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tv   The Travel Show  BBC News  April 13, 2019 5:30am-6:01am BST

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still to come: simon is here with tips on cutting the cost of car hire. and diving into the world of underwater fine people in sudan are waking up to the hire. and diving into the world of underwaterfine dining. third head of state in as many days hire. and diving into the world of underwater fine dining. so hire. and diving into the world of underwaterfine dining. so don't go away. ——in as many days. there was a coup that ousted the president. julian assange faces call from some british mps to be extradited to sweden if a formal request is made over rape allegations. the founder of hello from the fine atlantic city of wikileaks who was arrested in london porto in portugal. this week i have on thursday also faces accusations of leaking us government secrets. and the world health organization advice on a mother and daughter says it needs more funds to deal wanting to explore beyond singapore. with a massive outbreak of ebola in first though, after a series of the democratic republic of the airline failures this winter, many congo. the epidemic is the second of you have been in touch about how best to protect yourself in case biggest in history. your airline is grounded and your ticket turns out to be worthless. well, a travel insurance policy which covers scheduled airline failure could prove worthwhile. now
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the schools watchdog ofsted says back to northern portugal, heather councils in england have spent tens and terry hamilton are planning a of thousands of pounds putting four—day visit to porto later this children in centres that are not spring, and they ask" what advice do legally registered as schools. after you have anything that shouldn't be 6000 pupils have been found attending establishments expect it missed". a 2—dimensional map really of two expected of —— suspected of does not do justice to the 3—dimensional delights of porto, one operating outside the law. ofsted is of europe's most spectacularly being given stronger powers to situated cities. my perennial tackle them. highlights are the view of the waterfront from dom luis bridge, and the view of dom luis bridge from the waterfront. there are also some two years ago, the inspectors arrived here. i went with them as they magnificent buildings, starting with investigated, finding children excluded from mainstream schools. we agreed not to name it to protect sao bento station itself, the markets and the mighty cathedral. if you find yourself with an afternoon vulnerable children. to spare, consider a trip to the we have cause to suspect that an unregistered nearby town of aveiro, one hour school is being run at the premises here. south on a very cheap train ride. it 0k. crumbling buildings, no facilities, no teachers. but still the local council provides a charming and very sent children here.
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thatjust means that children won't be having different outlook on northern portugal. next, and lennox says her the learning they need, it means that they won't be daughter is on a gap year but they preparing for exams, which will affect their life have a rendezvous to meet up for six chances, then, and also daysin have a rendezvous to meet up for six days in singapore. "have you got any advice on where a mother and daughter could go to get a taste of throughout their life. asia from singapore? " mac. i have called on advice from a singapore in some religious tuition centres, even worse. not fit for any child. out of sight and outside the law. resident. you could check out the ofsted has spent three years looking national side of singapore, one of into suspected illegal schools. the areas i would recommend is in 259 have been visited by inspectors. 71 were given warning notices. 15 have closed down as a result. the areas i would recommend is in the north—west, there is a really one of the places that closed is not farfrom here in birmingham. i found it and so did ofsted. good nature reserve, there is lots it was charging of mangroves, forests, it is great for walks, there are lots of animals and birds as well. another place i parents £140 a month. would recommend checking out is ubin not much for a child ‘s island, in the north—east part of singapore. you can get a ferry education, but then it didn't there, it is popularfor walking, cycling, you get a side of singapore have any qualified teachers. which is very different from the citystate. philip raises a common problem for those who like to rent a car in the us. he hired a vehicle in it was advertising 17 hours a week,
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just below the legal level where it needed to san diego, california, and... register as a school. this is the only illegal school according to my booking there was prosecuted in england so far. nothing else to pay, but i found at this learning centre in west london closed. those responsible were fined the end the $112 of items had been added onto the bill, covering a few hundred pounds. some religious centres look emergency sickness plan and roadside like schools, but ofsted says it is hard to prove safety net. the rental firm said and what about excluded children? emergency sickness plan and roadside safety net. the rentalfirm said i councils, sending pupils to places had signed for them, which on closer inspection i found i had. how do i not registered or inspected. get a refund? i have been scammed by that is a very different situation. car—rental get a refund? i have been scammed by ca r— rental staff get a refund? i have been scammed by car—rental staff in exactly the same city. apparently i initialled the from the kind of environments contract for an upgrade, even though where we have concerns about fire i never said i wanted one. what can safety, concerns about the structure you do about it? i have vowed to of the building, concern make a point next time of recording about whether children are being kept safe and educated by people who know what they are doing. the entire transaction, including the centre i visited saying in a loud voice, and just to is now running legally, but inspectors fear there are many more, where children's welfare and education is at risk. branwen jeffreys, bbc news. be absolutely sure, i do not wish to ta ke be absolutely sure, i do not wish to take any extras at all. it seems a little bit extreme, but that's the way i'm afraid you have to play it. time now for my departure, but
