlier this week, folau suggested "hell awaits gay people" on social media, which has led to him facing the sack. i asked our rugby union correspondent chris jones about the response to vunipola's own social media post earlier today, in which the saracens forward called for people to "live their lives how god intended". a response from both the rfq a response from both the rfc) and from vunipola's club today, both of them saying they do not support the views and those kind of views go against the values of inclusivity that's a big part of what the rfq are all about and a big part of what vunipola's club are all about. the rfu say they will have a meeting with vunipola. saracens say they will meet with vunipola internally. vunipola offended what folau had to say. —— defended what. they
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certainly interpret their christianity in a different way to make comes to lgbt people and vunipola, without using is struggling which is next use, said he felt gay people were living against god's will. the common soul is certainly caused a storm and certainly are going to be dealt with —— the comments certainly cause. vunipola going on to say he felt a relationship should be between men and women. what does this say about players and their social media use was yellow it's a really big topic —— social media use? was yellow it's a really big topic -- social media use? it's a really big topic. it's open a can of worms. they will be owed dammit —— there will be those who say folau and —— there will be those who say folau and vunipola macro the big
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issue here, not a case of people saying that they cannot practise their christianity but should they be using these social media platforms to spread a form of belief or interpretation of their religion thatis interpretation of their religion that is clearly offensive to some people? that's the big topic here and that is why it's cause such a storm. that's why the max lee are investigating. —— the rfu are investigating. —— the rfu are investigating. if need be, he could be charged by saracens and or the rfu for bringing the game into such disrepute. meanwhile, australian rugby bosses say their intention to terminate folau's contract is "unchanged" following a meeting with the player. rugby australia and new south wales rugby union met folau today after previously being unable to contact him, but wouldn't comment on what was said in the meeting in sydney. so, not a great week for rugby union off the field,
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but at least the rugby has the chance to do the talking tonight. and for fans of both leicester tigers and newcastle falcons, it's a huge fixture in the premiership as they try to avoid relegation. joe lynskey is here to talk us through it. joe, surely leicester tigers, one of their biggest gains in recent times. i'm sure for most people watching when you think of leicester tigers, you think of english rugby's dominant force. they were in the final of the premiership for nine years in a row between 2004 and 2013, but in this match tonight they're fighting just to stay in the english rugby's top division itself. because this is how it stands in the table. just five points off the bottom of the table going into this game, and if newcastle falcons beat them in the north east tonight, then conceivably by the end of this weekend, leicester tigers could be in that
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single automatic relegation place with three rounds of matches to go. and that's a situation you'd never expect for a team who've won 10 premiership titles and two european cups. that makes them the most successful english club in terms of trophies one. and in fact, relegation or not, this'll be the first year they don't qualify for the top european competition in its 22 year history. the slump isn't down to a lack of talent either, with eight england internationals are in this season's squad — and by comparison, the other three teams around them at the bottom havejust two england players between them. but despite all that talent, tigers have lost 17 of their last 20 games in all competitions, and this defeat to exeter chiefs last weekend was their heaviest in premiership history. they conceded 52 points at home to the league
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leaders. in front of their home fans as well. and after that match, one of those england players george ford said the side aren't even thinking about relegation. their head coach is also staying positive. it isa it is a huge game and we are focusing on one game at a time. i don't think it will be the deciding factor. three games to come and two of those are at home for us. i was touched by the way defence performed on saturday. we asked for a noisy support, and by the end to be honest, i got a tear in my eye. two games at home, it's a gimmick from home but it's a big one. —— this game away from home. well, let's not forget what a big club newcastle are, too. most people expected them to be in the top half of the division at this stage of the season rather than right at the bottom.