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now on bbc news, it's time for the please keep sending me your travel travel show. this week on the show... problems and i'll do my very best to find you the answers. for now, from face—to—face with mountain lions. me, goodbye, see you soon. and finally, with the opening of the the intricate art of the chinese world's largest underwater restau ra nt world's largest underwater restaurant in norway's southern dumpling. simon's in porto with my travel tips. and going under at region of lindesnesjust restaurant in norway's southern region of lindesnes just a few weeks ago, we visited to see what goes europe's first underwater into creating an underwater restau ra nt. into creating an underwater restaurant. i am the part owner of under, it is the world's largest underwater restaurant and the first in europe. it is much more thanjust restau ra nt. that. the three pillars which we divided
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europe's first underwater restaurant. first, last year, a the project in is marine biology, series of devastating wildfires had a huge impact across california. architecture, and gastronomy. those they were the state's worst on record, burning almost 2 million acres of land. but it wasn'tjust people that were affected by the fires. in greater los angeles, wild three together, you don't build mountain lions live around popular hiking spots. the often mad made under if you don't have a passion. it's not possible. the challenge was fires along with other human activities threaten their lives. —— man—made. i had north of la to the really to find a form and shape and location that could actually withstand these forces that we knew verdugo mountains. i heard one would happen. mountain lion, court up in a fire in 2017, helped local understanding of the solution was a pipe. and it was these powerful animals. is one of constructed on the barge, and transported to this site and these powerful animals. is one of the misconceptions that los angeles is just this concrete jungle without carefully lifted off the barge, onto wildlife. but there is so much to see here. despite attacks on people its very precise foundation plans, because a big issue is of course not being very rare, occasional reports to ruin the place while you are of incidents have contributed to
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constructing it. so it had to be put mountain lions being eradicated from down ina the eastern states. their biggest constructing it. so it had to be put down in a really careful manner in order to threat still comes from given down in a really careful manner in orderto maintain down in a really careful manner in order to maintain the landscape and activity in the form of road the underwater landscape, not ruin traffic, animal poisons and fire. the underwater landscape, not ruin the ecology of the landscape. so the fires swept through a good amount of the verdugo range in 2017 once that was done, everyone was breathing out, that was the real but there's a spot in particular was most challenging part of the hit pretty hard by the fires. project. but there's a spot in particular was hit pretty hard by the firesm but there's a spot in particular was hit pretty hard by the fires. it is black. yeah. right now we are in a six street ad 16 square miles habitat and mountain lion territory is 150 - 250 habitat and mountain lion territory is 150 — 250 square miles. the fact they are able to live and hunt here successfully is pretty astounding. they are doing ok here but they really need help from people and so i think we are at a critical time we tried to show what this part of right now of, are we going to coexist with mountain lions or aren't we? it's thought they could
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be 30,000 mountain lions in this the sea can be. most people don't know what is under the water here, it is totally different to tropical pa rt be 30,000 mountain lions in this part of america but sightings are so waters with tropical fish, it is rare. now modern technology is being used to photograph the lines and different. i work for the norwegian broaden public awareness of them. joanna turnerfirst broaden public awareness of them. bio economy institute, we had to joanna turner first discovered the verdugo lion p a016 years ago with document the species showing up in camera traps she set up just near the area, before we dead to go on with a project like this. to come in la. -- pa1 camera traps she set up just near la. —— pa1 six years ago. i am to this room under the water that checking ever lion has been here recently. that is a camp! -- camera. embraces new opportunities, gives you a totally different setting where you have time, you have plenty what do we expect to see on the of time to do the observations. we camera? the lions will habitually come around every 2— three weeks. it depends where we fall in there and there is no telling until we take a have the brown, the green, the red look. seaweed, so yeah, in our cold waters
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we have spectacular colours. the that's a funny photo of the raccoons! this is what we are hoping head chef has been working on the menu now for 1.5 years, just working with it and exploring new ways of to get. this is the camera spot from about a month ago. this is a really using different variety of the sea. big mail. he has eaten well recently, a big burger baby there. let's see what was on this memory card. i hope we get to see him again. a couple of daytime shots. in the mornings i like to go out and that's the end of the role. —— roll. forage for different kinds of things, right now at this time of year it is mostly seaweed. being out so 26a photos. in nature and foraging for two hours that's the end of the role. —— roll. so 264 photos. not a single mountain before you have to go into the lion. but she has been very kitchen and do the rest of the day successful in the past catching the lions on camera. is very nice. i think it is so nice she invited me to her la home to to tell the guests that this food show me some of her favourite photos and tell me more about snohetta who
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wasjust foraged out here 150 metres was named as part of research work on mountain lions. if a lion from the restaurant, or this fish wandered into suburbia and was seen was caught by the chef this morning. there are so many things not getting by people when i started this, they used everybody wants only the best would call lapd, they would call animal control and they would insta ntly animal control and they would instantly send people out to find it and shoot it to kill. so they were ingredients, but why can't it not be good. if people eat the things next scared of it? yeah. once i started door instead of having it flown in showing pictures of a lion that is foie gras and stuff every day.” calm, it went from shoot on—site to think it is going to bring people well, we can tranquilize and relocate and then at least it has a closer to who they actually are and chance, or... now the ultimate step their relationship to nature and the borderline we have here between is, you don't have to do anything. water and land. i am feeling a lot after yea rs of of pressure. a lot of people have is, you don't have to do anything. after years of monitoring pa1, he was tragically found dead following a wildfire in 2017. when pa1 was spent so much time, energy, to make this restaurant so beautiful, and found dead and i had friends calling