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they are on something of a resurgence of leads, our newcastle talking. they won three games in march to get back in touch with the rest of the table. that'll worry tigers, but can the home side handle a match with this kind of pressure? dawn thewliss is at kingston park for us. newcastle falcons fourth—place finish lassies and means it is a praises to the bottom of the partnership with four games to go but they never really got over there tough start to the season which saw them play a host of top teams early on. i was then compared and did —— that was then compounded with an injury to key players. how ironic would it be if newcastle's leicester legend since their former club to the drop? the director of rugby one two heineken cups and a string of titles at their time. there were no fewer than five former players in
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the site tonight. they say the experience should give them the edge. the fact i went from here, where we did fight, and went to leicester, it's a different type of fight. the type of reactions you are fighting when you're trade winds stuff is less stark. —— trying to win something. for all of this players that have felt that experience, that is so... we need to use that to our advantage. history cou nts use that to our advantage. history counts for nothing tonight. whatever happens here won't consign either side to the drop just yet. but it will make survival a whole lot tougher. thanks to dawn thewliss there at kingston park. well, newcastle know exactly what relegation to english rugby's championship feels like. they were sent down seven years ago but came straight back up. in fact, two other big clubs —
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harlequins and northampton — have both gone through the pain of dropping down a division. incidentally, both of these sides have come back up and won the premiership title in the years since then. maybe for some leicester fans, a reset in the second tier might be a positive thing. they might not be thinking that so much, though, when they see the next thing i show you — some of the facilities in this division. this is the ground at ampthill — the side currently on course for promotion to the second—tier. it isn't quite twickenham, is it? in fact, you have to walk through a wood just to make it on to the playing surface. could be a different change of scene for leicester next year if things don't work out for them and that huge match tonight. they will certainly be hoping to stay in the top flight tonight. it's a busy night. especially if
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you are from leicester or newcastle. those two tea ms from leicester or newcastle. those two teams are meeting in the premier league football league later. leicester are chasing a seventh place finish in the premier league and a possible route into europe next season, while newcastle will hope to gain one more win to dismiss any lingering fears of relegation. let's have a look at how the rest of the premier league shapes. two massive games on sunday with the top two in the premier league both playing. second placed manchester city are at crystal palace. hoping for a slip up from them will be leaders liverpool, of course, massive game at anfield on sunday, one of the banana peels to avoid slipping on against chelsea. well, ahead of that game, a video has emerged of chelsea fans singing an islamophobic song about mohamed salah. that has led to liverpool boss jurgen klopp calling for life bans for fans found guilty of racist abuse. the former chelsea forward is muslim. and a video appeared to show six
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supporters chanting repeatedly on their way to the club's europa league quarterfinal first leg at slavia prague last night. three of the six people involved were identified by chelsea and barred from the game. these guys... it's not always, and it happens in other parts of life as well, but these guys are football fans. so if you do something like that, you should not be allowed to enter a stadium again, from my point of view, in your life. just want to bring you some very sudden news we have received in the last few minutes. liverpool's former captain tommy smith has passed away. a club statement say they were deeply saddened by the news, adding, rest in peace, the anfield iron. we
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will have more tribute over the course of the night butjust to remind you, the former liverpool captain tommy smith has died at the age of 7a. news concerning arsenal. they have started an investigation after a video emerged online where a supporter can be heard allegedly racially abusing the napoli defender kalidou koulibaly during their europa league quarter final last night. the cardiff boss neil warnock has been charged by the football association over controversial comments he made about premier league match officials. he called them the "worst in the world" after his side's 2—1 defeat to chelsea on at the end of march. he's got until tuesday to respond to the charges. we just wanted to show you the scottish cup pictures this weekend because it is the semifinals, as hampden park hosts both matches. tomorrow, premiership hearts face championship side inverness caledonian thistle, while on sunday,
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a big one. celtic and aberdeen will bid to reach next month's final. we've also reached the last four stage of the women's fa cup in england. holders chelsea travel to manchester city on sunday. that is going to be a great one. by then, they'll know whether they will face reading or west ham in the final. they meet earlier in the day. still to come on sportsday: claressa shields says she's out to prove she's the greatest female boxer ever when she takes on christina hammer. she's a tough opponent but i beat girls way stronger, way tolerant way faster than her over and over and over again. —— way taller and way faster. —— way taller and way faster. —— way taller and way faster. a lot of boxing to look forward to in the early hours of saturday morning. manchester's very own anthony crolla
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faces a huge task when he takes on vasyl lomachenko in new york for his wbo and wba lightweight titles. a victory for crolla against the ukrainian would be viewed as a major shock. lomachenko is the 66—1 on favourite with some bookmakers. crolla, though, says that motivates him to pull off what he believes would be the biggest upset in british boxing history. iamas i am as ready as what i will ever be, without a doubt. i know the challenge, the size of the challenge. i prepared the best i possibly can. i'm not speaking out of turn here. i would rank it with the biggest upset by a british fighter in british boxing history. one of the very best wins by any british fire, go back as far as you want. that's so much motivation for me. i see it everyday for my and my friends, my team. people, coming to support me. here is the tale of the tape. the already three—weight world champion lomachenko made his debut
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in 2013 after a massive 397 amateur fights. he's already a world champion of course, with just 12 wins from 13 bouts — including nine knockouts. crolla is the more seasoned professional coming into this fight. he'll need to draw on all of the experience from his 43 fights and 285 rounds in the ring. also on saturday, american claressa shields will face germany's christina hammer for the right to call their selves the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. it's been billed as the biggest fight in women's boxing history, as both put their undefeated records on the line in atlantic city. there are some flashing images coming up, as austin halewood has more. it is the show women's boxing has been waiting for. the sport's first superfight been waiting for. the sport's first super fight with both claressa shields and christina hammer putting their different versions of the middleweight world title on the
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line. she signed up for something she should not have signed up for. i love the fact that she is 24—0, 11 knockouts. she is a tough opponent but i beat girls way stronger, way taller and way faster than her over and over and over again stop after becoming a first american boxer to win toa becoming a first american boxer to win to a limited goals at the london and rio games, still atjust 2a and just a professional fights, and rio games, still atjust 2a and just a professionalfights, shields has brought women's boxing into the american mainstream. a hollywood film about her life on the way. but now, comes her biggest challenge yet. christina hammer has had 24 fights. she's unbeaten. she's the sensible one for some she's the boxer. it's the top of the bill in one of america's bastian states, boxing states, atlantic city. the bad blood between the pair started injune bad blood between the pair started in june last year bad blood between the pair started injune last year in the aftermath of one of shields fights. now the american has vowed to nail the
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hammerand american has vowed to nail the hammer and prove she's the greatest female boxer of all time. while the german seems to be leaving the talking for the ring. german seems to be leaving the talking for the ringlj german seems to be leaving the talking for the ring. i don't like to talk a lot, speak a lot. that's her part. my part is the smaller one andl her part. my part is the smaller one and i want to show my skills in the ring and get all these belts. shields fights have already drawn in hundreds of thousands of viewers in the us on pay—per—view tv, but this is the first time a women site will top a primetime bill on a saturday night. a chance they see to bring women's boxing into the global mainstream. austin halewood, bbc news. valteri bottas edged out ferrari's sebastian vettel in second practise at the chinese grand prix. the mercedes driver managed to recover from an early spin to stay out in front. his team—mate lewis hamilton also spun early but could only finish fourth. max verstappen‘s red bull was third fastest. well, sunday's race in shanghai will be quite a landmark moment in formula 1 as it will be
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the 1000th grand prix. ben croucher now looks back on some of the highs and lows since the first official race in 1950. it was all a little bit different back then. you might recognise silverstone, but formula 1 was more a wild animal altogether for some these were gladiators, not racers. for me, i was different. i was the boy just racing, and for me, i was different. i was the boyjust racing, and people like that. it was all different and then there was the proper races. this was and remainsa there was the proper races. this was and remains a showpiece that shakes your senses. rubber burning tires squealing, a poetic assault. it's a sport that has global appeal and its
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venues sport that has global appeal and its venues aren't racetracks, they places of worship for its devoted disciples. some might be calmly at the edges now but their heritage can never be eroded. in its icons, formula 1 has created its own rock stars controlling the tune and pitch with the right foot. he should probably have won two more championships. it will always really coats stomach close. living legends for the most part. sterling must set to achieve anything in this sport, you have to dabble with disaster. 32 drivers got too close to that precipice, most famously, may be most tragically, ayrton senna. the