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dramatic. so now it is open is when me, you know, nearly in tears, over the fun starts. some days you will it. --we started this only a few get a lot of fish, and some days it yea rs it. --we started this only a few years ago to where he would be shot. two people realising that they have is not that good. that is how nature lost a n two people realising that they have lost an animal that they came to is. nothing more, nothing less. it is. nothing more, nothing less. it is nature at its best. know. but the story for p41 doesn't and quite there. a short drive from los angeles is anna mazzoni, a tramp —— charitable organisation that help that's it for this week. coming up animals in need and people can stop next week: we are in spain's capital by here by appointment. ———— amazonia. there is a lion here that madrid where a transport revolution is transforming the way people are was separated by —— from its parents getting around. this is like being a kid again! so make sure not to miss after a fire. is that a hiss? that it. remember you can join kid again! so make sure not to miss it. remember you canjoin our isa after a fire. is that a hiss? that adventures by following us on social is a hiss. this is his normal media, but for now from me, mike
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khoury, and the rest of the travel greeting. he doesn't look very show team here in california, it's happy. he is not too happy yet but goodbye. he will get a bit more comfortable as we are here a little longer. you —— mike corey. know who his parents were? well, we know who his parents were? well, we know pa1 was his father and that has been genetically tested. why is he hello. i know all eyes are on the weekend weather, but you may recognise this forecast more in reference to next week. i'll get to that in a moment, still here and not released back into the wild? at three months old, but first let's take a look he wouldn't have learned the hunting at the big weather skills he would have needed. they pattern for the weekend. usually stay with their mothers low pressure battling with high between 1— two years of age and so he had to come to be in a factory pressure, for dominance of the uk's weather — it is high pressure that setting where he would be protected. wins but keeps us in the blue —— sanctuary setting. the fact is, with a stronger, colder east south—easterly wind over the weekend. it is high pressure, these sanctuaries are really needed. meaning most of us will stay dry, bar the odd shower. there will be some decent sunshine we have to be able to provide for the animals that we have displaced as humans. it seems like people are around but it is going to be cold for the time of year, particularly in that stronger wind.
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getting more excited about living gardeners take note, close to an animal like this. frosty nights as well. getting more excited about living close to an animal like thislj think close to an animal like this.” think the awareness of the need to many of us will start with frost be more mindful in the city again on saturday morning, away from the north sea coast planning, putting corridors and all of that type of work, people are and away from most westernmost areas where the wind is continuing to pick up. behind it now, they understand that some gusts in northern ireland of around a0 mph. we have done this and we need to fix a breezy picture for some, it, we need to do well for the patchy cloud will develop over parts wildlife. that is a big show but i of eastern england, especially east anglia and south—east england, you may catch a stray shower. feel like he is not as mean as he is showing right now. well, i wouldn't if you do there could be some small hail associated. wa nt to showing right now. well, i wouldn't want to see you go in there. we have referenced the wind, average speeds but gusts will be higher, particularly in the west and especially into northern laughter. 0h, ireland, around a0 mph. want to see you go in there. laughter. oh, man. we are best for many, temperatures stuck friends. we are best friends. big in single figures especially on the north sea coast. for scotland, favourable wind directions with temperatures up cats, small cats, everybody loves to 1a, as we have had over the past few days. jerky. clear weather overnight and into sunday but cloud increasing over the far south of england, northern ireland, and on the north sea coast
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with the breeze we should avoid a frost, but elsewhere now, we are off to taiwan's capital we are in the blue so another frost as sunday begins. but with plenty of morning sunshine, city of taipei for this month's some clouds developing. global gourmet. the chefs have taken a stray shower here or there, the art of making dumplings onto a most places will stay dry. in cornwall and northern ireland, whole new level. expect cloud, the further west you are, you could see some patchy rain out of this weather front but most places will stay dry, with some cloud building during the day. temperatures similar, as is the wind, so it is feeling chilly. however, into next week, still high pressure, low pressure battling, but the orientation changing. as does the wind direction, eventually drawing some warm air from the south. although it is still high pressure and still mainly settled, it is going to feel very different. all of that happens just in time for easter. temperatures next week on the up.
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good morning, welcome to breakfast with charlie stayt and naga munchetty. our headlines today: reversing crippling pain — doctors use a new type of medicine called gene silencing. experts hope more diseases can be treated. dozens of mps say if sweden wants
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julian assange over allegations of sexual assault, hand him over. in sport, tiger woods survives the tricky weather and a tackle from a security guard to be in contention after two rounds of the masters in augusta. will the force be strong with this one? excitement builds as the title and trailer for the latest star wars
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