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really interesting thing about senna was that was the catalyst for change is on the roads. it literally saved tens of thousands of lives. probably a bit of f1 in the car on your driveway. maybe not a six wheel or a fan powered car but this is sport that has driven change and given us real rivalries, and dynasties. who knows in the next thousand, maybe even the shoemakers? an event like this is really a really special occasion. to a lot of fans around the world. such a special export. what of f1's future cosmic 199 reese's ego committed within it would look like this? could it possibly look like this? however that future looks, the teams comedy course and the drivers will still chase every tenth from every hundreds in every thousands of a
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second. in china this weekend, it's a chance to pause, reflect and look at one number. ben croucher, bbc news. gymnastics news now. ellie dowie has won silver in the all round final at the european gymnastics championships. disappointment... what a day of competition we have seen. we have the men's all—around to start with. a new all—around champion stop there was a new champion to be crowned and it went... what a performance. was a new champion to be crowned and it went... what a performancem was an amazing competition to watchful some we knew that the russians were going to be strong and we knew there was going to be a real battle for that number one, number two. they pushed each other right to the end. it was interesting and then there was a real battle for that
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third position. again, cyprus, he topped the bronze medal, butjust by .00 .03. he mentioned he was disappointed because it was hopeless but he is also really proud of his results. to go out there and perform the routines he did, there was no mistake. that's all you can ask for from the gymnast and he proved —— improved on his qualifications court. in britain... her all-around title. she took the silver but what a performance she did. it was... again, it went right down to the wire. it went on to that last apparatus. just behind. she fought well, she had a tough couple of years fighting back from injury, had a great search of the season. she will be really pleased to kind of ta ke will be really pleased to kind of take away that silver. melanie, she took the title,
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but the action continues. we are going to see all of the individual apparatus finals, half of them come in tomorrow for so we're good to see floor, pummels and rings for the men. and then ellie downey will be on. are full of high hopes. quite a lot of metal potential there. that's the beauty. the potential is there but you never know with floor. you would never of that with these metals for the british? hopefully for the apparatus finals, you can... you can see them on bbc one at 215 pm. tamara. that's all from sportsday. hello there. there's very little change in our weather at the moment. it's cool, but it is settled. for the rest of this afternoon, then, the chance of one or two showers for north—east scotland, east anglia and the south—east.
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but away from that, it's dry with bright or sunny intervals to be had, but still feeling cool. even in the sunshine, it feels fresh. the best temperatures the further west you are, but even they are below average for this time of the year. this evening, the winds will strengthen for northern ireland and the west coast of scotland. and under clear skies once again, it's going to be a chilly one. many places starting the weekend on a frosty note, particularly in rural spots, where temperatures will be below freezing. so a chilly start to saturday morning. i think saturday probably seeing the best of the sunshine over the weekend. one or two showers perhaps for east anglia and the far south—east of england, which could have a bit of a wintry mix in there as well. but elsewhere, some good spells of sunshine. still quite breezy for northern ireland, the west coast of scotland, wales and down into the south—west of england, and still feeling cool. this is bbc news. the
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headlines at 7. sweden considers reopening an investigation into rape allegations made against wikileaks founder julian sa njay after made against wikileaks founder julian sanjay after his arrest over conspiracy charges in the us. they could have kept it going when he was in the embassy, they decided not to. if they reopen it, we will deal with that word comes to that. chancellor philip hammond says he hopes a brexit deal can be achieved in time to stop the uk taking part in next month's european elections. clearly nobody wants to fight the european parliament elections. it feels like a pointless exercise. the only way we can avoid that is by getting a deal agreed and done quickly. former ukip leader nigel farage launches a new brexit party and says it aims to change british politics for good. thousands of children in england are going to illegal unregistered schools, according to the regulator,
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ofsted. it says the conditions in some of them are appalling. and are the majority of guests on programmes like question time opposed to brexit?


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